Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - A.K.A I Wish - full transcript

When something dies,
you bury it.

If you're me,
you try to forget it ever existed.

But some things just won't stay buried.

Where do we start?

- Jesus. How much is there?
- Eight grand.

Whose blood is it?


Sallinger has no priors.
His bank accounts are clean.

He's not on social media. He's careful.

But you think he's a killer?

He tried to kill me.

That knife in his kitchen proves it.

And the way he handled it,
it was not his first time.

We'll get him. He's only human.

All he does is collect diplomas
and expertise in everything.

- He's smarter than both of us combined.
- I don't know about that.

Well, I do. We don't have a body,
a weapon, a motive, evidence.

He is holding every card.

Erik had no more specifics?
He just had a headache?

Yeah. Shitty power.

Well, it's still a power.

We need to know what he does,
where he goes and who he talks to.

A stakeout.

Okay, you're gonna need, uh...
water, kelp juice or whatever.

Hey, I've done a stakeout before.
Everything I need is in my car.


You sure it wouldn't be more effective

to just dangle him off the side
of a building until he confesses?

- Is that what you do now?
- No.

Besides, super strength
didn't come with the package.

No. That would be coercion.

I know that.

One of his degrees is in law.

Okay. I get it.

Look, I just...

I want to get him the right way.

I don't even know what that means.

Well, he's facing two superheroes now.

Well, you are our one advantage.

He knows me.
He's studying my moves as we speak.

He doesn't know you.

Nobody does.

You're right.

I lied.

I never tried.


Now, that...

was good work.

That apartment isn't cheap.
What's Sallinger do for a living?

Not much. He's a wrestling coach
at a community center,

and his brother died in an accident.

He's been living off the settlement
ever since.

His brother died?
We should look into that.

Yeah, I hadn't thought of that.

Set up here. It's a straight shot into the
apartment. I'll cover the other entrance.

I can see that it's a straight shot
to the apartment. I'm right here.

Okay. Whatever.

You won't even allow for the possibility
that I know what I'm doing.

Because you're never wrong, are you?

You cover the front. I'll cover the back.

Just call me if you see him.

Was I blind?
Like, I was blind. An idiot.

I'm one of those idiot women.

No, you're not.

I agreed to this ludicrous open marriage,

and, like, I condone his cheating...

You didn't know about the theft.
Which you will swear to in court.

Like, who steals
from his dead daughter's foundation?

Like, who does that?

I'm losing my mind.

I don't know. What do I do?


I'm gonna take care of everything. Okay?

What Peter did... is reprehensible.

And he will go down for it.

And you will rise up. And I will help you.

I have to tell Laurent.

Just when he's doing so good in school.
I mean, it's just...

- It's unbearable.
- Okay. Okay. You know what?

He... he is gonna get through it.

He's a grown man now. Okay?

It's Laurent. I asked him to come.

I hope that's okay.

I just don't want him to hear it
from his lying shitheel of a father.

I'm gonna get my face together.
Will you let him in?

Of course.

- Kith!
- Peter, you're... You're not welcome here.

You shut up. Kith!

I press this, and the building security
will race up here.

Do you want to add trespassing
to your list of crimes?

I didn't see it at first,
but now it is so clear.

How your black soul just seeps out of you.

Poetic. Leave.

Everything was fine.
And you show up, everything's ruined.

That's not a coincidence. Kith!

You were sleeping with your students,
stealing from your foundation,

long before I arrived.

Yeah, I made mistakes, but this exposé,
this... this debacle, that is all you.

- You!
- Kith...

No! You did this to yourself.
You disgust me.

She's manipulating you.

- She's trying to steal you from me.
- I don't belong to you!

- And I hate your goddamn guts!
- I did those things. I did them.

But I was gonna tell you! I was gonna
tell you everything, but she exposed me.

- All of us! Laurent and Zoey.
- Shut up!

- She destroyed your life...
- Shut up! you would come to her.
And look, babe! Look where you are!

She made all this happen.

I can't even look at you. Like...

I'll never look at you again.


Go home, Peter.

Get a lawyer,
negotiate a reduced sentence.

You'll be out in six years.

You can't have her.

Neither can you.

At what point do you stop
having to prove yourself?

To your friends? To yourself?

To your dead mother who carved

her expectations into your brain?

Everyone needs too goddamn much
from each other.

- Yeah?
- Sallinger's home.

He just took something
out of his backpack. I...

I think it's a photo.

Yeah, I saw he had chemicals for
developing film and photographic paper.

I can see it if I get on
that fire escape by his window.

No. I told you he has security cameras.

If he sees you, we're done.

He just pulled a bureau
away from his wall.

He just added the photo to a hidden album.

It could be a trophy.

We have to get it.

Not by breaking in. Trish?

- I have a plan.
- We already have a plan.

- To watch him. This isn't how this works.
- Except when you do it, right?

Let's go.

Okay. You follow him.
I'll go get the photo.

- God damn it!
- Just trust me for once.

Yeah, I got this thing from the...

- Internet.
- This is it?

- The damn power's out.
- Crap. There goes the Internet.

Why would the power go out?
There's no storm or anything.

Yeah, I know, right?

I'm on my way in.

Peter Lyonne came
to my house this morning.

He accused me of orchestrating
the destruction of his marriage.

He'll have no proof of it.

He's very upset. He...

He could come to the office.
You might run into him.

Will that be a problem?

I was actually thinking of using,
uh, some of my vacation days.

Well, everyone needs downtime.

Does anyone else know
what you've been working on?

As per my contract,
my activities remain between you and me.

Enjoy your vacation.

I know the appeal
of being a loner.

But for some people, it's just an act.

Inside, they crave love and attention.

No matter how many people have to die.


Thank you.

I ain't got time for your shit, Berry.

Oh, my shit's got all kinds of time
for you, Gor.

Get... Ow.

Okay. Ow.

Keep eating those candy bars,
you're gonna get your own ZIP Code.

Hi, there!

Come on. Come on. Come on. Let's go.

- Come on. Stop it.
- Let go of me!

- Stop it. Come on.
- Asshole.

- God! Get off.
- I swear to God. I swear to God.

- Let go of me.
- Inside.

You can't keep me here.

God damn it!

Don't touch me!

Why are you always ruining my life?

You're a hooker. What am I ruining?

You're a sanctimonious

son of an evil prick!


What the hell?

Why are you here?

Back at you.

None of your business.
That's why you weren't invited.

Nobody wanted to be invited.

- Will you give it a goddamn rest?
- Screw you! You dick-swab. Destroyer!

God. Jesus!


- Christ. Another one?
- Who are you?

- She's my sister.
- Yeah, the pleasure's all his.

- Brianna, come on!
- Berry! My name is Berry!

We're estranged.

You couldn't tell.

She's got issues.

- Yeah, only when I look at your face.
- Will you take a shower or something?

- It'll calm you down.
- I don't need to calm down!

You followed me.

I was following your pal Sallinger.

My pal? Jesus. You think...

- I was trying to get Brianna...
- Berry!

...someplace safe!

Sallinger got to her first.

What did he say to you?

He wanted to know how I found him.

Hi, there!

You slipped up.

I don't slip up. That's your MO.

I just followed the broken pieces
you left behind.

A smart guy wouldn't threaten someone
that can put him in prison.

A smart guy would know I'll rip his nuts
out through his throat if he threatens me.

You smart, asshole?

You can't comprehend what I am.

Then he threatened Brianna again,

Your sister looks lovely.

And I've been doing this a long time.
No one has ever made me.

- And he did.
- Yeah, but that's why I'm here.

Normally, I give Brianna
as much space as I can.

She's a... She's a good person.

The only person she ever hurts is herself.
And me when she can.

But that's justified.

You two own the room
for the next ten minutes.

- I'm going back to work.
- You're not...

- You're not safe.
- What?

What else is new? You dicked somebody
else over, and now we all have to pay?

- I'm dealing with a crazy person.
- Oh.

Say that to me again.

Get your things.

Whatever you're
not telling me, I can feel it.

I'm telling you I'm taking a few days off.


I need to.

Jeri rushed in
three hours late this morning

and locked herself in her office all day.

Is that a coincidence?

Unless she's also drinking
club soda in front of a game.

So you're okay?

Be better if you were here
with me. Always better.

Mmm. I've got another all-nighter
with this brief.

Yeah, get them billable hours,
boss lady.

You better believe it.

Talk tomorrow?

Definitely. Love you.

Love you, too.

And voilà!

Yes, that's the third one
from the list.

- There's gotta be more.
- Let's do another search.


- Gillian, it's after 5:00.
- A lot after.

Well, I don't pay overtime.

See, I actually like Trish, so I don't
need to get paid to spend time with her.

- We found something.
- It's good.

Great. You guys are a team. Great.

- What?
- I have a job for you.

Why is it covered in blood?

It may be a big job. Heroic, even.

I'm on vacation.

Well, then, your schedule's open.

- How much is in here?
- Enough.

Who is this guy?

He'll keep her safe.

Are you, like, a weapons guy?
You have some special skill?

I trained him.

And I haven't accepted the job.

She's gonna eat him alive.

Well, he is better looking than most
of my clients, so, yeah, I might.

Okay. We're blowin' town.

Will you guys stop?

It's important.


So what? You want to keep her safe,
you want to keep her close by because...

you're her brother.

That's too easy. We look alike.

You look nothing alike.
But you are protective of her 'cause,

well, clearly she makes bad choices
for herself and won't let you help.

You're looking less hot by the second.

And you're obviously not her boyfriend,
because... you're bangin' Jessica.

That's actu...
No, you're wrong about that part.

No, I don't trust him.

Great. Good enough for me. Hi.


I'll just need specifics,
like who I'm protecting her from.


This guy's giving me a headache.

- Hi, Malcolm Ducasse.
- Malcolm?

- Berry.
- Ah...

No way.

Scale of one to ten?

Maybe a three.

I'm gonna trust my gut over your head.
Give me a second.

What do ya got?

Sallinger's victims.

Four of them are in
the Online Missing Persons Database.

But it's a good bet
all of them are missing.

The disappearances span ten years.

And those are just the ones we know about.

So he's a serial killer.

Can I use your shower?

- My hotel shower is communal.
- Ew.

Sure. Knock yourself out.

I'll call the cops.

And say what?

"Hello. We found a serial killer."

We found a guy who gives Erik headaches
and photos that we obtained illegally.

Where are you going?

To beat the shit out of Sallinger
until he confesses.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

You know what, Jess? You do it your way,
I'm gonna do it my way.

Do you think I don't want
to beat the shit out of Sallinger?

Of course I do. But I'm not an idiot.

You know what, Jess? Y...


Forget it.

- Fine.
- Fine.

God forbid you actually talk about it.

- Jess doesn't talk.
- There's nothing to talk about.

I'm sick of people
throwing away friends and family

like there's plenty more
where that came from.

There isn't.

Work it out.

- Have you seen this?
- Seen what?

Oh, shit.

Peter Lyonne... He... he posted this.

I betrayed my family.

Especially the memory
of my beloved daughter.

I can't take that back.

I would have tried to make it right,

but an unethical attorney named
Jeryn Hogarth never gave me the chance.

She disregarded due process,

and she exposed my transgressions,
and now I must return the favor.

Oh, shit.

I have been studying a new
and very treacherous legal specialty.

The defense of the superhuman vigilante.

Jeryn Hogarth...

and her firm are leading this charge.

Hence, these powered felons
are at her beck and call.

- That is slander.
- It doesn't matter.

- I don't have Jessica at my beck and call.
- I know. Just watch.

Her clients have been accused
of assault, of murder, of much more.

Yet Jeryn Hogarth sees to it

that these super criminals
still continue to walk our streets.

Oh, my God.

Please listen. Every single one of us,

the entire fabric of our legal system,
is at risk.

I can't fight this fight.

It's too late for me.

Oh, God. I beg you, somebody, stop her.



I'm so...

I'm so sorry.

Police found him dead
in his bathtub.

They want to talk to you.


Hello, this is Kith.
Please leave a message.

We need to get ahead of this.

Jeri, I think that you should...



You don't treat me like an equal.

Well, you don't act
like an equal.

How would you know?
You won't give me the chance to prove it.

Because I have seen what happens
when you try and prove something.

Oh, for God's sake.
Could you please let it go?

"Let it go"?

Yes. It's time.

It is time for you to get
your head out of your ass

and admit that you were wrong.

I wasn't wrong.

You murdered my mother.

Who murdered a lot of other people.
Who might have eventually killed you.

Why can't you admit that?

Because I had her back.

I had someone.

Well, you've always had someone, Jess.


You want to talk about it?

Actually, I'd like to forget.


Hey, Kith!

Hey. It's me. I, uh...

I just... I just saw...

Oh, my God, uh...

Are you okay?

Stay away from me.


You here?

Did I take your mind off it?


You're lying.

Pretty confident, aren't you?

Actually, I get kind of the opposite
of a migraine when I make a woman...


It's a big incentive.

I'm busy trying to figure out how to get
rid of eight bodies in a crowded city.

You bury them, burn them...

Mmm, dissolve 'em in acid? I don't know...

You chop 'em up?

That would be the one.

And I would need a handsaw.

When I was there, it was gone.
And later, it was back.

Well, he was using it.

There might be trace evidence on it.
Maybe it'll lead me to something.

I just...

I don't get
why you're obligated to do this.

Because I'm the one that found him
and I'm the one that knows what he is.

Well, technically, I found him.
None of this is on you.

Except he's a serial killer.

The quintessential bad guy.

And... And you're the quintessential hero?

Not even close.

You don't like the word?

There's no proof that it applies.

Well, suppose I should help you.

Forget it. I won't be able to protect you.

Wow. Good thing I just proved
my masculinity all night.

You think you did.

I know.

Feel free to leave me one
of those burgers before you go.


He's sleeping.

I'll take the street.


Spot the difference?

The saw.

It's hard to move eight bodies
unless they're in small pieces.

That gels with something
I've been thinking about.

Vacuum-seal bags.

We sell them on ARN. They're for storing
and preserving clothes, bedding...

Body parts.


And all we can do is wait
and hope he eventually leads us to them.

He won't.

But I have
a potentially vomit-inducing idea.

- Go for it.
- I need you.

To kick some ass?

To visit your old pal at the morgue.


We need to borrow something.

I just can't believe he did it.

Nobody can.

Phones are ringing off the hook.
Clients are dropping us.

We're hemorrhaging over here.

He just got pushed too far, you know?

Peter Lyonne? Did you know him?

Did you have something to do with this?

I'm not sure.

Baby, Lyonne made a choice.

He made a lot of choices.
They collapsed in on him.

- Yeah, you don't even know...
- And I don't need to. Because I know you.

I know you didn't make him
take his own life.

You didn't make him spew lies and hate
with his last dying breath either.

He did that. Do you understand?
He did that.

Zaya! I have Henriksson on two!

I... I really wish I could be there
with you tonight,

but it's gonna be a long one over here.


It's okay, babe. I'm...

- Shit!
- ...keeping busy.

See you later.

Oh, God.

Shit! Shit!


Can I help you?

Yeah, I can't find my, um,
palm-tree earring.

You mean this?


Have you got your meds on you?
What is it? Haldol? Loxitane?

- Why? You want some? I could use the cash.
- You could use to take them.

I like me as me.

Okay, what... what are you doing?

Go back to your phone sex
with the girlfriend.

I'm bored to shit.

I wasn't having phone sex.

Oh, okay, that's my ride.

What? Wait.

- Wait!
- What?

No. That guy is nobody's ride. Sit.

Gor, is that you?

Open the damn door, Berry.

- Hi.
- Let's go, Berry.


Who is this guy?

It's my boss.

Your pimp? You called your pimp?

- Mama's gotta work.
- I ain't got all day.

- Okay.
- Forget it.

- "Forget it"?
- Thank you.

If you go back out on the street,
you are an easy target.

- I protect my own women.
- See?

Can we talk this out
before you just...

For shit's sake, Gor!

He's fine.


You're such an asshole.

Do I know you?

911. What's your emergency?

Can we help you, ma'am?

I'm just enjoying the night.

We received
a loitering complaint.

Have you been drinking, ma'am?

Nah, I'm just tired. I'm gonna head home.

I think that's a good idea.

He went that way.

Hey, turn that off.

I didn't get super strength,
but I can see in the dark.

That's where he hides them.

We don't know that.

I want proof before you blow your cover.

I'm gonna check the tank.

I'll stay with Sallinger.
Flag me if the bodies are there.

Don't lose him.


Holy shit.


She has thirty seconds.

Twenty-nine... 28...


- I'm coming down.
- No.

Give me your hand.

Did you lose him?

I chose you.

He's still out there.

Yeah, but I get to breathe.

I'm still alive.


Uh, I wish...

I wish I didn't kill your mom.

I wish she wasn't a mass murderer.

Oh, shit, they're coming. You gotta go.

- What about my statement?
- We need your anonymity.

We'll get him.

Good tagline.