Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

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Episode 3

He's still breathing!

He's the nobleman from this afternoon!

Excuse me!
Excuse me!

H.. help....

Somebody please help me!

Excuse me!

- Wake up! Wake up!
- Oh my goodness!

Mak Saeng, go ahead and let my Father know.

What are you saying, Miss?
Can't you see I'm about to pass out?

- I'm going to faint!
- Mak Saeng!

All right then!

There they come!

- What is going on at this hour?
- Mother! Father!

This is blood...!
What is going on?

- Take him out!
- Are you out of your mind?

He is going to die!

Allen! Allen!

We must move him into the room.

- Take this man into the guest room.
- Yes, My Lord.

Look at that blood...!
Do you know how expensive that material is?


Tell me the truth!
Who is that man?


Seok Ran!

It's a gunshot wound.
Is he ok?

He's lost a lot of blood.
His life is in danger.

My Lord, the alcohol you asked for...!

- Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!
- Thank you.

- Miss...!
- What happened? Is he alive?

If you're so curious,
then see for yourself!


They're giving a bath with alcohol.


That's crazy!

It's not a bath!
Don't you know they're exorcising him?


The spirits have to be appeased
with alcohol, so the man can live.

Are you saying he's dead?

- Study overseas?
- Yes, that's right.

That is very good news.

By the time you return from your study in Japan,

Korea's first hospital will have been built.

A hospital?
Is that true?

Yes, so if you receive your medical degree...

I will most certainly hire you.

Would you like to meet the person in charge?

He might be of great help
to you in Japan, Baek-san.

- Why isn't he screaming?
- Is he dead?

He must be dead! They're poking him
with a knife and he's not making any sound!

That's not a knife.
It's called a scalpel.

Anyone can do that if the person is dead!

We went to the trouble to bring him,
but it was a waste of time.

Let's go, Miss.

- Miss...!
- He's alive.

Cut it please.

Please allow me to introduce myself.
I am Baek Do Yang.

He is the son of the Justice Minister.

The Justice Minister's son...?
(Kim Ok Gyun)

- Then you're Lord Baek Tae Hyun's...
- Yes, that's right.

(Hong Young Shik)

Very well.
Why have you asked to see me?

I heard that you send young men to Japan
every year for studies abroad.

I wish to be part of that group this year.

Why does the son of a powerful minister
want to study abroad?

He says he wishes to study Western medicine.

What a wonderful idea.

But I wonder if your father would allow this.

You have wasted your time.
Go home.

I have cut off all ties with my father.

If you help me, I will leave for Japan
as early as tomorrow.

Cut of all ties with your father...?

Do not judge me based on my father.

I am someone who shares
your dream for Korea.

Did you just say dream?

Confucius said, glib words and a suave appearance
are seldom associated with true virtue.

You are exactly the person he described!

Why must I trust and help someone who
does not even have loyalties to his own blood?

I never knew Lord Kim was so particular!

I should never have introduced you to him.

We can always find another way.

I'm very glad you introduced me to him.

It's no fun if things are too easy.

Just wait and see.


Jak Dae!

Is this the place?

Is this where my boy died?

Forgive me, Uncle.

I should never have forced him to stop for dinner.

That foolish boy was punished!

Punished for slaughtering cows illegally!

But this is too much!

He did it for his mother!
At least give us back his body...!

Jak Dae...

I have to go now too.

My wife and my son are both dead.

What's the use of living on by myself?

I want to go too...

- Uncle! Why are you being like this!
- No... no...

- Uncle... uncle...!
- Little Dog, I'm coming too!

- Little Dog! Little Dog!
- Uncle! Uncle!

Take the knife and cut open the stomach.

Little Dog, you must never
betray the butchers' rules.

H...have mercy!
My sick mother is waiting for me!

You lowlifes always cause complications
when your lives are spared.

You mustn't move...

This way...

Lean against it.

Do you know where you are?

My daughter found you unconscious
at the riverbed and brought you here.

I am Yu Hee Suh.

My master is a Translator Official
and this is his daughter.

Don't you remember...?
We met at the river harbor...

He's been sleeping for two days.
Maybe it affected his brain...?

You were unconscious by the river.
You were shot.

I... can't... really remember...

Oh dear...
You must be in shock.

He was so badly injured.
If he was fine, that would be even stranger...!

If... if there is water... may I...?

I wonder if his wounds will leak water...

- Mak Saeng...!
- I'm sure they wouldn't leak.

You should know that if it weren't for my Miss,
you'll be well on your way to the underworld.

You ruined our new palanquin!

- Thank you...
- It was nothing.

- Oh, you're here!
- Please come in. He just woke up.

That's great news.
Let's have a look.

- My Lord, you have a guest.
- All right.

If you don't mind, Master Hwang...

Seems you were headed for Yicheon,
but were wounded on the way.


Excuse me...

Please don't move.

You shouldn't move.

My Lord...

- I wanted to have a word with you.
- Let us go inside.

Two thousand yang of gold?

That's right.

May I inquire why you are requesting
for such a large amount of money?

This is very embarrassing.

My uncle is guarantor to a bad debt.

Even parents should never
guarantee their children's debts.

I agree.

I am taking care of this myself
as my Father does not know anything.

My uncle has some land we can sell for repayment,
so please loan me the money.

When do you need this by?

The faster the better.

All right, I shall try to come up with the sum.

Thank you, Lord Yu.

By the way, an American doctor named Allen
is staying with us.

Would you like to meet him?

An American doctor?

That's right.
He is with a patient who was shot.

A patient who was shot?

Do you feel any pain?

He asked if you have any pain.

- I'm... I'm fine.
- He said he's ok now.

He is recovering rather well.

He says you are healing nicely.

Excuse... me...

I... I am... unable to pay you...

Can you ask him what I am supposed to do?

You don't have to worry about money.
He is not that kind of person.

Oh dear, the bandits must have taken
the scholar's money too.

He's worrying about the fee.
I told him he needn't.

A doctor who withholds treatment
from any patient is not a real doctor.

Under no circumstances can
a true doctor withhold treatment.

A doctor who does not treat a patient
for lack of money is not a doctor.

A true doctor can never withhold treatment.

Thank you...

I will never forget this.

By the way, the authorities will be visiting you later.


Father made a report.

They came last night,
but you weren't conscious yet.

I see...

- Young Master...
- Seok Ran.

- Is the doctor inside?
- Yes.

Dr. Allen, I appreciate your help.

Not to worry.
You're welcome.

I would like to introduce someone who's
interested in medical science.

Oh, it's a pleasure to meet you.
I'm Horace Allen.

Pleasure's all mine.
Do Yang Baek.

- Seok Ran, you may leave us.
- Yes, Father.

- I'll see you later, Young Master.
- All right then.

I was going to accompany Dr. Allen
to see his new house.

Is that so?
I was hoping to speak with you further.

If it's all right with you,
please come with us.

All right.

But before we leave,
may I see the injured scholar?

Anyone here?

Are you inside?

Who are you?

Forgive my intrusion,
but I heard you have a gunshot wound.

I am Baek Do Yang.

I am Hwang Jung.

How did you become injured?

I don't remember.

It must be from the shock.

May I see the wound?

What excellent sutures.

Isn't it amazing?

This must be your first experience
with Western medicine.

This is my first time as a patient,
but I have seen Western medicine performed before.

What did you see?

I saw a thoracentesis being performed once.

How did they do it?

She was a patient who had a severe cough.

But it turned out that she had
inflammation of the pleura.

They put a needle in her back.

Then they drained yellow liquid from it.

That must have been pus.

Pleurisy was discovered by a German doctor.

Although it can be fatal,
it can also be treated with good nutrition and rest.

Was she family?

She must have died.

She did not survive.


And one more...

I have also seen a human dissection.



Oh, the hospital must have performed it
on the deceased pleuritis patient.

But that is not called a dissection.
It is called an autopsy.

In Western medicine,
human anatomy is very important.

One must know where the organs are located
in order to advance his knowledge.

Then one must dissect human bodies often...

- ... for educational purposes.
- Yes, for educational purposes.

What is the problem?

Did I say something wrong?


It is said that in the west,
one must dissect at least 3 bodies to become a doctor.

I see.

By any chance, are you...?

Have we met somewhere before?

I don't think so.
This is our first time.

You look familiar.

Oh yes...!

We met at the bookstore.
You came to sell your books.

Now I remember.

I knew you were too familiar with Western medicine.

Your Master, Lord Yu is ready.

Yes, tell him I'll be right out.

Please forgive for my intrusion.

Take care of yourself and I hope to see you again.

I find that we have a lot in common.

So you met him prior to today.

Yes, he was knowledgeable in Western medicine.

I see.
I wonder how he got injured.

He must have been unlucky.
In any case, please take good care of him.

I will do so.

Dr. Allen, this is your new home.

So this is a Chosun house.
It's beautiful.

For what reason is that American here in Korea?

He is a medical missionary, but he also has
big dreams of setting up a hospital here.

~ Singing English song ~

He's in here.

Where did he go?

This is fine penmanship.

What does it say?

My eyes have gotten so dim lately...

Why don't you read it.

He says thank you for saving his life.

He says he will repay the favor one day.

Repay, my shoe! He's run off!

I'm sure he had good reason.

He mentioned payment before.

He may have left because he felt bad
about not being to pay for treatment.

He's worried about money,
but not about the people who saved his life?

He left a letter and disappeared without a trace!
He'll die within a mile of here.


I don't feel good about this.

Why did he run off like that?

Mak Saeng!
Search the house and see if anything's missing.

- Yes, Madam.
- Mother!

~ Beggars singing ~

Madam, please give us your food leftovers!

You filthy beggars!
We're living hand to mouth too!

Go away before you give us your bad luck!

I can eat mud to survive,
but have pity on these children!

Please spare a little?

If you can't feed them, stop having them!
Or cut off your flesh for them!

I'm a bachelor!
Hey, you evil wretch!

A hex on your house!

Chief, there's an unconscious man here!

At this rate, I'll be unconscious too.

Hey, kids!

Those little...!

Move aside.

Excuse me!

- Excuse me!
- Is he dead?

He's not dead.
He looks hurt. He's bleeding!

There's nothing on him.
Too bad. Let's go!

- We're just going to go?
- Then what?

We should help him.
Chief, let's help him!

Stupid boy, help him for what?
We can't feed another mouth.

And we don't know who he is.

- Let's go!
- Help him! Let's help him.

He's really muscular.
He can do some work.

Let's take him.

Your Majesty, we cannot accept Western medicine.

The human body is sacred.

How can we have so little regard for our selves
that we allow our bodies to be cut with knives?

The entire world has already
accepted Western medicine.

Please consider your decision carefully
so that our nation may join the rest of the world.

Your Majesty, we must never allow Japan in.

You are saying then Qing China would be all right?

This is not a matter of letting another nation in or not.

It is clear that the only nation capable of helping
in the reform of Korea is Japan.

I don't think you truly understand their motives.
(Min Young Ik)


What can Japan possibly gain by sharing
their knowledge of medical science?

Are you serious?
They want our lives as well as His Majesty's!

You go too far, Minister!

Your Majesty, setting up a hospital is an urgent matter.

But having a rival country do it for us
is not acceptable by any means!

If we allow them to do so,
then their patients will be all of us, including Your Majesty.

Isn't that giving them too much power over our lives?

If so, what will they have to fear from us?

This is unacceptable and deplorable!
Please think this through, Your Majesty!

What the hell is this?

You were so certain! Now look at where we are!
(Japanese Ambassador)

This is worse than when we started!

Imperial Japan will not tolerate this.

You must accept that Korea must modernize or die!

- You're saying...
- Are you suggesting a coup d'?tat?

- That is preposterous!
- Did I say anything about striking the king?

I am saying we need to eliminate Min Young Ik
and all those against modernization!

You have nothing to lose at this point, Kim-san.

If we do this, do you have the manpower to assist us?

I see no reason why not.

The budget for this manpower
must come from your party.

What is this?

I don't think you understood my sincerity.
Perhaps this will make things clearer.

Let's hear what your sincerity has to say.

I don't completely understand
your efforts to reform Korea.

But my readiness to betray my father
in order to study medicine in Japan,

seems parallel to your willingness to go against
government in order to fight for reform.

I don't think of it as betrayal.

I think of it as keeping my eyes on the bigger picture.

My sincere dream is to establish
Western medicine in Korea.

An amount like this would have enabled you
to study overseas even without my help.

I would like to be given the position of Chief
at the new hospital.

Many sacrifices for one goal...

It is said that one can never make too many
sacrifices in order to fulfill the big dream.

Doctors are in short supply.
If I, a Korean, were to lead the hospital...

Wouldn't that be true modernization
and independence of Korea?

I underestimated you.


From this day forward,

Let us come together for freedom,
independence and justice.

Let us go against the noble class who have ruined
our government with their self-righteous ineffectiveness!

All of you look like you're going to war.

Trying to modernize Korea is
no different than going to war.

It is war.
Oh yes, it is war.

I will take your leave.

- Look here.
- Yes?

I'll say one thing to you.

Prevent your father from entering the palace tomorrow.

Is there a particular reason why?

There will be an insurrection tomorrow.

Although this insurrection is against Min Young Ik
and the opposing party,

there is a chance your father may be hurt.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

Prevent your father from entering the Palace tomorrow.

It's good you came back!

Beg your father for forgiveness.
Get down on your knees if you have to!

Come and see who's here!

Do Yang is back!

Looks like you haven't been going hungry.

He's just acting tough,
but he was so worried he couldn't eat.

He's probably dancing with joy inside.

Uncle, if there is anyone looking for Father,
please let me know.

All right, but why?

Just do it please. It's important.

All right.

- I'm going inside.
- All right.

I told you to memorize this song!
What the hell are you doing?

You fool!

The kids keeping asking me
to show them my wound.

- Is it that interesting?
- Yes!

I find it very interesting too!

Interesting, my ass!
Are you so proud someone sewed up your flesh?

- My God!
- Is the Chief here?

Who are you?

Stop fooling around with the kids
and memorize the song!

All right, All right.

Who is it?

Sit down!

You're so uncoordinated!
Did you poop in your pants?

Who in their right mind will give you food?

Then give me work I can do!

I was just about to!

You, follow me!

Chief, are you going to steal something?

No kids allowed!

But you will all go to sleep with your stomachs full!

You, hurry up!

Hand it over.

I wonder what this is?
It's really heavy.

Who cares what it is?
Just work and take the money!

- But shouldn't we know what we are doing?
- Shut up!


Hey! What is it?


I am Yu Hee Suh.

- What are you doing?
- Move!

What's going on?
These are guns!

I... I know!
I didn't know this was something like this!

You must act with utmost secrecy so that
no one suspects anything.

No one can leave the area.
Is that understood?

You two, take the goods and follow me.

Yes Sir!

Banquet for Opening of Postal Administration

The Postal Administration office has entered into
a postal agreement with Japan, England and Hong Kong.

We Korea Post entered into a mail exchange pact
with Japan, England and Hong Kong.

We hope that the other countries will also soon
come into an agreement with us.

Let's toast.

Do you know anything about the sky?

Of course.

Hey, I just heard that they're planning
on killing everyone over there.

Are you serious?

Yes! They're going to kill everyone
but the foreigners.

Let's run before we get caught up in this!

- Hey!
- You over there!

- Start the fire!
- Yes, sir.


- Halt!
- No! No one must suspect anything.

Why is it happening so late?

Please be patient.
It will soon begin.

What are they up to?

Calm down.
Calm down.

What is going on?

I'm not sure but it's unsafe here.
You must leave.

Is this what you call the modernization of Korea?

That is enough!

Lord Min! Lord Min!

What is the meaning of this?


It's a long story.
Are you all right?

I'm all right, but Lord Min is in danger.
We must leave this place!

I... I will carry him.
Where do we go?

We must call Dr. Allen!

My Lord! Where are you taking him!

We will going to his house.

I will call for a doctor.

Let's go!

This man is the Queen's nephew, Min Young Ik.
We must save him!

Your Majesty, you must head to Kyunghu Palace!

What is happening?
Tell me the truth!

We are not sure, but you must flee!

How can you not know?

Then how do you know we must flee?
And from whom?

How dare you call yourselves
servants of His Majesty!

Forgive us!

But we don't know what else to say
except you must flee for your safety!

What is our nation coming to?

Your Majesty, you must protect yourself!

Your Majesty, you must flee!

Your Lordship, I received your letter.
Thank you and stay in peace.

Well done!
But there are a few mistakes.


Dr. Allen! Dr. Allen!

Her Majesty's nephew?

Miss Yu, my apologies.
Please go home.

Yes, please be careful.

What happened?

This way.
Lord Mok! Lord Mok!

This way!

Lord Mok!

What is going on?

Let's hurry inside!

Over here.

Thank you, Mr. Hwang.
We are in safe hands because of you.

It's nothing.

Who is this man?

He is a guest at our house.

But why are you dressed like that...?

I saw you enter the government office,
but something was wrong and I was worried.

So I got this disguise and entered as your servant.

Please forgive me.

We can go into detail later.

You must change.

I should have something for you to wear.

All right then.

I hope Dr. Allen gets here quickly.

Do the clothes fit properly?

Yes, thank you.

Someone must be here.

Who are you?

I brought all the doctors in the area!

Please attend to him.

Let us enter.

You may not enter.
We already have a doctor.

Move aside, foreigner.
We will take care of Lord Min.

Do Yang! Do Yang!

Do Yang, the Police Bureau is here.

What is going on?

Kim Ok Gyun started a insurrection?

Yes, Lord Min was severely wounded
and the others are missing.

Where is His Majesty?

The Reform party took him to Kyunghu Palace.

This is no time for me to be idle!
Wait for me.

Father! Father!


Father, you must not go out!

Is that what you came back to say?

You cannot stop this insurrection.

Please tell them you're unwell and stay home.
I will take care of the rest.

Didn't you mock me
and my position in government?

But now you're telling me to ignore national security
and take care of my own safety?

Yes, that's right.

Maintain your censure of me as well as your
self-righteous obligations to government.

Take care of your own safety
so you can continue doing all those things.

Is that what I taught you?

I don't care what you say.

I just don't want you
to make the wrong decision.

I blame myself for not educating
my own son properly.

If you leave this house, you will die!

Wretched boy...

- Father! Father!
- Be quiet.

Let us head to Kyunghu Palace!

Brother, maybe that's not a good idea...

Our nation is in danger!
How can I as a public servant be idle!

Please reconsider!
Why waste your life because of those men!

Move aside! I have no use for you!


You will not go.

What is this you're doing?

We are anesthetizing him.

Are you trying to kill Lord Min?

I'm a good judge of character.

I knew from the moment I met you,

that you were a good person.

End his life.

Is this the kind of modernization
you were talking about?

Strike me, I say!

Do what the foreign doctor did!
We can't let him die!

If you use too much anesthesia,
he can die.

Something's wrong.
The bleeding stopped.

Then he's...?