Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - AKA Sole Survivor - full transcript

As her visions intensify, Jessica visits an abandoned clinic, where she stumbles on a new lead. Jeri faces an ultimatum after her secret gets out.

We used to come out here
every summer.

And after they died,
I thought about coming back.

Because I knew no one would ever
find a body out here.

I could just... disappear.

You never told me.

Well, I never did it.

So we just dumped a body
at your childhood vacation spot.

Not much of a vacation.

Two bickering siblings forced
to share a queen bed

just because it's half a block
from some water.

Sounds fun.

We're the only ones
who even know Simpson's gone.

He didn't have any family.

Well, IGH does have a type.

I'm sorry about what happened to him.
And more than that, I'm pissed.

But I can't hunt down IGH
from a jail cell.

I know.

And that's exactly where I'd be
if the cops find me with another body.

He'd understand. It just sucks.

We gotta wipe down his car
and ditch it.

You know, it's not even registered to him.
He probably stole it.

Simpson was serious
about this protection thing.

It's an arsenal.

Yeah. He knew what he was facing.

Hey. No. I'll keep 'em.


I know what we're facing, too,
and I need all the defense I can get.


time to go claw some memories
out of my brain.


I gotta go through every file
you have on IGH.

It's gonna be hard to look at.

Yeah. Well, my past is killing people now,
so not a lot of options.

I might have one.

Does it involve alcohol?

Another deep breath.

In through the nose...

and out through the mouth.

You're feeling more and more at peace
with every breath.

Can I get another pillow?

You have seven pillows.

I know this is hard,

but when you resist suggestion,

the hypnotic state is difficult
to achieve.

I just don't have a great track record
with shrinks.

We're not shrinking. We're expanding.

Okay, let's return to our breathing.

And in...

And as you exhale,
I want you to imagine a safe place.

Somewhere peaceful, calming.

In your safe place, there is a door.

Picture that door.

Move toward it.

Now, open that door.

Open it and move toward your memories.

I don't have a safe place.

Patients often
choose a stretch of beach.

- Yeah, no.
- Or their childhood home.

- Uh-uh.
- All right. Where do you go to relax?

Rudy's. 9th and 45th.
Solid pours and they got free hot dogs.

Jess, just tell him
what you already remembered.

She had this memory of a thing,
a creature, with a meat face.

It wasn't a memory.
Meat-faced creatures don't exist.

Well, even if your mind invented it,
it could help unlock a door.

Start at the beginning.

Dr. Tiboldt, I'm so sorry.

Jess, you said you were willing to try.

To remember, yeah. Not to work out
my crap with some pseudo shrink.

You know, whatever works for you.
Just tell me how I can help.

Go through the rest of your fan mail.

Maybe Whizzer wasn't the only one trying
to reach out.

- You found her, then.
- I forgot to call.

Yeah, your follow-through blows.

The station said you called in sick.

I'm sorry.

Did you get it?

The bloody story. Did you get it?

Jess, maybe you should go.

Aren't relationships great?

I'm aware of the time,
they're just gonna have to wait.

Do you not trust me
to find my way to the conference room?

No. We thought it best to limit
today's meeting to name partners only.

So we came to you.

You look well, Jeri.

How did you find out?

Oh, doesn't matter.
You signed the same contract we did.

We are sympathetic,

but the medical disclosure clause does
require that you disclose any diagnosis

with potential to affect job performance.

I'm fine.

For now.

We've put together
a very generous buyout package.

Yeah. This is about Pam's lawsuit.
Isn't it?

- I made it go away. What more do you want?
- A little morality.

- Oh, please.
- Let's keep this professional, okay?

My name is coming off that door
over my dead body.

And that is not gonna happen soon,
no matter how hard you wish for it.

You have always been a liability, Jeri.
We just got lucky this time.

Linda! Look, Jeri.
I, for one, am very sorry.

I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

But we have a fiduciary duty
to protect the firm.

You'll have a standard window in which
to negotiate the terms of your severance.

There will be no negotiation,
there will be no severance,

because I'm not leaving.

Please reconsider...

or we'll have to force you out.

We are so screwed.

I'm evicted? Says who?

The super. Did you know it's illegal

to run a commercial business
out of a residential-zone property?

Of course I did.

- And did you ever get ahold of Trish?
- Yeah.

Is she okay?

Yeah, she just spaced and forgot
to return some calls. That's all.

It seems like there's something
going on there, like, with her.


- What are you gonna do?
- I'm gonna handle it.

He'll never come around
if you throw a fist in his face.

That has not been my experience.

Time to update the résumé.

What is this shit?

- Whoa!
- Pa, she said "shit."

Watch your mouth around my kid.

Oh, like his bigoted father is
some shining role model?

You're breaking the law.

You were all smiles,
checking out the neighbor

until you saw that I was different.

That's called prejudice.

You're not a protected class.

The people in this building want
to raise their families in safety.

- I'm safe as shit.
- Huh?

Superpowers? Accidental deaths? Cops?

All things I and my tenants
want to avoid.

Cops? Is that what did it?

You're what did it.
So you're out of here.

Might want to check
with the landlord first,

because he likes having me around.
He says I protect his investment.

Maybe before bodies started dropping.

'Cause now he agrees with me
that you don't belong here.

Thirty days.

You charged off on a dangerous lead
without backup.

- I was careful.
- You were stupid!

- That's how you get yourself killed!
- Hey, back off!

"People are dying." Your words, not mine.

I don't know what you're into,
but you're in over your head.

That is such sexist bullshit.

- You were dodging bombs in Damascus.
- God damn it! I was worried about you.

Man, karma sucks
the biggest dick.

- Meaning?
- Sergine.

Your ex?

I came home after being on assignment
for three months,

and she'd moved out. Gone. Not a word.

You said she was unstable.
What does that have to do...

She wasn't unstable.
She was just tired of being...

the worried girl left behind.

Last night, that was me.

I really am sorry.

- Babe, are you a target?
- No.

Well, I don't know. But you could be.

Listen, I...

This thing, us...

The press is loving it.

"Award-winning journalist
settles for vapid child star."

I wouldn't call tabloids the press.

My point is
everyone knows I care about you.

I think you should stay away
until Jess and I close this case.

- Not gonna happen.
- Well, it has to.

How about we both stop
telling each other what to do?

You know, I'm gonna go.

I need some time.

- Jeri.
- Not a good time, Franklin.

Their buyout proposal.

Chao had me draw it up.
I didn't have a choice.

I don't know what's going on, but that
medical disclosure clause is bullshit!

Franklin! Okay.


You're sick. Don't let them
discriminate against you for it.

Let me do something. Let me help you.

- You want to help me?
- We can fight this.

Do you think we're friends?

- I'm sorry?
- Do you think

because we have shared a table
a handful of times in court

that you have the right
to involve yourself in my life?

My shit? A partner? Your goddamn boss?

- I didn't mean...
- You cannot help me.

You cannot do anything but your job.

So, um, exercise some goddamn discretion
and bury your head in the sand,

because that's where it belongs,
instead of up my ass.

You're gonna need people.

No one goes through
something like this alone.

Well, allow me to be the first to try.

There are
worse things than death.

Once you're worm food, it's over.



While the rest of us
are stuck digging holes,

picking up the pieces and remembering.

Or, I don't know, trying to.

Jess? I got something.

Wow. You've been working.

So have I.

What do you want, a drumroll?

You were right.

Our superintendent has a past.

He's done time.

"Felony check forgery."

How did you know he was an ex-con?

People don't usually panic
at the sight of cops

unless they've ridden
in the back of a cruiser.

So our landlord randomly replaces Alfredo
with this guy?

- Who's Alfredo?
- The old super. He was good people.

His wife used to make empanadas
on Sundays.

Always passed them around the building.

I guess not to you.

Rare teaching moment, Malcolm.

If the old super was such a gem,
empanadas for days,

but he still got canned...

- Oscar's got something on our landlord.
- Pay him a visit and find out.

And be nice.

The nicer, the better.
Eugene can be a dick.

Dr. Leslie Hansen worked
at Metro-General

in the '90s and then nothing.

Twenty years of web presence
completely wiped out,

and that takes some doing.

Go ahead and say it.

"I told you so."

Even I have to admit
the hypno-quack doctor made a dent.

"Open the door."

I told you so.

How pissed was Griffin?

- Not just pissed. Worried.
- He should be.

Because I'm an inexperienced
little radio journalist

who can't even leap a building?

Because we're closing in.
And that's when it gets dangerous.

I told him to stay away from me
until all this is over.

I bet a guy who has seen literal war zones
took that swimmingly.


I love him, you know.

Probably means
he has a pornography addiction

or a secret family in Iowa.


Yeah, secret families are always stashed
in flyover states.

He doesn't.

I looked into him.

You have often needed protection
from your own vagina.

You found nothing?

Oh, I found some stuff.

The dude has lived, but...

he is an actual decent human being.

- Shit.
- Yeah.

Can't let him end up like Simpson.

- Where'd you find Hansen's address?
- Her medical school loans.

I tracked her payments back
to this building, which went up in 1939.

No one in New York City gives up
a rent-controlled apartment. Ever.


Chinese food!

Dr. Hansen?


Maybe she went out for groceries
or something.

This place is too clean.

She could just be a neat person.

Okay, maybe a little OCD.

Or maybe she's not the sentimental type.

I'm not sentimental,
but I still have shit.

You're right. Too clean.

She's covering her tracks,
or someone's covering for her.

- God damn it.
- We'll track her down.

I miss the days
when I didn't want to know anything.

I blame you for that.

I'll take it.

The apartment's been rented.

You wouldn't want it anyway. No elevator.

When did the tenant move out?

Saw a lady carrying boxes
down to the basement last week.

But my nephew's spoken for this place.

Leslie Hansen? She cleaned it out herself?

How should I know? I got enough problems
without chatting up my neighbors.

Let's check the basement.

Thank you.

Do you smell that?

It's, like, mold. Maybe the toxic kind.

It's coming from this thing.

I thought they stopped using these
in the '90s.

Yeah, I'm not sure I want
to know what's in that.

It's not hot,
but that smell is recent.

If I was sitting on evidence
of illegal human experimentation,

I'd burn it, too.

Do you think there's anything left?

There's something.

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Could that...

Could that be Dr. Leslie Hansen?

I don't know.

We need to get an ID.

I'm not touching it.

Can I help you?

I hope so, sir.
I live in your building on West 46th.

If there's an issue,
I'd prefer you settle it with the super.

Unfortunately, the super is the issue.

- I work at Alias Investigations...
- What? Sorry... You work for her?

For Jessica Jones, yes.
And Mr. Arocho, he's trying to evict her.

Now, I've heard that you're
a very reasonable man.

Who said I was reasonable?

You have a stellar reputation, sir,
in the building.

Ms. Jones didn't say I was reasonable.

She said I was an "entitled prick
of a slumlord." That's a quote.

Well, I'm sure
she didn't mean that.

'Cause, obviously, you're very nice.

She sent you here, right?

Oh, that's very clever.

Yeah, she's completely devoid of charm,
while you...

You are not.

I'm just here
to discuss the situation.

My discussing days are over.

- I'm off the market.
- No, dude, you don't understand.

No, you don't understand.

See, that is my boyfriend Keo.

He's finally moving here
from Cambodia next week.

I'm sorry she wasted your time.

- Your new super is biased.
- No. My new super is very good to me.

And if he wants Ms. Jones out, she's out.

Maury Tuttlebaum.

At least one guy
who's seen more dead bodies than me.

But every one of them tells a story.

Hopefully, Maury can tell me yours.

Oh, shit.


Thank you, Maury.

- Hi, Maury. Remember me?
- Sure. Duck confit.

I recommend
the seared foie gras this time.

I need another favor.

- I started listening to your show.
- Oh?

You hooked me with that profile
on the executive chef at Beirut.

You want a res at Beirut? Done.

- You should do more stories like that.
- I'm moving away from lifestyle.

Listen, I'm offering you a favor.
You in?

In exchange for what?

That dismemberment on Orchard Street.
I want to catch who did it.

Nothing like that's come in today.

A cop tipped me.
It's logged in as "D-B-2-3-5-9-7."

"Unidentified human head"?

Oh, Christ. Too much Malbec last night.


I want a call when the ID comes in.

What do you want?


You're off the clock.

Don't you want to know
how it went with the landlord?

Not tonight, I don't.

Next time you plan to objectify me,
at least tell me first.

That's not really how
objectification works.

Well, he didn't bite.

He has a Cambodian boyfriend
who's moving here.

He even keeps a painting of him
front and center.

- A painting?
- Yeah, he's backing Oscar.

He loves the guy.

He said that he'd been "good to him,"
but wouldn't go into specifics.

What are you doing?

Calling the super.

Hey. Sorry to call so late.
If only I were handy myself.

It's this way.

In there.

Yeah. It's just a heavy flow
kind of month.

I'll leave you to it.

Hey, Vido.

Uh, what's up? What are you doing up
this late on a school night?

Where's my dad?

He's downstairs. But you know what?
He told me to keep an eye on you.

My dad doesn't like you.

But you do, right?


do you have any cool toys in your room
you wanna show me?

Do you know Captain America?

I've got his action figure.

But I lost the shield,
so I made him a new one.

All by myself.

I just glued a magnet to it,
so it looks like the real one.

And then I painted it,
but Cap's shield is cooler.

But this one doesn't have to take down
any aliens, so it'll do.

Super Lady, are you coming?

I'll be right there.


Can she stay with me
and read me a bedtime story?

No, buddy. It's late, okay?

I need you to go to your room, go to bed.

- But, Papi...
- Estevido, do as I say.

Get out.

Did you paint the landlord's boyfriend
before or after you forged his passport?

You're one phone call away from jail.

I'm not the one on parole.

You looked into me?

Alias Investigations.

It says it right there on the door
to my illegal business.

You're really poking this bear.

Green cards are the trickiest IDs
to forge. You must be good.

Look, I don't give a shit
what you do up here.

Just tear up my eviction.

Prove it.

These were taken for a false ID.

They're for a piece of art,
which I can prove.

But go ahead, turn me in.


I didn't know you were on parole
when I brought the cops here. All right?

I'm not an asshole.

No? What kind of person takes advantage
of a little kid's fantasies

to get inside someone's apartment?

I figured he'd be asleep.

That's your excuse?

That kid means everything to me.
Okay? He's my reason for being.

Okay, do you have anyone
that makes you feel like that?

Or have they all run away from you?

Maybe you think I'm crazy,
but I was normal once...

It was my 18th birthday. I got drunk,

and I woke up in the hospital...

Who sent you?

What the hell, Trish?

Griffin? What...

Oh, my God. What are you doing here?

- You said you needed time.
- I meant a few hours.

A few hours.

Why's it so dark in here?

I was doing research.

I lost track of time.

What's with the gun?

- Why do you even own a gun?
- I like guns.



You brought groceries.

Yeah, for a vegetable tagine.

You brought me okra,
and I kicked your ass for it.

That's a bit of an overstatement.
The sidearm is a nice look, though.

- You any good with it?
- You gonna ask for my drill time, too?

Okay. I, uh...

I came by to make sure you were okay.

Well, I'm not. And all I can do about it
is wait for the phone to ring.

It doesn't look like you're waiting.

This guy a lead?

Could've been.

If I'd have checked my fan mail.

You were right. I'm in over my head.

Hey. In over your head
is exactly where you want to be.

You have what every journalist wants.
You have a platform.

This guy reached out to you.

How many other leads are listening?

You didn't win all those awards
for nothing, did you?


You know, I've survived this long
without getting my dick shot off.

Well, I'll go lock it up.

Then okra.

- Is okra a euphemism for sex?
- Oh, yeah.

Jesus. God damn it.

Never been to your place of business.

Bucket list complete.

I was hoping you'd see this,
my trek across town,

the ride in that urinal of an elevator,
as an olive branch.

I'm not interested in taking a job,
any job, that comes from you.

This is a legal complaint.

The first step
in filing a lawsuit against you.

Pryce Cheng is suing me?


- And you're repping him. Why?
- I wanted you back in the fold.

- And you thought this would get me back?
- I did.

And then...

something happened,
and I'm trying a different approach.

I'm working a case right now.

Right here in my little mind,

and there is no room in it
for you or your bullshit.

It's not bullshit.

It's... I...

I need five minutes of your time. Please.


I pictured your place very much like this.

You have five minutes.

- Should we sit?
- Just tell me why you're here.

I need your help.


Finding leverage against my partners to
prevent them pushing me out of the firm.

- On what grounds?
- Contractual.

- Is it legitimate?
- It is.

What do they have on you?

I'm gonna find out anyway.

I have ALS.

It's a progressive
neuro-degenerative disease.

I know.

It gives my partners cause to invoke
a medical disclosure clause.

I'm not even showing symptoms.

A cramp here or there.

It's more annoying
than anything.

It could take eight years to kill me.

Or two.

No one knows.

It's ironic, isn't it?

I've spent my whole life
amassing this power and control,

thinking somehow it would protect me.

If I believed in God,

I'd say her sense of humor is for shit.

I... I thought about taking the buyout...

living on an island, drinking rum,
making love to beautiful women...

Nothing but time to contemplate my future.

My future is nothing
but a goddamn horror show.

I'm alone.

Um... I'm estranged from my family.

All I have are my clients,

my firm,

and the respect of my colleagues.

The only thing I will leave behind
is my name on that door.

And a whole lot of money.

I plan to spend every penny of it
before I die.

Chao and Benowitz are...

They are not perfect.
There's got to be dirt there.

There's dirt everywhere.

You just have to know where to look.

And that's our show.
Thank you for listening to Trish Talk.

But before we sign off,

I want to talk about an upcoming series
that is very important to all of us here.

We're calling it
"Unsung Heroes of Medicine."

Our first hero is
an innovative trauma doctor

whose research has led
to unprecedented breakthroughs.

Her name is Dr. Leslie Hansen.

Now, I want to hear from Dr. Hansen's
friends, patients, and colleagues.

So call in and contribute
to a very special Trish Talk.

Would you rather enjoy
the heat of summer than suffer through it?

Does July in Cabo sound better than July
in the subway?

Don't trust...

Okay. You can just transfer any calls
to my cell or text me if...

Or e-mail or fax or send a pigeon.

I got it.

- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

Trish Talk, this is...

Hold, please.

Please tell me that's someone
who knows Dr. Hansen.

No, it's Dr. Hansen herself.

This is Trish Walker.

Dr. Leslie Hansen. I think we should talk.

So, "Meet me tonight" and "Come alone"?
Could this be any more cloak-and-dagger?

I mean, you can't blame her
for being cautious. People have died.

Yeah. One of them is in her basement.

But if she is who she says she is,
then who's in the incinerator?

Maury will call when he gets an ID.

In the meantime, I am gonna go and meet
the person who says she's Dr. Hansen.

- No, you're not.
- I don't need your permission.

You saw what happened to Simpson.

This is our case.

Then we should have discussed
whether or not you go on the air and say,

"Hey, IGH, I'm over here. Kill me."

You don't know what you're walking into
any more than I do.

I'm walking in with powers.

It's my voice on the radio.
She wants to meet with me.

- You're right.
- Thank you.

What are you doing?

Jess, what are you doing?

"Dear TMZ, Patsy and Griffin
are on the outs. Hot tip."

God damn it.

Can't do cloak-and-dagger
with the paparazzi on your tail.

Griffin has gone out of his way
to be nice to you.

He'll understand.

Hey, Malcolm.
Get over to Trish's place and sit on her.

Cosmo. You don't look like
a brown liquor drinker.

I agreed to talk to Trish Walker...

- Tough shit. You're talking to me.
- No way.

Let me rephrase that.

You're talking to me,

or I'm ripping your spine out
through your ear.

You know I can.

Why did you reach out to Trish?

She's spreading lies.

And you were gonna, what, have her killed?

- I was going to tell her the truth.
- Well, let's do that, then.

I'll get you started.
You were an ER doc at Metro-General.

You also siphoned patients to IGH.

Seventeen years ago,

an injured orphan girl came through
and you thought,

"Perfect candidate to torture."


No, you weren't an ER doc?
Or, no, you didn't do this to me?

Do what? Save your life?

Are you kidding me?

You're wrong about IGH.

Everything your friend Trish said
about them is wrong.

- Who is "them"?
- The good guys.

The good guys put a body
in your basement, Les.

The good guys are cleaning house.

Maybe they're just protecting
their reputation, their legacy.

They're burying it because they know
what they did was heinous.

Talk, Les.

I have 17 years of questions,
and they are deep.

You survived. And that's all that matters.

It mattered to Robert Coleman, too.

And to Kozlov.

And Simpson.

They're not you.

'Cause they're dead?

Am I next?

Is Trish?

What else are you hiding?

Doesn't matter.

You say that again...

and I'll kill you.

Look at me.

You were an ER doc
at Metro-General Hospital,

and you also siphoned patients to IGH.


Christ, Malcolm.
My door is reinforced steel

and my building
is surrounded by long lenses.

So, you can go.

Not if I wanna keep my job.

- Okay, come in.
- Thanks.

Marilyn, you're a publicist.

It's your job to make it go away,
so make it go away.

Look, I'm sorry Jess
is making you do this. It's...

No, it's fine.

You never responded to my texts
after that day.

There was nothing to say.

- The video, are you gonna use it?
- I'm hoping I don't have to.


Jess is out there chasing a major lead,
and I'm stuck in here.

She's not a fan of sidekicks.

Marilyn, I swear to God...

Maury, what do you got?

An ID on your crispy critter.
A Dr. Leslie Hansen.

Guess she lived in the building.

- Okay, what's wrong?
- Call Jessica.

Just tell me what's going on.

Alias Investigations. Leave a message.

- Listen to me...
- Jesus!

There's paparazzi outside the building.

- I know they're a pain...
- No. Help me sneak past them.


Look, Jessica might not want a sidekick,
but tonight she needs one.

- Hey. Anybody talking in there?
- No, man. Sorry.

Wait, wait. Share your tip.
I'll give you first shot and 200 bucks.

Front desk says Patsy's
at Griffin's place. 10th and Greenwich.

Go! Go! Go!

Come on!

It was groundbreaking
genetic-editing technology.

- We were saving lives.
- By giving people powers?

No, the powers were a side effect.
A rare interaction with certain DNA.

- Lucky me.
- You're damn right.

You were brought back from the dead.

Literally. You died on the table.

Your body shut down.
No one thought you'd make it.

It was a miracle.

- You should have let me die.
- What?

You should have let me die with my family,
like I was supposed to.

Don't you dare say that.

I had no one.

You had your life. You had your abilities.

- You survived for a reason!
- What reason? Tell me.

You should be thankful.
You should be thanking your goddamn stars!

You know,
I think I did survive for a reason.

To make sure you never do
what you did to me ever again.

You ungrateful...

You okay?

Who are you?


Malcolm! Oh, my God. Are you okay?

This your new boyfriend?

What's his name?

What's his name, Pats?

Are you all right?

Hey. Freedom of the press.

Hey, I'm just doing my job.
Please don't break it.