Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - AKA Three Lives and Counting - full transcript

Shocked by her own actions and haunted by visions of Kilgrave, Jessica worries she's turning into a monster. Trish's plans for Karl become clear.


You killed him.

He's dead. You took a
life. You're going to jail.

You have to run. He would've killed you.

Mother-daughter cellmates.

Need to blow town. He's
dead. I have to hide.

Can't hide. You have to take the blame.

You deserve the death
penalty! He hurt your mom.

You killed again.

It was an accident.
You have to make it...

... look like a suicide.


Rise and shine. You ready for breakfast?

I'm gonna take that as a yes.

You wanna spend the day in
a bullshit power struggle?

Or can we agree on a
little mutual respect

and get through it in peace? Hmm?

- Where's Dale?
- Ah, she speaks.

I thought Dale was in charge of me.

Lucky you. He didn't show.

Eat your eggs before they get cold.

Is that usual? Him
not showing up to work?

He's not a usual dude.

What? I'm not good enough for you?

The opposite.

Well, let's just enjoy
his day off, then.


Um, may I make a phone call
before I eat my breakfast?

You trying to take advantage
of the substitute teacher?

No, no. It's just, um...

My daughter had a blind date last night.

I wanna make sure she got home safe.

I talk to my girl every damn
day, whether she wants to or not.

You never stop being a mom, do you?



You have a collect call from an inmate

at a New York state
correctional facility.

To accept, press one.

To decline, press two or simply hang up.

Jessica? You there?

Those clicks mean we're not alone.

I know. I just... I
wanted to hear your voice.

Can we talk later? This really
isn't a good time for me.

I have a new guard this morning.

Dale didn't show up to work.

His replacement's nice.

She let me call you.


So, um... uh, did you
have a date last night?


Did you go out?


Yeah, I went out.

I didn't want you to do that.

And I should've listened.

Are you okay?


Yeah, I'm fine. Just...

Don't get worked up, okay?

Did you clean up?

The apartment? You always
were such a slob as a kid.

I know how to clean.



I'm so proud of you.

Just be okay, Mom.

I'm proud of you, too.

Extortion. Forgery.

And now murder.

Is there no crime
Jessica Jones won't commit

to get what she wants?

Main Street,

Birch Street,

- Higgins Drive...
- Higgins Drive.

- Cobalt Lane.
- Cobalt Lane.

I know all the quaint side
streets of your mind, Jessica.

Every dark little alley.

I just need sleep.

I'll be in your dreams,
too. I'm inside you forever.


Killing him would've
been much more effective.

You're not here.

Well, neither is Karl.

Crawl back into whatever
hell you came from.

I'm serving too valuable a purpose.

- To drive me crazy?
- To ease your mind. Tell you it's okay.

"I'm okay, you're okay." You read
that on a greetings card once.

Clearly had impact.

I have work to do.

Here to help.

First of all, the bed's still
made. He didn't sleep here.

Left his coat. Odd.

He was almost packed.

Waiting for you?

Mmm, musings of a warped mind.

He's run off to make more superfreaks.

Not without his room key.

Someone took him?

Oh, mommy's gonna go
insane. Well, more insane.

She won't. Because I'm gonna find him.

And you'll finish him. You're a
pro now. Three lives and counting.

Heard about it in the
break room this morning.

Man, sounds like a gory way to go.

At least we don't have to
take orders from him anymore.

Guy was messed up.

Total psycho.

Figures he'd spread his own
brains all over the sidewalk.

I'm Officer Toussaint.
You're Alisa's little girl.

She's been bragging on you all morning.

Yeah. Thanks.

- Marilyn has a daughter, too.
- At the police academy.

I hear you know something about
law and order. Private eye, huh?

It pays the bills.

Jessica was the one who turned me in.

Norman Rockwell didn't paint that one.

Mothers and daughters. Complicated.

Would I be able to have a few
moments alone with my daughter?

Against the new protocol.

The security cameras will
be on us the whole time.

It would mean the world to me, Marilyn.

We'll be right outside the door.

Ten minutes.

What a difference a guard makes.

Are you okay?

I haven't slept.

Afraid he'll be in your dreams?



I have ghosts, too.

They fade.

Not always.

He was an evil prick. Sleep on that.

So, I was wondering if, uh...

Karl had any friends
or people he might...

Friends? Why?

It's no big deal.

He just... He stepped
out last night, and I...

- He checked out?
- No.

Don't get upset. I'm just
curious where he could've gone.

Did he have his papers?

I was trying to deliver them.

He wouldn't leave without his
papers. He wouldn't just leave.

Don't worry about it.
Finding people is what I do.

Did you tell Trish where
he was? Did she know?

No, of course not.

It has to be Trish.

She wanted me to give him
up. Me. The little moron.

It's not Trish.

With her pseudo-noble bullshit.

Trish doesn't know, okay?

I swear, if it is her, I will
break her bottle-blond head.

Mom, I fixed your
other problem, didn't I?

I'll fix this.

Do you trust me?

Yeah. I trust you. I do.

I promise everything is gonna be okay.

It better be.

* Hey, hey *
* I want your cray cray *

Oh, mommy does have a point.

Trish has been a
little cray cray lately.

Because she's on drugs.

Thanks to the addictive work
product of a certain doctor

who's recently vanished.

Never trust a junkie.
Especially a self-righteous one.

Trish isn't that screwed up.

It's not like she has you in her head.

Oh, yeah, she just wants
to bring him to justice.

Please. There's only
one path to true justice.

- You're getting very good at it.
- Shit.

Trish. Please call me back.

* Hey, hey *
* I want your cray cray *

* I want you... *

Get out!

It's just you and me now.

Like it always should've been.

If I believed that, I'd
put a bullet in my brain.

As if you'd need a gun.

Karl's probably safer with Trish.

She'd never kill someone.

It's not in her DNA like it is in yours.

It's not in my freaking DNA.

Oh, just embrace it.

You murdered Dale, and now...

It was self-defense, dickwad.

Don't deny it. Own it.

He was a twisted, sadistic
shithead who deserved it.

Like you?

Yes! Just like me!

Murdering me was as poetic
as justice ever gets!

You got your mother locked up.

So you were the reason that
she was being tortured by Dale.

You solved that problem.
You helped your mommy.

It's what you do, isn't
it? You help people.

Hey, I'm just a thought.

I have to find Karl.

What the hell?

Mmm, who's been using your computer?

You just invite betrayal, don't you?

They're together, of course.

Sticking their tongues in
each other's body parts,

swapping fluids.

Thanks for the visual.

- Reminds me of us.
- No.

I will tear out my own brain
before I let you go there.

All right. Where did you
take him, you little shit?

- Jesus.
- Ooh, porn.

It's a dating app.

Which he goes to a lot.

Trading one addiction for another.

Well, if something works, keep doing it.

Right, killer?

Oh, sweet. Jacqui is
only 4,810 feet away.

The lovely Tess is 1.2 miles away.

Okay, if I triangulate their
distances from Malcolm's phone...

Empty anonymous sex.

We should sign you up. You can be JJ.

Five-foot-nine, athletic.

Enjoys leather in all
seasons, justifiable homicide

and long walks on the
beach to dump the body.

And you could be KK.

Bony, translucent Brit.
Enjoys rape. Also, dead.

I'm trading banter with a delusion.

Dust-free storage facility, my ass.
Look at the filth on these things.

- Will it still work?
- Won't know for sure until we plug it in.

They look functional.

Here we go.

Eight years of my life in this case.

Perfect as the day I designed it.

Then let's go.

Do you really need the gun?

Where were you gonna run?

Who's running?

With your new passports.
Where were you running?


Lot of cutting-edge science in Uruguay?


So you were just gonna go there
and you were gonna read? Garden?

Learn basket weaving?

Or you'll just sit,
smoke, wait to die alone?

You already have me at gunpoint.

You don't have to crush my soul as well.

Maybe you will reflect
on your life's work.

Hurting people. Creating a killer.

I wanted to save people.
I did save people.

But the science was never
harnessed, never perfected.

So you failed.

That's your legacy.

But listen, it doesn't have to be.

You wanted to be extraordinary.


Maybe you still can be.

Why don't you tell me,
do I really need the gun?

Oh, my God. Patsy?

- Get in the car. Go.
- Can I get a picture?

I'm so sorry, I'm actually really late.

- Just one picture! You're my hero!
- I said no.

Nasty woman. Whew.

You've reached Malcolm Ducasse,

associate investigator
at Alias Investigations.

Please leave a detailed message.

Hey, assclown.

Turning off Find My Phone
won't hide you from me.

Jacqui? You don't know me.
I'm looking for Malcolm.

Please don't hang up. I just
need you to check your Teaser app.

He's an addict, Caroline,
and he's on a binge.

Can you please just check your app?

Tess, okay, calm down.
I will get him to rehab.

How far is he from you?

And you're at 53rd
and 9th? Thanks, Leeza.

Yeah, one day at a time.

He's only five blocks away.
The irony is piling up.

- Malcolm, I'm sorry.
- What the hell is wrong with you?

I didn't know what I was
gonna do until right...

- Before you hit me in back of the head?
- I practically begged you to leave.

- Who is this guy?
- The sucker she had locked in the trunk,

while you guys were out on whatever
little shopping trip from hell.

You said the trunk was broken.

Said we couldn't use it. Malcolm,
you don't get what's going on here.

I get that you used me.

All you care about is drugs and
being stronger for five minutes.

But that inhaler crap is not gonna
fix the messed up shit in your head.

Stay right there.

- Are you serious?
- Come on, put the gun away.

You're not gonna kill me.

I am not gonna kill you, but I
will not let you stop me either.

Get in the car. Go!

- You're a doctor enabling an addict.
- I know what I'm doing.

Trish, you should be in rehab.
And he should be in jail.

I will do the right
thing with him after.

- After what?
- You'll understand, Malcolm. Just...


Trish, stop!

These marine biologists

have been in the Pacific
Ocean for nearly four months,

detailing the Marianas Trench,

the deepest known point in
the Earth's seabed hydrosphere.

If Mount Everest were placed
in the trench at this point,

it would still be
over a mile underwater.

Its maximum known depth
is 10,994 meters...

- Your heart rate dropped.
- The ocean calms me down.

Is it the sight? The smell? A memory?

You can't stop, can you? With the
science. Not even for a minute.

You fascinate me.

My powers fascinate you.

It's not just that.

Took me a long time to feel
comfortable around the ocean.


Uh, nearly drowned on a family vacation.

So what made you go back in?

Some of my colleagues had a theory
that needed to be tested at sea.

Um, I wanted to help, so
I put on a life jacket.

Noble of you.

Not really.

They were paying for the
research, and I was low on grass.


it's powerful, and it's unpredictable.

That can be scary for some people.

Yeah, the grass can do that.

- I meant the ocean.
- Ah...

Not you?

No. That's why I love it.

My whole life, I was told
to be polite and to behave.

The ocean doesn't give a shit.

It cries and it laughs and it
rages and it takes what it wants.

I can't do that.

But I can watch it, and I can feel...


We should go. People are coming out.

- You're doing fine.
- No, Karl. Karl.

I brought you here
to tell you something.

I'm closing down the clinic.

Dr. Hansen, Kozlov, I
can't trust them anymore.

I'm not ready. You can't
send me out there alone.

I'm not sending you anywhere.

I'll get us a little place by the water.

Somewhere safe. It'll
just be you and me.

I can't let you give up
your life's work for me.

This is what I want. Not
because I'm your doctor,

not because you're the most
powerful woman I've ever met...

I can jump ten stories,
but I can't grow hair.

What kind of a lame-ass power is that?

I know it's complicated.
It's completely unethical.

I'm an illegal experiment, and
you're worried about ethics?

Screw ethics.

Count! 52935...


- I screwed up. I know that.
- You work for me.

- I do.
- Your dick works for Trish.

She said she wanted to bring
Karl in because you couldn't.

She wanted another goddamn inhaler.

You're a junkie. You
should've known better.

Get outta my face!

I'm gonna find Trish.

Trish is my problem, not yours.

She played me. You think that felt good?

Think I felt like a hero when
I woke up in her goddamn trunk?

Is that what you wanted to
be? Wanted to be Trish's hero?

I trusted her and she used me.

So, either we help each other
or I'm gonna find her on my own.

How? Do you know anything? Did
you see where she was headed?

They had a shopping bag when
they came back to the car.

- From where?
- I don't know.

- Jesus Christ.
- Useless.

Should've left him where I put him,

on the street with a needle in his arm.

It had a logo on it.
Like, something green.

Oh, gadzooks! He's done it again!

- Like a leaf or a tree.
- So go find it.

Before we pummel your
barely functioning brain!

She doesn't even wanna be rescued.

She's not thinking clearly.

She's probably going through withdrawal.

She's crawling out of her skin.

- She's a shit friend anyway.
- Jessica.

Utterly unsupportive.
Too busy chasing a fix.


- She's a complete hypocrite.
- You can't trust anyone except me.

Hiding behind that
self-righteous do-gooder crap...

What else has the greedy
little user been lying about?

Find her and punch her
in that perky blond head.

Jessica! Over here!

Trish Walker, was she in here?

- What?
- It's Patsy? Trish Talk?

- It's not really my demo.
- Blonde, yea-high, pretty.

Sidekick's a guy in his 60s,

smart enough to ask for
whatever he wanted by name.

How much? They paid. Can you?

I've got 20 bucks.

You know what? Take a walk
or adopt a cat. They're free.

Ow! Ow! Let go of me!

Oh, there's dog piss in here!

Unless you wanna spend
the night in a dog kennel,

you're gonna tell me what
they carried out of here.

FVRCP, the feline distemper vaccine.

What else?

It's gonna be a long night in there.

Telazol. An anesthetic.

- As in unconscious?
- Duh.


This isn't about the inhaler.

Hey! You guys gonna let me out of here?

Is this where it happened? Jessica?

It's where it all happened.
So many ideas were born here.

Just guarding against disruptions.

Dangerous to the procedure. But
you can walk out any time you want.

How long will it take?

Jessica took 20 days.
But she was near death.

And I've been honing
the procedure ever since.

On paper at least.

That's a plus.

Jessica and Alisa's abilities
were a rare side effect,

related to their specific DNA.

I was never able to decode it.

So my DNA is a crapshoot? Just
wanna know what I'm getting into.

Uh, this vaccine is a live
virus. Its DNA can unlock yours.

It's the first step in
editing your personal genome.

- But it could all...
- Go terribly wrong.

- You've said.
- Are you changing your mind?

Do you know what it's
like to feel powerless?

Everyone does.

Not everyone has an abusive
mother and a superpowered sister.

I just wanna help people
who can't help themselves.

God, I sound like an
insurance commercial.

No, no, no. You sound like somebody

who wants to save the world. I do, too.

- Needles freak you out?
- Big time.

I'm sorry. Because I need this
to retrieve your cellular data.

And to begin the process.

And these to reintroduce the
modified genetic code to your DNA.


Here's to saving the world.

Trish wants Karl to operate on her.

His experiments have killed
people. She'd never trust him.

She has to if she wants to be like me.

Except she would be a real hero.

Super-Patsy, Patsy-Woman, Captain Patsy.

Jessica, stop!

She'll look better than you in tights.

Wait. Where are we even going?

I don't know.

- Jess?
- You're not gonna make it.

- Shut up.
- What?

She can be the hero. You
be the villain you are.

- Shut up!
- I didn't say anything.

You can kill mumsy's boyfriend

without all this self-loathing.

- Shut up!
- What about equipment? What kind of...

You've killed for far less.
Just embrace it. It's who we are.

- The clinic.
- In Hunter's Point?

You know what you have to do,
Jessica. This is all on you.

Whiskey? Come on!

The monster meets her
maker. Mumsy deserves it.

The showdown we've been waiting for.

- Come on, Jessica!
- Jess, what is going on?

Don't make me disappointed
in you, Jessica!

Come on. Smile for me.

Jessica, stop! What the hell
are you doing? Let him go!

Let him go!


What was that about?

Step back! Get away from him. Jesus.

- I'm calling the cops. I'm calling them.
- Just go!

I got this.

- Crazy, man!
- It's all good, man.

Shut it down, Karl. Now!

- It's what she wants! It's gonna work!
- Let me in! Let me in.

- No. No, no, no, no...
- Let me in!

I can fix it!

You're killing her!

I can do this.

- Shut it down!
- I can't.

Then I will.


Trish. Trish. Come on.


- You sick dirtbag!
- He has to pay.

- What did you do to her?
- I can help.

You think I would let you touch
her after what you did to me?

Ripped you from a hospital
bed. Twenty days of torture.

Turned your mother into a murderer!

- You're the killer.
- No! I'm not.

- You are a deranged butcher!
- And he'll never stop.

And you'll never stop.

He forced this on you.
This rage, this power.

- Unless I stop you.
- Use it. Kill him.

This is your fault. You
made me. You did this to me.

Jessica... do it!

Your life is over.

Trish? Trish, it's okay. I'm
gonna get you to the hospital.

Come on. You're gonna be okay.

Come here. Trish? Trish?

Oh, God. Hang in there.

You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.

You're right. This is all I
can create. This is useless.

Karl, don't.

Useless as the man who built it.

This is where it ends.
It has to be destroyed.

- Stop it.
- Tell your mother...

I'm sorry.

- No.
- Run!

Shit. Trish, come on. Come on.

I have no ST elevations right now...

High-flow O2, wide open.

Any word?

She could die.

Or be a vegetable.

She's strong. She'll make it.

She is a dying lab rat.

Jess, I'm so sorry. I
thought we were helping you.

Why don't you help yourself?

Because you can't, can you?

So you obsess over everybody else's shit

instead of dealing with your own.

Hey, I am dealing with my shit...

Sticking your dick
in anything that moves

is the same thing as
sticking a needle in your arm.

But you know what? I don't give
a shit what you stick where,

as long as you do it far away from me.

Everything that I've done for you,

peeling your sorry ass off
the floor every single morning,

working late every single night just
to keep this sinking ship afloat?

- Why do you think I did all that?
- Because you have nowhere else to be.

Because I believe in
you and what we could do.

Maybe I've been wasting my time.

I relied on you.

I don't rely on anyone,
and I relied on you.

It's my job.

Not anymore.

You're just some guy
who lives down the hall.

Well, just in case you
change your mind, again...

I quit.

Awfully proud of ourselves, aren't we?

You're in here, but I won.

Dr. Frankenpiss is dead either way.

He did that to himself.

Tell mommy that. I'm
sure she'll forgive you.

After she takes out half
the Eastern Seaboard.

- She still has me.
- Like you're enough.

- I'm enough.
- Because you didn't kill today?

You sure did yesterday,
and you will again.


Don't lie to yourself.

I felt you shudder
when you were so close.

You wanted it. And that terrifies you.

It should.

Because I'm not a killer.

I'm not you.

I'm not my mother.

I can control myself.

Which means I'm more
powerful than you ever were.

I'll be around if you need me.

Expect sunny weather this weekend,

with clouds on Monday and Tuesday.

It looks like a good chance of rain

for Wednesday and the rest of the week.

And now for breaking news.

In a bizarre twist, social media
is connecting the victim of a fire

to child star and talk
show host Trish Walker.

An abandoned industrial garment
warehouse went up in flames tonight.

Police are reporting one casualty.

This man, Dr. Karl Malus,
57, a retired physician.

A chilling fan photo
taken earlier in the day

suggests Trish Walker herself

was the last person
to see Dr. Malus alive.

Police are wondering exactly
who Patsy's friends are.

No. No! No!



Jones? You all right?


No. No.

Jones, answer me.



Do you need a medic?

... repeat, immediately to C-Block!