Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - AKA Freak Accident - full transcript

Jessica sets out to find Dr. Kozlov and makes a startling discovery. Trish recruits Malcolm for backup as she visits a figure from her past.

That whiskey say something
to piss you off?

Hit me.

Third glass tonight.

Put it on my tab.

You drinking to remember or forget?

Giving a shit won't get you a better tip.

I give a shit
if you're planning to get loaded,

trash my place of work.

I'm planning to sit here and drink,

until I come up with a better plan.

Jess? It's four a.m.

Is it?

You're not back in jail again already,
are you?


Is she there?

She just got to sleep.
You know, you had her worried.

Um, I can wake her if you want me to.

Of course I'll wake her, but...

No, it can wait.

Okay. Good night.

Nice ass.

What did you say?

I said, "Nice ass."

- Harder.
- I'm so hard.

Don't talk.

Oh, yeah. You're a freak.

Just had to talk.

Wait. I'm so close.

That makes one of us.


You're one of them.

Get out.


What do you got?

I tracked down a lease on the building.

It was rented to a Dr. Miklos Kozlov.

So Kozlov leased the clinic. What else?

I thought that was pretty good
for four a.m.

Well, Trish said she found him,
but couldn't get him to talk.

She left a file.


Got it. I'm looking for an address now.

And, hey...

we'll get Kozlov to talk.

I'll get him. You take the day off.

Thanks, but I need to work,
or I get myself into trouble.

It's an addict thing.

Yeah, well...

This is a super-killer thing,

so just text me Kozlov's address
and stay home.

Maybe I am a freak.

But someone made me this way.

And this lab rat's got some complaints.

Are you a friend of Dr. Kozlov's?

- Sorry?
- A patient, then. Come in.

Rina will be grateful.

- I'll let Rina know you're here.
- Uh, no. That's okay. I...

I don't wanna crowd her.

How did he die? Kozlov, I...

You know,
I just couldn't bring myself to ask.

It was a car crash. Freak accident.

A lot of those going around these days.

The minyan will begin shortly.

I am looking forward to it.

It's okay to cry, you know.

Any normal person would cry.

Christ! At least dab at your eyes
with a tissue.

The sun was up before they found us.

Six guys came back wounded from my unit.
Doctor just saw free of charge.

No VA, no red tape.

Saved my life.

He's the only person
who checked on me afterwards.

- Not even the colonel.
- Doc was a goddamn patriot.

Too much caffeine?

Sorry. I just...

I'm a little on edge.
My mother does that to me.

Your mother's a riot.

And by riot, I mean soul-crushing python.

But she spat you out, so I gotta love her.

Look at this adorable couple!

- Mother.
- Hey, gorgeous.


What are you all getting? My treat. Sit.

I actually just came by to say hi.
And make out with your daughter.

Well, that's not fair.

- What about me?
- You know, I've seen that French film.

And I think we're gonna
keep it A and B.

You are too much.

I'll see you
at the first apartment tonight.

Sounds good.

You can stop drooling now, Mother.

I'm not drooling. I'm appreciating.

So what's all this about apartments?
You two taking it to the next level?

Maybe. But I didn't ask you here
to talk about that.

I need a favor.

I'm gonna need caffeine for that.

- Can I have a coffee?
- Absolutely, ma'am.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.

I'm looking for a current phone number
or address for Max.


Well, he's unlisted and I don't know
anyone who keeps up with him.

But I assume you do.
For the sake of your clients.

You said you never wanted
to speak to him again

or even hear his name.

It's for a segment I'm doing
on the radio about the hospital.

Bullshit. This is about Jessie
and all the IGH business.

It doesn't matter what it's for.
I just need it.

Maximilian is a major donor
at Metro-General.

And you want access
to confidential information.

I need a lead and he can help.

Careful, my darling.
Your desperation is showing.

- I'm not desperate.
- Well, you should be.

Your show has been riding a fad
with this powered people thing.

And fads fade.

I am the only one who will give
Princess Patsy the cold, hard truth.

The clock is ticking.

- You need Griffin to put a ring on it.
- Jesus Christ, Mother.

You're gonna blow it with all this crap.

Griffin supports what I'm doing.

He knows
that you're reaching out to Maximilian?

- He knows that I'm working on a story.
- Lie to him.

Lie to yourself.
But don't lie to me, Pats.

Stop calling me that.

Trish is too mushy in the mouth. Trish!

Look, I'm doing this
with or without your help.

You know, I had hoped
that I could rely on you, but...

why start now?

Here you go, ma'am.

You know what?
Make that a Bloody Mary. Extra strong.

All right.

Do you mind? Thank you.

You are straying from the path,
baby girl.

Turn back before you get eaten by bears.

Wolves, bears, red ants, whatever.
It's a flexible metaphor.


I hear you!


You a cop or something?


You wanna party?

Yeah. Yeah, I do.


Hey, how you doin'?

- Okay.
- Leland said you were a patient.

Yeah. I just...

- I can't believe he's gone, you know?
- Yeah. I do know.

- Who do you work for?
- Who do you work for?

My friend's dead, so I'm doing the asking.

Look, I'm not gonna hit
a guy in a wheelchair.

Give me that thing.

Oh, for Christ's sake.

- You're a...
- Kozlov experiment. Yeah.


Just like whoever caused
his freak accident.

Oh, so we agree it wasn't an accident.

I'm guessing one of his beasties got out
and it's pissed.

It wasn't some animal.

Then who?

I said I wouldn't hit
a guy in a wheelchair,

but you're not in a wheelchair now.

Who was it?

A nut-bag traitor amped up on drugs.

- No way. It couldn't be.
- Simpson. Will goddamn Simpson.

- He's alive?
- You know him?

Yeah, he's alive.

Kozlov tried to rehab him
after he lost his shit.

- Yeah, I was there for that part.
- Asshole should have been grateful.

Instead, he steals more drugs, disappears,
takes out the doc.

And the Whizzer?

You're on drugs, too?

Your good friend...

tortured defenseless people.

No, he was a good man.

He was a sicko and a sadist,
and I'm gonna prove it.

Don't you dare talk
about the doctor that way.

Isaiah, are you back here?

Oh, my God! Isaiah, are you all right?

This is a funeral, for God's sake.
What is wrong with you?

What isn't?

Please leave a message
after the beep.

Trish. Call me, now.

For the record, I am protective,
caring and concerned about this.

- Register that for once.
- I'm not keeping score.

Sure, you are.

Jessica? Call her back.

I'll call her later.

What, you don't want her finding out
that we're back in touch?

She doesn't wanna find out
that we're back in touch.

Or she'll try
to talk you out of this Max business.

Well, goodbye, Mother.


What is the connection?

Are we... are we supposed to knock
or just come in?

I never know with doors like this.

- Is it a business or a home?
- Both.

Jessica Jones, right?
I've seen you before.

Sorry, I don't remember you.
How can I help you?

I'm Detective Sunday.
This is Detective Costa.

We're here about the accident
that occurred last night.

I was there. It was pretty bad.

You didn't stick around
for a statement.

There were other people
who saw more than I did.

Victim's name was Robert Coleman.
Ever heard of him?

He came to me.

He wanted to hire me, but I was booked.

How shitty must you feel?
Guy comes to you for help

and winds up dead
around the corner from you.

I had nothing to do with it. Or him.

Did you know he filed a police report

claiming that someone was trying
to kill him?

How shitty must you feel?

Evidence suggests that it was made to look
like an accident by some powered person.

Not this one.

Look, you assaulted someone.

You're on probation.
Court-ordered anger management.

- So read me my rights.
- No, we're just here to talk.

Come with me.


What's going on?

Hey. Do me a favor and tell them
everything you saw last night.

Do you mind? Mr...

Arrocho, Oscar.
I'm the building superintendent.

Did you witness the incident, Mr. Arrocho?

I heard it, yeah.
I mean, I got there at the tail end.

I was getting ice cream with my boy.

I already told the cops everything I saw.

What about Miss Jones? Did you see her?


- What? Bullshit!
- Ma'am, perhaps you're mistaken.

You were right there.
You looked me in the eye.

I didn't see anything.

- I wish I could be more help.
- Sorry to have bothered you.

- Asshole!
- Tell you what.

Why don't you come
to the station with us?

You can regale us with some super-stories.
Answer some questions, maybe.

- No.
- No?

I'll come down when and if this accident
becomes a real case.

Until then, I've a job to do. Same as you.

See you soon, Miss Jones.


Malcolm, it's Trish.



Uh, is this a... Is this a bad time?

Uh, no, not really.

What's up?

I need your help... with an investigation.

I, uh... I didn't know who else to call.


Uh, yeah, cool.

Where are you? I'm on my way.

I'll text you the address.
But one thing...

Don't tell Jessica.


Robert Coleman,
aka the Whizzer.

Why would Simpson want you dead?



Goddamn mongoose.

What did they do to us?

He wouldn't respond to me and...

I don't know how much time I have left.

Maybe you think I'm crazy, but...
but I was normal once.

It was my 18th birthday. I...

I got drunk and I dove off the roof
and missed the pool,

then woke up in the hospital
and they changed me.

I was fast before, but now I'm so fast,
I think it'll kill me.

And it hurts.

And... and the dreams.
I wake up screaming.

And... you're always saying
how powers are good, but you were wrong.


With great power
comes great mental illness.

No, we have to tell the real story
before it's too late.


- NYPD, anyone inside?
- Give 'em hell, Emil.


Anybody in there?

♪ Met this man down in New Orleans ♪

♪ He said that his name
Was Reverend Gene ♪

♪ It was the devil in disguise
With his eyes of ice ♪

♪ Should have known better
From all his lies ♪

♪ 'Cause there's nothing much more
For me to do ♪

♪ But go dancing with the devil
In these old-sole shoes ♪

♪ 'Cause I lost my soul
Inside the wishing well ♪

♪ And you better believe
That I'm going straight to hell ♪

Hell, yeah.

♪ Next thing I know
He was pulling my hair ♪

♪ But when the morning time had come
He was on the run ♪

♪ And then I realized what I had done ♪

♪ 'Cause there's nothing much more
For me to do ♪

♪ But go dancing with the devil
In these old-sole shoes ♪

♪ 'Cause I lost my soul
Inside the wishing well ♪

♪ And you better believe
That I'm going straight to hell ♪

- You like?
- You got moves, baby.

- You need another bump?
- Unh-unh.

Do you believe in karma?

You mean, like,
bad shit happening to bad people?



I know too many bad people
doing just fine.

I need another bump.


What do you think?

I don't wanna think.

I don't wanna think.

I don't want to.

- Hey!
- Hey!

Thank you for coming.
I really appreciate it.

Yeah, of course. Glad to help.

Put this on.

- Your gym card?
- No one will check it.

If anyone asks, you're a PA.
Production assistant.

Just like what you do for Jessica,
except on a movie set.

- You mean, getting yelled at and ignored?
- Pretty much.

I got this.

Uh, your phone has a video camera, right?

What are we doing here, Trish?

You're gonna hear some things about me
that I don't wanna talk about after today.

Things you don't want Jessica to know.

She knows. She's just...

She's not that good at self-restraint,
especially when it comes to douchebags.

And I don't want anyone to get hurt.

Okay. Is this dangerous?

Not physically.



Really strict.
Really mean gangster, can you do that?

Okay. Yes, I can. Mm-hmm.



So happy you called.

What a surprise.

- Uh, we need to talk.
- We do.

In private?

I've got two more set-ups.
Then, I'm all yours.

I'll be in your trailer.

You don't even feel bad, do you?

- For what?
- You lied.

Do you feel bad?

For bringing the cops to my door?

All you had to do was tell them
what you saw.

I saw a man die. So did my son.

Do you know what that does to a kid?

Yeah, actually, I do.

I don't know what killed that guy,

but I bet it had to do with whatever
shady power shit you're involved in.

What did I ever do to you,
besides move your ugly fridge?

Oh, I get it. You hate people like me.

I threaten your masculinity or whatever.

My masculinity is just fine.


I can't have the kind of trouble you bring
around me and my kid.

- Not if I wanna keep him.
- Who is trying to take your kid?

It's called a custody battle.
And I don't plan on losing,

so if that puts you
in some trouble with the law,

that's your problem.

Look, stay the hell away from us.

You stay the hell away from me.

With great power comes
great mental illness.

We have to tell the real story
before it's too late.

Who was this guy talking to?

Alien conspiracy sites,

comic book fan clubs,
Friends of Mongooses International...


Thank you for what you said today.

For accepting us.

But you need to know we're also dangerous.

I can feel it inside me.
And... they put it there.

I'll tell the real story on Trish Talk.

Just call me.

Please leave a message
after the beep.

Trish, call me.

You're the connection.

Whizzer... Kozlov...

Anybody that you've talked to
about this IGH shit is in danger.

Simpson is alive.

To send your message,
press pound.

Mother... goddamn... shit.

That's a wrap.

Sorry, hon.

Took a little longer than I thought.

Can I get you a drink?

Vodka Diet Coke, right?

- I haven't had a drink in ten years.
- Really?

I need something from you.

You're acting again. That's fantastic.

- Let me make some calls.
- I have a job.

- I need access.
- To...

I wanna borrow your clout
at Metro-General.

- For what?
- My show.

We're doing a segment on the hospital,
and I'm dealing with a lot of red tape.

What's the story about?

A woman missing 20 days
from her medical record.

Something happened to her
during that time.

Mmm, see, I donate to the hospital
to help kids with cancer. I...

I mean, I can't let you just do some
hatchet job for a ratings bump.

I'm not asking.

You're gonna give me what I want.

Or what?

Or I'll go public
with what happened between us.

- Uh...
- I was a child.

- You were 40.
- You were 16 going on...

Fifteen. And my mother pimped me out
for the lead in your crappy movie.

I cast you because you wanted it
more than anyone I had ever met.

And you knew I'd do anything.

I was the one who was used.

I didn't come here
for a twisted walk down memory lane.

No, you came here to blackmail me.

You know what you are?
You're a B-list radio personality

who has to resort to dirty threats
to stay relevant.

Says the dirty old man hiring desperate
young girls to pretend they care.

You know what?
Get off of my set before I call security.

You've got 48 hours
to give me what I want.

Won't make any difference.

You'll still be exactly
what you always fear you'd be.

Utterly goddamn ordinary.


I'm coming in.

- Have you seen her?
- What, she's not here?

- We were supposed to look at apartments.
- You're moving in? That's great.

Yeah, except, uh,
she missed our first appointment,

- and her phone keeps going to voicemail.
- When's the last time you saw her?

This morning.
At brunch, I left her with her mother.


- Brunch?
- Yeah, they needed mother-daughter time.

- That, that look. What does that mean?
- Nothing. I just...

I didn't know they were on brunch terms.

They're trying to put the past behind them
or something.

I'm worried that this has something to do
with her story.

You been going through
her research?

Yeah, I've been trying to figure out
where the hell she went. What is IGH?

- What did she tell you?
- Nothing. I asked her not to.

Then I encouraged her to chase the story.
Christ, I practically dared her.

Now she's in trouble.

- Why do you think that?
- My balls are tingling.

There's medication for that.

In my line of work,
you learn to trust your instincts.

Griffin, why don't you go home?
She might be there.

Don't manage me, okay?
I know she's in trouble.

- Because of your scroty-sense?
- Goddamn right.

Look, I track people for a living.

You know how strong I am.
So let me get to work in finding her.

- If you hear anything...
- I will call you, first thing.

Goddamn hate this.

What you're saying is
it's the way he's looking at her.

Yes, exactly. Not that...

♪ It's Patsy! It's Patsy! ♪

♪ It's Patsy... ♪

- Hello?
- Where's Trish?

- Jessie?
- Tell me what happened today at brunch.

None of your business.

Tell me what you're up to,
you toxic waste of space.

Living in the present, hon.
You should try it sometime.


Hey, hey, hey. Come on, man.

Take my wallet. Here, here's the keys.

I don't want your damn car.

I want you to admit
what you did to Trish Walker.

Aw, listen, buddy.

Whatever Trish told you,
she's the one who started it.

She crawled into my bed.


You broke my nose!

Don't come any closer.


Feels good to live in the present.

You have 60 seconds to tell me
what happened today between you and Trish.

- Go.
- Ask her yourself.

Fifty-nine, 58...

I have a right to a relationship
with my daughter.

Fifty-seven, 56...

If she wanted you to know,
she would've told you,

but she trusted me. Not you!

Eight, seven...

I tried to talk her out of this
IGH business, but would she listen? No.

Because she's trying to be
the hero that you'll never be.

What did she want from you?

Maximilian Tatum's contact information.

How could you let her get anywhere
near that pervert?

"Let her"? Please.

But I trust him with her
more than I trust you.

You've done nothing but hurt her.

- Look in the mirror, lady!
- Oh, I do every goddamn day.

How about you?

Where is he?

In Brooklyn directing a movie.
Greenpoint Stages.

Hey! What about my door?

I thought he was getting up
to get my money, right?

But no, he gets down on all fours
and starts barking.

I've gotten that before, too.

I was like,
"Cool, but it'll cost you more."

It's the pizza. I'll get it.

Good, I'm starving.

But I'm kind of over him, to be honest.
It's like that...

- You are not the pizza.
- You're not Jeri.


Someone here to see you.

- What are you doing here?
- I went by the office.

- They told me you took the day off.
- Yet you felt compelled to interrupt it.

Yeah, looks like I came in
at the tail end.

What do you want?

I signed the complaint against Jones.
It's ready to be filed.

Great. I'll... I'll deal with it tomorrow.

- Should've dealt with it today.
- I'll deal with it.

Unless you fall off the rails,
if you haven't already.

Something's up with you.

Turn around, walk away.
You were never here.

I always protect my clients, Jeri.
I hope you can say the same.

Have fun.

Did she tell you
what happened last night?

- Oh, my God.
- What happened?

So my man went out drinking
last night. He gets so plastered,

he comes home and he starts crying.

Crying and calling me mama.

I have three kids to take care of.
I don't need a fourth.

My babies are my life.

- Mm-hmm.
- That's right.

Take your shit and get out. Now.




Jessica, we're over here.

Thank Jesus.

- What is this?
- I've got this under control.


- You shot him?
- He was following me.

Then you should've called me.

You asked me to leave you out of it,
and I don't need to be saved!

Because you're shooting people now?

She's gonna get herself dead.

You mean like Robert Coleman and Kozlov?

- You killed Kozlov?
- No, no. That wasn't me.

The Coleman kid, either.

You know what? Shoot him again.

- Maybe he'll start telling the truth.
- Doubt it.

He barely felt the first bullet,
because he's on this.

It's a performance enhancer.
Like the pills he took before.

No. No, it's not like before.
I don't lose control.

No, you just drop scaffolding
on people's heads.

The inhaler makes me stronger,
but not that strong.

I'm here to protect Trish.
And I... I need that to do it.

- Protect Trish from who?
- IGH, apparently.

He says they sent someone
to stop my investigation,

- but he still won't give me a name!
- I don't have a name.

Because you killed Kozlov!

Even your old pal
in the wheelchair said so.


He has no idea what Kozlov's involved in.

- Nobody does.
- Except you.


Yeah, well, I was locked
in an old IGH clinic, so...

- That's where Kozlov experimented on me.
- No, not Kozlov.

It was someone else.

Kozlov was arguing with him on the phone,

and they said Trish's name, so I listened.

He wanted whoever it was to...
make Trish go away.

If I'm the issue,
then why kill Kozlov and Robert?

Why am I still here?

Because maybe he has been protecting you.

Look, I know what I've done
and what I am.

I was locked in a room for a year,
and I played all the atrocities

that I'd committed
over and over in my head.

This will never stop.

And I look at myself
and all I see is a murderer.

But for the first time, I'm grateful,

because it takes a monster
to stop a monster,

and that's what's coming for Trish!

It's here!

Take Trish, and run.



Look after her.

Simpson, wait!

Take it.

Shit! Come on.

It wasn't after you.


Simpson was right.
It takes a monster to stop a monster.

He just wasn't the right monster.