Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - AKA God Help the Hobo - full transcript

Between anger management classes and tabloid scandals, Jessica and Trish track down a third patient linked to IGH. Oscar extends an olive branch.

Summer in New York City.

It's hot. It's humid.

And everyone's just a little more
pissed off than usual.

Scratch that. A lot more.

Don't wanna be a fly around her.

As I was saying...

anything could set me off.

Her voice.

Her blouse.

My blood would boil. Things got blurry,

but not blurry enough to keep me
from punching her over and over.

I beat my wife for 15 years.

Until she tried to kill herself.

That's when I finally
reached out for help.

I reached out every day of my life.


Thanks for sharing.
Could you sign my court card?

At the end of the hour.

It hasn't been an hour yet?

Try it, Jessica.

A benign external action
to soothe internal strife.

I'm just listening today.


Every time my dad ran out of meth,

he'd take it out on me.

I'd take it out on my brother.

Fireworks are the worst.

I'm right back in Kabul.

They go off, I just start swinging.

My stepmom kept calling me
a violent delinquent,

so I proved her right.

Nothing will shock us here.
We're all the same.

I doubt that.

Does your anger alienate the people
around you?

Has it affected your work?

Filled you with shame?
Afraid you're not in control of your life?

My whole family was killed
in a car accident.

Someone did horrific experiments on me.

I was abducted,

raped and forced to kill someone.

And now some maniac says
that I am here for a reason.

Like some sick destiny.

She's out killing people
and I'm in here bouncing a goddamn ball!

Sorry about your ball.

In this kind of heat,
everybody needs a little anger management.

Get that piece of shit out of my way,

Shut the hell up!

- Calm down, big boy.
- What?

- Excuse me!
- I live here.

Well, congratulations, you live in a dump.

I almost beat the shit out of my
support group today. So take a breath.


So how was anger management?

Still angry.

Is Trish okay?

She would've been
if you had done what I told you to do.

You said sit on Trish.
She left, so I followed.

You're just pissing me off.

We know what the killer looks like,

- and that she's strong as hell.
- Pissing me off more.

That woman,
she seriously messed up my shoulder.

I'm fired again. Fine.

All right. Everything is my fault!

I'm not the one who's...

If you stare at something
long enough, it starts to talk to you.

If you could goddamn hear it.

- Don't be mad at Malcolm.
- I'm always mad at Malcolm.

Trish! Trish! Who's the new guy?

- What happened with Griffin?
- Griffin cheat on you?

How long you been dating?

Well, I'm mad at you
for dumping a boatload of crap in my lap.

- I have a lead on the killer.
- You could've led with that.

What do you know about wigs?

Uh... Patsy? Wore one
every day of my life as a kid.

The killer was wearing a wig.
I can see the netting.

I didn't catch it,
which means it's a damn good wig.

Probably human hair.

Tell me there's only a dozen places
in the city that make wigs that good.

Better. There's only three.

We're closed!

No, you're not.

Griffin, you guys finished?

- You want her back, huh, Griff?
- Over here. One last goodbye, huh?

You guys don't actually believe
what you print, do you?

Listen, I have to go
and clean up the mess you made,

then I'll meet you at the stores.

Just text me the address
and I'll meet you there.

What do you want, kid?

I showed you my room. Can I see yours?

I'm busy.

With superhero stuff?
Are you fighting crime?

Can you teach me superpowers? I'm strong.

Can you push a building over?

- Are you bulletproof?
- All right. Cut it out, kid.

How'd you get your superpowers?
Are you an alien? Can you fly?

- Vido!
- Vido!

Where the hell are you?

- Vido! He was just here.
- Vido!

- Vido!
- He's down here!

Come and get him out!

If I fell, would you save me?

Get off that!

- Jesus Christ!
- Vido!

This is exactly
the shit I was talking about, pendejo!

What the hell's wrong with you?

Twenty-five days. You got that?
Then your superpowered ass is outta here.


So, that's it.
We're still a couple, still madly in love

and, uh,
maybe even moving in together, so...

- You guys getting married?
- Is somebody pregnant?

Just one more picture.

- That's it, guys.
- Go chase some alternative facts, yeah?

- Sorry.
- That was insanity.

Well, it comes with the Patsy package.

- Comes with the Jessica package.
- That is a combo package.

Babe, she totally cocked us up.

I get it,
and I talked to her about it, okay?

Listen. If you want to be taken seriously,
report the news, don't be the news.

I get it and I'm working on it.

You know
you don't have to work that hard, right?

- Griffin...
- Just saying.

Let me talk to the guys at ZCN,
see if I can't get you over there.

I love you for offering,

but going to them as Griffin Sinclair's
girlfriend won't get me taken seriously.

I'll get you in the door.
You'll prove yourself from there.

I would rather prove myself
from where I am.

Damn. That's why I love you.

Hey, thank you for doing that.


- I'll see you tonight.
- Absolutely.


Try Dr. Zakarian again.


Nobody at the gate.

Well, probably better than having
an imbecile there.

Pryce, you shouldn't have wasted a trip.
The decision has been made.

You can't drop the lawsuit against Jones
without consulting the client, me.

Well, given that you work for me,
I felt confident you would agree.

I don't, so I'm hiring a new firm
to take on my case.

- You'll waste your time and money.
- It's not about money.

Everything is about money.

Let it go.

There's enough work for both of you.

I'm not gonna compete with a freak show.

Oh, God. You got beat... by a girl.
Deal with it.

She's not a girl. She's an aberration.

Makes you feel better about yourself,
doesn't it?

Calling her names. Less than. Other.

Makes you feel superior to her.
Well, you're not.

Jones took this nuclear.
Now she's gotta deal with the fallout.

Pryce, you gotta trust me here.

Some things in life you cannot control.
This is one of them.

Man, what happened to you?

The Jeri I knew
wouldn't cede control... to anyone.

A refund for your retainer.

Now neither of us works for the other.

Good luck with whatever your problem is.

I need to hear you say it.
You will never pull that crap again.

I'll never pull that crap again,
unless your safety's on the line.

Wrong answer.

This chick is twice my strength.
I will do what I have to do.

Look. You're afraid. Me, too.

But I haven't had any privacy
since I was 12, when my mother sold it.

I don't need you selling it again,
just so you can bench me.

All right. It was a dick move.

Won't happen again.

Thank you.

After you.

She could be in there.

- Chickenshit.
- Safety first.



Wow. It hasn't changed in 17 years.

Explains the ghosts of showbiz past.

"Thanks, Sal. You rock.
I really wanna be your friend."

Dear God, it's Patsy.

Sally! Wow. Uh...

- I so remember you.
- And I you.

You destroyed a dozen of my best wigs.

Oh, and this.

I still have the scar
from when you bit me.

I was young. And entitled.

And high out of your bratty mind.

Sober ten years now, thanks.

Patsy Goes to Rehab.
There's your comeback show.

We're looking for this woman.
Has she come in here?

My clients value their privacy.

For the wigs I tore up.

This wouldn't cover synthetic.

She comes in alone.
No name and pays cash. Poor dear.

- Why poor dear?
- She lost all her hair. Chemo, I imagine.

Cancer and drag queens
are half my business these days.

Anything else?

No. That's all.

Now I remember why I bit her.

If the killer had cancer,
maybe IGH saved her, same as me.

Hardly same as you.

If they found her through Metro-General,

chances are they're paying
her medical bills, too.

So we need more than
just your hospital records. Shit.

We need Max.

There's something I have to show you.

I'm not asking.
You're gonna give me what I want.

- Or what?
- Or I'll go public...

with what happened between us.

I was a child. You were 40.

You were 16 going on 30.
Who are you kidding?

I was 15 and my mother pimped me out
for the lead in your crappy movie.

- Malcolm shot this?
- I cast you because you wanted it...

I made him promise not to tell you.

And you knew I'd do anything.

Get off of my set
before I have to call security.

You've got 48 hours
to give me what I want.

You gave Max 48 hours.
It's already been three days.

He's calling my bluff.

- Time to go public.
- So much for reclaiming your privacy.

- It's the only leverage we have.
- I have a better idea.

- Drive.
- Not if you're gonna hurt him.

I'll take a cab.

You're on probation!
Do you wanna go to jail?

I'll try not to hurt him.

This is why I didn't tell you.


- You're Trish Walker.
- Yeah.

And I was in a Max Tatum movie
when I was your age.

We got a super fun clip to show you.

Let's go.

PI by day, carpenter by night?

If you wanna talk to Jessica,
which I do not suggest, she's out.

Saw this earlier.

You and Patsy
look like you're good friends.

Makes sense.
You're both recovering addicts.

Wannabe do-gooders.

Wow. You did your homework on me, too.


You wanna help people.

So that's why you're working with Jones,
hoping maybe she's a hero.

She's not.

No. I work with Jessica
'cause she's a damn good PI.

Good at the dirty work, maybe.

But at my shop,
"altruism" isn't a bad word.

Yeah, I'm sure you guys are
a bunch of saints.

We just believe that

a man can serve himself,
or a man can serve humanity.

Okay, you did not just quote
my father to me.

I did, from his latest article.

What is your game?

You'd fit in well at Cheng Consulting.

Some game.

You hire me in return
for intel on Jessica?

Well, that's up to you, brother.

But do your homework.
See if I'm on the level.

You wanna do your father proud,
give me a call.

See you around.

Oh! Hey! Hey, lady. You okay?

Let me give you a hand. I got you.

There you go.

I don't care if her agent is on a plane!

Get him on the phone now!

You. You did this.

I gave you a deadline. You missed it.

So you got my star to walk off the set?

- Just played her a little video, Max.
- You'll cost us thousands of dollars.

- Good.
- Hey, Max.

I've heard a lot about you.
All of it nauseating.

Who's this?

Looks like your face got in the way
of someone's fist.

Want a replay?

Is she supposed to scare me?
Like your thuggy boyfriend?

- Is he talking about Malcolm?
- Must've been.

You know what? Go public.
See if you can handle the scrutiny.

- Hey!
- Three letters, perv. IGH.

Get away from me!

- Repeat the letters.
- Jess...

- Repeat them.
- IGH!

Now remember them
for when you call Metro-General

and demand every file they have on IGH.

They're not gonna give me
confidential files.

They will when you tell them
you'll pull your contribution.


What the hell are you?

I'm angry. And I'm not sure
there's anything I won't do anymore.

Especially to a prick like you who thinks

that you can take whatever
and whoever you want.

Children, Max!
Little girls!

No! No! I mean, no one else but Trish.
I loved her!


Now would be a good time
to make the call, Max.


Hogarth. Chao and Benowitz?

Yeah, I know the name of your firm.

I'm asking if you have anything
on Chao and Benowitz.

I have life and death issues
I'm dealing with over here.

So do I.

Well, I was looking over
their expense accounts.

You'll have to dig deep because
my partners do not make stupid mistakes.

I mean, Chao did charge a safari
on company dime.

Client gift.

Benowitz has $400 on sushi.
$2,000 on Broadway tickets.

Mmm-hmm. Other client gifts.

Jesus. He even spent 700 bucks
on chocolate bars.

Dude, where were my gifts
when I was a client?

You were pro bono.

My time was your gift,
which I don't have anymore.

I have to shut down
this buyout.

All right. Well, I'll keep looking into
all this corporate generosity.

Let me know when you find something.


- Yeah?
- Thank you.


What did I do now?

Read your mail? Kill your cat?

You saved Vido's life.

He told me.

I can't pay you back for that. Ever.

But I'm tearing up
the eviction notice, and...

I wanted to say thank you.


I was an asshole.

I'm just scared of losing my son.

I'm sorry.


I am totally fine
to drink this by myself...

if that's what you had in mind.

Oh, God.

I've had such shitty taste
in men.

Thank you?

Until now.

Still a weird first thought.

I just meant...

any of the others wouldn't have
stuck around.

- Bunch of limp-dicks.
- True that.

So why the parade of losers?

Or, more to the point, how am I different?

Are you looking for reassurance?

Never underestimate the neediness
of the male ego.


I don't know. I guess...

I love that moment.

You know,
that "wow, you're special" moment.

"You matter."

It's like drugs.

I know it well.

Yeah, my last five shrinks would say, uh,
it's about needing the love of my mother.

I could give a dissertation
on narcissism at this point.

- You're quite therapized, aren't you?
- Oh, yeah.

I thought about going that road,

but then I thought articulating my damage
might kill my ambition.

It hasn't killed mine.

No, it hasn't, my girl.

- Shower?
- Mmm-hmm.


That's mine.

I can't talk. She's right here.

Okay, just, uh, just wait a second.

Go ahead.

No, she doesn't know anything.

Let's keep it that way.

Okay, so, for the record...

I don't have a problem
with people like you.

It was just you.

Okay. Thanks.

No. I mean with your timing.

Look, I only got out of prison
six months ago.

I'm just trying to fly under the radar,
focus on being a dad.

A dad who forges green cards.

I'm not judging.
A good custody lawyer is expensive.

That forgery thing?
It's kinda like my superpower.

I'm good at it. Great, actually.

I use what I got to fight for that kid.

I'm not ashamed of that.

Well, your ex is a piece of work.

We grew up together, you know?
She used to be cool.

Nasty doesn't just come out of nowhere.

Yeah, maybe you're right.

She never directed it at me.

We are who we are.

So how is it you are who you are?

Hmm? Super?

- We prefer "gifted."
- Really?

I really couldn't possibly
give less of a shit.

But that's always the question.

"What are you?"
"How did you end up like this?"

And, "Are you gonna kill me?"

People actually ask you that?

It comes up.


I'm not gonna kill you, Oscar.

Only because I like your kid.

- You are definitely an unusual woman.
- One of a kind.


That must be a pain in the ass.

People judging you all the time.

I mean, explains your misanthropy.

I'm not a misanthrope.

Really? 'Cause it kinda seems
like you hate people.


No. Just you.

Good thing I have Vido then.

He's a cool kid.
Reckless little shit, but he's cool.


Yeah, he likes you, too.

He's usually right about people, so...

You must be okay.

Whoa, whoa. Hey!

Whoa... Wow! That's, um...


- Half an hour ago you hated me.
- And you were evicting me. So?

Yeah, I just got a little whiplash,
that's all.

Well, we're both adults.

Sure. It's just...

This isn't normal.

- Because I'm not.
- No.

I meant this, not... Not you.

This isn't.

I'm just gonna...


Finally. I'm surprised
that perv came through.

I should have punched him
in the Tesla years ago.

Yeah, I'm on my way there now.

- Hey, Jessica.
- I'm leaving.

- No, I need to talk to you.
- Send me a note.

Pryce was here.

And he offered me a job.

- You wanna work for Pryce?
- No. That's why I'm telling you.

- He's trying to screw with you.
- Yeah, it sounds like it.

Look, Jess, um...

You saved my life. You've got me clean.

You're giving me
somewhere to be every day.

But I can't just sit in your office
and do nothing. I...

Addicts, we're not good at doing nothing.

You could always call Pryce.


Stop treating me
like an annoying little brother, okay?

I've got skills and you goddamn need me.

So, you're gonna start trusting me
and teaching me

and giving me 25% of every case
that walks through that door.

Twenty percent.



Glass house here. Throwing no stones.

I can leave now, if you want.

No. Um, sorry, Marissa.


I mean, Maria? Macey?


Jeri. Did we have an appointment?

No. You didn't have any openings.

So you made an opening.


You having problems with your meds?

They're pointless.

Let's talk alternative options.

Okay. Well, there are studies
all around the world, in Israel...

Give me a timetable on the cure.

- The cure?
- Mmm-hmm.

Years. Maybe decades.

But there have been advancements
in palliative...

What about the illicit
cutting-edge studies?

The ones that aren't slowed down
by regulations?

I know you track those.

And I would tell you
if any of them showed promise.

Would you?
Even if they weren't entirely legal?

What are you asking me?

There's an option
that we haven't discussed.

I have been researching the drugs
that they use in Europe.

They're less messy
than the ones they use here

in the states that allow it.

I want something quick,
painless and guaranteed.

You think I'm a coward?

Coward is the last word
that I would use to describe you.

You know my father died of brain cancer.

He was the same age that I am now.

He couldn't feed himself. Couldn't talk.

He just drooled and shit himself.

Took two hideous years to kill him.

I'm sure it was horrible.

Two years is a blessing.
You told me that the ALS could take eight.

Again, there are palliative drugs.

Oh, my God. Is that the only thing
they taught you in medical school?

They taught me to value life,
in whatever form it takes...

Screw you and screw your training.

Okay, there is a killer inside of me,
and I will not give it control.

- I'm sorry, but...
- I will get what I need.

Either from you or from some back-alley
drug dealer in Amsterdam.

But I would rather it be you.

So would I.

You're useless.



Max sent it over by messenger.

He can't face you.


Is this it?

Yes. But it lists the patients
whose bills were paid for by IGH.

There's only three.
You, Whizzer and someone named Inez Green.

Inez Green.

Well, for nine bucks
we can find out if she's got a jacket.

Her medical record doesn't say
she had cancer or anything else.

Just that she came through the ER.

"Emergency contact: not applicable.
Next of kin: not applicable."

Hmm, no family, no friends.
Sound familiar?

Stop comparing yourself to her.

I'm not relating. I'm just profiling.

All right. Found her.

There's no photo.
Just six misdemeanor citations.

Panhandling, vagrancy...

She's homeless.

Makes sense.

Probably can't deal
with a boss or a landlord.

- All right, now I'm relating.
- Don't. Just keep looking.

All of her citations are
from the same neighborhood.

You know what? I know this area.
It's mostly condemned buildings.

Sounds dangerous.

Not for her.

If she's our killer, then God help
the hobo who crosses her wrong.

Well, we'll need some stopping power.

Too much?

Not unless you're going
grocery shopping in Texas.

I don't want her to hurt anyone else.

A, we don't even know if Inez
and the killer are the same person.

And B, if we take her out,
IGH will just send someone else.

Okay. We need her alive.
But how do we stop her if we find her?

Maybe this?

What is it?

Looks like some kind of modified Taser.

Enough to take her down?

I don't know. Zap me.

I'm not gonna zap you.

If it takes me out, we'll know
it will at least slow her down.

- So just zap me.
- I'm not gonna zap you!

Just zap me, God damn it.


Jess? Jess, wake up.

Oh, my God, Jess? Jess.

Well, that'll work.

Have you seen this woman?

Have you ever seen her around here?

Okay, well, um, thank you.
Sorry to bother you.

They've never seen her.

Hey, it takes a lot
before people end up like this.

I... I hear you ladies are looking
for somebody.

Yeah. Inez Green.
Do you know her?

I call her Mean-ez Mean.
Woman hates everybody.

- She's a misanthrope.
- Is, uh...

Is this her?

She's blonde, not a brunette.

- Maybe she has more than one wig?
- Is she around?

Just take it.

She's holed up in the old bank building.
Got her own padlock.

Thank you.

Oh, uh, watch your back. She's crazy-ass.

She sent a guy to the hospital
just for looking at her wrong.

I'll flush her out.

When she reaches
the bottom of the stairs, zap her.


Jess, are you okay?



Who the hell is this?

- My apartment is this way.
- But I wanna see...

Then she can close her eyes
while we swipe some booze.

It's open, which means
that she's home, so let's go.

Yeah, but you've got nothing
to drink at your place.

For good reason.

I want to meet a real PI.

I'm a real PI.

Oh. Then investigate some booze, PI.

Look. Okay...

You have had enough booze, so...

She's not home.

- Good thing she left the door unlocked.
- No, no, no.


Inez, I'm gonna need you
to wake up and focus.

- Who the hell are you?
- Who the hell are you?

- Get away from me! Don't touch my stuff!
- We don't want your stuff.

We just want to know why you're hiding.
Who's after you?

After me?
Every loser out there with a dick.

Know what it's like to be a woman
on the streets?

Why'd IGH pay your medical bills?

- You guys are with IGH?
- No.

I said I'd never say anything,
and I didn't.

We're not with IGH.

Okay, we're looking for someone.

Do you know this woman?

- Are you freaking crazy?
- That'd be a yes.

Why do you wanna find her?
You got a death wish?

We know how dangerous she is.

You don't know shit.
She gave me these.

I don't want anything to do
with that animal.

Those scars are the reason
you need to help us.

Trish, back off!

It's okay.

- Did she do that when you were a patient?
- I wasn't a patient. I was a nurse.

- You worked for IGH?
- She was the patient.

Tell me.

We were just... putting her to bed and...

she threw me like I was a rag doll.

Ten feet into a glass cabinet.

I broke my back.

Glass ripped me to shreds.

Then she got Luanne, the other nurse.

She twisted that poor girl's head
clean around.

She had this look in her eyes.
It was pure rage...

like... like I was a thing in her way.

Like I wasn't even a human being.

There was something wrong with her.
Something terrible.

- You have any trouble?
- Nothing I couldn't handle.

I got all the stuff you flagged
and a whole lot more.

I'm sure she's been sitting
on some twisted shit.

No way she's straight up.

Her cases are yours now.

And if she's dirty,
it's in there somewhere.

We'll bury her.

My man. I'll crack open
the Macallan when you get here, bud.

The 18 or the 25? I got standards.

Yeah? Since when?

I buy nice stuff.
I just don't share it with you.

The last scotch you bought came
in a plastic container.

What the... Get off me, lady.


Nick? Nick, what's going on?

Nick? Nick?


911 Emergency.

She wasn't describing you.

Same anger, same rage.

Hey, there's no one chasing us.
Will you slow down?

Inez could be a target.
We have to protect her.

We will, unless you flip this thing
and kill us all.

- What's wrong?
- Stay in the car.


- Turn around. Go. They think you did this.
- Did what?

Jessica Jones! Hands behind your head!

- On the ground! Now!
- Inez, in the car. Keep her safe.

Get down on the ground, now!

- Jesus Christ.
- Hey! Let her go!

- Step back!
- Like hell I will.

Trish, don't!


Jessica Jones, you're under arrest
for the murder of Nicholas Spanos.

I don't know who that is!

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used
against you in a court of law.

You have a right to an attorney.

If you can't afford one,
one will be appointed for you.

It's not me.

That's not me.

That's not me.