Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - A.K.A Hero Pants - full transcript

Jessica wrestles with her emotions as she tries to untangle herself from a murder investigation.

Everybody's got a story.

A beginning...

a middle...

an end.

Of course,
there's the story people tell you...

and then there's the truth.

I'll recommend a closed casket.

Something wrong, Ms. Jones?

My adoptive mother was just murdered,
and I'm supposed to be at the mortuary.

But don't let that stop you.

Must be a terrible strain,
losing someone that way.

Is that your idea of a motive?

Grief makes people do crazy things.

We weren't that close.

What are they looking for,
the Lindbergh baby?

We tend to be thorough
when one of our own is killed.

Well, I would say, "It wasn't me."

But it kind of loses impact
after the 50th time.

What did you and Officer Nussbaumer talk
about after he turned off his body cam?

- I don't discuss my cases.
- If he was a case, who was the client?

- We are not square, you piece of...
- Who the hell...

People hire me in confidence.

You said you were home last night. Alone?

- Is that a crime?
- No.

Not much of an alibi, either.

Let's see your hands.

Somebody beat Officer Nussbaumer to death.

Your hands have been
murder weapons before.

- Your powers include fast healing?
- Not that fast.

- What the hell is this?
- Research.

More like motive,
for a super vigilante to flex her muscles

and take out a dirty cop.

Nussbaumer robbed and killed drug dealers,
a lot of them kids.

One of those kids cracked my skull open
with a bike lock.

I wouldn't be here
if Nussbaumer hadn't stood his ground.


We'll check this out.

Knock yourself out.

- I need to take this.
- We're not finished.

Then goddamn arrest me.

We'll be in touch.

I don't know what kinda deal
you had with Detective Costa,

but it got him suspended.

We won't look the other way.

The clues tell a story
that points to me.

But the cops don't know Erik.

Maybe I don't, either.

Hey, sorry I'm late.

- Are you okay?
- I don't... I don't know.

Good morning. My name is Eugene Burchell.
You can call me Gene.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

I know Dorothy Walker
was a devoted mother, a loyal friend,

and a style icon
who improved every life she touched.

Did Dorothy write that?

Uh your mother left behind
very specific instructions.

- She's going to be in one of these forever.
- I don't know how to choose.

- Sounds like Dorothy already chose, right?
- Yeah, and it's a blessing.

Planning a service
can be very hard on the family.

But Mrs. Walker's attorney
sent over the details...

No! No Hogarth.

My mom hired her firm
right around the time that I did.

They represent her murderer, too, Gene.

Does that seem weird to you, Gene?

God. They have her will.

Well, you need to file the original
in probate court.

Not helping, Gene.

I'll get the original, and I'll deal
with Hogarth's minions, okay?

And your mother selected
a playlist for the service,

featuring several
of your own songs, Ms. Walker.

She also requested
a memory board at the service.

What's a memory board?

Where each guest is asked to pin a photo
or memento that reminds them of her.

Well... I don't have a recent, uh, photo.

We'll get something.

Uh, she also asked
that you give the eulogy.

"I know Pats won't leave a dry eye
in the house."

It's entirely up to you. If you don't...

It's okay. I'll just... I'll...
I'll let her down one last time.

Hey, why don't you go get some air?
I'll handle this.

Uh, well, she went with the Senator.

An outstanding choice.

- We found a file in her office.
- She's a private investigator!

Listen to me.
I think you need...


We're trying to fill in
some gaps in her story.

- Come on. You are trying to pin it on her.
- They won't.

Are we harassing grieving women now?

Just doing our jobs.

If following me around
is the best use of your time, fine.

But leave my family alone. Come on.

- Sorry for your loss.
- How dare you?

Don't antagonize them.
I've got that part covered.

- How did you even get on their radar?
- I'm always on their radar.

Jess, tell me.

- I didn't kill that guy.
- Obviously.

I think I know who did.

- You think Sallinger did this?
- No, he's tied to an IV in a hospital bed.

Well, then who?


Why would Erik kill a cop?

Nussbaumer was one of his old marks.

Maybe he felt bad
that he hadn't stopped him earlier.

Or he's following my example,
trying on his hero pants.

- I mean, you know him better than I do.
- I thought I did.

I take it you're not gonna hand him over.

I just need to find out what happened.

- What can I do?
- Nothing. I got this.


Keep me posted.

Try and get some rest.

- Kith Lyonne is here.
- Show her in.

I'll be right back with your tea.

- How are you feeling?
- Fine.

What fresh hell
has Peter's crimes brought me today?

Good news.
The IRS has agreed to a reduced fine.

And, other than Patseras,

the defrauded foundation donors
will accept a minor settlement.

- I don't have the money.
- I do.

This a loan. This is the agreement.

I don't need you to be grateful,
but don't be stubborn.

Thank you.

Demetri Patseras.

What about him?

His refusal to settle it,
it feels like a personal vendetta.

Is it?

Demetri and his wife
gave us the seed money for the foundation.

They were Peter's clients
and our closest friends until...

I noticed bruising on Fiona's shoulders.

Patseras doesn't have a record
of domestic violence.

Fi didn't want him to go to jail,
but I got her away from him,

and Demetri blames me
for the breakup of his marriage.

A fact I used to take pride in.

Don't worry, sweetie. I...
I'll look into it.

I have a forensic accountant
digging into his records right now.


We all have our weaknesses.

Okay, well, call me with any updates.

Kith, we have more to discuss.

And be careful. Demetri is aggressive
in business and in life.

- So am I.
- I know.

That was fast.

Set up a meeting with Trish Walker.
Sooner the better.

- But her mother was just...
- I'm aware.

I wonder if we should maybe wait
until after the funeral?

Who's covering Dorothy Walker's estate
for the firm?


Send him up.


Most memories
aren't worth saving.

Much less pinning on a memory board.

Pictures tell stories, too.

But sometimes the real story
is just out of frame.

You're right. Those detectives
got eyes on the front door

like a batter
waiting for the perfect pitch.

To take a swing at me.

Did you get robbed or something?

The aforementioned detectives.

Nussbaumer. Jesus. I saw it on the news.

- Are they trying to pin that on you?
- Got it in one.

I have shit for an alibi,

and a face that's all over
his body cam footage.


Don't worry. You weren't on camera.

Even though you're the one
with the motive.


I didn't do it.

Do you have an alibi for last night?

You're gonna need one
if the cops get onto you.

I'm... I'm innocent, that's my alibi.
Yours, too.

Not a dent on 'em.

Look, Nussbaumer threatened you.

- If he came after you, things got ugly...
- Not what happened.

I would understand that.
I'd be able to help you.

I don't need your help.

Shit. I've never wished
my power on anybody,

but if you had it right now,
you'd be standing here headache-free.

You want to know the truth?

I am glad Nussbaumer is dead.

He's an evil prick,
and the world is better off without him.

And I promise you...

I didn't kill him.

I'm trying to believe you.

Well, I'm gonna let you work on that.

Try and keep yourself out of trouble.

- Well, you're not okay.
- Are you asking or telling?

I don't have to ask.
Two detectives came by and questioned me.

Said they have evidence you killed a cop.

They have circumstantial bullshit.

Good. That's what I told them.

You want to hire me.

- Asking or telling?
- Both.

They don't have any other suspects.

I do.


I will tail him.

He's my mess to clean up.

If I can find time
around funeral planning.

God. You really
should be taking some time off.

It's not like Dorothy and I were besties.

Nussbaumer was a dick.

There's gotta be someone else
who wanted him dead.

I'll find you another suspect.

Find the truth,
starting with what the cops have.

- I'm not paying you Hogarth's numbers.
- Well, neither is she. I quit.

Got fired.


Welcome back to humanity.

You should know, uh, working for Hogarth,

I did some things,
the kind that change you.

You know.

If the new you
is less of a sanctimonious asshole,

then it'll be an upgrade.

I'm here to see Mr. Berman,
regarding Dorothy Walker's will.

That will be in the conference room
in the back.

What the hell are you doing here?

I'm supposed to be meeting
with the deceased's daughter.

You are.

Her actual daughter.

And I'm supposed to be meeting
the third-rate associate

who handles cases
way below your pay grade.

Berman had a conflict.
I was happy to step up.

Then you're lucky it's just me here.

I understand that she is upset.

But I wanted to tell her
I plan to terminate

my professional relationship
with Gregory Sallinger.

You plan to?

I regret having helped him.

Just give me the will.

Trish will receive half of everything.

"The other half shall go

to the Dorothy Walker Fund
for Women in the Arts."

Dorothy had a charity?

She wrote, "Because I never forgot
how it feels to have nothing."

And it was a tax shelter.

And it was a tax shelter.

She also wrote,
"To my adopted daughter, Jessica,

who has so much potential,
if only she'd learn how to take advice..."

She's talking shit in her will.

"...I leave the remaining contents
of my liquor cabinet..."

Another dig.

"...and my Edwardian wingback armchair."

Was it valuable?


I just used to sit in it after school,
plugged into my Discman.

She finally put it in my room.

I just assumed she was banishing me
from the rest of the house.

I can read the rest myself.

You'll also have to file
a death certificate,

alert Social Security, DMV, post office.
But we can handle all of that here.

You're fired.

- Is this the original?
- Of course.

From the coroner.

Everything Dorothy had on her
the day that she died.

Trish is going to need a good lawyer,
and I'm the best.

You'd be helping her
by facilitating a meeting.

Dorothy had no clue
that she was about to die...

and even she wanted to do something good
before she checked out.

You know you're dying.

What are you doing?

Trying to fix a mistake.
Several, actually.

How is it that you
make even that feel calculating?

- Did you finish writing the obituary?
- Just started.

The cops came by while I was cleaning up
the mess they made.

Did they apologize?
They most certainly did not.

What'd you tell them?

That I'd never personally
seen you murder anyone.

Thanks. Get this developed. Rush it.

Film. How retro.

- You got a minute?
- Got an appointment?

Malcolm's working a case
with me.

As in freelancing?

If I knew we had disposable income,
I would have asked for a raise.

Not disposable.

I got the Nussbaumer police file.

You might want to start with the photos.

Yeah. That one caught my eye, too.

Where is his badge?

Notably missing.

That's what they were searching here for.

If Erik has the badge, then...

♪ Cray cray
I want your cray ♪

♪ Cray cray cray
I want your cray ♪

♪ Hey, I want your cray cray ♪

♪ I want your
I want your ♪

♪ Hey, I want your cray cray
I want your... ♪


you're not going to believe it!

Um, no, sorry, it's... it's not her.

Can you give her a message, please?
I got the part!

She was right about the accent.

- The director loved it.
- Dorothy's dead.

Uh, I don't...

She's dead? I... I just saw her.

I know. It's a lot.

Who is this?

I'm, uh...


Oh, my God. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

Let me know
if there's anything I can do.

Hey. You're here.

You changed the locks?

No. I mean, yeah. I just repaired them.


So, look, I'm sorry I didn't call. I...

Just didn't want to tell me you got fired?

It was a bad fit.

Which is why I left.
To do better. Be better.

To help Jessica, you mean.
And that masked vigilante.

You are a smart, talented, capable man.
You could get a legitimate job anywhere.

Zaya, you don't... I can't...

No, I don't need... to compete
at your level, in your arena.

So, what? I'm too good for you?

I am just better equipped to be
helping people who actually need help.

While I help the unworthy.

Hey, this had nothing to do with you.

Except you left the firm. My firm.

And I can't help but think

that maybe you're trying to leave me, too.
That that's why you didn't call.

I didn't call because I couldn't tell you
what you want to hear.

So speak your truth, Malcolm.
'Cause there's something more going on.

I, uh...


I've done some bad shit.

I know. Jeri made you.

No, I don't blame anyone. I...

chose everything that I did.

So why are you punishing me?

Because I work with Jeri? Want to be her?

Because I'm pressuring you
to play in my arena?

Making you into something you're not?

- Tell me what is...
- Yes. Yes, that is why.

I just... need some time.



doesn't make you a better person, Malcolm.

It makes you cruel.

You want some?


Can I come in?

You still on the clock?

Lunch break?

You want me to make my case again?

I'm getting good
at acting indignant and defensive.

No, thanks.

How are you holding up?

Dorothy used to hit Trish.

She was the first bad guy I ever fought.

Or so I told myself.

Yeah, well, my dad was an asshole, too.

But it didn't make it
any easier to bury him.

'Cause I was also burying
any chance that...

he might miraculously turn
into a different person.

No one's ever who you need them to be.

Who do you need me to be?

The person I thought you were.

This person?

This person?

- This is about business, right?
- It is, but it's private.

I spoke to Patseras and his counsel today.

Demetri is not a pleasant man.

He's a pig. What else?

I threatened a countersuit.
I won't repeat his reply.

We'd have a chance in court.

But we would be in
for a very long and ugly fight.

Well, I'm... I can't.

I know.
That's why I asked you to come here.

I'm aggressive.

But a case like this, it...
it needs something more.

What does that mean?

My forensic accountant believes
that Patseras may be evading taxes.

Now, she can't prove it
unless she has access to his records.

Okay, his taxes are his taxes, so...

His taxes are our leverage.

I need your permission...
to color outside the lines.

I know a woman who owes me a favor.

She has abilities that give her
the kind of access that we need.

Like the access you had
to Peter's records?

I won't make a decision on your behalf.

I want you to know everything
and to see everything.

You want me to condone
what you did to Peter.

I am asking you
to let me take care of this.

By hurting Demetri the way you hurt Peter?

Oh, Jesus. Demetri deserves this.
You know that.

- Come on.
- You still don't get it, do you?

You never will.


You don't decide
to trust someone.

It happens...

or it doesn't...
no matter how much you want it to.

There's nothing I hate more than searching
for something I don't want to find.

One story is always two stories.

The one they show you...

and, always, that damn truth.

And the truth is, this looks like someone
searching for more wrongs to right.

Did you find the badge?

No, just this file.
I'm sending it to you right now.

I got it.

Who's Jace Montero?

Someone Erik
has been tracking.

He had a file exactly like that
on Nussbaumer.

And what am I looking for?

- Proof of life.
- Yeah. You think he's a target.

I'll call when I have something.

And see you at the service.

The film you wanted developed.

I gotta get ready.

- How's your poor sister holding up?
- She's not.

Are you?

Kith, hi. How are you?

Demetri Patseras called.
He threatened to put me in jail.

He... He's just reacting
to the countersuit threat.

He asked the DA
to file criminal charges of fraud.

- Laurent will be alone...
- No.

Laurent will be with you.
I won't let that happen.

I need it to be over.

- I know.
- Now.

I need it to be over now.

Do whatever it takes, Jeri.

Color outside the lines.

What have you got?

Jace Montero, he's a property developer

with a new building going up
at 130th and Amsterdam.

Is he alive?

He answered the phone himself.
He was kind of a dick.

Just like the rest
of Erik's blackmail marks.

He might also be a murderer.

A couple of his buildings
have very conveniently burned down.

And Erik's files show
big insurance payouts. People died.

Perfect target for a wannabe hero.

I'll keep digging after the service. But,
um, at the moment, he's still breathing.

Let's hope it stays that way.

I'm not ready.

Me neither.



Brianna. I don't do "Berry" anymore.

What are you doing here?

I'm getting my shit together.
I'm looking for a job.

A place to stay.

You've got family in town.

I've got a brother.

And I want to prove I'm okay
before I tell him I'm back.

I wasn't...


But I'm back.

And I won't force
any more blow jobs on you.

I just need somebody
to give me a second chance.


Thank you.

We're here.

It's just a bunch of anecdotes
about Mom being Mom.

Sounds right.

She wanted more from me.

It'll be over in less than an hour.

Probably won't be much of a turnout, so...

She wasn't perfect.
Doesn't make it any easier to bury her.

Ready or not...

You good on the couch again?

I just slept ten hours
on a pukey Greyhound with busted AC.

This is a major upgrade.

Well, you know where everything is.

There's not much in the fridge.
Some leftover Indian.

And I have to go.

It's a lot.

Opening your door to a bipolar ex-hooker.

That's not how I see you.
I judge myself. I don't judge you.

Well, I'll be out of your hair
in a couple days.

Stay as long as you need.

What is wrong with you?
I mean, regular people aren't this good.

No, don't.

You are a good guy, Malcolm.

And there's even leftover Indian.

Oh, I'm sorry. I... That was...

- Wait. You're not obligated.
- Mmm-hmm.

Your mother saved my career.

I hated doing sex scenes,
so she told me to start screenwriting.

Dorothy said skip couples therapy
and spend the cash on a face-lift

and a divorce attorney.

She helped my son rebrand
after he came out.

She told me not to lose weight
'cause I'd get cast as a real person.

She was right.

Thank you.

Let's go, boys.

I found it on my old camera.

I shot it by accident
the day that we went to see

the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Mom got the train schedule wrong,
and we missed the parade by an hour.

And Dorothy took us
to that shitty movie theater.

So shitty.

And the stale hot dog.
God. Everything went wrong.

Yeah, but normal wrong.

Just like a regular family.

It's perfect.

It's time.

Thank you.

Hey, what's wrong?

The police were just here again.
With a warrant for your arrest.

They found a witness.
Owner of a bodega on Nussbaumer's beat.

He saw you two go at it.

They're on their way here?

I'm so sorry.

Ladies and gentlemen,
please take your seats.

I... I thought I'd start by telling you

a quintessential Dorothy Walker story

about how she pushed me
to get a particular job

on a sitcom called That's Our Girl.

But I want to talk about something else.

My mother's deepest fear.


Not her own, but yours.

My mother thought there was nothing
more precious in the world than talent.

And nothing more shameful than wasting it.

Yeah, that's what she was afraid of.

That you'd waste it.

You know, a lot of you, uh, just lost
the person who kept you motivated,

and, uh, you might be tempted
to give it all up, but...


But don't.

Don't give up.

She would want you
to do everything you can

with what you've been given.

My mom was intense...

and aggravating.

And she could be mean as hell.

But if Dorothy believed
that you had talent,

she would move heaven and earth
to make damn sure you used it.

Mom didn't want to hear about failure.

She only wanted to hear three words.

"I've got this."


Jessica Jones!

Hands behind your head!

You're under arrest
for the murder of Carl Nussbaumer.

Not today.

Stop or we'll shoot!

God damn it. I didn't goddamn do it!


Cuff her.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used
against you in a court of law.

Somebody help me!


Oh, my God.