Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - AKA I've Got the Blues - full transcript

Jessica searches morgues for clues. Trish goes all out to keep Simpson from getting in Jessica's way. Malcolm has an epiphany.

It's not fair, it's mine!

Let him play.

...pick up line seven.
Dr. Lancow, line seven.

It's not fair.
I don't even know her.

We just go to the same school.
I don't want to do this.

And I don't want to cover up

for a stupid starlet
who set a nightclub on fire.

It was a tablecloth.
I don't know how it started.

Because you were passed out.

It's not the first time
that somebody's passed out.

And that's the headline
of every tabloid.

We have got to change
the Patsy conversation.

Taking in your little friend
will be a start.

She broke it!

She broke my Game Boy!

This is torture.

It's a photo op.

Some photo op.
She looks dead.

She's awake sometimes.
She's just not making new memories yet.

Well, you can be the one to say,
"Welcome back.

By the way, your whole family's dead."

The doctors will tell her that.

Will you stop messing
with your wig?

- They're gonna be here any minute.
- Itchy as hell.

Mom, look!
She's awake.

Hi, Jessie.

I know you must be confused right now,
but everything's gonna be okay.

Patsy's gonna save you.


It's okay.

I just...
I killed myself! I tried to kill myself!

- It's all right, it's okay.
- Why would I do that?

- It's okay.
- I hate suicide!

He's gone.
It's over. It's over.

Okay, here's the lie.

We're all friends.
We came here for a drink.

I invited a former client
and she killed herself

- and that's the end of the story.
- What?

- You want me to lie?
- Okay...

I can't lie!
You're the liar.

- Robyn, just listen to her.
- I'm hurt!

If you wanna explain
your self-lynching party, go right ahead.

Yeah. Right, I'll find a Dumpster
on another block.

Come on, guys.

You know we can't explain this.

Just help, please.

We'll tell them we're in a cult.

- What? No.
- At least cults are real.

- One tried to recruit me once.
- You'll get us arrested.

Then we tell our truth!

- For Ruben. For tablecloth girl.
- They're dead!

And there's nothing
that I can do about that.

But I can rip Kilgrave's throat out.

You saw what happened,
and I'm immune to him.

But those cops aren't.
They're gonna get themselves hurt.

Just like we did.

So help me get out of here

so I can save them
and kill him.

No matter who gets dead
along the way?

It's less people than he'd kill.


- That 's all?
- Good, then.

Talk to these guys yet?

Okay, I'm gonna get a statement
from these people, all right? Okay.

Step with me, ma'am,
and we'll get your statement.

I came to the bar to have a drink, and...

the next thing I know,
everyone just started screaming.

But I didn't really see what happened.

I saw it all.
Every single detail.

I knew she killed her parents, but, uh...

she seemed like a nice girl.

She said that she wanted
some company... after everything.

It's all etched into my brain. Forever.

I guess what she really wanted
was an audience to watch her die.

She killed herself.
With a glass.

With the stem of the glass.

That was her choice.
Nobody told her to do it.

I guess she couldn't live with the guilt.

A lot of weird shit
has been going down.

How so?


a crazy girl walked into a bar
and jabbed a glass into her own neck.

I'd call that weird.

I really hate mental illness.

It made sense to me, too.


Trading Albert for Hope.
It made sense.

Well, they're dead now.

- They?
- Albert's as good as dead.

Shit, I got blood on your car.

Don't worry.
The car's getting used to it.

I'm gonna take you home, okay?

How about Riverbank Medical Center?

Right, of course,
you took a blow to the head.

But Metro's closer.

Riverbank morgue.

I just got a John Doe.

Police scanner app.
Could be Albert.

Right, somebody should be there
to put him to rest.

Screw that.
I'm looking for leads.

Where he was found,
how it was done...

Anything that indicates where Kilgrave was
and where he's going.

Are you going in undercover as a corpse?

You're covered in blood.

Well, it's a morgue.
It's not a photo shoot.

Fine, home first, then the morgue.

Come on, it'll be fun.

I've narrowed my search
to John Does, last 12 hours, elderly.

Well, most dead bodies are old people.

Since when are you the naysayer?

- Just trying to keep it real.
- Great. Thanks.


I'm here from
the Medical Examiner's office.

There's an older male subject

that I need to...


Your name?
I have a list.

Uh, Katya Bell-Hortense.

Uh, Kelly Huang. I replaced Kelly Huang.
Right there. New hire.

I've had no calls authorizing
an after-hours visit.

Are you saying
I made up Kelly Huang?

Kelly Huang was a really great woman,
and she died.

It was tragic.

You have to leave.

Okay, look, do you know who this is?

Oh, this is embarrassing.

This is Trish Walker.

And I'm Maury Tuttlebaum.
What's your point?

- He doesn't know who I am.
- Trish Talk?

The highest rated talk show in the city?

How about...

There's a list.
You're not on it.

Okay, thank you so much.
Let's go.

- Are you a gourmand, Maury?
- I appreciate a good meal.

Trish can get you a table
at any restaurant in the city.

Name it.


I had the chef on my show
when they opened.

You did?

You really have to try the duck confit.
It's amazing.

Five minutes.
No funny business.

Older male, came in an hour ago.
How'd you hear about him?

Dinner at the fancy restaurant
is supposed to buy us quiet assistance.

This is him.

Weird thing.

He got hit by a car and thrown.
The landing killed him.

You don't see that much mid-city.
Speeds are too low.

So, did he throw himself
in front of the car?

I wasn't there.

God damn it.

Call me if you get any more old dudes,
especially if the body's messed up.

Pieces missing,
head literally shoved up the ass,

knees bent backwards,
body dissolved in acid...

I'll get you the chef's table at Per Se.
Thank you. Call us.

If I can get a network of
morgue staffers to keep an eye out,

maybe I'll get lucky.

It's proactive.
That's good.

If you're just keeping it real?

You're grasping at straws.

I need him dead.

We all do.

He keeps throwing innocent people at me
and I keep falling for it.

That's because you're trying
to protect them.

Not anymore.
Hope died to teach me that lesson.

I doubt that's what she had in mind.

There's another morgue
ten blocks away.

After 24 hours with no sleep,
your short-term memory goes to hell.

I was unconscious last night,
so that counts.

After 48 hours, there's blurred vision,
impaired judgment...

I'm fine.

I'm not.

I have to sleep.
So do you.

Yeah, you're right.

I'm just gonna walk home. Thanks.

St. Vincent's Hospital,
Pennsylvania Plaza.

- Where do you wanna go next?
- Mount Sinai Hospital.


- You want me to wait again?
- No, thanks.

You call this a tip?

Hey, did this used to be a morgue?

This crap-ass website.

Why would you do this?

You can kill him now.

I will.

I'll kill him.

Didn't see much myself.

Was she in
the middle of the street?

- Did you get hurt?
- What happened, miss?

- I don't...
- Oh! Something wrong?

- What did... Is that...
- I think that she's breathing.

Oh, my God.

- Is she all right?
- I don't... I don't know.

- Is she moving?
- Was she in the middle of the street?

The truck tried
to slow down. I know, I...

Put your jacket under her head.
Come on.

Did somebody call the police
or something here?

Paramedics should be
on their way.

Here, honey.
Let me put this under your head.

- Get off!
- Ow!

Are you crazy?

- Sit still, ma'am.
- She's in shock.

- I'm good.
- Take it easy.

you should really stay down.

You really should wait
for an ambulance.

Back off! I'm fine.

Who pay for my truck?

We've been listening to Diane Masagi
talk about her autobiography,

Behind the Scenes
With a Rock Flautist.

And as a treat, Diane has agreed
to give us a live sample of her work.

Take it away, Diane.

I'll be back.

What are you doing?
There's five minutes left in the show.

She's got it in her.
Just sit there and nod, okay?

Thank you.

- Hi.
- What are you doing here?

Uh, you wouldn't answer my calls.

Because I don't want to talk to you.

I don't blame you.
I was an asshole.

Assholes are a nuisance.
I deal with them every day.

- You were violent and scary.
- I know. I...

I am so sorry.

You know, Kozlov's drugs,
they were messing with my mind.

Everything turns...


You know, it's good for battle,
and it's bad for...

people you care about.

So, I... I quit the program.

Just like that?

Yeah, I had to get out of there.

Some things...

It wasn't worth it anymore.

Well, I'm happy for you.
I really am.

But I have to get back to work.

Look, Trish, it wasn't me. I...

Christ, even I don't buy that.

Look, apology accepted. Okay?

- I'm in the middle of a show.
- Yeah, of course.

Hey, have you seen Jessica?
'Cause I owe her an apology, too.

And I wanted to say sorry in person,
but she's not home.

If I see her,
I'll relay the message.

Maybe I could see you later.

Nothing says sorry like a rare steak
and some cheesecake.

Or, you know,
tofu and wheat berries, or...

Sure. Later.

Holy crap.

Yeah, purple is his favorite color
and he didn't even get to give it to me.

That's what they call irony.

- Sorry.
- Oh, shit.

You know, I can have
a doctor here in 30 minutes.

It's fine. It's just ribs.
I heal faster than most. You know that.

You'll heal wrong
if you're not careful.

Story of my life.

Okay, one more.

Jess, you're strong,
but even you can break.

As is evident by the rib
sticking into my liver.

- You want to sleep?
- No.

Okay, well, just sit down, at least.
Come on.




I didn't even see the truck coming.

You said.

The asshole didn't even slow down,
didn't hit the brakes.

No skid marks.

Humanity sucks
and they don't deserve saving.

Okay, so, if you could save
a class of first-graders or kill Kilgrave,

you'd kill him?

Screw 'em.

- Puppies?
- Yeah, puppies never did anything for me.

- All right, what about nuns?
- They still make those?

What if he took someone you love?
Would you let 'em die?

Lucky me,
I don't have too many of those.

Don't worry. I'm not just keeping you
around because you have pull

with the morgue attendants.

Still looking out for me, huh?

I can protect the one
or two people I care about.


Someone I don't know about?

One. Just one.


Well, it's nice to be appreciated.

I'm quitting!
I'm quitting!

You cannot quit!

You are Patsy!

I'm Trish!

I worked too goddamn hard
to make that name famous.

I don't want it!
Any of it!

You are a spoiled brat!
People are starving,

and you're complaining about
having to wear a goddamn wig!

You're not the one
who has to wear it all the time.

I'm sick of it!
I'm sick of all this Patsy shit!

- If you loved me...
- If I loved you?

Do you know the sacrifices
that I have made?

You show some respect
to your mother, Patsy!

I'm not Patsy!

I said shut up!


- I hate you!
- Patsy!

- Get back here, God damn it!
- I hate you!

Oh, get back here, God damn it.


You know, I'm only trying
to protect you.

You're crazy.

...stay away from me!

I don't want anything to do with you.

How am I doing this?

I'm not going to punish you!

I'm just trying to help you!

Come back here!

What happened to your shoulder?

- Are you kidding me?
- You're hurt. She hurt you.

You were holding a 150-pound
chunk of marble over your head.

How'd it happen?

I got hit with a People's Choice Award.


I don't know.

You're a freak.

I mean that in a positive way.

Can you find a nicer word?


I guess.

I broke a brush earlier, too,
but that might have been regular.

I have to tell Mom.

- No! God, no.
- You can't hide this.

I can, and your mother
is a dangerous nutjob.

She just stabbed you!

And if she knew
that I had something

that she could exploit, too...

Did the car accident cause it?

I have no idea.

If you tell anybody,

I'm gonna tell everybody that
you're a pathetic victim of child abuse.

Don't you dare.

They'll make a Lifetime movie about it.

The Patsy Walker Story.

I'd be saving you.

Shut up! No!

Then it's a standoff.

Okay, deal.
I don't tell and you don't save me.

I'm looking for Tuttlebaum.

His shift just ended.

He texted me earlier
about a male subject that came in, 60s?

From the old CDC building?
Place was a hazard.

Wait, the CDC?

Show me.

You should go upstairs
and ask reception.

Next time you collapse, try 911.

Clemons is dead.


Yeah, he must've doubled back
to destroy the evidence.

Maybe Clemons got in his way?

He burnt everything down, Trish.

Oh, Jesus.

Albert's body will show up eventually.
Kilgrave won't let him live.

I'm coming to you.
We'll hit up the rest of the morgues.

Okay, meet me at my place.
Just give me an hour.

See you then.

I'm firing my doorman.

Yeah, you should.
He sleeps on the job.

So, you just let yourself up?

I was hoping maybe we could talk.

You know, you said
I could come by later, so...

Uh, later, not eight hours later.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing,
so... that's why I didn't knock.

Go home, Simpson.
Before you fall asleep on the floor.

Trish, I like you, which sounds like
I'm in fifth grade again...

What I mean is, I'm...

I just... I don't want to lose you
because of some bad medication. That's...


So, uh...
you were on your way somewhere?


Store down the street.
I'm... I'm out of soy milk.

So, you're not gonna go see Jessica?

She got you doing something?

See, when you ask questions like that,
I start thinking that you're off.


I should go.

I... I just want to know where Jessica is.


My boys are dead because of her.

Because of Kilgrave!

Yeah, and I'm gonna-gonna kill him,
but she just keeps getting in the way.

Jessica is the only one who can kill him,
which is exactly what she's trying to do.

You're the only one getting in the way!

Hey, Simpson.

We'd hate to have any trouble
while your girlfriend's here.

What is this?
Who the hell are you?

- Doc's worried about you.
- Yeah?

Well, tell Kozlov
I appreciate the concern,

but I'm not coming back.

We, uh...

we can't leave here without you, Simpson.


Well, please, take him. Really.
Please go.

No, go back inside-inside.

I got this.


Don't make this messy.

No one wants to hurt Patsy.

Look, I... I think you should leave.

Trish, are you
at my place already?

Sorry, it's Simpson.

I knew you wouldn't pick up
if it was me calling,

so I stole her phone.

Listen, asshole...

Hey, relax.
She's headed to your car now to meet you.

She wouldn't let me come, so...

Yeah, I'm a dick,
but I need your help.

What do you want?

Well, uh, same thing as you,
or so Trish tells me.

To kill Kilgrave.

- I got this.
- Yeah, well, I got a lead.

Jess, I know where he is.

- Where?
- Uh-uh-uh.

See, I want in.
My lead, I watch him die.

I can go catch up with Trish,
but if you're not there yet...

I'll be home in 30.


Can anybody hear me?

Simpson, open the door!


Trish, this is the only way
to keep you safe.

Simpson, you said you wanted to talk.

Let's talk.
Open the door.

I'll take care of things, Trish.
It's what I do. It's what I do.

Simpson! Simpson!

There you are.
Where have you been?

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

We've been waiting for you.


The folks with the nooses
around their necks.

They want a plan,
or at least some news.

Well, they're gonna have to keep waiting.

Come on, I...
I gotta tell them something.

We're meeting tonight.

Tell them to forget
it ever happened.

You asked them to lie,
to let you handle it.

They did.

I think they deserve an update.

They do.

Hey, Jess.

You all right?

Well, what doesn't kill us
makes us stranger.


If you say so.

Where's Trish?

I convinced her to stay behind.

She agreed.

Yeah. Keep her from harm's way.

Yeah, well, she's not built
for this sort of thing.

She's not like us.
Her heart's too good-good.

So, where's Kilgrave?

Well, I need a guarantee
that he's gonna die.

He sealed that deal
when he killed Clemons.

- You don't look surprised.
- Well, I heard about it from the Precinct.

He was a... great detective.

- Did they say how he died?
- Fire.

Still putting it out.

Actually, I saw the coroner's report
and it was a bullet to the head.

That's a mercy.

Kilgrave must have shot him.

Or had someone else shoot him.

Yet another reason to kill the bastard.

Actually, I hacked a file from the cops,

and ballistics show
the bullet was police issue.

He forced a cop to shoot him.


There's no way ballistics
came back that fast.

Yeah, you're right.
I took a flyer.

So... you think I shot Clemons?

You knew where
to find Trish at Albert's hotel.

Only Clemons and I knew she was there.

Which means you went to the CDC first.

And that fresh burn
on your arm confirms it.

I didn't even feel that.

Tell me you're Kilgraved.

Clemons was gonna put him in the system.

You piece of shit!

What the hell are those?

You're done protecting him.

I am trying to kill him.

You're lying.

Any other day,
you would've won this.

It's your ribs, isn't it?

You're on something.
You're messed up.

You could have killed him a dozen times.

Now I'm just doing what has to be done.

Someone has to.

Out of my way!

Go, go, go, go, go!

What the hell is he taking?

I don't know.
Some kind of combat enhancement.

Increases adrenaline or something.

Did you know about this?

I didn't know the extent of it.

I can't beat him, Trish.
I'm too hurt.

I only want Jessica.
You can still leave, Trish.

Yeah, you can still screw yourself!

- Tell me those aren't his pills.
- If it works for him...

You stole my pills.

No, don't!
It'll kill you.

- Hasn't killed you.
- Trish, you have no tolerance.

You see these?

Without a blue to come down,

your brain will forget
to tell your lungs to breathe.

I won't need a blue for another ten hours.

- Give it to me.
- No, no, if it kills you,

there's nobody to take out Kilgrave.

- No, don't!
- Without the blues, you'll die!

Worth it.

I'm not trying to hurt you.

Is he dead?

I don't know.

Jesus, that was amazing!

Are you okay?

Are you kidding me?
I'm pumped!

Is this what it's like for you?

Like, all the time?

Trish, why don't you
slow down for a minute?

I can't!
I'm too psyched!

I'm too...

I'm too...

- Trish, say something.
- I can't...


Oh, my God! Trish!
Trish, don't...

Trish, don't do this.

Trish, are you okay? Trish?

Trish, breathe! Trish!

I need an ambulance right away.

485 West 46th Street,
5th floor. Hurry!

Trish, they're on their way.
Trish, Trish, don't do this.


Stop it! Stop!

- Come on.
- No, I don't wanna do this.

- Come on. Come on.
- No, I don't wanna do this.

Well, you shouldn't have eaten
all that pizza.

- Then we wouldn't have to do this.
- Stop it!

The camera adds ten pounds.
You know that.

You want them to call you Fatsy?

Stop it!

Get out!

- This is private.
- Let her go.

Jess, get out.

This is family business.

You're not part of any family.

You promised not to save me.

I can't help it.


Dear God in heaven.

Now she knows.


- What did she take?
- I don't know.

- Coke? Meth?
- No, God, no. Nothing like that.

You're not helping her
by not telling me what she took.

Uh, she said it was a combat drug.

Something to increase adrenaline,
numbs pain.

That's a new one.



Damn it. We're losing her.



- What is that?
- Sure it was a stimulant?

Yeah, yes, yeah.

Yes, just do it.

Drive faster!

Trish, come on.

Trish, please.
Please, please, please, please.



Oh, my God, Trish.

Are you all right?

Is she gonna be okay?


God damn you.

Just had to be a hero, didn't you?

I learned it from you.

They're not coming.

How do you know?

Because I'm not delusional.
The group is done.

- You came.
- To warn you.

Stop group-texting your location
to a bunch of strangers.

Any one of them could be brainwashed
to gouge your eyes out.

That's... that's not how Kilgrave works.

Well, I'm sorry, are you
a professor of Kilgravism?

Starting to think so.

Well, it's gonna get us all killed.

Jesus, what is it with people?

At best, they're assholes.
At worst, they're... zombie assassins.

So what, it's just every man
for himself, then, huh?

Everything I learned in church,

all the praying that my mom did
for the sick and the dying, all the...

all the community projects
my dad worked on,

basically, everything that
they taught me...

it was all bullshit?

They're idiots and I'm just the only
asshole in the world who didn't know?

Yeah, you got duped, mop top.

I thought me and Ruben
were stronger together than alone.

But he still got sliced up
and thrown out anyway.

No one can help anyone.

If I believe that, I'll kill myself.

Well, there's a noose
in a Dumpster somewhere.

No one's gonna stop you this time.

Got him.

Apartment's clear.

Take him.