Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 20 - Episode #1.20 - full transcript

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Episode 20



I cannot accept the proposal.


Seok Ran! Are you...
Are you out of your mind?

You don't have a fever.
What is going on with you?

Miss, just grit your teeth and tell them
you'll accept the proposal!

This is not something you can reject!

Seok Ran, like I said before,
an official proposal is...

Yes, I know.

I know it cannot be rejected.


I know very well what the Young Master
means to our family.

Do you really?

Do you really know by whose efforts
your father was released from prison?

Your father is still under investigation.

You have to marry the Young Master
so that the accusations disappear!

Come now, dear.
Don't say anything else.

Don't say anything else?

I can't wait until
you send the response back!

But what is this girl saying?

You cannot do this to the Young Master.

Give me a few days.

Or just give me one day to think about it.

I just need some time!

How can we not accept this proposal?

How can we do that?


We will do as you wish.

Dear... dear!

What... what have you done?

Marriage is one of the most important
decisions in one's life.

I will give you one day.

Thank you!
Thank you, Father!

- You may leave us.
- No, this is not possible!

- Seok Ran! Seok Ran!
- That's enough.


We're just sending the letter tomorrow
instead of today, that's all!

You're telling me
the letter was a proposal?

What did you think it was?

They said it was a letter
asking about his health?

Oh, Miss!

Tell the Young Master that
the proposal response...

... will be sent tomorrow
as Official Yu is unwell.

- The proposal response?
- Where is Mr. Hwang?

- He's probably at Jejoongwon...
- Miss!

Where are you going?


Mr. Hwang...

I read this book yesterday...

A hundred years ago in France,
after a chaotic riot,

... officials, doctors, lawyers and artists
all became respected citizens.

I see...

And twenty years ago,
America abolished slavery...

... and declared that all men were equal.

Isn't that amazing?

Yes, it is amazing.

I heard about what happened
in America from Dr. Allen.

The world is changing.
And Korea is changing too.

My father once mentioned this.

He said that just a few years ago,

... no one would have thought
Jejoongwon would exist.

I never imagined
I would be working there.

I think that if we dream about something
and work hard at it, it will come true.

That's why these days,

I feel like I can overcome any obstacle.

I just...
I just thought I would mention that.

Yes, I see.


I received a proposal
from Young Master Do Yang.

I know.

My father said he would send
a response tomorrow.

But I told him that
I will not marry the Young Master.

Don't you have anything to say to me?

What do you think I should do?

- Don't you have something to tell me?
- What?

I heard the story from His Majesty.

So you forged my signature in order
to save Official Yu?

Director, I was wrong to do that.

But it was a matter of life and death,
and I didn't have the time to think about it.

You didn't have the time to think about it,
but you certainly planned it very well.

You are a man to be feared, Mr. Baek.

But it's the truth that the sulfur
was brought in for medical purposes!

And I told you Allen never
informed me of such a thing!

But we found the witness!

We should have brought
the witness to you first.

But we didn't have the time to do so.

Please try to understand.

Official Yu is like a father to me.

If it were your own father who was
false accused and imprisoned...

What would you have done?

I did it to save someone's life.

Please try to understand my motives.

If I hadn't lied,
you would have been severely punished.


That's right.
I lied to His Majesty for you.

I lied too.

Thank you, Director!
Thank you!

No need to thank me.

I'm allowing this because a witness existed.

And I sent Allen a letter
asking for confirmation.

But if his response had come,

... Officlal Yu's release
might have been delayed.

I see.
I didn't know you did all that.

I place utmost importance on rules.

Yes, I'm aware of that.

If something like this ever happens again,
and you act without consulting me first,

... there will be no forgiveness for you.

Yes, Director.

So, did you bring the response?

Yes, well, they said that Official Yu is unwell
and they will send the response tomorrow.

Is that so?
I see.

Mr. Hwang, did you hear about this too?

I've proposed to Seok Ran.

The lines are strong and bold.
What an impressive painting.

It seems your painting has improved
since you visited Qing China.

Your paintings of orchids are very good.
I like them very much.

I am ashamed to set them before you.

Excessive humility isn't sincere.

If you're ashamed of your paintings,
how can others reveal theirs?

Am I right?

Yes, My Queen.

Your Majesty,
why have you summoned me?

- It is about Jejoongwon.
- Has something happened?

I heard about Official Yu's situation...

Metacarpals, phalanges...
low batch... two centers. OK?

We will soon be taking the exams.

If you pass the exams...

You will diagnose and treat patients...

... under the direction of myself
and Dr. Horton.

And for the student
with the highest marks...

He will be given a special allotment
of time to receive your own patients.

In addition, he will be allowed
to assist me...

... in the cataract surgery scheduled
after the exams.

- It'll be between Mr. Baek and Mr. Hwang.
- It's each man to his own!

Do Yang, you can do it, right?

Who knows?
I'll just try my best.

- Mr. Hwang?
- Yes.

You are aware you have yet to complete
your medical examinations.

If you do not complete them,
you will be failed.


Are the patients coming here?

Yes, the bias on western medicine
has changed.

There are many people seeking diagnosis,
as well as patients being admitted here.

We also have many foreign patients.

That is really good news.

Still, His Majesty is worried
about Jejoongwon.

I see.

Your medical expertise
is not of any worry,

... but His Majesty is concerned
about everything else.

That is why he sent me here
for an inspection.

Is there anything
I can do to help you?

Jejoongwon will be doing
a cataract surgery soon,

... and I would like
to make it a public one.

Aren't cataracts when the eyes cloud over
and cause blindness?

You're saying that the patient
will see after surgery?

Yes, that's right.

Then we should make Jejoongwon
the national expert in that particular surgery!

- How did it go?
- How did what go?

The proposal! Did you tear it up
when you caught up with it?


Then what are you going to do?

I have to focus on my studies.
The exams are drawing near.

Mr. Hwang, have you been well?

Your Excellency, how have you been?

I've been fine.
I heard you are doing well here.

- Please don't say that.
- I heard it's exam time soon.

You came in as a substitute
for the first exam,

... but you must place highest marks
this time around!

There are many others who are better.

Mr. Hwang will surely pass
with highest marks.

- Please don't worry about him.
- Yes, of course he will.

Oh, I have something for you.

It's a letter from Allen.

It has already been several months
since I left Korea.

But I can still imagine it
like it was yesterday.

I remember Mak Saeng's kimchi
at every meal.

But I remember you the most, Mr. Hwang.

My departure from Jejoongwon was sudden,
but I was never worried.

That was because you are there.

Mr. Hwang, I miss you very much.

In fact, I think it may be a good idea
for you to come study in America.

It would be better
if you came with Seok Ran,

... as there are many opportunities here.

I really miss Dr. Allen.


Why don't you take this letter and use it
as an excuse to go see Miss Seok Ran?

Why don't you ask her to go to America
with you and see what she says?

Please come in.
Seok Ran, wake up.

- Who is she, Madam?
- This is her. What do you think?

Where have you been hiding
this pretty girl?

What are you doing?

Your rounded hips look like
they will bear many children!

Of course! Of course!

I've always been sad that...

... she was my only child
due to my weak constitution.

Why don't you look into
their marriage horoscope too?

Have they sent the
Young Master's horoscope?

How can they when we haven't
even sent the response?

Then why are you doing
the marriage horoscope?

Why delay when we know his details?

- Mother!
- How is it? Are they well-suited?

You're a perfect match!

What? Seok Ran,
she said it's a perfect match!

Your marriage will be full of
wedded bliss and peace!

Earth and tree will meet,
creating mountains and vast plains.

Honor and reputation
will soar past the heavens!

- Glory and majesty will enter the family!
- Glory and majesty!

- I feel like dancing again!
- Please Madam, restrain yourself.

Sons and daughters will spread out
and return to you with filial piety.

Prosperity and wealth will be with you,

... and you will be full of joy
for a hundred years!

What a great horoscope!

What about their suitability in bed?


Don't you know how important that is?

- Hey! Mak Saeng, follow her.
- Yes, Madam.

So this is where you were.

I went out all the way to the main road!

Miss, I know how you feel.

But your marriage has
already been decided.

- I want to be alone.
- I know you're upset.

I'm upset too.

A real man should have made a big fuss!

You can't get married!
I'll take care of you! Or kill me first!

He should have said
something like that, right?

I said I want to be alone.

Then let me ask you one question.

You really don't want to marry
Young Master Do Yang?

This is bad!
You're completely lovestruck!

Do Yang, you know something?

I don't like the fact that they said
they will respond tomorrow.

Don't worry about that and study.
I'm worried you're going to fail.

I'm good at test-taking, you know?

You need to stop studying and
find out about that response.

I just have a bad feeling, that's all.

Official Yu may be unwell,
but his hand is fine!

I told you to go back to studying!

As your good friend,
I hope you don't marry her.

But if your proposal is rejected,

... what shame and dishonor
that will be for your family!

Let's study. We need to study.
Study all night!

We are closed for the day,
but you may come in one at a time.

We're not here to see you.

- We want Mr. Hwang to see us
- Yes, call him for us.

- Oh, Mr. Hwang!
- Control yourself!

Mr. Hwang.

Mr. Hwang, we were sent her
to be examined by our manager.

You weren't able to finish
your medical examinations...

... because you were helping her, remember?

Thank you.

But I was about to leave Jejoongwon
to finish my medical examinations.

Please see Director Heron and
Dr. Horton for your medical needs.

That's not fair!
Girls, let's leave!

We'll just have Mr. Hwang
examine us outside then!

Let's go!

What should we do?

We cannot turn patients away.

But Mr. Hwang is still only
a medical student.

The medical examination is
one of my exam topics.

And the patient has a right
to choose her doctor.

That's right!

I can't even work!

When I think of him,
my heart just goes pitter patter!

I have no energy!

And when I see him,
I can't even say what I want!

I'm not usually like this.
You know that, right?

Yes, of course.
Please go on.

If someone looks like him,
I wonder if it's him.

If I see the cup he drank from,
I think about him!

- Sometimes I don't want to continue living!
- That's right!

It's so frustrating,
but I don't know what the diagnosis is!

Don't you know?
It's called lovesickness!

Of course that's what it is!

Will I die from this?

Then how is this lovesickness treated?

That can only be cured
by the person himself!

- Work it out amongst yourselves!
- Hey!

Am I wrong, Mr. Hwang?

Oh... yes...

Lovesickness is untreatable with medicine.

Love can only be treated by
the person involved.

What is the problem today?

Please see if I have some lung condition!

Here you all were, ladies!

- You can't come in here!
- What's with the exposed skin?

Here, please take this.
We'll all chip in to buy it for you.

No, it's all right.

I don't wear a suit,
so I don't need one.

But you rescued our manager
and treated all of us today!

It is I who should be grateful.
I'm really all right.

Dr. Horton, don't you think
this ring is pretty?


- You didn't have that before!
- It's an engagement ring. I'm engaged.

They must send rings in the west
instead of a proposal letter?

In the West, a man gives a woman a ring
when he proposes.

He gets on one knee, declares his love,
and then asks her to marry him.

You're saying a man will kneel
in front of a woman?

How dashing!
I should have been born in the west!

As you all can tell,
my face is very western.

And my body too!

- Western women are so lucky.
- What an embarrassing way to propose!

- What a travesty!
- That's the least a man should do!

I think western men are
so dashing and manly!

So what if they're dashing?
My chances are gone now.

When you girls get proposed to,

... make sure you are kneeled before
and offered rings.

Aren't those twin rings?

Those are worn by married women!

Have you already bought them
for Seok Ran?


These belonged to my mother.

They're my most cherished treasure.

After the wedding,
I'm going to put them on her finger.

Do whatever you want.

Where are you going?
Aren't you going to study?

Just studying isn't going to help you pass.

You need skill and strategy.

I promised I'd meet your uncle
at the gisaeng house for a meeting.

I'll be back.

- What is this?
- You were in this pose for an hour.

The title of this artwork is
"The Thinking Hwang Jung".

Is that me?

What.. what is that?
Are those gunshots?

What the hell?
Something bad must be happening!

Hwang, hide yourself!

The Qing soldiers set those off
so that their chief will get better quickly!

I miss playing on the roof.
Don't you, Master?

You're not aware of this,

.. but these fireworks were the reason
I found you at the riverbed.

My hands are warm now, aren't they?

Because of you...

... my hands are warm again.

You know how I wanted
to tell you something just now?

I wished that it would forever
remain a secret.

Perhaps I am being too greedy
when I don't deserve to be.

No, you're not.
My wish was the same as your wish.

Today, I received a proposal
from Young Master Do Yang.

But I told my father that
I will not marry him.

My father said he would send
a response tomorrow.

Don't you have anything to say to me?

What do you think I should do?

My father said he would send
a response tomorrow.

Please open the door!
I am Hwang from Jejoongwon!

Please open the door!


Oh dear... I really don't know
if this is the right thing to do!

I... I don't know anything!

- What brings you here at this hour?
- I have something to say to you.

I... I received a letter from Dr. Allen today.

And... and I finished
the medical examinations today.

That's good.

Mi... Miss...!



Please marry me.

Confucius says "If one has faults,
do not hesitate to correct them".

Why are you here? I thought you
were going to the gisaeng house?

This is bad!
Lord Min is here!

So what if he has?

How can you be so calm?

Don't you realize this is bad news?

Why is that bad news?
Besides, I heard that he already left.

Yes, but something's wrong.
He is back here with guards!

- Why?
- How should I know?

Oh, who do we have here?
Greetings, Lord Min.

- We heard you were overseas, Excell...
- Seize them!

- What.. what is going on?
- Why... why are you doing this?

Your Excellency, you must not do this!

There is confidential matters
in those chests!

Don't worry about that.
We are the only ones who will look at them.

I see. In that case,
we will leave you to it.

Why don't we stay together tonight?

Will you? In that case,
I will leave you two to it.

Are you not an administrator here too?


Do Yang!
There is big trouble!

You stink of alcohol! Don't you know
it's bad to run when drunk?

That's not important right now!

I came back here to get your uncle,

... and he was being interrogated
by Lord Min!

- Interrogated for what?
- I don't know that!

I'm sure they'll find something though!

How can you sleep at a time like this?

Look at this!

There are glaring differences
in the inventory!

Where did all the medicine go to?

Did they fly up or sink into the ground?

Well, I'm innocent.

You're clueless.

I don't have a choice.
I was going to turn a blind eye, but...!

He confessed to everything.
He confessed when offered clemency.

Is that so?

Did you hear that?
You will need to prepare yourself!

Con.. confess?
Confess to what?

- Guard him carefully. Let's go!
- Yes sir!

Your Excellency!

I didn't spend all the money myself,
you know?

He is insisting he doesn't know anything.

I would tell you if I did!

- Isn't that so, Excellency?
- That is enough.

Look, wasn't I right?

- Arrest this man immediately!
- Yes sir!

- What are you saying, Excellency!
- Insolent fool!

Administrator Baek confessed that
you sold medicine and spent the money together!

Spend the money together?

I didn't know that the medicine was stolen!

Yes, that's what he told us you would say.

And he said you framed Hwang Jung
for the explosion.


He said I framed him?
Then did he tell you this too?

That he purposely failed Hwang Jung
by stealing his exam?

What did you say?

Your Excellency, this is all my fault.
Please punish me!

Do Yang...

I came right away when
I heard you were released.

You must not be fully recovered yet either.

- In any case, thank you.
- I'm glad all this is over.

- Yes, I know.
- Why is Seung Yeon here?

Did her husband's family send her here
to look after you?

Would such a thing happen?

They terminated the marriage.

You mean he divorced her?

Oh no...!

Is Seok Ran aware of this?

No, I haven't had the chance.

She is at home.
Come and visit.

Yes sir.

It was a mistake
to marry her off so quickly...

... just because a noblemen
asked for her hand.

I should have let her do
what she wanted like Seok Ran.

Father, I'm all right. And besides,
I'm doing what I want now.

I am teaching English to girls
with a missionary.

I will be going to America with him
to study there.

That is good to hear.

You may have dinner
after you write the response.

I don't think I can digest dinner
unless that letter is written.

You had your one day.
Did you think things through?


I will not marry the Young Master.

What did you just say?

I have someone else in my heart.

Seok Ran!

I want to be able to have
a relationship with him.

A relationship?

What kind of relationship can
a man and woman have?

Who is this man?

Is he from a better family
than the Baek family?

Is he better-looking?

It's not that Mr. Hwang, is it?

Dear, you should...

He needs time before he can come here
to ask for my hand in marriage.

- Time?
- Yes.

That is why I want to be in a relationship
with him first, so that he is given that time.

Your friend, Seung Yeon...

Have you heard that she is divorced?

She is?

I remember her mother boasting...

... about how she married her daughter
into a noble family!

That is why I don't think
Seok Ran's idea is a bad one.

Dear, why are you likening
Seok Ran to Seung Yeon?

I heard that in Qing China,

... men and women have relationships
prior to marriage.

They exchange letters and thoughts.

And they use that time
to confirm their feelings for one another.

That's right.

I'm allowing this because I trust you.

But others may not agree.

This is something that our country
is not yet prepared to accept.

That is why you must pay
more heed to your actions.

You will report your coming and goings
when you are out with him.

- Do you understand?
- Yes, Father.

We have warm water
in the kitchen, you know?

- Pinch me.
- What?!

I don't know if I'm dreaming or not.

You know I'm strong, right?
You might die.

That's why I'm asking you!

Don't regret it.

That's going to bruise.

Are you trying to kill me?
That really hurts!

I'm not dreaming.
I'm really not dreaming!

Have you gone mad?

I don't care I am.

What is it?

Have you decided to run away
with Miss Seok Ran?

You got a letter from Dr. Allen.
Are you going to run away to America?

- If so, you'll die by my hand.
- It's nothing like that.

Then don't go around grinning like that.
The mood is dark around here.

Did something happen?

The police dragged
the administrators away!

- Why?
- What would a mere gatekeeper know?

Hey, you haven't received anything
after that picture, right?

I haven't been able to go see your father
to ask him about that!

Mr. Hwang!

Lord Min is asking for you.

The administrators were nominated
by Mr. Baek and appointed by myself.

We will both have to accept
the consequences.

They did some bad things for Mr. Baek.

But the investigation revealed
that he was unaware of their actions.

And their act of switching
Mr. Hwang's answer during the entrance exam,

... was their crooked way of
showing Baek Do Yang their care for him.

- My answer?
- Yes.

That is why you didn't make the list.

The administrators will have to be fired.

- No, that will not be possible.
- But that is not right.

Jejoongwon must be run by the rules
as long as I am here...

Whatever the situation,
the administrators are government employees.

That means that I will be the one
who will fire them.

Then do so.

Director, if they are repentant,
please give them another chance.

I'm sure they will do
a good job going forward.

Please give them another chance.



Chief! Chief!
Come over here, please!

You're going to kill me!
Can you just pretend to hit me?

- I'll return the favor someday!
- I'm sorry.

But the men who are
beating you aren't mine.

They don't take orders from me.

Lord Min has been merciful enough to
just punish you with twenty strokes each,

... so bear with it.

But I'm going to die of pain!
How can I bear another eighteen strokes!

You should be grateful that Hwang Jung
asked Lord Min for mercy on your behalf.

If it weren't for him, you would have
been deranked and exiled!

Come now.
You must grin and bear it.

- Three!
- Chief!

This is so humiliating!

- This is all because of your greed!
- What?

We're in this mess
because you opened your big, fat mouth!

- I will not forget this!
- I should be the one saying that!

Please... be gentle...!

- He is waiting for you at the teahouse.
- I see.

- Here. Go and eat something while you wait.
- Thank you!

Please accept my apologies.

But we will not be able
to accept your proposal.

May... may I ask why?

We are grateful for your proposal.

But while it was a great honor,
it was also a heavy burden.

That is why we could not
respond immediately.

I know this is unexpected.

But I hope you understand
why our response is no.

It will be better for you to have
in-laws of better consequence and noble blood.

What about Seok Ran?
What is her opinion?

Seok Ran agrees with me.

It appears I have caused you discomfort
with my unexpected proposal.

Please accept my apologies.

No, it is I who should apologize.

Young Master.

Miss says she can't come out.

What shall I do?

What can I do to ask for forgiveness
so that you will understand?

No matter how much
I ponder about this,

I cannot accept your heart.

Please forgive me.

Mr. Baek.

Have you prepared well for the exam?

Not so well.

We must place first so that we can
assist in the cataract surgery,

... and be given time to receive
our own patients.

That is enticing,
but placing first will not be easy.

But we must strive our best.

I want to place first.

That is the path to becoming
Korea's first western doctor.


That is one of the reasons why
I abandoned my plans to go to America...

... in order to study at Jejoongwon.

Then what is the other reason?

It was Seok Ran.

If that's the reason...

Then I will have to strive my best too.

Your nose...!

Tilt your head back.

- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

Tell Chilbok to give this to Mr. Hwang.

You... you're really something!

Take care not to break them!

Hwang, lend me a pencil.

- No!
- But mine are blunt!

I'll lend you my knife...
Give them to me, I'll sharpen it for you.

Forget it.
I didn't know you were so selfish.


- Did everyone study hard for the exam?
- Yes...

- Then we will begin the exam.
- Wait.

Before I give you the exam,
everybody will please stand up.


- Please exchange seats as I order.
- Yes, Director.

Get up!
The Director wants us to get up!

Damn it!

What is the problem?

Well, I've had diarrhea since this morning.

You have a fever.
Do you have aches or nausea?

No, I don't even catch colds!

- Do you have abdominal pain?
- No.

Was your movement white
or gray in color or oily?

What? It just looked like diarrhea.

But there was blood...

- Blood in your diarrhea?
- Yes, I have hemorrhoids too.

- Did you eat any rotten food?
- Yes, I think so.

That's good enough.

"Food Poisoning"

There is no such as white diarrhea!

And besides, you have to eat oil
to have oily diarrhea!

Yes, there is only one color for diarrhea
and that's diarrhea-color!

Yes, that's right!
But you know, I had blood in it.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

And I have hemorrhoids.
Do you want to see?

Well, I am in the middle of an exam,
but show me after it's over.

Did the others have the same symptoms?

Yes, every one of them!

- What did you all eat?
- Eat? We just drank water.

All my neighbors have the same problem!

All the villagers have diarrhea
from drinking water?

Yes, that's right!

Did the others have blood
in their diarrhea too?

I don't know that. It's not like
I went around peeking at their diarrhea.

Yes, of course not!

- Thank you for your time.
- Thank you.


It's up there!
It's on the wall!

Rushing over there isn't going
to change the result!

Your cheat sheet got confiscated, right?

Yes, but I don't think
Dr. Horton told the Director.

She's a nice lady.

Second place, Go Jang Goon!

Long live Go Jang Goon!

I got third place!
I'm paying for drinks tonight!

Damn it, I'm seventh place!

Are you crying? It's all right.
Sometimes you can't win them all.

Let's see now!

Yoon Jae Wook - Retest

That Horton told on me!

What are you looking at?

Fourth place - Baek Do Yang

Highest Mark - Hwang Jung

Hwang Jung


Do Yang!


I did well on the exam
because of your pencils.

I would just sit there, and the answers
would just write themselves!

I really didn't expect it.

I didn't do well on medical
examination or anatomy.

But you got an A+ in
medical examination.

The other students probably lost
a lot of points here.

But I took so long in
finishing the examinations.

But you're probably the only one
who got the correct diagnosis.

You're going to see your own patients now
and assist in the new surgery!


This is to commemorate
your achievements!

What is this?

I wonder what it is?

These are rice cakes!
It's made with azaleas.

When we ate the azaleas that morning,
I wanted to make these for you.

They're so pretty.
I can't bear to eat them.

I made them
so they probably don't taste good.

But you should eat them anyway!

I... I'll eat them...

They're really delicious!

You're not joking, right?

- They're delicious!
- I told you so.

You know, let's just forget it!

Who cares about being a doctor anyway?

This is Hwang Jung's revenge.

He switched your answers to humiliate you.

If not, how is it possible that
you only made it to fourth place?

How dare they try to fail me!

I'm positive that Horton told on me!

There's no way I would have failed
if that hadn't happened!

But what shall we do with you?

He took your spot as first place...
And your woman...


What... what happened?

Korea's First Cataract Public Surgery

Hwang, have you seen Mr. Baek?

- No, I haven't.
- I haven't seen him here lately.

Perhaps it's because classes are over.

But I heard he's been seen
drinking all day at the gisaeng house.

I'm sure he'll be here for the surgery.

He won't miss the opportunity to learn
how to perform cataract surgery.

We've finished cleaning
the operating room.

They want you outside
since the guests are here.

Doctor, will you reveal
the butcher's identity today?

No. We need to watch
the cataract surgery first.

I must learn it so that I can do it
at our hospital.

Then after the surgery...?

That's right.

We must first take care of our needs
before we conclude this matter of Hwang Jung.

- I leave the rest to your imagination.
- I can see it already.

Bill it to the embassy.

Move aside!

Everyone seems to be here.
Let's go inside.

Please go in without me.

I will go in when everything is settled here.

All right.

You filthy lowlife!
How dare you pollute the hospital?

If you're sick,
you should have just died!

Stomp on him!

Let's go see Dr. Allen together!

You lied to me and you lied to everyone.

His real name is Little Dog.
That means he's a son of a bitch!

What will happen to our Seok Ran?

I will accept all punishment for my crime.

- You promise we'll go?
- I promise.

But my father...!

Please let him have the surgery!