Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 14 - Episode #1.14 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Oh, here he comes!

Episode 14

Hurry up!
They've been waiting for you!

- Please forgive me!
- Yard Dog, have you been well?

Oh, Miss!

Yes, I have.
Thank you for your concern.

We really enjoyed
the beef leg you brought.

Thank you for remembering
my father's birthday.

Please don't mention it.

Official Yu's birthday is around
the same time as my son's birthday.

My son died last year.

- Your son died?
- His life was destined to be short.

I heard he was very bright.

What use is being bright to
low-class peasants like us?

We're talking too much.
Let's hurry to the vaccine center.

Y... yes!

Please follow me.

Seok Ran, you should head back.

Head back? By myself?

Females seldom enter the Butcher Village.

Something may happen to you.

I think leaving alone is more dangerous.

I think I should stay
with you and Mr. Hwang.

Besides, I'm part of this experiment.

- You really are...
- Something, right?

- Let's go!
- Yes!

Mr. Hwang!


I... I think that butcher's hurt his foot.

Yes, I see that.
Yard Dog!

Yes, Miss!

- Your foot appears injured.
- Oh yes.

It's nothing major.
I stepped on a nail a few days ago.

- Take off your shoe and show me.
- Seok Ran!

How could I dare to show my lowly feet?

Go ahead and show me.

We are not here as medical volunteers.
We have more important tasks at hand!

Then you must come to Jejoongwon.
We will make sure your foot is treated.

No, please don't bother with me.

Do you wash only once a year?

I'm very sorry.

If you wash well,
you will be free of most diseases.

Yes, My Lord.
Please follow me.

That was really mean.

We just need to finish
what we came to do.

- Am I not right, Mr. Hwang?
- Yes, you're right.

Pain feels the same to all people!

Move aside!
Get out of the way!

- Mr. Hwang, what are you doing?
- Coming!

Why are you doing this?

- Are you all right, Yard Dog?
- Of course, Miss.

I'm completely fine!

I thought Official Yu told us
this was repaired?

My Lord, that is my fault.
I hurt my foot and...

I will take my leave.

The calf will be here soon.

You needed a newly born calf,
so it was late.

- Thank you, Yard Dog.
- You're welcome, Miss.

Your foot seems to have been wounded.

Apply this ointment.

Oh no, My Lord! How could I put
this valuable medicine on myself?

Take it!
I'm offering it to you.

- It's all right.
- I said take it!

No, My Lord. I am not good enough
to use this ointment.

You insolent...!

Apply it!

That's why you lowlifes are useless!

You don't listen
when we tell you something!

Yes... yes.
Thank you.

Thank you for the medicine.

Thank you.

This stable looks different
than in the book.

My Lord, I have brought the calf.

Ah yes!

- Mr. Hwang, will you?
- Yes.

Yes well...

Bring in the calf and tie it to the rafters.

Yes, My Lord.
Let's go in.

- We've finished.
- Yes, good.

- Well done. You may leave.
- Yes, we will take our leave.

Let's go.

I think we can infect the calf now.

I think we need...
to shave the calf's belly.

Yes, it should be shaved first,
sterilized and then infected.

How will we shave the belly
with that rusty knife?

Please wait a while.

You are a man of many hidden talents!

I no longer get surprised
when he does something.

We can inject the virus in
once it's sterilized.

Good job.

- I left half a vial just in case.
- Good idea.

The book said to create
60 different sites on the belly.

We will each take 30,
and create an even pattern.

You're going to save hundreds of people!

It's too early to rejoice.
Cowpox blisters must form.

But it looks like everything's all right.

We're not using the original method,
so there may have been a mistake.

Even so, we should be optimistic.

All of you inside, come on out!

It's the shamans!

Who do we have here?

It's the nobleman who cares
for the corpses!

What brings you all the way here?

I should be asking you that.
You are noblemen.

Why are you here in a low-class village?

That is none of your business!

Leave before you find yourself in trouble!

You must not be aware of this.

But you better get on your knees
and beg for mercy!

You must be out of your mind, knave!
How dare you speak to me in such a way?

There is something you should know!

Dead bodies go in and out of this place
and nobody bats an eye!

Please calm down.
There must be a misunderstanding.

We are here to study how to cure smallpox!
Nothing else!

That's right. You will be safe
from smallpox if we are successful!

This is a waste of breath!

These people cannot be reasoned with.

How dare mere students presume to
chase away the exalted Mama Ghost?

You have called down her wrath
upon yourselves!


Young Master!

- Mr. Hwang, take Seok Ran and go!
- No!

I can't do that!

Listen to me!

Leave now!

We'll see you back at Jejoongwon.

Young Master!

Stop right there!

- Miss, this is the path!
- No, we came this way.



Mr. Hwang!

Let go!


- Miss, the other road!
- Mr. Hwang!

Mr. Hwang!

Are you all right?

- Are you all right?
- Yes, I'm fine.

They're coming after us.

Little Dog...?

How dare you look at us, lowly peasant?

Oh, please forgive me, My Lord!

Do you think Young Master is all right?

I'm sure he is.

We should head back.

You're hurt!

I'll do it.

All right.

Here you go.

I think I should do it.

- Will you give me the ointment?
- Yes.

There is no ointment.

But I'm sure I packed it.

I gave it to the butcher to use
for his wounded foot.


You can use this instead.

It will sting a little.

- Director...
- What is it, Yi Gwak?

I know you're busy but...

My master, Miss Seok Ran and Lord Baek
have not yet returned.


I think Mongchong and I need to go
and look for them.

Let's wait just a little while longer.

Director, the vaccine center...

It's in the Butcher Village.

Criminals who go there
sometimes just disappear.

Who committed a crime?
Mr. Hwang?

No.... it's not that!

Just wait until 7.
If they're not back, we'll go find them.

Yes, Director.

That jerk promised me he wouldn't go!

Wait til he gets back!
I'm going to kill him!

- Lord Baek! When did you get here?
- Seok Ran! Is she here?

No, she's not.

Where... where is my master?

Are you sure a stick would be enough?
Should we go get guns or something?

Just watch us!
We'll take good care of them!

How dare they attack our students?

Are we all here?
Then let's go!

- Seok Ran!
- Master!


Young Master!

- I'm glad you're safe.
- Are you hurt?

A little...

I'll wash it and give it back to you.

No, it's all right.

- But it's dirty.
- It's all right.

There is nothing else to do here.
I'll just put some ointment on.

Thank you.

What about the calf?

I couldn't bring it with me.

Good thinking.
You might have been hurt if you did.

Yes, we still have the pus left,
so we can use it on another calf.

Where is the pus?


Here it is...

I think it was my fault.
I dropped it while we were running.

The infected calf is there.
And the syringe with the virus is broken.

If we're to start over,
it'll be another month.

- I shouldn't have gone with you.
- That's in the past. Forget about it.

What about getting it from Miryung?

The book said that the virus should be
obtained from a young and healthy child.

But why wouldn't it work on Miryung?

Will it work even if Miryung isn't a child?

It should be fine.

She isn't suffering from
any other disease.

I will call for Miryung immediately.

Why don't you have a blister?

It was itchy last night and I scratched it.
The blister burst.

We need to send someone else
to the Japanese hospital to be vaccinated.

I won't go!

You've already been vaccinated.

- Then I'll go.
- You're the same.

You're already immune to smallpox.

If we start again from scratch,
it'll take forever.

More smallpox patients
will die in the meantime.

We don't have time.

Did anything happen?
Did you run into anyone who knew you?


- I'm really worried we lost the virus.
- Answer my question, damn it!

Don't just talk to yourself!

Do you know how nervous
I was the whole day?

I covered my face with the mask.
But Old Man Baektae saw me.

Old Man Baektae?
How did you get out?

I just ignored him.
How could a dead man come back?

He'll just think he saw someone
who looked a lot like Little Dog.

What about Uncle?
Did you see your father?

- Answer me quickly!
- I didn't see him.

Would I be back here if I did?

I told you not to go!

Will your foot heal if you apply that ointment?

I'm sure it will.

Would a Jejoongwon doctor
give me fake medicine?

I met one of them too.

But you know,
he look so much like Little Dog!

Don't be ridiculous!

Are you sure Little Dog is your real son?

Maybe he had a twin and
you brought the other home!

Don't be ridiculous!

I was there when he came out
and I was the one that cut the cord!

Your eye must be getting worse!

Is it?
His voice sounded like him too!

If he was reincarnated,
he would be a baby, not an adult!

Yard Dog!

Why did you bring the calf here
instead of the vaccine center?

I brought the calf there earlier,
but I just saw Choi Baksu drag it away.

So I said "That calf is mine!"
and brought it back.

Choi Baksu?

Didn't you hear?
The shamans and the doctors had a fight!

They were determined to take the calf,
but I argued my way and took it back.

This is the right calf.

Thank you.

That calf was the cause of much concern
over at Jejoongwon.

I'm thankful to have it back.

Not at all.

We're sorry the students
had trouble at our village.

Don't be sorry.
Thank you so much, Yard Dog.

- Then I'll be on my way...
- Wait.

- Here...
- No, sir!

- Take it. My father is giving it to you.
- No, I do not have need for money.

Why wouldn't you need money?
Don't you need to marry off your son?


Oh yes, that's right.

You said your son Little Dog was dead...

Little Dog...?

Yes, that's right.

But the living must go on living.

Take this money and buy yourself a drink.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Since you're here,
will you take the calf to Jejoongwon?

Yes, sir!

What are you thinking so deeply about?

It's a strange name, Little Dog.

- Yes, it means son of a bitch.
- Is that what it means?

They can't put Son of a Bitch
in the official register, they used Little Dog instead.

So the characters mean
small or little dog?

Yes, it literally means son of a bitch.

The father is Yard Dog,
and the son is Little Dog.

I see.

But isn't that harsh
to name a person like that?

A person?
A butcher is a butcher, not a person.

They don't even have family names.

They should be lucky
to have names at all!

Yes, a butcher...

Yes, he's a butcher.

Why are you laughing to yourself?

- I just had a ridiculous thought.
- What? What did you think?

It's nothing.

- Have you been well?
- Anything happen during the night?

Of course! Mongchong and I were up
all night taking the smallpox corpses out.

- How many died?
- Over ten. They were mostly children.

- Poor things...!
- What is that calf?

This is the calf that
the students left behind.

So we found the lost calf!

Go and tell Mr. Hwang that
the calf is here.

Yes, Miss.


- What is it?
- What happened? Is everyone dead?

No, it's not that.
I have something to tell you.

All right, let's go outside.

We'll have cowpox in five or six days!

- That is good news.
- Can we build it a stable and keep safe?

It's a valuable calf to us!

That is so typical of you!

Oh, I think I read something about
how to take care of the infected calf.

I'm going to go find it again!

What is it?

The infected calf is here?

Is it? Good, you should have
told me from the start.

Your father brought it.

Miss Seok Ran told me to bring you,
but don't make a move!


- So you were here!
- I just informed him, Miss.

Yes, thank you.
You may leave.

Aren't you going to take a look?

Yes, I will, but I was looking for a book.

I have to find it first...

- Is the calf all right?
- Yes, I think so.

That's good news.

Oh, here it is.
I'll be on my way then.

- Mr. Hwang!
- Yes?

Yesterday, when we were running away,
we ran into that old butcher.

Oh... yes, yes we did.

You know how he called you Little Dog?

- Did he?
- That must be a common name for butchers.

Did you know Yard Dog's son
was named Little Dog too!

- Was he?
- At first I didn't know what that meant.

And what does it mean...?

It means son of a bitch!

I think that old butcher
was swearing at you.

I didn't know what Little Dog meant,
so I thought he knew you.

You knew the back roads so well too.

I'm really good with directions.

I'll be off...

Little Dog

The blisters have formed!
They look ripe!

Finally, Jejoongwon
has made cowpox vaccine!

But before we vaccinate the people,

...we must make sure it is safe
and has no side effects.

Isn't that cow pus?

I heard that it will make you moo
instead of speak!

I will not force anyone to do this.

I had a low fever after
I inhaled the pus powder.

Doesn't that mean I'm immune?

Maybe you had a cold?

All of you know I was sick
the day after I inhaled it!

It's true!

I'll get it. As one of the people
who produced the vaccine,

I know there is no issue with the vaccine.

And I have never had smallpox.

I'll get it too.

I've never had smallpox,
and I didn't inhale the powder.

I want to be vaccinated... that I will never have to worry
about smallpox again.

I will be vaccinated too.

But Mr. Hwang...

Yes, I had smallpox before
and I am immune, but...

I think that we need to show that...

...immune people can be vaccinated too
and have no side effects.

Yes, good idea.
In that case, I will get it too.

Then I'll get it too.

Me too.

- Me too!
- Let's all get vaccinated!


Oh, Mother....
I hurt all over!

- Mother...
- What's wrong? Are you sick?

Yes, I don't feel well.

I think I will have to
miss classes tomorrow.

Are you dizzy?

- What's wrong with me?
- Perhaps...?

- Why are you doing this?
- Let me see the vaccination site!

Then look at your own!
Don't do this to me!

I told you I'm immune and I'm fine.
Show me yours, quickly!

All right then.
Just stand back a little.

It hurts.


It has appeared!
The scab has appeared!

- Does that mean I'm immune to smallpox?
- Yes!

You won't get smallpox no matter what!

Oh, that makes me so happy!

- Let's look at that pretty fellow!
- It's so pretty!

Let me see! If it looks all right,
I may get vaccinated too.

I just showed it to you!

It's just so amazing!

A little pimple and
you're immune to smallpox!

Let me see it again!

Fine, this is the last time.
After this, you're getting vaccinated too!

All right.
Let's see! Let's see!

Come and get your smallpox vaccination!

You won't grow horns or moo like a cow!
It's safe and effective!

- It's not from a cow, right?
- How dare you besmirch Jejoongwon?

- Is it all ready?
- Yes!

Now let's all wait a while...

Good job!


Take care!
Thank you for waiting!

How was it?
All right, go on in!

Stop there!

It doesn't hurt, right?

How many patients today?

One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

But they were all Japanese citizens!


I am writing a letter.

Do you know what is going on outside?

This letter will be sent to
the Prime Minister of Japan.

- What? The Prime Minister?
- Yes, sir.

Why are you writing to
the Prime Minister?

This is the letter that
the Prime Minister sent to me.

Why did he write a letter to you?

I will read a little portion to you.

Watanabe, your mission is
to prove through science...

...the genetic inferiority of
the Korean people...

...compared to the citizens of Imperial Japan.

You will gather scientific evidence... that the Koreans will gratefully
accept Japanese occupation.

That is all.
The Prime Minister of Imperial Japan.

As you heard, I must focus on studying
the genetic makeup of the Korean people.

From now on, must help me fulfill the order given
to me by His Excellency, the Prime Minister.

I will do my best.

- Kim Don.
- Yes, Sir!

You will go to Japan and
deliver this letter.

Stay there until I summon you.

Yes Sir!

The future of Korea
will be very interesting!

You must eat more
so you can become an ox!

Thank you.
Because of you, we saved many people.

Were you leaving?

Good work today.

- What were you doing?
- I was praising the calf.

Did it understand you?

How could it?
I'm just so grateful.

Cows are such amazing creatures.

They work hard when they are alive,
and nourish us when they die.

Do you know that cows
used to be Heavenly princes?

- Really?
- Yes.

But they sinned a lot,
and that's why they were born cows.

So they have pay for
it their whole lives by toiling.

Then they return to Heaven.

Where did you hear this story?

- From my mother, when I was a boy.
- I see.

Thank you.
I'm sure you'll return to Heaven soon.

The physician An Ryun is hereby
appointed official of the third rank.

An Ryun, you have done merit as the
Director of Jejoongwon.

Your labor to save the people
from smallpox has been notable.

I hereby bestow upon you
an official rank, that you may continue to work hard.

Thank you, Your Majesty!

I am glad that the smallpox
cases are decreasing.

Yes, Your Majesty.

- The cold weather has helped too.
- Yes.

The winter has littled
the wrath of smallpox.

- Horton.
- Yes, Your Majesty.

Do you find Korea's winter cold?

Korea is very cold.

But Albany, New York, where I am from,
is also very cold.

She seems to be saying
both places are just as cold.

That's right, Your Majesty.

On the way here, I saw children on sleds.
In Albany, we do the same.

I used to skate on the lake too.

Dr. Horton saw children on sleds
on the way here,

...and that children in her hometown
have the same.

She also skates in the lake.

What is that?

Skating is when you put blades on leather shoes
and slide on the lake like sleds.

Blades on leather shoes?

Yes! If you skate on the lake... ice...
On the ice... very fast...

It's fantastic!

She says that if you skate on the lake,
it is very exciting.

Is that so?
I would like to see that someday.

When the lake at
Changduk Palace freezes,

I would like her to skate for me.

Yes, I will skate for you with Seok Ran.

How could you tell her I'll skate with you
when I've never skated before?

- It's fun to skate with someone else.
- I don't even have skates!

But you have a father
with the midas touch!

I'm sure he'll get it for you.

Why did Dr. Allen's sedan chair change?

He was promoted to a higher rank today
and so his chair had to be changed too.

- Promoted?
- Yes, he was promoted.

How high does he rank now?

- How was your visit?
- It was good.

Director Allen, what is this?

Director, was this chair given to you
by His Majesty?

Please show your etiquette!

What did she say?

The Director was just promoted
by His Majesty to third rank.


Third rank?
That's the equivalent of Chancellor...

That's ridiculous.
Stop joking around, and tell us the truth.

It's true.

Congratulations, Director.

This is a sign that Jejoongwon
is highly-valued.

- Administrator Baek!
- What is it now?

- I mean, Yes, Director?
- I like the old way better.

Of course you do!

Yes, but that would be giving
His Majesty disrespect,

...and he deemed to promote me.

From now on, you will speak
to me using formal language.

- And Administrator Baek!
- What now...?

- Yes, Director?
- How is the kimchi-making going today?

Very well.

- Make sure the radish is cut thin!
- Yes.

- Mak Saeng, is it almost ready?
- Yes.

Have a taste.

- Isn't it too salty?
- Then it won't get too sour.

- It's perfect!
- Then let's begin marinating it.

Give some of the cabbage
to the administrators.

- Mother!
- Oh, Seok Ran!

- Dr. Horton, you're here too!
- Anything for me to do?

- You and Horton can stuff the kimchi.
- How do you do it?

- I'll show you.
- Is the pork belly ready?

Water... water!

Why are you giving that to me?

You'll be going home
with Administrator Oh!

What do you mean?

I thought you were taking
responsibility for her.

But you saw her first?

The rule is that whoever
sees her first, gets her!

See her? Me?

No, I only saw the top of
her head from afar.

I saw her face only after
you turned your head.

That means I saw her later.

Yes, I did turn my head first.
But, my eyes were closed!

- That surely means you saw her first!
- How can you say that?

- I definitely saw her after you!
- That's not the point!

I was abandoned by my family, but now
you're fighting over not taking me!

What reason do I have to live!

Please lower your voice.

You have to understand our position too...

- It's not like I wanted to leave...
- Alright, stop crying. Let's do this.

Why don't you stay here for the time being
and we'll all think about this slowly.

Fine, fine, let's do that!

It's good!
Really good!

Why is it snowing all of a sudden?

- Why isn't anyone helping you?
- I know!

Try one!

- It's good, right?
- It's great!

- Did you make it, Miss Miryung?
- No, I just cut the radish.

- No wonder, it tastes like radish!
- Would radish taste like chili?

- That's what I mean.
- But something's missing.


We haven't even finished and
you're already thinking about drinking!

My hands shake when I don't drink.

It's my medicine,
so don't scold me.

Chunshim, let's all drink,
except Mak Saeng.

Why except me?

I don't drink often,
but do you know how much I like it?

You should have said that earlier!

Let's drink before others come!

Ggotnim, now you won't be cold anymore.

I'm sorry, Ggotnim.

We couldn't make the vaccine earlier.

I'm ashamed that I used to think that
we couldn't do anything about smallpox.

I won't do anything to be sorry about
or to be ashamed about.

I heard you went to bury Ggotnim.

That's it for smallpox.

There would have been no hope
if Uncle hadn't brought the calf, right?

You know, it looked like his leg was hurt
when he brought the calf over.

Should I go pay him a visit?
With some medicine?

Put the powder and mix it well.

I guess we won't have to worry about
not having any more ointment.

It feels good to be able
to make the ointment here.

But you mustn't use
the ointment carelessly.

You need my approval.

- What are you doing?
- Seok Ran!

- Sutures again?
- Yes.

I think I can even embroider now.

- What brings you here?
- We made antibiotic ointment today.

- Antibiotic ointment? You?
- Yes.

Dr. Horton taught me.

Now we won't have to wait
a month for new supplies.

Ointment fresly made at Jejoongwon?
That's wonderful.

Your wounds haven't healed completely, right?

Yes, burn wounds take longer to heal.

How is your leg wound?

Mine's healed completely.
Let me apply some for you.

All right.

They're almost healed.

I'm glad that we took care of smallpox.

- You did a good job.
- Not at all.

If you didn't challenge us,
we would be full of smallpox patients.

- Mr. Hwang worked hard too.
- Yes, he did.

He is very skilled with his hands.
I know now that I'm practicing sutures.

So why were you so suspicious of him?

I'm still not fully convinced,

...but there were so many
things strange about him.

He shows up with a gunshot wound,
and then cuts and sews up patients.

At the medical exam, his dissecting skills
would have put any butcher to shame.

A butcher?

Yes, he's a nobleman,

...but his family was poor and
he did anything he could for money.

Perhaps that is why he is always
so shrewd and clever.

To tell you the truth...

I wanted to come back
when I saw the vaccine center.

It was completely unrepaired!

Perhaps we were able to make the vaccine
because of his calm and focused ways.

But why would such a fellow
come to be wounded by a gunshot?

I'm still curious about that.

Mr. Hwang...


What kind of person would come
to a butcher village at night?

Of course it's strange.

I'm a little sad you're leaving.

I'm very sad.

Are you sick?

It's so amazing that you can ride on ice
with blades attached to shoes!

Mr. Baek, what are you doing?

I told you no!

Oh My God!
He's dead.

Miss Seok Ran fell in the water!