Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
His Majesty the King has erected
Jejoongwon for His people.

He urges His people to seek out
American doctor Dr. Allen for treatment.

Jejoongwon is open from 1pm to 5pm.

Dr. Allen is highly experienced
and especially skilled in surgery.

Just one consultation with him
will show improvement in your condition.

The hospital has created rooms
for patients for both genders.

All who are ill are urged to seek treatment.

Episode 7

Did you call for me?

All staff members of the hospital
must wear uniforms.

Mr. Hwang, you are a medical assistant
at Jejoongwon.

You will learn how to make medicine
and treat patients.

Jejoongwon must become your new home.

We inform you of the foreign
devil's ways of devouring children.

The foreigners like to steam and boil children,
and enjoy drinking their blood.

They sell their eyes for camera lenses.
It is a vile and abominable crime!

Today is a historical event!

His Majesty has bestowed upon us
this Jejoongwon in his infinite grace.

With the hard work of Dr. Allen
and the rest of the hospital staff,

we trust that the people's medical needs will be met

and medical knowledge be advanced in this place.

Dr. Allen, please say a word.

I will say just one thing.

Although your beginning
may seem insignificant,

Your end will be greatly prosperous.

Although your beginning
may seem insignificant,

... your end will be greatly prosperous.

Now, follow after me!
Long live Jejoongwon!

Long live Jejoongwon!

Long live Jejoongwon!
Long live Jejoongwon!

Open the door.

Open the door!

Now we will receive
Jejoongwon's first patient.

I will open the doors!

Foreign devils!

Doctor Allen!
Please protect yourselves!

Take him inside!

What's this?
A rebellion?

Go away, foreign devils!

Go away, foreign devils!

- I'm alright.
- Yes, I know, Doctor.

Dr. Allen, your head...!

What is the meaning of this?
Go away?

Don't they know this hospital
was built for them?

I know!

Are you alright?
You need to get this treated!

Stop this right now!

Dr. Allen is not what you think!

This place is for treating patients,
not for cooking up children!

- Don't lie to us!
- It's the fellow in the photograph!

- Chief!
- I've been hit by a hundred stones!

Do you want to die?

- What are you doing here?
- It's crazy out there!

This is all over outside!

Jejoongwon will be used
to cook children,

so how can we accept this?

This abomination must be stopped
by killing all foreigners

and the people who work for them.

Ignorant peasants...!

Jae Wook, go report this
to the authorities.

But it's fun to watch.

Let's just watch. If Jejoongwon falls,
then so will that Hwang fellow.

This hospital was set up
by government! Go!


- Dr. Allen!
- Mr. Hwang!

- Doctor, are you alright?
- Yes, I'm fine.

We must take cover.
The people are coming!

Lord Min!

You must leave through the back gate.
The rioters have entered the grounds.

- Where is Seok Ran?
- She didn't come with me.

- Lord Min, we must leave.
- The Bureau should be notified.

I have already done so.
They will be here.

Well done.

- Let us leave.
- Let's go!

- I can't leave.
- Doctor!

All my medical equipment is here.

I won't be able to treat anyone
without them.

- They can be sent for later!
- That's right, Doctor, let's go!


It's dangerous in that direction!
The rioters are coming from there.

In that case, the Finance Minister's
house is nearby. Let us go there.

- That is a good idea.
- Let us go!

- Go without me.
- But...

I will stay here to assess the situation.
Besides, Dr. Allen is still here.

Alright then.

Are you drawing a worm?

It's my signature.
It's used instead of a seal.

I know what it is.
I've seen Master sign his documents.

But what use do you have for one?

What do you mean?
I'll need it someday.

Here it is.

- I'll take this fountain pen.
- You have a good eye!

You waited a long time for this.

It's been three months since you ordered this.

Thumphety thump...
It sounds like drums!


Choose the one you like.

Young Master Do Yang sure is lucky!
I'm glad it came before his birthday.

- I'll take this one.
- Alright.


- You want this one instead?
- No, I'll take both.

Is the other one for...?

- What?
- That one's for Mr. Hwang, isn't it?

No, it's not!

You deny it now, but I'm going to wait
and see who comes out wearing it!

It's his first day at Jejoongwon.

It'll be nice for him to have
something like this.

And besides, he saved Father's life that day.

And you saved his!
It's tit for tat!

What is that everyone is reading?

I don't know what it says?

Go get the foreign devils!

- It says they eat children!
- Who?


- Doctor!
- You must hurry!

This is all because of me.

No it is not.
They are just confused.

Oh my goodness!

- Father must be inside!
- What should we do?

- Go home and get help!
- Yes, I understand.

But Young Miss...!

Oh no! Young Miss!

What's a girl doing in here?

Look at how she's dressed.
She must have foreign devil friends.

- How dare you!
- Look at this little girl!

Have your foreign devil friends
brainwashed you?

This is a hospital for treating patients,
not a place to cook children!

Leave this place!

She's western-influenced.
Words won't work with her.

Don't do this!
I'll scream!

Then scream!
Scream as loud as you can!

Are you alright?

- You're hurt!
- How did you get inside?

I was worried about Father.
Have you seen him?

He's in a safe place.
Let's go.

What about Mr. Hwang?

Is Dr. Allen safe too?

What happened to them?

They're in the operating room
getting their medical equipment.

The operating room?

Seok Ran!

It's because we didn't have a ritual.
This place has a bad energy around it.

The owner is dead, and the rest
of the family were all hanged!

We need to have an exorcism.

If only I had the gift,
then I could do it!

Will you just be quiet?

Who are you...?

Why are you in here with us?

I'm here because I was worried
about Mr. Hwang.

Why should you be worried about him?

- How dare you come in here? Leave!
- How can I leave now?


It's quiet!

Are you inside?

Mr. Hwang!

Miss Seok Ran!

Why are you here...?

- Are you alright?
- Yes.

The rioters have all been arrested.

Have they?

Are you unharmed?

I don't understand what happened.

The broken items can be fixed
and the looted items can be replaced.

- As long as Dr. Allen is safe.
- We will get to the bottom of this.

It won't be that easy.

The people already believe the lies as truth.

The patients won't come so easily.

I will go out and tell that it's all lies!

- That's too dangerous.
- It's better for you to stay inside.

Please forgive me my ignorance,
but what happens if this continues?

There would be no reason
for Jejoongwon to exist!

We will have to shut down.

I doubt it will come to that.
We must persevere.

That's true. Everything will be
better soon. Please don't worry.

I think so too.

Thank you everyone.
The guests today...

I escorted them safely to the
Finance Minister's residence.

Yes, we must begin work again.

I will see what the damages are.

It appears that the people
are greatly troubled.

I think it was because of the
American hospital, Jejoongwon.

You must be greatly worried.

This never would have happened
if we were still here.

That is correct!

How can a western hospital
be opened in our absence?

How did this happen?

Allen was there when
a hospital was needed.

- Do not be too angry about it.
- We would never be angry.

We only wish the best for this hospital.

We only regret that
the hospital is affected.. superstitions surrounding foreigners.

Please do not hesitate to request
for assistance if you need it.

I trust things are going smoothly?

Yes, it is.

We are using good medicine,
and therefore good results!

- Watanabe-san.
- Yes, sir!

Jejoongwon is like a flower,
a symbol of modernization for this nation.

We must make sure
that flower never blooms.

A flower will die
if it is not given water.

A hospital without patients
will surely fail.

I'm so upset this happened
on the first day.


Dr. Allen and His Majesty
were both so excited.

Maybe we should have stayed to help.

It is better than we let them
sort things out themselves.

How about sending them
some refreshments?

I'm worried they won't
get a chance to eat.

Yes, I doubt they actually
ate a proper breakfast.

By the way, how did
you get to the hospital?

No, Mak Saeng...

- Mak Saeng!
- My Lord! My Lord!

I thought you were in danger
and sent her for help.

- You're safe, Master!
- Are you alright?

- I'm alright.
- Honey! Honey!

You're alive! Honey!
Oh, Seok Ran! Honey!

- What... what is this about?
- Mother!

Madam! The servants are watching!

Tell them to look somewhere else!

I... I...


I won't be treated by a foreign devil!

Then get out of here!
We'll throw you in jail after beating you!

They say that the foreign devils eat people!

They eat people who won't get
treatment first! So shut up!

Don't say such things.
All we want to do is treat them.


Please stop worrying and
get treatment for your wounds.

It will be alright.

I understand about the soldiers,
but why are they treating the rioters?

They caused this mess,
so they should be imprisoned.

Why can't they just bandage them up?

Why does it have to boiled and dried first?

Maybe it's to make them feel clean.

They're just going to get
blood on them anyway.

Hey you!

Why are you still here?

I saved your master's life once.

And I'm close with the Chief Doctor here.
So stop harassing me and let's be friends!

That little...!

Don't they need to eat?

The Lieutenant specifically said
no visitors.

But they haven't eaten!

I told you they wouldn't let us in!
Let's just go back.

Then let us just deliver
this food to them.

Leave it here and
I'll deliver it to them.

But the rice cakes
haven't been prepared yet.

They'll make it themselves.
Let's just go!

Young Miss!
What is this?

Give that to me!

Dr. Allen is waiting for you!
These people are part of us.

Come in, Young Miss!

Good work!

- You're such a beggar!
- Then give me something else to wear!

Is everyone alright?
Mr. Hwang too?

Of course.
I protected him!

Protected, my ass!
You protected the door!

- Didn't you see me guard the door?
- Yes, and I did nothing!

Let's go and make the rice before it hardens.

Alright, Miss.

- Big sister...
- Let me take you!

That fool...!

- Turn him.
- Yes, Doctor.

He's bleeding from internally.

That's grotesque!
How did he manage to join the riot?

It's an anal fistula.
He's developed a tunnel.

Anal fistula is a condition where
a hole develops in the anal canal.

That's right.

You must be in great pain.

When did you start having this pain?


Hurry up and speak!
You will die if untreated!


It's alright.
Just tell us.

It... It's been about a year.

He has a bad fever.

Do you need to release your bowels often?

- Yes...
- It's very serious.

We must operate immediately.

I will go and ready the operating room.

How does he live like that?

I would have killed myself out of shame!


Stay here.


How will you operate?

He's had this condition for a long time.

It will be complicated.

The hole has to be closed.

How will it be closed?

I'm thinking of taking skin
from other areas to close it up.

- May I observe?
- Of course.

Mr. Baek.

Why didn't you request to be my assistant?

I was expecting you to.

Forgive me.

Was it because of Mr. Hwang?

That is not the case.

I was planning on going to Japan to study.

But I ran into some problems,
so now I am considering America.

There are lots of doctors in America
who are more skilled.

If that is your wish,
I can recommend some good schools.

Thank you.

But what you said to scare
the patient was wrong.

You should smile like Mr. Hwang, ok?

I'm sorry.

Let's go.

Why are you getting your hands dirty?
I told you to sit and watch!

I'm just trying to help.

Then do it properly!

- Who's going to eat this ugly old thing?
- Who cares what it looks like?

Don't you know presentation
is important when it comes to food?

I have no talent for such things.

Just press it gently.
The rice is coming out everywhere!

I did press it gently!

Mr. Hwang!

When did you return?

Father sent me.

Do you want to try one?
I made it myself.

- No, it's alright...!
- We have plenty!

I'll eat later after Dr. Allen has eaten.

Mr. Hwang!

- Then just do a taste test.
- I'm fine.

I can't tell if it's too salty or not.

My hand is getting tired!

- Is it good?
- Yes, it's delicious.

- Really?
- Yes.

Seok Ran!

Young Master!

What are you doing here?
When did you come?

I was worried that no one had eaten yet.

What is this delicious aroma?

It's rice cakes.
Would you like some?

Thank you.
I'll have some after the surgery.

Seok Ran, I would like
to speak to you privately.

You should have stayed home!
Why are you here again?

I told you.

- I was worried no one had eaten...
- You could have just sent the servants!

Young Master...

To tell you the truth,
after you let Hwang go,

I sent Officer Jung to find him.

Officer Jung? The man who
received the skull operation?

That's right.

He was hurt but he was going to
tell me something about Hwang.

But after he regained consciousness,
he went missing.

There must be a reason
behind his disappearance.

In other words, Hwang is not
someone you should be helping!

He is dangerous!

- It is you who seems dangerous.
- What?

As I said before,

Mr. Hwang is not the reason
I came back here.

I came to help everyone here.

And help is not given to individuals.

- It's not, is it?
- Seok Ran!

You've changed.

The person I used to know would have...

... been close with Mr. Hwang for
his intuition in medicine.

The person I used to know would have...

... known and accepted that his father's
death was not caused by Mr. Hwang.

Your suspicion and ill-will towards others
make you seem dangerous.

I'll leave now.

The thing that makes me most nervous...

... isn't suspicion.

It makes me nervous...

... because I hate it
when you're with him.

Young Miss! Where are you?
The rice is hardening!

Mr. Hwang!

I see you're still outside.

- Why don't you just eat now?
- No...


Please pardon me for saying this.

You don't have to be so nice to me.

I'm not sure I understand...

I worry that your kindness to me...

... might cause misunderstandings
from others.

Like today.

I don't care if other people
misunderstand us.

If help is given to others,
misunderstandings always follow.

I've been misunderstood
even when helping beggars.

I wouldn't change a thing
even if I could turn back time.

I still would have freed you
from the storehouse.

I still would have gone to Jejoongwon
to help you and Dr. Allen.

Just like you could never ignore
a wounded person.

I see...

Is this... is this because of
Young Master Do Yang?

Please forgive me.
I never meant to eavesdrop.

In that case you have even less
reason to feel this way.

We've been bickering like this
for almost ten years.

I see...

You had me really worried for a while!

Don't say such things to me again!

What are you doing, Miss!
Do you want the rice to become rocks?


I have to go.

You saw it, right?
He slid his finger in just like that!

His... his finger was so long!

- Do you know why he did that?
- No, my Lord!

He was practicing.
Before he pierced him with a skewer.


- Why would he do that?
- Ignorant fools!

The foreigners like to skewer
their meat before they roast it.

Didn't you know that?

I'm so forgetful!
I had to write a report!

I forgot it's my son's birthday!

My wife must be waiting
for me at home!

I have to go home...!

They're out of paper here too.

Are you saying the entire city
is sold out of paper?

The posters are everywhere!

I'm not surprised
they used up all the paper.

Did they see the man?

They're saying the same thing here.

He was wearing a straw hat
and his face was hidden.

Shall I post men here to keep watch?

No. I don't think that man
will come here again.

If he bought all the paper in the city,

...he will still have
a considerable amount left.

Shall we arrest all the men
wearing straw hats carrying packages?

We have no other alternative.

Dispatch the men immediately.

- Yes Sir. Let's go!
- Yes Sir!

- Arrest him!
- Yes Sir!

Let's go!

- What did I do?
- Why are you arresting me?

What happened here?

I don't know.
They just left, one by one.

Is that true?

Are you implying that
I chased them out?

That man shouldn't have left.
He will die without the surgery!

Then we should find him!

The bad thing is that those men will
spread further rumors about this place.

If that happens,
things will get worse.

We should have treated them
before they left.

They are looking for you?

- That's right.
- In that case...

You need to rest a while.
A straw hat and a package...

Burn all the posters
and rest somewhere.

Yes, Sir.

Jejoongwon is the focus of many rumors.
It is working out well.

It will soon belong to us.


I will take my leave then.

Make sure you are well out-of-sight.

Is this the same foreign man for last time?


Why don't you go to another
room tonight. I'll tell the others.

No, I'll handle it.


- You want me to wear this?
- That's right.

I want you to wear this dress and shoes.

- Is this your apology?
- That is correct.

Alright then.
I'll wear it for you.

Do I wear it like this?


The Kimono is worn
without anything underneath.

Let me dress you.


My apologies!

- What are you doing?
- Please allow me to end my life!

- No, you have nothing wrong!
- Let me go!

- I deserve death!
- No, you don't!

I won't let you die!

You look like my first love, Fumiko!

Let's go!

The people were throwing rocks
at any foreigner, not just doctors!

Has it gotten to that level?

I regret to tell you it is so, your Majesty.

The strange rumors are
really getting out hand.

Jejoongwon is an excellent idea.

I believe that the future
of Korea rests on it.

That is why it must succeed.

What is your point?

There is a quick solution
to this dilemma.

What is that?

Change the doctor in charge of Jejoongwon.

- What are you saying?
- This problem stems from Dr. Allen.

Change the doctor and
the problem is solved.

Of course the new doctor
must not be caucasian.

What do you think of our Watanabe-san?
He is the Hippocrates of Imperial Japan.

Think about your decision carefully.

- I must go and find the patient.
- You're going out?

I can't just sit here and wait.

The rumors are worse than before.
It's dangerous!

Doctor, it's Mong Cho!

What is it?
Come in!

I found the patient with the butt problem.

Really? How did you find him?

It's my profession to visit
every house in the city.

I can find out easily who lives where.

Good. Then we must go.

You cannot leave.

I must go. We found out
where the patient lives.

- He will die without treatment!
- I told you it's dangerous!

I cannot let this patient go untreated
because it is dangerous for me.

Mr. Hwang, say something!
Are you just going to let him go?

We need to go to the patient.

Are you using your head?

We found the patient,
and we must respect Dr. Allen's wishes.

Our duty is to assist Dr. Allen.

Thank you, Mr. Hwang.

I also understand
your intentions, Mr. Baek.

Thank you for your concern.

In that case,
we will be your guards.

Absolutely not.
The people will fear me.

In that case,
we cannot let you leave!

It you stop me, this will become
a diplomatic matter.

Forgive me for saying this.
But I have to go.

In that case...

Take this.


I will not take a weapon.
I wish to do this peacefully.

I'm sorry.

- I will try my best to take care of him.
- You'll fight the rioters alone?

- Dr. Allen was inside the palanquin?
- Yes, Excellency.

Japan is dying to devour
Jejoongwon as it is!

How can you just let him go like that?

He said they want Jejoongwon...

- Go and get him this instant!
- Yes, Excellency!

If any harm comes to Dr. Allen,
it will be to their benefit!

And if that happens,
that Watanabe will become director.

No. Jejoongwon must never
belong to Japan.

That's exactly my point.
Both you and I are victims of the coup.

- They were behind everything.
- Yes, Japan is the enemy.

Hey you, why are you so weak?
The palanquin is lopsided!

This isn't my normal job.
I'm the gatekeeper!

A gatekeeper can carry a palanquin
when he's not busy!

- I'm sorry. I must be heavy!
- No, Doctor!


I'm going with you.
I can't trust you men.

Mr. Baek, you've come.

I don't think I can last any longer...

If you're going to die,
stop talking and just die!

Stop talking about death!

Are you in?

Who is it?

What brings you here at this hour, Sir?

We heard that your husband was sick.

He's at his deathbed.
Medicine has no effect now.

That is why we are here.
Let us come in and treat him.

Thank you,
but how will you treat him...?

I will operate on him.

Oh my goodness!
It's the foreign devil!

It's the foreign devil!

Please calm down.
He means you no harm!

- I think we should leave.
- No, I will not back down!

Look, I can cure your husband's disease.

Go away!
Go away!

People are going to come!
You need to leave!

It's the foreign devil!
Let's get him!

Foreign devil!


Don't come near us!
I will shoot!

I will not shoot the sky again.
Who dares to come against us?

You didn't even load the gun again!

This gun takes six bullets!
That means five bullets are left!

- There is no such thing!
- Don't come any closer!

Shoot me then!

Get them!

One, two, three, four, five, six...

Didn't you say there was one more?

She said there were seven of them.

Who cares about the seventh?
The main ones are here.

You fools are asking for trouble!
Release us this instant!

And if we don't?

You are guilty of a serious crime.
You will pay dearly for this.

Pay dearly, my ass.
You're the one tied up!

- Oh, I'm going to die!
- We have to operate!

How can you talk about surgery now?

Madam, let us treat your husband!

No way!

We won't let you eat him!

Oh my goodness!
My husband is going to die!

He says he wants
the foreign devil to come in.

- What?
- He doesn't care which devil it is.

- He just wants to be treated!
- He will die if we waste time!

Just give us a chance!

How can we eat him
while you're watching us?

- Please!
- Just do something! Oh, my dear!

What happens if you can't save him?

Will you risk your life?

I will not gamble with life!

Then gamble with your hand.

I won't do that.
I won't make such a gamble.

Is that so?
What about you?

Before you make us pay dearly, I mean.

What? You can't?

I knew it. You don't even
have confidence in yourselves!

Must you do this to people
who came to help?

I'll bet my hand.

- Mr. Hwang. You can't do this!
- I have faith in you, Dr. Allen.

Mr. Hwang.

If you treat this man, the rumors
surrounding Jejoongwon will be resolved.

Fine, if you cure him,
we'll stop circulating the rumors, right?

That's right!

What if he fails?
What will you do then?

Dr. Allen will cure him.

Mr. Hwang.

I'll do it.

The patient has been sedated.

Take down his trousers.

It is a common occurrence.

Please clean it.

Oh, my dear!

Buddha, have mercy...
Buddha, have mercy...

- The surgery is finished.
- I think it was successful.

We have to see him wake up.

- Let me untie you...
- What? Go away!

- Traitor! Go away!
- Shut up! I came back, didn't I?

- You...
- Hey!



- Maybe he's dead.
- Can't you see he's still breathing?

It's almost noon and he's still unconscious.

Isn't that the same as being dead?

- Is it possible he won't wake up?
- He has to.

- But it is possible he won't.
- What?

Only God knows when he will wake up.

Mr. Baek, pinch his nipple.


We do that to wake the patient up.


I'll do it.

Dear, please wake up!


You've created a living corpse!
You've failed!

- No!
- We need more time.


Wake up, dear!

You must wait.
He will wake up!

- Until when?
- Just a little while longer!

- Stop dreaming!
- Give us a bit more time!

Don't blame us too much.
Bring it here!

- Come here!
- Please! Please!

- Pinch harder!
- Yes Sir!


Please don't do this!

Please don't do this!

Mr. Hwang!

I saw Little Dog as in a dream...

You may not be able
to practice medicine.

If that hand does not heal...

Hwang Jung?

He has the same name as Mr. Hwang.
He even uses the same characters!

We would like for you to be
Jejoongwon's administrator.

It is my opinion that those who treat
patients must be properly qualified.

How are you qualified to be
a medical assistant?

I think this is a ploy
to get rid of you.

I want to go to America
and study medicine.

Will you go with me?

I really envy you, Miss Seok Ran.

If you take the entrance test
for Jejoongwon, I'm sure you'll pass!

I have to take the test...

I have to take the test!
Please let me take the test!