Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 21 - Episode #1.21 - full transcript

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Episode 21

Everyone seems to be here.
Let's go inside.

Please go in without me.

I will go in when everything is settled here.

All right.

You filthy lowlife!
How dare you pollute the hospital?

If you're sick,
you should have just died!

Stomp on him!

My Lord, Dr. Heron wants you
to come quickly!

- But that man is...
- He says it's urgent! Hurry!

I'm very sorry!
I should have just died!

I can't believe I laid eyes on such filth
the first thing in the morning!

Let's go!



- Please forgive me.
- I was told to deliver this to Hwang Jung.

Did you tell me at the Vaccine Center
that your name is Yard Dog?

Yes, that's right.

Miss Seok Ran told me to come here
if I had any medical problems.

Why is it so noisy outside?

- Yi Gwak!
- Yes, Sir!

Did you...?

I want to take him inside.

- What?
- His foot is hurt. He needs treatment.

But Jejoongwon is having
an event today...

This man helped us
with the smallpox vaccine.

Let's take him inside first,

... and then treat him
after the surgery is over.

Come with me.

Thank you!
Thank you!

The Director wants you to hurry.

Yes, but I haven't found the pointer yet.


Thank you.

- Mr. Hwang?
- Yes?

Are you nervous?

Y..yes. I'm nervous because
you're staring at me.

You're going to be assisting the surgery
as the top student.

I'm just saying don't be nervous.

Y...yes. Is it that obvious?
I'm a little nervous.

I've never really stood before
an audience before.

It's your first day as an intern,
so you must have a good start.

When you finally become
an official doctor,

... let's go see Dr. Allen together.

You said that Dr. Allen asked us
to come to America, right?

Yes, he asked us to come together.

Do you know where he is?

I... I don't know.

It's here.
This is where Dr. Allen is.

Then where is Korea?

- Here.
- Oh, here....

That's electricity...


We're going there together, right?

You promise?

Of course.

The cataract surgery is a procedure
to remove the cloudiness from the crystalline lens.

We will first make an incision
on the upper cornea.

A cataract operation is
the removal of the crystalline lens...

... that had developed on opacification.

The surgery begins with
a making 180 degree incision...

... in the upper part of the cornea.

We will move on to the next step.

Let's move on to the next step.

Once the cornea is exposed,

... we will remove the cloudiness
via the diagrams here.

Thank you so much, My Lord!

- I have something to ask you.
- Yes...

I saw a photo of you a while ago.

Mr. Baek, don't you have to view the surgery?

I think they started already!

Tell me who took that photograph.

Mr. Baek, what would these lowlifes
know about photos?

I know!

The... the Japanese came
and showed us their camera.

So we took some photographs too.

The Japanese?

I have to go to see the surgery.
Stay here and take good care of him.



Have you been well, Jak Dae?

Uncle, you can't stay here.

You can't stay here.

Why are you telling me to leave?

Didn't you hear him say
he's going to treat me?

It's not that.

We're really busy today
and won't be seeing patients.

I'll come get you another time.

I see.

- All right then. I'll leave.
- I'll come visit you soon.

All right.

- Goodbye.
- See you.


How bad is it?

We will be using cocaine
as localized anesthetic.

We will put the patient under
local anesthetic with a cocaine.

We will commence surgery in a little while.

The surgery will begin in a moment.

- Watanabe-san.
- Yes!

A photograph was sent to Mr. Hwang
a while ago.

What are you talking about?

I thought I'd inform you
about something.

And what is that?

The man in the photograph just arrived
at Jejoongwon a short while ago.

That old butcher?

Why would he come here?

How did you know he was a butcher?


I mean...

What is it?

- When is this surgery over?
- Probably in about an hour. Why?

- Do you know where Nang Nang is?
- Nang Nang?

She escorted the patient here
and then left.

Oh my goodness!
His foot is rotting!

I have to go get the Director.

- What do I do?
- Well...

I better just go.
I'll come again next time.

I'll see you next time.

Uncle! Uncle...!

The surgery is now finished.

The surgery is finished.

The operation ended in a success.

- Lord Min, you're here.
- Yes, did it go well?

- Let me escort you to your seat.
- It's all right.

I am from Dong Yo News.
I have a question.

The Korean assistant and interpreter
were impressive as well.

Please introduce them.

Mr. Hwang Jung is a doctor-in-training
here at Jejoongwon.

After finishing first on
his medical examination...

... he received the honors of
performing today's operation.

Hwang Jung is a doctor-in-training
at Jejoongwon.

He received the honor of helping
this surgery by placing first on the exam.

And the very brilliant,
Miss Yu Seok Ran.

She has been working as an interpreter
here at Jejoongwon...

... and also under Dr. Horton,
is a student in gynaecology.

Miss Yu Seok Ran is studying under me
in order to become a doctor of gynaecology.

In the future, she will be paving the way
for Jejoongwon's gynaecology department.

They are engaged to be married.
Isn't that ring pretty?


- Watanabe-san!
- Yes!

Please tell me why you sent
that photograph to Mr. Hwang.

I wonder...

Did the photograph grow legs
and walk here?

Please tell me the reason.

I'll tell you the truth.

The man in the photograph is
Hwang Jung's father.

That means Hwang Jung is
of the same butcher class.

Will you continue your jests?

I knew you wouldn't believe me.

But sometimes outrageous tales
are the truth.

- Let's go, Suzuki.
- Yes, Sir.

- Who did this?
- Those knife skills...

They weren't the skills of a scholar!

Why are you doing this?

Administrator Baek!
I can't stand it any more!

What is it, Lord Park?

They brought in this filthy butcher
and he reeks of rotting meat!

My head is about to burst from the stench!
Please do something!

- A... a butcher?
- Yes!

Does Jejoongwon accept
such lowlifes too?

Isn't it only right that we accept
both high and low classes as long as they're sick?

Do you want to see Jejoongwon closed?

- Let's go!
- Yes!

Can you hear me?

I must have lost consciousness.

Filthy vermin!
How dare you be in here!

You reek!
Get out of here!


Please forgive me.
I shall leave now.

Get out of here!

Oh, my buttocks!

I... I'm going to...!

How dare you avoid my kick!

If I raise my leg,
you should run into it yourself!

Let's see you do that again!


- Little...?
- My Lord!

Yi Gwak, who is this man?

- This... this is...
- Oh, he's a patient.

We were just on our way
to the treatment room.

No, I'm fine now.

I used the ointment you gave me
and when I woke up, I was fine.

Excuse me...

You mean me, Sir?

If you've come to a hospital,

... you must receive treatment
before you leave.


I'm fine.

There is nothing wrong with me.
I'm leaving.

Your foot...

Your foot is hurt, isn't it?

No, it is not.

There's nothing wrong with it.

No, you should get it examined.

Yi Gwak, take this patient
to the examination room.

Once the guests leave,
I'll see him.

Mr. Hwang.

Mr. Hwang!

This is the examination...
I mean, this is the General Ward.

Here is the General Ward.

Mr. Baek, I think that it will be
an interesting day.

I hope you don't miss a second of it.

A butcher...?

Uncle, I'll explain everything later.
But it's best if you leave now.

Jak Dae...

That... that was Little Dog, right?

- Yes, I'll explain.... Administrator!
- What is it?

- I think we should chase out this vermin!
- That's what I said!

Go throw him out somewhere far from
here and don't say I made you do it!

- Wait, you suggested it first!
- Yes, Sir!

Hey vermin, if you're sick,
don't come here again!

Go and find an animal doctor
or something!

- Yes, My Lord.
- Let's go, you vermin!


Director Heron is looking for you.

He wants you to examine the patient.


He wants you to see your first patient
as a doctor-in-training.

My first patient?



That first patient...

My father...

- It's my father, isn't it?
- If it's too difficult, then just stay here.

I'll come up with an excuse
to tell the Director.

How... how did this happen?

A while ago,
I stepped on a nail.

And it became like this.

It is an infection of the cutis vera.

Why didn't you come earlier?

I thought it would heal
if I put saliva on it.

Do you drink a lot?

Y... yes.

My wife died, and my son...

Please tell me if it hurts.

- Doesn't it hurt?
- W..what?

I... I can't feel anything.

Mr. Hwang!

I'm sorry.

I can't feel anything.

I can feel that.

The infection has spread up to this point.

This is where we need to amputate.

What happens if we don't?

Based on the patient's condition,
he can lose his life from sepsis.

If more we delay,
more will have to be amputated.

That's right.

We need to speak to the patient and
convince him to do the surgery today.

The skin is already rotting at this level.

That means we need to amputate
at this line.

Yes, for the skin.
But the bone needs to be cut deeper in.

That must be so that the skin
can be used to close up the amputation.

Yes, so in truth, the true amputation
occurs at a level higher than this line.

If a decision isn't made quickly,
we may have to amputate above the knee.

Mr. Hwang.

Try and convince the patient
to amputate the leg.

I'll do it.

I've known that man for a long time.

Seok Ran, this is not your place.
That butcher is Mr. Hwang's first patient.

Excuse me...

That man who touched my leg...

Who is he?

He's our top doctor-in-training.
His skills are exceptional.

Oh, he received top scores
in the exam too!

- Top scores...?
- He was first in his class!

- First in his class?
- Yes.

He's handsome and kind-hearted too!

He cured me of smallpox,
and taught me how to read and write!

He even told me I would be a great nurse!

What a great man!

That's right!
Jejoongwon can't survive without him!

But how did he end up here?

- Why do you ask?
- What?

It... it's because...
he reminds me of someone I know.

I doubt it.
His hometown is not around here.

I heard that he was shot
and the previous Director saved his life.

That's how Mr. Hwang became interested
in medicine and become a student here.

Are you going somewhere?

I have to relieve myself.
I'll go to the outhouse.

We have a chamber pot here
for patients. Do you want it?

No, it's all right.
I'll be right back.

Where can you go like that?

- Mr. Hwang! Director!
- What is it?

Mr. Hwang's first patient...

The butcher who helped
with the vaccine...

You mean Yard Dog?

Yes, he hasn't come back
from the outhouse!

His leg is rotting away!
Why did he leave?

Did I do something to make him leave?

What should I do?

Mr. Hwang!

What... what have you done to yourself?

Let's go.
Let's go and get your foot treated.

- No, Sir.
- Please let's go...

I said no!

Please go!

I need to disappear.

If I disappear,
you can be as you are now...

You can be a doctor...

You can live like a person.

I'm all right.

I'm all right.

I'm really all right, so go back in.
Go on.


- Are you all right now?
- What?

- Yes.
- We have something to tell you.

You have a very serious illness.

That means your leg is infected...

Your leg... is rotting away.

What do you mean it's rotting away?
It's just a little swollen.

No, you're wrong.

It's very serious.

You can't feel anything
when touched there.

Then what must I do?

Right below the knee
where you start to feel...

We must amputate your leg.

Amputate my leg?

That's right.

- My leg? Amputate my leg?
- If we don't, your life will be in danger.

If we don't do it soon,

... the infection will spread and
more will have to be amputated.

But before that,
you may become septic.

I... I'm asking this
because I'm ignorant...

You're telling me that I will either
lose my leg or my life, right?

Please have the surgery.

Then you can live.


What use will I be without a leg?

I won't be living
that much longer anyway.

And besides... without a leg,

... how will I walk into the underworld
when I die?

I was just hoping
to get some ointment here.

I don't want anything else.

Without surgery, you will die!

Get the surgery!

Mr. Hwang!

Please listen to us!

You have to live!

You need to have surgery
so you can live!



I had too much bitterness in my heart
that I could not even die.

But now...

But now...!

I can die in peace.

Please listen to me...!

Mr. Hwang, that's enough.

There's nothing else to say to this patient.

We need to talk to your family.

Where is your family?
I will send someone for your family.


I don't have any family.

My wife died from pus in her lungs.

And my son...

And my son was shot by a gun...

... and drowned.

I'm sorry for causing you inconvenience
by coming here.

I won't come here again.

This is a good place.


I hope you will become
a great doctor here.


He is my father! I am his son
and I consent to this operation!

- Please save his life!
- Why have you humiliated yourself?

How can I be your father?

I'm not his father!
How could that be possible?

No... Father....!

- They performed cataract surgery?
-Yes, Your Majesty.

They performed the surgery before
several doctors from hospitals in the capital.

Is that so?
Has the patient regained sight?

They said that we have to wait a week
so that the incision will heal.

Be sure to inform me about the result
in a week.

I want to know how well
the patient can see as well.

Yes, Your Majesty.

It must have been Heron
who did the surgery?

Yes, that's right.

He did the surgery together
with a doctor-in-training...

... who passed the exam
with highest marks.

Is that so? That man will be
the next pillar of medicine in Korea!

I must meet this man myself!

You have lied to me
and to everyone around you.

I'm sorry.

I'm disappointed in you, Mr. Hwang.

Why did you do this?
You even caused your father to suffer!

Why did you do this?

Everything is my fault.

I will accept blame for my crime.

But my father...

Please allow my father
to have that surgery!


I beg you!

Do you think...

...the Director will perform
surgery on Mr. Hwang's father?

He will.
He would never turn away a patient.

I've now only come to trust Mr. Hwang.

I feel like I'm back in the beginning.

But... I'm so shocked.
I'm not even angry.

I'm sorry.

What are you sorry for?


I just wanted to apologize to you
on Mr. Hwang's behalf.

He has lied to you from the very beginning.
Don't you get it?

You were swindled by his lies!
That is what makes me more angry!

He never lied to me.


Mr. Hwang never lied to me.

What do you mean?

I knew.

I knew about everything.

So don't blame him too much.

He's not a bad person.

- Seize him!
- Yes, Sir!

Yes, how you must have laughed at us!

Now I will make sure that your disembodied
head is stuck outside the capital gates!

- I'm sorry.
- Sorry?

What do you know about being sorry!

- Let's go!
- Yes, Sir!

- How dare you pretend to be a nobleman!
- What is going on here?

Oh, Lord Min! We have had
an outrageous crime here!

What is there to think about?

All we have to do is
take him to the Bureau!

As the person in charge of seeing
to Jejoongwon's success,

I need to fully understand.

Yes, well.... We won't let this matter
go unpunished though!

When did I...!

Did I ever say that
I won't let this matter go unpunished?

I'm just making a point,
that's all.

You should just hold your tongue...

What... what did you say?

What's the matter?

Director, the butcher...

There is something wrong
with Mr. Hwang's father.

Let's go see.

We will use antipyrin to lower his fever
and go into surgery right away.

- So this man is Mr. Hwang's father.
- Yes, that's what we said.

Nurse Nang Nang,
go and find Mr. Hwang.

Yes, Director.

Let's discuss Mr. Hwang
after the surgery is complete.

- Administrator Oh!
- Let's do that.

- Dr. Horton, you can't come in here!
- I said move aside.

- Please Dr. Horton, you can't!
- I'm using my key.

Do you understand
the enormity of what has happened?

Oh, shut up!

Shut up.

Are you never going to see me again?

- Seok Ran, go on in.
- Thank you.

- Are you hurt?
- No.

That's good.

The first time you rescued me...

... I should have run away to Qing China
and not come back here.

- But now it's too late.
- Yes, we should have left then.

It's not too late now.

You once asked me to leave with you.

Let's leave together.

Let's go to America or Qing China.

You know me, right?

I'm not going to just sit here
and do nothing.

I'll figure something out.


- I wish you won't do that.
- Why?

Miss Seok Ran's father is Official Yu!

Listen to me carefully.

Don't do anything.
Don't do anything and just stay still.


If you try to rescue me again,
it will be very dangerous for you.

But I told you I would rescue you again.

I told you last time that if you were
in the same situation as before,

... that I would still rescue you.

You know that...
you can't anymore.


This is my last and final request.



- I can't go.
- Seok Ran.

You knew, right?

This ring...
You knew it was from Mr. Hwang!

He saved your life.

And not only that, he used medicine
to save many people's lives.

Other people may not know,
but you do!

I heard that Mr. Hwang is Yard Dog's son.

Let's go.

- I won't go. I can't!
- Miss!

I knew everything.

I knew Mr. Hwang was
from the butcher class!

Mak Saeng, put Seok Ran
in the palanquin! Quickly!

Y...yes, Sir.
Miss, what are you saying?

Father... Father....

Oh, Mr. Baek!
Here you are!

This is where the dermis will be cut.

And here is the bone line.

I will find and close the main artery
once the amputation is done.

Let's begin.


The skin is cut.

Nurse Nang Nang, turn your head away
if you find it difficult to watch.

I'm fine.

Amputate his leg?

I made his foot worse.

I only thought of myself.

I gave him a jar of ointment
and thought I had done my job.

I should have checked on him earlier!

How could I have wanted to be a doctor?

You had no choice.

Everything is my fault.
Miss Seok Ran too.

It's all my fault.

I want a cup too.
I'm going to die of anger!

I'm sorry.

What do we do with Seok Ran?
What do we do now?

It's going to be impossible for her
to find a husband now!

Mr. Hwang is Yard Dog's son!

How can something like this happen!

This is...
This is all your fault!

Return Seok Ran to her original place!
What do we do now with her?

My poor Seok Ran!
Put it all back!

I, Yoon Jae Wook, represent all the medical students
to inform Director Heron.

As Director of this hospital in charge of
treating patients and teaching students,

... you are well-aware of
how this hospital must be run!

Therefore, we beseech you to return
Jejoongwon to its original place.

First, turn Hwang Jung, known by his butcher name Little Dog,
over to the Bureau!

- Make him pay for his crimes!
- Make him pay for his crimes!

Second, void the exam that Hwang Jung
earned top marks in and re-test us!

Poor Mr. Hwang.
And his father too...

I feel the same way,
but he's been lying to us this whole time.

- I'm a little scared of him.
- So what if he lied about that.

If it weren't for him, do you think Jejoongwon
would have been this successful?

- They're heartless. Really heartless!
- No, they're not.

How can butcher vermin become a doctor
in a royal hospital?

When is this going to end?

Make the butcher Hwang Jung pay for his crimes!

Make him pay!

- Void the exam!
- Void the exam!

Director, how long does it take
to become a doctor in the West?

It normally takes ten years.

But in Mr. Hwang's case,
he can do it in 3-4 years.

He is a true genius.

- A genius?
- Yes.

Mr. Hwang not only has the brains,
but he also has a big heart.

I can finally understand why
Dr. Allen thought so highly of him.

What are you talking about?
That fellow is butcher vermin!

Butcher vermin...

Last time, it was a female who passed
the entrance exam with top marks.

And now, it's a butcher.

Let's just turn him over to the Bureau
and close up Jejoongwon.

Why are you saying that,
Administrator Oh?

But isn't that the reality?

Jejoongwon's best student was
from the butcher class.

What were the noblemen students doing
while a butcher was making top marks?

This is shame to all of us.

Before we blame another,
we must repent ourselves.

From the perspective of Jejoongwon,
what is Hwang Jung guilty of?

He took good care of patients.
He created the smallpox vaccine.

He saved Mr. Baek's life,
and saved Jejoongwon from fearsome rumors.

Are these all crimes?

But he hid his own identity
and pretended to be someone else!

His original name is Little Dog!
It means son of a bitch!

Then why can't we just disqualify him
and then expel him like we did with Yu Seok Ran?

She hid her identity and
pretended to be someone else too.

Don't you remember how we turned
the cheaters over to the Bureau...

... as His Majesty commanded?

The cheaters were guilty of using lies
and pretense on the entrance exam.

But Mr. Hwang used his own intellect
to pass the exam.

If we are to accuse him of cheating...

Then we should also turn in the man who
changed Hwang Jung's exam answers.

Yes, why won't we do that?

Turn... turn in...?

What are you thoughts,
Director Heron?

I agree with Administrator Oh.

The surgery was performed
with Mr. Baek and it went well.

- Thank you.
- You may stay here if you wish.

- Good.
- Good work, Director.

There came a time when
your actions ceased to surprise me.

But this was a surprise.

So when you stayed here
while lying to everyone,

... did you find it funny?

- I'm sorry.
- Sorry?

Seok Ran said the same thing.

It is surprising to see low-class vermin
acting like normal men through education.

The thing I liked most about
studying medicine...

... was the fact that
everyone was the same.

Everyone possessed
the same number of organs.

- Perhaps.
- Then tell me what's different.

We have the same blood running in our veins.

You were the one who taught me that
with your blood transfusions.

All I wanted...

... was to save lives and heal diseases.

But the shackles of class and caste
made everything void.

Even though I had no choice
in the caste I was born into.

Your father will wake up soon.

Take good care of him.

I hope you don't forget the time you spent
saving lives and healing diseases.

Yi Gwak, I'm really sad.

- Please make sure you're covered.
- Thank you.

- The Director packed some medicine for you.
- Thank you.

You bring bad fortune!
Leave quickly, you vermin!


We can't stay long.
Nang Nang.


- Oh, Miss!
- Where is Mr. Hwang?

- The superiors decided to just expel him.
- I see. That's good.

You should go to the back gate.

Mr. Hwang!

What are you doing!
Kneel and bow before her!

Please get up!

You can't go!

You can't go like this!


I must have had a good dream.

When I woke up,
I was...

I was more comfortable like this.

I must have been wearing clothes
that did not fit me properly.



Don't do anything.

Just let me go on my way.

Let's go, Little Dog.


Let's go home.

Didn't you run away with
that butcher vermi son of a bitch?

You said you cut off your topknot
to cast off your class!

Noble acts like mine are different from
ambitious lies of low-class vermin!

For me, Little Dog and Mr. Hwang
are the same person.

How can you not come to your senses
after I caused you so much trouble!

I missed you.

- You committed illegal slaughter!
- I will stay with you.

Will you insist on seeing me die?

Little Dog!