Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - AKA Take a Bloody Number - full transcript

The hunt for Kilgrave reunites Jessica with Luke. Trish receives some unexpected information about Simpson and Jessica.

I did it.

I did everything he said.

What exactly did he tell you to do?
What were his exact words?

His words, Luke. Repeat his words.

"Blow up your bar with you in it.

Make sure Jessica sees it."

He didn't tell you to kill yourself,
or "kill Jessica," or anything else?

Two days ago, I
followed you to a restaurant.

You didn't come out, but he did.


- Who the hell are you?
- Luke Cage.

Tell me what you want.

- Quickly!
- To kill you.

Well, take a bloody number. Did
Jessica tell you to do this?

No. I followed her here, thought
she might lead me to you.

Oh, great. Just great.
Get in the sodding car.

Go on.

I didn't kill your silly wife.
Jessica did.

All I wanted was Reva's
copy of that video.

What was I supposed to do,
allow someone to expose me?

- Yes.
- Oh, shut up!

How do you know Jessica?

We were lovers.

- What was it, a pity shag?
- No.

There's... something between us.

But she lied to you.


Then she told me everything.

Oh, look at that, Dad. Jessica
being honest with someone.

Tell me the truth, did you
bugger my chances with her?


You screwed that up yourself.

I'll have to think of a
fitting response to that.

You're done.

- It's over.
- Over?

The only thing I had left of Reva
was inside those four walls.

I'm sorry.

Does Kilgrave know about your skin?

No. It's not the kind of
thing people think to ask.

Good. He thinks you're dead.

Do you know where he is now?

I can't be here.

They're gonna want to question you.
Your bar just blew up.

Not mine.

Reva made sure my name wasn't
anywhere on that paperwork.

Where are you going?

I don't know.

All right. Let's go.

Sorry about the mess.

At least it's not on fire.

Guess we're
both lousy renters.

- Do I need to know what happened here?
- Nope.

I was a fool.

I didn't believe you about him.

Not enough.

I wasn't trustworthy.

Doesn't make you a fool.

Trying to catch him does.

When I, uh...

When he made me...

kill Reva...

I didn't realize it at the time,

but I think it severed
the hold he had on me.

He can't control me.

Not anymore.

You're free of him... because of Reva?


So, because you didn't
want to kill her...

you were able to push him out.

He could've told you to blow
me up along with the bar.

But he wanted you hurt, not dead.

Not yet, anyway.

But you can kill him.

That's my plan.

I'm gonna help.

That depends on how long it's
been since you've seen him.

- How many hours?
- Six, maybe seven.

You need to hit the 12-hour
mark with no Kilgrave.

Take the bed.

I'm good here, you take it.

I don't plan on sleeping. I
have a police scanner app.

Kilgrave leaves a trail.

And you want to keep an eye on me.

Just in case you've been ordered to do
something that I didn't think to ask.

I'll take the bed.

A hundred feet. You
call that improvement?

That's up from 80.

The changes are incremental,
not exponential...

I haven't got time for incremental, Dad.
Jessica is trying to kill me now.

Well, we won't know if you can
control Jessica without Jessica.

- All we can test for is time and distance.
- Well, my distance is piss-all.

- You hear the hecklers in the back row?
- "Get off the stage, asshole."

I didn't ask you to recount it.

Yo, you crushed it in there, man.
That was like anti-rock...

Stop talking.

Dad, tell me.

Are you doing everything
that you possibly can?



Cross the street, face that
fence, and stay there forever.

Kevin, be reasonable.

Well, it won't
actually be forever,

because it's incremental,
not exponential, remember?

Come on, you've got work to do.

They're releasing you?

They were just
keeping me for observation.

So, how can I help you?

- Rest.
- And?

You can triple down on
your home security system.

Somebody already got in.

The two dead guys are gone.

My doorman said somebody
cleaned the whole place up.

Wish they would've done that over here.
They just took Simpson and left.

Do you think he's still alive?

I don't know.

He was a good guy.

No, he wasn't.

He was, before those drugs
turned him into Godzilla.

Listen, I've been asking around here.

Simpson's doctor works for a private
research corporation called IGH.

Which is an acronym for nothing.

It doesn't exist.

No web page, no contact
number, nothing.

Please, Trish. I can only
fight one Big Bad at a time.

Of course, let's get Kilgrave first.

Okay, I'll keep you posted.

Sounds good. Bye.


Who's out there?

Sorry. You were on the phone.
I didn't want to barge in.

Just eavesdrop.

Okay. Off to a great start.

Jesus, who sent carnations?

- What are you doing here, Mother?
- Well, I was worried.

You've never missed a show.

So when Trish Talk got
preempted this morning, I...

- You listen to my show?
- Well, of course.

I'm afraid I berated your station
manager into telling me where you were.

You're good at verbal abuse.

The nurse told me you took something.

I'm fine.


I didn't relapse. I'm fine.


That's good.

You know, I would listen to Trish
Talk even if you weren't my daughter.

You're so smart, incisive...

- I don't need your approval, Mother.
- Well, tough shit. You got it.

People still look up to you.

I get calls about you all the time.

I'm not your client.

As you made abundantly clear years
ago, to me, privately, publicly,


I didn't want you getting your
claws into another starlet.

Fair enough.

I was a god-awful mother back then.

And not now?

How would I know?

You never gave me another shot at it.

I'd like you to leave now.


I'll just... scream at some
nurses on the way out,

to lift my spirits.

You can help yourself to...

Well, there's nothing.

There's a decent pizza
joint on the corner.

- You got a lead?
- A theory.

You said 12 hours. It's been 14.

- His control is over.
- Unless you run into him.

Trust me.

We get close, I'm out of there.

I got no interest in
being used by him again.

You could walk away right now,

find another bar, a new place to live.

This could all be over for you.

That who you think I am?

I think you're someone
who's trying to survive...

who keeps hidden what he needs to hide,
and I don't need to know what that is.

But going after Kilgrave, there's...
no hiding there.

I want him dead... same as you.

Until that happens...

I'm with you.

So what's your theory?

He's trying to increase
his power so he can control me.

So, how does he get it?

I don't know, but he's keeping
his dad alive for some reason.

Maybe Kilgrave thinks Albert can
improve upon his original work.

You can't improve on an
asshole by making it bigger.

- Hey, where you going?
- Away from you.

Hey, man, take it easy.

I'm speaking truth, man.

- It's okay, he's been through a lot.
- Yeah, we all have.

Don't talk about me in the third person.
I'm standing right in front of you.

I'm going home, Jessica.

- I'm glad.
- No, you're relieved.

I could have died with my parents
still thinking that I was

all the things that he made me.

I broke their hearts,
but you know what?

I'd rather face their pain and anger

than this loneliness
that I feel around you.

It's a long shot, but this
is where I found Albert last time.

Rough life, hiding from
your homicidal son.

I doubt Kilgrave let him come
back for clean underwear.

We're looking for
something in particular?

Nope. That's how we find something.

What the hell are you doing in here?

You want a room, go to the front desk.
This ain't an open house.

You rented this room
to Albert Thompson.

- He's gone.
- We're just here to pick up his stuff.

He stiffed me on the bill.
You gonna pick that up, too?

We'll just take what we
need and be on our way.

Don't belong to you. I sold it all.

Lab equipment's very popular on eBay.
Lots of thrifty meth cooks out there.

So, unless you wanna help
me pack this shit up...

We could just kick her ass.
Would that be wrong?

Tough call.

It's too bad them chemicals he had
don't have any recreational use.

- Chemicals?
- Those boxes.

Shit weighs a ton.

Fifty bucks.

You just said they were worthless.

Worth somethin' to you.

Whoa, whoa!

Nah, just the basics.

Saline, boric acid, rubbing alcohol...

And something... unpronounceable.

It's an adeno-associated
viral compound.

It's used for genetic brain disorders.

I looked it up. It's expensive shit.
Hard to come by.

You know who wants to buy it?

No one.

Well, I'm sorry for your loss.
It's a local bio-chem lab.

Hmm. Worth a look-see.

I don't know anything.


- He was here?
- Twice.

Cleaned them out of that AAV1 shit.

He's coming back for more.

Is that why that guy was in such
a hurry to get back to work?

When Kilgrave tells you to work
nonstop, you literally work nonstop.

Place smelled like piss and shit.
Couple of them had fainted.


Hey, all we can do is wait, okay?

They say that...

talking about a trauma...

that it helps.

That and jogging. Two things
that make me feel like crap.

I stood there at the bar, waiting...

smelling the gas, thinking...

"Put down the lighter.

Walk out before you destroy
everything you and Reva worked for."

But I couldn't do it.

I was wrong...

for blaming Reva's murder on you.

For calling you a...

What I called you.

It's okay.

I got no right to offer this, but...

Don't apologize. I don't
want that from you.

How 'bout...

I forgive you...

for everything.

And I'll say it every day for
as long as you need to hear it.

- Did you see a doorman out there?
- I did.

He said you have imaginary
dead bodies in your apartment?

He drinks.


Well, I have something for you.

Damn it.


You always did have good taste.

Expensive, but good.

Where'd you get it?

- Oh, no foreplay, huh?
- Ugh, Jesus, Mother.

You know, I really wasn't eavesdropping
when I saw you this morning,

until I heard you say "IGH."

You know how I always
keep meticulous files,

and never throw anything away.

In case you have to use it
against somebody later.



- You want something.
- You're right.

I want a relationship with my daughter.

Any relationship.

And this is me trying to
earn back your trust.

I should have shared
it earlier, I know,

but you and Jessie were just so young.

- Jess?
- Yeah.

Jess' medical bills.

From her accident. Came with
her files when I adopted her.

Check out who paid them.


I figured it was a charitable
write-off for them.

Did they know about her abilities?

- Did you tell them?
- God, no!

Jessie threatened to, quote,

"tie my earlobes to my brain" if
I ever said anything to anyone.

And that threat still
stands, by the way.

And you never thought to ask
if they did something to her?

Why would I? It was already done.

There may be more.

You're welcome to come home
and go through all my files.

It's not home for me anymore.

Well, it is as far as I'm concerned.

And besides, everyone
would love to see you.

Remember Sabrina? She
just asked about you.

In fact, she's looking for someone to
endorse her bottled water division.

And for every bottle sold, they
give water to places that need it.

One for one.

I'd forgot how good you were.

You also forget that one-room
apartment we used to live in.

You don't piss on money, Pats.

It's an insult to those
of us who had none.

Thank you for the information.
I'd like you to go now.

The files will still
be waiting for you.

Someone's coming.

Damn it.

That's not Kilgrave.

No one's been in or out all day.

Then we follow this guy. Good
chance he's our courier.

Kilgrave could be in there.

Do what you gotta do.

That is not cool.


Hey! Stop! Stop!

Hey! Hey, you can't take those!

- No!
- Oh, Jesus!

I'm gonna go find a cop.
Someone call 911.

Kilgrave still needs the chemicals.

Means his dad hasn't
cracked the upgrade yet.

Well, it's a matter of
time before he does,

and that's when the
real shit show starts.

He'll be able to control people
through buildings, walls, the radio.

"Hey, New York, go to the
highest building and jump."

Hey, hey, hey, hey, it's gonna be okay.


What are you doing here?
You should be in bed.

I'm fine. I was just, um...

checking in on your search.

Well, we're screwed and out of leads.
Are you sure that's all?


I'm helping her take Kilgrave out.

She usually refuses help.

I'm uniquely qualified.

- Uh, Trish Walker.
- Luke Cage.

- Jess didn't, uh, mention you to me...
- He's a friend.

Who knows about Kilgrave.

I found out the hard way.

I'm sorry.

Can you give us a sec?

My wife was a big fan of your show.

Thank you. It's lovely to meet you.


Okay, his wife?

She's dead... All right, I killed her.

Wait, that's Reva's husband?

- You're sleeping with Reva's husband?
- No, I'm not sleeping with him.

Not anymore.

And what's going on?
What's in your bag?

It can wait.

Clearly not, or you wouldn't have
walked all the way over here.


it's not gonna change how
you find or kill Kilgrave.

- But it's important.
- Yes, and private.

So if you didn't have company, then...

Ugh! It's not like you're
interrupting some romantic interlude.

Why not?

'Cause people are dying.

Look, he obviously has feelings for you,
and you definitely have feelings for him.

I do not.

Please, the chemistry was
jumping off of the two of you.

And you can't say he's not hot.

Fine, he's hot.

And if Kilgrave weren't
trying to kill me...

You'd push him away
like everybody else.

I can't think about that right now.


But just...

When this is over, when
you win this thing, I...

I hope you finally allow
yourself some happiness.

Yeah, man, I'm sorry.





Okay, buddy, I'll talk to you later.


Had to tell Roy his
bartending job blew up.

He's gotta find a new gig.

And the hits keep on coming.

He'll be all right.

There's always work
for a good bartender.

This belonged to Reva.

When she told you to dig up that basement,
this is what she wanted you to find.

There's videos on it.

Experiments on kids.

Kilgrave was one of them.

Lot of other files, but
I didn't open them.

It was meant for you.

For security.

To protect me.

Do you mind if I use your shower?

Sure, take your time.

Oh, this is not
your job, spying on people!

Ma'am, nobody
is spying on anyone.

You are spying!

You are spying! You were
going and looking at people!

I'm trying to
find the right apartment.


You're not trying to
find the right apartment...

Snap out of it, sister!
Don't let him control you!

- What the hell is wrong with you?
- Don't let him control you. Wake up!

- Robyn, stop it! Stop it!
- She is one of Kilgrave's drones.

She is crazy.

She is lurking in the halls
in the dead of night.

It's 6:00! This is my last delivery!

- She was spying on me for Kilgrave.
- I didn't know the apartment number.

- Is there a camera in your little machine?
- Stop it.

- Spill the beans!
- Hey, hey!

Stop it! Just let me see that.

If there is a severed body part

- in that box...
- What?

...of any kind, I'm
going to be very upset.

It's for Ruben.

I'm calling the cops.

No, she's probably just off her meds.

This whack job is dangerous.

- She just lost her brother.
- I didn't lose him.

He's dead.

Please, this won't happen again.

Whack job.

Ruben's chinchilla chewed through
his charger cord two weeks ago.

And I wouldn't let him pay
for express shipping.

Ruben was such a great guy.

He was kind and gentle, and...

I don't know what he put
in that banana bread but,

it was like crack.

Wait, was it crack?


I'm no good without him.

No, you're plenty good.

People don't like me.

They liked him.

He's probably looking down on me now...

so goddamn disappointed.

It's unacceptable!

She was a few feet away from me.

If she'd seen me, that's
it, it's all over.

I don't think you realize how
vulnerable I was, how helpless.

We've made progress. Longer
times, longer distances.

Thought you said this godforsaken
slime was gonna expedite the process.

It has. It's really
quite extraordinary.

The stem cells have inherited
some of your genes.

But will it work?

Well, we need to do another
test when it's ready.

- Why is it not ready now?
- Because I'm tired!

If you'd let me rest,
I could focus better.


go to the blender.

Turn it on.

Nice boat. Lower your
right hand in there.


Go on, slowly.

Stop there.

Are you focused?

Still need a little nap time?

When I first got these powers,
I took a trip to the junkyard.

Started moving hunks of
metal back and forth.

Rusted out cars, busted stoves.

Just to see what I could lift.

You were taking your
powers for a test drive.

Kilgrave might test himself out, too.

I've been searching.
Nothing is coming up.

If someone would see me, they says,

"Where's the wires? Where's
the hidden camera?"

They'd think it was a hoax.

Hoax, magic, performance art.

You try that sort of thing, yet?

You bucking for a P.I. job?

"Horse fetishists
in Central Park"?

No, everyone knows about them.


- This one.
- "Magic word is 'wankers'."

So, the band's on their last song,
when this guy just walks out on stage.

And the band's all,
like, "What the hell?"

And then this guy grabs
the mic and says,

"Shut up, you wankers."

And then, like, almost everybody in the
whole place just shuts the hell up.

If that's him, then the
upgrade is working.

The Delaney Hall holds 600 people.

Could be he can get to you now.

Let's check their security cameras.

See if one got him leaving.
License plate, maybe.

I don't want you to...

get hurt.

Thank you.

I'll put some clothes on.

If you're
mind-controlled to drown me,

I'm dragging you in too, fair warning.

Look, broomstick, you're
into me, it happens.

Romantic backdrop, it's working.

But I'm in mourning.

You should talk to Ruben.

He's here?

You put him...

with the fishes?

We're Pisces, you know.

It's a water sign.

You know what the symbol for Pisces is?

It's two fishes...

swimming together...
in an infinite circle.

Ruben and I used to say that's
how we were in the womb.

I'm just... I'm so sorry.


Pisces are the most
forgiving of the zodiac.

You forgive me?

I've thought about breaking
into your apartment

and sticking a screwdriver
into your eye.


Eye for an eye.

But the whole world goes blind.

So what, we should all just let
everyone off the hook then, huh?

Just the people that matter to you.

That way when they
die, you feel love...

not regret.


Goodbye, Ruben.

I hope they have free
express shipping in heaven.


Breaking and entering, my specialty.

As well as punching, kickin',
drinkin' and talkin' shit.

The four essentials of being a P.I.

Not closed.

- Come back later?
- I got other specialties.



We're closed. Get out of here.

New York State Liquor Authority.


We got reports of underage
drinking in here.

We ID everyone at the door.

Oh, including those
underage high school girls

doing shots of Jäger in
the front row last night?

Well, you got bad info.

Then you got nothing to hide.
We need to see video of the show.

You want a raid, you got it.

All right, my office
is up the back staircase.

Oh, you know, these days, the
20-somethings, they look 30.

And the ten-year-olds, they look 20.

Why you looking at ten-year-olds, man?

- It's just a saying.
- No, it's not.

What? Don't tell me the
prices are goin' up.

No, we're good. Still
gotta see the video.

I got better things to do.

We don't.

- Man, what the hell is this?
- No video.

- Even the audio files are gone.
- It's been erased.

Not by me. All the cameras
are still working.

Check, one, two, one, two.
Can you hear me at the back?

Oh, hell.
What, this guy again?

Hello, New York City!

Get as far away as you can.

- You heard her.
- What, you just can't...

- Let's go! Go.
- Okay. All right.

Keep your distance.


So, you found
my testing arena.

All by yourself?

Just followed
the trail of misery.

Oh, that's a good band name.
Now for the real test.

Stop there, Jessica Jones.

God damn it!

I want you to know, I
forgive you for everything.

I'll say it every day for as
long as you need to hear it.

You heard that?

I wrote it!


Mr. Cage had been ordered to
ring me about your exploits

since before he blew up
his seedy little bar.

Uh, the 12-hour window at that
point was actually 16 hours.

Now it's 24... and a hundred yards.

Did you think he was
more powerful than me?

With his unbreakable skin?
Is that why you desired him?

You really thought I could forgive you?

You killed my wife.

- That's not you talking, that's him.
- Shut up.

I tried so hard to avoid this, Jessica.

This is not what I wanted.

But you failed the test.

Kill her.

No. You can fight this.


Every move he made was mine.

Those tender moments.

Those sweet things he
shared, it was all me.

It was our sexual tension.

It was all me!

You chose wrong, Jessica.

You always have.

Stop her, Cage!

You're stronger than me.
You can push him out.

I can't.

Wake the hell up.

I know you can fight this.
I know you don't want to hurt me.


No, listen, get out of here.
You need...

- You, hands in the air.
- You need to get away.

Listen to me.

- We got a disturbance call. Check it out.
- No, don't!

- Hands in the air!
- God damn it, you need to run!

Freeze! Don't move!

Please stop.

Please stop.

Do what you gotta do.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.