Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 33 - Episode #1.33 - full transcript

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Special news edition!

Korea gives up all sovereignty to Japan.

Episode 33


What... what does this mean?
I'm not educated so I don't understand!

Does our country really belong
to Japan now?

Officially, we're a protectorate of Japan,
but in reality, we're its colony now.

How can that be when
our King is still alive and well?

Dr. Baek, say something!
You studied in Japan!

- Yi Gwak, calm down.
- How can I calm down?

Gwak, I'm going to join the patriot army.
I'm going to join and destroy the Japanese!

- I'm going to wipe them all out!
- Mongchong, you need to calm down too.

Go home and make sure
Mak Saeng is all right.

All right.

But this is so wrong!
I'm so angry I could kill someone!

Oh, grevious is my heart!

My fellow people of Korea!

We are now all slaves to another!
Are we now dead or alive?

How can the history of our nation
come to a close in just one day?

What do we do now?

Dr. Hwang!
What do we do now?

How can this happen to us?

What do we do now?
They've taken our country away from us!

What do we do now?

- Long live the Emperor!
- Long live the Emperor!

- Long live Japan!
- Long live Japan!

- Long live the Emperor!
- Long live the Emperor!

- Long live the Emperor!
- Long live the Emperor!

Long live Japan!

Please be careful.

The Ambassador doesn't know
about your surgery.

It hurts, but I'm happy.

I heard about Naoko.

There is something you should know.

Now that we have this new treaty,
your situation has completely changed.

We no longer need a Korean doctor
to work at Hansung Hospital.

Therefore, I advise you
to stop your rebellion.

Marry Naoko and become a Japanese citizen.



- Do Yang-sama!
- Stay down. Don't get up.

It's so noisy outside.
What's going on?

- Well...
- It was so noisy I woke up.

The tightness in my throat
has disappeared.

Your airway was blocked by
acute epiglottitis.

You would have died,
so I had no choice but to cut your airway.

I see.

You saved my life again.

I dreamt about you just now.

I dreamt that you left me.

So I.... I...

What happened to you, Naoko?

I died.

When I woke up and thought about it,
I realized the dream could become reality.

- Naoko?
- Yes?

- I'm leaving Hansung Hospital.
- What do you mean?

Do you want to go with me?

You must recover your strength,
Your Majesty.

You must show your power
so that the people will be assured,

... and the Japanese
won't look down on us.

Yes, I will gather my strength.

You don't look like you got
any sleep last night.

How can I sleep when
my nation was stolen from me?

- So how is the situation outside?
- Yes, Your Majesty.

Patriotic men are committing suicide.

And the multitudes are
joining the patriot armies.

My people are sacrificing their lives
for their nation.

Yes, I will gather my strength to tell the world
about these despicable acts of Japan.

Please do so, Your Majesty.

Why isn't anyone here?

Perhaps they weren't notified of
the meeting?

They were all notified.

But we sent them another notification.

The Health Agency will now report
to the Governor-General.

Therefore the Health Agency
will cease all activities,

... and after a short period reopen with
Hansung Hospital as the focal point.

That is correct.

Oh, Director Avison.

You've work hard.

You will leave the Health Agency to us
and focus on Jejoongwon.

If the Health Agency is closed,
how will you handle the problem of rabies?

We've been working on a rabies vaccine
and distributing it to all the hospitals!

Yes, we're aware of that,

... but the Governor-General has
decided to stop that.

What are you thinking about?

Were you pondering about
what it means to be a protectorate?

This is the end for the Empire of Korea.

If you still have any leftover
feelings of patriotism,

... then you should discard them now.

Because now you have no choice...

... but to marry Naoko
and become a Japanese citizen.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

If you marry Naoko,

I will make you Director of the Health Agency.

Your mission will be to consolidate Gwangjewon,
the Military Hospital and the Red Cross.

And if I choose not to,
what will happen to me?

There is no future for you.

Your own people will see you as a traitor.

And the Japanese people will consider you
as an ungrateful wretch.

You're so smart.
Do you really have to ask?

Where are you going to so often
these days?

I just have a lot of things to do.

You... you don't have another family
or anything, right?

- Mother!
- What a thing to say during dinner.

You're never at home these days.
Then what are you doing?

I said I have a lot of things to do.

Seok Ran, don't you find it strange?

Don't you think your father is
hiding something?

No, he's not! He's just having
a hard time finding medicine.

- Right, Father?
- Y...yes.

It's impossible to find medicine these days.

The Japanese merchants have taken
all the commercial rights.

They won't sell medicine to Koreans.

Yes, it was the work of
the Japanese Embassy.

Even the Health Agency couldn't
obtain medicine.

Everyone in Jejoongwon is trying hard,
but it's not easy.

- Sir, you have a visitor!
- Yes!

I'll go outside.

We've checked the goods
and sent the money.

- Were you followed?
- No.

Thank you.
Please have some food and drink.

That's all right. I can't accept this
when it's my duty as a patriot.

I won't see you out.
Please be careful.

Yes, I'll see you on the mountain.

Did they deliver the medicine?

- Father!
- Let's keep this from your mother.

This is...
What is this money?

This is the money I made
from the digestive tonic.

People bought a lot of it
because of its quick effect.

Please consider this as a donation
from the people.

Thank you.

So were you able to get weapons?

We've obtained as much as was possible.

With your donation,
we can purchase a cannon as well.

How is the process going in
punishing the 5 Eulsa Traitors...

... who signed the Eulsa Treaty such as
Lee Wan-Yong and Lee Geun-Taek?

There are many groups looking to
assassinate them.

We recommended someone to one of
the groups we have an alliance with.

- Who was that someone?
- Yes.

He is an old acquaintance of mine
who lives in Manchu.

But when I contacted him,
he came back.

That's good.

Who is the first target
amongst the 5 traitors?

It is the Minister of Army,
Lee Geun-Taek.

He belonged to the Pro-Russian faction
along with Lord Lee Yong-Ik.

But he was paid off by the Japanese
and joined the pro-Japanese faction.

He is rumored to be the most brutal and
cunning amongst the Pro-Japanese faction.

When is the attempt?



You sold our nation to the Japanese!
Come out, Lee Geun-Taek!

- Come out!
- Come out!

Come out, traitor!

Words aren't going to work!

Come out, you traitor!
Come and accept my urine!

How shameful!

- Oh my goodness!
- Look at him!

Good job!

- This way!
- Oh dear!

No, it can kill him.

We have to leave it as is
and cut him up to see the damage first.

- It's in his lungs. We need to operate!
- Please save me!

I have many things to do for my country!

Let that bastard die!
He's a guide for the Japanese!

Doctor, you know me, right?
I'm Chiru!

What happened?

Dr. Goh, how is he?

Fortunately it missed his artery,
but his liver may be damaged.

- Please don't worry.
- Let that bastard die!

He's the foreman at the goldmine
I work at.

He's more brutal than the Japanese!

He's beaten so many of
our brothers to death...

... because he wanted to
impress his boss.

- You must calm down.
- Calm down.

At the goldmine today,
before work started...

... they made us shout
"Long live the Emperor".

Someone refused to and he beat him.
I tried to stop him.

He stabbed me with a knife,
and that's why I used a scythe on him!

You ignorant fool,
Japan is going to protect us!

We should pledge our loyalty!

I did this for all of you.
Do you understand?

Doctor, please save me.

What should we do?
We only have anesthesia for one person.

Let's treat him first.
The traitor may not even survive.

- Dr. Goh!
- Am I wrong?

We should focus on
who has a better chance of survival!

- I agree!
- I disagree.

- What should I choose?
- That's enough.

We need to treat the critical patient first.

But there's not enough anesthesia.
We should treat the patient who can survive.

Dr. Goh, I'm sorry but can you run to
Bogu Women's Hospital for anesthesia?

They'll have less critical patients,
so they should have plenty of anesthesia.

Dr. Goh, I'm asking you as the
Acting Director of Jejoongwon.

All right, I'll be back quickly!

Doctor, save me first!

If you save him,
he'll kill more of our brothers!

What are you muttering about?
That's not true!

He's in shock.
What do we do?

- Let's treat him first.
- Doctor!

The five of us signed
the treaty in agreement.

That means my fortune and name
will be protected down through the generations!

Is there any benefit for me too?

Of course!

Do you really think so?

Who are you?

Now that Dr. Baek has come to his senses,
all that's left is a grand wedding!

- Does it have to be grand?
- Of course!

This wedding will be a historical event
for the relationship between Korea and Japan.

Do Yang-sama hates politics.

He no longer hates it.
Well, he can't hate it anymore.

Now that Korea has signed
the protectorate treaty,

We can do whatever we want to it.

That means Dr. Baek's family won't be
able to insist on a Korean wedding.

What kind of treaty would allow
something like that?

Perhaps you're not aware.
To put it simply,

The Office of Governor-General
now rules Korea.

- You mean Japan will rule Korea?
- That's right.

All this is possible because of your father.


Well, it started with the plan
to assassinate the Queen.

My father planned that?

The murder of the Queen and
the desecration of her body?

You didn't know?
I thought Dr. Baek might have told you.

No, he didn't.

Are you sure it was my father?

Your father did it for Imperial Japan.

Why are you preventing medicine
from being sent to the other hospitals?

I don't know.
Who said something like that?

It's a well-known fact!

I don't know what you're talking about.

Are there many patients
at Hansung Hospital?

If the other hospitals are out of medicine,
shouldn't they come to us?

Please, I beg you.
Allow medicine to be distributed freely.


The Chief Surgeon wishes to leave.
Escort him to the door!

Ambassador, you cannot risk
the lives of the patients!

- Take him away!
- Ambassador!

You can't do this!

Do Yang-sama!

- I have something to tell you.
- What is it?

- I...
- Dr. Baek!

- What happened to him?
- He was shot and stabbed by an assassin!

Take him to the surgery room!

He's losing a lot of blood.

His color doesn't look good.
His blood pressure is unstable too.

I've fixed all his blood vessels,
so he'll be fine.

Yes, of course he'll be fine.
Who was his surgeon?

You make me sound like
the god of medicine.

To me, that's what you are.

Doctor, I'm really upset.

When you were running away
from the bandits,

I found your bicycle for you.

How can you treat the traitor before me?

I'm really sorry.

I'll treat you once the anesthesia gets here.
I'm really sorry.

Yes, you'll lose strength by talking,
so please stop.

Well done!
You saved Minister Lee Geun-Taek's life!


We almost lost one of the key ministers...

... who signed the Eulsa Protectorate Treaty!

It's fortunate.
The blade didn't touch the heart.

I got it!

Well done!
Nang Nang, anesthesize him!

Oh dear!
He's dead!

Doctor, I'm really upset.

How can you treat the traitor before me?

If Director Allen and Director Heron
had been here,

... what would they have done?

They taught me to treat the patient
who was in more danger first.

But sometimes I'm confused.

The man who died was someone
who helped us when we were being chased by bandits.

I've killed our savior.

Don't think that way.

Our teachers would have made
the same decision in this situation.

It was the best decision
in light of the lack of anesthesia.

I think we need to come up
with an alternative.

- An alternative?
- Yes.

Just like when you made cowpox vaccine
when Ggotnim died of smallpox.

These events will continue to happen
if we don't develop medicine ourselves.

You sound like a Director.

Do I?

You've been Acting Director for a few days.
Has it been difficult?

Take heart, Dr. Hwang.

Everyone is working hard
because of their trust in you.

Me too.

You saved Minister Lee Geun-Taek's life!

We almost lost one of the key ministers...

... who signed the Eulsa Protectorate Treaty!

Let's hear it for Dr. Baek!

Congratulations, Dr. Baek!

The Japanese government has
awarded you a medal!


Do Yang-sama...

This medal has been awarded to Dr. Baek
after a special nomination by the Foreign Minister,

... for saving the Korean hero,
Lee Geun-Taek

... with his exceptional skill in medicine.


I've already told you several times
that I do not and will not accept this medal.

There must be a misunderstanding.

- What is this?
- My resignation.

As of this moment, I resign as
the Chief of Surgery for Hansung Hospital.

Do Yang-sama!

- I'm sorry.
- For what?

For everything.


You have nothing to be sorry about.
A patient needed surgery and so I saved him.

It just so happened that the patient
was one of the Five Eulsa Traitors.

But do I have to accept a medal
because I saved a patient?

It was my will and my choice.

- So you have nothing to be sorry about.
- I understand how you feel.

And that's why I feel worse.

- Naoko.
- Yes?

I understand that you understand me.

So let's stop being sorry to one another.

You should stay here for the time being.
I wish I could take you with me.

But it won't be good for you.

Because we have different perspectives.


You want to leave?

It'll be the end of you
the moment you step outside this hospital.

The Hansung News reporters are already
writing the article.

Hero Surgeon Baek Do Yang,
aka Kobayashi....

... saves Lee Geun-Taek's life.

Who we call heroes,
I think they call them traitors?

- Oh, Dr. Baek!
- How are things, Yi Gwak?

What brings you here at this hour?

Can you get Dr. Hwang or Dr. Yu for me?

- I would like to speak with them.
- Why don't you go in?

All right.
Please wait a moment.

Dr. Baek!

Young Master!

I resigned.

We're glad you came.

I'm taking your bag!

Nang Nang!

- That's amazing!
- What are you doing?

Chilbok wanted me to teach him.

Why do you want to learn that?

I.... want to become a male nurse.

He said why can't men be nurses too.

A man should become a doctor!
Why do you want to be a nurse?

Doctors have to cut up people
and sew them back up!

I don't want to do that,
but I want to do what you do.

Besides, Official Yu isn't doing well financially
I don't know when they'll fire me.

Yes, everyone is having difficulties
these days.

Go ahead!
Be a nurse.

You can take care of all
the critical patients.

That's my point!

- Why were you calling me?
- Oh goodness!

Don't be too surprised.
Dr. Baek has returned to Jejoongwon!


It's all because of my devotion!
My prayers made him return!

- But he has a fiancee!
- He's come back because they broke up!

We're happy you're back,

But I'm worried about
what Hansung Hospital will do.

My face will be on the front page of
all the pro-Japanese newspapers tomorrow.

As the hero who saved Lee Geun-Taek
from an assassination attempt.

People will know my face
and will try to harm me.

Don't worry about that.

We'll gather the other hospitals
and tell them that it's not true.

We must not have any misunderstandings.

Yes, that's a good idea.

Besides, Jejoongwon is
under consular jurisdiction,

... so the Japanese cannot do
anything to you.

Dr. Hwang, it's time for you to go.

Dr. Baek, I'm going to meet Official Yu.
Would you go with me?

Official Yu!

He has left Hansung Hospital.

I'm sorry for causing you concern.

I'm glad you came.
There is someone you'll be glad to see.

Let's go.

This way.

- Comrade Jung, the doctors are here.
- All right.

- Young Master!
- Officer Jung!

Officer Jung!

You all know each other, don't you?

Dr. Hwang was promoted from his rank
and has become a doctor.

Young Master has become a doctor too.

Comrade Jung has been involved in
the anti-Japanese movement in Manchu.

Young Master, I've missed you!

You too.

I wanted to see you again too.

Me too.

I'm sorry for making you do
all those things.

Please don't say that.

I'm so happy to see both of you
having become such great doctors.

- Please tell me how you've been.
- All right.

But first, let's examine your wound.

It's nothing major.

I was shot twice and removed the bullets.

We need to examine the wound.

- How did you get shot?
- Please don't ask me that.

- It's the rule of what we do.
- All right.

The wound has gotten infected.
Why did you not see a doctor sooner?

We need to take you to Jejoongwon.

If we don't treat the infection,
your skin will slowly rot away.

I want to perform surgery on it.

We must be careful.

So you're here too.

Don't be scared.
Your friend is my comrade.

- Com... comrade?
- There are many who know each other.

- It seems so.
- Let's talk later and go into surgery.

- Y..yes.
- Let's go.

- Well done, Dr. Baek.
- Please don't mention it.

I didn't know Official Yu was involved
with the assassins as well as the patriot armies.

I'm worried that Seok Ran may be at risk.

I worry about that all the time.

If Officer Jung's presence here is discovered,
Jejoongwon may have to close.

- We need to move him after he wakes up.
- Yes.

We've already discussed that.
Please don't worry about it.

More importantly, Director Avison is
in Japan in order to obtain the rabies vaccine.

That's why he's not here.
I thought he was making a housecall.

When he returns, we will be focusing
on developing vaccines here.

We'd appreciate it if you could join us.

It's an official request as
the Acting Director of Jejoongwon.

When is Director Avison coming back?

I was unhappy because
I couldn't get the rabies vaccine,

But I feel better because you're here.

On behalf of Jejoongwon,
we welcome you.

Thank you.

Please sit.

- Did anything happen while I was away?
- The lack of medicine is causing problems.

None of the medicine orders were
delivered while you were gone.

It's the work of the Japanese Ambassador.
I went to him and protested.

But he refused to listen to me.

We've already prepared all the instruments
for the vaccine development.

We can't continue with the supplies
you obtained from your acquaintances in other countries.

Rabies is rampant these days.

We haven't been able to do anything
since the Health Agency was closed.

- What do we do?
- I'm to blame for this. I'm sorry.

Please come outside.
You have a visitor.

- Naoko.
- Do Yang-sama!

- What's going on?
- I resigned from Hansung Hospital too.

Hello, Director.
Dr. Hwang.

Dr. Yu.

- Hello.
- Oh, I brought a gift.

It's medical supplies!

Does this belong to Hansung Hospital?

No, I paid for them.
I can buy them, you know.

You can't do this, Naoko.

It's all right.

My father told me to be a bridge
for Japan-Korea relations.

From Japan's perspective,
this is an enemy hospital.

That doesn't matter to me.
I'm a nurse.

I just need patients to nurse.

Just like you did your best
for the patients at Hansung Hospital,

Can't I do the same here at Jejoongwon?

I'm going to Bogu Women's Hospital.
I have to pay back the medicine we borrowed.

- I have patients there too.
- All right then.

Is that Japanese woman
really going to work here?

I'm not sure.

It's nothing, but if she's a nurse,
doesn't she need our consent?

Her position needs to be
determined anyway.

Of course we'll discuss this with
all the nurses along with Dr. Horton.

Fine. By the way,
do you know Chilbok wants to be a nurse?

- He does?
- Yes.

It's a long story,
but we've had a few things happen.

You've all been too busy to be
concerned with the nurses.

- We need to have a meeting.
- What meeting?

Why are you being like that?
Dr. Yu, don't worry about her.

Miss Miryung was so happy
Dr. Baek was here,

But she's a little sensitive because
his fiancee is here.

That's not true!

- It's not!
- I know that.

- I'll be back.
- All right.

- You want to die?
- But it's true!

Treatment Room
Bogu Women's Hospital

You didn't take the medicine
we gave you, did you?

Yes. I keep forgetting to take it
when I feel better.

That's why your cold keeps coming back.

Before you eat,
put your medicine on the table.

So when you finish, take the medicine
an hour afterwards with water.

All right.


What happened?

We were just passing by
when Japanese men started harassing us!

They lifted up our skirts
and pulled our hair!

Come and put her down here.

- Where does it hurt?
- My stomach!

- Did they hit your stomach?
- Yes, they kicked her!

Her stomach is hard.
Her intestines must have ruptured!

- We have to operate now!
- I'll start preparing.

Thank you for your hard work.

- Was it a tough day?
- Yes, a little bit.

You'll feel better when
Seung Yeon returns from her studies.

I miss her.
I'll write her a letter.

- That's a good idea.
- Then. Have a nice evening.

Thank you. You, too.
Take care.

Dr. Hwang!

- You must be tired.
- Yes, I do.

That's why I prepared this.

I'll get you to Jejoongwon in comfort.

- Then shall we go for a ride?
- Let's go.

It's delicious!

Wake up already!

Aren't you sleeping together
for too long?

What... What happened?

You were both so deeply asleep
that we sent the rickshaw driver away.

- How long did we sleep for?
- About 2-3 hours.

- Really?
- For that long?

You slept together before getting married!

Pot calling the kettle black?

You were the one
who got Mak Saeng pregnant!

Filthy cat!

Stop that, you...!

I will never leave this house,
even if I have to become a ghost.

She's ready to be our nephew's wife!

But if her parents come to get her,
she should go.

I won't let her
unless Naoko wants to go.

Do Yang-sama!

Do you understand
how the world has changed?

If we're attacked by the Japanese,
we can't even complain about it!

What if she hides in the house?
She can sleep behind the screen.

You don't have to go that far.
She's the Foreign Minister's daughter.

Yes, you're right.
Then what if we do this?

We're a respectable family...

... and cannot allow you
to sleep together before marriage.

You can sleep with me,
and you can sleep with Naoko.

That's a good idea.

- Do Yang-sama.
- Yes?

I would like to have a quiet and
small wedding in the Korean tradition.

Father won't be able
to do anything to us then.

Let's monitor the situation first.

- This is for real this time?
- Yes.

Do Yang-sama...

Oh, I have a gift for you.

- What is it?
- I stole it from Hansung Hospital.

- What is this?
- Guess.

I thought it would be gold nuggets
or something!

Is this... the rabies virus?


Thank you.
Thank you so much!

I want actions, not words.

Should I go for a walk?

Why should I be receiving a letter like this
from the Foreign Minister!

Please forgive me.

The handwriting is so small
that I cannot read it.

He wrote it like a novel
because he used to study literature.

But to summarize, it says...

"Find my daughter Naoko immediately.

Stop them from getting married.
Take care of Baek Do Yang".

He wants us to kill him!

I'm busy here as it is!

Must I find a runaway daughter too?

And get rid of her lover?

He wasn't just any doctor.
He was our star surgeon!

If we can't have his exceptional
medical abilities,

We must ensure no one else does.

If we get rid of him,
do we have an alternative?

We should at least get a substitute
whose abilities are comparable!

Although he may not be as good as Dr. Baek,
there is a Japanese doctor who is obedient.

He was in Baek Do Yang's class
at Tokyo Imperial University.

They were rivals at school.

You will be responsible for handling
Naoko and Baek Do Yang.

Yes, Your Excellency!

Oh, please stay down.
You haven't recovered yet.

I'm much better.

I'm glad to hear it.

You know that you came back to life?


{\a6}[Lee Geun-Taek, Minister of Army - One of the Five Eulsa Traitors]

A while ago, Lord Min Young-Ik was
brought back to life...

... by an American missionary named Allen.

It appears the same has happened to me.

So where is the Allen of Hansung Hospital?

I wish to express my gratitude.

He's not at Hansung Hospital.

He had some personal issues
and returned to Japan.

I see.
That's too bad.

Why did you want to see me?

I found out who attacked me.

Did you?

- Is this him?
- Yes.

He's a professional assassin
who returned to the country from overseas.

One of my men showed me a few pictures,
and I found him.

Have you found out where he is now?

He was wounded
and is now at Jejoongwon.

Then have him arrested!
Why did you make me come here!


Do you only want the lizard's tail?

You should aim for the head!

Dr. Hwang.

The reason I asked to see you today
is a special one.

Seok Ran's getting older and
you've been seeing each other for a while.

- Father...
- I think it's time for you to get married.

- But why so sudden?
- It's not sudden at all!

How many years have you been together?

It's just a little unexpected.
You should have given us some warning.

It may be excessive to have
a banquet these days.

But we can't wait forever
for a better time.

So your mother and I have chosen a date.

Dr. Hwang, what do you think?

I will do as you ask.

- And you?
- I'll do as you ask too.

Am I dreaming?

How many years have I been hoping
for this wedding?

Well, your wish has been granted.

Not yet.

I'll believe it when they bow
at the ceremony...

... and then consummate
the marriage that night.


- May I say something?
- Please do.

You can say anything except that
you won't marry her.

We would like to get married
at Jejoongwon.

Yes, we would like to have it there.

Dear, it looks like they've already
talked about it.

What do you think?

I like it.

Let's have it at Jejoongwon.

You can't come in here!
This is American territory!

Is there a patient with
a gunshot wound here?

- No!
- No.

Why are you doing this?

This is the man.
Is he really not here?

He's not here.

We'll leave when we find him.
Men, search the place!

- Director!
- What is the meaning of this! Leave!

We are here to arrest a criminal.
We ask for your cooperation.

- Then bring a warrant.
- We don't have time for make a warrant!

I will report this to the American Embassy
and protest your actions today!

Go right ahead.

What is this commotion...?

Who are you?
What are you doing here?

Why are you doing this?

Who are you?
This is the surgery room!

Excuse me!

- Move!
- Goodness!


Then we should print out
about a hundred invitations.

Yes, and we should ask Director Avison
to officiate the wedding.

I wanted to ask Consul-General Allen.

Wouldn't Director Avison be offended?

Yes, I feel bad.

But I still want Consul-General Allen to do it.

He was the one who opened up
the path to medicine for me.

And he saved my life.

Yes, all right.
I like that idea.

Here's your coffee...

Oh! Are you getting married?

Yes, at Jejoongwon
Please come.

We want to feed our guests.
Can we order from here?

Yes, of course.
I would love to.

If you do that,
I'll do your wedding cake for free.

- Really?
- Of course!

In any case,
congratulations on your wedding!

Thank you.

What happened?

Look at this mess!
Look at what they did!

They came in here and demolished the place!

Don't they understand that this place
is under consular jurisdiction?

- Where is Director Avison?
- He went to meet Consular-General Allen.

- Why have they done this?
- They came to arrest Officer Jung.

But they didn't get him.
He was taken by his comrades last night.

They should be fried in oil!

They think Jejoongwon is the hideout
for the patriot armies.

They said Officer Jung was the tail,

But they were going to get
the head and body too.

- Head and body?
- They're saying they'll get the leader too.


- What's wrong?
- Where's your father?

He said he had a meeting with
the missionaries at Jungdong.

- Why?
- He's in danger!

- No!
- Father!


We have to get rid of everything
that can be used as evidence.

Before Allen makes this into a big deal,

You must obtain the King's confession
that he was behind this.

All of those things were under my orders!

Do Yang-sama,
you and I can't be together.

I'll come for you.

He's going to be executed.