Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 25 - Episode #1.25 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Mr. Hwang!

Mr. Hwang.


Mr. Hwang.

- Mr. Hwang!
- He's so handsome!

- Look who's here!
- Mr. Hwang!

Hwang, you've dazzled me!

Mr. Hwang, congratulations.

Thank you, Mr. Baek.

{\a6}Episode 25

Mr. Hwang has been ordered
by His Majesty...

... to continue his studies
at Jejoongwon.

Hwang, say something!

Please do.

I am Doctor-in-Training Hwang Jung.

It is no longer someone else's name.

My name is no longer Little Dog.

I am standing here before you today...

... with a new name that
His Majesty bestowed upon me.

I apologize for causing all of you
so much trouble.

I will work hard so that I will not be
an embarassment to Jejoongwon.

Mr. Han.

I will not study together with a lowborn butcher
wearing the mask of a freeborn man.

I beg you!

The blood that flows in my veins...

... is the same as that which
flows in your veins.

Please do not see it as butcher blood,
but as scientific blood.

Please, I beg you.

- Mr. Han.
- Let go of me!

From now on,
you will wear this.

- Thank you.
- And this...

This is the clinic schedule.

As I promised, the top student
gets to see his own patients.

You will examine and treat patients.

Make sure to leave proper records.

Inform me if there is anyone with
a serious condition.

I will do so.

I will say one more thing.

Twenty five years ago in America,
President Lincoln emancipated the black slaves.

But even now, many whites still do not
acknowledge them as equal.

- Yes.
- You are no longer a lowborn butcher.

But there will still be many people
who will regard you as such.

But take heart!

There are many more people
who love you.

Thank you.

If you don't want others
to look down on you,

You must be perfectly blameless
as a doctor.

Only skill will raise you above prejudice.

I will remember those words.


Going forward,
you may have to do housecalls.

Thank you, Director!

It's a clinic schedule!

Yes, I have two sessions a week.
Tuesdays and Thursdays.


From now on, whatever you do,
it will always be as the first Korean.

- That's not my goal.
- I know.

But you deserve it.

Thank you.

Let's go to the lecture hall.
There's a party in your honor.

- What?
- Let's go!

Mr. Hwang.

Oh, Mr. Hwang!
I am Appenzeller.

You've come so far!

Thank you, Reverend Appenzeller.

I know all of you worked hard
on my behalf.

Oh, Reverend Underwood!
Thank you.

No, we didn't do anything.

This was all due to Director Heron
and your abilities.

But without your efforts,
His Majesty wouldn't have been moved.

Yes, and Mr. Goh did a good job
with that petition too!

No, not at all!

And Seok Ran suffered the most of all.

Not at all!

I am really grateful to you,
Miss Seok Ran.

I didn't lose hope because of you.

But I didn't do anything...

- I feel like I was promoted!
- You know, right?

I had the most to do
with him getting promoted!

You're able to live here and work here
because of Mr. Hwang!

In any case, it makes me feel good
just looking at him.

- Isn't it amazing that this happened?
- I know, right!

Maybe there's more good things ahead!

Like our relationship!

You think?

Please, everyone pay attention!

I am Doctor-In-Training Goh Jang Geun,

... who was the student representative
in Mr. Hwang's absence.

Director, may I propose a toast
to celebrate his return here?

Sounds good.

Let's all raise our glasses.

Nurse Park didn't even sign the petition.

That's not true!
I signed it later.

Let's just you did.
Let's all give a toast.

Director, please say a word.

First of all,
congratulations to Mr. Hwang's comeback.

Let's hope for Jejoongwon's continued growth.

- To Jejoongwon!
- To Jejoongwon!

It's all right.
You may take a seat.

You may leave.

You must be in great sorrow.

Did you just say sorrow?

You know very well that
I had no time for sorrow.

I'm very sorry for not preventing
your daughter's tragedy.

Has that Hwang Jung fellow
returned to Jejoongwon?


I have always considered His Majesty's
commands as given by Heaven.

But this time,
I am having great difficult accepting it.

I find the world very unfair.

By the way, I heard that he was
only responsible for your father's death.

How did you come to swallow your grief?

I didn't.

But as time passed
and my knowledge of medicine grew,

I came to realize that
there was no responsibility on his part.

No responsibility?

Do you think the same of
my daughter's death?

I understand your daughter's reasons
for wanting to end her life.

But as a doctor in an emergency,

... he had to focus solely
on saving her life.

Are you defending him in front of me?
Are you the same Baek Do Yang I know?

Please forgive me.

But you cannot blame Hwang Jung
or your daughter for their actions.

My daughter is dead.

She's dead!

I cannot speak to you any longer.

I summoned you because I thought
you would understand my loss.

But you've already gone over to his side.

Wait and see.
Heaven will not allow him to go free!

They say clothes change a man,
but look at you!

It's like putting a silk robe on a dog.

My son threw away my clothes.
Please forgive me.

Not at all.
It suits you very well.

So what did you want to tell us?

Oh yes...

The reason I came to see you...

- ... is because of my son.
- What?

Your son?
Are you here to ask for Seok Ran?

Are you?

- How... how would I dare....?
- Then what is it?

Why are you interrogating him like that?

Take your time.

Well.... The reason I came here today...

I mean...
I will watch my son...

... so that he does not cause
any problems for your family.

I will break every bone in his legs.

But I will not allow him
to go near your daughter.

I'm glad you are showing your gratitude
to us in this way.

Right, Dear?

- Take him home.
- No, Sir. I can walk myself.

- You're here!
- Miss! How have you been?

Yard Dog, your son has
brought you fortune!

He's not Yard Dog anymore!
He has a new name!

Because I'm his father,

... we added it to his name
and came up with Hwang Jung Bu.

- You see?
- Seok Ran.

Please be careful.

- Chilbok, take good care of him.
- Don't worry, Miss!

Take care!

Hwang Jung

No money, bin seal!
Got money, won seal!

It finally seems like Jejoongwon is
back to normal now that you're here!

Of course! There is a rightful owner
of every space!

Come and register!

A Korean doctor will be seeing you today!

Will that be the butcher?

Yes, that's right.

I'll come later when
the foreign devil is doing it!

Oh, thank you. Won seal!

Wait a moment!

What is your problem today?

I'll tell the doctor inside.

- I have a question.
- Yes, what is it?

Is that the Director of Jejoongwon?

No, that's Doctor-in-Training Hwang.

You must not have heard the news!

He's the best doctor at Jejoongwon
and was recently promoted by His Majesty!

- Is that so?
- Nurse Nang Nang!

Please sit over there.

Do you have any discomfort?

I have no energy from the diarrhea.

Are you sure I can't eat?

Not yet.

You can drink boiled water and kimchi water first
before moving on to porridge.

You know...

Are you the doctor who used to be from
the butcher class but was promoted?


It's really weird. How can a man who
used to kill cows heal people?

He is a man with so much skill that
even he was promoted by the King.

The uterus is where the baby grows
before he is born.

The embryo must be implanted in
the uterus in order to grow properly.

But if implanted in places other
than the uterus,

Here, here and here...

It is called ectopic pregnancy.

Why are you teaching us these things?

Aren't babies flown in by storks?

How can it be formed by men's...
How embarassing!

Miryung, Nang Nang!

Listen well. This information is useful
not just for nurses,

... but also for us as women.

I've been married before,
and I doubt I'll have children.

- I can leave now, right?
- You will be tested on this.

And gynecology is a general subject.

Therefore, both the nurses
and Seok Ran must know this.

The nurses will study nursing
in addition to this.

Seok Ran will study chemistry,
anatomy and general medicine.

- Yes, Doctor.
- What happens if we fail the exam?

Will we have to leave Jejoongwon?

I'm not sure.

But I'm sure that's what
Director Heron would do.

I better study hard
if I want to stay here!

- Mr. Hwang!
- Yes, Director.

- Is your father's amputation healing well?
- Yes, the wound is healing well.

But he is uncomfortable walking.


It'll be good for him to use a wheelchair.

A wheelchair?

Do you mean a chair with wheels?

That's right.
But I don't think there's one in Korea.

He'll be much more comfortable on one.

What are you doing?

The bicycle seems broken.

Remember how it broke when
the Minister's daughter came here?


Could you give me that bicycle?

But it's broken?

- I want to try and make a wheelchair.
- A wheelchair?

The wheelchair is complete.

Should we give it a try?

Have a seat!

This is so exciting!

Lean back.
Here we go!

I'm dizzy!

- Let me off!
- Oh, all right...

Are you all right?

Why did you spin me around like that!

I did it for fun.
I'm sorry.

Well, it was fun.
And my review of the wheelchair is...

I give it an A+.

Thank you, Madam Judge!

What is this thing?
It looks very strange.

It's called a wheelchair,
because it's a chair with wheels.

It will make getting around much easier.

Miss gave us her broken bicycle
so that you can have wheels!

- She did?
- No, I just watched.

Who said I needed something like this?

Father, you might upset Miss
if you say things like that.

Is that so?

Well, thank you for always helping us.

Your leg has been making things
very uncomfortable for you.

Director Heron is worried about you too,
so please use the wheelchair.

Father, why don't you try it out?

Why are we going so far from the house?

- We're almost there.
- Almost where?

Right here!

Where are we?

Oh, are you home, Master?


Father, this is our new house.


Jung bought this house with the money
bestowed to him by His Majesty.

I have a room too!

- Is this really our house?
- That's right.

This is where we're going to live
from now on.

Please go inside! I've cleaned it
and lit the fire so it's nice and warm!

You mean...
You mean this is my room?


The floor is so hot!

Now your back will be warm all the time!

- You're happy, right?
- Yes, Sir! I'm so happy I could die!

Uncle, please speak informally to me.

That's right, Uncle. He's my underling!
You can talk down to him!

Your underling?
I just made rice, but no rice for you!

Yes, underlings make good rice.

You want rice,
I'll give you rice!

Father, I'll move our things
from the old house tomorrow.

Let's sleep here tonight.

Mr. Hwang is no longer a student,
so he doesn't have to stay at Jejoongwon.

You should both sleep
in the new house together.


You know, Miss....?

Going forward...

Please don't come to our house.


I know that the world is changing
for the better.

But if you keep coming here,
you may spoil your chances of marriage.

So please don't come here anymore.

Your father is very worried about you.

Don't you think we need
to tell your father?

But I'm afraid it'll give him a shock.

- I don't know what to do.
- Don't worry too much, Miss.

Once my father grows accustomed to
his new life and regains his health,

I will tell him then.

All you need to worry about is your exam.
The rest you can give to me.

All right.

You haven't studied because of
the wheelchair.

You've wasted half a day.

I'll just study all night.
I've spent many nights reading books.

- But they were novels.
- You can't do that!

If you don't get enough sleep,
your lovely skin will become coarse!

You should get plenty of sleep
so that your memory is sound.

Don't worry about me!
I've been studying a lot.

Yes, you're right.

You were the top student
in the entrance exam!

That's right.
I gues the top spot will be mine again.

Because I'm the only female student!

This is a very luxurious suit.

This suit was tailored for you.
How could we use cheap material?

Thank you.
I'll wear it well.

I'm sorry to make you come here
for something so trivial.

Not at all.

You don't come over anymore,
so I asked you to come so I could see you.

I've never seen you so listless before.

I'm all right.

Please take heart.
I am always on your side!

Thank you.

I'm too ashamed to even ask you
to take care of Seok Ran.

But her relationship with Mr. Hwang
will never come to fruition.

Mr. Hwang's father came and swore that
he would break them apart.

Although Seok Ran's father
isn't voicing his opinion,

... he is not happy
with their relationship either.

And you know how I feel, right?

I'm not trying to tell you what to do.

I just wanted to tell you what
the situation was.

I see.
I should leave now.

Yes, but I wonder where Seok Ran is
at this hour!

She should be at Jejoongwon
studying for her exams.

Please go in first.

- I'll go after you leave.
- Please go in first.

- Go first.
- No, you go first.

A man shouuld know his place,
don't you think?

Who are you?

I'm a butcher who kills people.

I handle vermin who don't respect
the nobility.

Please forgive me.

Please give me another chance.
I'll take him out for good.

No, he will be prepared.
It won't be easy.

- But...
- No. I have another plan.

That man has a father, doesn't he?

Yes, he does.

Good. He will suffer
the same grief I feel.


The grief of losing a loved one.

Are you sleeping?

Not yet, Father.

- Why?
- It just doesn't feel like my house.

- I can't fall asleep.
- This is your house, Father.

It is, right?
This is my house, right?

- Of course.
- Good.

I have realized one of my wishes.

Do you have more wishes?

Tell me what they are.

You know, I've been delivering...

...meat to this tavern for over a decade.

It's a well-known tavern.

I've always smelled their food,
but I never tasted it.


I want to wear these silk clothes
and my hat...

... and go with you to that tavern...

... and have a bowl of their soup.

- That's it?
- You never smelled their food before.

It might just be a bowl of soup to you,
but it's more than that to me.

All right.
We'll go tomorrow and eat there.

Do you have another wish?

Another wish?

That's for you to get married.

I can't right now, but I'll get married
after I become a doctor.

Yes, you should study
how to save lives first.

But you know...

- You know...
- What is it?

You have to get married!

- Father!
- I want grandchildren!

But you can't marry Miss Seok Ran.

This morning,
I went to see Official Yu.

I promised him that you would
never go near her again.


Official Yu has been helping out
our family for years.

And his greatest treasure...

... is his daughter,
Miss Seok Ran.

If you keep meeting Miss Seok Ran,
that's like repaying good with bad.


You must not go near Miss Seok Ran again.

But her relationship with Mr. Hwang
will never come to fruition.

- Is Hwang Jung doing well?
- Yes, Your Majesty.

- Yes, he is working harder than before.
- Good. It makes it all worth it.

What brings you here today?

- It is because of dysentery.
- What? Now we have dysentery?

Smallpox went,
and then we had cholera.

Then cholera went,
and now we have dysentery?

Why are these diseases spreading here?
This is not good news.

This is why we need to implement
some basic changes.

What basic changes?

Please pass a law that requires outhouses
and wells to be separated by at least 50bo.

What nonsense is this?
What has that to do with dysentery?

I've been passing water in the toilet!

Will I die from this?

As long as I am here,
you will not die from dysentery.

But perhaps this might...

... cause many people to lose their lives.

Suzuki, read it for me.

I have no strength to even lift my head!

It is a letter from the Prime Minister!

Why did he send me a letter?

It is an order to repatriate to Japan.


He's right.
This is a repatriation order.

As of yesterday,
you are no longer Ambassador.

My blood pressure is rising!

Dysentery and blood pressure!
That's double trouble!

I hate Korea.
I want to return to Japan.

Suzuki, Suzuki!
Help me up!

- Help him!
- Yes!

Plug with your hand!

Don't let go here!

What a lonely departure.

Now there will be a new Ambassador
that cannot be compared to you.

The sleeves are so long that
it's uncomfortable when I work.

But that's the new trend!

Others want the long sleeves
but can't afford it!

That's right.
Father, you look great!

Why don't you try this too?

Oh this...!
Yes, this thing.

I can use this to scratch my back
when it itches!


- Put this on and let's go eat.
- Yes, I'm hungry.

Who is this gentleman?

- It's you, Father!
- Is it?

- Stop here.
- Why?

Smell the aroma.

Wow, it's making my mouth water.

I've been coming here for over
ten years and smelling this aroma!

Can you imagine how much
I wanted to eat this?

Father, now you can eat this everyday.

You can eat it for ten more...
You can eat it for several decades!

Then I'll get sick of it!

- Let's go in!
- Yes, Father.


Oh my goodness!
There's wheels on this chair!

- Have you been well?
- Yes!

Don't you recognize me?

I'm Yard Dog!

Yard Dog?
Oh my goodness!

I heard you were promoted,
and it must be true!

How did you know that?

Suet Dong's father told us when
he delivered meat here.

Your son is supposed to be great doctor!

Yes, this is him.

His name is Hwang Jung.

And I'm Hwang Jung Bu.

What a handsome young man!

Nice to meet you.
Can you please give us some soup?

My father wants to eat.

I came here because
I've been wanting to eat here.

I've been coming here for over ten years,
but I've never tasted your soup!

Really? You should have asked
for some earlier!

Your son must think I'm so stingy!

Today, I'm going to pay for my meal!

- Right?
- Yes, Father.

Wait a moment!

Here you go.
Tell me if you want more.

Thank you!

Please eat.

Yes! This is it!
This is what it should taste like!

- Do you like it?
- Yes!

- It's really good!
- Yes.


Last night, your mother appeared
to me in my dream.

She wanted to ask about you,
but I couldn't tell her.

Father, after we finish our meal,
let's go see Mother.

Let's go tell her our news.

To the mountains?
But that's so far!

It's all right. We can take Yi Gwak
and Mongchong with us.

And on her death anniversary,
let's change her into linen.


Yes, that's right! Now we are allowed
to dress our dead in linen!

It's so nice being freeborn!

And last night...

... what I said to you...

... about Miss Seok Ran...

If you run into her,
you have to look away.

- All right?
- Father...

I'll handle that.

Someone please help!

My friend was stabbed with a knife.
Can someone help?

My friend is dying!

Hey Jung, why don't you go help?

Excuse me, my son is
a student at Jejoongwon.

Please help me!

- Where is your friend?
- Outside, over there!


Yes, go ahead. I'll finish this
and order another one.

It's urgent!

I'll be right back.

- What happened?
- I don't know.

Some crazy fellow slashed me
and ran away!

It'll be all right.

Oh, I'm really sorry.

Aren't you the butcher Yard Dog?

But look at you,
dressed like a nobleman.

A hat too!

And what's this?
A topknot too?

Look at your clothes!
Why are the sleeves so wide?

I've been promoted
by His Majesty...

Can you prove it?

Show me the Imperial Decree!

How dare you pose as a nobleman?

People have been saying that
the world is going the wrong way.

How dare a butcher lowlife
eat at the same place as us?

Go ahead and eat.

Eat like a lowborn vermin!

But... I am no longer a lowborn butcher.

His Majesty promoted my son,
and I was promoted with him...

I told you to eat.

I told you to eat!

Eat, your filthy butcher vermin!

Sir! Sir!

You're going to be all right now.

- Is that coming from the tavern?
- No, please finish up with my friend.

Sir! Sir! Your father is
being beaten to death!

- What?
- Hurry and go to him!

- But...
- I'll come back.

Come back!

Father! Father...!

How... how did this happen?


They picked a fight with him
for being dressed like a nobleman.

- Then they beat him!
- Father...

- Little Dog...
- Don't speak! Don't speak!

Bear with it a little while.
I'll take you to Jejoongwon.

It's over for me.

I... I think I have to go
to your mother...

Why are you saying that?

What's this?
Who did this to Uncle?

Be quiet!
Director, he'll survive this, right?

- Little Dog...
- Yes, Father!

It's... it's dark.

You'll be fine.
We'll take care of that.

I'm sorry I'm your father.

No... no, no...!

11:30, time of patient's death.





Let's take Father home.

Let's send him off in our new house.

Yes, let's go.

I heard a butcher vermin
got beaten to death.

Is Jejoongwon a home
for butcher vermin?

Why raise the fatality rate here?

You should have just taken
his body home!

- Jae Wook!
- Am I wrong?

Mr. Hwang!

Jung, Miss Seok Ran is here!

I'll go inside.

I'll stay out here.

You shouldn't have come.


That's what Father told you.

He told you not to come
to our house anymore.

Mr. Hwang!

The day my father died...

Do you know what we did?

For the first time in his life,

He bought...
he bought a bowl of soup.

For over ten years,

He delivered meat to this tavern.

But he only smelled the soup...

He wanted to eat that soup...

What kind of wish is that...!

He told me it was his wish...

But then...

Someone said he was a butcher vermin
posing as a nobleman...

And... and there at the tavern...

.. on the dirt floor of that tavern...

Stop, Mr. Hwang.

No... I have...
I have to finish.

Please listen to me.


Please listen to me finish.

My father...
On the dirt floor..

On that cold dirt...

They said he was a butcher vermin
posing as a nobleman!

They beat him like a dog!

He was beaten to death like a dog!



If you stay with me...

... you'll be in danger.
Remember that?

My father was right.

It's impossible.

It's impossible.

It's impossible for us.

Mr. Hwang!

It was his last wish.

It was his last wish that
I stay away from you.

Please go.

No... I won't.


Please go!
I need to take care of my father.

Then after you send him off...

... let's talk again.

Why is it raining so much?

Will Mr. Hwang come today?

Yes, he said he would.

Yes, he needs to come.

Director Heron is about
to collapse from exhaustion.

I can hear him suffering in his sleep
even from my room.

I can hear Jung suffering
from my room too.

- Go inside.
- Yes, I'll see you at lunch.

The dysentery virus spreads
most easily by water.

If moved through shell,
sand, earth and charcoal,

... foreign particles and viruses
can be filtered.

We performed an experiment with unfiltered water,
water filtered through charcoal,

... and without charcoal
to test for the virus.

We found that unfiltered well water
was full of viruses.

Filtered water without charcoal
had reduced number of viruses.

And water filtered through charcoal
had the least number of viruses.

If this filter system is implemented
in all the village wells,

It may not stop dysentery altogether,
but it will greatly reduce the spread.

Good. We must build that filter
and implement that into the public wells.

Well done, Mr. Baek.

Fifteen patients with dysentery
have been discharged with good health.

We still have thirty-five patients.

We have prescribed salol
to these patients...

... and giving them saline solutions
to rehydrate them.


There was a patient that you diagnosed
with food poisoning during the exam.

Yes, his symptoms correlated
with food poisoning.

No, he had dysentery.

The only student who got it correct
was Mr. Hwang.

You suspected it when you heard
about his bloody bowel movements.

But you disregarded it when he told
you he had hemorrhoids.

Mr. Hwang continued asking about
the patient's family and neighbors.

He ultimately diagnosed it as dysentery.

The difference between you and
Mr. Hwang is in the little details.

Both of you are superbly talented.

But the difference in personality
and humanity...

... makes one the top student
and the other fourth place.

I see.

Don't be offended.

I'm telling you this in hopes that
you will do better in the future.

I know.

Mr. Hwang is coming back today.

Let's go.

Were you able to send your father off?



Mr. Baek helped me in your absence.

This afternoon's clinic is yours, isn't it?

- I'll start immediately.
- Good.

We don't have much time to rest
due to the many dysentery patients.

I don't know about the others,
but I think you need to rest, Director.

You haven't slept in three days.

You've been translating
medical texts as well.

Translating medical texts?

He wants the next class to be able
to learn medicine in Korean.

I see.

Seok Ran has been very helpful.

Now, let's begin our day.


- Director!
- Director!

Are you awake?

Where is everyone?

Mr. Hwang is seeing patients.

Seok Ran and Dr. Horton are in clinic.

Did something happen to me?

You collapsed in your office.

I had a bit of dizziness.

- I should get up.
- Please lay down.


- I have work to do.
- Director.

You have dysentery.

Your immune system was weak due to
fatigue and you must have caught it.

That seems likely.
I should go to the general rooms.

Please stay here.

The general rooms are full,
and you'll make the patients nervous.

This room belongs to
Jejoongwon's patients.

Please move me to my room.

Where does it hurt?

Why are you touching where it hurts!

I'm sorry.
Please bear with it.

Are you trying to kill me?

I think you have a ureteric stone.

Mr. Hwang, the patient is urinating!
And it's bloody!

- He's passed out!
- Excuse me! Excuse me!

Excuse me! Wake up!
He's fainted.

We need to report this to the Director.


We need to operate.
Please prepare for surgery.

- Please do it after you're better.
- You can't operate in your condition.

I'll try to minimze the patient's discomfort.

We cannot make the patient suffer.

- We'll do the surgery now.
- Director!

I'm all right.

I know my own body.

In that case,
may I assist the surgery?

Mr. Baek and Mr. Hwang.

Both of you will join the surgery.

If the stone blocks the ureter,
he will not be able to urinate.

He will suffer tremendous pain.


We must cut open the abdomen quickly...

... and remove...

Coordinators: mily2, ay_link

I will build a great hospital in Korea!

Mr. Hwang...!

Take good care of Jejoongwon!

From today,
all of you are officially doctors!

It means that when the time is right,
everything falls into place.

I can feel that time coming.

What did you say?

It is time for you to catch the fox.

What happened at the Palace?

Dr. Yu is...

Seok Ran!