Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Episode 1
Bring in the cow.
- Place the red cloth. - Yes, sir.
Sprinkle the flower seeds.
- Little Dog... - Yes, sir.
- I think he's inside. - Is that so?
Seize them!
- Take them all outside! - Yes, sir!
Show me your hands.
Did you hear me? Show me your hands!
Where is Six Fingers? Where is that bastard?
Why are you looking for him, Sir?
Why? What a stupid question!
That criminal... butchered cattle illegally!
My Lord, we chased him out a long time ago,
because he affected our butchery.
That's right! We won't tolerate the likes of him!
Please don't look for him here.
I think you fools have yet to truly understand me.
- Men! - Yes, sir!
- Beat them until they cooperate! - Yes, sir!
Sir! Have mercy!
Sir! Please! Please stop!
To people like us...
illegal butchery is murder.
Six Fingers disregarded this and slaughtered cattle illegally.
That damned... that damned son of a bitch...
should be lynched by us, not you!
So how can you accuse us of hiding him?
So please... please have mercy on us.
This knife is unclean.
Little Dog, you must not touch knives for a month.
You must be prudent and on guard.
If you are reckless and pay no heed, you will pay dearly.
- But Sir, if I don't use a knife... - Another will take your place.
Do not think of entering this place!
Hey, Little Dog!
He's doing this for your sake, so don't feel too bad.
In any case, how will you make a living now?
That's not my biggest worry.
Sixteen! Seventeen!
Eighteen! Nineteen!
They really got you, didn't they?
Well done. Here you go.
- My Lord! What is this? - What do you mean?
- It's your pay. - The price is one coin for one stroke.
Please give me what we agreed on.
My Lord...!
Do you think I like selling my backside for a few coins?
I really don't like it, you know!
This is all I have. Here you go!
If fate makes it so, we will see each other again.
Call me anytime! I will take good care of my backside!
Take care, Sir!
Little Dog, what are you doing?
Please wait a while, Mother!
Mother, drink this medicine.
Up you go, Mother!
What are you doing to afford this medicine every day?
I ran a few errands for a nobleman.
Drink the medicine.
Your concern alone should have cured me.
Of course you'll be cured! But this will make it faster. Drink up.
Drink up!
- Mother! - Oh no, the precious medicine...!
That's all right. Don't do that. There's lots of medicine left.
Little Dog! Are you inside?
- What is it? - Come out!
What is it? What's wrong, Little Dog?
Are you out of your mind?
- Father! - Where have you been?
Didn't the elder tell you to be prudent?
Let go!
- What? Ouch? - Father, not there, please...!
Who told you to sell your backside for money?
- Little Dog! - Let go.
Do you think the Elder will ever give you a job if he finds out about this?
Don't hit him! It's my fault. He did it to buy my medicine!
- Let me see! - No, Mother, I'm all right.
I should just die!
How could I drink that medicine?
I should just die!
Mother, are you all right?
Why did you have to drop the blade?
If you really want your mother to be cured, you should be more careful!
I was about to call for a shaman to exorcise the sickness from your mother.
How can her illness be cured by such superstition?
I don't know what those books of yours say!
But listen to your father and stay in your room!
No! I refuse to!
- Little Dog! - Where are you going, boy?
Madam, here you go. The meat is really fresh.
Little Dog! Come over here!
Good thing you're here. I was about to go see you.
- What's wrong with you? - It's nothing.
Have a drink.
There's a banquet at Lord Yu's house in three days.
- So? - Can you get me twenty pieces of beef?
You should talk to the Elder about that.
He said he can't give me such a big amount in such short notice.
Can you get me some?
- But I'm not supposed to work... - You can ask around, can't you?
All right, I'll ask him.
Thanks. And the beef should be about the size of my palm.
The thickness should be finger-width.
For what kind of dish?
What did he call it? Su... su... steak!
Su... su... what?
Who knows? It's a western-style banquet.
All the foreigners in Hansung will be there.
Merchants, soldiers... even a physician!
What's a physician?
A man who practices western medicine.
This foreigner cuts through skin and sew it back up!
Western medicine uses knives on people?
Yes, but they say it can bring dead people back to life!
You're joking!
Do I look like I'm joking?
They say that this physician can cure every disease!
Cure every disease...?
You said steak, right?
Seonggyungwan Korea's Royal Education Institute
(Reciting verses)
Hand it over.
- Master...! - That will be it for today.
You come with me.
This is a book on western medicine.
Don't you know that this type of book is prohibited and thus illegal?
This book is not inflammatory nor does it intend to cause dissension.
It is a book that describes the human anatomy.
Do you dare to challenge me?
- How could I...? - Silence!
There is no use talking to you. I will discuss with the Justice Minister.
I wonder if he'll be pleased?
I doubt Father will be pleased.
But I would prefer to tell Father about how great you are, Master.
You should be in a higher position, rather than as a teacher.
I would tell Father that this was a shame.
Yes, well, I think that you just looked at this book out of curiosity.
But you are right for admonishing me for not concentrating during class.
All right. You may leave.
What happened?
What did you get caught with?
It didn't seem like it was a curriculum book.
No, it wasn't.
It was erotica.
Since Master is engrossed in it, a season will pass before it's your turn.
Forgive me. I have matters to attend to.
1884, 20th year of Go Jong's reign
Don't chew them with your teeth. Suck on them until they melt.
One more?
Here, one more for you.
- Make sure to share them. - All right.
- Seok Ran! - Young Master!
I told you that a big heart can be a problem!
I received so much candy as gifts. You know I don't like sweets.
Want to try one?
No thanks. I don't like sweets either.
Let's go inside.
How dare you loiter here, peasant!
- What took you so long? Hurry! - I brought the beef.
Hurry up, I said!
This way!
Are they still raising the cow? Where is the beef?
No beef? Oh my God!
Mak Saeng!
My Lady! The beef is here!
- Put it down. - Let me see the meat.
It's fresh!
What did Seok Ran say to call her?
It's Ko Man.
Ko Man! Ko Man!
- Oh, come on! - Yes, Ko Man!
- Is that what you call steak? - Yes, steak.
Korean beef is really nice.
Of course our beef is the best.
Why do these foreigners like to fry their beef? Isn't it greasy?
Oh my God!
Treatise on Physiology?
Why are you looking for that book?
- He probably wants to become a physician. - Seok Ran...
I lost mine.
Aren't you showing a little too much interest in Western medicine?
I have been hearing rumors from the Royal Institute.
If the Justice Minister should hear about this...
Are you nagging me too?
Don't worry about me. Just help me like you've been doing.
- Seok Ran! - Yes, Father.
Go and find the book for the young master.
Yes, Father. Young Master...
It just flows out. I'm going to drink until I die.
Wait, they call this liquor Brand-something. Try it.
Drink it yourself. Drunk in broad daylight!
This is too good for you anyway.
My insides are on fire!
Are you going to keep staring at me?
I'm not looking at you. I'm testing the eyeglass.
It's good. I'm going to ask your father for this.
- That one is mine! - I see.
- Your book. - Thanks.
You have to move aside so I can leave.
And if I won't?
Ladies and gentlemen, attention please.
Our host, Translator Official Lord Yu, would like to say a word.
Thank you for coming.
It's a party to appreciate your efforts in a remote and foreign country.
And it is for our friendship.
Please help yourselves and enjoy to the fullest. Thank you.
Let's all raise a toast.
Watanabe-san! Watenabe-san!
- What's a physician? - A man who practices western medicine.
This foreigner cuts through skin and sew it back up!
You're so lucky.
You can choose to be an official or a physician.
Anything would have been possible for me if only I hadn't been born a woman.
Young Master! Young Master! Bad news!
Your friend has collapsed! Hurry!
That hurts!
Don't you need to anesthetize him?
I cannot anesthetize him because he is drunk.
It can cause him to die.
Jae Wook! Jae Wook!
He's over here.
- Are you all right? - It hurts.
- That hurts! - What happened?
- He had a drinking challenge with the foreigners. - What?
I heard you can sew human skin, but you can do the same to the head?
That's right.
The skin on the head is the same as the skin on the body.
This is Dr. Watanabe from the Japanese Royal Hospital.
Are you the doctor known as Japan's Hippocrates?
You're embarrassing me!
I am honored to make your acquaintance.
What are you thinking about?
- Little Dog... - Yes, Mother?
I asked you what you were so deep in thought about?
I saw something really amazing today.
Something amazing?
There was this Japanese doctor named Watanke or something or other...
He saved someone's life today and it was really amazing.
Fire came from his hands!
Then he pierced him with a needle full of water.
And his head? Let's say this is someone's head.
He sewed it up like this!
What nonsense. How can that be possible?
I saw it with my own eyes!
Yes, you would never lie to me.
So Mother...
I heard of this hospital near Namsan. I want to take you there sometime.
I'm fine. I'm already better just drinking your medicine.
- There's no need to go. - Yes I know, but still...
Your sewing is getting better than my own.
How can I compare myself to you?
No wonder she's so sick!
What was that?
Over here... and over here!
I see another one on the roof!
So many evil spirits here! She's lucky to be still alive
Then what should we do?
You need to exorcise the spirits, of course!
Father! That's all lies!
Do you know anyone that lived after the exorcism?
Pebble's father died and so that Gaetong's brother!
That's because they didn't do it properly!
I'm all right. You don't have to do this.
You're under the blanket with an evil spirit!
You'll have a funeral here soon!
That little...!
- What is this nonsense? - I'm telling you because I see them!
After your mother's exorcism, I might give you one too.
- If you don't need, I'll be leaving. - Stay where you are!
Father, with this money, we can take her to the western hospital in Namsan.
We don't need this stupid exorcism!
- What did you say? - I said stupid exorcism!
Please don't be offended by my son.
- This is all I have. - Give it back!
I have to help you. How else will you chase out the evil spirits?
Meow! Meow!
- What are you doing over there? - Oh, Little Dog!
Where have you been slinking about?
I have something to show you. Come with me.
Just come with me.
- Where? - Come.
- Long time no see, Little Dog. - Six Fingers! You...!
You bastard! Do you know the villagers were beaten because of you?
- Why are you doing this? - Get off me!
I heard about the police.
You crazy bastard.
Have you no regard for the rules?
Did you forget how your parents died?
How can I ever forget that?
They were ostracized by everyone because they sold some meat illegally.
How could I forget that?
Who cares about the rules?
Even the lowest peasant spit on them!
- Do you know what we went through? - Stop this, both of you!
So what now? What do you want?
Do you think you'll become a nobleman because you're dressed like one?
Good luck!
Why not? If I'm dressed like this, no one knows whether I'm a butcher or a nobleman.
- People treat me with respect! - Until when?
How long do you think you can hide under those clothes?
What about your finger?
How will you hide your extra finger?
See this?
I am no longer Six Fingers.
How can this be?
This is my most recent amputation.
He had six fingers, so I cut one off for him.
You're truly amazing. So you keep everything?
- These are my exhibitions. - I am honored to be able to see them.
Western medicine is different than oriental medicine.
Oriental medicine emphasizes experience.
But western medicine focuses on the anatomy.
Are you familiar with the anatomy, Baek-san?
Yes, I am currently reading Hobson's Treatise on Physiology.
Unfortunately, reading about anatomy has absolutely no value.
Isn't this a Korean man?
- Yes, it is. - Who is he?
I have no idea. There are many corpses in Korea.
They are used for the advancement of science.
Were you aware of this, Baek-san?
In the West, you have to dissect at least 3 corpses in order to earn your medical license.
- 3 corpses? - That's right.
It is the same for Imperial Japan.
You must examine human anatomy
so that you will understand the location and function of each organ.
Only then can you understand how to heal.
If your desire is to practice Western medicine,
you will not be able to avoid this.
I'm leaving this village.
No one likes me here anyway.
I'm going with him.
Both of you are ridiculous. Then go! Why did you want to see me?
You're the only one amongst us who can read and write.
We need you to read us our family ancestry and add us in.
We should be familiar with our family ancestry.
Hey, Little Dog.
- Let's have a farewell drink. - Come to your senses, you fool.
You won't live your full life if you follow him.
I hate living here too. I'm not a butcher. I'm the shaman's son, but I have no spiritual gifts.
I don't know what to do for a living.
At least I won't starve with him.
- Let's have a drink together. - Let him go.
Let me ask you one thing.
You're just a butcher. Why did you learn to read and write?
That's because that sick scholar taught him in return for beef.
Not everyone wants to learn just because someone is willing to teach.
So? What's your point?
You don't want to be a butcher either, do you?
- I'm different from you. - Yes, that's why you're so frustrated here.
Your mother is ill and yet you can't even call a doctor.
So what if you can read? You can't use it for anything!
You hate it here too!
I have eyes, nose and a mouth just like you!
Hey guys, this fool thinks he's the same as us!
Crawl on all fours! Crawl!
Get away from him!
I'll kill all of you!
Six Fingers!
Little Dog! That bastard left by himself!
That bastard left with everything!
He took my money too!
Did you hear me, Little Dog?
I should have listened to you. That bastard!
Mother, I'm home!
- How will I find that thieving bastard? - Mother!
- Mother, I'm home... - Bring me some cold water!
- Mother! - He doesn't listen to me!
- Mother, wake up! Wake up! - Auntie!
Hey, the doctor is this way!
Japanese Embassy
Please save her!
Doctor, please save her! Please save my mother!
Her lungs are full of pus.
Suzuki-san, please prepare the syringe.
I think these people are butchers.
I doubt they will be able to afford treatment.
It will not look good on Imperial Japan if we chase them out now.
We'll treat her superficially and then kick them out.
Yes, Doctor.
She is in stable condition.
Does that mean she is cured?
This is not a simple cold. She has pleuritis.
I... I don't understand...
She will die as early as tomorrow if she is not treated.
But she will live if she is treated here.
Please save her life!
- Please! - Suzuki-san.
Yes, Doctor.
You must make payment for her treatment and medicine immediately.
And how much would that be?
Her hospital stay will be ten yang a day with an additional amount for her medicine.
So what is that in total?
It will be more than a hundred yang.
This is all I have right now.
This is not even enough for today. You must leave if you cannot pay.
No, I have it. I'll get it for you.
- You must pay before noon tomorrow. - Yes.
How will you get that money?
I'll have to get it somehow.
Where are they? Where is that boy?
The sun is going to set! If they're not here, I'm leaving!
Just wait a little while longer.
Look who we have here!
We heard you're jobless these days. How about coming to work for us?
We need a butcher.
Please let me pass.
Think carefully. How much do you make for butchering a hundred cows?
I don't do illegal work.
Let's go.
This is all I have.
- This is not enough, sir. - I would give you a million if I had it.
- I really don't have any more. - I really need the money.
- I'll pay you back, I promise! - You're really dense!
If you need the money, then maybe you need to turn to illegal slaughter.
A hundred yang? Who has that kind of money?
Why are you being so naive?
- She kept wanting to leave. - I'm all right. I'm fine now.
You have to get treatment here, Mother.
I'm all right. Let's go home, please?
I'm really fine. I can breathe better.
I'm really all right. Let's go.
You must be hungry.
Mother, are you all right?
Yes, of course I am.
Are you cold?
I'll make you some hot soup when we get home.
Mother! Do you have a taste for anything?
No, but your father must be hungry. We must hurry so I can cook dinner.
Don't worry about Father.
I have to buy your father some warm clothes before winter comes.
You don't have to worry about that.
And I have to see you getting married...
Are you all right? Mother?
Little Dog, she's coughing up blood!
You can't come in! You don't have the money!
I'll get the money.
- I'm calling a guard. - I'll get the money! I swear!
You can't come here!
Please wait a while, Mother. I'll be right back.
Take care of my mom. I'll be back.
Illegal butchery Six Fingers
This work is so difficult without an experienced butcher.
What choice do we have?
- Let's go. - All right.
I'll do it.
I think my ears deceive me. What did you just say?
How much will you pay me?
I guess I can still be surprised.
A hundred yang!
I need a hundred yang.
Cows were originally princes of heaven.
Why did the princes become cows?
They committed sin, so the King of Heaven reincarnated them as beasts.
Their punishment was to toil all day long.
Poor cows.
Cows have to work all day.
Then they return to Heaven.
How do they go back to Heaven?
When the butcher takes their life, their souls fly up to Heaven.
And because butchers have this sacred duty, their souls go to Heaven too when they die.
- Will we really go to Heaven? - Of course.
That's why you must always follow the butcher's rules, Little Dog.
She will die as early as tomorrow if she is not treated.
But she will live if she is treated here.
His butchery skills are excellent!
We have to take good care of him!
He was so reluctant before, but look at him now!
- Seize them! - Let's run!
Seize them!
Please let me go... Please!
I have to go...!
Back off! I have to go!
I have to go to my mother!
Looks like you've set up shop here.
To people like us, illegal butchery is murder.
So you're one of them. I should have known by your speech.
Leave this one for me to interrogate, and take the rest away!
Untie him.
Act recklessly and your life is mine.
Do not turn your head!
If you are sent to the Police Bureau, you know your life will be forfeit.
But if you listen to me, I will spare your life.
- What will you do? - He asked you a question!
I... I don't understand...
All you need to do is show off your butchery skills.
Then I will release you.
How... how do you want me to show...?
But I'll do it.
Six... Six Fingers...?
You will dissect that corpse.
Did... did you just say dissect?
Take that knife and cut open the stomach.