Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 24 - Episode #1.24 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The criminal Little Dog,
guilty of high treason, will hear this.

You are guilty of illegal slaughter and
impersonating a nobleman.

You are also guilty of continuing
this masquerade to enter Jejoongwon.

In addition, you violated a noblewoman
and caused her to take her own life!

Therefore, you shall pay for your crimes
with your life!

Episode 24

I didn't know things would end up like this.

This is a sketch of you, isn't it?

You're not even surprised, are you?

It surprised the hell out of me.

The Police Chief already showed it
to me during his interrogation.

I'm curious about something.

Have you ever dissected a headless corpse
in the mountains?

That corpse...

... was my friend, Six Fingers.

It appears our paths crossed
a long time ago.

You must have hated me since then.


I may have been a butcher,
but dissecting the corpse of your friend...

It was unthinkable.

Did you want revenge?


You must have felt such joy
when you saw my father dying before you.


I thought of my own dead mother.

Did you really want to save him?


I don't understand it.

What about your revenge?

I forgot about it.

I was too immersed in learning
western medicine.

Then what happened to Officer Jung?
He disappeared suddenly.

I'm not sure what happened with him either.

Was it his way of paying you back
for saving his life...

... when he was trying to kill you?

I want you to know that...

I never asked him to kill you
when you were Hwang Jung.

But I was curious about you.

I know.

If you have satisfied your curiosity...

... please leave.

I think I can finally understand you now.

Perhaps you and I...

... could have been good colleagues.


What about Seok Ran?

Who is she to you?


... saw me as a human being...

... and not a low-class vermin.

Please take good care of Miss Seok Ran.

- When is the execution?
- In three days.

Why so quickly?

Usually most executions occur on selected
dates between spring and autumn.

But high treason criminals are
executed immediately.

And they don't just cut off the head.
They hang the head in public.

To show what happens if a butcher
tries to act above his class!

- How awful.
- It's just the way things are.

Director, don't you think we need
to try and save him?

He was trying to save a patient!

That won't be possible!

He's guilty of more than one crime!

It's too late for him.
Too late!

What do you think, Mr. Baek?

He is blameless from
a medical perspective.

But from a cultural perspective,

... he is guilty of high treason
against the nation.

It is unfortunate for Mr. Hwang.

But the fact that his execution date is set
means that it has His Majesty's approval.

It cannot be overturned.

I understand.

I'm so happy to be back from Jaemulpo!

Hey! Your crying is making me
lose my appetite!

How can you eat
when someone is going to die?

Do you think I'm eating
because I want to?

If I think of Mr. Hwang,

He's had a good enough life
for a butcher!

What else can he want?

Don't eat then!
I'll finish everything!

Have you seen Miss?


Just keep crying.

You need to cry, Miss.

Your Majesty, I don't think the
Russian Ambassador's surgery will be easy.

Is that so?

If that's what Dr. Heron thinks,
then it must be true.

The foreigners' eyes are different than ours.

It must look strange if they have
a cataract only in one eye.

Your Majesty,
I have something to inform you.

You know the medical student who saved
my life during the Gapsin Coup?

You mean the fellow who caused the
War Minister's daughter to commit suicide?

Yes, that's right.

But Your Majesty,
that is not the entire truth.

This all happened because of the
different approach of Western medicine.

That is why we have nurses
and female doctors.

But they say he had no choice as
he was the only one who knew the procedure.

Your Majesty.

That student put his lips on Official Yu's daughter at Aeryunji
in order to save her life.

- In light of that, Lord Min has a point.
- That is enough.

I have already approved
that butcher's execution.

Do not bring up that matter to me again.

Father, please help Mr. Hwang!

How can you say that?

Why must he be saved when
he violated a noblewoman...

... and caused her to die?

It wasn't like that!
I was in the operating room with him!

Wh... what?
You mean that thora....thora...?

Yes, I was in the room
when he performed the thoracentesis.

You're going to send me to my grave!

Dear, we have to tie her up
and lock her in her room!

- Seok Ran.
- Yes?

I know how unfair this is to Mr. Hwang.

But in this matter,
I am completely powerless.

The Young Master too.

Besides, you cannot overturn a royal edict.

Neither the War Minister nor the Chancellor
will allow it to be overturned.

But Father, if I hadn't gone to him,
this would never have happened!

This is my fault!
I am to blame for everything!

How can this be your fault?

He was foolish to come
when he was asked!


Oh Sir! What brings you here
to this humble place?

It's been a long time
since I came to your house.

I brought some ginseng.
You need to look after your health.

This is too good for the likes of me.
Please take it back.

You're always the one giving us food.
Please accept it.

You must want to tear
my son and I into pieces...

Why do you think I would feel this way?

Your son is an outstanding young man.

You must consider yourself blessed
to have such a son.

What good is it that I am blessed
to have him?

He himself isn't blessed in any way.

I never thought he would die
in such a manner.


I know I have no right to ask...

Is there nothing that can be done
to save him?

You told me you need sunlight
to keep the maggots away.

- It's no use.... anymore.
- Here.

Can you take a look?
I can't lay down because of the tumor.

What's wrong? You're a doctor,
so examine the patient!

How does it look?

Come on!

I... I just wanted
to save the patient.

Come on, man!
Everyone here has been wronged!

Why are you crying?

I really...

... wanted to save her life.

This is unfair.

This is unfair.


This is unfair!


Hey, hey, calm down!

Let me out.
I have done nothing wrong.

I've done nothing wrong!

Why is it my fault that
I was born as a butcher!

It's unfair!

Why do I have to die
when I saved her life?

This is unfair!
It's unfair!

I can't die!
This is unfair!

This is unfair!

Careful, children!

- Seung Yeon.
- Seok Ran!

- Teacher, see you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.

Bye.. bye..
See you tomorrow.

- They must be your students.
- Yes, aren't they adorable?

Let's go in.

Mr. Hwang was so kind to me
when I was admitted at Jejoongwon.

I'm sorry to hear the news.

{\a6}*American Missionary to Korea in 1885

Are you well-acquainted with *Rev. Appenzeller?


I wanted to ask him for help.

Yes, that's a good idea.
He is a friend to the butcher class.

That's why I need to meet him.

Yes, let's go right now.

Thank you, Seung Yeon.

You saved them seats again!

Reverend, we cannot sit
in the same place as the butchers!

Please give us separate seats!

In this place,
nobles and butchers are equal.

If you're going to keep causing a commotion,

... please don't come here
until your heart is still.

Don't come here?

It's the vermin that should leave!
Why should it be us?

Suffering shapes us as human beings.

- Please continue to keep coming.
- Yes, Reverend.

I understand what you're saying.

We cannot allow such a great man
to die needlessly.

I will go and see His Majesty with
Horton and Underwood.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, Reverend.

- Father...
- What?


It's a cataract caused by blunt trauma.

It's deteriorating rapidly.

Is surgery possible?

Of course,
he is the Hippocrates of Japan!

Impossible! With surgery,
he may lose his existing sight.

His lens has almost disconnected
in his eye.

He may go blind
if the surgery doesn't go well.

It's too bad we cannot operate
on the Russian Ambassador.

He came here
after Heron turned him down.

It's better for us if we don't.

There's no need to make it worse.

It's better for us to not do the surgery.

Then we'll have to forget about that.

We must now focus on
setting up our hospital.

Our hospital's main focus...

... will be the last in surgical instruments
and exceptional doctors.

And the important thing is...

One of those doctors has to be Korean!

Director Watanabe has already...

I don't need that.

Please be still.

I cannot turn my back on a sick person.

If you had accepted my proposal
a few days earlier,

... this wouldn't have happened.

This is very unfortunate.

How about accepting our proposal now?


Mr. Hwang!
Please think it through!

Have your head cut off,
or become a doctor and save lives?

Because of your studies,
you must not understand politics.

But Korea will not be able to withstand
the changes that are happening around the world.

What is your point?

I believe that...

... there will soon come a time in Korea
where class will no longer exist.

And Imperial Japan is preparing
for just that day.

- He is right.
- We will set up our hospital in Korea.

It will be the greatest gift of friendship
between our two nations!

The most important person
when that happens...

... will be the Korean doctor who will
treat the patients at our hospital!

So Mr. Hwang...

This is a document that shows that
you have changed your citizenship to Japan.

I have already received all the approvals!

If it is found that you are Japanese citizen,

... you will no longer be punishable
under the laws of Korea!

If you promise to come work with us,

... we will send you
to study medicine in Japan.

What do you think?

If you wish,

We can even produce documents that
prove your family is of Japanese ancestry.

No! He should have kept silent
when he was expelled!

I believe he did everything on purpose
in order to shame Jejoongwon!

Mr. Byun?

I don't want to either!

I can't believe I ate and studied
in the same room as a butcher!

I feel nauseous just thinking about it!

What if he really gets released?

Then it'll be worth it!
Mr. Byun.

Didn't you once say that Jejoongwon
was what it was because of Mr. Hwang?

That... that was before I knew
he was butcher vermin!

And Mr. Han, didn't you once say
he was Director material?

People say strange things once in a while!

Mr. Goh, finish up the petition
and pass it to Director Heron.

I'm sure he will be very curious
as to who signed the petition.

Hey, Do Yang!
Give me that.

Yoon Jae Wook.


I just...

... wanted to save the dying
and heal the sick.

But the shackles of class and caste
made everything void.

Even though I had no choice
in the caste I was born into.

- Please!
- No.

- I'll just deliver this and leave!
- You cannot go in.

- I'm begging you!
- No.

Miss Seok Ran,
please sign the petition.

What is this?

Thank you.

Please don't thank me.
I'm not doing this for you.

I'm doing my duty
to save my fellow student...

... as representative of the students.

Thank you anyway.

A gift for you.

It's Mr. Hwang.

Yes. The title is
"The Thinking Hwang Jung".

He must have been thinking of you.
He looked so dazed.

I drew his portrait.

I'll leave now.

Seok Ran!

The wound has healed nicely.

Thank you.


Why have you come here?

Mr. Baek...

I wanted to cook you a meal
with my own hands.

You didn't have to...

Please don't turn me away.

- It's good.
- I'm glad.

I was worried the rice had hardened.

My father is working hard...

... to have you released.

Official Yu?


There are several missionaries who
are teaching the butcher class.

He plans to get them together
and go see His Majesty.

And Mr. Goh is writing a petition.
Everyone at Jejoongwon signed it.

Dr. Horton will bring that
with her tomorrow.

Please tell everyone I am grateful.

You can tell them yourself
when you're released from this place.



If... I became
a citizen of another country...

... and became a doctor,
what would you think?

What do you mean?

If I didn't die...

If I became a doctor in a country
that didn't have a butcher class...

- Just something I imagined.
- Then you should!

As long as you don't have to die.


I will not perform surgery on
the Russian Ambassador.

I will not agree to perform a risky surgery
for the sake of aesthetics.

He won't even regain sight.

The Russian Ambassador is worried that
his eye will place limits his career.

He doesn't care if he loses sight in that eye
since he can't see well with it anyway.

That is even more reason I won't do it.

My answer is no.

I didn't want to tell you this.

But Korea needs Russia's help.

We believe that this is
a good opportunity for us...

... to improve our relationship with Russia.

It is His Majesty's special request.

That is even more reason for me
not to do it!

I object to medicine being used
for aesthetic purposes.

But I object even more
to using medicine for political gain!

I apologize for staying so late.

I'm sorry for not accepting your request.

It's all right.


- What is this?
- It's a petition for Mr. Hwang's release.

I was hoping you would signed it as well.

The patients have signed it as well.

It looks like there are many people
who want Mr. Hwang's release.

- Yes.
- Pen.

Thank you.

A doctor's job is to treat patients.

It is not important whether it is
a Japanese hospital or a Korean hospital.

All you have to do is...

... accept this document that says
you're Japanese and we're get you out.

If I became a doctor in a country
that didn't have a butcher class...

- I was just imagining it...
- Then of course you should do it.

As long as you don't have to die.

Hey, my friend.

Who's this I see?

Aren't you Yard Dog?

Have you been well?

What... what happened to your leg?

Things just happened that way.

Here, have a drink with me.

How long has it been?

I haven't seen you
since I became an executioner.

Has it been ten years?

Let... let me see your blade.

I have an execution tomorrow.

- The blade is blunt.
- That's not that bad.

His family hasn't come to pay me off,
so I will have to use at least 3-4 strokes.

- It's my son.
- What... what are you talking about?

The man you will be beheading later...
is my son.

Your son...
He's the criminal?

- That's right.
- But he was such a kind boy...!

How did he...?

Throughout my life...

I never did anything for my son.

If I had died earlier,
this would never have happened.

This is all I have.

This is everything.

This is the only thing
I can do for my son.

I know it's a small amount.

But when...
when you behead my son, Little Dog...

Please do it in one stroke.

All right.
I'll send him off without any pain.

Your Majesty, all of us here
have dedicated our lives to this country.

And Mr. Hwang was one of the greatest
sources of strength to all of us.

{\a6}Missionary Horace Underwood

Please take back your orders of execution.

Your Majesty,
please reconsider your decision.

Because of him,
so many of your people continue to live.

That's right, Your Majesty.
You will be executing a great doctor!

I cannot overturn a decision already made.
You will all leave my presence!

Your Majesty,
please have mercy!

I have come just in time!

- Please give me your response now!
- I have given it much thought.

Thank you!

If you sign this document,
I will speak to the Ambassador.

He will go to your King
and say that you are one of us....!

Even though both eat the same dew,

... a bee makes honey
while a viper makes poison.

I believe doctors are the same.

Good doctors make honey that save lives.

And bad doctors make poison
that kill people.

What does that mean?

My mother died at your hands
even though she could have lived.

You are a bad doctor that makes poison.

I would rather be remembered as
a good doctor who died while saving lives,

... than continue to live and work under you.

That is what my mother
would have wanted too.


You are a fool for rejecting
this opportunity!

- Are you out of your mind?
- Please move aside.




His Majesty did not even allow us
to bring up the subject.

Oh, Miss...!

- He's coming out!
- There he is...

Let's go!


- Stop that! Stop!
- Mr. Hwang!

Please stop!

Why are you doing this to him!

A butcher vermin pretended to be a doctor!

He should have treated animals!
How dare he treat people!

Mr. Hwang helped heal the sick and poor!

That's right!

Did any of you not receive the smallpox vaccine?

This is the man who made the vaccine
and vaccinated all of you!

Are you all right?

I'm all right.
Please go away. It's dangerous.


Please let me give this to you.
It's morphine.

If you're injected with it....

You'll feel no pain...

This is all I can do for you.
I'm so sorry...

Thank you.
But please use it for the patients.

Move aside, everyone!

Uncle! Where did you go
so early in the morning?

I had to go somewhere.

Please don't stay here.
I'll escort you back.

No, it's all right.
I'm his father.

When he is dead,
I will take his body myself.

We'll take care of it.
Please go home.


I'll do it myself.

Do you have any last words?

Father, I'm sorry.


I love you...

Don't worry too much.
I know your father.

It'll be over quickly!

Some knives are used to take lives.

And other knives are used to save lives.

And other knives are sacred knives.

From this moment on,
you are the heir to the butcher profession.

You must value the Ancestral Knife
with your life...

... and ensure that it is never misused.

Yes, Sir.

If you misue the Ancestral knife,
great misfortune will come.

I will keep that in mind.

When a butcher takes a cow's life,
a prince's soul goes back to heaven.

And because the butcher's work is sacred,

... his soul goes to heaven too
when he dies.

- Will we really go to heaven?
- Of course!

That is why you must never break
the rules and traditions of being a butcher!

Close it!

Wear this.

This.. this is....?

You will soon be facing His Majesty.


When you are inside,

... you must not raise your head
or look at His Majesty.

You must always use formal language,
and walk backwards to leave his presence.

Do you understand?

I asked you a question!


Are you certain that the butcher can
perform the cataract surgery?

- I can't believe it.
- Your Majesty...

Koreans are small and are good
at surgery that require precision.

In addition, their use of chopsticks
makes their hands more sensitive and coordinated.

Furthermore, Mr. Hwang is from a family
that has used knives for generations.

Yes, I see your point.

The Russian Ambassador's surgery
must be a success.

It must be performed by someone
with great skill and precision.

There is no one more suitable than Hwang.

Your Majesty, I have brought
Doctor-In-Training Hwang Jung!


- Are you Hwang Jung?
- Yes, Your Majesty!

- Heron, please make it a success.
- Yes, Your Majesty.

I will do my best with Mr. Hwang.

- Mr. Hwang.
- Yes, Your Majesty!

I'm Min Young Ik.

- Yes, Your Excellency.
- I wish you success in the surgery.

His Majesty has promised to pardon you
if the surgery is successful!


There are soldiers in the Palace.
It must have been His Majesty's orders.


Perhaps they moved the execution
to the Palace?

Maybe His Majesty wanted to watch!

I doubt that.

They sent someone
for his uniform just now.

- His uniform?
- Yes.

Doesn't that mean that they want him
dressed in uniform...

... to meet His Majesty in person?

Why would they do that?

Mr. Baek, please go
to the examination room!

- All right.
- I will go the Palace and make some inquiries.

What brings you here?

This is the Ambassador of Russia.

Dr. Heron is performing
cataract surgery on him.

- I see.
- The Director should be here shortly.

Mr. Hwang!
Mr. Hwang is here!

Please give me a moment.

- Please untie him.
- Mr. Hwang, you're still alive!

What's going on?

Is the Russian Ambassador here?

Yes, he's waiting in the examination room.

Mr. Hwang, what happened?

I don't know...
I don't understand either...

Mr. Hwang!


Director, what is going on?

You don't need me to perform
this cataract surgery.

That's not true.

Did you forget that you passed the exam
with the highest scores?

You are the first valedictorian
of this medical school.

And you are the first Korean doctor
who helped me perform a cataract surgery here.


This surgery is very important for Korea.

All I did was nominate you
as my surgical partner...

... rather than my assistant.

But I only watched
the cataract surgery before.

This is the same as lying to His Majesty.

If you and I succeed in this surgery,

You may be able to return to Jejoongwon
as a doctor-in-training.

I will let you open the lens of the eye.

I don't lie and never will.

Do a good job.

You must do a good job!

I'll make it a success.

Please get us some cocaine.

Yes, Director.

- Begin the anesthesia.
- Yes, Director.

That fellow has nine lives!
He's here again!

He did it!
It's a success!

He did it!
Hwang is going to live!

Well done, Mr. Hwang.

Well done!

I'm not sure if it is successful.

Is it over?

We have been ordered to keep the prisoner
until the results of the surgery are clear.

Let's go.

Mr. Hwang!

Don't lose hope!

- I heard the surgery went well.
- Yes, Your Majesty.

The Russian Ambassador
has regained his sight.

Mr. Hwang's precision and skill...

... enabled us to remove the cataract
without harming the eye.

Is that so?

The student will raise his head.

Your... Your Majesty!

How could I dare
to raise my head before you?

- Please reconsider your order!
- I wish to see your face.

- Raise your head.
- Mr. Hwang.

You have done well.

Your Majesty,
I just did as Dr. Heron instructed.

Your Majesty, Mr. Hwang is the reason
the surgery was a success.

- Please keep your promise.
- Your Majesty, please have mercy.

Yes, since the surgery is a success,
I will pardon you as promised.

Your Majesty, your mercy
and grace abounds to the heavens!

What is your name?

Where is your clan from?

Your Majesty,
I am just a lowly butcher.

We do not know such things.

Is that so?

Without a clan,
you must not have a family name either.

Then what is your name.

I humbly beg your pardon....

... but my name is too crude to
speak out loud in such a place as this.


My name is Little Dog...

Little Dog?

How can such a name be given to a man?

How will you become a doctor
at Jejoongwon with that name?

What is the name you used
at Jejoongwon?

Yes, Your Majesty.
I used the name Hwang Jung.

But that name isn't mine...

Then you can make it yours
from now on.

For the character of Hwang,
you may use the character for your county.

What character did you use for Jung?

I used the character for "bound".

That character is also used for butcher.
We will not use it.

Instead, I will give you
the character for "upright".

You will use it and remember
to live an upright life.

Your mercy...

... is boundless,
Your Majesty.

I will put your words...

... deep into my heart,
Your Majesty.

Your mercy is boundless,
Your Majesty!

Excuse me,
may I get off and walk?

His Majesty has ordered us
to escort you home, Sir.

- We will be on our way.
- Thank you.

Thank you!
Take care!

- Little Dog!
- Father!

You're alive!

What happened?

His Majesty pardoned me.

His Majesty pardoned you?

Does it look good?

Why did he give you
such expensive things?

You know, Little Dog...

We don't need these things,
so let's send them to Official Yu.

No, it's all right.
I'll use them to make you clothes!

No! We'll get in trouble
for wearing the same cloth as the nobles!

Don't you know how Elder Baekje's son died...

... when he sat like the nobles
on his wedding day?

Yes, he's right.


I'm not in the butcher class anymore.

I've been promoted!

- His Majesty promoted my class!
- What?

- Is that true?
- Yes!

Since I've been promoted,
that means you're promoted too!

- I've been promoted too?
- Yes.

- What about me?
- Well, not you.

His Majesty even gave me a name!

It's Hwang Jung.
The Jung uses the character for "upright".

He told me to live an upright life!

That's the commandment he gave me!

I... I should have a name too...

I should probably use
the surname Hwang too...

Of course!
You should definitely have a name!

Hwang Yarddog!

That's no good!

Since he uses one character for his name...

As his father,
you should have two characters!

What would be good?

Father, we're no longer
of the lowborn class.

We're people of the freeborn class now.

We're in the freeborn class now.

We're freeborn!

What interesting times we live in!
A vulgar butcher can become a doctor!

- Hey! He's Mr. Hwang to you!
- That's right. Be polite to him!

Why isn't he here yet?
I'm so nervous!

Does that mean
Yi Gwak will come back too?

If the needle goes,
the thread must follow!

Right, Miss?

Mr. Hwang!

Hwang, you're so handsome!

Take heart, Mr. Hwang.
There are many people who love you.

It's because of my son.

Are you here to ask for permission
for your son to marry my daughter?

- Director!
- Director!

This is the soup he only got to smell
on the day he died!

The soup he wanted to eat!

It won't work between us!

Mr. Hwang!