Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - AKA Smile - full transcript

Jessica and Luke get help from someone else in the neighborhood. Kilgrave gears up for a major test of powers against Jessica.

Pain is always a surprise.

Help! Somebody, please. Please help!

I try to avoid landmines.

- What happened? - He hit his head.

Avoid caring.

I can even see it coming.

But until it hits, you have no idea what pain is.

- What do we got? - A head injury with LOC.

Possible blunt force trauma.

- Unresponsive. - No bruising, lacerations.

I'm telling you, he got knocked out.

Gunpowder? Did you see him get shot?

I saw him unconscious.

- Are you gonna do something? - Let's get a CT scan.

- You can wait in the reception area. - No.

Hey, you did a good thing.

If he survives, it's because of you.

Cerebral edema with mass effect.

Prep for an intracerebral pressure catheter,

100 grams of mannitol to bring the swelling down.

Oh, shit.

Something's weird with the needle.


Come on!

- What the hell are you doing? - It's not me.

- You're done. - No.

It's him! Or these needles!

I need a damn nurse who knows what they're doing.

- You're wasting time! - I got this.

Blood pressure's climbing.

He can't wait.

No, do something non-invasive.

Remove her, please.

180 over 110.

- Ma'am, I'm gonna have you-- - Get off me.


He's, uh... one of those.

I need the Head of Surgery, and find the Chief of Staff.

I need a consult.

Uh, I'm sorry, sir. I can't let you in there.

Please help him.

I'm not a doctor. I don't think any doctor can fix this.

Then I need to get him out of here.

You know, if those cops are here for him, I need to report this.

The cops have it wrong. He is a good man.

He just got used by an evil prick.

This evil prick the one who put a shotgun to his head?

No, that was me, and I didn't have a choice.

- Okay, I'm done. - I did have a choice...

and I chose to survive.

You know, moving him might kill him.

Leaving him here will expose him.

Look, I know that we scare you,

and you've never seen anything like us,

but this is a good man.

- And you? - I'm an asshole.

But help me or get out of my way.

You don't scare me, and you're not my first.

The fifth floor bridge

goes to a parking structure across the street.

I have a car.

Where are you taking him?

Out of here. That's as far as I got.

Well, you're not taking him to my place.

Been there, done that, lost my lease.

My apartment's close.

It's a disaster, but he already knows that.

Is he gonna die?

I don't know.

You can ice him, use oral meds to reduce his swelling.

But it's... it's a crapshoot.

Might as well stop that right now. It won't do him any good.

- Stop what? - Guilt makes people do stupid shit.

I'm not guilty.

It's not my fault.

See, I hate that.

I want everything to be my fault. Good or bad.

Means I have some control.

- You don't. - Obviously.

But it keeps me dreaming I can change things for people.

Case in point.

You're in total control.

You're responsible for all of this and I blame you.

Don't push it.

Just in case.

Jessica Jones?

- Why? - Are you Jessica Jones?

Ellie, we've met. I'm Claire, down in Emergency.

This call is for you. You have to take it.

Will you take him to this address?


Oh, come on, be a little surprised it's me.

You found me at the only hospital in the neighborhood.

Big surprise.

You've expanded your reach.

But not to me.

Should have known you'd save your own skin, boyfriend be damned.

Selfish as ever.

Clearly, it's not better to have loved and lost.

I'm sure you regret having ever met Luke. Where's your security center?

Uh, east wing, second floor.

I certainly regret meeting you.

Oh, good, then we finally have something in common.


And hatred. Let's not forget about that one.

Fortunately, for you, we're already at a hospital,

so when I rip your tongue from your skull, it'll be a short trip.

You really are a little anal crumpet, aren't you?

Name calling, that's not really your style.

Oh, no, are you upset with me for not dying?

Did I foil your evil plan?

"Evil"? Come on, how reductive.

I suppose "Me, evil" means "You, good." bullshit.

I mean, it's true that I've never given a second thought

to anyone that I've let die, but I take no pleasure in it...

like a truly evil man would.

I'm merely... removing nuisances.

Public service, really.

But you...

I believe for the first time,

I will rather enjoy watching you die.

The feeling's mutual.

Jessica Jones!

...simply removes the fish from the skin and at that point...

Paging all personnel, visitors, the whining,

the wounded and dying.

Oh, hell, no.

A dangerous virus has been spread throughout this building.

For emergency instructions, turn to your closest video screen.

This is Jessica Jones.

He can't control everyone in the hospital.

She is patient zero.

Her poison will destroy you all,

unless you find and kill her first.


Unless he can.

Stay, you'll break a hip.

Search the other ones! She's not in here.

All clear. Check the other one.

We haven't found her yet!

She's gotta be here somewhere.

Go down the east hallway.

Can't wait to kill this Jessica Jones, huh?

Have to find her first.

No, this is clear. Let's take this hallway.

Jessica Jones!

It's Jessica!

God damn it!

Your girlfriend's a slob.

Man, you got powers.

Now is the time to use 'em.

Oh, shit!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


- What the hell are you doing? - Hold his head still!

I gotta drain the cerebral-spinal fluid.

He has unbreakable skin.

- I'm not going through his skin. - Are you serious?


I have to slide the needle along the optic nerve,

so I need you to hold him very still.

- Can you do that? - Can you do that?

I have no idea.



I'm going in.

I have to get into the cranium.

Ah, Jesus.

- You puke, he's done! - I'm good.

I'm in.

Is he gonna be all right?

Won't know till he wakes up.

I need a drink. You want a drink?

I'm having a drink.

It's 5 in the morning.


Do you know where Luke's phone is?


It was the only thing on him. He hasn't gotten any calls.

Just keep him iced.

At this point, it's just a waiting game.

I have to get back to the hospital.

Did you get cut?

I suppose I gotta look at that.

I have to go. Just need to find out where.

You have to go?

With a large unconscious man in your bed?

He won't be the last...

person hurt by Killgrave.

The so-called "Evil prick"?

Stupid phone is dead.

All right, well...

if your leg gets infected, you're not going anywhere.

Take off your pants.

I usually like a little more romancing.

Don't we all?

So, did Killgrave do that to you?

No, he doesn't do his own dirty work.

- He controls minds. - You're joking.

It's fine by me if unbreakable

skin is where you wanna draw the line.

Guess it's just harder to believe

someone would call himself... "Killgrave."

I mean, why not just "Snuffcarcass"?

Clean and deep.

But I think we can get away without stitches.

So, how do you stop a mind-controller?

I have to find him first.

Killgrave had control of Luke.

He had him calling in with updates on me.

So, if I can trace the number that Luke was calling,

it might get me closer to where Killgrave is holed up.

And what makes you the one who has to face him?

Crap-ass luck.

I had...

have a friend like you and Luke.

Bleeding and unconscious?

Yeah, actually, more often than not.

He makes life hard for bad guys.

How's he so sure he's the good guy?

He isn't.

He questions every move he makes...

every thought he has.

Just like I'm guessing you do.

I could reach out to him. He might help.

I can't risk another person getting controlled.

It's the only thing I don't question.

I have to kill him on my own.

I couldn't stop her. And it's your bloody fault, Dad!

You're more powerful than ever.

What would happen if you gave me the lot? All of it?

A whole dram?

I don't know.

Well, make an educated guess.

40% chance it makes you stronger.

60% it kills you.

I know which one I want.

What about you, Dad? Which do you want?

I want it to kill you.

His own son, imagine.

For what it's worth, I feel the same way.

Give me everything you've got.

Maybe I'll get strong enough to control her again.


Dear God, I would do anything to see the look on her face

when she realizes she's helpless.

I'd make her want me.

Then reject her.

Devastate her over and over and over until she wants to die.

No, I won't give her that, either.

She'd wither away like someone dying of thirst or starvation.

Be a certain ring of hell, designed specially for her.

Or maybe I'll just kill her.

Shall we, Albert?

Let the experiment begin.

I thought about you.

I mean, I knew it would never happen.

But I couldn't help... picturing us.

Like, on an actual date.


Normal shit.

You're the first person I ever pictured a future with.

You're also the first person I ever shot in the head.

If you--

When you wake up...

I'm not gonna be around to screw up your life anymore.

Probably because I'll be dead.

But maybe Killgrave will be dead, too.

You got power!

Your phone.

Might get me to Killgrave.

You're freaking unconscious and you're helping me.

I would have liked that future.

This could sting.

It doesn't sting, Dad, it burns like a poxy branding iron.

Find something?

Justin Boden.

Who's he?

Hedge fund broker. Fancy address.

Killgrave used his phone to call Luke.

He can just take someone's phone like that?

They're lucky if that's all he takes.

Claire, I need a favor.

- Another favor. - I have to get to work.

I know.

You help people.

That's who you are.

And you make the rest of us look like selfish pricks.

Is that a compliment or--

There are other nurses at the hospital who can help.

There's only one that can help Luke.

I just don't want him to wake up alone,

not knowing what's happening.

I don't even know what's happening.

It's asking a lot, and you don't know me, but...

Sure I do.

I've seen you with your pants down.

Can you pick me up?

Thanks, Trish. I'll be waiting outside.

I go up there, I might not come back.

So I want you to tell me

what you came over the other day to tell me.

What is this, last words?

I want to know.

The IGH private research group that funded Simpson's drug trials?

I might've found something

that connects it to you and how you got your powers.

I gave up looking for answers a long time ago.

I didn't.

Look, it might be something, it might lead to nothing.

- There have been a lot of dead ends. - I know.

But you just kept pushing past them.

It's like you have this iron will.

Hold on to it for me, will you?

- Trish, don't! - I'm finishing this with you.

I was gonna say, wait until I call for backup.

Teamwork, right? I read about that somewhere.

Okay, I'll wait here. Just... text me.

You won't know if I'm a minion of evil.

Well, we need a signal.

Something you would never say, like...

"Sardines" Or "Pickle juice."

You say it, you're still you.

Something I never say.

Like, "I love you."

That'll do.

Hey, where's Killgrave?

Jesus Christ!


I... I have to remove Dad from the face of the Earth.

No, you don't. Stop, it's okay.

But then we have to kill ourselves!

Oh, God.

He's stronger.

Don't listen. Don't look at him.

He'll make you kill.

Where did he go?


I can't come in, Shirley.

I have a personal emergency.

I know we're short, but...


I'll come when I can.

Who are you?

- Who are you? - Neighbor.


Oh, shit. Is Jessica hurt?

She's all right, far as I know.

Where is she?


Oh, God damn.

- You know him? - Yeah, Luke. What happened to him?

I don't know.

Not sure I want to.

So, are... you some kind of special nurse?

"Special"? As in...

Nope, I'm not special.

I just keep running into special.

Ah, you and me both.

Is it a good thing?

Can't change what we know.

Yeah, I miss ignorance, too.

Wasn't that long ago I was...

trying to get my degree in social work.

Wanted to help people?

I still do.

don't need powers to be of use.

I don't want powers.

I mean, I do not want to

be on the receiving end of them either, but...

I don't know, I just-- I like people too much.

Luke, Jessica,

just by necessity, by definition, they're separate.

Even from each other.

Maybe that's what they need most from us.


What does that make us? Sidekicks?

Oh, I'm no one's sidekick.

I can see that.

Jessica's got it in her, you know?

And she may well never find it, but it is in there.

An alcoholic?

A hero.

Tough business.

So is yours.

Why don't you take a break for a while? I'll watch him.


You're not a... mind-controller, right?

Killgrave. Evil prick.


I'll be on the couch.

Man, if you got taken down, we are all in the shit.


Jeri Hogarth.

"Biological material, fetal tissue, Hope Shlottman.

Submitted to testing by J. Hogarth."

Killgrave made me tell him where it was. It's useless anyway.

No, it made him stronger.

I don't know what else I can do to pay for my mistakes.

I have bled for them, I have lost everything that I care about.

Pam is facing murder charges, and she won't see me,

and my partners are forcing me out.

Don't let them.

Excuse me?

- Fight them. - Why?

Because you are who you are.

A sack of dark oozing shit in an expensive suit.


Which makes you the best shark in town,

and you're gonna represent Justin Boden pro bono.

- Who? - Another one of Killgrave's victims.

He's gonna be charged with murder.

- Keep him safe. - Why? Where are you going?

I'll text you the info. And this does not make us square.

But doing something...


it helps with the self-loathing. Trust me.

You know, he left this here for you to find.

Subtle, right?

It's docked at the Hudson Ferry Terminal. I found the bills.

And he wants you to go there.

He must be feeling confident.

At least now it'll end.

One way or another.

And here we are for the last and final round.

Too afraid to look me in the eye?

Present arms.

Just in case Dad's potion doesn't work.


I demand that you show me your face-- -

Oh, for God's sake, it's Patsy!

Shoot her!

Goodbye, Jessica.

I'm right behind you.

Go, go!


Ready the yacht.

Start killing each other.



Don't insult my intelligence. You're faking, aren't you?

Faking what?

Obviously, you have a plan.

Otherwise, you'd have jumped over them all and I'd be dead, so...

do share.

I wanted you to make them stop.

Bollocks, killing me would accomplish that, wouldn't it?

You've never died before.

Always a sodding hero, aren't you?


Clever girl. Clever, clever girl.

Pretending to give me what I want.

I'd hoped for it.

God, it is so tempting...

to buy into this act.

I've been asking the impossible of you.

I see that now.

I wanted you to love me.

But you've never loved anyone. You're not even capable of it.

With one exception.

Come here, Patsy.

You'd do anything to protect her, wouldn't you?


Yeah, perhaps I chose the wrong sister.

From your perspective, I'll be raping her every day.

My skin will be touching hers.

She'll be my plaything.

She'll be my slave.

And in her mind, she'll be dying, isn't that right?


We're leaving.

If Patsy or I ever hear from you, or see you,

see anyone who looks like you,

she will slit her own throat.

It's the ultimate contingency.

Kiss me.

Mean it.

Oh, God, it's true, isn't it?

You would let me take your beloved sister.

My God.

It's finally over. You're mine now.

No more fighting. No more of these ugly displays.

You'll be with me now.

Look, after a while...

however long it takes... I know...

I know you will feel what I feel.

Let's start with a smile.

Tell me you love me.

I love you.


Go slow.

I'm a friend of Jessica's.

How did I get here?


Well, I helped.

Where is she?

She's been arrested.

She killed someone. It's all over the news.


- He got to her. - No, no, no.

She got to him.

Killgrave is dead.

She did it.

Yeah, she did it.

They can lock her up for that.

- I won't let that happen. - Okay. Okay, enough.

She saves you, you save her, then she has to save you again.

And neither one of you want to be saved, right?

The police... they're looking for me.

But you're the least of their worries.

After we got you out of the hospital, the place went nuts.

Then down on the docks, some people went batshit crazy,

including the cops.

Trust me, no one's looking for you.

Nobody knows about you.

Except me.

What do you know?

I know how to keep a secret.

You know, Jessica...

she's a good friend to have.

She's all tough and shit, but where you're concerned...

She's still tough and shit.


You're two of a kind.

I could use some water.

You know, that should make you happy.

Somebody caring about you like that.

Particularly if you feel the same way.

Not that it's any of my business, but...

I don't know...

this might be something you want to work through.

See what's possible.

Jessica Jones didn't ask for this.

She didn't go looking for it.

This monster found her.

She killed a man with her bare hands, Jeri.

And it's not the first death she's been linked to.

Now we have witnesses.

All of whom will testify

that he forced them to try to kill each other.

They were a bunch of drunken brawlers off a booze cruise.

Come on, Samantha.

You must have tested their blood alcohol levels.

Try this one.

They were exposed to a toxic gas leak.

Or there's something in the water, or subliminal advertising.

I had dozens of justifications, I just didn't want to believe it.

Even as more people were hurt... or killed.

Are you testifying, Jeri?

No, no need.

I will have more than enough testimony to convince a jury

that this man forced Jessica to snap his own neck.

That's your defense? He committed suicide?


The guilt was un... unbearable.

He couldn't live with all the pain... that he had caused.

Either way, Jessica did not have a choice.

She was compelled against her will.

And this same man compelled an innocent young woman...

to kill her own parents.

If I had these same witnesses,

Hope Shlottman would be alive today.

Witness testimony won't prove the existence of mind control.

Tell that to the police officers who opened fire on my client.

I can't wait to get them on the stand.

Anything to add, Ms. Jones?

They say everyone's born a hero.

But if you let it,

life will push you over the line until you're the villain.

Thank you.

Problem is, you don't always know that you've crossed that line.

You have 12 new messages.

Hey, are you the chick who saved all the people on the docks?

I'm being strong-armed for rent money, and I thought--


Hi, uh, Ms. Jones.

My boyfriend has gotten... abusive,

and I don't know who to turn to.

- I don't have any-- - Deleted.

Jessica Jones? I need your help.

My brother owes some people money, but--

Help me!

My son ran away--

Jessica, you have to save me!

Maybe it's enough that the world thinks I'm a hero.

Maybe if I work long and hard...

maybe I can fool myself.

Alias Investigations. How can we help?