Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 34 - Episode #1.34 - full transcript

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Episode 34

- No!
- Father!

- Seok Ran! Dr. Hwang!
- Father! What's going on?

I don't know.
I'm not sure why this is happening.

Why are you doing this?

He is accused of sending an assassin...

... after the Minister of Army
for signing the Eulsa Treaty.

- An assassin?
- Yes, an assassin!

- Do you have proof?
- Proof?

Ask the Office of the Residency-General!
I am only a soldier following orders.

Let's go!

- Father!
- Heaven will punish you!

Chatter away once more!

You killed the mother of our nation,
and now you harass our people.

How can Heaven not punish you?
How dare you threaten and harass us?

Dr. Hwang...!

That's right. You're the Korean Emperor's
personal physician!

Let's both tread carefully.

No good will come
if we see each other often!

- Let's go!
- Father!

Sir, I'll get you out no matter what!

- I swear to you!
- Go inside and be with your mother!

Dr. Hwang, tell my friends that I'm all right.

- Let's go!
- Father! Father!


How could something like this happen!

What could your father be guilty of?

Those crazy Japanese!
Why did they take your father away?

Dear! My dear!

Say something!
Dr. Hwang, please say something!

Please calm yourself.
I will try and find out from others.

Find out?
They've already taken him away!

What do we do to get him out?

I'll do whatever it takes to get him out.

- Yes, Mother. We'll do whatever it takes.
- My dear!

Dr. Yu, I have to go tell your father's
friends about what happened.

Who are these friends?

I'll tell you more later.
Please look after your mother.

I'll be back shortly.

Dr. Hwang!

Who are you going to meet?

Who are these friends of my father?


A few days ago,
my father brought guns into the house.

It's true that my father was the mastermind
behind the assassinatin attempt, isn't it?

Dr. Hwang!

It's true.

You know the man who attempted
the assassination too.

Who is he?

It's Officer Jung. That's why we had
to keep his admission a secret.

Then it won't be easy
to get my father released.

Dr. Yu, you must quickly get rid of anything
that could be used as evidence against him.

I'm going to go inform Officer Jung
and the patriot armies what happened.

There must be no evidence left whatsover.
Do you understand?

Please be careful.

I will.

They arrested the Chief?


How could this happen
before the big event?

It might be dangerous to stay here.

We'll have to gather the troops
and move to another location.

We're being attacked!

Officer Jung!

Are you all right?

I'm done for.

Even you won't be able
to save me this time.

Please don't speak.
I'll save you! I'll save your life!

I'm grateful for your concern.

I didn't even get a chance to fight properly
with the patriot armies.

I'm filled with sorrow that
I have to die this way.

But I'm glad to be able
to repay my debt to you.

What are you talking about?
What debt?

That is so like you.

Comrade Hwang...

Take something out of my pocket for me.

I need this to be given to Official Yu.

- I'll give it to him...
- No.

All the patriot armies in nation
have agreed to fight together.

This note has the names of all the leaders
of each patriot army.

You need to deliver this note in person
to General Huh Wi.

General Huh Wi?

You must deliver it in person.

Do you hear me?

- I will do so.
- Go and speak to the Imperial Herald.

I will do so.

It's cold.

I wonder when spring will arrive...

Go... go in peace.

The rabies virus is so potent that
it cannot be given to humans directly.

It has to be injected into rabbits first
and then extracted via spinal fluid a day later.

The virus can be stored in this way
by injecting the virus in a new rabbit everyday.

- So this is how the vaccine's potency is reduced.
- That's right.

- How much later can it be used on humans?
- 21 days.

After 21 days,
there is virtually no effect.

Yes, we must make this vaccine
on a daily basis.

We need a new rabbit everyday.

I understand.

Dr. Baek, you should go outside.

Someone from Hansung Hospital
is here to see you.

Naoko, wait here.

Dr. Baek!
So this is where you were!

- Why are you here?
- I'm here for Miss Naoko.

Naoko won't go with you,
so you need to leave.

Allow me to see her.
I will ask her myself.

- What if I don't want to?
- Really?

You won't let the kidnapped daughter
of the Foreign Minister go, is that it?


If you don't let Naoko come with me,

I will report you to the
Office of the Residency-General,

... and let them handle it.

- This is American territory.
- That's my point.

I wonder what Resident-General
Ito Hirobumi will say...

... to your Emperor
regarding her kidnapping?

I'm so curious!

All right.
I just have to go with you, right?

Naoko, don't go!
I told you I won't let you leave!

I don't want to be the reason
for any trouble.

I'll come right back.

When you left the hospital,
you should have left everything behind.

Why did you have to take this woman
and cause us all this trouble?

Am I a piece of property?
Apologize to us this instant!

If you don't, I'll tell my father.

I'm sorry.

Let's go.

Official Yu was arrested and Officer Jung
and the soldiers were killed?

- Yes.
- What a tragedy!

What kind of person is this
General Huh Wi?

Officer Jung told me with his last breath
to seek him out in person.

Who is he?

The patriot armies have merged into one.

The patriot armies have merged?

He's going to be the General.
He's extremely difficult to meet in person.

And with the Japanese desperate to catch him,
he does not show himself often.

Why do you ask?

It's nothing.
I need to speak to His Majesty.

I need to ask him to request
Official Yu's release.

Well, that...

It's about time you knew the truth.

His Majesty is involved
with the patriot army too.


If Official Yu has been arrested,

... then the soldiers of the
patriot army need to be here!

Yes, Your Majesty.

We've lost the chief of the patriot army
in Hansung who planned to aid General Huh Wi!

The other patriot armies aren't familiar with
Hansung and will be lost when they come here!

How can we possibly chase the Japanese
out of our capital now?

Please don't worry, Your Majesty!

I'm sure we'll receive good news from
the representatives at the Hague Peace Convention.

If the other nations find out that the Eulsa Treaty
was signed under Japanese coercion,

... the treaty will be voided!

Are you surprised that I did not tell you
earlier that I am sponsoring the patriot armies?

Not at all, Your Majesty.
How could I dare to question your judgment?

Official Yu was my right hand man.

I must meet Resident-General Ito Hirobumi
and speak to him directly!

You can't do that, Your Majesty!

They will know that you sent the assassin
to Lord Yi Geun-Taek.

They will also be certain that
you are the leader of the patriot armies.

You cannot give away the secret
before they even look for it!

Will you still insist that you are not
the leader of the patriot army?

I am so flabbergasted
I cannot help but laugh.

I'm just an interpreter.
How could I be a leader of an army?

We know everything.
You sold everything to raise an army.

And we know that you were plannning
on merging with the other patriot armies!

Are the Japanese always like this?

You always make up the story first,

... and then try to fit everything
into the story.

Perhaps you need more water.

Officer Jung is dead?

Yes, and the Japanese are
closing in on the armies.

This means His Majesty is now at risk.

He trusts in the Hague Peace Convention,
but it may take longer than expected.

If the secret emissaries are successful
in telling the world about what Japan has done,

There is hope that
my father can be released.

My mother went to visit him today
but was turned away.

The prisoners can't even see their children!

- The Japanese are so unreasonable!
- Yes.

Seeing how Naoko was forcefully taken,

Official Yu arrested and Officer Jung attacked,

They must have been planning this
for a while!

This may just be the beginning.

- Where is Naoko?
- She is in the hotel.

She is under guard by a female in
her room and a male outside the door.

- Good.
- So may I eliminate Baek Do Yang?

Yes, he knows too much.

Won't it cause a problem if Naoko finds out?

- She may even attempt another suicide.
- That is not for me to worry about.

Even if she dies.
we're not responsible for her death.

If anyone should be held responsible,

It should be the Foreign Minister
for not raising her properly.

You're right, Director.

Are you going somewhere?

I'm going to see an old friend with Suzuki.

- Will he talk if you do that?
- He has no other choice.

He will be in unspeakable pain.
If I do this...


- I'm sorry about that.
- It looks rather effective.

Yes, it is.

He must confess by today that...

He organized the patriot armies under
the orders of the Korean Emperor.

He will definitely confess.

He'll even confess to things you didn't ask!

- Begin!
- Yes, sir!

Let's end this quickly.

The longer it takes,
the more you'll suffer.

Official Yu...

I ask this as an old friend of yours.
Please stop holding out.

It will hurt a great deal.

You organized the patriot armies...

... on the Emperor's orders, didn't you?

I am a free man and an adult.

Why should I do something
under someone else's orders?

Stop harassing an innocent man
and let me go.

Official Yu is not the man
you suspect him to be!

Everything will be revealed
during the investigation.

You cannot arrest a non-Japanese citizen
without any evidence of crime!

You are breaking international laws.

Official Yu has many friends
in the embassies.

Japan will be under pressure
if your actions are made public!

Consul-General Allen,

Why did our two countries enter into
the Katsura-Taft Agreement?

Didn't we agree to not interfere in
each other's interests?

Do not interfere in what we're doing.

I advise you to leave....

...before you are dragged out like a dog.

What did you say?


I understand.

Did you know that the Korean Emperor
sent secret emissaries to the Hague Peace Conference?

His goal was to null the Eulsa Treaty.

But it appears to have failed.

My son...
I think my empire has come to a close.

- Imperial Herald.
- Yes, Your Majesty!

- It is time.
- Your Majesty?

You will go to the man Official Yu and I
designated as the Chief of the patriot army.

You will give him his orders.
We don't have time.

Your Majesty, he is completely
unaware of everything.

Perhaps we are rushing this too quickly.

No, I think we are too late.

I didn't know they would get
Official Yu so quickly.

This is my fault.

Did you ask for me, sir?

I was going to ask you
to come to the Palace,

But there are many eyes there.

Yes, this place has already been searched
by the Japanese soldiers once.

They don't seem to be watching anymore.

I don't like saying this, but...

But I don't think it will be easy
to get Official Yu out.

I see.

So we would like for you to take over
his role as Chief of the patriot army here.

The Chief of the patriot army?

You not only have to take over,
but you will have to resurrect it.

I am a doctor and know nothing
but medicine.

I know nothing about warfare,
and not qualified to be the Chief.

Did Official Yu know warfare
before he became the leader?

General Huh Wi used to be a professor at
the Confucian Academy and a scholar.

These men enlisted solely
because of their patriotism.

Lord Herald, my place is at the hospital.

There must be someone else.

How regrettable.

The Emperor also thought
you were the best candidate.

Why don't you think about it
before you turn it down?

We now have anesthesia again.
We can perform surgeries now.

We couldn't have done this without
Consul-General Allen and Jae Wook.

Yes, the medical supplies from my friends
in Canada should arrive soon too.

This is so wonderful!

We don't have to turn
away patients anymore!

That's right.
Let's have it out with Hansung Hospital!

We now also have Dr. Baek's rabies vaccine!
We have nothing to fear!

We should put up posters
to advertise the vaccinations.

If the American Embassy
can provide us with security,

The patients will come
knowing they will be safe here.

Everything is in working order at
Jejoongwon now that Dr. Baek is here!

Jejoongwon is solid now!

I'll prescribe medicine,
so come back in 3 days.

Yes, thank you!

Seok Ran!

Seung Yeon!

- Seok Ran!
- Why didn't you say you were coming!

I obtained a ticket for the ship suddenly
and didn't have time to send a letter.

- But isn't this a nice surprise?
- Yes, it is!

Let's see each other everyday!

I can perform simple surgeries now.

It'll take time before
I catch up to you though.

Yes... I'll teach you.

Let's see each other everyday.

Something's happened, hasn't it?

It must have been difficult for you
to see patients at both hospitals.

It wasn't difficult.
It was worthwhile and enjoyable.

In any case, I'll be at Bogu now,
so focus on your father.

I'll find out what we can do
to get him out too.

Thank you.

Your return has given me strength.

Let's go.

Allen came to see me.

We must get the confession of
the Emperor's involvement...

... before Allen makes this
an international situation.

If not, it will take a long time
to overthrow...

... the Emperor's power in Korea.

Yes, that is why
I have brought someone here.


This is the doctor I talked about,
Dr. Sato.

Yes, I heard about
your exceptional medical skills.

I trust you will do a fine job as the
Chief of Surgery at Hansung Hospital.

Did you know that your predecessor
was Baek Do Yang?

Yes, I did.

Can we hold you responsible
for getting rid of him?

I'm sorry for giving you a big job
on your first day.

But I have a special lecture today.

Of course, Director.

What was your area of research?

I did human experiments,

But I came to Korea because
it was difficult to do in Japan.

Yes, Korea is perfect for that.

What use is there for a Korean?
Just do medical experiments on them!

- I am conducting an experiment myself.
- What kind of experiment?

I am researching the effect of
electrical shock and medicine in criminals.

It's a difficult experiment.

That sounds very interesting!
Please allow me to take part!

There is an experiment planned
for tomorrow.

Why don't you come with Suzuki?

It's an honor!

Personally, I would like to use Baek Do Yang
as a subject of experiments.

May I do this?

You and I are going to get along great!

Let's go, Sato!

What do we do now?

The Hague Peace Convention
turned down our emissaries....

Does this mean the world doesn't care
if we become Japan's colony?

What about my Father?
Does this mean he'll never get out?

This cannot happen!
Father didn't do anything wrong!

How can these unbelievable things
keep happening?

There are rumors that His Majesty
may be placed under arrest.

Major events are going to happen
because of what happened at Hague.

- Do Yang-sama!
- Naoko, why are you....?

You don't have time to waste!

Watanabe is conducting
experiments on prisoners!

Official Yu may be one of them.
You have to stop him!

Human experiments?

- Who told you such nonsense?
- That is not important.

The important thing is that
you are in Korea,

And you're using Koreans
as subjects in your experiments.

I am asking you as a fellow doctor
to respond with conscience.


What is the purpose of human experiments?

Dr. Hwang, do you think there can be
any development in medicine without human experiments?

I believe that medical development
can occur without using humans as guinea pigs!

Aren't all the criminals in the prison Korean?

I understand now.
You're here because of Official Yu.

I'm sorry, but it's against national policy
to disclose such information.

I have things to take care of....

Stop your experiments on
the prisoners or else!

This is the only time
I will warn you with words.

What will you do if I don't?

Imperial Japan now owns this country!

I advise you not to interfere
in our business.

It should be over with one blow!

- Who are you? I'll.....!
- A moment, please.

- I'll be quiet!
- Me too!

We have to be fair to everyone.

Of course!
All of you should be the same.

I'm Chief of Surgery at Hansung Hospital,
Baek Do Yang.

We wish to see Yu Hee-Suh.

I'm Dr. Sato.

He is the new expert on
human experiments.

Where's Suzuki?

I'm Naoko.
Suzuki couldn't come because of a cold.


Let's begin!

Father, we are here!

- I'm Seok Ran!
- Sir, we are here.

How did you get here?

It's dangerous here.

Father, please endure
a little while longer.

We'll get you out of here.

- I don't think I can...
- Father!

How can you say that?
Young Master saved you last time too!

Sir, we'll think of something.
You must get out of this place!

He's right.
You mustn't give up.

His Majesty is deeply worried
about you too.

His Majesty...

Dr. Hwang, if I leave here,
everyone will die.

But if I die...

The patriot armies will regroup again,
and His Majesty will be safe.

- Sir...
- Father, what about mother?

What about me?

Seok Ran, this is where I need to be.

Seeing all of you for the last time
is enough for me.

Father.... Father..!

Was today's incident Baek Do Yang
and your doing?

Both your ID cards were registered
at the prison today.

Yes, they wanted to visit the prisoner.
Is something wrong?

Visit the prisoner?
They trespassed!

What would your father think about this?

I'll forgive what happened today out of
consideration for the Foreign Minister.

But this must never happen again!

Yes, I understand your point.

But I doubt my father would approve of
the nonethical events happening in the prisons.

If this is all, I'll be off.


Naoko, the experiments in the prison
are under my orders!

Naoko, you will return
to Japan with me tomorrow.

Father, were you always this cruel?

I am a Minister,
and a man who loves his country!

If you love your country,
does it make it all right to abuse another?

Naoko, that is enough.
I have been clear with you.

- You're leaving with me tomorrow!
- And if I won't?

I didn't want to take it this far,
but you need to end it with Dr. Baek.

I've been given reports on everything
he's done to you while I've been gone.

I didn't oppose it
because you loved him so much,

... but not anymore.

- Father...
- He knows too much.

If he isn't going to be one of us,
we have to get rid of him.

Do you want me to do that?

I really liked that donburi last time.

It's so sad that you have to leave
so suddenly.

I'm really sad too.


Do Yang-sama and I
have to be separated.

I don't know why Japan and Korea's
political situation must affect our relationship.


Goodbye everyone.

If I come back,
I'll make you something more delicious.

All right.
I'll look forward to it.

If you come back,
I'll eat it with gusto!

- Naoko...
- Do Yang-sama...

- I promise I'll come and get you.
- No, don't.

I'll come back.

I wish that Japan and Korea will have
a better relationship before that.


Do Yang-sama...

Keep in touch.

The sentence for the
criminal Yu Hee Suh is death!

He is going to be executed.

Dr. Yu!

This is so wrong!
How can they kill a man so easily?

What did I tell you?
The Japanese can't be reasoned with!

Poor Official Yu...

Nang Nang, I keep remembering the time
when the Queen was killed.

Me too.
I'm so scared of the Japanese...

What a wretched place this world is!

Dr. Yu, are you all right?

I can't believe it!

I'll go and find out what exactly
is going on.


Don't cry.

You should prepare for
Seok Ran's wedding personally.

Who cares about the wedding now?

Divide up our land and distribute it
to all our servants, including Chilbok.

Allow them to be free.

Please don't worry
about things like that.

You've suffered a lot recently
because of me.

Who has suffered?

I have lived a wonderful life
as your wife!

Please don't die...!

Don't die?

Yes, let's do that.
Please do that.

Don't think of me as dead.

Wait for me with expectation
and longing.

I'll come find you in your dreams.

Dr. Hwang...

Can you call me Father this once?


- Seok Ran...
- Yes?

Now your place is to be next
to Dr. Hwang.

As Koreans and as doctors...

You must move forward.

What about me?

There.. there...
I told you I would always be with you.

Dr. Hwang.

I'm not that sad or worried about dying,

Because I'm leaving them in your care.

That's because I know you put in
your best effort in everything.

I know you will do the same
with my daughter.

Let's leave each other
with happiness and smiles.


Good girl.

Why did you call me in here?

- Bend over just a second.
- You're going to inject me!

- I'm not sick! I don't need a shot!
- It's good for you!

Why are you making so much noise?



Dr. Hwang, how did it go?

Yes, well....
Nothing major happened.

We don't have patients and...

We haven't been paid in 2 months!
Are we going to close down?

You're back!

Chilbok, did you like going inside the Palace?

It was my first time,
so I just looked at the ground.

We were all like that at first.

Here, have an apple!
You too, Dr. Hwang.

Yes, thank you.

There's a lot left,
so give one to that fellow too.

I was going to.
Hey! Have a Korean apple!

Work hard!

He really ate it!

Take this after meals.

If you get good rest,
you'll feel better soon.

You're back!

You're working hard.

It's Dr. Baek who has been working hard.

- How is His Majesty?
- His condition is worse.

He has lost his will as well...

At this rate, the Crown Prince
may have to ascend the throne.

- Where's Dr. Yu?
- At Bogu. Dr. Han is unwell.

She didn't seem well
a few days ago either.

- Don't worry too much.
- Yes, thank you.

- We're done!
- Thank you.

- Come here.
- I'm fine. I know my condition.

Well, I want to know your condition too!

- When did you start coughing?
- A week? Yes, that sounds right.

You have phlegm.

It could just be a cold,
but it could be tuberculosis too.

Don't scare me!
Just prescribe me some cold medicine.

I think I'll get well soon
if I take the medicine you prescribed.

What kind of nonsense is that?

Are you really not getting married?

What about you?
Reverend McKeller likes you!

But I have no plans for marriage.

Sometimes I can't even sleep because if I'm diligent,
I can see one more patient.

On the weekend, I'm getting a donkey
so I can visit patients who can't come here.

Your health will suffer at that rate!
You should be careful.

But shouldn't you get married?

You must feel terrible
about your father's death.

But you have already agreed to be married,
so you should talk about it.

I have something to tell you.

You too?

I have something to tell you too.

The Imperial Herald has been asking me
to take over the patriot armies for a while.

- Take over the patriot armies?
- Yes.

But I declined the offer.

- Because I'm a doctor.
- I see....

But it's become increasingly...

It's become difficult
to turn him down again?

Yes, they've been facing major challenges.

I don't know what to do.

You had something to tell me?

No, it's nothing.

~ Recites poetry ~

When the moon becomes the general,
the multitude of stars become soldiers to follow him.

What do you think?

- It's good.
- Indeed.

The funny thing is, this poem
was written by a ten years old.

He must have been born
to be general, don't you think?

- It seems so.
- Yes...

You weren't followed?

No, we shook them off.
Why did you ask to see us?

We need you to treat someone urgently.

Who is the patient?

You'll soon find out.
I'll have to blindfold you.

Don't worry, Dr. Hwang.
It's all right.

- Come back safely.
- Thank you, Comrade Oh.

Please convey my wishes to the General.

Yes I will.

Please be careful.

Please go inside.
General Huh Wi is waiting for you.

General, I've brought Dr. Hwang Jung!

Bring him in.


- I've wanted to meet you, General.
- I've wanted to meet you too.

The General was shot by the Japanese.

I'll examine the wound.

The bullet is stil inside,
but it didn't hit the bone.

Please take out the bullet for me.

I didn't bring anesthesia as
I didn't know the problem.

- I'll go and get it right now.
- I don't have time for that.

I have to move at daybreak.
Just take it out.

I can't.
It'll hurt incredibly.

Nothing can hurt me more than
the loss of my country.

Please do it now.

Dr. Hwang, there may not be another chance.

When Official Yu was still alive,
I heard about you a few times.

I see...

I wanted to meet you.

- How fortunate I am to meet you now.
- Please wait. It's almost finished.

- Thank you.
- No, you were the best patient.

General, I have something to show you.

An independence fighter
from Manchu told me...

... to give this to you before he died.

These are the leaders of all the
patriot armies north of Hansung.

It's asking for everyone to attack all the
Japanese government offices in Hansung.

I'm greatly indebted to you, Dr. Hwang.

Please don't say such things.

I can't give you anything,
so I'll write you a poem.

Please don't reject my offer.

- Your arm will hurt...
- It's all right.

How much can it hurt?

Comrade Hong.

An insignificant doctor heals diseases...

An average doctor heals people...

But a great doctor heals a nation.

Thank you.
Let's meet again someday.

Yes, General.

An insignificant doctor heals diseases.

An average doctor heals people.

But a great doctor heals nations.

Go and give up your throne to your son.

How dare a foreigner tell him
what to do?

The Health Agency isn't a war office!

I'm the one who told them
not to go to Hansung Hospital.

Arrest me instead!

Didn't you promise you would forget
Baek Do Yang when you came here?

I'll forget him, I promise!
So please, just once...

He's an independence fighter!
Where is he?

There's a wedding at Jejoongwon today.

We'll have to arrest him then.

- You must be happy together.
- Yes, Mother.

Yes, Mother.