Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - AKA You're a Winner! - full transcript

Luke hires Jessica to help him find someone who may have skipped town, but she fears he'll learn too much about her history in the process.

There was a kind of freedom
to being under Kilgrave's control.

You're not a slave
to guilt or fear or even logic.

You just do what you're told.

If you light that thing,
I'll make you put it out in your eye.

I'd like to see you try.

Assholes try. I just do.
Put that out.

Okay, gentlemen,
who's feeling lucky?

All righty.
What do we have this time?

You might want to work on that poker face.

What the hell? I'm all in.

Friggin' weirdo.

I'm out.

What? Where are your balls?

Don't we all have balls here?

Ladies, tell us we all have balls.

You have balls.

See? You have balls,
Harvey, so go all in.

Man knows how to live.

Tell you what,
let's take a walk on the wild side.

Let's have everybody go all in.

Let her ride.


Now it's getting interesting.

Best estimate.
Where's the pot right now?

Just over a million dollars.

Yeah, that should do it.

Let's make it really crazy.
Everybody fold.

Oh, I guess that makes me the winner.

And me with a deuce and a seven.

Would you pack this money for me?

You'll be dining out
on this story for years.

The night you lost a million dollars
to the worst hand you had ever seen.

You're leaving?

For the luck.

Thank you.


I don't know what just happened there,

but you're gonna sit down
and give us a shot to win our money back.

I've got a better idea.

Let's see how long it takes you
to put your head through that post.

Go on.

- Hey, stop it!
- Whoa! Whoa! What are you doing? Harvey!

Harvey, stop! Stop!

The beauty of what he does
is that nobody knows how he does this.

It can't be explained,
so it can't be believed.

It doesn't matter how he does it.

It matters where,
so I can catch him.

Did he have a new favorite bar?

Did he catch movies at the Nitehawk?

You have to know something.

I know that his powers aren't magic.

How do you know that?

The same way I know
that elves don't exist.

I preferred your brain on drugs.

Look, I'm just saying
that if we pool our information,

then maybe we can
hone in on his limitations, you know?

Profile him.

You want to discuss him?
Fine, go to that survivor's group.

But if you want to catch him,
give me something I can use.

Who is it?


Who's Luke?

- What are you doing here?
- I want to hire you.

In the middle of the night?
He's been Kilgraved.

- Open the door, Jones.
- Don't!

- Are you hurt?

Sorry, stupid question.

Just keep your distance, all right?
Or I'm gonna have to kick your ass.

If he had been Kilgraved,
you'd be dead by now.

-What's a Kilgrave?
-Go home.

Why are you really here?

Like I said...

I want to hire you.

To do what?

Find someone.

I'm giving you the name of
a top-notch private investigator.

Angela Del Toro.
Reasonable rates.

I came to you.

And you shouldn't have.

You know how hard it was
for me to show up on your doorstep?

I need this handled fast, discreetly,

by someone who brings something...

extra to the table,

in case it gets rough.

Looks like it already got rough.

Start at the beginning.

Kid's name is Antoine Grier.

He got in deep to a loan shark.
Disappeared a week ago.

And you want to find him because...

His sister's worried about him.
Her name's Serena.

Serena gave money to Antoine
to pay off a loan shark.

I had a little conversation
with the shark's boys.

Seems Antoine hasn't
made any payments in weeks.

You said you only protect yourself
and what's yours.

I promised his sister.

Is she yours?

You really want to know?

Help me find him, Jones.

Keep the money.
I owe you a favor.

I didn't ask for a favor.

Text me any information
you have on Antoine,

phone number, address.

I went by his place already.
He's not there.

-I'll take another look.

First thing tomorrow.


If this is a booty call,
I like your chances.

It's Hogarth.

Yeah, I know.

Look, I still don't have
any dirt on your ex.

I think you're gonna have to accept
that maybe she's clean.

Well, keep looking.

That isn't why I'm calling.

I just picked up a message
from the prison infirmary.

Hope Shlottman was attacked.

God damn it.

- God damn it!

- Hey. Was it Kilgrave?
- Doesn't appear to be.

Wait, you're leaving?

Not a lot I can do.

Hope refuses to accuse her attacker.
No one saw anything.

-Of course it's bullshit.

Which is why I bribed a guard.
He was not cheap.

You know who did it.

This case is getting

-very expensive, Jessica--

Word has it
the attacker's name is Sissy Garcia.

Garcia could have been Kilgraved.

I checked the logs.

Garcia had no visitors before or after.
No contact with anyone other than Hope.

He doesn't leave fingerprints.

Regardless, Hope will not speak to me.

She will not ask for isolation.

So, Garcia's free to do it again.

Expensive and exasperating.
Your turn.

Whoever you are, puta,

this visit don't start
until Sissy gets her snacks.

Cash for the machines.

Thanks, sexy.

I think this is what they call
a conundrum.

Takis or SunChips?


-Whatever problem you have...

...with Hope Shlottman ends now
or I take your hand home with me.

Gringa loca,
that wasn't no beef, man.

That was services rendered.

-What is that supposed to mean?
-Hope wanted that beat down.


She paid me for it.
Fifty bucks and a pack of smokes.


Bitch, best be careful
messing with my digits.

I got ladies to satisfy.

You hired Sissy with my money
to take you out.

Fifty bucks and a pack of smokes.

Not to kill me.

Then what?

Are you punishing yourself?

You can't pay penance
for something you didn't do.

I'm not.

- God damn it, Hope.
- I'm pregnant.


I can feel it growing like a tumor.

They have a doctor on call here.

Two months. That's the soonest
the doctor can get to me.

Hogarth will get
the appointment moved up.

No, I'm not waiting.

Every second it's there,

I get raped...

again and again.

My parents are shot...

again and again.

One beating was more likely to kill you
than cause a miscarriage.

It was worth the risk.

It'll be worth the next risk.

Whatever it takes.

Jesus, Hope.

I want to live.

I want to have children, but...

I won't give life...

to this...


I won't do it.


Someone missing
as long as Antoine usually stays missing.

Normally, I don't give a shit.
More billable hours for me.

But Luke being the client
makes this case personal,

which is against my policy.

- Everybody, quiet!

Cutting it close, Miss Jones.

Luke, what the hell?

I thought you said,
"Tomorrow, first thing"?

-I had to deal with something.
-More important than a paying customer?

Life and death, actually.

Figured you were blowing me off.

I wouldn't just bail on you.

You've done it before.

I don't even know
what the hell I'm looking for.

Anything that points
to where Antoine might've gone.

Airline receipts, train schedules.

Won't find any of that
if someone grabbed him.

No one did.

Antoine's toothbrush, toothpaste
and deodorant are all missing.

Kidnappers aren't generally
big on hygiene.

He packed up.

Which probably means Antoine's okay.

Still gotta find him.

Because you promised his sister?

Is there another reason why you're
so amped up about this?

I keep my word.

Welcome to the Holy Grail of P.I. work.

Eye-drops, lot of ash...
rolling papers.

Antoine's a pothead.

Lottery tickets, contest entry forms.
Optimistic sucker.


But useful stupid.


This message is for Antoine Grier.

You're a winner!

Give us a call back within 24 hours
at this number

or your Xbox One prize will be forfeited.
Okay, thanks. Bye!

Not bad.

How often does that
"you're a winner" thing work?

You'd be surprised.

Are you following me?

Did Kilgrave send you?

These guys work for Sirkes,
the loan shark Antoine owes.

Didn't I just kick your ass yesterday?

So that was you.

I was looking for Antoine.
I thought you might know where he was.

And you thought I kidnapped him.

Why would I do that?
It doesn't get me my money back.

You want your money.
I want to find Antoine.

How about we work together?

You're talking about
a business arrangement?

-I am.
-The hell you are.

Take it down a notch, Jones.

Look, you rough up my employees,
that hurts my professional reputation.

That's all any businessman has.

Asshole thinks he's Carl Icahn.

We're in the street in broad daylight.

A brawl will bring cops, jail.
Shit we don't have time for.

You're a businessman.
Let's do business.

What's your finder's fee
for tracking down deadbeats?

Eight percent.

She's a P.I., a good one.
She'll do it for five.

The hell I will.

Fine. Five percent.

If we all walk away right now.

You known to deliver?

It's like you said,
all I have is my professional reputation.

You got a deal.
Come on.

- Carl Icahn?

I read his book.

I'll text you if I find anything.

It's a long commute home
this time of day.

I'll give you a ride.

I'm not gonna infect you.

I know.

It's the law.

Hold on tight.

So, uh, what's next?

I mean, with Antoine.

I'm gonna do some digging on the Internet.
I'll call you if I find something.


-You got a problem with me?

Whether your interest in Jessica
is actually your interest.

Whatever that means,
it's none of your business.

Have you been
approached by a British guy?

-Are you high?
-I wish.

Look, if you got a thing for her, man,
good luck.

Just don't get attached, man.
Trust me.

You got attached?

Again, not your business.

It is if you're gonna hurt her.

I don't think that's possible.

Whatever your issue is,
just don't take it out on her, all right?

She's been through hell
and saved me from the same.

Hell got anything to do with this
Kilgrave I keep hearing about?

Jeri Hogarth's office.

Put Hogarth on.

Hi, Jessica.

Yes, why be polite to a lowly secretary?

Were you just rude to Pam?

I'm rude to everybody.
Did you get Hope's meds?

Pam picked them up.

Yes, Pam is helping with this.

Pam who has been waiting for my divorce
with the patience of a saint.

Pam who I want to spend
the rest of my life with.

Jesus, I didn't ask
for your wedding vows.

Meet me at the prison tomorrow morning.

Did you mean that?

I did.

I want to.

I really, really want to.

But first, the divorce.

I'm Catholic.

Go home, Luke.

I know about Kilgrave.

What do you know?

I know what he did to Malcolm
and to you before that.

God damn it, Malcolm.

You were trying to tell me about him
when you and I were, uh...

Whatever we were doing.

You had no reason to believe me.

So I shut you down.
That's the reason you broke it off.

Don't, that's not the reason.

Then what was it?

Why does it matter?

Maybe I can make it right.

You can't.

You didn't do anything wrong.

It's me. I'm a piece of shit.

Hey, hold on.

You have no idea what I've done.

Doesn't matter.
It was him, not you.

You don't know.

Jessica Jones,

you are a hard-drinking, short-fused,

mess of a woman,

but you are not a piece of shit.




I gotta get up.

If you gotta.

You still going to go after
this Kilgrave guy?


You don't have to face him alone.

Yeah, I do.

Good for you.

I gotta say something.

It's Antoine.

Good morning!

Yeah, this is Antoine Grier.

I won an Xbox One?

Antoine! Congratulations!

We'll deliver your prize today
at 3:00 p.m.

What's your address?

257 Delancey Street.
It's a BK Express.

Okay, you'll have to be there
to sign for it.


Do Antoine and Serena
have Puerto Rican accents?

- No. Why?

Then that's some other guy
calling from Antoine's phone.

If Antoine was bragging about the money
his sister gave him,

I'm afraid your friend Serena
might be out of a brother.

She's not my friend.

I barely know her.
And I never met her brother.

Then, why?

She has something I need.

Proof my wife's death
wasn't an accident.

After Reva died, I went nuts.

I stormed into the MTA
looking for details about the crash.

Serena was an administrator.

She tried to calm me down.

I ended up being dragged out
by eight guards.

So she's seen your strength
and she's taking advantage.

Her proof could be nothing.

I thought the same thing.

So I went through Reva's stuff

that I'd packed away
after she died without looking.

But I found an envelope
with my name on it.

Instructions inside.

Told me to go to a warehouse
on 14th and 8th.

That's the corner where Reva got killed.

So I checked it out.

She said she buried something
when the foundation was being poured.

I dug until I couldn't feel my hands.

There was nothing there.

Take care of her.

What does Serena have?

I won't know until we find Antoine.

A video from the bus?
An eyewitness?

I hand over her brother,
she hands over the proof.

I just hope that guy on the phone
shows up at 3:00 for his prize.

Oh, shit!

The goddamn alarm didn't go off!

-You okay?

I'm taking off, Jones.

I copied the address.

-See you at 3:00.

--He seems like an okay guy.

It's not for you to decide
who knows my history.

Just looking out for you, but I...
I take your point.

I went to that group
that you told me about.

--The Kilgrave survivors.

It was good, you know,
saying it out loud.

-I prefer repression.
-And self-medication.

Look, I'm not gonna talk about
my shitty story, Malcolm,

because there's always someone
who's had it worse,

- someone's life who is ruined worse.

It's not a competition.

- Shut up, okay? Just stop talking.

Once you take this,
there's no do-overs.

You'll be sick as shit
for about eight hours,

so I need you to be 1,000% sure.

That's... sure.

Please work fast.
Please work fast.

--You're staying?

You're leaving?

Just tell me
if you're gonna stay with Hope.

I wasn't planning on it.

Look, I will get something
on your ex, okay?

I will make her sign those divorce papers
if I have to dangle her off of a ledge.

-Is that what you want to hear?

Then stay with Hope.

Please work fast.

May I help you?

I like your home.
Nicest on the block.


And the neighborhood,
the big trees, grass, birds.

Wish I'd grown up somewhere
excessively normal like this.

I'm sorry, what is it you want?

Yes, I've always been bad at small talk.

I'm used to just saying things
and they happen.

It spoils you.

Well, what a burden.

You have no idea.

Well, I need to go.

I'd like to buy your house.

It's not for sale.

I've done some research.
I believe it's worth just over $600,000.

Like I said, it's not for sale.
Now, move your foot.

You are going to--

I wanna show you something.

This is $1.26 million.

I'd like to give this to you
in exchange for your beautiful home.

-You can't be serious.
-I am.

But you could buy two houses
with this much money.

I know. Exciting, isn't it?

- I mean, is this even legal?
- Completely.

I've had a real estate agreement drawn up.

I'd have to show this to a lawyer.

Mmm, feel free, I want everything
above-board and binding.

Avoid seller's remorse.

There is one condition.

You have to have moved out of here
by the end of day tomorrow...

if you choose to sign.

Some assholes would call Hope selfish,

but she's got nothing on me.

Helping Luke was supposed to make up
for the pain I caused him,

but I'll hurt him worse
if I don't get to Antoine first.

You're early.

So are you.

I'm gonna find the guy
that called Antoine's phone.

He'll be the one having a shit fit
that his Xbox hasn't arrived.

Then the dude's here early, too.

Let me follow him.
You're too close to this.

I'm not sitting this out.

Hey, yo, taxi.

Luke, let me do my job!

Let's go.

I'd say it's a good place
to hold a guy prisoner.

Sweet Christmas.

That's some good herb.

--Oh, shit.

I got this.

-Are you sure?
-Sharp teeth. It's kind of my specialty.

Easy. Easy, easy.



Come on, guys.
I'm not gonna hurt you.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

--Hey, yo, Myers! Krueger!

Shut up, man!
Hey, yo, I said shut--

-Where's Antoine?

Tell me what you did with Antoine
or I put you through this door.

♪ Respect my mind
Or die from lead shower ♪

♪ I pray my dick
Get big as the Eiffel Tower ♪

Antoine Grier,
you're coming with me.

-I know I owe Sirkes.
-And your sister.

-Serena sent you?
-Just keep moving.

I was waiting till
I had this crop on the street.

Go back to her as an entrepreneur.


Ah, shit.

You are a good P.I.

Maybe I'll throw you
some business in the future.

-Pay her.
-How about a new deal?

All this weed is worth three,
four times what he owes you.

Let me keep Antoine,
all of this is yours.


-I don't re-negotiate.
-I'm not gonna hand him over.

Then I'll take both.

Stay away.

- The dogs all right?
- Of course they're okay.

I don't hurt dogs.

Goddamn punk. Disrespect me?

Get out of the way, asshole.

Let's go.

- Serena Grier?
- Oh, my God, Antoine! Oh!

Do you have any idea
how worried I've been?

I was gonna pay everybody back.
I had a plan.

-To steal money from a loan shark?
-No risk, no reward.

-You sound like Dad, you know that?

-Give me whatever you promised Luke.
-Who are you?

The one who brought
your brother home.

Go to my room and wait for me there.

I went to Mr. Cage...

Who hired me.

I'm a P.I.

Come on!

Guess I should get used
to you bailing on me.

I had Antoine in hand.
The priority was getting him home.

That's mine.

Whatever's in that file,
it isn't gonna make things better.

Why do you care?

I know a lot about holding on to shit.

It'll only hurt you
and everyone around you.


There's a reason, an explanation...

Charles Wallace.

-Charles Wallace.

He was the bus driver.

In the accident?

Wasn't an accident.
The asshole was drunk.

He got liquored up, went to work,
and killed my wife.



It's over.



It's over.

God forgive me.
He's gonna kill that man.

What do you mean?
Why would you say that?

The MTA covered it up.

Wallace's blood alcohol test
never even made it to the file.

Why the hell would they do that?

Wallace's brother-in-law
ran the claims division.

Charles Wallace is still driving
the same route listed in that file,

like it never happened.

Sorry, but this is the last stop.

You know who I am?

No. No idea.

How about Reva Connors?

You're the husband?

And you're the asshole
who killed my wife.

I'm sorry for what I did.

I've been sober since the accident.
I'm just trying to make things right.

Time's up.

Get up. Go on, get up.
Go, go!

You can't kill him.

The hell I can't.


Would Reva want you
to become a murderer?

Don't matter.
Reva's dead, and so is her killer.

Charles didn't kill your wife!

I did!

Stay out of it, Jones.

It was me.

I killed Reva.


Reva was at that warehouse
because Kilgrave and I took her there.

Oh, no way.

Reva had something that he wanted.

He made her tell him where it was.

He made me dig it up...

and then he told me...

He forced me to...

Shut up.

I hit her...


She was dead before
the bus even got there.

The driver swerved to miss her body.

You slept with me.

I didn't plan that.
It just happened.

You made me think...

I could get past it.

Did Kilgrave force you to do that?

You let me be inside you.

You touched me with the same hands
that killed my wife,

while you knew.

I'm so sorry.

If I never found out about Charles,
would you have ever told me the truth?

I was wrong.

You are a piece of shit.

It's not just the things
that he made me do that keep me up.

It's the question of who I am.

I mean, he turned me into
an addict, a liar, a thief.

He did that.

But I don't know
if it was in me to begin with

or... or if it's part of who I am now.

- How much longer?

A few more hours.

Collect what you can.
Deliver it to the lab at this address.

If you don't mind my asking,
what do you want with a dead fetus?

I do mind.
Keep this between us.

Birch Street.

Higgins Drive.

Cobalt Lane.

Birch Street.

Higgins Drive.

Cobalt Lane.

-Tell me, are you happy with our deal?
-You bet.

Absolutely. I mean, I didn't think
we'd get everything packed up,

-but the kids made a game of it--
-Leave now.