Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 23 - Episode #1.23 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
There's a pleuritis patient at Jejoongwon.

I need to go. If I ride the horse,
I can reach Jejoongwon quickly.

Give me some time to think about it.

I'm sorry, but the patient is
having difficulty breathing.

She may already be dead
by the time we reach Jejoongwon.

Clear the way!

Mr. Hwang!
Mr. Hwang...!

- Leave the bicycle. Go and change.
- I'll take it.

Hwang, I'm glad to see you again!

Me too. But please use
informal language with me.

- I'm no longer a doctor-in-training.
- You will always be a friend to me.

Don't tell me how to talk to you.

Mr. Goh...

I'm ashamed that
I had to ask you to help out.

Please don't say that.

Mr. Hwang, we have to hurry!

{\a6}Episode 23

Do Yang will be here shortly...

Who is this fellow?

I don't think I saw him here earlier.


This is Doctor-In-Training Hwang Jung.

He is one of the top doctors-in-training,
like Baek Do Yang.

- Please take good care of her.
- Y...yes...

Mr. Hwang, come talk to me.

How dare you show your face around here!

Were you sad that we didn't turn
you over to the Police Bureau?

Please don't do this, Administrator Baek.
Mr. Hwang is here to help.

Do you think the Minister and the Chancellor's son
will accept his help if they know who he is?

How would they find out?

You just have to keep your mouth shut,
Administrator Baek.

Why do you keep pecking at me?

Pecking at you?
What I'm saying is true, isn't it?

If Do Yang arrives in time and saves the patient,
that would be the best.

But what will you do if she dies
and we've done nothing?

Who's to say that they won't blame us
for her death?

I am well aware that it will cause a big
commotion if I end up doing the procedure.

I will only give guidance from outside,
even if there is an emergency.

That's right.
I'll be doing the procedure.

Just remember that you're here
in lieu of Do Yang.

Even if you're the one giving guidance,
we have to say that it was Do Yang!

- Do you understand?
- Yes, Sir.

Bad news!

- Mr. Hwang!
- Y...yes...

The patient is having difficulty breathing again.

This time it's really bad.

Mr. Hwang, the patient is not doing well.

Where do you think you're going?
Stay outside and just give guidance.

Western medicine requires
examination in proximity.

You can examine her out here.
The rest can be done by the women.

This is what all good doctors do.

Please excuse me.

Miss, how is the patient's condition?

- We are patting her back right now.
- Good.

How is her breathing?

- It's better.
- Then continue what you're doing.

Come here and block the windows!

Y...yes, Excellency.

Keep patting her back
until there is no more plegm.

All right.

- Please be gentle! You're hurting her.
- This is treatment. We're not beating her.


We have to perform the thoracentesis now!

Prepare the instruments!

Why don't you go to our office
and have some coffee while you wait?

Yes, Your Excellency.
You may impede her treatment here.

I will stay here and ensure that
there is no impropriety.

Your Excellency,
let's do as he said.

I will trust that
nothing untoward happens here.

Please don't worry.
How could such a thing happen?

- Official Yu!
- Young Master!

What are you doing here?
You can't be here to meet us?

Mr. Baek, are you headed for Jejoongwon?

Yes, a patient needs thoracentesis.

Could it be the War Minister...?

The War Minister?
Wasn't he the one who aided my release?

His daughter is ill
and may be visiting Jejoongwon.

We need to do the thoracentesis


- Can we not hold out any further?
- The patient is suffering too much.

- Where on earth is Do Yang!
- He can't be any more than halfway here.

- I know because I've been to Jaemulpo.
- The patient's color is beginning to pale!

Administrator Oh,
if we don't do the procedure now,

... we may never be able to do it!

Listen carefully.

You must never enter the operating room.

Do you understand?

Yes, I understand.

Yes, we're ready.

Use your fingers to reach the 7th and 8th rib.

- Yes, I found it!
- Insert the needle in between the ribs.

It's a simple procedure.
Don't be nervous.

All right.

- We'll begin now.
- No! That needle is so long!

Be quiet!

She can't breathe!

Her face is blue!
Like that baby in the breech birth!

- She's got cyanosis!
- What happened?

Her mucus must have blocked her airways!

What is happening?

Her airways are blocked!
She's going to die!

Perform suction!

This isn't working!

Miss! Open your eyes!
Try to spit out the mucus!


Wake up!
You can do it!

Oh no!
Maybe she's dead!

- She's not breathing or moving!
- Nang Nang, calm down!

I can't find her pulse!
Mr. Hwang, what should I do?

- Mr. Hwang, I think she's dead!
- Miss!

Mr. Hwang, help us!

Where are you going?
No! I told you that is impossible!

- She's going to die.
- If you go in there, we will all die.

Even if you go,
she may not survive.

I will not stand by and watch someone die!

Administrator Oh,
I will save her.

No, you cannot come in here!

Wake up!
Please wake up!

- What do we do?
- We have to open up her airways!

- Here! We will cut her here.
- Her trachea?


You can't do this to her!

We have to save her!


Her airways are now unblocked.


For her to keep breathing,
we need a hard tube.

Where would we find that?
We only have rubber tubes!

- That won't work.
- Should I bring a brush?

- It's bamboo and we can drill a hole!
- No, it's too rough.

What about the pen casing from a feather quill?

It's hollow and I once read that
western doctors used them to connect blood vessels!

- Nang Nang!
- Yes!

Administrator Oh,
please come over here.

We must hurry.

We must do the thoracentesis!

All right.

When the needle goes in,
you'll find a point where it glides in.

All right.

- It won't go in!
- You have to push it in!

I can't!

It's all right.
Hold her. I will do it.

I can hear her breathing improve.

You did it!

- You're the best, Mr. Hwang!
- Miss...!


- Hurray! Hurray!
- Did he save her?

Mr. Hwang did it!


I should have stopped her!
This isn't good!

- You should have told me earlier!
- But it happened so suddenly!

- I have to go!
- Go where?

It's better if the patient dies.
Mr. Hwang shouldn't be there at all!

- Move aside!
- No!

- Let go of me!
- I'm sorry...

Oh, Nang Nang!
It's not like that!

- Nang Nang, what happened?
- Mr. Hwang saved the patient's life!

Let's begin the thoracentesis!

When the needle goes in,
you'll find a point where it glides in.

Boom! It's in!

Pus drains! Pen case inserted!
Is her breathing better?

Yes, she's alive!

What is she talking about?

She just told us the patient was saved!

Don't we have to hide the fact that
it was Mr. Hwang who saved her life?

You're right!

- You're here, Mr. Baek!
- Where is the patient?

Well, the patient...
Do Yang, we need to talk.

Where have you been?

I went to send a telegram.

- To inform of the successful surgery.
- What? The surgery was successful?

- What? He cut her trachea?
- That's right.

But he had no choice.

She was turning blue from not breathing.

If he didn't do what he did,

... we would be preparing for
a funeral right now.

He cut her trachea...

What's the matter?

Nothing. In any case,
it's good that she survived.

But if they find out that
he entered the operating room,

... there will be hell of pay for Jejoongwon.

That's why Administrator Oh and I
decided to speak to everyone involved,

... and keep quiet about this.

We were especially concerned
about the slave, May.

But she was there
when everything happened,

... and she agreed to keep quiet.

Well done.

Jaemulpo Temporary Clinic

How was Mr. Hwang
before I joined Jejoongwon?

You mean that butcher vermin?

- His father is...!
- Did you hear my question?

I'm asking about Mr. Hwang
prior to my arrival.

He came in as a substitute
even though he failed...

That's because someone stole his answers.

- Well, that...
- I heard he made the smallpox vaccine.

- That? He didn't do it alone!
- That's right!

- But they had to go to the butcher village.
- Yes, he wore a mask to hide his face.

He went even though he knew the risks.

Yes, but he was kicked out
when he was found out!

He wasn't found out.

He revealed himself deliberately
in order to save his father's life.

Isn't that the same thing?


Director Heron, where are you?

It's me, Horton!

- Official Yu!
- Director.


- The barley tea is fragrant.
- Yes.

We only drink boiled barley tea here.

By the way,
we saw Mr. Baek on the way here.

He said he was going to do a thoracentesis.


The patient was in critical condition.

In addition to Mr. Baek,

Jejoongwon seems to have
asked Mr. Hwang to help.

- It was in the telegram.
- Whoever it is, I hope they save her.

Why do you look so troubled?

If a problem arises during the procedure,

Mr. Hwang's identity as a butcher
may be revealed.

If that happens,
things will spiral out of control.

Director, a telegram has arrived
from Jejoongwon.

Do Yang must have done the procedure.

It said the surgery was a success.

Do Yang is really good!

I don't think Mr. Baek has reached
Jejoongwon yet.

That must mean that the thoracentesis
was performed by Mr. Hwang.

He's risked his life again for a patient.

Yes, he seems to care tremendously
for people.

I should go.

Please stay a little while longer.

I haven't spoken to the patient
and her family yet.

- That is something you must do.
- But the Director isn't here and...

Please stay with me and make sure
I'm telling them the right thing.

All right.
I'll stay with you.

- I'm doctor-in-training Yu Seok Ran.
- Please come in.

She should wake up soon.
The surgery was a success.

- Does this mean she's cured?
- No.

But her symptoms have lessened
and her condition will improve.

What did you do to her?

Her right lung was infected
and filled with pus.

The pus blocked her airways and caused
respiratory distress and coughing.

I know that much.
What else did you do?

What is the bandage on her neck?

I'll explain.

The patient lost consciousness from respiratory distress
and could not spit out the blocked phlegm.

- Her airways became blocked.
- What? Then how did she breathe?

She could not breathe and this in turn
caused cyanosis, turning her face blue.

We knew she would die from that.
So we cut a finger-width incision...

... in her trachea and unblocked her airways.

You did that?


Yes, that's right.

She did the procedure
while Mr. Hwang guided her.

And then she performed the thoracentesis.

My daughter will have a scar on her neck!

She will have a small scar,

... but it is a scar that was
exchanged for her life.

How did you think to cut her trachea?

I just...

I just thought that
if her airways was blocked,

... then I needed to unblock it.

And so you cut her trachea?

If you had cut her carotid artery,
it would have been the end of everything.

The esophagus is right behind the trachea too.

Yes, that's why I was more careful.

You have never done this procedure before.

I didn't have time to think about that.

Yes, in any case,
well done.

If it weren't for you,
I'd be greeting a corpse.

Yes, My Lord.

Since you're done here,
we should...

I have to go.
I have to make my father dinner.


Who went to get you?

- Well....
- Forget it. Just forget it.

We won't ask you to help again.
It's too risky for you.

Yes, thank you.

I thought you left already!

- You should just take the gown with you.
- No, it's all right.

Who's going to wear it anyway?
Just take it.

I'm really all right.
I won't be needing these clothes anymore.

- I'll take my leave now.
- Wait just a moment!

- Here.
- What... what is this?

I packed some medicine for you.
How is your father?

No, these belong to Jejoongwon!

I got Dr. Horton's approval
to give these to you!

We did it by the book
so it won't be a problem!

Thank you.
I'll use it well.

And is Yi Gwak well too?

- Yes.
- It's so quiet without Yi Gwak here!

He misses this place very much too.

I... I watched you doing
the procedures just now.

It really broke my heart that...

... someone as talented as yourself
can't be where you belong.

You should really say goodbye to
Miss Seok Ran and Nang Nang.

I mean no, Sir.

- Please speak down to me.
- What?

We can do that later.

It's more important that
you get home safely.

I see Yi Gwak often for our business,
so I'll come and visit you sometime.


He must be home by now.

Did he say anything before he left?

No, but I told him he did well
and that I was grateful.

That's good.

If it wasn't for Mr. Hwang,
the patient would have died.

I don't know how he thought to cut
her trachea in that situation.

He was amazing.

When he slaughtered cows,
he probably cut their windpipe to kill them.

I'm sure he got the idea from that.

It's best that we don't ask him
for help again.

If someone reports him out of malice,
he will not escape with his life.

- I better go to Jejoongwon.
- Yes, go and see what's going on.

Why did this happen
while I was out selling talismans?

I'll be back soon.

You gave me a fright!

- I'm back.
- I heard you went to Jejoongwon!

Were you able to help them?

Yes, the patient had
the same condition as mother.

She had pus in her lungs too?

We saved her life.

If you had known how to do this earlier,
your mother would still be alive.

Your skills are going to waste
all because of me.

There's nothing to waste, Father.

You haven't eaten yet, have you?
I'll prepare dinner now.

Nothing else happened?

What else could happen?

I'm begging you.

Even if the King asks for you next time,
don't go to Jejoongwon again.

I doubt they'll ask for me again.

There won't be a reason for me
to go to Jejoongwon again.

That's good.

But why do I feel so bereft?

I didn't realize it when I was expelled
from Jejoongwon.

But when I was there today...

My heart felt so empty.

It's because it was so chaotic that day.

You know something?

Sometimes I don't know
whose hand this is.

I don't know if it's the hand of
Little Dog or Hwang Jung.

I don't know if I'm Yi Gwak
or Jak Dae either!

What will I do with this hand?

I can't hold the slaughter knife with it.

I can't even hold a scalpel with it.

What will I do with this hand?

Don't be too sad.

He left without saying anything
for your sake.

No use for him to stay around anyway.

I know.
I know that.

How can such a talented doctor
not be able to work here?

You can say that a hundred times
and it will still be no use.

Let's go home.

Keep today a secret from my mother.

Don't worry.


Don't touch it.
It's where they cut you.

Your father and fiancee are here.
Let me go get them.


Did the woman operate on me herself?

What? Of course!
I was there the whole time!

Then who was the man
she kept talking to?


I was dazed
but I distinctly remember the voice.

Oh, that man was outside the room
guiding the woman doctor.

He was the reason you're still alive!

How can a man who was outside
save my life?

I mean...

My dear Young In,
are you all right?

Young Master...

Mr. Baek!
When did you arrive?

A while ago.

- Did you know Mr. Hwang cut her trachea?
- Of course.

I saw it with my own eyes.

The man I saw doing surgery today
was someone I could never catch up to.

I have never seen a procedure like that
even in the books.

What about you?

I'm not sure.

Mr. Hwang tends to look in detail
when he performs medical examinations.

Perhaps that is why his medical skills
exceeds theory and logic.

In any case, he must be a genius
to have been accomplished what he did today.

You must be tired from traveling here.
Why aren't you sleeping?

- Nothing.
- Please get some rest.

If it does not offend you,
I would like to see the surgical site.

If you do not want to,
I will not insist.

I simply asked because the neck is
not an intimate place and revealed easily.

My dear Young In,
he said he will only look.

It must be inspected to ensure
nothing is wrong.

- He is the most exceptional trainee here.
- I have no other intentions.

The operation has been performed well.

Your trachea was cut to allow air into
your lungs, and then sewn back.

We have to unblock her airways!

We will cut her here.

And what happened next?

When the needle goes in,
you'll find a point where it glides in.

You have to push it in!

It's all right.
Hold her. I will do it.

- I will pray for a swift recovery.
- Yes, thanks.

- What are you doing?
- Who are you?

I'm a nurse here.
Why are you out in the cold?

Please go back in.
I'll give you a sponge bath.

- I'm fine.
- Please allow me to escort you inside.

This is good enough.
I will go in myself.

- Please allow me to escort you in.
- You may leave.

Yes, My lady.

Father, Mother...

Please forgive your disobedient daughter.

Young Master, although I inadvertently
allowed a male stranger to touch my body,

I will no longer prolong my life.

- Mother! Are you all right?
- Madam!

Why are you so late?

I fell asleep waiting!

We have a critical patient.

What is this, Madam?

I've been waiting up
so that I could show you!

- Why...?
- To give it to Master Do Yang!

- Mother!
- What? Can't I give him a present?

I wanted to thank him
for helping your father.

- Then you give it to him yourself.
- You can give it to him at Jejoongwon!

- Am I right, Mak Saeng?
- Yes, of course.

Mother, please don't do this!
I'm really focused on my medical studies!

I even learned how to do
a thoracentesis today.

A thora.... what?

Is that a Chinese word?

Do they teach you Chinese at Jejoongwon?

It's not Chinese.

I only watched today,
but I'll do it myself next time.

I learned from an excellent doctor today.

You're going to end up marrying medicine
instead of a man!

I should just give it to him myself.

My Lady...

Somebody's dead!

The Young Miss is dead!

Take a deep breath.

What is it?

The Young Miss is dead.

- She hung herself in the central hall...
- Young Miss? Which Young Miss?

The Young Miss...
The patient from yesterday!


Young In!
Why did you do this?

I thought you were going to be all right!

Why have you done this!

- Open your eyes!
- Miss....

Miss... Miss...

Why did she die?
We just saved her life!

I'm scared...

Why did this happen
when the Director isn't here?

- Mongchong.
- Yes, Sir.

- Go and report this to the Bureau.
- Yes, Sir.

Hansung Telegraph

"Female Pleuritis patient. Suicide.
Urgent help needed"

I don't understand it.
Why would she do such a thing?

I have to be there.

- If you ride, you'll arrive by afternoon.
- Yes.

Dr. Horton.

There must be some complicated reason.

But why did she have to hang herself
in our hospital?

I agree.

The hospital is closed today.

- Please come back tomorrow.
- What? How can this be?

Please come back tomorrow.
I'm sorry!

What on earth has happened here!

She went all the way to the central hall
in order to hang herself...?

Somebody could have hung her there
after they killed her first.

- To bring trouble to Jejoongwon!
- I doubt that.

The scratches near her neck are most
likely her own instinctive response.

If someone else hung her there,
those scratches wouldn't be there.

- Perhaps she wanted to make a point.
- Why do you say that?

Some people commit suicide to show
that they were wronged.

How was she wronged?
She was going to die and we saved her!

She hung herself in the central hall
where many people come and go.

You're saying she wanted to say
something to Jejoongwon?

- What's going on here?
- I know.


- Oh, Miss...
- Chilbok, you shouldn't be out yet.

You must be antsy.
Go back to your room!

- It's not that! Miss, you need to go in.
- Why?

- The Minister's daughter hung herself!
- What?

Are you sure?

What happened?

I don't know.

This is Doctor-in-training, Yu Seok Ran.

- She is my patient.
- Is that so?

So there are three wounds on her body?

Yes, that's right.

There was a wound on her back.

That was caused by the needle
that was inserted to suction out the pus.

In the front, there were rope marks
as well as a horizontal surgical wound.

There were also vertical scratch marks.

Those marks were self-inflicted
and evidence that it was suicide.

Young In!

And the horizontal surgical wound?

The patient went into respiratory distress
and her trachea had to be cut.

So her throat was slit...

Did you perform both of these procedures?


I'm asking if you did it yourself.
Or did someone else do it for you?

I did it.

- I did it myself.
- But it was I who guided her.

Only female doctors treat female patients
at Jejoongwon.

But as only I know how to do a thoracentesis,
she performed it under my guidance.

Yes, that's right.

Did anything happen during the procedure
that the patient may have found offensive?


Cutting someone's throat...

... could be seen as offensive.

She could have died from lack of oxygen
so we had no choice.

Besides, she was unconscious
and we couldn't get her approval.

I do not think that would have been
that offensive to her.

Yes, I don't think there was anything
wrong with the surgery itself.

Did she say anything before she died?

- May, I told you to compose yourself!
- Let her be.

I'll ask her again later.

Did anyone here see her go outside?

I did.

Last night, I saw her cleaning herself
by the well.

She was cleaning herself?


Poor Miss!

It was a man who did it!
It wasn't this female doctor!

Say it again!

- Please let me explain.
- Be quiet!

May, tell me.
Tell me what happened!

There was no choice.

Miss Young In was
at the crossroads of death.

That's why Mr. Hwang had to enter the room.

You told me that
you would do the procedure!

Yes, but if it wasn't
for Mr. Hwang's actions,

... there would have been no way
to save her life.

Even the thoracentesis was
extremely complicated.

I honestly believe that even Director Heron
would not have been able to save her.

It was that serious of
a medical emergency.

But Mr. Hwang was able to save her.

- Is that the truth?
- Yes, that's the truth.

Yes, I searched all the books last night,
but no such procedure existed.

Then why did you keep this a secret?

We were afraid that her family would be
offended at a man touching their daughter.

And she was unconscious
so we didn't think...

She remembered everything.

What did she remember?

Probably how Mr. Hwang touched her neck,
took off her top,

... how he held her and injected
the needle into her bare back.

I think I know exactly what happened.

Where is this Mr. Hwang?

Mr. Hwang has done nothing wrong!

Yes, this is merely a misunderstanding
due to a lack of medical expertise.

You say he did nothing wrong?

That man violated an innocent woman
under the guise of treating her!

And yet you say he's done nothing wrong?

Where is Mr. Hwang?

Uncle, don't you think that Little Dog
could be a doctor here?

People are still good at heart!
Bringing food because he treated them!


Why do you always have to eat two eggs?

- Eat one at a time!
- I'm a growing boy.

- Let me crack one for you.
- Who is Little Dog?


I... I'm Little Dog.
Why are you...?

The woman you violated
has committed suicide!

- Wh...what?
- Seize him!

This... isn't the Police Bureau!

Where is this place?

Be quiet!
You talk too much!

We got him.

Good job.
You may leave.

- Let's go!
- Yes, Sir!

You're a butcher?

How dare you...

How dare you touch the body of
a noblewoman?

Today, you will pay for your crime.

I brought the criminal to the Young Master first
as he had requested.

- Is he still alive?
- Yes, he is still breathing!

Beheading will be too good for him!

But as a member of government,
I must follow after the laws.

Punish him to the fullest extent of the law!

Yes, Your Excellency.

- Throw him in!
- Yes!

You've lost a lot of weight.

Patients are important,
but you should take care of yourself too.

Thank you for your concern.

I can't stay long because I have patients.
What can I do for you?

Do you know what this is?

- This is...!
- Yes, this is Little Dog's police sketch.

It was in Officer Jung's belongings.

As you well know,
we can't find him anywhere.

We kept his belongings here.

But the artist who draws our sketches...

... saw the butcher and told us that
he once drew his sketch for Office Jung.

So we searched his belongings
and found this.

I know Officer Jung has ties with your family.

I wonder if his disappearance
is connected to Little Dog.

I asked to see you to ask
if you knew anything.

That Little Dog...

... must have committed another crime.

Yes, illegal slaughter.

Officer Jung was investigating
illegal slaughters.

What a surprise.
I merely thought he was a butcher.

I did not know he was guilty of
such a tremendous crime!

What will happen to him?

The punishment for illegal slaughter
is execution by beheading.

But since he's also guilty of violating
a noble woman,

... that punishment will not be enough.

We will now dissect the corpse.

Did... did you just say dissect?

I once saw a corpse dissection.

-This has been a good study.
- That means one must dissect corpses often.

For study purposes...

He is in the room with a gunshot patient.

They say he was found
in the riverside with a gunshot wound.

-A gunshot wound?
- Have we ever met before?

I don't think so.

But you look so familiar.

I must know who he is.

There are so many things curious about him.

His... his identity...

I once saw a thoracentesis being performed.

Who was the patient who had the
thoracentesis procedure?

- She was my mother.
- My wife died from pus in her lungs.

And my son was shot
and drowned in the river.

He's my father!

Oh, it's you.

What did the Police Chief say?

He said he will closely investigate this case
and set things right.

He asked you to go there
just to tell you that?

Is there something you can do?

Seok Ran.

I'm so sorry.
But there's no one else I can ask.

The father of the dead woman
is the minister who helped your father.

He is the War Minister.
Who would go against him?

But you know the truth.
He saved her life through medicine.

You know he didn't cause her death.

Why must he die for saving her life
all because of class?

Don't you think it's preposterous?
Do you know how many lives he's saved?

But why isn't anyone standing up
for him when his life is at risk?

Seok Ran.

This is Korea.

Yes, this is.

And you haven't changed.

You cut your hair in support of reform.

But your heart is still a nobleman.

I'm not going to let this happen.

They're going to execute him
because he killed a cow?

In Korea, farming is considered
the foundation of the nation.

And because cows are
an important aspect of farming,

... the nation strictly
regulates the numbers.

If the punishment for
cow slaughter was lax,

I doubt there would be any cows left!

Yes, that is true, but there is also
a belief that cow slaughter causes drought.

That is why illegal slaughter
has such a heavy sentence.

Is there nothing we can do
to save Mr. Hwang?

Ambassador, your sport skills seem
to have seen better days!

Did you go easy on me?

Russian Ambassador

No, but after he was hit in the eye
with a tennis ball,

... he has not been able to see well.

Oh dear!

But strangely,
he can read small print now.

Why don't you stop by Jejoongwon?

The Director there, Heron,
is very good.

You want land to build
a Japanese hospital?

Yes, Your Majesty.

I have already told you
that we have Jejoongwon.

I do not understand your motives
in wanting to build a hospital here!

Your Majesty,

Jejoongwon is not big enough to handle
all the medical needs of this country.

Of course, I recognize the fact that
Jejoongwon has made inroads in medicine.

But don't you think that
more of your people...

... should have the advantages of
western medicine?

Please accept our sincere desire...

... to share our more advanced
knowledge in medicine.

Your Majesty.

You can't allow this, Your Majesty.
It is clear what their motives are!

Yes, how can I not see
through their plans...

... to build a Japanese hospital
and ensnare our people?

Your Majesty, you must fully understand
what is happening between our two countries,

... so that you can find a way to stop
Japan's plans to occupy our country.

But now it is getting more difficult
to enlist the help of Qing China.

At this critical time,
why is Jejoongwon causing trouble...

... when they should be growing and expanding?

Did something happen?

It is said that a butcher
pretended to be a doctor...

... and caused a noblewoman
to commit suicide!

A butcher?
And he caused her suicide?

How could this have happened?

I am appalled too.
But do you know who that butcher was?

It was Hwang Jung.
He was someone I favored.

Hwang Jung...?

He was the man who saved
Official Yu's daughter!

What has happened to this man?

My heart is beating like a drum!

To think that we will have
a Japanese hospital...

... and I will be able to
treat patients properly!

I won't be able to sleep at night!

We will build a hospital
and a medical school...

... and then train students
like Jejoongwon!

- Please allow us to train nurses too.
- Yes!

But if we build a hospital,
won't we need Korean doctors?

That's right.

I have already thought about that!

How does it look?

It is a cataract caused by trauma.

The Ambassador's lens is almost disconnected,

... which will make surgery difficult.

Russian Ambassador

Will he able to see again with surgery?

It is possible.

But I don't recommend it.

There is a risk of total blindness.

He is worried that his eyes
have changed color due to the cataract.

I recommend that he wear glasses.

- Have you heard about Mr. Hwang?
- Yes.

- It is appalling that he would violate...
- No.

Mr. Hwang saved her life in an emergency.

The patient did not understand western medicine
and thought he had violated her body.

What the...!
Is this true?

It seems that only Korea would accuse
a man who saved someone's life of murder.

I've been having second thoughts
about staying in Korea because of this incident.

I hope you don't think that way!


It's not good to get too much sun,

... but you need sunlight so that
your wounds will heal and not be infected.

Thank you, but I think
you need more help than me.

Your wounds look more serious than mine.

I'm all right.

Where is the criminal Little Dog?

The criminal Little Dog,
guilty of high treason, will hear this.

You are guilty of illegal slaughter and
impersonating a nobleman.

You are also guilty of continuing
this masquerade to enter Jejoongwon.

In addition, you violated a noblewoman
and caused her to take her own life!

Therefore, you shall pay for your crimes
with your life!

What has he done that
you are doing this to him!

Mr. Hwang!

In another time,
we would have been close colleagues.

Please take care of Miss Seok Ran.

This sword is blunt.

Please behead my son...

... my son Little Dog in one stroke.


Please forgive me.

I wanted to cook you a meal.

It's delicious.


I love you.