Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - AKA The Sandwich Saved Me - full transcript

Despite Jessica's objections, Trish's new friend Simpson gets involved in the hunt for Kilgrave. Jessica recalls a pivotal moment in her life.

Do you think rubber bands
just buy themselves, Miss Jones?

Last week it was
a 20-foot paper clip chain,

and it's been reported
that you've been taking

six-packs of Diet Coke home
from the employee kitchen.

Two. I took two cans.

If you're lucky, they won't fire you.
Just dock your pay again.

It doesn't take a genius to know

that you can't afford that suit
on mid-management salary.

What are you talking about?

Not to mention these weekly trips
to Atlantic City.

Then there's this non-existent employee,
Jane Smith?

You are way out of line.

What doesn't line up
are these missing funds.

What is that word...

Embezzlement? Or is it that other word?
Starts with an "F."

Fa... Fa... Felony?

What do you want?

- Same thing as you.
- For you to quit?

Actually, it's better if you fire me
and give me six months' severance pay.

And a glowing recommendation,
or I email that to HR.

A budding extortionist.

Your parents must be so proud.

Hey, turns out I'm free for happy hour.

Well, it's 5:00 somewhere,
and I need to update my resume.

Would you put day drinking
under "Experience" or "Special Skills"?

- What was it this time?
- He was an asshole.

And the job was "siphoning
your soul through a Xerox machine"?

No, that was my last job.

This job was sucking my brains out
through the air vent.

You're bored because you're overqualified
for all these crappy jobs.

Yet I'm uniquely unqualified
for anything else.

Bullshit. Hey! You're good at bullshit!

Hey, play a game of Love Tester with me?
I think we'd be a match.

Um, while that's an amazing offer,
I'm kind of busy right now.

Hey, I know you.

But you were a redhead.
I watched your show.

♪ It's Patsy! Patsy!
I really wanna be your friend ♪

- It was a long time ago.
- I was 12.

- I learned a lot from Patsy.
- Uh-huh.

Patsy taught me how to
hold a remote with one hand,

and box the bald-headed bishop
with the other.

I'll play you.

Yeah, sure. Why not?

Jess, it's not worth it.

I think it is.

But I'm not really feeling
the Love Tester right now.

How about the Strength Tester instead?

I win, you pick up our bar tab,

apologize to my friend,
and find somewhere else to drink.

And when I win?

I'll take you out back and meet
that bald-headed bishop of yours.


- Ladies and gentlemen.
- Welcome to the main event.

- Let's go, Bobby!
- You got it, boy.


- That's gotta hurt!
- Whoo-hoo!

Damn straight!

This looks so hard.

Yeah, not yet,
but I'm sure you could get me there.

It's a knockout!




I didn't hear you, asshole.


She did the 30 Day Shred.
Jillian Michaels changed her life.

You could use your abilities
for something more useful.

I mean, you can fly...
well, jump.

It's more like guided falling.
Hey, I have an idea.

Why don't you put on a cape
and go run around New York?

You know I would if I could.

I don't get you.

You have money, looks, a radio show,
creepy, if not adoring, fans

and you're a freaking household name.
What more do you want?

To save the world, of course.

You wanna be a hero?
I'll show you how to be a hero.

Shots on Trish Walker, everybody!

There's before Kilgrave...

and there's after Kilgrave.

Oh, my God.

That photo was taken just six months ago.

Then Kilgrave got a hold of him.

I hear him shuffling down the hall
every morning

at a quarter to 10:00, like clockwork.

Junkies aren't known
for keeping a regular schedule.

I never thought
too much about it. But...

Main Street.

Birch Street.

Higgins Asshole Drive.

Oh, shit!

Four months ago,
he also moved in down the hall.

After Kilgrave got him hooked.

That's a lot of effort on Kilgrave's part.

It's a good cover, though.

Everybody dismisses a junkie.

Malcolm's got a knack for spying.

It could be his alt career
if Kilgrave doesn't OD him first.

We'll pull him out.

Not before I get Kilgrave.

Excuse me, excuse me.
What did you just tell that man?

- Sorry, I'm late.
- Please, I'm just trying to help a friend.

I told him to go to
the kiosk on 16th, off Park.


Some British guy said to find the man
wearing a blue and white scarf and...

I don't have time for this.

Hey pal, you gonna
buy something or what?

This isn't a public library.

Hey buddy, I'm talking to you.
You want me to call the cops?


I said this isn't a library.

Pick up that coffee.

Throw it in your face.

Come on, junkie.

Are you okay?

Check your damn messages, Trish.
I know what he's doing.

I mean, how he's meeting.
Whatever. Call me.



- Who is it?
- Your neighbor, Ruben.

I heard a crash and got worried about you.

Everything okay?

- I'm fine.
- Oh...

Me and my sister have been baking all day.
I brought you some banana bread.

Don't tell her, okay?
Do you like banana bread?


Trish, it's me.

What the hell, Trish?
The doorman told me you're home!

Uh, can you come back later?


You said you wanted to help Malcolm.
It's time to put on your cape.

We'll never know where Malcolm
is going to meet Kilgrave.

Because he compels someone at the
last minute to tell Malcolm where to go.

Kilgrave's taking precautions because
he knows you're onto Malcolm?

No, or Malcolm would be dead.
But he's not gonna let me sneak up on him.

So I need to deliver the sufentanil
with a long-range dart gun.

Won't work if he's on the move.

A long-range sniper attack takes setup.

Your subject needs to be
in a predetermined location,

preferably removed from civilians.

So, I guess you're over him
trying to kill you and all.

It'll take a pistol.
Up close and personal.

- He'll be dead before he hits the ground.
- I need him alive, Rambo.

I'll keep him doped up,
I just need a place to stash him.

A bullet to the head is more effective.

Not for the girl who's sitting in prison,
taking the blame for his murders.

Without proof that he exists, she's done.
And that's on me.

So this is my call.

My call.

Look, whatever abilities you have,

I'm guessing they don't include
rendition, exfiltration,

and isolation of enemy combatants.

He's a war hero.

He's also the guy who was
filled with remorse about attacking you,

until he decided to turn it
into a booty call.

- That is not what happened.
- And not your business, Jess.

As long as I don't have to work with him.
I need you to rent a van and drive.

You still don't have a license?
What is it with you and cars?

- Wait, Trish is the driver?
- I'm in.

No, no, no. One of my boys
from my old unit will drive.

The hell he will!

But we need someone who's trained,
not a talk radio host.

Hey, last night was fun,
but that doesn't mean I want your opinion.

I know I don't.

You're right, I'm out of line.
I'm sorry.


Damn it. I have to be on air in an hour.
You know what? Screw it, I'll cancel.

No, things have to appear
normal to Kilgrave.

I can help.

- Thanks, but I don't need you.
- Uh, yeah, you do.

No, she doesn't.

But seriously, he could be useful.

Okay, great! So call me later
and fill me in on the plan.

- I'll just grab some pants.
- Good call.

You'll have to come in close.

A dart gun's accurate
up to 20 feet.

He'll always keep his back to a wall.
He'll see you coming.

He won't see me.

If you're so great,
why'd they let you out of Spec Ops?

- It's classified.
- Of course it is.

This is a safe house?
It looks like a '70s furniture outlet.

The second floor is
a decommissioned CDC facility.

One of my boys was their investigator.
Held some patient zeros here.

It has a hermetically sealed room.

- You know a lot of commando shit.
- Yep.

But you don't know anything
when it comes to Kilgrave.

- Right.
- Wrong.

Right, meaning, I don't know.

Anything. You don't know anything.

I don't know anything.

Just show me this
hermetically sealed room.

- No, I do know one thing.
- Oh, Christ.

I know tomorrow is too soon
to move on Kilgrave.

- An exfil takes planning.
- I have a plan.

Plus, Kilgrave knows I have the photos.
He knows I'll figure out it's Malcolm.

Yeah, true.
You know, I figured out it was Malcolm.

You dismissed him
just like I did.

Well, all the more reason
not to go in half-assed.

It's soundproof, too.
Nothing gets in or out.

I can rig a safeguard,
but I need till day after tomorrow.

And that's a Sunday.

It's a commercial area.
It'll be dead. No witnesses.

- Fine, day after tomorrow.
- Good.

You just get me close enough
to dart him and grab him up.

You dart him,
I grab him up.

A woman running an unconscious man
through Union Square to a van.

- That's not conspicuous at all.
- Not if I'm quick.

Someone might try to stop you to help.

How fast is your mile?

- Six minutes.
- Under four.

Fine, you grab him up.

Just go inside.

Listen, once he's in here, he'll become...

...can you?
You can't hear me, huh? Anything?

You G.I. Joe.
You definitely have a screw loose.

I'm guessing you left the military
because you gunned down a small village.

So, what, you think because you have
these abilities, you're a hero?

I've seen heroes.
You're not even close.

Two for one hoagies all day.
Two for one hoagies all day.

Two for one.
Two for one hoagies all day.

Two for one hoagies all day.

Two for one hoagies.

Two for one hoagies.

Hey, get off the road,
you stupid sandwich!


Sweetie, I told you to stay close.

The sandwich saved me.

Thank you.

Is he alive?

We should take him to a hospital.

Maybe they'll put him into rehab.

He's better off in his own bed.

He might OD.

I'm taking him home.

You wanna go to a movie sometime?

I borrowed it from a buddy.

No rental record.
Nondescript. False plates.

Your basic pedophile's
kidnapping van.

- Yeah.
- And it has automatic transmission.

You know, I could've driven
a stick shift if necessary.

Wasn't necessary.

- Seriously, Simpson.
- Stop worrying. I'm an excellent driver.

Yeah, I read that about you
on your Wikipedia page.

You've been googling me.

Highest-paid child star
in television history?

That's a pretty charmed life.

Yeah, nothing but sunshine and rainbows.

And apparently you're a saint.

You know, the part where you took in
an orphan named Jessica

when her family died?

So, uh, she get her powers
in that car accident?

What exactly can she do?

You won't find that on Wikipedia.

Well, you know,
she's strong, that's for sure,

and I'm guessing she has other powers?

If you want to know about Jessica,
why don't you just talk to Jessica?

I don't think she likes me very much.

She's protective.
She doesn't like any of the guys I date.

Right. And you approve
of all of her boyfriends?

They never stick around
long enough for me to form an opinion.

- Yeah, she probably scares guys off.
- You should stop there.

I need to know who I'm throwing in with.

Do you trust me?


Do you trust that
I'm a decent human being?

- I know you are.
- And I know Jessica is.

And I'm pretty sure you are, too.

And that is all any of us
need to know right now.

Fair enough.

Though, uh,
I would like to see your license.


- Hope?
- Collect call from

Northeastern Correctional Facility.

- Do you accept the charges?
- Yes, I'll accept.


Hope, are you all right?

Did you bring it?

You've lost weight.
Are you sick?

Did you bring the money?

You still haven't told me what it's for.

Candy, cigarettes.
What do you care?

I'll have Hogarth put money
in your commissary account.

Did you bring the cash or not?

'Cause if not, visiting hours are over.

Hey, I'm doing everything I can
to get you out of here.

- Just give it to me.
- Hope-ster.

Come on.
Our show's coming on.

I'll be right there, Sissy.


I'm close, Hope,
to getting him.

I'll hold my breath.

This is it!

This is the one.

- Look!
- Tell me you're kidding.

Superheroes wear costumes.

The only place anyone is
wearing that is trick-or-treating

or as part of some
kinky role-playing scenario.

Well, this is just a mock-up.

Well, ultimately,
it's gonna be a lightweight,

highly durable fabric,
waterproof, flame resistant,

and it will hide your identity.


Well, you can't keep saving people
dressed as a giant hoagie!

Put on that mask.


Oh, this is rad.

Try and hit me now.


be the naked superhero.

That can be your alias.

Well, it's better than the name
you came up with.

Jewel is a great superhero name.

Jewel is a stripper's name,
a really slutty stripper.

And if I wear that thing,
you're gonna have to call me Cameltoe.

Okay, okay, fine.

So, you're really gonna do it?

You're gonna be a hero.

We'll see.

Going down?



Hang in there.

Yeah, you too.

These are dialed into
the conference number.

- Hello? Can you hear me?
- Check.

- Get the van as close as you can.
- On it.

just don't let anyone see you.

And you're gonna have to haul ass
to the sealed room before he wakes up.

Got it.

If anyone walks up, just pretend to be
on the phone. Do not engage.

She's a celebrity,
she's used to dealing with weirdos.


Yeah, well, she's dealt with you
all these years, so...

Okay, let's go back to tense silence,
I think.

It's time.

- If Kilgrave gets me...
- I'll take you out.

I was gonna say, "Dart gun me."
But sure, shoot me in the head.

Same here.

- Come on.
- Come and get me.

- Is everyone in position?
- I'm ready.

Standing by.

Here we go.

He's exiting the park at 16th Street.

Outdoor café, 16th Street
and Union Square West.

I'll park at the corner,
a half block down.


Sorry about that. Here we go.
Let's start all over again.

Shit. Turn back.

I'm almost in position.

No, he's looking right at you.
If he sees the gun...

I have a shot, I'm taking it.

Oh, hell.


Hey, shithead!
Over here!

Whoa, whoa! Is he all right?

Call 911.

I'm sorry, I... I had to...

- Excuse us, ma'am, we got this.
- Hey, hey, sorry.

Help! They just attacked my brother!

I'm calling an ambulance.

No, it's too late.
I have to get him to the hospital.

Trish, I'm coming to you.

- There's two guys right behind me.
- Guys? What guys?

Let's go! Go! Go!

We're clear.


Jess, we need him alive.

I remember.

See? He's alive.

- Okay, let's get him inside.
- Quickly and quietly.

Wait, there's something...

Shit! He's wearing a tracker!

Oh, God.
Let's get out of here! Go!

Go! Go! Drive!


You're being controlled, assholes!

Hey! She won't go down!

- Come on!
- It's not working.

Hit her again!

- Do it again!
- Grab his legs.

- Come on!
- Stay down!

All right,
all right. Let's go!

I'm sorry.

We were outmanned.

One taze and I'm useless.

Don't, okay?

I'm just a goddamn radio talk show host.

I can't do that thing where
I make you feel better, all right?

I don't know how.

He's coming to.


You did good.

No, no, no, no, no.

Where'd they take Kilgrave?

- We know what he did to you.
- Did to me?

There's a pain center...

- right below the kneecap.
- Oh, come on, man.

- That's not necessary...
- Forget it.

You could torture him until he's dead,
he's not gonna tell us anything.

He's not in control.

I am in total control.
You don't need to torture. Ah!

Wait, Kilgrave
didn't tell you to do this?

Is he a client?

I never spoke to him.

- But you work for that psychopath?
- No, I work for a firm.

I just guard who I'm told.

The client thought
that he might get attacked.

Frankly, I just thought he was some
paranoid nutjob with a lot of cash.

Oh, my God,
I'm such a goddamn idiot.

Kilgrave knew I had the surgical drugs.

- Malcolm would have told him.
- He's lying.

Oh, come on, man!

I mean, the job pays well,

but not good enough
to lose a kneecap over.

You know what I mean?

Kilgrave knew he needed paid backup,
in case he lost his ability.

Where'd they take him?

They don't tell us until we need it.

It's a precaution.
I just show up.

Forget it.
He doesn't know.

Names of your firm,
names of the boys in your detail,

how Kilgrave stayed in contact.

Sure, yeah.
Whatever you need.

Doesn't matter, he's just gonna
change it all when he wakes up, anyway.

Well, I'll just make sure.

- Then we can go find your junkie friend.
- Come here.

I'll find him.

You come to terms with this guy
and that means serve and protect.

You're a cop, Simpson, remember?

- Why not?
- You know what you need?

You don't understand.

- Oh, I understand, all right.
- I understand you full of shit.

- Look, I'm sick.
- I... I gotta have it. Now, please.

You made me come
all the way over here,

and you ain't even got the money?

- Bitch, please.
- No, but you can have my TV, all right?

And this printer.

I got a better TV than that.
Got the HD and everything.

And what the hell
am I gonna do with a printer?

You don't understand.
I need it!

Now, please, just give it to me!

Come a step closer
and I'll shoot your dick off.

Stay back!

Well, if your bitch here got any money,
we can still do a deal if you want.


No, what the hell are you doing?

No, you let go of me!

God damn it, you can't save me.

You can't save me again.

Give me your wallet.

Give me your wallet, asswipe.

Just end him, bro.
He saw our faces.

All right!


That was absolutely tremendous!
I thought I was good.

You are a sight to behold.
Isn't she amazing?

- Yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.

You bore me.
Leave. Go on.

- Leave him. He's fine.
- Yeah, he's fine.

Here I am, just debating where to eat,
and then, bam, there you are!

Performing feats of heroism.

Come here, let me look at you.
Come on.

Jesus, you're a vision.
Hair and skin.

Appalling sense of fashion,
but that can be remedied.

And underneath it all, the power.

Just like me.

Though not quite as good, of course.

Tell me, did you enjoy
beating those thugs?

- Yes.
- Yeah?


Because I helped someone.
I made a difference.

Well, how noble.

What's your name?

Jones. Jessica Jones.

No, no, no, your superhero name.
You must have one.

Just Jessica Jones.


Hmm. Rather prosaic, but it's fine.

Fine, Jessica Jones, fine.

There's a fantastic Szechuan place
around the corner.

You like Chinese.
Come on.

Come on.
I have to know everything about you.

I made you
a peanut butter sandwich.

You ate all the chunky.
All I have is smooth.

I am sick.

Yeah, and you're just gonna get sicker,
so try not to miss the toilet.

Go to hell.

Already been there.
So have you.

Fuck, I just...

I need a little bit, you know?

Just... Just to wean myself off.

I'm not gonna help you kill yourself.

I mean, why not?

I'm useless to you.
To anybody.

Yeah, at the moment. Yeah.

But, a while ago,
you were gonna help people.

Social work, right?

Look at me.
Who am I gonna help like this?

You have a choice now.

- I took pictures of you.
- Because he made you.

Sometimes I did it just for the drugs.

Think about it, I met him once a day.

10:00 a.m.

His controls don't last that long.
You know they don't.

That's why he got you hooked,
so you would show up.

I'm telling you
that I had a choice.

Kilgrave will find me.

I'll be dead anyway.

Please just give me my goddamn drugs.

Just give me...
Just give me my goddamn drugs!

You're right.

I can't save you.

The whole time he had me,
there was some part of me that fought.

There was some tiny corner of my brain
that tried to get out.

And I'm still fighting.

I won't stop fighting.

But if you give up...

I lose.

Do you get that?

He did this to you to get at me.

To isolate me.

To make me feel like an infection,

one more person dead
or dying because of me.

So why don't you remember how to be
a goddamn human being again

instead of this self-pitying piece of shit
that he turned you into,

and save me for once?

You choose.

Well, I don't know about you,
but I'm exhausted.

So rare...

for me to feel powerless.

Well, I would have felt it,
had I been conscious.

But in retrospect, it's exhilarating.

My life was literally in your hands.

And I have the bruise to prove it.

Which proves that you want me alive.
Tell me why.

I could just turn up on your doorstep
and make you tell me.

Oh, you're mad about the junkie,
aren't you?

That is completely unfair.

I didn't make him do anything
he didn't want to do.

He was...
He was an addict waiting to happen.

Come on, Jessica.

Come on.

Don't play the hero with me.

Fine, fine.

Pretend you saved the junkie,
but we both know that was down to me.

I tell you what.

I will let him go down
his own self-destructive path.

I won't come near him.


you do his job for him.

Keep the pictures coming.

Say, one a day at 10:00 a.m.?

Don't forget to smile.


Send the picture,
save the junkie.

Sounds like an ad campaign.

Let's start... um, now.

Come on, Jessica.

Tell me we have a deal.

Let me hear your voice.