Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

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Episode 2

Six... Six Fingers...?

You will dissect that corpse.

Did... did you just say dissect?

Take that knife and cut open the stomach.

My... My Lord...

I... can't... I can't...

But this is what you do for a living.

Although I am an unworthy peasant,

how can you...
you ask me to dissect a corpse?

We must respect the dead.

That man is a criminal.

He was executed for his crimes.
Why not dissect him?

Cut open his stomach!

My.. My Lord...

Fool, you're determined to die, aren't you?

My Lord!

This man...

... is my friend.

Just take my life!

Take your life?

Are you saying you'd rather go to the Bureau?

Even though you'd be executed?

Take the knife!

Please forgive me!
I can't do this!

It's no use, My Lord.
I will execute him and bring another.

If he won't do it,
then we have no choice.

Don't blame me for your death.
Your crime is punishable by death.

Have mercy!
Have mercy!

Will you do it?

She may die as early as tomorrow
if she is not treated.

This is not even enough for today.
It will be more than a hundred yang.

His Lordship has asked you a question!
Will you do it or die?

- I'll do it.
- Of course you will.

Have you finished?

That seems to be the liver.

The liver is supposed to a light red color.

But his liver is the color of a rotting rat.

A bad liver....

This man will not have lived a long life
had he not been executed.

This has been a good lesson.

Did you say lesson?

How dare you speak?

I must be going. Return the organs
to the body and bury it somewhere.

Yes, My Lord.


We cannot bury him with
his stomach open like this.

Please allow me to sew him back together.

His body will rot in the ground.
Who cares if he's sewn up or not?


This man is my friend.

I don't have time to loiter around.

- Let him do as he wishes.
- My Lord?

Allow him to sew up the body.

Yes, My Lord.

You fool...

You fool...!

I wonder why we were summoned?

Why have we been called out this late?

East Building
Royal Institute of Education

Go! Go!

- Baek Do Yang!
- What is it?

There are rumors that students are leaving in the Institute at night.

I am monitoring this.

Where have you been?

I was visiting a sick friend.

Is that so?

- What is this?
- That's...!

Treatise on Physiology

This is erotica to you, is it?

The country pays for you to study,
eat and sleep at the Institute.

But you abuse it to read this filth
and wander out of the Institute?

I will call a council to discuss how
you should be dealt with!

Are you finished?

I'm almost finished...

- Why are you doing this?
- You have completed your work.

Please have mercy, Sir!
I did not see anything today!

How can I trust you?

You lowlifes always cause complications
when your lives are spared.

You will not suffer.
Go in peace.

Japanese Embassy

Hello? Anybody there?
Open the door!


I brought the money!

The patient is not here.


She died right after you left.


Jak Dae!

Her condition was too advanced.
We couldn't do much.

Open your eyes.
I said open your eyes!

Where have you been, Little Dog?

What did you do to your mother?
What have you done?

- Don't do this, Uncle.
- Say something!

What are you doing here?

We haven't turned on the heating.
You must be cold.

- Hey, Little Dog...!
- What are you doing?

Father, they said they can treat her.

- Let's go, Mother.
- Little Dog, don't do this.

Why are you stopping me?
You don't think I have money?

It's money.

He said he could treat her if we brought money!
You heard him too, right?

- I have money, so he'll treat her.
- Where did you get this money?

Let's go, Mother.

- Don't be like this. She's passed on.
- No! No!

Let's go.

Where are you taking her?
Have you lost your mind?



- Do something!
- Little Dog!

You wish to go out of the palace incognito?

Yes, I wish to hear what the people have to say.

I am curious as to how sick people are being helped
since the Office of Public Aid was closed.

Who will you choose to accompany you?

Kim Ok Gyun and Hong Young Shik.
(King Go Jong)

Your Majesty, did they approach you first?
(The Queen)

That is correct.

Those men belong to the Gaehwapa Faction.
(Gaehwapa - Modernization/Reform faction)

I suspect their motives.

Do not worry so much.
It is merely a visit outside the Palace incognito.

I will be back before you know it.

Your Majesty, this is where
they perform western medicine.

That is correct. Western medicine is still new to us.
(Hong Young Shik)

That is why the patients are few.
But soon they will come here for treatment.

Your Majesty, we can go in if you wish.
(Kim Ok Gyun)

I know the doctor in charge.

Perhaps another time.
Let's go.

I feel the need to establish a hospital quickly.

But we have yet to find
a doctor who is qualified.

Your Majesty, we must take one step at a time.

- Do you have a solution?
- Can we not enlist the help of Japan?

In order to embrace new changes,
we must make compromises.


You don't mean submission?

Your Majesty, you must accept that
Japan has become a great power.

He's right, your Majesty.
Korea cannot remain an isolated country forever.

If Japan is Asia's England,
then we must become Asia's France.

You're lucky it's not worse.

- You shouldn't walk for the time being.
- All right.

- What has happened?
- Oh, Officer Jung.

A man gathering herbs
found this ghastly body.

Ghastly body?

- But this body is...!
- Yes, it's the body of the man you executed.

- I don't understand!
- I'm sure there's a reason.

Why is his stomach all sewn up?

I suspect his organs were removed.

How could that be?

Why would anyone remove
a dead man's organs?

I heard some lepers
use organs for medicine.

So this is the work of lepers...?

I agree.
There are lots of lepers in the city...

No. No.

I don't think so.
Look, the cut is straight and even.

And see how the stitches are evenly spaced.

Those with leprosy are disfigured
and cannot move their limbs freely.

How could they cut a man like this?

In that case...

This is the work of a butcher.

But, not just any butcher.

This has to be the work of an illegal butcher.

He is guilty of defiling a dead body.

You will file a report and dispatch all forces
necessary to catch this despicable fellow.

This case must be solved as quickly as possible.

Yes, sir!

Don't cover her with dirt.

Don't cover her with dirt!

It will get in my mother's face!

Don't get dirt in her face!

Don't cover her with dirt!

Not in her face...!


Don't be sick anymore, Mother.

- Seize that fellow!
- Yes, sir!

Get him!

- Little Dog!
- Why are you doing this?

Get him!



This way!

We lost him, sir.

He must have wings for feet.
He was so fast!

Why are you doing this, sir?

Have we done something wrong?

Tell me where your son might be hiding!

Did... did my son commit a crime?

Did he commit a crime?

Were you aware that your son has been
working as an illegal butcher?

Illegal butcher?

That is impossible!
My son would never do such a thing!

Little Dog may have done so
for Auntie's medical fees...

That money...?

Oh no!

Are you telling me you didn't know
about his illegal activities?

- We had no idea!
- That boy... he's finally done it.

He has committed the unforgivable sin
against our ancestors!

Little Dog...
That bastard has ruined everything!

I deserve to die!
I have to die!

- I have to die! I have to die!
- Uncle! Uncle!

Let me be!
I have to die! I have to die!

Korea's Royal Education Institute

Baek Do Yang!
You have defiled your mind with prohibited reading.

But you are unrepentant and therefore
have shamed your fellow scholars.

Thus all of us have unanimously voted to
erase your name from our register forever.

You are thereby expelled from the Institute!

You have already passed the sentence,
so what do you want from me?

What... what?
You are still unrepentant...?

Our nation Chosun is at the edge of turmoil
with the changing of times.

A scholar must leave if there is no one
who understands his thinking.

You impudent rascal!

How dare you bring shame to our house!
How dare you utter such nonsense at the Institute!

Do Yang!
Get on your knees and beg for forgiveness!

Brother, it's my fault for not guiding him.
Let me speak to him.

- Bring the fire!
- Yes, Brother, burn it up!

Do Yang, let's burn up those ideas of yours
and start anew!

Maybe we shouldn't burn them all...

If you ever bring western books into
this house again, I will disown you!

I'll speak with the Institute,
all you have to do is...

Hey, Do Yang, what are you...?

Forgive me, Father,
but I cannot do this.

How dare you...?

Western thinking is scientific truth.

Why can't you understand that
this will soon become Chosun's truth?

- Or are you just pretending not to?
- What... what?

Isn't it because men in power like yourself
don't want the world to change?

- Because you want to keep that power?
- How dare you...!

You're really being disrespectful, boy!

Kick me out then.

Like you did to Mother.

Are you crazy?
Brother, Do Yang must be delirious...

You chased out my mother solely because
her family studied western thinking.

I remember that day very well.

Your arrogance caused her misery and death!

- You... Get out of my house!
- Fine!

I'll do that shortly.

Because I won't let you ruin my life too.



Is Little Dog here?

Thank you.

It's me... it's me.

- Cha Tae...
- The police bureau is everywhere!

- How's Father? Is he all right?
- Yes.

But the police are watching him very closely.
He says you need to run away.

He doesn't want to see you again.

How could you do something like that?

Let's leave. This place isn't safe either.

Hurry up!

Forgive me, Father...

Let's go.
We have to leave the city by today.

Let's go.
Let's go!


Let us hurry.

- We won't get far like this.
- Then what?

- Shut up and follow me.
- Where are you going?

Shut up and just come with me!

I'm a crazy man with nothing to lose!
So after we leave...

- Around 2?
- Around 2.

- Isn't 1 better? Move only after 1, all right?
- 1 o'clock.

- I heard you.
- You heard me?

Yes sir!

Let's go.


What are you doing?
Are you crazy?

Please buy yourself some clothes.

We need that money for Jaemulpo!

Shut up and follow me.

Please forgive us.

- Don't move!
- Hurry up!

Put that away!

Hey, you really look like a nobleman
dressed up like that!

You really should have been a nobleman!


Why are you getting dressed?

Don't you think I look better
in these clothes too?

- Go back home!
- Hey!

You'll be in danger if you come with me!

I'm a criminal now too!


And besides, a nobleman needs a servant.

Isn't that so, Master?

- I said no. Go back home!
- Enough.

I'll only go with you to Jaemulpo.

By the way, what's my name?

- Thanks.
- What's my name?

- Yi Gwak.
- Yi Gwak?

It's a good name.
What do the characters mean?

Let's see here.

Yi is the family name,
and Gwak is the given name.

Gwak as in gastroenteritis.

What does that mean?

Do you remember that time when you had
food poisoning and you leaked from top and bottom?

That was gastroenteritis, you buffoon.

What the hell kind of name is that?

But it's still better than Jak Dae*

- What about your name?
- Don't care.

Hwang... Jung.

Hwang Jung?

That's definitely better than Little Dog.

What does Jung mean?

- It means Long March.
- That's a really good name!

You know I was really curious.
What does your name mean?

It means small-sized dog.

You mean a son of a bitch?

Yes, I'm a son of a bitch.

Sorry, sorry. So this whole time
I've been calling you a son of a bitch...?

I'll start calling you by your new name.
Hwang Jung. Master Hwang Jung.

- That's really good.
- We're wasting time. Let's go.

My master's books are in really good condition.

What's this?

- Is this for sale too?
- No, it's not. Forgive me, Master.

He acts like he looks.

We're all men here.

That's right!

These books are in good condition,
but the demand for them is low.

But they are good books.

May I take a look?


- Change this to one with clean pages.
- Yes, My Lord.

- They look like they've been singed.
- Yes, an accident.

Doctrine on Internal Medicine...?

Experiments on Organs, Theory on Gravity,
Treatise on Western Medicine...

You must be interested in Western thinking.

I... I am interested...
but I am not knowledgeable...

This is a book about human anatomy.

It teaches the human body in detail.

Are these human organs then?

That reminds me.
The Bureau found a decapitated body.

Someone had taken out the organs
and then sewn them back in.

What was the reason they did such a thing?

The rumor is that the organs
were sold to the lepers.

But they have to find
the criminal for the truth.

The police are everywhere
trying to find the culprit.

They said that the punishment will be severe.

Is that so?

I really should head off.
Take care of these books.

I thought he was going to buy them!

We should leave too.
How much will you give us?

- All right then. Let's see here.
- Please give us a good amount.

We're... in a rush.

One of them had small eyes...
and a mole!

What is it?

These men had their clothes stolen.

- What?
- It's them!

- Draw another set of these!
- Yes, sir.

We heard them referring to Jaemulpo.


Sir, someone is here to see you.

What happened?

- Forgive me. I lost him.
- What?

What will you do if he gets caught
and confesses?

You will be first to be found out,
and then who do you think will be next?

I will take care of it.
You will never be implicated.

He might know who I am,
even though he may not have seen my face!

Please do not worry yourself.
I am searching for him.

But you're not the only one!
The entire Police Bureau is searching for him!

I know his destination.

You will find him today
no matter what it takes.

I will wait for you at the shack.

Yes, My Lord.

And heed my words.

I am not involved in this matter in any way.

Of course, My Lord.

When we get to Jaemulpo,
shall we just go all the way and leave this country?

Let's go see the world!

Stop sprouting nonsense,
and get ready to turn back.

She's pretty...

He should be here any moment.

I'm sure he'll be on the next boat.

You got the correspondence
saying he'll arrive today.

My Lord, what did you say the name
of that foreign physician was?

Doctor Allen.

What a funny-sounding name.

Horace Allen

Dol-dol! Dol-dol!


Let me help you.
I can help, please give me the boy.

- Go away! Help me!
- I can help him!

How dare you touch her!

- What's wrong with him? Dol-dol!
- I can help him!

Korean bread...

Dol-dol! Dol-dol!

Thank you, sir! Thank you!

It's okay, you're welcome.

I'm sorry.

Thank you.

- Allen, how do you do? Welcome.
- Mr. Yu, thank you.

Miss Yu. How do you do?

Nice to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.

How was your trip?

- It was interesting.
- It's a foreigner.

What the hell are they saying?

Step this way, please.

This way...

The air here is so clean.

I don't know who that young nobleman is,
but he sure is handsome!

Can't we come to an agreement?

We're done for today.

Come back tomorrow morning.

Please... I mean.. do something!

- I'm in a hurry.
- I said no.

My Lord, let's just come back tomorrow.
We can sleep in an inn and get some food.

- All right, My Lord?
- Sir... I mean, my good man...

How can anyone see through this disguise?
Let's go eat something!

- This is not the time to eat!
- We'll be back tomorrow!

I'm sorry.
We Koreans have lots of curiosity.

Not to worry.
I experienced the same in Shanghai.

Are you here for missionary work?

Seok Ran, what if someone understands you?

Sorry, Father.

No one understands that gibberish anyway.

I came to spread the gospel through medicine.
I'm a medical missionary.

- Korean cap.
- Like yours.

Did they cross the river?

No, they came after we closed.
I told them to come back tomorrow.

Is that so?

- This is a parasol.
- It's an umbrella.

But it's not even raining.

But it is pretty.

This isn't for rain.
It's to shade against the sun.

- I'd like to present this gift to your mother.
- Thank you...

"Thank you"
Is that right? "Thank you"?

And Mr. Yu, I have a gift for you as well.

This is a shaver for your beard.

Thank you very much.

And Miss Yu.

I prepared a gift for you as well.

This is a firecracker.

These are firecrackers!

- Have you seen these men?
- No, sir.

Thank you!

Now I can live!

Let's sleep now.

Now that I've eaten, I have to go.

Let's go visit the outhouse!

I might be bored in there.

Goodbye and thank you!

Have a seat right here!

Have you seen these men?

- Why are you looking for them?
- Have you seen them or not?

Mind if I share your room?

Come on in.

Now what do we have here?

Don't make me kill you here.

Where's the servant?

He dropped me off here and left.

He doesn't know anything.


Any wrong moves and this will breathe fire.

Now carry it.


Tie the rope around your leg.


Little Dog...!

Scared the daylights out of me!

The fireworks are really exciting!


Ladies aren't supposed to play with fire.
Let's clean up and go home.

What if your father finds out?

Father is too busy entertaining Dr. Allen.

What is the status?

You won't have to worry any longer.

- Are you certain?
- Yes, My Lord.

This one's defective!

I'm sure Dr. Allen paid
a lot of money for these too!

Who cares?
You didn't pay for it.

Let's light them all of them together
and then go home!

- What's this sound?
- I hear it too!

Miss! Miss!
Don't go!

- I have a bad feeling about this...
- Let go of me!

Miss! Miss!

Oh my goodness, it's a dead body!

It's bad luck for a decade
if you see such things!

I think I heard him moan.

Let's just leave him be.
I'm scared!

Wait a while!

Let him be!
Let's just go home, Miss!

He's still breathing!

He's the noblemen from this afternoon!

Excuse me! Excuse me!

H.. help...

We went to the trouble to bring him,
but it's too late.

Little Dog! Have you died?

- Uncle! Uncle!
- Little Dog! Little Dog!

If not the reform faction, then death!

We need your help.

Stop your father from entering the palace.

Don't you remember?
The riverside...

I saw a dead body once.

A gunshot victim?

In the west, one has to dissect three bodies
in order to become a doctor.

Perhaps they may have to
resort to stealing bodies.