Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- My Lord!
- Young Master!

{\a6} Episode 5

- I'm going to kill you!
- Please stop!

Move aside!

How dare you touch my father?

Young Master!

You should have waited for my return.
No matter what the emergency!

I know how to do sutures
and anesthesize a patient too!

But I went for a doctor
because I am not one!

But you... how dare you cause his death?!

- Young Master! Young Master!
- Stop it! Stop it!

Mr. Hwang didn't cause your father's death!

He caused my father's death
with his attempt at surgery!

Yes, I saw it with my own eyes!

He didn't die because of the surgery!

The surgery was done very well.

Let me go.

If the surgery was done well,

- Then Father shouldn't be dead!
- Mr. Baek...

We were too late.

He was old and lost too much blood.

I won't kill you now.

But I will make sure that you
receive your just punishment.

Seize this man and imprison him!

My Lord!
My Lord!

Why are you doing this?
The doctor said it wasn't his fault!

Shut up!

You will both live the rest
of your lives in prison!

- Prison...?
- That's right!

Make sure the door is locked
and guard it carefully!

Young Miss!
Why are you being like this?

My dear, you should not involve yourself!

Mr. Hwang was reluctant to do it at first!
It was Lord Baek who made him do it!

What are you talking about?
I was there! That Mr. Hwang used you!

- Isn't that right, Mak Saeng?
- I don't know anything.

No, Mr. Hwang is not that kind of person!

Where are you going?
Go inside the house!

How can you do this to him?
He tried to save his life!

You can't do this to us!

Young Master...

I need to talk to you.

Young Miss, I don't think he wants
to speak to anyone right now.

When the prison guards come,
it will be too late.

Mr. Hwang will be accused of murder.

If that happens...

I'm a widow who lost both her children,

but that Mr. Hwang has worse luck than me!

Don't worry too much, Young Miss.

You saved his life.
I'm sure he won't drag you down with him.

Young Miss!
Where are you going?

Let me get yours too.

- What?
- Jak Dae.

Not a word.
You're going with me.

You believe me, right?

Believe what?
Haven't you come to your senses yet?


- I wanted to save him.
- Who?

Save who?
You're a butcher, not a doctor.

Why did you do such a stupid thing?

Yes, you're right.
Isn't it strange though?

It was that wretch's father,
and yet...

I remembered my mother.

Idiot, you're going to die because
you tried to save someone else's life.

If only my mother had
gotten treatment earlier...

She would have lived.

So I thought that if I could do something
for the Minister before it was too late...

I thought he would live.

It's... it's true.

I.. I... I wanted to save his life...
I really wanted to save him...

Fine, we'll talk about it when
we're far away from here.

No, Young Miss!
Young Master will have me killed!

- I said I'll take responsibility!
- Young Miss!

Young Miss...!

I wonder why they tied me so loosely...?

- Young Miss....
- You must run far away from here.

The prison guards are coming.

I'm not going.

What... what do you mean?

She wants you to go!

I do not wish to be a burden to you.

Dr. Allen said himself that
the surgery was done well.

He said that Lord Baek lost too much blood.

Yes, the Doctor was right!
So stop talking nonsense and let's go!


- I may have made a mistake...
- My Lord!

Then that's another reason for you to live on.

You need to find out what you did wrong.

You need to know so that
you can save lives next time!

If you insist on being this way,
then I will confess too and receive my punishment.

You can't do that.
I'm responsible for everything.

And I'm responsible for helping you.

This is not the time to be
worrying about this.

Let's go.

- Open the door.
- Young... Young Master...

I said open the door!

I... I...

- Where is he?
- I... I...

Young Miss, she....

Young Master!

- You must hurry and leave here!
- I am worried about you.

I'll be alright.
Don't worry about me.

We don't have time.
Let's go!


- Sell it if you need money.
- I... I can't...

- You never know if you'll need it.
- I.. I can't accept it...

Thank you.
We'll be going now.

I let them go.

Seok Ran, you...
How could you do this to me?

I will not let Mr. Hwang be accused of murder!

He was only trying to help.

He shouldn't have to take
the blame for his death!

That man presumed he could mimic Dr. Allen!

He dared to touch my father's body!

If you put it that way,
then I am at fault as well.

I helped him.

- And your uncle encouraged us.
- What? My uncle?


So... You did it because
you were encouraged.

Is that what you're telling me?

- Is it?
- That's not my point.

- It wasn't just Mr. Hwang...
- Let me ask you one thing.

Let's just say a man saw an
acrobatic troupe for the first time.

He tells you he wants to walk
on the tightrope like them.

Will you let him?

- What...?
- Answer my question.

Can a man walk a tightrope
after having seen it once?

Of course not.

- It's dangerous.
- No.

No, he can.

He can walk the tightrope if he wants to.

If he falls, he'll be the only one who dies.

But medicine...
Not with medicine!

Because someone else can die!
Because it's murder!

- That's too extreme!
- Extreme?

You've known me for ten years,
but you're more concerned about him?

You're more worried about
what I'm going to do to him?


I just lost my father.

Kim Ok Gyun and the Reform Party's
Gapsin Coup was found out by the Queen.

She enlisted the aid of Qing China.

Qing soldiers defeated the Japanese soldiers
and the Reform Party members.

Retreat! Retreat!

Go away!
Go away!

It's a pity we can't take
everything with us!

That's not the major issue!
We need to get to Jaemulpo!

Hope you're comfortable in there!

{\a6}[Kim Ok Gyun]

Your Majesty...

This is the end of our nation's reform.

Who told you to do such a thing?

Forgive me, Father,
but there was no way out...

Mr. Hwang saved Prince Min's life as well as mine!

Do you think I would have
let them have him?

Did you not once think that your actions
would make things more difficult for him?

Things must be handled properly.

All you have done is
aggravate the Young Master.

How could you do this
to your future husband?

You're to blame too!

Why can't you control your own daughter?

What could I do?
I can't tie her up.

I gave you more freedom
than other families,

so that you would think freely,
not act recklessly!

You will stay home and think about
what you've done wrong!

Yes, Father.

Look here!
Look here!

Oh, you're here!

- Is Mr. Yu here?
- Who?

Mister... I mean...

Is your Master home?

- Oh, my Master!
- Yes. I've come for my medical supplies.

Yes, come on in.

What happened to Mr. Hwang?
Was he taken away?

Taken away?
Our Young Miss helped him escape.

Well done.

But if I had only arrived a little sooner,

this wouldn't have
happened to Mr. Hwang.

I thought you said it was too late.

It might have been you
being accused of murder.

Mak Saeng!

If a patients dies in my care,
I do not get in trouble under Korean law.


Why not?
Why don't you get punished?

- It's called consular jurisdiction.
- Consular jurisdiction?

We Americans are protected by American law,

and cannot be judged by Korean law.

Our two nations have agreed to this.

Hey, Little Dog!
Are you out of your mind?

Did the bullet hit your head?

You do surgery without any experience,
then you want to stay to be executed!

I can't be your servant anymore.

I'm going to steal a nobleman's dress
and become your friend!

I'm sorry.

By the way, when did you get
so close to that Young Miss?

She was so desperate to save you!

How strange!

Stop talking nonsense.

In any case, you need to be selfish for
a change and start thinking of yourself!

Let's go.


Why is this river so damned hard to cross?

Isn't it so, my Lord?

You need to find out what you did wrong.

You need to know so that
you can save lives next time!

Once on the boat, there's no turning back.
Get on!

Please make some room.

Aren't you getting on, my Lord?

Please get on.
This is the last boat today.

- My Lord!
- Jak Dae!

- I don't think I can go.
- You... My Lord!

- I'm sorry.
- My Lord! You have to come with me!

You can't do this!
You have to go with me!

My Lord!
My Lord!


Do you remember me?
I came here to sell some books...

Oh yes...

Do you still have those medical books?
I wanted to check something.

I might still have them.

No one has asked for them since.
Please wait a while.

~ Invocation of Dead Spirits Ritual ~
Calling the dead soul to reincarnate

My condolences.

How dare you show your face here!

Do you know what happened
at your house?

- Please forgive me.
- This is why we shouldn't be involved with the lower class!

You are aware that your daughter
caused this mess!

We should never have allowed
the low class girl around Do Yang!


It is all my fault.

- Please forgive me.
- No.

It's not Seok Ran's fault.

But I blame myself for leaving...

...and that Hwang fellow for his actions.

How has this happened?

You were with those men in order to go
to Japan and look what has happened!

Be quiet!
Not in front of my father!

Even so, those Reform Party bastards...!

You should be reading that at home.

A human body contains three parts of blood.

Losing one part will bring death.

We were too late.
He was old and lost too much blood.

Yes, he lost more than one part of blood.

Anesthesia reduces blood pressure...?

No, too much anesthesia can cause death.

Mak Saeng?
Are you really going to do this to me?

- I have no choice, it's Madam's orders!
- I won't go anywhere! I'll stay home!

You do what you have to.
I'm just doing what I have to do.

Young Miss!

Don't you have to go to the outhouse?

Why? Why should I have to go
with you to the outhouse?

Then please stay here while I go.

I don't want to.

Young Miss, please help me!

- Fine, I won't go anywhere.
- Really?

- Hurry up!
- I'll be right back!

Young Miss.

What are you...?

Come over here.

I... was worried about you.

I'm fine.

Is that why you're here?
Because of me?



Dr. Allen might have been wrong.

What do you mean?

I just read this book.

The book said that a man will die
if he lost a third of his blood.

- And?
- It also said that...

... anesthesia causes blood pressure to drop.


If the book is right, then Lord Baek's
blood pressure would have been very low.

His blood pressure was low anyway
due to blood loss, but...

.... I gave him anesthesia.

His blood pressure would have dropped even more.


And that means I may have killed Lord Baek.

I may have murdered him.

But... but that's just your opinion.

Don't jump to conclusions.

Do some more research.

I will.

- And...
- And...?

And if it is my fault...

I will turn myself in.

But what if it wasn't your fault?

If it wasn't my fault...

... then like you said,
I want to save lives.

But those are just my thoughts.

I'm a wanted man.

Seek out Dr. Allen if you want to know more.


Go to him and ask him.

And if he confirms that
it wasn't your fault,

Ask him to become his assistant,
his medical assistant.

Medical assistant...?

If you become his medical assistant,
consular jurisdiction will be extended to you.

You won't be under Korean law.

Then you will not have to run anymore.

Young Master.

There is something you must help me with.


- You will find someone for me.
- Who is this man?

His name is Hwang Jung.

Hwang Jung?

Why? Do you know him?

No. But his name sounds familiar.

He pretended to be a western doctor
and caused my father's death.


Please allow me to slay
this wretched fellow!

Calm down and listen to me.

They say he was found by
the riverside with a gunshot wound.

A gunshot wound?

What's wrong?
Do you know this man?

No, my Lord.
How would I know him?

There are many things
suspicious about him.

- Find him no matter what.
- Yes.

I will do my utmost to find him.

When you do,
report to me first.

Yes, my Lord.

What are you doing?

Jak Dae...?

Where have you been?

Here and there.

- Do you know something?
- What?

Is Little Dog here?

Why are you looking for a dead boy here?
Have you lost your mind too?

Oh, that's right. I was just wondering
if his ghost had visited you.

How can his ghost find his way home
when his body is somewhere in that river?

Dr. Allen...!

Mr. Hwang!

So Lord Baek lost consciousness and...

... and that's when we decided to do the surgery.

The patient will lose consciousness
if too much blood is lost.

In any case, that's when I anesthesized him.

And then I closed the ruptured vein.


So what I'm saying is...

His blood pressure was low
because of his blood loss,

but it must have dropped even lower
from the anesthesia.

So I...

So I... I... am responsible for his...

... death...?


If the ruptured vein is stitched up,
blood pressure cannot fall further.

That's not why he died.

Mr. Hwang, do you still think
that you killed Lord Baek?

Surgery doesn't save everyone.

There is no such thing as a safe surgery.

It doesn't save everyone?

And there's no such thing as safe surgery?


I would have done the surgery too in that situation.

But I don't think I would have been
able to save Lord Baek either.

It's not your fault.
Do you understand?

Are you sure?

Don't worry anymore.

You're sure, Doctor?
I didn't kill him, right?

- Yes, you didn't kill him.
- You're sure right? I didn't kill him!

I didn't kill a man, right?

I want to become a doctor.

I want to save lives.


I want to become your assistant.

Please accept me.


I cannot accept you.

Mr. Hwang, you have potential to be a good doctor.

But it makes me nervous to have you with me.

We can't be together all the time.

I don't know what you'll do in my absence.

If something like this happens in my absence,
it will be my responsibility.

I will do whatever you tell me.

I am a foreigner.
If there is trouble because of you,

I may have to leave the country.

I'm sorry.

I'm sure you will have other opportunities.

Doctor! There is something
wrong with His Excellency!


It's because his temperature
has dropped.

The room is cold.
We must heat it up.

I will instruct them to light a fire.

We must massage him.

Thank you.

Isn't that brandy?

This will help him.

Three spoonfuls each time the bell rings,
and he'll be fine.

I see.


- Doctor, the bell has rung.
- Leave him be.

Your Excellency.

You can handle three spoonfuls
of alcohol, can't you?

But the Doctor should...

He's sleeping so deeply.
Let him be.

My body is getting warmer.

I remember the parties in America.

Oh yes.

That's great.

Give me more of that brandy.

I can't, your Excellency.
This is medicine, not a beverage.

And I'm asking for more medicine.
My body is cold and so is my heart.

- Give it to me.
- Forgive me, but I cannot do so.

I just want to feel less pain!
Why won't you give it to me?

More brandy!

Too much brandy may harm you.

It'll be alright.
I know my own body very well.

And besides, the last spoon was half-full.

- Please forgive me.
- How dare you...!

Can't you see I'm in pain?

Please forgive me,
but Dr. Allen specifically said three spoonfuls.

I'm giving you a command!
Give me that brandy!

- Please hit me instead.
- You...!

One more hour until the bell will ring again.
Please be patient until then.

You insufferable...!
How can you be so narrow-minded?

You won't get far with that kind of attitude!

I'm dying from this pain!

It's normal.

His body has returned to normal.

- You may stop now.
- Yes, Doctor.

You have done well.
Thank you.

Then I... I'll be on my way.

Mr. Hwang.

Do you still want to be my assistant?

Yes... I want to.

Let's say there's a high ranking
nobleman and a peasant.

Who will you treat first?

The person who's more sick.

- And if there's a good person and a bad person?
- Also the one who's more sick.


There's only one thing I want.

A doctor must never turn a patient away.

That is a doctor's creed.

I will never forget.

From this moment on,
you're my medical assistant.

You can become a good doctor.

Thank you.

Thank you.

We should go and have some steak!

I'm so sorry for coming here like this.

No, I'm alright, but what will
you do if someone sees you?

Everything's alright now.

What do you mean?

I asked Dr. Allen to accept me
as his medical assistant.

Really? And?
Did he accept?


That is wonderful!

Dr. Allen... He...

He said that I wasn't responsible
for Lord Baek's death.

He said that with that much blood loss,

he would have died
even if Dr. Allen was there.

That is good news.
I was wondering about that.

Because I helped too.

I'm sorry that you were
in trouble because of me.

I'm sorry.

I hope that you and Young Master Baek
will reconcile soon.

Don't worry.
Everything will be fine.


Oh yes! He accepted me,
but I'm not sure if I can do well.

I really want to learn,
but I'm not sure where to start.

You'll do well.

You have no choice but to do well.

Thank you.

Your Majesty.

I am glad that Kim Ok Gyun's insurgent
group was defeated so quickly.

What's wrong, your Majesty?

I invested over ten years in those men.

Although what they did was inexcusable,

I do not like hearing them
referred to as insurgents.

Your Majesty, please forgive me.

No, my Queen.

I have become sensitive
due to my insomnia.

How is your nephew's condition?

He has almost fully recuperated.
Shall I summon him?

I heard it was western medicine
that saved him.

I wish to see him.

Are you alright?

Am I well now?

Why is your mouth...?

To be honest...

I... I'm not sure either...

The bottle is empty.

Your face is paralyzed because of the brandy.

What do I have to do?
Do I have live the rest of my life like this?

Do I need acupuncture?

We can treat it.
Don't worry.

I'm glad to hear it.

Thank you for your help.
Please come to my house to treat me from now on.

- No.
- Why... no?

- Are you finished with me?
- No.

- You must come to my house.
- Your house...?

- Yes, the clinic at my house.
- Clinic?

I cannot go to all the patient's houses myself.

I will be able to help more patients
if they come to my house.

I see. I didn't have a chance
to do this before.

Hand it over.

This is His Excellency's calling card.
It will get you everything you need.

You will get rice at the rice shop
and meat from the meat shop.

It should work at the gisaeng houses as well.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- I'll be on my way then.

- Let us head back too.
- Yes.

But, Doctor....

How will you treat Lord Min?

Oh that?

- E...E... Elele?
- Yes, electricity.


So this is the el...elele...?

We will use this to stimulate the face.

Be careful.

What... what is this?

Thunder and lightning.

Yellow light in the sky
and boom boom boom!

- Are you talking about lightning and thunder?
- Electricity.

Oh, electri...!

So thunder and lightning is inside this!

I was so shocked my heart went thump thump!

Thump thump...!

There's more, Mr. Hwang.
Follow me.

Min Young Ik
(The Queen's nephew)

I heard you were fully recuperated!
But what is wrong with your face?

Did you have a stroke?

I'm not old enough for a stroke, your Majesty.

They said that it can be treated.

- How fortunate you are to be well.
- Yes, your Majesty.

I would not be here if it weren't for Dr. Allen.

Is the American so great a doctor?

He is, your Majesty.

If what you say is true,
I wish to see him.

What about asking him for a demonstration?

No, your Majesty.

Western medicine is still controversial here.
It might cause unnecessary talk.

Yes, you're right.

He will be opening a new clinic in a few days.

Why don't you travel incognito and go for a visit?

Opening a new clinic?

I would like to see it.

Please allow me to escort you.

You need to get your face treated first.

I can't understand what you're saying.

Forgive me, your Majesty!

It feels really strange.

But your speech sounds much better.

- Once more.
- Yes.


This would be good for interrogating criminals.

What does that mean?

It means to torture the
criminals so that they will talk.

This is medicine.
And that is a bad thought.

Do you want another round?

No! I was wrong.
That's enough...

Your speech has returned to normal.

I can speak again!

- So it was the elelele!
- The elelele!

Thank you!

Oh, I have good news.
His Majesty is highly interested in you.


His Majesty will come here
incognito for your clinic.


Doctor, that means the King
will be coming here in secret.

Yes, he's right. So you must be prepared.
It may be a good opportunity.

So what will you do now?

I heard you left the Institute.

Shall I use my influence
to help you re-enter?

No. My heart left that place
a long time ago.

You are the head of your family now.
Should you be so unfocused?

You are in mourning,
but you must recover quickly.

By the way, I heard
you were injured too.

- I'm fine now.
- Dr. Allen should treat you nevertheless.

He's going to be opening a clinic.
He's quite skilled.

- A clinic?
- He even has a Korean assistant.

A Korean assistant?

I think his name is Scholar Hwang.
He's a bit stuffy.

Scholar Hwang...!

There are a lot of guests.

Let's go in.

- Korean assistant?
- I think his name is Scholar Hwang.

He's a bit stuffy.

Do Yang, what are you doing?

Don't try to stop me.

I don't want to waste time
on these superstitious rituals.

Even so, we need to observe proper rituals!

But now you've ruined them all!

If that's too much,
then at least the forty bow ritual...


The man who killed Father
is living peacefully.

The man who killed your Father?

Scholar Hwang or whatever he is.

He is working as Allen's medical assistant.


- I can't sit here knowing that.
- You're right! Of course you can't!

Even so, the forty bow ritual...

D... Doctor...!

I... I should just wait outside.

Mr. Hwang.
You are now my assistant.


Then act like my assistant.

Yes, Doctor.

Look... here....


- Look here...
- Louder.

Look here!

So you've become a medical assistant?

Y.. Yes.

You have an uncanny ability
to surprise me each time I see you.

I have been such a troublesome
burden to you.

Please forgive me.

No burden at all.

I am glad that things have
turned out well for you.

I've heard the news that
you're opening a clinic.

Yes. That is the reason
why I am here.

We are lacking in medical supplies.
Dr. Allen would like your help.

In that case,
it is my pleasure to help.

Thank you.
Mr. Hwang.

Yes, Doctor.

Here it is.

It's coming... coming... coming...
It's here.

Choose your fortune.

Oh, it says that your
future husband is here.

It says he is a true man of honor,
and that he will wash away all your sorrows.

Where is he?
I don't see any man here.

That's right.
You're the only man here.

- Perhaps it's me then?
- What?

Perhaps we should try and
read your destiny instead.

It's coming... coming... coming...
It's here.

Please choose.

Read my fortune properly.
I don't think I'm meant to be a gisaeng.


It's a giya fortune.
That means you're blood, not water.

{\a6}(Water = entertainment profession)

Blood? Blood?
Are you saying I should be a butcher?

Let's go!


- You need to guard your life closely.
- What?

Your face shows that you'll die early.
I should have charged for that!

What a swindler you are!
What? She'll die early?

Miss, he said I'm going to die early!

No, you're not.
Let's go.

Why did you have to throw
my things around?

You should have told
the fortune properly!

The fortunes are broken!

I thought I was doing well today!

A friend... from the north?

Little Dog from the north?

Little Dog...

But this way is to Lord Yu's residence!

~ Sings Korean folk song ~

Big Sister!

- How dare you come in?
- Why are you being like this?

And why are you calling me your big sister?

Because you're older than me.

Have you seen my master here by any chance?

Why are you both coming here
and causing trouble!

He was here?
My fortunes were right!

What the hell are you talking about now?


Where is my master?

Have you found him?


Who found you begging on the streets
and made you a guard?

It was you, Young Master.
I am eternally grateful.


Is this how you show your gratitude?

What have you been doing...

... while that Hwang Jung went to Dr. Allen?

How did you...?

What should I do?

Shall I kill him without anyone knowing?


You can kill him anytime.

I want to know more about him.

I'm too curious to get rid of him now.

Long time no see, Little Dog.

First you kill a man,
and now you're a medical assistant...

They're building a hospital?

Jejoongwon means saving
ten thousand lives...

- Kimchi!
- Kimchi...

- Help him.
- What are you doing?

Shock... I'm trying to shock him.

- I am curious about you.
- That man is...