Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - AKA 99 Friends - full transcript

A new case demands attention as Jessica tries to find out who's spying on her for Kilgrave. Trish's radio show yields unexpected consequences.

All it takes is one word,

one suggestion,

and they're no longer in control.

All they know is a singular,
intense need to follow me...

to photograph me...

to not get caught.

Kilgrave's spy has no distractions...

just an acute focus on me.

Fortunately... not Luke.

No photos of him.

He should be safe.


Jessica Jones?


Audrey Eastman. I know I'm early.
I just want to get this over with.

You mentioned
your divorce lawyer referred you.

I'd love to thank him.
What was his name?

Desmond Tobey.

He's at Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz.

- I hope you're as good as he says you are.
- I am.

So is that sign just for show,
or do you actually have an office?

That man has been trying to get into
his apartment for, like, five minutes.

Nice building.


You good?

You care?

Just don't wanna be another reason
for you to get high.

Don't need a reason.

Carlo thinks I'm an idiot.

But I can smell it on him

every time he sneaks into bed
at 3:00 in the morning.

Wouldn't be his first affair, either.

Some people can't
keep their lives in check.

They just go along blindly ruining
the lives of everyone in their path.

I'm sick of pretending
it doesn't matter.

How long have you been in business?

Why do you ask?

I want to know
that if I write you a check,

you'll stick around
long enough to earn it.

I'll earn it.


It's Carlo, I thought I'd gotten used to
his lies and his wandering penis.

My lawyer says that I need pictures
for the divorce.

Of Carlo and his...

- Mistress.
- Skank!

Nothing plays like pictures in court.

He'll ask for alimony.
I'm not giving him shit.

I need you to catch him in flagrante.
You know, in the act...

I know what in flagrante means.

Carlo says he's meeting a client
Friday night.

Of course, when I asked his assistant,
she knew nothing about it.

Follow him after work, I guarantee he will
go straight from the office to her.

The kind of pictures you're asking for...

they're hard to look at.

They're harder to forget.

That's what I pay my shrink for.

Circle of life.

Look, I... I don't care if you have
to knock down his door to do it.

I want you to get those pictures.

In fact, I want him to know
that he is being photographed.

So that's it?

Follow your husband
and take sex pictures?

Isn't that enough?

And your divorce lawyer.

- Dexter...
- Desmond Tobey.

Tobey, right.

He referred you to me himself?

Yes, I already told you that.

And you haven't had any conversations
with a British man?

Dark hair, well-dressed?


Standard contract.
I require a 50% deposit up front.

- Hey.
- He's back.

Trish, what's going on?

He knows I'm alive.

Kilgrave sent that cop back to kill me.

There's two of them,
and they're right outside.

- Go to your safe room. I'm on my way.
- Okay.

Hey, Sarge,
doorman doesn't have the key.

He said it's some kind of
reinforced security door.

Get the ram.

They're still here.

Everybody clear the hall,

You sure there's a body in there?

I'm sure.

Kilgrave didn't send him back.

Then why is he trying
to break down my door?

He thinks he killed you.

I recognize that look.

It's you.

Um, Sarge, that's not Trish Walker.

No, no, this is the one who...

Sorry, we had our headphones in.

I'm helping Trish make a party mix.

Everything okay?

You're with Ms. Walker?

Yes, she's with me.
This is my apartment.

Are you all right, ma'am?

I'm fine.

Any violent incidents
we should know about?

Anybody try to hurt you?

I think I would know
if I'd been attacked.

We're real sorry for the disturbance,
Ms. Walker.

Uh, by the way, really big fan
of your show back in the day.

♪ It's Patsy!
I really wanna be your friend... ♪

That's sweet.
Thanks for watching.

We gotta go, Sarge.

Oh. Uh, wait, I...

- I don't understand. No, no, no.
- Hey, Sergeant, take it easy.

You gotta tell me
what's going on.

- Tell me what's happening.
- Leave the lady alone.

It's fine, he can stay.

How can you be standing here?
I mean, how can you be all right?

I am not all right.

Trish, come on.

I'm... I'm a goddamn monster.

She knows it wasn't you.

- She's just being dramatic.
- "Dramatic"?

Come on.

You could use some air.

She's alive.
You've seen it.

The best thing you can do for her
is stay away.

No, I felt her dying in my hands.
She was dead.


It knocks people out.

This is what made you think
that you killed Trish.

You know, I've spent my whole life
protecting people.

You're still you.
You just need time to...

I did things in the line of duty,
horrible things,

but I have never wanted
to kill an innocent woman.

Do you want to kill her now?

- No. God, no.
- No, because you never did.

- Kilgrave wanted it.
- Kilgrave?

- And he made you want it.
- Well, how?

It doesn't matter how.

He told you to jump, you jumped.
He's done with you.

Well, he also told me to kill Ms. Walker.
Is he done with her, too?

Look, just go home,
go to sleep, and move on.

What happens when he finds out
that she's still alive?

- I'll handle it.
- He'll send somebody else, won't he?

It won't end till we stop him.

It will end when I stop it.
You have no idea what's involved here.

Well, I know there's a guy
who controls minds,

and there's a woman
who flew out of the sky to save my life.

I may not have your abilities,

but I've got eight years Special Ops
and an entire police force to back me up.

No police. I will handle it.

You're not gonna make her feel safe,

Go home.

I got her covered.

I think I know a way
to get her off Kilgrave's hit list.

But it's gonna be painful.

And we're live in three, two...

Hi, I'm Trish Walker
and this is Trish Talk.

During my last broadcast,
I made some...

flippant and disrespectful comments
about a certain individual.

I was out of line by belittling this man,

and ignorant of my own limitations
in challenging him.

He is a very fascinating
and powerful man,

deserving of respect,
and to that end,

if he's listening, and I think he is...

I want to apologize.

I hope he forgives me.

I need a shower.

Saying the words doesn't make it true.

Remember acting?
It's how you won that award.

My mom blew half the jury
to get me that award.

It might not have been about my acting.

Fine, but Kilgrave knows
you're afraid of him,

and that's all he cares about.

Men and power,
it's seriously a disease.

I mean, superpowered man, but...



Jess, are you okay?

Yeah, I just thought I...

saw someone I knew.

Yeah, no Teen Choice Award for you.


Kilgrave's been surveilling me.

Taking pictures.

- Why?
- I don't know.

So he can record me imploding
as he tortures me?

The spy could be anyone
or everyone.

It's been going on for weeks.
I had no idea.

Just breathe, okay?

He isn't here now.

Yeah, well, he's always here.

I don't need
reminders of what I did to Luke.

Even if I had good intentions.


Listen to me, Larry.
You are never gonna win this one.

Oh, are you a legislator now?
Are you gonna rewrite the patent law?

I'm not going to have to.

Do you have any idea
how much people love their pets?

Your clients poisoned their pets,
abusing manufacturing loopholes in China.

You know who people hate
more than litigators?

Puppy killers.

We can come in at half.

She won't wait.
She wouldn't listen.

I couldn't hear you over that print.

Larry, let me call you back.

That was a potential
$50 million settlement.

- Now I have to ramp him back up.
- Oops!

I need to know if your firm
represents Audrey Eastman.

She says she's with Desmond Tobey.

Well, then you should be
invading Tobey's office.

I did. Are "attorney-client privilege"
the only words that he knows?

He wouldn't even tell me
if he referred her to me.

What's going on?
You're on edge.

The last people referred to me
wound up dead in my elevator.

If Audrey Eastman follows the same path,

she won't be able to pay her legal bills.

She is a client, I'll confirm that.

- And do you trust him? Tobey?
- He's a partner.

That's not an answer.

He's handling my own divorce,
so yes, I trust him.

Okay, good,
that's all I need to know.

You need to pull yourself together.

You are coming across
distinctly paranoid.

Everyone keeps saying that.
It's like a conspiracy.

I'm working.

- What if the apology didn't work?
- Then I'll deal with it.

Look, I'm with a client right now.
Sort of.

How can you trust any client after
what happened with Hope's parents?

I don't, which is why I've been
following her since dawn.

Following who?

A jealous wife.

Jess, come on,
I need the distraction.


A jewelry designer.

Audrey Eastman.

Overpriced, chunky enamel stuff?

Well, if she is mind-controlled,
that would explain some of her jewelry.

It's not like she needs the money.

Her parents died and left her a fortune,

but all she does is work.

Cheating husband...
She's compartmentalizing.

- Useful skill.
- How will you know if she's Kilgraved?

His effect has limits.

Right, time and distance.

But you can't follow her forever.

I've never seen his voodoo
last longer than 10 hours, 12 tops.

If he doesn't show soon, I'll...

do the job and take pictures of the
cheater with his pants around his ankles.

Nothing plays like pictures.


You still wanna
help catch Kilgrave?


It's a little illegal.

Answer's still yes.

Can you get me
police surveillance video?

- Who you looking for?
- Myself.

Kilgrave's got somebody tailing me,
feeding him pictures.

Police footage will show
who's around me.

Yeah, well, we have cameras
all over the city.

You got times, dates, locations?

Texting them to you now.

I got your six.

"Got my six."

It's an hour north of Rome.

My sister said the views
from the hotel are amazing.

Unbelievable. Two more walk-ins
because of that goddamn radio interview.

Can I have my Jeri back, please?

I would love to have lunch
without us bringing the office with us.

I'm sorry. I'm here.

And I promise you,

after this circus is over,
I will take you anywhere you want to go.


Oh, come on.

Don't tell me you're bringing her here.

We have a reservation.

Wendy, you don't have exclusive rights
to every restaurant we've ever been to.

Just the one where you proposed.

You proposed to her here?
Jesus, Jeri.

Did you forget?

I didn't forget proposing, no.

Well, that's worse for you than for me

because it means she's fine
giving you leftover romance.

- Let's just go somewhere else.
- No!

If she orders you the tiramisu
and there is a diamond ring at the bottom,

you'll think nothing could ever
make you stop feeling happy.

Don't choke on it.

You think, if you break us up,

that I will crawl back to you?

Read my face.
Never gonna happen.

She does not get this goddamn restaurant.

Yeah, she does.

If Audrey Eastman
is controlled by Kilgrave,

it's going to wear off soon.

He'll need to re-up.


Thirteen hours and no Kilgrave, but...

she's planning to use that
on someone.

Maybe the wandering penis?

Name, address, daytime phone,

medical history, including any visits
to a psychiatric facility.


- Your text said it was urgent.
- It is.

Yet there's no gun to your head.
I don't like being summoned.

Quelle surprise.
I have a job for you.

Who are all these people?

They claim they were
mind-controlled by Kilgrave.

You should have seen
the ones we turned away.

Maybe some of them are legit.

Oh, please.

That Trish Talk interview turned him
into the most popular alibi in the city.

You bought Dr. Kurata's kidney story,
why not at least talk to them?

Because I don't have time for this
right now.

Because I have bigger problems, okay?

Wendy has decided to make
this divorce very difficult for me,

- and I need dirt on her.
- That's why you called me?

I have a gun-toting client,
a spy to find...

You owe me a favor.

You were married to her.
You already have her dirt.

She didn't know mine.

Well, you're sneaky.
That doesn't mean she is.

I didn't say it would be easy.


Fine. Later.

Who's first?

Start at the beginning.

I went into 7-Eleven for a bag of Doritos,
you know?

And then this Chinese dude comes in,
and his eyes were all red and glowing,

and I was like, "Dude."

My Lucy is a nice girl. A virgin.

Tell them. Go ahead.

Kilgrave made me do it.

He's our gardener.

He landed on Jones Beach.
I thought it was a meteor.

But then a man
came out of the waves...

He lived with me for two days.

He made me play my cello for him...

until I made a mistake.

He didn't even talk, man.

He just, like, stared at me
with his freaky glowing eyes.

I was like, "This dude is making
me wanna jack this place."

I pulled out my gun...

I couldn't stop smiling.
He wouldn't let me.

He said, "You want me bad."

And then I did want him... bad.

And not just Lucy.
All the girls in the neighborhood.

When he speaks,
they spread their legs.

Evil man.

He gave me a purple staff

and made me slide it up my...

He had dreads.


Dark hair.

He wore a white dress shirt...

- Intense eyes.
- ...and a tie.

A red T-shirt...

I think.

He never wears a shirt.
He's hot.

I was waiting for the L train.

And he said, uh, "Nice jacket.
You wanna give it to me, right?"

And I said, "Yeah."


like an asshole, I handed it over.

Now, I know it's not the same
as killing my parents, but...

it was Zegna.

- That limey cocksucker owes me five grand.
- Limey?

Yeah, he had an accent.
He's British.

- Get up.
- I'm telling the truth.

Get up.

Put him on the list.

Talk amongst yourselves.
Exchange info.


- What was that about?
- We're starting a band.

I told them to keep in touch. Talk.

You starting a support group?
Will you be participating?

Like I'd waste my time circle jerking
with a bunch of whiners.

Yes, you are a paragon of mental health.

I'm using them, Hogarth.

I wanna know everything they did with him,
everywhere they went,

every word that was said,
particularly about me,

and what the hell he's gonna do next.

Kilgrave wanted a leather jacket,
live cello music,

and the flattering smile
of a pretty girl.

What a waste.

He could solve so many problems
with his gift.


I just meant, if...
if he was on our side.

What side would that be?

The side that uses people?

Treats them like animals?

Jessica, do not take this out on me.

Just to throw them away
like garbage?

The side that rips your life apart
and destroys you from the inside out?

Whose side exactly would that be?


Hey, I got your movie.

It's 30 hours.
Cast of thousands.

Thanks, I should've got some popcorn.

Listen, there's a lot to comb through,
but your spy is in there somewhere.


What are you looking at, huh?

What the hell are you looking at, huh?

- Hey, get off him!
- He's watching!

Yeah, he's probably
watching the ceiling melt.

He doesn't like me.

Malcolm, go sleep it off.

Hey, I got enough to deal with

without worrying about you going all
search and destroy on me.

I know, I am...

I know how to turn it off, I...

The paranoia and the panic, I just...

Listen, there's this...

group of people.

They've all been through
the same thing, so...

if you wanna talk or something,
they meet tomorrow night.

Yeah, I'm not into it, either.

I gotta go.

God damn it.

Now I know how it feels,
someone watching your every move,

seeing you in private moments.


Are you Jessica?


Where are your parents?

Patsy Walker is safe.

What did you say?

You don't have to worry about her,
for now.

- Who told you that?
- The man.

He said he liked her apology.

How old are you?

Eight and a half.

I'm sorry that this is happening to you.

You're a bitch.

You could have stopped that bus.

You left him there to die in the street,
like a goddamn dog.

- Stop it.
- You turn everything to shit.


It's Friday.

What does that mean?

Don't you have a job to do?

Are you talking about Audrey?

Did Kilgrave send Audrey?

Did he send Audrey?

Was he at her target practice? Wait!

Where's Mommy?

It's okay.
I'm gonna help you find your mom.

- Chanise!
- Mommy!

- She won't let me go!
- Sorry! I'm sorry.

Are you okay?
Did she hurt you, baby?

She was lost.
I was just trying to help.

Stay away from her!

What are you doing here?

I'm sorry to show up like this.
I just wanted to make this right.

You can't.

I got something for you.

I don't want anything from you.

Well, it might help. Please.


It's personal.

I can't let you in.

Put it on the floor.

Now go to the end of the hall.

Uh, did you open it?


I just want you to feel safe.

Is it legal?


You still there?

Audrey was right
about her husband.

Carlo's clearly
not in a hurry to get home.

Cases like this
remind me of why I'm single.

I could storm the gates
and get the money shot...

but not if Kilgrave
got to Audrey somehow.



Hi, it's Audrey Eastman.

Yeah, I know.

Did you follow him?

Wait, what?

Where are you?


Hello? Jessica?

Are you there?


Can you hear me?

Where... Where is Carlo?

He's three feet to your right, asshole.

- Get her on the plastic!
- How?

I have a gun on her,
for Christ's sake, Carlo.

You shoot at me, I'll pull the bullet
out of my ruined jacket

and shove it up your ass
with my pinky finger,

and who do you think
that's gonna hurt more?

You're bulletproof?

- Jesus!
- Nope, not bulletproof.

Audrey, this is insane.
Honey, we don't have to do this.

We can walk out of here right now...

She doesn't have laser eyes either,
or she would have used them.

Laser eyes?
Who said I had laser eyes?

Oh, that dick with the Aston Martin.
I served him a subpoena.

Gregory Spheeris. I sell to his wife.
They're very talky.

Look, you're obviously
pissed off about something,

but I'm pretty sure, for the first time,
this has nothing to do with Kilgrave.

He's smarter than you two.

Kilgrave? Who's Kilgrave?
Is he another one of you people?

How many more are there like you?

How many more what, private eyes?


Stupid word.

It's like calling someone "special."
They're not special, they're retarded.

You're not gifted,
you're a freak.

What have we or the mentally challenged
ever done to you?

You saved the city.

That's what the newspapers said.
You were "heroes."

Not me.

"The city was saved."

But I was there.
I saw what really happened.

I saw my mother crushed to death

under a building
that you people destroyed.

In the incident?

I was trying
to pull my mother out from the rubble,

watching her bleed to death,

while all around me,
you people were raining down hell.

So go after the big green guy
or the flag waver.

I wasn't even there!

Consider it a preventative measure
for next time.

You think you're the only ones
who've lost people?

You think you're the only ones with pain?

You think you can take your shit
and dump it on me?

You don't get to do that!

So you take your goddamn pain
and you live with it, assholes!

You lost your parents?
Welcome to the goddamn club!

I lost mine in some random accident.

Do you see me trying to kill
every shitty driver? No!

Because I don't work my shit out
on other people!

So keep your goddamn feelings
to yourselves!


You wanted to know
how many of us there are?

The last time I counted,

I had 99 gifted friends
in this borough alone.

And now every single one of them

is gonna know about this shit
that you tried to pull.

And they hate attempted murder.

They really do.

The cops hate it, too, you know,
because it's against the law.

Please don't kill us.
We're gonna leave you alone.

There's only one thing
that you can do to save yourselves.

- What?
- Disappear.

Nobody, especially me,
ever hears from you again.

Me and my friends will stop by tomorrow
to make sure you heard me.

I want a divorce.

I couldn't stop smiling.
He wouldn't let me.

And this one guy

stitched a silhouette of my hair
in orange sequins.

And this girl sent me a stuffed, uh...

It kind of looked like a voodoo doll.

Of you?

Me or Carrot Top.
It wasn't clear.

It's creepy.

Well, it seemed normal at the time.

My mother had been
marketing the Patsy dolls for years, so...


The whole thing's
a little embarrassing now.

I had G.I. Joes...

till they all burned.


They went into battle
to save my sister's Barbie

and melted into one big clump.

That's terrible.

Hey! They accomplished their mission.

- By dying?
- They rescued Barbie.

I mean, the Dream House was gutted,
but she had insurance.

You used actual fire?

You torched a Dream House?

I was committed to the scenario.

- Yeah.
- Mmm.

That was meant to be a story about how
I've always been the guy saving people.

Albeit plastic people and they melted.

Well, I just need you to know that.

The guy who tried to kill you...

it wasn't me.

I don't blame you.

Well, you're doing better than me.

I tried to fight it.

I couldn't.

Hey, listen.

What Kilgrave did to you,
he did to Jessica.

It doesn't matter how strong you are.

Maybe not,
but we can protect ourselves.


I might shoot you by accident.

It's worth the risk.

- You went back to work?
- I had to.

- I needed things to feel normal again.
- Yeah, so did I.

Ah, you're a New York City cop.

I'm sure your "normal"
is pretty crazy to begin with.

Unlike being an actress.

Completely sane profession.



I sent more potential victims
to your survivor's group.

It's not my survivor's group.

Maybe it should be.
You need to process your trauma.

I'm sorry, who is this?

Fine. You need to not take
your crap out on my glass walls.

Put it on my tab.

When are you planning to pay that off?

Not tonight, Hogarth.
Not tonight.

Avery was crying because I forgot
to put his action figures in the car.

He'd been fussy all morning,
and in the car, he was just impossible.

I lost my temper.

Then we hit a red light
just south of Herald Square,

and Kilgrave just opened the door
and got in.

Said he liked my car,
wanted to ride around.

Avery was still crying,

but Kilgrave never once looked at him.

He just stared straight ahead and said...

"You'd like to leave your son,
wouldn't you?"

And I said yes.

I pulled Avery out, put him on the curb,
and drove away.

I saw him in my rear-view mirror,
just weeping on the sidewalk,

and I hated myself because...
it's what I wanted.

I disappeared for a week
while I was Kilgrave's chauffeur.

I was charged with child abandonment.

My wife left me, which
I don't blame her, because...

You drove him for a week?


Yeah, it was a nightmare.
I was haunted by...

Where did you drive him?

- I'm not sure that's the...
- Did he meet anyone in particular?

Did anyone deliver pictures to him?

- Um, actually, yeah.
- Who?

I don't know, I just had to drive Kilgrave
to meet the same guy

every day at 10:00 a.m. on the dot.

- He was very punctual.
- What did he look like?

Is this some kind of
reenactment therapy?

Screw therapy.
What did he look like, the guy he met?

Well, I never got close,
and it was freezing.

Everyone's wrapped
in tons of layers and hats.

He wore a scarf.

Blue and white stripes.