Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
What should I do? Shall I kill him without anyone knowing?
You can kill him anytime.
I want to know more about him.
I'm too curious to get rid of him now.
Meow...! Meow...!
Meow...! Meow...!
- Jak Dae! - What happened to you!
{\a6}Episode 6
- How did you find me? - That's not important!
Are you sure you should be here?
Well.... It's a long story.
So, you abandoned me so that you could survive by yourself?
- It wasn't like that... - If I'm such a burden to you, I'll take off!
Just say it to my face!
It's not that. I was afraid you'd come to harm.
You're always getting in trouble because of me.
I'm so grateful for your concern I could cry.
I'm really sorry about everything. You need to hide yourself while I take care of things.
Why, so you can run away by yourself again?
It's not like that.
What is it?
This is Lord Min Young Ik's calling card.
If you show this, they'll give you free food and free lodging.
- Really? - That's right.
Mr. Hwang, what are you doing out there?
Yes, Doctor, I'll be right there!
I have to get going. I'll see you soon.
All right.
Jak Dae!
Don't worry anymore. I won't be running away again.
Never again.
So this is like money, right?
Then let's go get some food!
- How dare you! - Have mercy! Have mercy!
How did that butcher end up with this?
What did he want you to tell Lord Min Young Ik?
No! He just told me that that card would get me food and lodging!
How dare you lie to me!
I'm not lying to you!
How did the butcher come to work with the foreigner?
I... I'm not sure myself... I just saw him today.
- You wretch...! - Please don't beat me anymore!
Actually, I was telling fortunes in the market,
and it told me that a friend would be in the north...
Are you playing games with me?
I swear I'm not! Ask him yourself then!
That wretch is working under a foreigner.
Don't you know it can cause diplomatic problems...?
What would a lowlife like you know about that!
Father, did you send for me?
Oh yes. Do you know where the sulfur ointment is?
- The sulfur ointment? - Yes.
- It's over here. - So it is.
It was right in front of my nose. Here, maybe you can find these too.
Why are you looking for these items?
- Are these for Dr. Allen? - Yes.
- He is opening a clinic. - Really?
Can I go with you to the opening?
Did you forget what I said earlier about you staying at home?
But I've truly repented!
That's for me to determine, not you.
Why don't you forgive her?
Young Master...!
Isn't it too soon to complete the funeral service for your father?
Thank you for your concern.
But it was a decision made after much consideration.
My honest opinion is that the traditional three years grieving period is too long.
I heard that Dr. Allen is opening a clinic in his home.
If it's all right with you, I would like to accompany you to the opening.
I wanted a chance to apologize to Dr. Allen for what happened.
And I'm curious about the clinic as well.
I'm already aware that Mr. Hwang is working with him.
Please do not worry.
I have already settled my misunderstandings with him.
I feel that I was immature in my reaction.
~ Reads Chinese characters ~
What is to be done? What is to be done?
Are you saying that to me?
If I admit fault but you do not accept it, my pride would be hurt.
But if I insist on my faultlessness, I will have shame within.
I won't tease you again, so please don't be angry anymore.
Really? You'll never tease me again?
That's right.
I'm not good at apologies.
So in the future, I will do this if I do something wrong.
So while I work on learning how to apologize, you should work on how to forgive.
Now everything is ready. (Horace Allen - medical missionary)
Yes, now all we need are the medical supplies from Official Yu's storehouse.
Meow... Meow...
Jak Dae!
Is that you?
Long time no see, Little Dog.
- Dr. Allen! - Official Yu. Miss Yu.
- Mr. Baek. - How have you been?
He wants to apologize about the previous day.
Apologize? You have nothing to apologize to me about.
Not at all, I have troubled you in many ways. Please accept my apologies.
The events of that day were truly unfortunate.
Let's talk further after today's opening.
Yes, it looks like everything is ready.
But where is Mr. Hwang?
I haven't seen him in a while.
So you're telling me a butcher lowlife pretended to be a nobleman and a doctor?
You rodent, you won't be able to escape me again.
I've brought some patients!
Young Miss! Young Miss!
Where is Mr. Hwang?
I can't find him anywhere!
Oh dear, we need someone to assist.
That's right.
What if I assist you?
Good idea!
The Young Master has medical knowledge. He will be great help.
I see. Thank you.
Did you kill the Minister out of revenge?
No, I was trying to save him...
Please have mercy...!
If I have mercy, maybe you'll try to cut me up too!
- No, that isn't so! - Shut up!
Min Young Ik and King Go Jong
It appears they have started.
Let us enter.
Isn't that Lord Min Young Ik?
It appears so.
He looks well.
Ah, Official Yu. We meet often these days.
Yes, Excellency.
- Where does it hurt? - Yes, over here.
- Turn around. - Yes, my Lord.
What is written on his back?
I'm not sure.
The middle is the character for dog, and the surrounding characters are three tigers.
There is a superstition that an abscess will be cured if three tigers hunt a dog.
The abscess is serious. We must lance it.
Prepare the scalpel and medicines.
Yes, Doctor.
Lance it? You mean you're going to use a knife?
The pus has to be removed.
No way!
I came here to be cured, not to be cut open!
The pus has to be removed. Sit down.
I don't want to!
I heard the foreigners take knives and cut you from mouth to bowel!
I guess the rumors are true!
The Young Master wanted me to reveal your identity.
But if that happens, I will have to take much of the blame.
The Minister died because I didn't kill you that day!
It's better if you die right here.
Let's get out of here! Hurry!
- He's going to die... - Hurry!
Let's go! Hurry!
What is it?
There's only one thing I want.
A doctor must never turn a patient away. That is a doctor's creed.
- If we leave him, he will die. - What?
We have to save him.
Are you crazy? Why are you worried about him?
Hey! Little Dog!
Little Dog!
We have to save him!
Are you crazy?
That means we die! Do you think he'll let us live?
I made a promise!
Are you tired, Your Majesty?
Yes, I didn't sleep well last night.
Dr. Allen, do you have any patients that are more sick that these?
These patients aren't very interesting.
I can't create patients out of thin air.
It seems that the people are still ignorant about Western medicine.
It appears so.
Lord Min, let us return.
Doctor! Doctor!
- Here! - Please help him!
Officer Jung!
His head... He hit his head on a rock!
Look at me! Can you see my finger?
There's blood in his head. We must operate immediately!
The blood is causing pressure in his brain!
If we don't operate now, he will die!
Mr. Hwang, prepare my equipment and the cocaine!
Yes, Doctor.
{\a6}Cocaine - used as local anesthesia
- Young Master... - Yes, what is it?
That fellow...
His true identity is...
Who is he?
Officer Jung! Officer Jung! Who is he? Who is he?
Officer Jung, come to your senses! Wake up!
His heart has stopped!
You must save him! You must bring him back to life!
Officer Jung! Officer Jung!
Why... why are you hitting his chest?
The heart can beat again if shock is applied.
We will use this to stimulate the face.
Thump thump...!
Officer Jung! Get up, Officer Jung!
We must save him! We must save him!
He is dead.
What are you doing?
Shock... I'm going to shock him.
Shock? You can't do that!
I said that's enough!
Mr. Hwang! Do it again.
What did you say?
Do it again. We don't have time. Hurry!
Once more!
What are you doing? He's dead!
Please die! Only your death will save us.
He's alive! He's not dead anymore!
He's alive!
What happened?
It is the power of lightning.
Electricity uses the chinese characters of lightning and power.
Seok Ran!
It's all right. You may continue.
Yes. You use that machine to create electricity.
It's like the lightning in the sky, and I think they used its power to restart the heart.
You are an intelligent young woman.
I fear I may have overindulged my daughter.
It is good for a woman to be educated.
Who is he?
I... I'll tell you later.
Damn it...!
Die! Die! Please die!
Wouldn't that cause the poor man more harm?
This surgery has been performed in the West for quite a long time already.
It is done to remove the coagulated blood in the head.
- Mr. Hwang. - Yes, Doctor.
The surgery is finished.
Will he live?
Mr. Hwang?
How did you come up with such an idea?
I... I touched your machine before and my whole body was shocked.
My heart felt the impact too, so...
Well done.
I don't deserve such praise.
Mr. Hwang.
Long time no see.
Let us move the patient indoors.
I have learned the value of western medicine.
Isn't it as I mentioned?
The man who carried in the patient and ultimately saved him made quite an impression on me.
I agree, Your Majesty.
Your... Majesty...?
Seok Ran, this is His Majesty the King.
Your Majesty, please pardon my daughter's lack of decorum.
Your Majesty, I have committed an unpardonable sin! Please forgive me!
I did not know who you were!
No, Your Majesty!
How can I find fault in you when I'm traveling incognito?
His Majesty has commanded you to arise.
Seok Ran.
Modernization brings enlightenment.
It is better for two to learn than one.
And it is better for man and woman to be educated than only man.
You must persevere in your learning.
Your Majesty, your grace knows no bounds!
- Let us head back. - Yes, Your Majesty.
What is the matter?
It is nothing.
Mr. Hwang, whatever has happened to your face?
Yes, I've been wondering the same thing. Where were you earlier today?
I'll explain later.
As you wish.
I need to talk to Mr. Yu.
- Then I... - Wait.
- Let me take a look at your wounds. - I... I'm fine...
- Have a seat. - I... I'm all right...
Your bruises look serious. Wait a while.
So it was Seok Ran who freed you?
I should learn from you.
You're guilty of killing a man. But now you're a medical assistant under Dr. Allen.
Did you do it because of consular jurisdiction?
It's not like that.
I am deeply sorry about the Minister.
There are things that you can apologize for, and things that you can never apologize for.
So, what happened between you and the officer?
We became involved in the fight.
The officer got hurt, and so did I...
Is that what really happened?
Then tell me in detail what happened.
- So... - And so...?
So... So I was headed here from the marketplace...
and the officer here was in... in a fight with some thugs...
- And so... - Really? And then what?
And so... and I felt like the officer here was in danger...
And that's why you became involved in a fight, right?
Yes... And then he hurt his head...
That's enough. No need to try so hard.
That... that's not...
I said that's enough.
In any case, everything will be revealed when this fellow wakes up.
I, for one, am very curious about you.
Young Master, we're leaving.
All right.
I'll be back.
Seok Ran.
You didn't know His Majesty was here, right?
His Majesty?
The man with Lord Min was His Majesty the King!
Are you sure?
Yes! I was so surprised too!
He said Mr. Hwang left a good impression on him!
Yes, Mr. Hwang was great today!
You crazy fool! All right, let's go now.
He should live, right?
Come on, you idiot!
Oh no...!
Here, here...!
Have a seat.
Don't you think we should wait together until he wakes up?
You mean to have the foreign doctor take over the hospital?
That's right.
The Japanese doctor has returned to his country.
I think this is the right time.
But that man is a missionary.
This may be construed as allowing the introduction of Christianity.
But that is something I must do sooner or later.
Your Majesty...
Then do you have an alternative?
Qing China has shown an interest in our hospital. Perhaps we can have an alliance with them...?
My Queen, why do you think I am allying with the United States of America?
Their land is large and far away from here.
They will not covet our land here like Qing China or Japan.
We cannot join with Qing China or Japan.
To them, we are like a piece of meat on the roadside.
Given a chance, they will try to devour us.
You mean you really laid eyes on His Majesty?
I thought my heart was going to stop beating!
And he showed interest in you and said you were intelligent?
It wasn't like that. I just explained the surgery to him.
No, that's not it. What if...?
What if he wants you as his concubine?
Oh my goodness! Then what does that make me?
The King's mother-in-law...?
What are you talking about?
Isn't a concubine's mother the King's mother-in-law?
Marrying the King isn't always a good thing.
What is the Queen hates her and exiles her?
You may have to drink poison!
What? Poison?
Ex... Excuse me...
Do Yang! Do Yang!
Someone is calling you.
Who is it?
Who? It's Jae Wook. Your uncle is here too.
Do Yang! Where is the Hwang fellow?
I was worried about you, so I came here with Jae Wook.
He is watching over Officer Jung.
Officer Jung is hurt?
Did that fellow try to kill Officer Jung too...?
That... that wretched...!
Do Yang, let us report this to the police.
Be quiet.
We are not the only ones here.
Mr. Baek
Who are they?
This is my uncle and my friend.
Am I still alive?
You are not dead.
Did you save me...?
Why? Why did you save me?
I felt like I had to.
Even though that means your life?
You are really a strange fellow.
Officer Jung, you're awake.
Young Master...
What happened, Officer Jung?
I heard your skull was cracked.
Let's see.
Mr. Hwang, why are you sweating like that?
No... no reason.
Officer Jung.
Yes, Young Master.
What was it you were about to tell me before you lost consciousness?
Are you crazy? If you save him, we will both die!
I have to save him!
Mr. Hwang...
He is a good man.
Did he not save my life?
That's right. Mr. Hwang saved your life.
You said something about his true identity!
Did I?
Yes. What were you going to say?
Forgive me. My memory...
This is the first time I met him. How would I know his identity?
Is that so? Then where did you meet him?
It's all right. Tell me in detail.
I said tell me.
To be honest...
Yes, what is it?
Tell me!
He must not be aggravated. Everyone, leave the room!
Officer Jung!
Mr. Baek, stop it. That's enough.
I will leave now. But we will talk later.
Officer Jung...!
If he's in pain, give him some morphine.
Yes, Doctor.
I'm going to bed.
Tell the fellow under the bed to come out. It's annoying me.
I've been a police officer for over ten years.
His odor is making me nauseous.
Jak Dae, come out.
Sir, please have mercy!
Why did you spare us?
I think he knows you're lying.
I didn't do it for you.
If I told the truth, I wouldn't have been safe either.
Make sure you keep your mouth shut.
Thank you.
Jak Dae!
Wh... what?
Do you know where the officer went?
Over there...!
Doctor! Doctor!
The patient is missing! He disappeared while I was sleeping.
No, that patient should not be moving around. Find him!
- Yes, Doctor. - Little Dog! Little Dog!
- Did you find him? - No, My Lord.
He must have left.
Is this your servant?
- Y... yes. - Pleased to meet you!
Yes, same here.
Dr. Allen!
I'm glad you're up. His Majesty has summoned you to the Palace.
If you are to meet His Majesty, you should have a Korean name.
If you have a good name, please give it to me.
Allen... Allen...
How about An Ryun?
An Ryun?
An Ryun...
It sounds similiar to Allen.
It uses the characters for comfort and continuation.
It means may good things happen continually.
An Ryun... I like it.
From now on, my Korean name is An Ryun.
Do you think the officer went to the Bureau? To report us?
- I don't think so. - How do you know?
I think he left for a far away place.
To be or not to be, that was the question.
Yes, that was the problem. I heard that Lord Min was half dead.
But your medical skill saved him.
Your service has earned you merit.
He did what he had to do, Your Majesty.
Let me ask you one question.
If I bestow a hospital on you,
will you treat the people of this country with your western medicine?
He is in awe and says he can, Your Majesty.
I shall name the hospital Kwang Hae Won.
Your Majesty, your grace abounds to the Heavens!
I was just about to pay you a visit.
Is that so? For what purpose...?
Officer Jung has disappeared.
I heard the news earlier. But...?
Officer Jung was about to tell me Mr. Hwang's identity.
His identity?
Haven't you realized that Mr. Hwang is hiding something?
Think about it. So many strange events surround this man.
First, his gunshot wound. And now this electrical shock he performed.
So many things don't make sense about him.
I used to think he was strange too.
But the more I see him, the more I think of him as a good man.
And these are strange times with strange events.
Please give him the benefit of the doubt.
That man is responsible for my father's death.
It was an accident.
You must let it go. It will tear you apart if you don't.
Official Yu!
This is not the time for this, Young Master.
The hospital you've always dreamt about is finally being built in Korea!
What? What do you mean...?
His Majesty has bestowed a hospital to Dr. Allen.
This is not the time to focus on past events.
Is not your dream to become a doctor?
Dr. Allen has indicated that he needs more medical assistants.
Why don't you continue your studies under him...?
Study under Dr. Allen? Alongside that fellow?
Young Master, focus on learning...
Official Yu.
Let me be clear on this. Mr. Hwang and I are like oil and water.
One of us may survive, but we will never be together.
A hospital...? Is that true?
That's wonderful!
There will be lots of work for you. Please work hard with me.
I'll do my best!
Can I be part of this too?
I can do everything other than medicine.
I can carry stuff! Just ask me!
I welcome all of Mr. Hwang's friends.
Thank you! I'll work really hard!
Hong Young Shik's Residence (The Reform Party)
You want us to use this house as a hospital?
This house belonged to Lord Hong Young Shik, the leader behind the coup.
His entire family has been executed due to his act of treason.
- Lord Min is in this picture! - It looks exactly like him!
- That is a photograph. - Photograph?
I'll explain later.
Here's Lord Hong. This was his house.
This man was...
Yes, he was at the Postal Administration with me.
He was a great supporter of modernization.
But now in his death, his house will be used for such a purpose.
Once the hospital is erected here, it will become a symbol of modernization.
Dr. Allen!
Give me a rag too!
So this will be operating room?
Give that to me, Young Miss.
Get out of here!
{\a6}(Japanese Embassy)
What a mess! They destroyed the place!
{\a6}(Japanese Ambassador)
Savages! They stole all the medical equipment!
How can you show your tears?
How can I not?
- Watanabe-san! - Yes, sir!
You are a citizen of Imperial Japan! You must keep your dignity!
Yes sir!
- Bad news. - What is it?
While we were gone, the Koreans have built a hospital.
- What? - Oh no!
I've just been to Lord Hong's residence. But it has become a hospital!
By turning our supporter's house into a hospital, they have insulted Imperial Japan!
That's right!
Who is in charge of the hospital?
- It's Allen. - Allen?
Allen! How dare he take my position!
I won't stand for this!
I'm better at surgery than he is!
Look. This is how surgery should be done.
Surgery should be done in a hospital. Just drink your wine.
Tell me where it hurts.
I'll operate on you.
- What's wrong with you? - I'm better than Allen!
I'll show you how good I am.
You look like my first love, Fumiko!
My dimpled Fumiko!
I'll make dimples on you...!
How dare you!
Long live Imperial Japan...!
You asked to see me, but look at you!
It is time for you to go.
I don't think we can discuss anything today. I'll see you tomorrow.
Must I accept this without knowing why?
There is something you have to do.
What is that?
It will fail by itself even if we do nothing.
But we must help things along a little.
This is to help your people and your nation, as well as Imperial Japan.
I do not care about the interests of others.
What is it? What does it do?
What is it supposed to do?
The kids are really curious. Can we take a picture together with them?
All right. Stand together.
Children, come over here. Let's take a picture. It's all right.
Say cheese.
- Cheese. Smile! - Chee.. zu?
You have to smile when you take a picture. Cheese?
Make the kids smile.
- Say cheese. - Chee... zu?
"Cheese" is difficult to say.
If bread is like rice, then cheese is like kimchi. What about saying kimchi?
Kim... chi...?
Smile! Kimchi!
- Kimchi! - Kimchi...
It's amazing! Look, it's my Gaeddong!
It is!
Wait, why are the faces all blurry?
It's because the souls are leaving the bodies.
Don't you know this is how the foreign devils lure the children away?
It happened in Qing China too! They stole the children's souls and then ate them!
They took their eyes and used them for the camera lenses.
Look! That's why the pictures look like what the eyes see!
- Steal their souls and eat them? - That's right!
- Be careful. - That damned foreigner!
We shouldn't let this go! He'll eat all of our children and then he'll eat us!
That's right! Let's go!
The name of the hospital... I feel like there's a better name for it out there.
Your Majesty, why don't we consult the Analects of Confucius?
The Analects of Confucius?
Are you referring to the phrase "Bak Shi Jae Joong"?
- Bestow to the people and save the masses? - Yes.
Showing compassion to the people is benevolence.
But saving the masses is the duty of a King.
Since this has always been your desire, this would be a fitting name.
Yes... That is exactly it!
That is exactly what I want! We must change the name this instant!
Bring me the scroll!
To signify the saving of the masses...
Jae, the character for saving...
Joong, the character for the masses...
Won, the character for house...
Jejoongwon... This shall be my greatest legacy!
Jejoongwon is the symbol of this nation's modernization.
This is a place to treat the sick! Not a place where children are eaten!
This symbol must never come to be.
Where is Mr. Hwang?
That man is dangerous!
Your suspicion and ill-will towards him is more dangerous!
The reason for my ill-will is...
because I don't like it when you're with him.
What happens if you can't save him?