Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - AKA Playland - full transcript

Waking up in unfamiliar surroundings, Jessica once again finds herself torn between two worlds and facing an impossible choice.

What are you...

- What did you do?
- Hey, hey. Is your head okay?

There's some aspirin...

Where are we?

- Wait.
- Where did you bring me?

Jessica! Jessica!

- Oh, shit.
- Jessica.

You hit me.

Spur of the moment. I couldn't
let you turn me in again.

Where are we?

- Uh, in transit.
- To?

It's up to you.

Then we're going to The Raft.


Up to me, my ass.

I have already wasted too
much of my life locked up,

and there is another
option. You can reach me.

Not if I'm unconscious.

You could have crushed my skull.

But I didn't. I held back.

- Is that supposed to reassure me?
- Yes!

I controlled it.

Because you love me?

Or because I carried you inside
me, or because we're both powered,

or because we've both lost too much.

We don't have to lose each other.

You're insane.

And you're my cure.

Do not put that on me.

And I'm yours.

I am not the one who's sick.

I help people.

I have a life.

You're drunk, 24/7.

You're numbing yourself. Is that a life?

You can make it better.
We can be better. Together.

Get back in the camper.

No. No. Not without you.

I'm not the one with my face on an APB.

You trying to protect me?

To protect people from you.

It's heroic.

I need you, too.

Just get in.


You ladies need help?

No. We're just stretching our legs.

Careful out here in the
dark. Dangerous times.

Trish? Trish, can you hear me?

Her vitals are normal. Strong, actually.

Then why won't she wake up?

Trish? Trish?



Oh, sweetheart, you're back.

She's back! She's okay.

I knew you'd make it.

It's that Walker spirit.

Water. I need water.

You just used up two of
your nine lives, Ms. Walker.

Wasn't sure you'd make it.

Jessica? What happened?

She's not any of our
concern right now, baby.

- Is she okay?
- Oh, for God's sake.

Some detective came by earlier.
He'll fill you in later.

How do you feel?

Like crap.

It's no wonder,

given the horror show
you put your body through.

The viruses seem to
have cleared your system.

But we need to assess
any lasting damage.

We're running more blood panels,
and we need a stool and urine sample.

Here's a collection kit.

I'm sorry to disappoint,
but I'm leaving.

Oh, like hell you are.


I'll leave you two alone.

Jessica could be in danger
because of shit I stirred up.

Look at me.

Do you accept that
your life is a disaster?

And that you've royally
screwed up everything in it

and that you're lying
here in its wreckage?

I have to do something.

I can think of a hundred ways
in which you're special, Pats,

but hero ain't one of 'em.

She needs my help.

And what exactly is a failed
radio personality gonna do

that trained law
enforcement professionals

and a superpowered woman can't?

Your bedside manner blows.

Well, I'm only human.

Same as you.

And they need a stool sample.

I found a route out
of town via side roads.

It'll take longer to get to
the border, but it's safer.

You could try.

Grab the keys out of the ignition,
but I don't think it'll work.

What else you got?

Stomping on the brake.
Diving out the window.

Punching you into a coma.

Last one might be tough.

Hence my not doing it.

Or you could just pull over.

And let you call in the
National Guard? Then what?

A lot of people would die.

Hence you're not doing that, either.

- I've put you in a bind.
- You meant to.

I just...

I want it to be hard
for you to leave me.

I don't know what to do anymore.

I tried to convince you.

I tried to convict you.
I even tried to kill you.

You haven't tried to join me.

* I sold all my shoes *
* At my Uncle Neal's *

- * Da-do-ron-ron-ron, da-do-ron-ron *
- Okay.

* I want a burrito for my next meal *

* Da-do-ron-ron-ron, da-do-ron-ron *

* You'll run over a nail *
* And you'll get a flat *

* Da-do-ron-ron-ron, da-do-ron-ron *

I've seen you trying to do something.

To find some meaning,
to fulfill some promise.

- I could do that, too.
- How?

We are the two most
powerful women in the world.

We can do anything.

I won't leave Trish.

She's destroying herself because of you.

Thanks. Like I didn't
already feel shitty enough.

No. People will always
feel "less than" around us.

And that will make them either
resent us or idealize us.

Even Karl.

Some days he put me on a pedestal.

Others, he probably
wished he never met me.

Dimming our light,

limping our way through
life, that is not an option.

Not with the gifts we have.

If you say, "With great power
comes great responsibility,"

I swear I'll throw up on you.

Wouldn't be the first
time. You were a barfy baby.

Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz.

- How may I direct your call?
- Linda Chao, please.

Linda Chao's office.

This is Millard Graves
calling to confirm my meeting

with Ms. Chao this morning.

We'd be an amazing team.

You're not the first psychopath

who's wanted to team up with me.

The last time one of us ended up dead.

You really think I'm like Kilgrave?

Only if killing is still a
viable option in your mind.

I don't want it to be. I want
to make up for what I've done.



Look out!



Oh. Are you hurt?

No. Yeah, I'm okay.

God damn it.

Oh, my God. Damn it!


Shit! Wait!

Get the dad.


I can't get out.


Now. We gotta go.

Come on.

Where's Trudy?

- I got ya.
- Find Trudy. Find Trudy.


Hang on.

Here! Take my hand.


My God!

Someone help me!


He's still alive! Here.

No, no, no, no. The fire's too intense.

- I can't just let him die!
- Here.

- No.
- Yes. Save the family.

- Wait! Let me help!
- Go!

Come on.

- Oh, there she is. Trudy.
- Mommy.

Call 911.

Are you all right?

- Are you hurt?
- No. God.



Now we move forward into plank.

Belly lifts, tailbone tucks,

and we arrive in upward-facing dog.

Slowly move back into child's pose.

And slowly roll up the spine to seated.

One last inhale in...

And out...

Jeri, you've made terrific progress.

I'm just getting started.

- Where's Jessica?
- I don't know.

- Did they find her mother?
- I don't know.

You have no information about my
escaped client or my investigator?

I don't work for her
anymore. I've gone freelance.

- Well, I like your new dress code.
- Back at you.

- I'll see you Tuesday.
- Yeah.

Why are you here?

Your office said you
were working from home.

My partners have made the
situation there untenable.

Well, I'm here to wrap up your case.

You mean steal my case from Jessica.

- Does it matter?
- Not if you have something I want to hear.

I do. I just came from a
very informative meeting

with your partner Linda Chao.

And this... you'll want to see.

That family can describe us.

And after that car flip, the
cops are gonna know it's us.

We need to get to the border.

Wait, what? "We"?

Then "we" are doing this?

Don't get choked up. We still
have to get out of this shitstorm.


- Whoo!
- All right.

All right. If we wanna...

have a shot at crossing, I'm gonna
have to make a phone call first.


Thanks for coming.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

I could've gotten a disposable
phone and e-mailed you the pictures.

I just wanted to check on you.

The cops have been at the building.

They think your mom took you.

She did, kind of.

Look, I'm sorry that you are involved.

Your mom needs papers.
Jessica, I told you I'd help.

All right? Where is she?

Off-site. Um...

It's not just my mom who needs papers.

Please tell me you're joking.

You're for real?

So you're gonna what, go with her?

She's a murderer.

- Jessica, she killed a cop.
- I know.

You can't want this. She's forcing you.


I don't believe that.

You can't just go. You have a life.

You have us, me and Vido.

That, right there.

You connect yourself to
your son with every thought.

You have no idea how isolated
I've been. I had no idea.

They'll come after you.

We'll make it. I just need the papers.

Were you followed?

No one's gonna follow me.
No one knows we're a thing.

- They searched my place?
- Yeah.

Then they saw the painting you did.

They were in my place. They saw my art.


They're here?

Why aren't they jumping?

They want me to lead them to her.

Then lead them.

Just get out of this.

Get down.

Stop! NYPD!


Take the front. Come on.

Do you have her?


Check those cars.

Let's just drive north.

I don't appreciate being summoned.

And I don't appreciate a
single thing about you, Linda.

I hope, uh, this news
you have to tell us

is that you've finally
accepted our exit offer.

Facing death has made me
reexamine my priorities.

To see that life is about people.

Choosing who you surround yourself
with. Choosing very carefully.

This is a business. Not an ashram.

Are you taking the deal or not?

I am.

We'll cut the check immediately.

Just add a few more zeroes to it.

That offer was our last and final.
Guess we'll see you in court.

Linda Chao?

I'm sure you've met with a
number of firms, Mr. Graves?

- I've yet to be impressed.
- Good thing you contacted me.

You're aware of the nature
of my client's business?

Not an unfamiliar world to me.

- My partner...
- Mr. Benowitz?

He has contacts overseas

who can handle your client's
assets with discretion.

Even the simplest transactions
can get complicated

by government agencies.

Which are full of little men
with littler bank accounts.

They just require the right incentive.

It goes on for another martini
or two. But let me summarize.

You've been laundering drug money.

My investigator lured it
out of hot-to-trot here

at the Chocolate Bar, was it?

You hired him?

Relax, Steven, I'm not gonna out you.

But honestly, if you
would just come out,

you would be so much less vulnerable.

I... I... I didn't tell him anything.

You told him enough.
He found out the rest.

There's absolutely nothing on
that tape even resembling proof.

Of course not. I partnered
with assholes, not idiots.

But just a whiff of impropriety
can make clients run scared.

Not to mention those
little men at the FBI.

What do you want?

That generous severance? Double it.

And you'll destroy this tape?

I'll keep it to myself.

I will leave today along with
all my clients, including Rand.

That's half our billable hours.

Sixty-two percent, actually.

You'll bounce back someday.

You're not gonna expose us.

You have too many skeletons
in your own seedy closet.

You should be very afraid of the woman

who has absolutely nothing left to lose.

Why is it the most fun to scorch
one's own little patch of earth?

Another satisfied customer.

Oh, please. I am your
one and only customer.

The satisfied part is true enough.

Does that mean I'm hired?

I am the sole partner of a new law firm

in service of several
multi-billion dollar corporations.

You are unlicensed and inexperienced.

And I learned from the best.

Being qualified for Jessica's
shingle doesn't qualify you for mine.

You knew that going in.

I do like the suit, though. I do.

You would still be doing chaturangas
and complaining about your office

if I hadn't shown up.

You showed initiative. You came through.

For which you are being handsomely paid.

- Until next time.
- Hmm.

I think we can get to
Montreal in eight hours.

What about getting across the border?

There's an Adirondack train in Vermont.

So we can ditch the camper
and jump the train, literally.

The benefits of traveling
with a powered person.

From Montreal, we'll
make our way to Uruguay.


Uruguay was Karl's place.

We should, I don't know, go
to a war zone or something.

We have enough people gunning for
us without dropping into a crossfire.

Oh, come on.

What we did back there? I want more.

We could... I don't know...
deliver supplies to needy villages.

Or rescue old people. Or...

Do you want a unitard and a cape, too?

Well, one, I would
totally rock a unitard.

And, two, I just want
it to feel so gratifying.

Let's... Let's get out
of the suburbs first.

Oh, come on, another accident?

Shit! Take the next turn.


It's a roadblock.

Slowly. Jesus!

They're not following us.

What the hell is that?

What is that, a phone?

Oh, my God. I forgot I had it.

The kid left it in
here. It's in that bag.

Oh, shit.

The kid or his parents
must have gone to the cops.

It's Detective Costa.


Jessica, listen to me.

We know you're helping her.
That makes you an accomplice.

I don't want to see you get hurt.

You're one of the good
ones. I believe that.

But you have to prove it.

Your mother's done. Do you
understand what I'm saying?

It doesn't matter what she does next.

She crossed a line she
can't come back from.

But you haven't.

Not yet.


Are you listening?

We get a location?

No pinpoint, but general vicinity.

Near one of our Westchester roadblocks.

Let's load in and move out.

I did this to you. I'm
going to get you killed.

No. It's not over yet.

They don't have the manpower to
block every street in Westchester.

We just have to keep driving west.

We'll find a crowded parking
lot to ditch the camper.

I have an idea.

Come on, let's go.

Dr. Torres thinks you'll
be here for a few days.

Meanwhile, I am gonna
start assessing the damage,

starting with your finances.

I doubt you'll be able to afford
that apartment without a job.

I don't want you working for a while.

We need to let the brouhaha die down.

And then...

we can examine our options and
see how to build you back up again.

Uh, build me?

I'll take care of everything.

Where's Jessica?

I swear to Christ, if
you say Jessica needs her,

I'll shove that badge right up your ass.

I'm glad to see you're alive.

I'm more concerned with finding Jessica

and the psycho who kidnapped her.

Oh, for Chrissake!

Mrs. Walker, do you
mind giving us a moment?

Do not get her involved.

I'm gonna go get your
old room all ready.

That car accident... Jessica
was there, wasn't she?

We think they hit a
roadblock in Westchester.

- Westchester?
- Does she know anybody out there?

Why are you asking
about Jessica's contacts

when it's Alisa that's
calling the shots?

I'm afraid not. Jessica is aiding
and abetting her mother's escape.

No way. She wouldn't
help that psychopath.

Particularly one who tried to kill me.

She ran from the police.
She's hiding Alisa.

She's being forced.

We only get one mother.

That's a powerful bond, no matter
how batshit crazy they might be.

I think you know that.

She wouldn't just leave me.

Maybe she thinks you're
better off without her,

given what you did to yourself.

Just think. You know her best.

Is there any place she might be
hiding out in and around Westchester?

I have no idea.

If anything occurs to you...

I'll try and bring her in safely.

You'll try?


I found a sailboat down at the pier.

It's just like the one you
and PopPop used to sail.

Come on. It's dark now. They
won't spot us on the water.

What are you doing?


What are you doing? We don't
have time for this. We have to go.

I didn't bring us here for
a walk down memory lane.

There are boats.

You should go. Just walk away, baby.

What are you talking about?

They're gonna see the lights.

Let them come.

It's good that it's here.

So this is it, then?

I will not be the cause of your death.


I will not say goodbye... again.

Don't say anything.

Bye, sweetheart.

No. Wait.

Just let me do this. Please.

What happened to being a team?

Best dream I ever had.

I have gone as far as I can go.

No. You don't get to quit. Not
after what you put me through.

I've done a lot of damage in my life.

But somehow...

you're standing on top of the
rubble like a shining light.

Stop talking to me like
I'm your baby Jesus.

"Hero" isn't a bad word, Jessica.

It's just someone who gives a
shit and does something about it.

Well, I don't. I don't give a shit.

Yes, you do. You do.

It sucks. And it hurts. But you do.

You are far more
capable than I ever was.

Maybe I don't have to be amazing.

Maybe I just made you.

No. I won't let you...


- You killed her!
- Before she could kill you!

The police would've shot you both...

I had to.

I had to save you.





Let me see your hands!
Back away from the body!

West parking lot, near the bumper cars.

Lower your weapon.

Not a chance.

Don't you see what she's
done? Lower your weapon.

Lower your weapons!

You did the only thing you could,
Jones. There was no other way.

You did the right thing.

Everything changes.

And nothing changes.

People die.

More are born.

And in between...

we exist.

I never wanted to do more than that.

Just exist.

Just give me the cash, man!

- Shit!
- Oh, shit.


Goddamn money or I'll
blow your brains out.

- Shit. God damn it. Not again.
- Give me the cash, man!

Bastard! You pig! You
dog! I'm gonna kill you.

Then find your family
and kill them, too!

- It's over. You won, okay?
- Shut up!

Get your goddamn phone and
call the goddamn police.



Hello, I've been robbed.

Sonny's Grocery.

52nd and 10th.

You gonna pay for that?

I run a business. And in
this shitty neighborhood.

He had a gun...

I called, texted, e-mailed.

I didn't want it to go down
that way, but it had to be done.

It wasn't your call.

Yes, it was. Because
you couldn't make it.

You couldn't see how dangerous she
was, only that she was your mother.

Well, if murder is how
Trish Walker does hero,

then get used to
people being pissed off.

I'm not a hero.

I don't know what I am anymore.

I just know that I'm your sister.

I lost the only family I had.


It was always going to end that way.

It didn't have to be you.

It didn't have to be you.

I look at you now and all I see
is the person who killed my mother.

Oh, sorry.

160 square feet is not a
second year associate's office.

It's a veal crate.

- That one.
- Hmm.

I'm also gonna need you to soundproof

all of the conference rooms.


Hmm? Mnh-mnh.

Six o'clock is here.

Get back to me with the numbers.

- Pryce.
- Jeri.

Thank you for coming.

I think you know my associate.

Come on in. Have a seat.

I was surprised to hear from you,
given I still can't deadlift a car.

Well, there are tasks for which
Jessica Jones is not well-suited.

Some, like this one,
she may even object to.

What's the job?*

You'll have complete
autonomy. A generous retainer.

- And the job is?
- Business opportunity.

That Jessica Jones might object to.

Discretion is essential.

- That won't be a problem.
- For you.

What about your associate here?

Is it legal?

That is entirely up to you.

When do we start?

Welcome to Jeryn Hogarth and Associates.

I've gone through life...



I wasn't even aware
that I'd chosen that.

It took someone coming
back from the dead...

to show me that I've been dead, too.

It's open!

The problem is, I never
really figured out how to live.

- Hi, Jessica.
- What's up, Vido?

Hey, you're here.

Still a standing invitation?

Always. Come on. Grab
another plate, buddy.

- We're celebrating.
- Yeah?

It's not a big deal.

What's not a big deal?

Papi got a show.

It's a small gallery
no one's ever heard of.


What about my good news?

I hate starting at the beginning...

You've been getting back to work?

You got any cool cases
you're working on?

Yeah, did you save anybody today?

Yeah. Actually, yeah, I did.

What happened? Did you
have to hit someone?

After dinner, Vido.

Oh, come on, I wanna hear it now.

Well, I was buying whiskey
at this liquor store

and this guy came in, and he
was all jumpy and dope-sick.

And I knew he was
there to rob the place.

- Because of your super sense?
- I don't have super sense.

Let her tell it.

Anyway, sure enough,
the guy pulled out a gun.

It was a whole thing
and... I stopped it.

That's it?

I may have thrown a bottle at his head.