Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 32 - Episode #1.32 - full transcript

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Episode 32
At daybreak, please perform surgery on me.
I've been fasting so that I can have surgery.
When did I agree to do this?
I told you you're the only one who could do it.
Then have Dr. Baek do it. You know where he is.
Dr. Baek...
I sent Dr. Baek on a holiday. So that I could get surgery from you.
Why does it have to be me?
Dr. Baek's experienced in lung surgery and is much more skilled!
You're right.
Dr. Baek is perfect in his surgical skills.
But from a patient's perspective,
My choice is most definitely you.
You are cautious and humane in surgery.
And your ability to think outside the box during emergency situations...
... is one of your greatest strengths.
Have you forgotten?
You are the man who allowed my mother to die.
Furthermore, you are one of the cruel Japanese who murdered my Queen.
Dr. Hwang.
Please don't dwell too much on the past.
There is a positive side to everything.
Didn't your mother's death make you the doctor you are today?
Then if I do your surgery,
That would be the greatest opportunity for revenge.
You shouldn't think that way.
I don't think you quite understand the situation.
But I have faith that you would do no such thing.
That's not true. I might cut your pulmonary artery.
- No, I will definitely cut it. - If you were capable of that...
... you would have killed the man who ordered your father to be killed.
I was going to kill him. I planned to do so.
- Then why didn't you? - I...
I couldn't because Dr. Yu and Dr. Baek both stopped me from doing so.
You didn't kill him. You wouldn't have been able to do so.
The fourth verse of the Hippocratic Oath!
I will hold in highest importance the life and health of my patient.
You valued the patient's life and health more than your own personal revenge.
My faith in you has grown even more.
Hasegawa, prepare for surgery.
I will have surgery here in this room.
I will tell you this again.
I won't perform this surgery!
- Stay still! - Let go!
I didn't want to show you this.
7 am, goes to Jejoongwon alone.
Ah, alone...
11 am, goes to the Palace's Health Agency alone.
1 pm, leave the Palace and goes to Bogu Women's Hospital alone.
3 pm, returns to Jejoongwon alone.
5 pm, leaves Jejoongwon for home alone.
Do you know whose movements these are?
What kind of woman walks around all day alone all by herself?
I know. What if something bad happens to her?
If you touch one hair on Dr. Yu Seok Ran,
I won't let you get away with it.
Dr. Yu Seok Ran?
Were these the movements of Dr. Yu?
I didn't know!
Hasegawa, Dr. Hwang says he'll go into surgery.
Prepare for surgery.
Because I remembered the time we had to pump your stomach.
- Was it the same medicine then too? - Yes, it was.
And you take it everywhere because I might leave you?
You don't want me to die, do you?
I thought you were sincere about me.
Do Yang!
Didn't you go on holiday?
I came back.
What's wrong all of a sudden?
- It just came to this. - Well anyway, I'm glad you're back.
It's good you're home.
I didn't like you going on holiday before the wedding.
You can't cancel the wedding!
At a politically chaotic time like this, you mustn't lose this opportunity!
Japan's presence in Korea is getting stronger everyday.
Naoko's father is the Foreign Minister, and he wants his daughter to marry you!
That's not easily accomplished!
I'm tired from walking home. Please wake me up for work tomorrow.
All right, fine. We'll talk later.
Get some sleep.
He didn't come back after going to the hotel restaurant to meet someone.
- Who did he go to meet? - I don't know.
We didn't ask him because we were busy preparing for the surprise party.
He is always very clear about where he's going and when he'll be back.
Something has happened to him!
Stop that, Dr. Goh!
He might have an emergency visit to a patient.
Then he would sent someone here to tell us.
- He's very good about that. - Maybe it was too late to send someone.
He might already be on his way back.
Don't worry too much. I'll wait outside and bring him here.
- Good idea. - Yes.
I'll go to the hotel restaurant.
We'll find out who he met and what happened.
We hope you do well, Dr. Hwang.
I will assist you, Dr. Hwang.
We hope that you remember the Hippocratic oath during surgery.
You need to return to Jejoongwon to see your patients again.
Yu Seok Ran too.
That's right.
I have no certainty that I will be allowed to go safely.
Is that what you're nervous about?
Director Watanabe made me promise to let you back unharmed after the surgery.
Yes, please don't worry about that.
I will do the surgery, but allow me to inform Jejoongwon.
They will be looking for me right now.
I can't allow that.
Once this surgery is over, we'll let Jejoongwon know, so don't worry.
Do Yang-sama! Do Yang-sama...!
It's Naoko! Please open the door!
Do Yang-sama!
She tried to force her way in but I stopped her. I told her you were sleeping.
- I did well by not letting her in, right? - Yes, you did well.
But what happened?
Is it because I told her father that you'd live with us?
If so, then tell him I won't abuse her!
It's not that.
I was so worried!
Do Yang-sama!
I was wrong.
I was foolish.
I'm begging you like this. Please forgive me!
I'm begging you!
What's wrong with your throat?
I'm not sure, but I'm fine now.
Naoko, don't be like this.
Trust is important in love. Once trust is broken, so is love.
But it's because I love you.
If I didn't love you,
I wouldn't have become a nurse or come to Korea.
And... I wouldn't have taken that medicine.
I promise I'll never do that again.
Seok Ran! Why are you here so early?
Young Master!
Last night, Dr. Hwang came here to meet someone and still hasn't come back.
Is that so?
Jae Wook!
What? Do you need something?
Oh look! Your old and new women are both here!
- You...! - Can't I joke around?
Dr. Hwang was here yesterday, wasn't he?
- Yes, he met with Watanabe. - What?
- Why did they meet? - I don't know.
But Watanabe must be sick. He was in a wheelchair and was really feeble!
They talked for a little while, then Hwang Jung got up and left in a hurry.
- He left? - Yes.
Watanabe stayed for an hour,
Then that son of a bitch Kim Don came and got him.
I need to meet Director Watanabe.
- I'll come with you. - All right.
Naoko, you'll need to wait.
I'm sorry.
Do Yang certainly values the old...
Did you see Director Watanabe?
This is strange.
I don't even see Kim Don or Suzuki.
Maybe they haven't come in yet.
The guard said Watanabe didn't leave last night.
Then where is he? He wasn't in any of the patients' rooms.
- Could he be in surgery? - Surgery?
But no one can do it.
The surgery room!
- No one's here. - We've been everywhere.
Maybe the guard didn't see Watanabe leaving.
- What? - It's not here!
- What's not here? - The surgical instruments.
Someone has moved the lamp and surgical instruments.
Cutting out a portion won't be enough.
We have to remove the entire lung.
Didn't the Director want you for surgery because he specifically wanted a lobectomy?
Look at the x-ray!
The x-ray didn't detect all of the cancer. Look at it yourself.
The cancer has spread to the entire lung.
We will have to remove the entire lung.
He'll be disappointed when he wakes up.
Then go ahead.
I'll keep looking, so go back to Jejoongwon.
Yes, he may have returned by now.
If he's not back, I'm going to make a police report.
All right. I'll send a message if I find something.
All right then.
Do Yang-sama!
I told you to stay at the restaurant. Why did you come here?
It looked like an urgent matter and I was worried about you.
Did you meet the Director?
No, I think he's here, but I don't know where.
- I wonder if he's in the laboratory. - Laboratory? What laboratory?
Director Watanabe's laboratory is in the basement.
They moved his entire laboratory over from the embassy hospital, remember?
You mean the place he keeps his specimens?
Yes, that's right. They moved the entire thing over!
He must be there then.
Naoko, you look pale. Why don't you get some rest in my office?
Am I? All right then, I'll be in your office.
You can't go in!
- The Director is inside, isn't he? - Entry is prohibited!
I am the Chief Surgeon!
Why are you here?
Oh, his condition suddenly became critical.
We had no choice but to ask Dr. Hwang.
He agreed to do the surgery. Right, Dr. Hwang?
Is that so?
I thought he gave me a holiday so that he could have this surgery.
- No, that's a misunderstanding! - And how would you know that, Suzuki?
That... that's a given! We have our own surgeon!
Fine. In any case, now I know the situation.
I will have to observe. Dr. Hwang.
Please continue.
I will complete the surgery.
Oh, Dr. Yu.
Did you find out anything at the restaurant?
They said that he met with Director Watanabe last night but left.
That means he disappeared somewhere between the restaurant and here.
He said he would hurry back.
Did you find out why he met Watanabe?
- Where in the world is he? - If he's nearby, we'll find him.
I met with Mongchong today to ask him. He still knows everything that goes on in town.
I went to the Health Agency. He may be at another hospital.
This is Dr. Hwang's patient visit records. He may be at someone's house.
- Thank you, Nang Nang. - Dr. Yu?
That was my idea.
Thank you, Miryung.
Thank you, everyone.
Do you know you always treat Dr. Hwang's business like it's your own?
This is all of our business.
Yes, I know.
- But I'm still grateful. - Shouldn't we make a police report?
I went there on my way here,
But they wouldn't accept it because he hasn't been missing over a day.
Well, in terms of time, he hasn't been gone long.
His lung is very weak. Has he ever suffered from tuberculosis?
Yes, he has.
Good work. I'll sew him back up.
- Escort Dr. Hwang. - Yes, Sir!
You can't leave now.
You should monitor his recovery first.
His lungs were weak and now he only has one.
Who knows what might happen?
If he contracts pneumothorax, he might die.
He's had pneumothorax before.
If he gets it again, his lung may collapse and he will die from respiratory failure.
- But Dr. Baek can... - No.
I think it would be better if you stayed until the Director woke up.
It is the duty of the surgeon who performed the surgery.
Also, you have to explain the details of the surgery to me.
It may have been an unofficial surgery, but as Chief Surgeon, I should be aware.
I will do so.
The room will be cold. Suzuki, get some blankets.
Yes, Doctor.
Oh, I'll go back to the laboratory to get the Director's x-rays.
My diagnosis was to perform a lobectomy, but the entire lung was removed.
I'll need to review.
I'll get it for you.
Dr. Hwang, you need to escape!
It'll take too long to explain. Hurry!
What's wrong?
- I don't know what I just did. - Seok Ran was here.
She didn't know where you were.
- Weren't you kidnapped? - Yes.
They said that if I don't do the surgery, they would harm Dr. Yu.
My instincts tell me they will not let you live.
Watanabe is more cruel than I originally thought.
He wouldn't want anyone to know that he was operated on by a Korean doctor.
He planned on killing you after the surgery from the very beginning.
I couldn't think of anything other than that Dr. Yu might be hurt.
This is no time to get emotional. You need to escape!
You can use this window to leave the hospital!
You must hurry! Kim Don will be coming back!
Dr. Baek, if I escape, you will be at risk.
Come with me!
If I do that, both of us will be in danger.
Just do me a favor.
- Use your fist to hit me. - What?
- Then everything will be all right. - Dr. Baek!
The harder you hit, the safer I'll be.
What's this? Open the door!
Hurry up! Hurry..!
Dr. Baek, stay safe.
- I'll be all right. - I'm sorry!
I'm fine. What are you doing?
Open the door!
- Break in the door! - Hurry!
- That way! - Get him!
- Dr. Baek! - Why is Dr. Hwang acting this way?
- Is something wrong? - Dr. Hwang hit Dr. Baek and ran away!
He's got pneumothorax! What do we do?
Dr. Baek! What should we do?
Get me a thick needle. The one used for pleuritis patients.
Here it is.
There you go.
Oh, Dr. Hwang! What happened to you!
- I came across an emergency patient. - Then you should have sent us a message!
Go in!
I met a patient with rabies.
He was having seizures and respiratory difficulties.
He died and I couldn't leave his body behind.
I helped cremate his body, and that's why I was late.
- I'm sorry for worrying everyone. - We shouldn't have been so worried.
Rabies is a terrible disease. Please stay away from dogs!
It's really good. The sweet taste is really nice.
- I hope it didn't sour. - Wine bread is supposed to be a little sour.
At least tell me the truth.
What do you mean?
I know you lied to keep everyone from worrying.
I can tell just by looking at your face.
Then you're wrong this time. It definitely was rabies.
Then I'm really going to be angry! How can you not even...!
I'm really sorry. I couldn't get away.
Here, have a bite.
Don't be angry.
A bite.
Are you finally awake?
You act like you've seen a ghost.
Why are you here?
- You were on holiday. - Yes.
But I was worried about you and came back.
And to my surprise, you were in surgery.
Well, that...
I wasn't here, so you had no choice but to ask Dr. Hwang.
And because he was a Jejoongwon doctor, you had no choice but to kidnap him.
Dr. Hwang didn't turn me away because of his duty as a doctor.
I see.
Then I trust that as his patient, you will give him a proper respect.
What is that supposed to mean?
Today's event was a disgrace to Japan's medical community.
I'm saying that if you harm Dr. Hwang or anyone else from Jejoongwon,
Japan may find out what happened today.
I'm telling you this for your benefit.
Get some rest.
You must not have gotten any sleep. You didn't have to take me home.
You didn't sleep or go home last night either because of me.
I followed you because I was worried you might fall asleep on the way.
As if I would!
What's wrong? Are you still being followed?
No, not at all. Please go in.
- Have dinner with us! - No, I have to do some research.
And there's an article in the Lancet about rabies that I need to read.
Let's go in. My father wants to see you.
The situation in Japan is quite serious.
Because of the Russo-Japan War, Russia no longer plays in role in restraining Japan.
America is taking a hands-off approach as well.
Yes, the Japanese is using the war as an excuse...
... to send more troops and citizens here to Korea.
It's causing a lot of problems. It's obvious from the patients at Jejoongwon.
- The world is in distress. - Yes, on that note...
I was wondering if you could send two strong men to escort Dr. Yu to and from work.
I'm all right. I've been walking alone all this time!
No, Dr. Hwang is right!
There are so many Japanese soldiers and merchants these days!
And I saw a huge Japanese man wearing a diaper!
It's called a fundoshi.
{\a6}(Underwear worn by Japanese men in the old days)
From our perspective, it's a very distressing sight.
Tomorrow, I'll have send some men with her.
Good idea. Oh, Chilbok!
We can use Chilbok and hire another strong young man!
Dr. Hwang, have a cup of tea with me before you leave.
Yes, Sir.
When I went to the Palace today, I met Consul-General Allen.
- You met Dr. Allen? - Yes.
He told us that President Roosevelt has recalled him.
Japan's Prime Minister Katsura and US War Secretary Taft came to secret agreement.
The agreement was for the US to take the Philippines and for Japan to take Korea.
How could something like this happen?
How could they treat Korea like it is a piece of property?
I agree.
It seems Consul-General Allen was very outspoken against this policy.
As a result, he was recalled.
The Emperor must be deeply troubled.
Yes, but...
It looks like we're going to be a protectorate of Japan.
A protectorate? What do you mean?
It is a matter of time. There is nothing we can do to stop this.
That is why I plan to live the rest of my life...
... fighting for the Independence of our nation.
That is why the future is uncertain for me.
Which brings me to my point.
Please take good care of my Seok Ran.
That is why I plan to live the rest of my life...
... fighting for the Independence of our nation.
How interesting can that book be?
It's a novel called The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
It's so good I can't let it down!
It may be good but you should hurry to Jejoongwon.
Dr. Hwang is going to be worried that you got lost from Bogu Women's Hospital!
All right. I haven't had any time to read lately.
I'm almost done.
- I'm so sorry! - Seok Ran.
Young Master!
- That's pancake! - Compliments from the manager.
- For my friend and his ex. - You...!
Chilbok still goes everywhere with you?
Yes, Dr. Hwang spoke with my father and that's what happened.
That's good. It was bothering me that...
I forgot to tell Dr. Hwang to keep you safe after I saw you that day.
Did you two meet that day?
Oh, he must not have told you.
Something happened that day, didn't it?
Well.... I'll let Dr. Hwang tell you.
What happened?
Nothing much, but we spoke about how the world is a crazy place these days.
What book are you reading now that has you so engrossed?
It's Huckleberry Finn. It was written by Mark Twain.
It's a sequel to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
Do you want to read it? I'm finished.
I remember the time you read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer to me when I was sick.
I particularly enjoyed the kiss between Tom and Becky.
You were so annoying that day.
Excuse me... Do you mind if I have a look at that book, please?
- Oh yeah sure, here you go. - Thank you.
Oh, first edition!
Yeah, you know if you keep this well... it can be very valuable one day.
The missionary gave me the book as a present.
- Have you read this book? - Oh...
Several hundred times. I think I got the texts memorized right through.
That's great. You seem to be a big fan of Mark Twain.
A fan? Yeah, you could say that. Actually... I am Mark Twain.
- Excuse me? - Wait... hold on...
So you are saying you are the "Mark Twain"?
I mean, why would Mark Twain be in Joseon for?
I'm here as a journalist covering the Russo-Japan War.
Actually I've ... got a card here. I'll give you one.
Here you go.
You'll see that my real name is Samuel L. Clemens.
Mark Twain is my pen name... my pseudonym.
That's right! His real name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens!
Mr. Clemens, it's my honor to meet you.
I'm a big fan of yours. I love your book.
- Thank you. - Thank you.
I can't believe it! Did we just meet Mark Twain?
Get away from Do Yang-sama this instant!
What are you doing?
- Are you all right? - Yes, I'm fine.
Please don't do this!
It's all because of you!
Do Yang-sama can't make up his mind because of you!
That's enough, Naoko!
Do Yang-sama, can't you understand how I feel?
- Apologize this instant! - Why should I?
Why should I?
Hurry, go after her.
I'm really sorry.
Don't worry about it.
You should be good to Naoko.
Sometimes you're very warm, but other times you can be cold.
That can make a woman insecure. Don't worry about me and go to her.
The two of you are going to be husband and wife soon.
- You better go back. - Yes.
Do Yang-sama!
You've been patient. Please go and get your medication.
Is Dr. Yu still not here?
Bogu Women's Hospital must have lots of patients.
- Please don't be so worried. - I'm not worried...
- Mongchong! - Dr. Hwang...
- What happened? - He was beaten up by Japanese!
You know I don't get beat up very often!
But they pulled out sticks and started hitting me with them!
Why did they hit you?
You know I'm working at the gold mine.
They don't even give us our pay regularly,
But they keep beating us for no reason!
So today I got fed up and talked back... And this is what happened.
I heard the Japanese were bullying the Koreans at the gold mines.
It's not just the gold mine!
It's the same everywhere the Japanese are!
Do you know how many people get beat up on the street for no reason?
On my way here,
I saw a group of Japanese men standing by the road and harassing our women!
- Those bastards! - Where are they?
You know where you turn in for Jejoongwon.
- Treat Mongchong's wounds. - Yes, Doctor.
- Dr. Hwang! - Dr. Yu!
- Where are you going? - Why are you so late?
You said you would come right back once you mailed a letter to Seung Yeon!
I met Young Master on the way and tea with him.
You performed surgery on Watanabe?
How did that happen?
Watanabe is the Director of the Japanese Hospital...
... that was set up to manipulate our people!
He is involved with the people who murdered the Queen!
- I... was kidnapped. - What?
I didn't meet a rabies patient that night.
I was kidnapped and taken to Hansung Hospital.
I refused to perform the surgery, but...
But what?
They threatened to harm you.
If it weren't for Dr. Baek, I may not be alive now.
Dr. Hwang!
I couldn't really think that day because of the chaotic events.
But the more I think about it, I feel so foolish and angry at myself.
No, I can't believe I got angry with you without knowing what you went through.
Why did you pretend otherwise when you went through such a horrible ordeal?
Is that why you've been so viligant about sending me home every night?
- Yes. - Father said this to me.
He said that Korea will soon be a Japanese territory.
He told me too.
I can't believe that a director of a hospital is capable of doing such a thing.
Will we be able to protect Jejoongwon?
Dr. Hwang, you need to go outside!
What's going on?
- Hey! - You...!
What are you doing!
That's why I told you not to come outside, Dr. Yu!
- Director, what's going on? - They're trying to take Mongchong.
I'm not going with them! I already quit!
Idiots! If you don't hand him over,
I'm going to take off all my clothes and live here!
- Let's just take it off now! - Take it all off!
- Now is not the time. - You must leave this instant!
- We will not hand over our patients. - They didn't pay him and they beat him!
- You are bad people. Go away! - This is American soil. Leave this place!
You Koreans swallowed our gold from the mines!
Are you kidding me? Why would I swallow gold? Is it food?
We'll just have to make certain. Stay with us until you have a bowel movement.
If there is nothing in it, we'll let you go.
I will not concede to the demands of these thugs!
This is a matter of pride for our people!
How can I take a shit in front of them!
Mongchong, you swear that you didn't swallow the gold, did you?
Why would I do such a thing?
I worked here for years! Why would I risk obstructing my intestines?
I already have a scar here with my appendicitis!
You heard him. Stop insisting on nonsense and leave here.
Or you can take an x-ray at Hansung Hospital.
- That'll make everything clear. - What? Hansung Hospital?
I refuse to go there! They'll stick a knife in me!
I refuse to go! I won't go!
If the patient refuses, there is nothing we can do. Please leave.
- Yi Gwak, let's escort them out. - All right.
You want to do this the hard way? Boys!
Let's take everything off and live with them forever!
- Damn! - What the hell was that!
If you didn't like the cold water, I've got hot water here!
You did great!
Damn that Jejoongwon... I won't let them get away with this!
- An x-ray would have told the truth! - Did someone break a bone?
No, one of our workers swallowed a piece of gold.
Can't we find out by taking an x-ray?
No, you can't.
Why can't it? Can't the x-ray spot gold?
The x-ray machine cannot be used for any purpose other than medical treatment.
That's it for the examination. Give them some medicine.
I'll get in big trouble if anyone finds out you took a shit here!
How will I find my gold nugget if I l take a shit in the outhouse!
Dirty bastard! Drink the castor oil, it'll help you go.
If I drink that, I'll vomit.
- Do you have anything else? - You little...!
You better give me that money you promised!
Of course!
The gold nugget in my belly is worth more than 1 yang!
You must have swallowed a big one!
I wasn't going to give this to you, but...
This is a new medicine that's being called the lifesaving water.
This is worth 2 bowls of beef soup.
Is this the medicine that the King drank and cured his indigestion?
You know that story too? Drink up so your bowels will be opened!
Yes, you should be doing this much if you want to collect that money.
It's good! Do you have any more?
Do you take medicine for its taste!
How do you feel?
- I'm beginning to feel the signal. - You do?
Wait wait... Go and do it in the corner!
Over there!
Gwak! Jackpot!
It stinks!
Do Yang-sama!
- Move, Naoko. - No.
I'm not in the mood to talk. Let's meet later.
Then accept my apology.
I won't leave unless you accept my apology!
These sweet western cakes are quite good.
Yes, they're delicious.
Dr. Goh, is the cornerstone ready for the laying of the foundation?
Yes, Administrator Oh found a rectangular stone.
He even inscribed it himself.
I didn't know you had such fine calligraphy skills!
Calligraphy skills?
That is the minimum requirement for all who are literate.
- Have all the invitations been sent out? - Yes, we sent them via the Health Agency.
I feel like we add to the program...
.... after Consul-General Allen's congratulatory speech.
I feel like we've left out something.
Let's see. I think we're ready to go.
But it would be nicer if there was a finishing touch.
In my opinion, I feel like we're missing a song.
A song! Shouldn't we sing a song?
I went to the foundation laying ceremony for the Independence Gate,
... and they sang three songs.
Then we should sing a song.
Then we should definitely sing the Aegukga.
But everyone sings the Aegukga to different melodies!
Many people sing it with the melody of the Scottish folk song, Auld Lang Syne.
Please wait a moment.
All right...
Until that day when the East Sea's waters run dry and Mt. Baekdu is worn away,
God protect and preserve our nation.
Oh, this melody!
The Aegukga is a song about how we should love our country.
But how can we use another country's folk song as its melody?
It would be nice if someone came up with a good melody for it.
But it does sound nice.
- Master! - Yes, Jae Wook.
Do you like your job?
- I think it's my calling in life. - It is? That's wonderful!
I used to get frustrated when I saw you at the Confucian Academy and at Jejoongwon.
But I'm happy for you now.
Please let me know if you need anything.
Administrator Baek has a bottle here. Should I give you some?
Whiskey? Forget it, he probably marked the bottle.
By the way, what are the foreigners up to?
Something is definitely up, but they're not talking about it.
But I think that whatever it is, it's going to be happening soon.
You think so? This is terrible.
It's raining.
I didn't bring an umbrella today.
- Use the umbrella with me! - I am.
- But you're getting wet. - I'm all right.
No one's watching. No one's following us either.
I already checked.
There really is no one around.
- It's the thump thump. - What?
It's a long story.
Let's go.
Do Yang! Do Yang...!
- What is it? - Hurry, go outside!
We might have a funeral!
That Japanese girl must have been out in the rain all night! Hurry!
Hey, try to get up!
A woman shouldn't sit on cold surfaces! Get up!
Do Yang-sama...!
If they end up getting married, let's send them out of the house.
- She scares me! - This is not the time to worry about that!
Does she have some sort of lung disease?
No, she doesn't!
- Would you know if you looked? - Don't you know I'm a nurse?
- Her epiglottis is swollen, right? - Yes, it's acute epiglottitis.
- See? - I guess you learnt something.
Naoko! Can you feel the swelling in your throat?
I'll hold her down.
It doesn't hurt! It doesn't hurt at all!
It's not that serious. You'll breathe better, so bear with it!
It doesn't hurt!
Laying of Foundation Ceremony Jejoongwon Severance Memorial Hospital
Respected and beloved members of Jejoongwon...
Thank you for giving me the honor of celebrating this day with all of you.
Congratulations on the laying of the foundation...
... for Jejoongwon Severance Memorial Hospital.
Today's ceremony is clear evidence...
... of western medicine's advancement and development in Korea.
Unfortunately, the reality is that...
...we will not get through this day only with happy hearts.
Until that day when the East Sea's waters run dry and Mt. Baekdu is worn away,
God protect and preserve our nation.
3000 Li of splendid rivers and mountains, filled with Roses of Sharon;
Great Korean people, stay true to the Great Korean way!
My heart is warm and full when I see how all of you became doctors.
Especially you, Dr. Baek. I am glad to see you again.
I am glad to see you too.
When you disappeared after Heron's death,
I was very worried about you.
But he came back as a great doctor.
Yes, if you see him, Director... I mean Consul-General, you'll be amazed.
- No, they're just saying that. - I don't have to see him to know that.
I knew his abilities many years ago.
Heron too.
Heron sent me a letter.
He said you had the potential to become an excellent doctor.
But he said that you kept ruining that opportunity...
... because of your rivalry with Dr. Hwang.
Medicine isn't competition, but cooperation.
Think about it. When were you most happy as students?
- When we made the cowpox vaccine. - That's right.
I was the most happy when we worked together to make the cowpox vaccine.
Me too.
I believe you three can be like that again.
Oh, by the way... I have something to give you.
Heron asked me to give this to you.
But I couldn't because you left after Heron's death.
- They suit you. - Heron really cherished you.
Perhaps he asked Dr. Hwang to take care of you because of that.
- He wanted him to help you. - He never mentioned that to me.
That's what he said.
Before he died...
... that's what he said.
In his last moments, he thought I was Dr. Hwang.
And that's what he said.
And he said this too.
That medicine in Korea was in the hands of Dr. Hwang.
He asked you to stay with me.
Is that why you left?
- Dr. Baek... - I was immature...
I thought he preferred Dr. Hwang more than me.
- That's what I thought... - No, that's not true.
That wasn't it.
I'm certain he meant for us to guard Jejoongwon together.
Yes, Dr. Baek...
I believe that's what Heron meant.
Dr. Baek, come to Jejoongwon.
Even if things are complicated, come here first and then settle those later.
Please do that. As long as Naoko is all right with it.
Please do so.
All right.
I hereby declare that the Eulsa Treaty has been duly signed!
How can this treaty be legitimate when I did not sign it or put my seal on it?
Your Majesty, please do not worry.
We have signed and sealed it on your behalf.
Special news edition!
Now that we have signed a treaty, your situation has changed completely.
- When will it be done? - Today.
I found out who attacked me.
You have to catch a lizard by its head.
We would like to have our wedding at Jejoongwon.
Am I dreaming?
I hereby resign from my position as Chief of Surgery.