Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - AKA Pray for My Patsy - full transcript

As Jessica and Dorothy wait anxiously for updates on Trish, a call from Costa brings alarming news. Jeri hatches a plan to get her revenge.

Chasing your dreams can be deadly.

Especially when a creep
with a science hard-on

promises to make them real.

Is she in pain?

She's heavily sedated.

The spasms are a symptom of surges
of electrical activity in her brain.

Frankly, we're still trying to
understand what happened to her.

An asshole happened to her.

I've heard about guys like that.

Back alley doctors preying on people
who want powers. It's sickening.

So this has happened to other people?

A few that we know of.

Other than what you told us,

we don't really know
what's happening to her.

How long will she be like this?

We don't know when
she'll come out of it.

If she'll come out of it.

We just have to be patient for now.

Oh, God.

Go ahead. Say it.

I'm the reason that she's
obsessed with powers.

- Jessie...
- Getting involved with my shit

was bound to get her killed.

I don't blame you.

You have for 17 years. Why stop now?

Because my daughter could die.

Gives me perspective.

Patsy always wanted to be extraordinary.

You just showed her what
that might look like.

I should've seen this coming.

When Pats wants something...
she's pretty unstoppable.

And blaming ourselves now is pointless.

If, God forbid, we should lose her,

you and I are the only
family we have left.

I gotta take this.

Costa, what is it?

Something's happened. We need to talk.

Hey, is somebody in there?

Please don't hurt me.

Yo. What are you, a fan? I got one
in the truck with no rips in it.


She isn't running. There
isn't anywhere else to run to.

- Your childhood home?
- She hated it there.

- An old friend she might reach out to?
- There was no one.

She always ended up pissing
off all of her friends.

Family? A relative somewhere?

- Karl was her family.
- And you.

Okay, Karl's gone. Where
would she go if she was upset?

- I don't know.
- You're stalling us.

I'm trying to help you bring her in.

She should've gone to The Raft.
Whoever she hurts next, that's on you.

Sunday, give her some space.

I'm not protecting her.

But you know her. Better than anyone.

No, I don't.

But Karl does.

You wanna share with the class?

It's Karl's journal or blog or whatever.

Otherwise known as evidence.

Where'd you get that?

Family shit has a way
of catching up with me.

"Patient experiences
dissociative episodes,

often marked by an obsessive
destructive fixation

on a singular object or person."

Sorry, ma'am, we're in
the middle of a live show.

Are you in the right place?

Uh, if you'd like a tour,

just head down the hallway
and have reception help you.

Thank you for being a fan.
Let's get you a tote bag.

I think she might go after Trish.

- Why?
- It makes sense.

In her mind, Trish's
investigation ruined her life.

Forced her to kill all of
those people to protect him.

She probably thinks that Trish is
also responsible for Karl's death.

- Is she?
- No. I need to get to Trish.

You need to stay put
in case she comes back.

- She won't.
- Trish is safe.

Your mother doesn't know
she's in the hospital.

Costa, it's Patsy. It'll leak.

Mrs. Walker? Mrs. Walker,
Thembi Wallace, WJBT News.

Is it true Trish Walker's
been admitted to the hospital?

- No comment.
- Can you confirm reports that she's had a relapse?

That is a lie.

Was she under the influence when
she had that meltdown on her show?

Sources say her behavior
has been erratic.

What sources? Who... Who's saying that?

The point is, I've got a story.
Another fading star loses her shit.

But I'm guessing you've
got a story to tell, too.

Take control of the
narrative, Mrs. Walker.

... and cutting back
on high-sugar items...

And we have breaking news.

Trish Walker, former
child actor and radio host,

has been hospitalized and
remains in critical condition.

Thembi Wallace has the latest
from Mrs. Walker's mother.

Patsy's fans know she's a fighter.

She has influenced so many
people with her resilience.

She's getting the best care.

And I have no doubt she's gonna
come out of this stronger than ever.

Why was she admitted
to Riverbank Medical?

She went to see a new doctor
for a routine procedure

and this animal, this charlatan,

took advantage of my little girl.

And he has left her now
in critical condition.

Is there a message you'd like to deliver

to Patsy's worldwide fan base?

Please... pray for my Patsy.

Stay here. I'll be right back.

What is the point of having sirens
if nobody gets out of the way?

Sunday. When?

32 Fifth Avenue. What is that?

That's the radio station. Shit.

- Okay, keep me posted.
- Anybody hurt?

Station manager got
cut up, but he'll live.

He's on his way to the hospital now.

We're gonna need backup at Riverbank.

I'm telling you, if she sees cops,
she will flatten anybody in her way.

Your best friend's an open
target. She needs protection.

Trish needs me. I can talk my mom down.

I can't take that
chance. I'm calling SWAT.

We don't have time for this.

We'll get there, Jones. Sit
tight. The door's staying locked.


Jones! Jones, get back here! Jones!

I can't supply you
with the police report,

because I don't have a police report.

Nor do I want one. I...

I will buy back the stolen items

and make sure that you
are generously compensated

for any information you
have about the people who...


No... I don't want a car stereo.

I'm looking for a lot of things, um...

a pair of celadon vases, okay?

They were... They were antique.

Nothing? Okay.

Akoya. Triple strand.

Okay, how do you not know what that is?

You know what? You're too
stupid to own a pawn shop.


Yes, that's right.

Uh, an Herm??s leather
Birkin, 35 centimeter.

Palladium hardware.

Yeah, um...

Frankie's Famous 24-Hour Pawnshop.

Are you Frankie?

And where are you located?

Great, thank you so much.

Whoa! Lady, you scared
the shit out of me.

Trish Walker. Which room?

I can't give you that info.

Which room?

Get out.

I'm not leaving.

She took everything from me.

She did this.

You did this. You...

That's just a story that
you've made up inside your head.

- Just like one of your nightmares.
- No.

But you can wake up.

No more.

Let me go!

No, stop. You've got it all wrong!

You took my beautiful Karl.

You're choking her!

Listen to me! She's not your enemy!

You stole my family!

Mom! Stop!

Please don't take mine.

Don't do this to me again.



Oh, my God.

I came back.

I came back.

On the floor! Hands behind your head.

On the floor now! We will shoot.

Back off! She's gonna surrender.

- Stay back, Jones. Cuff her.
- Get away from her.

Let me see your hands. Slowly.

Take the shot. Do it, Costa.

Let her go.

- They'll kill me.
- I won't let them.

Take the shot.

- Costa...
- Don't you goddamn move.

Do you remember who sold it to you?

A lot of people come through
here. Faces blend together.

The bag came in yesterday

along with thousands of
dollars' worth of my belongings.

I'm sure the sellers made an impression.

I can't help you. Do
you want the bag or not?

$20,000 for the bag
and whatever you know

- about the people who brought it to you.
- A check, right.

So you can cancel it two seconds
after you walk out of here?

You could tip off your
supplier just as fast.

I need to know that this
transaction will stay between us

and I'm willing to pay for that
assurance. $30,000. Best and final.

I start ratting out clients,
I stop getting clients.

Want to protect your
clients, that's commendable.

- But in my experience, even loyalty has a price.
- What's your deal?

You obviously have money
to burn. This is just stuff.


They didn't steal anything
that I can't replace.

Except for my time and I don't know
how much more of that I have left.

- Your watch.
- Excuse me?

The Cartier. Tank Fran??aise,
if I'm not mistaken.

It's worth everything in your shop.

Or it's the price of my loyalty.

"All My Love, W."

My wife.

Damn. Shane must've pulled
a real number on you.

I'll take the bag, the espresso
machine, those earrings,

and anything else that they sold you.

And all the information
that you have on Shane.

He was in here yesterday bragging
about conning some fancy lawyer.

You're not the first,
if it's any consolation.

I need an address.

No. You're not going anywhere near her.

What happened to "family"?

The police told me
all about your mother.

You got my baby mixed up in
all this? You did this to her.

It wasn't me who had to get
in front of those cameras

and tell the whole
world where Trish was.

I didn't know the danger
that you had put her in.

I was trying to protect
Patsy. Her brand is her legacy.

You can't stop selling your
daughter, even if it kills her.

I finally understand you.
Like mother, like daughter.

She must be so proud

of the heartless monster
that you grew up to be.

My mother is brain-damaged.

What's your excuse?

Mrs. Walker, I need to
have a word with Miss Jones.

Yeah. What new disaster has she caused?

You've been through a lot.

We made the call rooms available
if you'd like to get some rest.

Thank you. I just need something
strong for a splitting headache.

And she is a menace.

I'm gonna go see Trish.

Let her through.

I need you to go to the station
and give us a detailed statement.

What are you talking
about? This isn't over.

- It is for you. We'll take it from here.
- Like hell you will.

You can either go with a police escort

or make me use valuable
manpower to force you.

Out of respect for my partner,
I'm asking you to make it easy.

My mother is wounded. That's
not gonna slow her down.

You know how she survived that accident?

Know how she survived
all those surgeries?

That is sheer stubborn determination.

I am the only one who can handle her.

Like you handled her
when she killed Sunday?

Ruth Sunday was a damn good cop.

We had our differences, but she'd
still be alive if I didn't trust you.

It's over. Just get out of
the way, let us do our job.

If they find her, they'll...

they'll shoot to kill, won't they?

You're damn right they will.
She took out one of our own.

You don't need to see
it. You shouldn't have to.

Just give us a statement and go home.


These guys are gonna stick
on you till this mess is over.

In case she comes to you.

I need to see Trish first.

Hey, Jones. Don't try and be a hero.

You know that's not you.

I told her to stick with
her lifestyle format.

You know what I always wished for?

What I was always jealous of?

You had your mother.

As crazy and...

screwed up as Dorothy
is, at least she was here.

And I had no goddamn clue
what I was even wishing for.

And now I don't know what to do.



You asshole.

The surgery.

You stopped it.

You're the asshole.

- Where am I?
- The morgue.

- Am I dead?
- No, but you should be

after that stupid shit you pulled.

Why am I here?

My mom broke out and
she tried to kill you.

So... the cops are stashing
you here in case she comes back.

- Dr. Karl?
- He's gone.

He's gone? As in?

He's dead.

My one chance.

Why couldn't you just let me have it?

Because if that insane
surgery hadn't killed you,

you could've ended up like my mom.

Or I could've ended up like you.

Why would you want that?

There is a reason that my
biggest expense is booze.

You're right.

You don't deserve powers.

All you do is piss them away

when you could be out
there helping people.

You know what?

I am tired of being the focus
of your ridiculous insecurity.

I didn't ask for any of this.

Not these powers and not
your goddamn judgment.

You're a coward.


All I do is try and save your ass.

I don't wanna be saved.

And all you do is
raise your expectations

and make sure that I feel worthless.

Who is this?

I'm sorry about Trish...

and that detective.

Sorry isn't going to cut it.

You tried to kill the most
important person in my life.

My best friend. My sister.

I was confused. I'm not anymore.

Where are you?

I need to see you.

You have to be stopped.

Just meet me somewhere.

Just no cops. Just you and me.

Where am I supposed to meet you?

My apartment.

Trish's apartment.

No cops.

Yeah, I heard you the first time.

I can't let you hurt anyone else.

I don't want that either.

I don't know what to do.

What's the right move
here? 'Cause I don't know.

There's only one thing you can do.

You gotta put her down.

You're the only one
powerful enough to do it.

If Karl had finished what he started...

You aren't serious.

If I was powered, I wouldn't hesitate.

Bullshit. How many times
have you forgiven Dorothy?

Dorothy is not a mass murderer.

But that's not who my mom is.

Jess, if you don't do it,

how many other people
are gonna die trying?

You'll find Simpson's
gear in my bedroom closet.

Use it.

You should be careful leaving
your purse out like that.

Some bad elements around here.
Anything not nailed down is fair game.

That Porsche, for instance?

Hey, you drive a Porsche, you
can afford another Porsche.

Careful, Turk, or you're gonna
end up needing my skill set again.

Except it's you who needs
my skill set right now.

You have what I asked for?

I don't disappoint.

Plus, a side of curly fries.

Is it for you?

Probably best I don't know.

Wise assessment.

Never took you for the
type to get her hands dirty.

Well, if it's untraceable,
my hands are immaculate.

Scrubbing 'em clean is what I do.

You want to trade
again or you want cash?

Trade. Have a feeling
you might be right.

I'm gonna be needing you again someday.

I gotta pee. I don't need protection.

I'm coming with you willingly.

We have our orders.

There's a little old lady in here.

Do you wanna give her a heart attack?

Appreciate it.


I thought Mrs. Rezak wasn't
being released until tomorrow?

You gotta get the bodies out

to make room for whatever the
heck they're doing in my morgue.

- Things are gonna be backed up for days.
- Yeah.

You know what happened here, don't you?

A celebrity got attacked by a crazy fan.

That's why I went to work in a morgue.
To get away from all this noise.

Yeah. Dark times, but good for business.

Yeah. All right.

What the hell?

Jesus Christ. Let's go.

Who are you?

Drive. Keep it cool,
and nobody gets hurt.

I said drive.

I said drive.

You should have more
respect for the dead.

33rd and Columbus.

You didn't call the cops?

- Then what do you want?
- Just to talk.

I thought all day about
what I wanted to say to you,

what I wanted to do.

Now, I just want to know why.

I didn't mean for it to get this far.

The whole healer thing was Shane's idea.

It started as just a way to get
him out. I was desperate. I...



Is that what love looks like to you?

I can't help the way I feel about him.

He feels the same way about me.

Then he fooled both of us.

No, it's... it's real.

- But so is how I feel for you.
- Don't.

My trust is hard to win,
and I gave it to you.

And you crushed me.

For the record, I tried
to leave that night

and then you came home
with frigging champagne.

Oh, don't blame the champagne.

Why did you go to bed with me?

Just to sell it or to get off
before you went back to Shane?

- Wasn't part of the plan.
- Hmm.

Someone like you, interested in me.

But the way you looked at me, it felt...

He doesn't deserve you, Inez.

Not after what he's been
doing behind your back.

I reached out to a friend of mine
in the Department of Corrections.

He, uh, gave me copies of letters
that Shane wrote from prison.

- Shane didn't write letters.
- Not to you.

They were sending him
gifts. Money mostly.

In exchange for flattery, promises...

No. He must've been scamming
them for commissary cash.

He was getting more
than candy money, Inez.

He's got thousands of
dollars stashed somewhere...

- He wouldn't keep that from me.
- Of course he would.

That's who he is. He's a con artist.

You were homeless,

while he was using women
to build his nest egg.

No. It's not like that.

He needs me.

He needs someone damaged and
desperate enough to manipulate.

After all the shit you've been
through at IGH and on the street...

He used it to whore you out to me.

I sent him money, too.

Whatever I got off the streets,
I always sent him a little.

How much longer do you think

that he's going to
live like this with you?

He's gonna skip out on you
and any other woman he's played

as quick as he can.

I won't let him.

He's gonna screw you over, Inez.

Like he did me, maybe even worse.

Even after everything, I, uh...

I don't want that to happen to you.

Asshole's gonna pay.

Hey, wait, wait.

You can't just walk in there like this.

He's dangerous.

He's been using you.

You need to protect yourself, please.

Pull over.

What are you doing?

"Vernon Mu?oz. Mu?oz & Sons
Mortuary. 49 Third Avenue."

You go to the cops, I
know where to find you.

I want no part in this craziness.

Well, I didn't want
to ride in a body bag

with Mrs. Rezak, but shit happens.

I'm guessing you'll get
to ride in a bag very soon.

911. What is your emergency?

I'd like to report a shooting.

We need a deluxe suite
with a decent view,

preferably overlooking the river.

The name is Trish Walker, as in Patsy.

Well, when something opens
up, please give me a call.

I am going to get you into a
better hospital if it kills me.

I cannot believe they put
you down in this graveyard.

Do you need another pillow?

Where are those damn nurses?

Mom, it's okay.

- It doesn't matter.
- Well, of course it does, honey.

I'm not gonna let them get away with
giving you less than you deserve.

Something's wrong.

Everything's gonna be fine.
You're gonna get better soon.

I think I'm dying.

We'll get you a better team.
It's all gonna work out.

Your fans, you've got so many
fans. They're rooting for you.


will you hold my hand?

I'm scared.

I'm here. I'm here, baby.

Your mommy's here.

And I'm so proud of you.

You're everything I wanted
to be and so much more.

Pats? Patsy?

Trish? Trish!

Oh, my God! Help!

Oh, my God! What's happening?

Mrs. Walker, stand back.

I need some help in here!




Don't move.

Guns don't seem like your style.

It's gotta be easier
than using my bare hands.

Less personal.

I suppose if you have
to kill your own mother,

you might not wanna look her
in the eyes while you do it.

Turn around. Slowly.

Losing Karl...

it just pushed me over
the edge. I'm sorry.

I know you think this is the
only option, but it's not.

You brought me back.

Within an inch of
killing my best friend.

But an inch is miles for me.

You did something Karl never could.

I don't care anymore.

He tried to develop
techniques to reach me...

I don't care.

They never worked when I was deep in it.

- But you... You broke through.
- Fine. I broke through once.

Twice. So it's viable.

Because it's you.

- We could hone this.
- There is no "we."

- But there could be.
- No.

You killed that possibility.

Along with a cop.

I had no choice. They were
never gonna let me live.

There is always a choice.

Your brain is just too goddamn
broken to ever make the right one.

It's over.

Go to The Raft...

or one of us dies tonight.

I will do it.

Don't make me. Please.

Without you, I have
nothing to live for anyway.

So, go ahead. Pull the trigger.

Honestly, I'd rather it was you.

It's okay. It's okay.

You'll be okay.

What happens to our dreams

when we realize they're
never going to come true?

They turn into nightmares.

* I love you *

* Sunny *

* Thank you for the
sunshine bouquet *

* Sunny *

* Thank you for the love *
* You brought my way *

* You gave to me your all and all *

* And now I feel ten feet tall *

* Sunny one so true I love you *

* Sunny *

* Thank you for the truth *
* You let me see *

* Sunny... *