Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Kneel!
- Please don't do this!

Please don't do this!


My dear!

- My Lord!
- My Lord!

Are you all right?

What have you done?
He's done nothing wrong!

He... He's alive!

Mr. Hwang!

Your hand is broken!

Let's go inside!

- Let us go too!
- Untie us!

Episode 8

This will have to suffice
until we return to the hospital.

Yes, Doctor.

You almost lost your hand.

The damage isn't too bad, is it?

We'll have to wait and see.

We should have used less anesthesia.

We're so sorry he woke up so late.

I'm so sorry.
When I fall asleep, I sleep very deeply.

Your poor hand...!

I doubt it's because of that.

It has nothing to do
with your sleeping habits.

My Lord, let me see your hand!

I'm all right.

How could you do this to someone?

We mustn't let them get away with this!

We're really sorry!
Please forgive us!

All of you will be reported to the Police
and punished to the full extent of the law!

- Please forgive us!
- Please forgive us, my Lord!

- Never!
- Please forgive them.


I'm all right.

This is not just about you.

Move aside!

We were successful in
treating the patient.

That's enough.

He's right.
Let's go back.

What happened?

Oh dear, the cut is deep!
Where is your mind?

I dreamt about Little Dog last night...

Why do you keep thinking about the dead?

Look at your hand...

I don't think our country is
ready for a Western hospital.

To our people, Western medicine
will appear grotesque.

Jejoongwon was erected for them,
but it may very well fail because of them.

We will have to change
their thinking slowly.

Yes, but by the time that happens,
your entire body will be damaged.

You may not even be able
to become a doctor.

If you hand doesn't get well...

My hand will get well.
It will.

- What are you doing?
- What?

- You brought the meat, right? Come in!
- All right.

You have to be patient
until the bone resets.

If you remove the bandage too early,

... you may lose the use
of your hand forever.

I understand.

We have paid a big price.

We should never go out like that again.

But if we don't do anything,
we might lose Jejoongwon...

We cannot risk another life for it.

Doctor, people are coming!

Close the gate!
They will throw rocks!

Close the gate!

Catch the chicken!

Did you chase this chicken all the way here?

Of course not!

Hello, Doctor!

- How is your husband?
- Very well, thanks to you.

Please use that chicken for soup.

And the others...

Come along!

Thank you for saving his life.
This is for you!

How is your hand?
We're really really sorry! This is for you.

Please forgive us!

No wonder I had this dream
about pigs coming here!

This egg is still warm.
Do you want to eat it raw?

- Try it!
- Yes, have it while it's warm!

So Jejoongwon is full of patients now?

Yes, your Majesty.

They may need assistance
with administration.


It may be a good time to implement
your plans for a medical school.

A medical school.... yes.

We must have a medical school
to train good doctors.

They will in turn help create
more Jejoongwons.

And this is an idea that have,
your Majesty.

What about calling the doctors "Euisa",

... using the characters
for scholar and medicine?


The Analects of Confucius
describes scholars as noble,

... refined and given great responsibility.

I believe the doctors who work
for Jejoongwon should be such men.

Therefore as scholars of medicine,
they should be "euisa".

Yes, that is perfect for
the doctors of Jejoongwon.

Oh, Ambassador.
What are your thoughts on "Euisa"?

Does it not sound honorable?

What does it matter
what they are called?

In any case, we give you congratulations
for the success of Jejoongwon.

But please feel free to call on us
should there be any problems.

- Thank you for your offer.
- We shall take our leave, your Majesty.

I feel like my ten year indigestion
is finally gone!

- Watanabe-san!
- Yes.

What did you tell me that day
in this very spot?

Did you not tell me that Jejoongwon
will fail for lack of patients?

- Yes!
- Then what is this? What happened?

Please forgive me!

Now they're creating a medical school!

What will you do if they really are successful in
setting up Jejoongwons everywhere?

If that happens...

Imperial Japan's plans for this country
will all come to naught!

Do it properly!

There will be no further mistakes.

There will be a selection of candidates for
the new medical school at Jejoongwon.

All intelligent and ambitious men
over seventeen are encouraged to apply.

They're going to have an English test too!

That means your father's disciples
will have a good chance!

Did you know that there are
lots of female doctors in the West?

That's in the West.
We're here in Korea.

Let's go, Young Miss.

Please excuse me!

Hwang Jung?

How dare you speak my name in vain?

Please excuse us, my Lord!

Free tuition, food and lodging...?

Those who pass
will be paid handsomely?

Wow, that's better than the civil exams!

You know, I was always interested
in Western medicine!

There's an English exam too?

Let's go.

That was so strange.
He has the same name as Mr. Hwang!

Hwang Jung is a common name.
Not like Mak Saeng.

{\a6}(Mak Saeng = live without purpose)

- My stomach!
- My stomach hurts!

Oh, Young Miss!
Miss Seok Ran is here!

Please wait a little while.

Oh, you came too...

This is a white snake, right?

- Mr. Hwang. Trash can.
- Yes.

Throw it away!

I caught and ate
a white snake last summer.

He must have laid an egg in me!

- It's a roundworm.
- It's a parasite.


You shouldn't see this.

Young Miss, what happened in there?

It's better if you don't know.

Mongchong, what happened
to Mr. Hwang's hand?

Oh that...

Drink the water.

It's santonin.
Tomorrow, the roundworm will come out.

- Tell me how many comes out.
- It's not a white snake?

It's not a white snake.

It's really not a snake.
It's a round... round... It's a parasite.

After your bowel movement tomorrow,

... count the worms that come out
and let us know.

- You don't want me to bring them in?
- Absolutely not! No.


How could they have done that
to his hand?

It's because of Mr. Hwang
that the patients are here.

It's like he paid for them with his hand!

Mr. Hwang...!

- He should be all right, right?
- I'm sure Dr. Allen took good care of him.

Oh, Miss Yu.
I'm glad to see you.

I heard what happened to your hand.

It's recovering nicely.
We wanted to talk to you about...

Let's talk while we walk.

We had ten female patients,

... but they turned back
because we were male.

- I see.
- But we insisted one stay.

- Why?
- She had taken poison.

- Why? Was she ordered to drink poison?
- Mak Saeng!

She does not want to be treated.
We need your help.

- You're Onnyun, right?
- Miss!

Seung Yeon?
Seung Yeon!

It's you, Seok Ran.
What brings you here?

What happened to you?
You took poison?

Why did you do that?

It's nice to see you again.

You silly girl!
Why did you do this?

Miss Yu.

Please help us with her treatment.

What can I do to help?

Please move it one hand away
from the neck and to the left.

Do you remember?

As little girls,

... we swore that we would become
female interpreters and travel the world.

Of course I do.

Please don't speak.

Let's talk later.
Breathe deeply.


Please move it to the opposite spot.

He beat her for reading a book?

I used to borrow books for my lady
from the bookstore all the time.

My Lord keeps failing his civil exams,

but she can read books
in Chinese and English.

It's my fault.
I shouldn't be doing such things.

What's so bad about reading?
Is that a crime?

Even His Majesty said that
women should be educated.

You were so smart...!

I missed you so much.
But to see you like this...!

I missed you too.

- That wench is here, isn't she?
- My Lord, she is very ill!

- What? Come out here, you wench!
- Why are you being like this?

- You, I said come out!
- Please, this is a hospital.

No, she is unwell!

It's your fault for drinking poison!

How dare you bring shame to my family!

Please don't do this!

Look, I'm begging you!
Please forgive me!

Please don't do this.

You're an interpreter's daughter too, right?

You're full of ideas, aren't you?
Females shouldn't think!

And you're honorable by beating women?

Is that what noble families
teach their children?

What did you say?

You low class people are all the same!

There is no one more low class
than a wife beater!

What did you say?
You wench!

Seok Ran!

Are you all right?

Have the woman and her husband left?


I didn't expect the day
to turn out like this.

I was going to ask you to be
a chaperone for the hospital.


It's what you did earlier today
by helping us treat the female patient.

We can't always turn them back.

I wanted to ask you
to come work with us.


- This is my fault.
- Mr. Hwang.

A doctor must never be involved in
the personal life of his patients.

And violence must never be used
in the hospital no matter what.

You're not even a violent person.

Dr. Allen, today's situation was different.

There are no exceptions.

Yes, Doctor.

In any case,
please think about my offer.

I need a chaperone to be my hand
and eyes with my female patients.

Yes, Doctor.

Thank you for what you did earlier.

Don't mention it.

She was my best friend.

Our fathers were friends too.

You really had a rough day today.

I'm all right.
I'll be going now.

Where have you been?
Master Do Yang has been waiting for you.

Young Master?

I think today is the day!

- What day?
- The day he's going to propose!


Hurry and go to the garden!

Young Master...

Seok Ran...
I'm sorry for what I said the other day.

Isn't this the Mississippi River?

You said you've always
wanted to go there.

You still remember that?

I remember you saying that
when you read about this river in a book.

Thank you for the postcards.

Seok Ran...


I'm planning on leaving Korea.

This is... a visa approved by
the US Ambassador!

That's right.

Jejoongwon made me realize
I needed to study harder.

I plan on going to America
to study medicine properly.

In that case,
won't you come with me?

I prepared yours too.

I'll get approval from your father.
All you have to do is come with me.

- Young Master...
- I know this is sudden.

But you've wanted to see America too.

And our marriage is already
a foregone conclusion.

We could have our wedding
before we left.

Do you remember why I wanted
to visit the Mississippi River?

It wasn't because I was curious about
how the river looked like.

I was curious about the river's economy,

... and the passion of the people
who depend on it.

That's why I wanted to go see it.

You don't remember, do you?
I'm sure you don't.

You never once listened to me.

You just needed someone
to listen to you.

What difference is there
from a boulder or a tree?

Seok Ran, you've misunderstood me...

After my mother's incident,
I was alone.

You were the only one
who listened to me.

Yes, I was.

But you're no longer a child.
And neither am I.

If you had ever thought deeply
as to who I really was,

... you would never have done something
as presumptuous as this.

I'm going inside.

I heard from the American Ambassador
that you were leaving for the US.

But we need you here.
Will you be the administrator for Jejoongwon?

- Me?
- That's right.

I know you're interested in Western medicine.

We need two men to handle
administration and finance.

I would like for you to handle
the administration.

Your Excellency,
thank you for the consideration.

But I am not interested in a government post.

I am however, interested in
Jejoongwon's medical school.

Are you saying you won't go
the US to study?

Yes, something came up
and I've decided to stay.

I see.
What is that something?

This is an important time for
Korea's introduction to Western medicine.

I can't leave at this important time
for my selfish desire to study overseas.

I plan on studying here instead
and helping the people.

Excellent plan!

I am very pleased at
what you've just said.

Then what should I do?
Who should I offer this position to?

May I recommend
a most excellent candidate?

~ Recites verses ~

That means one should always rise early.

One should always wash his face
and.... that really itches!

I've told you boys a hundred times
to wash up!

But because of you I'm covered with lice bites!

Please forgive me.

I wasn't able to mention you to my Father
because he passed away recently.

Forgive you for what?

I wasn't even able to go
offer my condolences.

But my state now...

I've just been to the Institute.

I heard that you left the Institute
after my father's death.

Yes, even the Institute
is not immune to politics.

Have you heard of Jejoongwon, by chance?

Yes, I have.

- Isn't that the Western hospital?
- Yes.

Let me tell you the reason I am here.

We would like for you to take care of
administration for Jejoongwon.

What do you mean?

Jejoongwon needs noble
and learned men like yourself.

I've told Lord Min that you have an interest
and knowledge of Western medicine.

Interest and knowledge...?

Let me introduce to you the men who will
be the administrators of Jejoongwon.

You both already know Lord Baek Gyu Hyun.

Aren't you Mr. Baek's uncle?

How have you been?

This is Administrator Oh Choong Hwan.
He used to teach at the Institute.

He will be in charge of the new recruits
for the medical school.

I'm Oh Choon Hwan.

This is your first time
seeing a foreigner, right?

- Yes.
- Let us go in!

I'll begin with what we've decided.

The recruitment for the medical school
will be handled by these two gentlemen.

- Thank you. I'll help too.
- You will not.

There is no need for that.

In order to preserve impartiality,

you must not participate
in the recruitment.

That is ridiculous!

I will be teaching those recruits!

Dr. Allen, those are
the rules of our government.

Please understand.

Who are you, by the way?

Why are you listening to
our conversation?

I... I'm...
I'm Dr. Allen's medical assistant...

I see.
With what qualifications?

I approved and authorized Mr. Hwang.

That is enough qualification.

- I cannot accept that.
- What do you mean?

I think others would agree with me.

Dr. Allen, Jejoongwon is a royal hospital.

It is my opinion that...

... all staff in the royal hospital
must possess the highest qualifications.

- But now...
- All he has to do is pass the exam.

Then everyone will accept it as fair.

What an insightful comment.

It's truly worthy of
an ex-professor of the Institute.

But if he fails the exam, then
he wouldn't be able to be an assistant.

Of course.

We must be strict to preserve standards.

I think they're trying to get rid of you.

Official Oh seemed to be a fair man.

No. I read his aura, and he is a man
of many faces. Be careful.

Whatever the case,
he's right in that I should pass the exam.

I can't be a medical assistant
without passing the exam.

Have you ever taken an exam?

I don't have a choice.

I have to take if I want
to become a doctor.

I'm so glad I didn't become a nobleman.

My brain is cramping
just thinking about exams.

What do you have to do
to take the exam?

I should get a book on English.
Let's go.

I have two English dictionaries left!

- I'll take it!
- I'll buy it! Give it to me!

Make me an offer!

We're sold out!
Sold out!


Is there a way I can get a dictionary?

I do have one copy left.
But it's already sold to someone.

- Can I take a look at it?
- What?

The first character is A.
The second is B.

I can't read or write,
but I can draw that faster than you.

No, I have to memorize it myself.

The third character is C.

- Do you have the books I ordered?
- Oh, welcome!

And who do we have here?
It's Mr. Hwang!

Here it is!

Pardon me, but would you mind
if I copied your book?

Let's see...

- That book is hard to find...
- Is it?

Jae Wook, why don't you lend it to him?

Not a chance!

- Here you go.
- Thank you, Sir!

I have to go study now.

- Thank you, Sir!
- He is certainly in a rush.

I heard you were taking
the medical school exam.

I'm also planning on taking it.

Let's both study hard.

This is not good
if he joins Jejoongwon too...

What will you do now with no book?
We're done now, right?

If the bookstores are out of dictionaries,
there must be a lot of interest.

This is it.

My father's English students are here too.

I think they're interested in
the medical school too.

I see. How lucky they are
to already know English!

I heard that Lord Baek Do Yang
is going to be taking the exam too.


You didn't know?

I hadn't seen him lately.

I see.

It will be difficult for you to study English
based on the dictionary alone.

I don't even know where to start.

Shall I help you?


There are three letters
you can use by themselves.

They are 'A', 'I', and 'O'.

'A' means one,
and 'I' means me.

And 'O' is an exclamation.

Dr. Allen says Oh, Oh, a lot.
This must be what he says!

That's right.

These 26 characters join to make words.

Short words are two letters,
and long words can have nine.

That's amazing.

I'll write a question for you.

Mr. Hwang, are you sick?

- Mr. Hwang? That must be me.
- Yes, that's right.

If you say "you are", it is a statement,

... but when you reverse it,
it becomes a question.

And sick means being unwell.

Mr. Hwang, are you sick?

Mr. Hwang, are you sick?

No, I'm not sick at all.
But this hurts.

- What?
- Oh, not this! This!

I thought you were talking about this.

So why is a long life good anyway?

So you can have a good life
and see good things!

- Let's see your love fortune...
- Love? I'm too old for that.

Let me read it.

Does it say I'm going to
meet a rich widower?

It says you're destined
to meet a younger man.

Oh my goodness!
How could I meet a younger man?

Your fortune says that you'll
fall in love with a younger man!


- Gwak! Where are you?
- I'm here!

Eat this when you're hungry.
Read more of my fortune later.

Of course.
I'll give you a complete reading.

Thank you for the English lesson.

Don't mention it.
There's a method to learning English.

- What method?
- You have to memorize.

I'll keep that in mind.

I'm really envious of you, Miss Seok Ran.


You speak English. And you're
knowledgeable in Western medicine.

If you take the medical school exam,
you'll probably win top marks.

It makes me feel good
to hear you say that.

But that would never happen.

Have you thought about
being a chaperone?

I haven't told my parents yet.

But I want to.

- I'm sorry, my Lord. Let's go.
- All right.

Young Miss, thank you again.

Have a safe trip, and I'll try
to find the book for you.

Thank you.

I'll be memorizing this in the meantime.

~ Recites English ~


You have to pass the exam, all right?


I like it here.
If you fail, we have to leave!

You have to become a doctor.

So you can help people like your mother
who is sick but have no money.

I want you to become a great doctor.

That way all of the trouble
we went through is worth it!

And when you pass,
let's go visit your mother's grave.

It's been a while.

I'll do a service for her.

All done!

I'll fold it up and
put it in your clothes.


Stop wasting time and keep reciting!

All right, I'll recite.

~ Recites English ~

I was planning on giving this to you
next month on your birthday...

I bought it for you,
so I just brought it.

I heard that you weren't going to America,

... and taking the medical school exam instead.

To be honest...

I went to Jejoongwon
the day I saw you.

You remember my friend, Seung Yeon?

She drank poison after being
physically abused by her husband.

That day, she was dragged home
like an animal by her husband.

After that incident,
your request was...

Seok Ran.

You were right.

We are no longer children.

Let's not let other people
affect our relationship.

After many days of thinking,
this is my conclusion.


Does it suit me?

Yes. It's as if it always
belonged to you.

I will pass and become a good doctor.

I'm sure you'll score the highest.
You did so with the civil exams too.

Yes, I scored the highest marks.

What is it?

Someone told me something funny.

That if I took the exam,
I would score the highest marks.

Who told you such a thing?

Just... somebody.

Highest marks?

Sounds as if he was mocking you.

Mocking me?

I also think that you are fully qualified
to take the medical school exam.

But to say you'd score the highest marks?

That sounds like mockery to me.

It wasn't like that.

It was a sincere remark.

How could that be sincere?

It may be possible in the West,
but we are in Korea.

Do not be affected by such comments
in the future.

Exams are certainly not something
women can take.

It may be possible in the West,
but we are in Korea.

Exams are certainly not something
women can take.

Please make an exception!
This is really important!

I said no.

Young Miss!

Mr. Hwang!

What is it?
What brings you here?

I came here to sign up for my brother,
but they won't let me without his seal.

- You have a brother?
- It's my cousin. He's sick.

- Can you make an exception?
- Do you think this is a game?

We cannot allow that.

I have to sign up!

Wait a moment, Miss.

- Hey, Yi Gwak.
- Yes?

Do you have it?
The calling card?

Yes, I'm using it as a talisman.

This is Lord Min Young Ik's calling card.

He said to show it if I need something.

How... How do you know Lord Min?


It's not for you to know.


Thank you!

- Thank you so much.
- It's nothing.

- Have you studied English?
- I memorized a few words.

Then shall we take our lesson further?



You know the word
you taught me earlier, beautiful?

What happens if you put
the word "so" in front of it?

It means very beautiful.

So that means very beautiful!

And if you put "you are" in front of it?

You are something something.

That's right.

You are ... and then ..
so beautiful.

You are very beautiful.

You are very...

... beautiful.

That's right.
Now you try it.

You are so beautiful.

Very good.

You are so beautiful.

Yes, good pronunciation.

- You are very beautiful.
- You're right on the meaning.

You are so beautiful.

Yes, repetition is good.

You are so beautiful.

You are so... beautiful.

But I'm Hwang Jung!

How can that be?
That name has already signed up.

Look, I'm Hwang Jung!
I haven't signed up yet!

I said you did!

Look here!
The name and birthdate is the same!

How can this be?

Hey, Dr. Allen says
you need this for the exam.

- Really?
- It's written in weird language.

Do you think this is an American talisman?

Don't be ridiculous.

Why don't you recite some English?
The sound makes me sleepy.

Crazy fool!

- I'm worried about you, Miss.
- I'll be fine. Don't worry about me.

Sell this if you need money.

Seize that man!

- Why are you doing this?
- My Lord!

Is it true that you used violence
against this man?

- I had a good reason...!
- Answer the question!

Did you or didn't you?

I did.

Yes, that's right.

And you took his wife too, right?

What? You're accusing me
of taking his wife?

Then where is she?
She defended you and now she's gone.

- That is ridiculous!
- No, it's a lie!

How dare you use violence
and then take his wife?

You are guilty!

- Imprison this man immediately!
- Yes Sir!

Sir, this is a mistake!
I am innocent!

- Please release him!
- My Lord!

- My Lord!
- Sir! Please!

- Please call the Chief again!
- Call who? Sit down and shut up!

Please! Please!

Bureau of International Affairs

Buy your sweet taffy here!

Buy sweet taffy!
It's good luck for exams!

- Good morning, Chief!
- Did you get home safely last night?

I drank too much and slept late.
I had to come straight here.

We should have let you go home sooner!

No problems here.
Will you be going back to the Bureau?

No, I have to stay here.
I must ensure that is no cheating.

Of course!

I may have made a mistake...

Then that's another reason
for you to live on.

You need to find out
what you did wrong.

You need to know so that
you can save lives next time!

There's only one thing I want.

A doctor must never turn a patient away.

That is a doctor's creed.

You have to become a doctor.

So you can help people like your mother
who is sick but have no money.

I want you to become a great doctor.

That way all of the trouble
we went through is worth it!

You'll do a good job.
You have to.

I have to take the exam...

I have to take the exam...

I have to become a doctor!
Please let me take the exam!

Please open the gate!

- Doctor Allen!
- What is the status?

The Police Chief isn't here yet.

Lord Min Young Ik is unavailable.
What should we do now?

He has to take the exam!

Baek Sae Hoon.

Yes, here you are.

Did you have fun last night?

- I'm all right.
- Do Yang!

- It's the exam!
- I'm all right.

Take it!

You should take better care of this.

Thank you.


Enter Jejoongwon as a student
and cause chaos!

Are a lot of people taking the exam today?

It... looks that way.

I heard over a thousand
are taking the exam.

I see. Good luck.

Thank you.

I'm so sorry.
This will never happen again.

- Please accept my apologies.
- No, it's all right.

Mr. Hwang.

I'm sorry for worrying you.

- You don't have time for this!
- Yes, you must take the exam!

Wait! Wait!

Please let me through.

Please hurry!

I know you're in a hurry,
but no use rushing me.

Hwang Jung, born March.

You may enter.

Here now, Hwang Jung.

- Long time no see, I'm Hwang Jung.
- And I'm Yi Gwak!

So you've been living
the good life as Hwang Jung?

As atonement for my crimes,
I'll take the exam for you and pass!

Wait a moment.

It's just for a while.

- I'm fine. Just leave it...
- Young Miss?

This exam will require the dissection
of a pig and drawing of its anatomy.

What are you planning to do?
Don't do it!

You may lose your hand!

Right now, the most important thing
isn't this hand.

It's passing this exam!