Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Father! - Be quiet.
Let us head to Kyunghu Palace!
Brother, maybe that's not a good idea...
Our nation is in danger! How can I as a public servant be idle!
Please reconsider! Why waste your life because of those men!
Move aside! I have no use for you!
Do Yang!
You will not go.
Is this the kind of modernization you were talking about?
Strike me now.
I said strike me!
I am trying to save your life!
Kyunghu Palace
King Go Jong
Japanese Ambassador
Queen Min (also known as Empress Myung Seong)
Kim Ok Gyun and Hong Young Shik (Modernization Political Party)
We now have the advantage.
Good. All we have to do now is persuade the King.
Don't worry about that.
All of the government officials are headed to this place.
Send them all to the underworld.
Yes, your Lordship!
Are.. are you applying the salve that is normally used for bruises?
Bruises are best treated with sulfur or Amur Cork Tree Bark.
And this is ground limestone which is effective to stop bleeding.
Then shouldn't the bleeding have stopped by now?
The salve is taking a little longer to work due to the extent of his injuries.
The doctor is due any moment, so...
How dare this foreigner presume to heal a Korean?
All of you are interfering with his treatment. Leave this room.
- Please leave this room. - But... but...
Min Young Ik (Queen Min's nephew)
He has to be cleaned and sterilized before the surgery,
but their salve will only delay things.
- I hope Dr. Allen is here soon. - Dr. Allen is coming.
- Mr. Yu! - Dr. Allen, we've been waiting for you.
Oh, Mr. Hwang. How are your injuries?
Much better, thanks to you.
- Where is the patient? - This way.
-You will not treat him! -Go away!
Your Excellency!
We are running out of time. We must hurry!
- How dare you...! - Someone do something!
What do you mean someone?
Do you really think this foreign stranger can treat him?
I don't trust him.
Then I will help you trust him!
- Mr. Hwang! - How will you help?
Did this foreigner save your life or something?
Here... Let us take a look.
It can't be...!
A while ago, I almost died from a gunshot wound.
But Dr. Allen here treated me.
Even saving someone's life must be done with propriety.
Proper doctors do not sew up human flesh.
Otherwise, how is a doctor any different than a leather-maker?
I do not think this is a time to discuss propriety.
Let us save this man's life first!
He is absolutely correct.
Are you saying that we can't save his life?
No, all we are saying is that western medicine and Korean medicine is different...
... and western medicine would be better at this moment.
We must stitch it now!
Dr. Allen is saying that he needs to perform surgery immediately.
If something should happen to His Excellency...
We will all take responsibility.
Then we will leave it in Dr. Allen's hands. You may return to your homes.
- Are you crazy? - That is enough!
The patient is rejecting our treatment. Why must we waste our time here?
Release me! I will die before I let that foreigner touch him!
Do not think that we are leaving because we cannot treat Lord Min!
Thank you, Mr. Hwang.
You did a good thing.
What did you say happened?
Where is your Father?
He is at Lord Mok's house.
Why on earth is he there? He should be back home in safety!
I know where Lord Mok lives. I'll take Chil Bok with me.
You shouldn't go anywhere at this time of night!
Your courage is going to get you killed one day!
But I'm so worried about Father!
Even so, it's dangerous outside right now.
Don't step foot outside this house!
Mak Saeng, wake the servants up, lock all the gates and put them on watch.
- Oh, and remember to lock the storehouse! - Yes, Madam.
I'm not sure these would be enough.
Japanese Embassy
What is it?
It appears that Min Young Ik is still alive.
Since involving the military might complicate matters...
...your orders are to handle it personally.
I see.
Where is he now?
Min Young Ik (Queen Min's nephew)
What is that you're doing?
We are anesthesizing him.
Yes, it sedates the patient so that they do not feel the pain.
We used this on you when you were wounded.
Then you should use more so that he feels even less pain!
No. Too much anesthesia can kill the patient.
I see...
First we use twenty drops.
Then forty.
Then sixty.
We have to find the perforated vein.
- Mr. Hwang, help me clean the blood. - Yes Doctor.
I found it!
- I need hot water. - I'll bring it!
My Lord, Dr. Watanabe from the Japanese Embassy is here.
Why would that man be here...?
Wait. Let me go out.
What brings you here, Watanabe-san?
I heard Lord Min Young Ik was gravely wounded.
Where did you hear this news?
I... I heard at the Embassy and rushed over here.
Thank you for your concern.
But I do not think your services are needed.
- Dr. Allen is already in surgery. - Is that so?
But isn't two better than one? I am sure I can assist in some way.
Is Lord Min inside?
Her condition was too advanced. We couldn't do much.
- Take care to avoid the wound. - Yes Doctor.
He appears to have lost a lot of blood.
Don't you think his chances of survival are minimal?
It will be tough, but he is young. There is hope.
Dr. Allen has successfully treated patients worse off than this.
Is that right?
Who is this man?
Dr. Watanabe from Japan.
- So you're a doctor? - Yes.
In that case, do you have any morphine?
- Morphine? - Yes, he is referring to the narcotic.
Oh, morphine. I don't....
Yes, I do.
That is good. He will be in pain when he wakes.
Please give the patient some when he wakes.
Excuse me.
Ignorant fools...
- Anesthetic... - What is the meaning of this!
Give that back!
He has already been anesthesized. Are you planning on killing Lord Min?
Oh dear... was that anesthetic?
It was an error.
What are you doing?
Is this how you always treat your patients?
I'm asking you why you don't try to save your patients.
This... this is a misunderstanding..!
- Watanabe-san? - Yes!
They are calling me! They need my help!
I will be right behind you. Any wrong moves and you're dead.
- Did you hear me? - Yes.
Did you bring the morphine?
I thought I brought it, but I must have forgotten it.
Can you stitch that up?
Kyunghu Palace
What? What did you just say?
All of this today was caused by Qing China?
I regret to tell you that it is so, your Majesty.
Not only did they start the fire,
but they killed the chiefs of the Imperial Army,
as well as government officials.
What about Lord Min? Have they killed my nephew as well?
Regrettably, it appears so.
That cannot be!
Young Ik has a close relationship with Qing China.
This is some sort of conspiracy! There must be!
We had a hard time believing this, but it is all true.
Government officials were killed! How could this have happened?
Your Majesty, you must not lose courage.
The Japanese Army is on guard for your safety.
You must spend your efforts in re-establishing a stable government.
Are you saying that we need a new government?
Regrettably, yes, your Majesty.
I have hastily prepared something.
~ Reads names on list ~
All those men belong to your Modernization Faction!
Your Majesty, my fellow colleagues and I...
... will help you bring reform and modernization to our nation!
Please permit us to do so!
Open the door this instant!
{\a6}(Kyunghu Palace)
I have my orders, your Lordship.
If you wish to enter, leave your men behind.
My Lord, perhaps we should turn back.
- Fine. Now open the door. - My Lord!
Don't worry. No harm can come to me when others are watching.
I said I wished to see His Majesty! Where are you taking me?
I've brought you to see the King of the Underworld instead!
Father, are you alright?
Do Yang!
Are you alright?
Get on my back!
I said we're closed today!
It's almost new! Please buy it! I need to eat!
Are you blind or just stupid? Look at what's going on!
Who cares? Please give me some money to eat!
Our King has run away because someone set fire to the Palace!
- Who? - How would I know?
Who cares if Japan did it or Qing China?
All the houses near the Palace went up in flames!
Are we at war?
How the hell would I know?
The Queen is dead. The King is dead.
Nobody knows anything so I'm closing shop!
Whatever. Please help me. I'm so hungry!
I don't care. If you're so hungry, eat the book!
- Five yang! One Yang! - No, I said no!
Father, it's just a little further!
I pray to the gods...
Please allow Little Dog to rest in peace...
Why is nothing going right for me? The country's going to pieces too!
And I'm starving!
Father! You there!
Help me!
- You're from the bookshop... - I need a cart...
I'll carry him for you!
Where shall I take him?
Let's take him someplace close.
Come this way.
It's over.
{\a6}(Lord Mok In Duk's house)
- Well done, Dr. Allen. - Will the patient live?
We must have faith. He will live if we have faith.
Absolutely correct!
Doesn't the bible say amongst love, faith and hope
that faith is the most important?
Love is the most important.
Yes, quite right. Well, now the surgery is over.
- I will take my leave. - I will escort you out.
Well done, Watanabe-san. I will see you to the door.
{\a6}Mok In Duk - PG von Mollendorff German diplomat and Chosun Deputy Foreign Minister
I bid you all a good day.
Good day.
Damn them all!
Are you trying to kill Lord Min?
Where did I see him before?
That... that hurt!
I have to sterilize the stitches, but we've run out of alcohol.
- I have some at home. - Let me...
Lord Yu, someone from your house is here with medicine.
- Are you out of your mind? - Forgive me, Father.
But I was so worried about you.
Even so, the roads are too dangerous right now.
Did you give any thought to your poor mother?
- But I wanted to see you... - That is enough.
You will go home immediately.
No, you shouldn't be outside during this time.
My Lord, if you will permit me, I will escort her back to the house.
Young Miss, you know your father is just worried about you.
He may appear angry, but he is also proud of me.
He's thinking that I'm as dependable as a son.
You needed more medical supplies anyway.
If it weren't for me, all of you might have been in trouble.
So Father won't be angry for too long.
Yes, you're right. But you still should be more careful.
Sir, I am not a cushion nor a pillow.
Women have brains, you know!
I was worried about my Father!
Yes, you're right. Forgive me, forgive me...
You don't need to apologize...
- Why are you laughing...? - You remind me of Chil Bok.
Chil... Oh, Chil Bok!
By the way, why did you disappear like that?
We were all worried about you.
I felt like I was a burden to your family. And I was worried about someone.
- You had someone with you? - Yes.
- Did you meet him? - No.
- I'm sorry. I didn't know. - No, I shouldn't have done that.
- Yes, you're right. - What?
No, I'm kidding. But you did save my father's life.
Lord Mok told me.
- Thank you. - No, I didn't do anything...
I really am a good judge of character.
I knew that you wouldn't be a bad person.
Move aside! Move aside!
Please move aside!
Young Miss...
When I saw them performing surgery,
I was amazed that I was the recipient just a while ago.
Really? Do you want to know something even more amazing?
Do you know how western medicine began?
Not really...
- It was because of a barber. - An idiot (Babo in Korean)?
That's amazing! An idiot started western medicine?
No... It was someone who cut hair.
You mean an executioner? That's really amazing!
No, that's not it. How should I put it?
You know how Dr. Allen's hair is short? And his beard is short as well?
Oh, you mean someone who cuts hair and not heads...
In the west, there are those who cut your hair and beard for you.
They are called barbers.
The first doctors used barber's blades for surgery.
I see...
That means peasants could become doctors too.
That's right. It was possible because they were good with knives.
In our country, that would be like... butchers!
Oh, butchers...! B..b..but wouldn't that be too much...?
Butchers are good for knives,
...and they make leather shoes, so they can probably stitch well.
They cut with knives and sew with needles....
It's perfect!
Come to think of it, you're right!
- It's perfect! - It's funny, right?
Yes, it's funny and amazing...
The peasants started it all...
But who considers a doctor is a peasant?
It's a highly honored and respected profession now.
Not the King!
I said the King's wife, the Queen, has died!
Stop listening to nonsense!
They said she died last year and she was still alive!
- Where is Young Miss? Young Miss! - But they said she's dead!
Stop talking nonsense and help me find her!
- Isn't that Mr. Hwang...? - Yes, that is!
I'll be on my way then.
Thank you for accompanying me.
Young Miss!
Seok Ran!
- Young Master! - Seok Ran, my father has been wounded.
- Your father...? - Jak... Gwak!
Little Dog... My Lord!
We don't have time! Let's take him inside.
Young Master, you're bleeding...!
I'm alright. But we need Dr. Watanabe.
It's dangerous to go to the Japanese Embassy now.
But only Dr. Watanabe can help my father!
That's not a good idea.
Watanabe tried to kill Min Young Ik.
It's a long story, but you must believe me.
I saw it with my own eyes.
It might be better to get Dr. Allen.
But I don't know how good he is...
Lord Min was gravely wounded but he saved him.
His skills are excellent.
- I will hurry. - Let me call for a horse.
Horse...? Did you say a horse?
My Lord does not know how to ride a horse.
I... I fell off a horse when I was young...
I'm sorry.
- Then let me go. - No.
It's not safe outside.
I'll go.
Father, you must hold on until I return.
What happened?
I'll get everything ready for Dr. Allen.
Good. Thank you.
Jung Bok, go to their house and let them know what's happening.
Yes, Miss.
You wretched girl! Do you want to send me to an early grave?
Do you know what is going on now? How can you even think to wander around?
Forgive me, Mother.
But Mr. Hwang came with me, so I was safe. And Father is safe too.
I thought you came with Young Master Do Yang.
- But it was the man who left without a word? - That's right!
You mean the wounded man is that fellow again?
What is wrong with him?
Madam, that's not it. The wounded man is the Justice Minister!
What? The Justice Minister? You mean Young Master Do Yang's father?
- He was cut down by insurgents. - What? Insurgents?
His wounds look very serious. Shall I make some porridge?
Yes, of course we should! He is Seok Ran's future father-in-law!
I need some medicine!
You're alive!
I thought you... I mean your Lordship was dead.
It's a... a long story. I'll tell you later.
- I'm glad to see you. - Me too.
I haven't had much to eat for the past few days. I might die before this man.
I'll stay here. Why don't you go get something to eat.
Yes, my Lord!
And that's what happened.
So that means that the Young Miss actually saved my master's life.
What about me? I was the one who ran home for help!
My master really has lots of people to thank for his life!
But what's the use of saving someone's life?
People who are ungrateful are no better than animals!
That's right.
I saved the Justice Minister's life, so I should get something in return...
- If you're done, go away. - Wait, I'll finish and then wash the dishes!
- Is the porridge being cooked? - Yes, can't you smell it?
I'm not sure if the porridge will help.
I would use this if someone could help. (Dog - known to boost health)
That would be great!
But no one will want to get their hands bloody.
I've never killed a dog before, but I've seen people do it.
How difficult could it be?
Here, give me the dog.
We are finished. It is now up to the patient.
Well done, Dr. Allen.
Dr. Allen, there is someone here that insists talking to you.
You must hurry. I will follow after things are stable here.
Where... where is my brother?
Brother! I am here!
Brother! Brother!!!
It is me, Gyu Hyun!
What has happened to you!
You! Are you the doctor?
What are you doing just sitting there? Do something!
- I... - Master Do Yang went to get the doctor.
Yes, the Doctor will be here shortly to stop the bleeding and sew up the...
- Suture. - Yes, he will suture him up.
Suture? You mean he has gone for a western doctor?
Yes, this doctor saved a man who was shredded in pieces.
That is impossible!
I saw it with my own eyes.
It's true. He saved Mr. Hwang from a bullet wound.
That's right.
Fine, I don't care who it is. Just get someone to do something!
Go get someone now!
Oh, oh Brother!
Where is the doctor?
It has only been an hour and we will have to wait another.
Gyu... Gyu Hyun...
Brother! Yes, it's me! It's Gyu Hyun!
- Where is Do Yang? - He... he has gone for the doctor.
He'll be here soon, so please hold on!
Why didn't you listen to Do Yang? Why did you let this happen to you?
He... he has a kind soul... but I aggravated him...
My Do Yang... my Do Yang...!
Don't speak anymore. Young Master Do Yang will be here soon.
- Excellency! - Brother!
Brother! Brother!
- Fortunately he is still breathing. - Fortunately!
How can you say that it is fortunate when he is about to draw his last breath!
He will surely die if we don't do anything!
He will surely die!
- You! Scholar! Do something! - Yes?
You said that you saw the treatment! That means you know how to do it!
- But... but I'm not a doctor... - This is not a time for that to matter!
If we don't do anything, he'll die! So we should do something!
I don't know if he'll survive until the doctor gets here.
Scholar, please, I beg you. Please do what the doctor did!
We can't just let him die!
- Sir... - He is right.
- We can't just let him die. - That... That's right!
A life hangs in the balance!
Yes, that's why I'm doing this. He will die if we don't do something.
If we are going to do something, it must be now.
- Then I'll help too. - We will anesthesize him first.
First, twenty drops.
First, twenty drops...?
Then forty drops.
Then forty drops...
And then sixty drops.
And then... sixty drops...?
No. Too much anesthesia can kill the patient.
I don't think that's enough anesthetic.
He is an older man, so I don't think he'll need as much.
I think he's ready.
I need to wash my hands.
We have to find the perforated vein.
Hey.... hey! What are you doing?
I found it!
Now we need to stitch it up.
Please hold this for me.
Oh my God!
...And the Heavens are bountiful.
Your labor on earth will find rest in Heaven.
The years you have lived will be added as virtue...
... will be added as virtue...
Goddess have mercy...
- All this for a stupid dog... - No, this fellow is doing it right.
This is for His Excellency, so we must take utmost care.
Goddess have mercy...
- Oh my God! - He ruined my rites!
Why are you causing this ruckus?
Oh my God, Mr. Hwang and Young Miss are...
- Seok Ran and Mr Hwang are what? - They're not falling in love, are they?
- My Lordship isn't that sort of man! - That... That's not it!
He put his hand into the body and...
He put his hand into the body? Into my Seok Ran's body?
- Oh my God! Mak Saeng, our Seok Ran is... - That's not it...
Are you saying they're practicising western medicine?
- That's right! - What? I am going to...!
Seok Ran! Seok Ran! Oh my goodness!
How dare you enter here? Go away!
- I... I... - Mother!
Are you crazy? What have you done to the Minister?
- I'll tell you the details later. - Is Mr. Hwang sewing?
He's not sewing. He's stitching up the patient.
If he's using a needle, it's sewing! Just like using a shovel is called digging!
What does Mr. Hwang know about medicine?
Mother! Mak Saeng, take care of Mother.
And everyone, please be quiet!
- That... that girl...! - If he does a good job, maybe he'll live.
What's wrong? Why are you stopping?
- Something is odd. - What?
The bleeding has stopped.
But isn't that because you closed the ruptured vein?
No, the bleeding from the wound has stopped.
Has something gone wrong?
Brother... Brother!
We're ruined! Our family is ruined!
Oh Madam!
Why did they have to touch him anyway?
He was half-dead when I carried him here!
I shouldn't be doing this. We need to get ready!
Seok Ran!
Young Master!
Why didn't you wait a little longer? Do Yang will be here any minute!
What do we do now?
What took you so long? Brother, Do Yang is here!
It's 2:39 pm.
He is dead.
He is with God now.
Brother! Why didn't you wait? You didn't see Do Yang before you left!
This! Who did this?
Who is it?
Who dared to touch my father's body?
He did it! He insisted on doing it!
You...! What do you know?
Young Master, it was an emergency! So...
- Young Master! - How dare you!
- My Lord! - Young Master!
- I'm going to kill you! - Please stop!
Move aside!
How dare you touch my father?
Young Master!
You should have waited for my return. No matter what the emergency!
I know how to do sutures and anesthesize a patient too!
But I went for a doctor because I am not one!
But you... how dare you cause his death?!
He caused my father's death with his attempt at surgery!
Yes, I saw it with my own eyes!
He didn't die because of the surgery!
I may have committed murder.
You will get your judgment.
You must survive so that you can find out what went wrong.
You must find out so that if it happens again, you can save the patient.
You're more worried about him than you are about me?
You're worried about what I'm going to do to him?
Find someone for me. He is responsible for my father's death.
- I don't think I can go. - You have to come with me, my Lord!
I will go to prison.