Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - AKA Start at the Beginning - full transcript

While Jessica deals with a rival PI and a paranoid would-be client, Trish digs up a medical file that could unlock the mystery of Jessica's powers.

You can get anything delivered
in New York City.

Or anyone.

Oh, God...

But you gotta be careful
what you open your door to.

Whatever you let in
will eventually get out.

Particularly with me around.

I should've known.

No pizza run takes that long.

He was so sweet to me.

I was gonna make him manager.

I feel so humiliated.

Rough. I take cash or checks.

You know, just leave the name blank.
I'll fill that in later.

Hey, Mavie!


Who's your friend, Mave?

- I'm Rafi.
- You wash that yet?

You guys hungry? I'm starving.

I got another job for you.

- How about you pay for the first one?
- I want you to kill him.

My job here is done.

He's a bad man.
You're a vigilante superhero.

Let's be clear.
You want me to murder this guy?

Damn skippy. He deserves it.

- That's your code, right?
- Yeah, I'm getting T-shirts made.

And I'll triple your fee.

Hey, Rafi, come on over here.

Don't do it here.
Find an alley or something.

Hope you're hungry.

I got a no-show
on this large pep with bells...

Your boss here wants to have you killed.

Yeah, right.

You're caught, Rafi.

She's pissed.

She wants you dead.
Wants me to do the deed.


Jesus Christ, Mavis.
I knew you were effed up, but this?

But that's not...
I didn't...

Why did you do that?

Because I'm not a killer.

Oh, bullpucky! You broke a man's neck.
I heard about it on Trish Talk.

Some guy does you wrong and you kill him,

but now the vigilante hero's gonna
judge me?

A hero would have you locked up
for soliciting murder.

A vigilante would beat the shit out
of you.

Now which one am I?

- I don't know.
- Choose.

Please don't kill me.

I don't kill people.

Because I'm not a murderer.

If a door won't stay closed...

build a stronger door.

♪ Where do you go
When you just wanna have a good time? ♪

♪ I hear a voice calling my name ♪

♪ Reaching out
It's Patsy ♪

♪ It's Patsy ♪

♪ I really wanna be a friend
Hope this day will never end ♪

♪ It's Patsy
It's Patsy ♪

♪ I really wanna be a friend with you ♪

♪ It's Patsy
It's Patsy ♪

♪ I really wanna be a friend with you ♪

Okay, great.

- Well, that was painful.
- That was amazing, Patsy!

- Yeah.
- Our daughter will never forget it.

She's a huge fan.

Kyle plays her the entire DVD box set,
including the Christmas specials.

Great. So can I have the...

Oh, hey, hey! How about an encore?
We'd love to hear the hit single!

♪ Hey, yay
I want your cray-cray... ♪

- No.
- Oh, forgive me for being a fan.

It's just...
We had a deal. I just want the file.

What deal? What file?
Kyle, what did you do?

Uh, why don't you go make sure

Lilibeth shares her toys
with the other kids?

- Here you go.
- Are you crazy?

The hospital will fire you if they
find out you stole a confidential...

I didn't steal. I copied.

It'll be our secret,
along with that performance.

This is a HIPAA violation.
You could be sued or arrested.

I did it for our daughter.

- Where's the rest of it?
- Well, that's all I could find.

- I'm married to a criminal.
- Ash, stop.

Holy shit!

- Patsy doesn't swear.
- I do.

Patsy's kinda mean.

Hey, Jess?

Where are you?

I thought they would have shut
movie guy down by now.

Still here, first Friday every month.
Except when he's in Boca.

So what's up? You sounded serious.

It's been a while since we did this.

Nothing better than dinner
and a movie after a crap-ass day.

How early did you start?

Just after my last asshole client.

- You've had a lot of those lately.
- They pay the best.

And you don't have
to feel anything for them.

Oh, I felt something for this one.

Did anyone get hurt?


I'm just saying, it wouldn't be
the first or even the second time.

That's because this supervigilante shit
keeps coming at me.

It doesn't help that you keep
yakking about it on Trish Talk.

I've never mentioned you
or the others by name.

You said you grew up with a super.

Doesn't take an Internet genius
to get to me.

- I'll try harder to mask you.
- Why talk about it at all?

Because I finally have something to say.

Real news that matters.
And someone has to champion tolerance.

You're making it harder for me
to move past shit.

Well, maybe you can't move past it
without actually facing it.

I put him out of my misery.
I call that facing it.

I think there's more to it
than just Kilgrave.


You're missing 20 days.

Yeah. A lot more than that
if you count my blackouts.

Seventeen years ago.

After the accident.

You were brought into the ER,

but you weren't assigned a hospital bed
until 20 days later,

with no hospital records in between.

Where were you?

- In a coma.
- That explains why you can't remember.

- It doesn't explain what IGH did to you.
- We don't know that IGH did anything.

You went into that hospital near death,
and you walked out with powers.

And I know IGH experiments on people,
like Dr. Kozlov did to Simpson.

- You've been busy.
- Yeah.

And you didn't want to hear about it.

Where did you get that file?

A hospital security guard
who's a fan.

I just sang at his kid's birthday party.

Yeah, it was a low moment.
But this was worth it.

Jess, Kilgrave isn't the only ghost
inside your head.

- But he cracked something open in you...
- And I'm recovering.

By drinking more, fighting more?

More meaningless cases
and meaningless sex?

Hey, don't knock meaningless sex.

Knowing what they did to you
might help you.

And I can expose them,
starting with Dr. Kozlov.

- Okay, he's connected, but...
- No.

I can't change the past.

So it's gonna stay where it is.

I'll deal with this on my own.

Meaning go to a bar and drink.

- That's what I said.
- Ugh!

God damn it.

Jess! I...

Jess, come on! I...

I can't open this!

I'm not strong enough.

Damn it!


Jess, you up?


You alone?

I don't know.

All right. First meeting's in ten.
Chug it.

You're fired.


Start at the beginning.

I want to find my son,
but they wouldn't tell me who adopted him.

There are lizards wearing human skins
and taking over the government.

They threatened my wife
if I blow the whistle,

but their products make people sick.

Someone's trying to kill me
because I have powers.

But they haven't caught up to me yet,
thanks to my super speed.

I want to meet my son before I die.

I need more proof
before I come forward.

You have to stop the dinosaur people.
They already got Jay-Z.

My superhero name?

The kids in school used to call me
"the Whizzer."

I bet they did.

Why don't you take a lap around the block?
I'll time you.

No, I can only speed when I'm scared.

I'm a fear-based hero.

Sorry, Whizzer.

Well, I say we find the adopted son.


We can afford to take a pro bono case.

That will just attract more sob stories
and nut jobs.

Meaning people in pain
who actually need our help.

Let it get personal
and the whole case goes to shit.

A good PI needs objectivity.

Take the case. Take the clues.
Take the cash.

- What are you doing?
- I'm writing that down. It was pithy.

That wasn't a lesson.

'Cause why would you help me
get better at my job?

It's my job.

Fire me for trying
to build something with you.

I keep trying to fire you,
you keep not being fired.

Why is that?

Lack of clarity, I bet.

Hi, I'm your two o'clock. Right on time.

Punctuality an issue for you?

Who is this guy?

Uh, it's Pryce Cheng of Cheng Consulting.

Risk management.
We're the best firm in the city.

I've heard of you.

- Risk management?
- It's a more pretentious name for a PI.

So, what can I do for you
that you can't already do for yourself?


I mean, I have all the resources
and support staff a PI needs.

A nice suite of offices,
extensive client list,

excellent employee benefits.

But having a powered person on staff
could bring in new clients.

You want to hire her.

I wanna absorb Alias Investigations.


Cheng Consulting needs to branch out.
We want to stay competitive.

- No, thanks.
- You'd have complete autonomy.

Take only the cases
that are meaningful to you.


You might want to hear the offer
before you piss on it.

You don't want me. You just want
to eliminate the competition.

- I never take no for an answer.
- How rapey of you.

I can't have you siphon off my clientele.

I don't want your idiot clients.
I don't want most of my own.

But they want you, right?
Because you're a vigilante superhero.

- I wouldn't call her that.
- Get out.


If you can't join 'em, beat 'em.

Is that what you think
you're gonna do?

You think you're gonna beat me?

I'm gonna make you realize
that working for me is your best option.

I always deal with problems head on.

And I always deal with threats head on.

Meaning I punch them in the head
until they're unconscious.

Wanna see?

You're gonna make this easy for me,
aren't you?

You just can't help yourself.

What an asshole.

An asshole with the resources
to put us out of business.

I guess it's good you've been taking
those money gigs. We may need it.

Where you going?

I have a new pro bono case.

Who's the client?


Hey. Hey, kid.

Hi, I'm Vido. We're moving in.

Hey, sorry about all this.
I'm the new super here.

Oscar. We're in apartment 6F.

I'm 5F and in a hurry.

Yeah, yeah, of course.

Hey, come on, let's get to work.

Let's go, little guy.

Watch your toes.

- You see that, Papi?
- Yeah, I see it.

Are you a vigilante superhero?

Oh, for Christ's sake.

We're living with a powered lady.

"Pretty good for a girl."

I heard that a lot as a kid.

Then I became
a successful female attorney.

Read, pretty good for a girl.

But today, I see a sisterhood
of founding partners.

I see excellent lawyers who are stronger

because we wouldn't stand
for being pretty good.

I see mentors
raising the next generation of women,

who, one day,
will stand with us on a day like this,

and see what we see.

Women in power.

Women in law.

Thank you for this great honor.
Thank you so much.


We just got Pam's last and final offer
on her lawsuit.

- We're going to settle.
- Hell we are. No way.

You slept with your assistant, Jeri.
She went to jail for you.

Yeah, for all of three days.

She has a legitimate case.

I never harassed the stupid girl.
She was more than a consenting adult.

Or did you not see the way she dressed?

- She practically did a split on my desk.
- Jesus Christ, Jeri.

Look, we're your partners.
This scandal stains our good names, too.

Well, it's not hurting mine.

Because of the large donation our firm
made to essentially buy you that award.

Well, fortunately, we can afford it,

given the big clients like Rand
that I continue to bring in.

Power's an illusion, Jeri.
Anything can happen.

Just ask your dead wife.

Eat your rubber chicken, Linda.
Try not to choke on it.

Tomorrow, we'll dive even deeper

into the effects of trauma
on powered people

when noted hypnotherapist
Dr. Maynard Tiboldt

joins us to discuss buried memories.

I hope you'll join us, too.

I'm Trish Walker, and this is Trish Talk.


I love this guy.
We should get him on the show.

- Huh?
- Ian...

I'm kidding.
I just came down to cheerlead.

You know, awesome segment today.
The call-ins were great.

No, they weren't.

And our ratings are sliding.
That's why you're here.

You got me.

Well, I'm working on something new.

Medical experiment, shadow corp?

You can say "IGH," Ian.

- They're not Voldemort.
- But they're all fiction.

Unless you can get your super sister
to corroborate that they exist.

Or to corroborate
that she's even your sister?

- Get her on the show.
- She doesn't want the exposure,

and I won't force it on her.

Okay. I respect that.

Family is everything.


You had a good ratings run
with this super stuff.

But we need new heroics,
we need interviews,

and we gotta keep 'em coming in.

They're very private, for obvious reasons.

Which is why I was thinking we need
to go back to your lifestyle format.

Something like that.

"The high cost of celebrity hairstylists.
Worth it or not?"

I get it! You know, I really get it.

But you were Patsy Walker.

If you wore chartreuse, half the tweens
in America started wearing chartreuse.

You want that impact again.

I'm not reliving my past, Ian.
I'm using my show to make a difference.


As long as women 18 to 49 want to listen.
Otherwise, you're gonna die.

Or I mean, your show is gonna die.

We're in this together. Hmm?

We're family.

And what's the most important thing
in the world?


Love that guy.

I've seen
guys like Cheng before.

High school quarterback.
Marine Corps captain.

He needs to be the top dog.

And all I need is something
that will keep him on a leash.

Something that he doesn't want exposed.

Where'd you learn to do this?

Uh, Habitat for Humanity.

My folks started me building
when I was about seven.

They sound like good people.


That's nice.

You know what I hate?

Smug. I could slap smug.

Pumped-up asshole blowhard
thinks he's hot shit.

Hey, you're here.

- Did you call?
- Just dropped by.

I found something of yours
in my storage unit.

You left it there 17 years ago,
and I thought you might want it back.

- Uh, mind giving us a moment, Malcolm?
- Yeah. Cool.

He's on the clock. Don't be dramatic.


And I thought singing Patsy
was the lowest you would go.

- It was time.
- For who?

Okay, what's in the box?

Her family's ashes.

And they are the reason Jessica won't go
looking for her missing time or IGH.

Well, that's...
You didn't wanna scatter them, or...

Let me be clear this time.
You're fired.

- Jess, you can't fire him.
- She's not.

See you tomorrow, boss.

What if you're not the only one?

What if IGH is still doing experiments?
We have to stop them.

Heroes die.

And this is how we honor them.
By continuing the fight.

You don't want to honor them.

You want ratings.

- And powers and stardom.
- Yes! Yes, yes and yes.

Because any one of those things
will help me help people.

You're not helping me.

Do you have any idea how long it took me
to find out about your missing time?

I'm not a PI, Jess, okay?
I don't have your gifts. I'm not you.

- Yeah, well, count your blessings.
- That's for sure.

What is this, Crap on Jessica Day?

That's next month.

I meant...

I meant, I wouldn't want
a gaping hole in my head.

Not knowing what was done to me,

whether or not everything I do
is shaped by it,

I'd be scared to hell.

Well, if I wasn't before...

Help me find
your missing hospital records.

Or get Kozlov to talk.

He could help you remember.

I do remember.

I remember being in that car
and waking up alone.

I will spend the rest of my life
trying to forget it.

Don't make me cut you out
to do that, Trish. Please.

I'll put these back.

- Try again in another 17 years.
- It's fine, just...

To not missing you someday.

Let him play.

She broke it!
She broke my Game Boy!

Good morning.

Mrs. Belenka called this morning,

canceled, said she's going another way.

Which totally blows.

She was good people and she could pay.

And a messenger just dropped this off.

From Cheng Consulting,
which can't be good.


You have to protect me.

They tried to drop a huge air conditioner
on me.

I was too fast, but they almost
crushed Emil, my pet mongoose.

Please... Jess...

Jesus, Jess!

Guy's obviously challenged.
You could've been nicer.

I really couldn't.

You gotta be shitting me.

What is it?

Asshole Pryce's life story.

Tax returns...

college transcripts, military records.


"I am an open book."

Means a good PI doesn't leave secrets
that can be leveraged against them.


Again, that's not a lesson.

What did you say Mrs. Bellchinso said?

Mrs. Belenka.
Just that she's going another way.

Lame code for "found a different PI."
Wanna guess who it is?

- Cheng. He stole our damn client?
- Yep.

I'm doing a search.

- There's gotta be some dirt on this guy.
- There isn't.

Okay, then tell me what we're looking for.

I'll know it when I find it.

Everyone has secrets.

If not their own, then someone else's.



Felipe, my little lovey dog!

I believe you won custody of that dog
in your divorce agreement.

- What do you think you're doing?
- Where'd you find him?

Your ex-wife's been hiding him
at her new boyfriend's place.

Dude, you said Felipe wasn't there.

No, I said I couldn't get past
the boyfriend to see if he was there.

And I didn't ask.

You know, I can go places
that an average PI can't go.

Emphasis on "average."

You actually think
that breaking and entering

- makes you better than me?
- Pryce. Bro...

I have a legal right to Felipe.

My wife stole him.
This woman just stole him back.

Without burning
through a monumental retainer

like the one you pay your bro here.

Jessica Jones. Give me a call.

You don't want to do that.

- Let's go home, Felipe.
- I think he's going another way.

You don't want to do that.

You think I can't take you?

- Are you serious?
- You don't know tough.

Tough is working your ass off
to build a reputation.

Tough is not letting assholes shit on it.

I read your life story.
It put me to sleep.

- Yours is much more interesting.
- You don't know shit about me.

Oh, yeah? Let me take a stab at it.

Few weeks of college, a lot of McJobs.

Half-ass work as a PI,
drinking your demons down,

till one day you meet
a hapless British clown,

then murder the guy.

Stay away from me.
Stay away from my clients.


You're a ticking time bomb.

Keep telling me who I am, I dare you.

Maybe you blame your family
for getting killed in that accident.

Don't test me.


He's bleeding. She threw him
through a glass door.


You're the weakest human being
I've ever met.

- Stay right there.
- Put your hands behind you.

Probation, huh?

And court-ordered anger management.

That's probably a good thing.

Thanks for bailing me out.

Uh, you'll still have to pay
property damage and his hospital bills.

How bad is he?

Bruises. Dislocated shoulder.

Could've been worse.

He could be dead.

Do you remember when I used to dream
about them every night?

But then I'd always wake up
and lose them all over again.

And now they're back.

I'm sorry.

What if facing it makes me worse?

I've already killed someone.

Kilgrave gave you no choice.

I snapped his neck, and I felt the pop,
and, Trish, it was easy.


you're not a killer.

I've killed.

Ergo, I'm a killer.

I don't even know what "ergo" means,
but it sounded right.

That's what you were forced to do.
It's not who you are.

Maybe it is.

Maybe that's what they did to me.

Okay, then we'll figure it out. Together.

You don't...

You just can't understand.

There you are.
Christ, this place is a shit tangle.

- Hi.
- You okay, Jess?

Hey, Griffin. Yeah.

Is there anything I can do?
Put in a good word with someone?

You barely know me.

I'm good at snap judgments.

Too bad you're not the D.A.

No. Give me a year.

This whole news thing might not work out.

Yeah, maybe not with the jokes right now.

- Thank you.
- So, why are you dressed like that?

Uh, we were on our way
to a charity event when you called.

- Shit. Sorry.
- Hey, don't be.

There's just a bunch of illiterate kids
waiting on us.

- What? Jess likes my black humor.
- Not when she's arrested.

Okay. So let's blow off
the literacy fund-raiser.

- Get Jessica drunk.
- I don't need a lot of help there.

Then we'll take you home.

It's okay. I don't wanna be
the cause of stupid kids, too.

See? Black humor.

Griffin Sinclair!

- Embedded was incredible last night.
- Oh, thank you.

We saw your segment...

- Jess...
- Trish, you need to stop.

Or stay away.

Trish Walker.

I feel like I know you.
I listen to you every day.

- That's so sweet.
- This is so great.

- This is happening. Okay.
- Yes, it is. Okay.

- That's a good 12.
- Thank you so much.

- When are you two getting married?
- Easy, guys.

All right.

Lovely to meet you. Thank you.

- Still no word from her?
- No, nothing.

You didn't do this to Jessica. Okay?

Her damage is deep.

I can relate.

Except you have three awards
and your own TV show.

Yeah. Because I was a lunatic,

testing my mortality
in every hellhole on earth.

I had stuff to work out.
Just like Jessica.

And I just sliced her open.

This story of yours, is it newsworthy?

It depends.

Do you consider newsworthy to be

potentially saving lives
and exposing some seriously bad people?

You need to stop right there
or I'm just gonna steal it from you.

Is that why you haven't asked about it?

Work and love, keep them separate.

I don't want to hurt my best friend.

Babe, if you want to do the news,
the story has to be your best friend.

One second.

- Hey. Great to see you.
- Hi. Likewise. You taking off already?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Careful! Careful. Careful.

You okay, babe?

Yeah, I, um...

I thought I saw someone I knew.

- Okay.
- It's fine.

I tried to reschedule.
Your doctor won't move the appointment.

Well, did you remind her
that she owed me a favor?

I e-mailed her assistant.

Okay. Pick up an actual phone,
remind her and reschedule.

Did Pryce Cheng say he would be late?

I'm always on time.
You know that.

Right. Mr. Cheng is here.

I see you've met Jessica.

You don't look surprised.

I take it she turned down your proposal.

That's really funny, Jeri.
Yeah. She did a little more than that.

I told you that she was volatile.

You said she was volatile, not homicidal.

No wonder you wanted
to keep your distance.

I only tried to hire her through you
because she and I had a falling out.

Regardless, you failed.

Submit your bill, and I will call you
if another assignment comes up.

I got a better idea.

How about I hire you instead?
I'm gonna sue her.

Oh, God.

Blood from a stone.
She drinks her profits.

I don't care. Seriously.
She got off way too easy. Okay?

She pled out guilty to the assault charge.

So now I'm putting her out of business.

Yeah, eliminating the competition.

That's why I took the job
in the first place.


Maybe there is something
to be gained here.

Have a seat.

Let's, uh...

Let's start with a description
of how you came by those injuries.

What the hell do you want?

Someone is trying to kill me.

Yeah, me, if you don't put that down.

You wouldn't listen.
I need you to protect me.

There's something out there,
and it is strong, and it is fast,

and it won't stop!

All right. Jesus.

It's Whizzer, right?

You on meds, Whiz? Did you go off 'em?

No. I take everything they send me.

They're trying to make me normal again.

Well, it's not working,
because no one wants you dead.

Someone does!

Someone like us.

A schizophrenic?

A monster.

- You're not a monster.
- Because I take the pills.

I don't want to be what they made me.

- Who made you, Whizzer?
- I don't remember.

But I think they've made something worse.
And it won't stop!

And it is coming for me!

Okay, now calm down.

Stop! God damn it!

- Jesus. You are fast.
- Stay away!

Look, I don't wanna hurt you.


Whizzer, I believe you, okay?

Was it IGH?

Was it Kozlov?

Call 911!


- Don't look, buddy.
- Is that a man?

Yeah. There's been an accident.

I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

I tried to reschedule this.

Yeah, well, I wanted you to come back in.

I'm not doing any more damn tests.
I'm perfectly healthy.

It was just some kind of muscle cramp.

I'm afraid it's not just that.



What happened in here?

I should have buried them or...

- Hey...
- Don't step on him!

I'll take care of him.

He would've been your age.

Your brother?

He was a pain in my ass, too.

I would've liked to know him.

I thought the Whizzer was just a wacko.

I mean, who has a pet mongoose?

The Whizzer?

Oh, shit.

That was him in the construction accident?


Well, that's just what the cops said.

They were shutting down the whole block
when I came in.

He said someone...

something was trying to kill him,
and now he's dead.

It's a coincidence.

You can't just knock down scaffolding.

Well, I can't.

But they made a monster.


That's an antipsychotic.
So, I guess he was nuts.

1200 milligrams?

The fact that he could walk,
much less run,

is a testament to his powers.

Wait, he actually was "the Whizzer"?

Whoever sent these to him
are the ones who made him like that.

And he couldn't remember anything.

- Sounds kinda like you.
- More than kinda.

Lesson number one. Read the fine print.

There's no prescribing doctor listed,
or pharmacy.

Just the manufacturer. Salento.

West Coast. They'll be open.

Find out where they ship their pills,
their local distributor.

Industrial Garments
and Handling.

- Will you check the address again?
- It's correct.

IGH. I get it. It must be a front.

Hey, if the Whizzer was right
and something is killing supers,

then just be careful, okay?

Damn skippy.


Something happened
behind these doors.

We were made here.

Me, Whizzer and something else.

Whatever it is,

the only way to find it
is to open the door wider.