Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - Episode #1.15 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Mr. Hwang...


Why are you here at the Butcher Village?

To give the ointment...

To Yard Dog...
Yard Dog...

The man who brought us the calf...
I mean...

- This must be Yard Dog's house.
- Yes, that's right.

Didn't you say you gave him the ointment
at the vaccine center earlier?

That one... was almost empty.

I see...

I saw you take the ointment
so I followed you.

I'm sorry.
I should have gotten approval first.

No, I shouldn't have been suspicious.

- This is so far from...
- I didn't know you were coming here.

But I was afraid to turn back by myself.

You really are something, Mr. Hwang.

Did you know that?

You are so good to patients that
you make others suspicious of you.

- Do I?
- Yes!

You could have come here during the day.

I just came here because
I remembered his condition.

You see? I misunderstood you because
you came here like this at night.

Now that I think about it,
you're absolutely right.

Episode 15

Hwang, did you go somewhere last night?


Are you hurt?

- Are you stressed about something?
- What?

You have herpes zoster.
It's caused by fatigue and stress.

- Did you have chicken pox as a child?
- Yes.

The virus that causes chicken pox
stays in the body...

...and reappears when the body is weak.

It'll be painful.

Yes, it hurts to move.

No way, those little blisters hurt that much?

- I know!
- They hurt terribly.

If you haven't had it,
you won't know.

- Seems like it.
- There is no treatment for this.

Can he die from it?

Don't worry, after a week, the blisters
will scab over and the pain will disappear.

You must take care not to burst the blisters
until the scabs have formed.

Yes, Doctor.

You should take a break from your duties.

- No, I will continue to do my duties.
- This is the prescription I am giving you.

You have twenty-six patients to visit
during your rotation today.

Nineteen regular, seven obstetric,
and one patient in the special room.

The nurses aren't here again today.

They're not feeling well.

They always seem to be sick
during rotations.

We will have to think of
an appropriate treatment.

There is only so much I will withstand.

Hwang Jung is ill, and therefore unable
to perform as medical assistant.

Mr. Baek, you will help me
in the meantime.

What wrong with him?

He has blisters on his side,
and cannot move his body easily.

- He said he had chicken pox as a child.
- It must be herpes zoster.

- I'll do my best, Director.
- Congratulations, Mr. Baek!

You must have a good dream
last night, Do Yang!

He must have been fatigued making
that cowpox vaccine.

Mr. Hwang worked hard too.
He deserves a rest.

When did you start being
so concerned about Hwang?

Let's begin our rotations.

- He went to the Butcher Village at night?
- Yes.

At first I thought it was a little strange...

That's not just a little strange,
it's very strange.

Why would he go there at night?

I told you he went there
to give him ointment!

Why didn't he go during the day?
What if he had been hurt?

He won't even be able to make a report!

What are you two talking
so seriously about?

- What do you have there?
- It's peppermint candy. Try one.

All right.

It makes the mouth cool!

It's good that you're here.
Let me ask you something.

If someone went into the Butcher Village at night by himself,
is that strange or not strange?

- Mak Saeng!
- It's strange!

Why the Butcher Village at night by himself?


- So who was the one who did that?
- Who else? It's your master, Mr. Hwang!

I told you it was to give Yard Dog
some ointment!

Mr. Hwang won't leave
patients untreated!

Of course!
Why else would my master go there?

It must have been a misunderstanding!

But it's not like Yard Dog was
on his deathbed! It's just strange!

He had another reason,
I'm sure of it!

Besides, how did he know
where Yard Dog lived?

I have to go open the gate now.

See you later.

I was able to get through it
somehow last night.

But I think I have to tell Miss Seok Ran...
Before she finds out.

This isn't the first time you've made
someone suspicious of you!

Just keep your mouth shut!

Yesterday was one thing,
but Father knows Miss Seok Ran's family.

I'm afraid I'll run into him
at Jejoongwon...

Don't worry about that!
I won't let that happen!

Other people won't be so quick
to accept it like Miss Seok Ran.

Who else would go to
a butcher village at night?

Of course it's suspicious.

I thought about it all night.

If I'm meant to be found out,
then I should tell Miss Seok Ran first.

Why did you have to go there at night?

Who has the power to stop you?
But at least give me some time.

I have to figure things out too.

I have to make plans to go to Qing China.

- Please, Sir...
- Yes?

- You're a medical student, right?
- Yes, Grandmother.

Thank you so much!

Because of you,
my grandson didn't catch smallpox!

- I see.
- Say thank you to the doctor!

- Thank you!
- Good boy.

- Eating well and playing hard?
- Yes!

This is all thanks to you.

Please take this.

- You don't have to do this.
- It's fresh eggs laid this morning.

- Give them to your grandson.
- In that case...

- Just eat this one, for my sake.
- Thank you.

Just eat this together.
Tilt your head and suck it.

Now my turn.

It's delicious!
Thank you.

- You liked it too, right?
- Right!

Sir, I have one favor to ask.

I don't know how much longer I will live.
My eyes are no longer good.

Even if I am no longer in this world,

...please take care of my grandson
when he is sick.

- Mr. Hwang.
- Miss.

Aren't you going to answer her?
She is asking you a favor.

Grandmother, I'll be your witness.

Go on and answer her.

Grandmother, I will become a great doctor
and take good care of your grandson.

Thank you!
Now I can die in peace.

Please don't mention it.

Was the egg delicious?

Yes, it was very fresh.


I have something to tell you.

What is it?

Last night, when I went
to the Butcher Village...

- To be honest...
- I'll keep it a secret...

I'll keep it a secret.

I don't want to cause
a misunderstanding.


I told Mak Saeng. I guess
I will have to tell her to keep silent.

Next time you need ointment, please tell me.

Dr. Horton always checks.

All right.

And whenever possible,
please retrieve the bottles.

The patients don't return them.

All right.

What's this?
I thought you said you used it all up?

It was here when I woke up.
Someone must have brought it at night.

- Who would have done that?
- I don't know.

That bottle is nice!
It would be perfect as a wine cup!

Wouldn't it?
I had that same thought too!

Now I have a pair!

Yes! Keep applying it so that
you can use the bottle for wine!

But you know, it's no use.

It doesn't have any effect.
I should just use it as wine cups!

Use them after you finish the ointment!

No need!

At least finish the ointment!

This peppermint tastes sweet and sharp
at the same time. It's nice!

I'm a little sad to hear
that you're leaving.

I'm really sad.


- What's this?
- Open it.

It's your tooth.

- No!
- Please let me go!

Why do you have this?

To me, this is more precious
than jewels...

How else should I say this?

- My heart is...
- Nurse! Emergency patient!

All right, I'll be right there!

- Gwak! Guard the door!
- Why? I'm going to Qing China!

- What happened?
- He was attacked by a boar.

The boar came into the village because
there was nothing to eat in the mountains.

The old man got attacked first,
and the son was attacked later.

His artery is severed.
We will have to suture him up.

Save my father!

His pulse and color indicate
severe blood loss.

Call for Dr. Horton.

She's out with Miss Seok Ran
for a house visit.

Then get Mr. Hwang.

- I can do the sutures too.
- Yes, Mr. Baek can do them well.

Mr. Baek is not yet ready.
I need Mr. Hwang.

What happened?

Mr. Hwang, I'm glad you're here.
Take care of this patient.

Director, please take care of my father.

I'm fine.

- Your artery has been severed.
- I don't care!

Save my father!

Mr. Hwang is one of the best
at Jejoongwon.

Get ready.

- Hwang, will you be all right?
- Yes, I'm fine.

- Mr. Hwang, are you in pain?
- I'm fine.

Mr. Hwang, you may cause
the patient more harm.

You need to leave.

Mr. Baek, try to stop the bleeding.
I will suture him up when I am done here.

Yes, Director.

Mr. Baek, what are you doing?

I said no!

Good job, Director.

Mr. Baek, let me see.

I'm almost done. The severed veins have
been connected and the wounds sutured.

Well done.
You have done a fine job.

He's dead.

- Are you awake?
- How is Father?

- Where is he?
- Please listen carefully.

Your father passed away one hour ago
while he was being operated on.

What do you mean?

You promised you would save him!

Due to circumstances,
I performed the operation.

But he lost too much blood...



- You must not move.
- I give you my condolences.

- Murderer! What have you done?
- Release me!

I heard the Director say you cannot
do the surgery, and you say you did?

Please calm down.
Mr. Baek did a good job on the surgery.

- Yes, there was no problem with the surgery.
- Then why is he dead?

- Why is he dead if the surgery went well?
- He lost too much blood.

I don't want to hear your excuses!
I'm going to report you to the authorities!

Report me if you want!

But know this.
You tried to stop your own bleeding.

But you didn't do anything
for your father!

That means you are responsible
for your father's loss of blood!

Mr. Baek!

Mr. Baek, you will go back in
and apologize!

I won't apologize!
You said yourself I did nothing wrong!

- I tried my best to save his life!
- We know that.

That's why you need to go back in.

You need to apologize
to show them you care.

That's right. You need to empathize
with them and their loss.

The patient's emotions
prevent him from believing...

...that his father has died
from loss of blood.

You must be understanding, Mr. Baek.

How can he not believe the obvious truth?

Mr. Baek.

You didn't believe it either.

Don't you remember?

I'm going to kill you!

You should have waited
while I went for the doctor!

You should have waited no matter what!

How dare you cause my father's death!

Do not compare that incident to this.

Hwang was not a medical student
at the time.

Mr. Baek, I will say one thing.

You will never be a true doctor
with that kind of attitude!

Mr. Baek!

Mr. Baek!

- I did nothing wrong!
- Of course not!

It's the old man's fault for dying
when you tried so hard to save him!

You should have just let him die!
Why did you try to save him?

This is why you're in this mess!

What I meant is...

You should have checked
if he was a lost case first.

Administrator Oh!

It's all taken care of.

Did the old man's family accept the settlement?

Of course not.

The dead man was an official
at the Tribunal.

I had to call in a favor
to the Tribunal Inspector.

He had to step in to explain to the family,
and they finally backed down.

Well done, Administrator Oh!

Give me some wine.
Pour me a cup.

Do Yang, everything went well!

That's good.
But I don't know what the big deal is.

I'll be leaving now.

Where are you going?
You're drunk!

Do Yang!

Mr. Baek, I will say one thing.

You will never be a true doctor
with that kind of attitude!

Where were you?

I looked everywhere for you
after I came back.

Did you?

I see.

I'm sorry.
I have to go in.

Are you all right?

Young Master!

Good, good!

Thank you.

Honey water is the best
at curing hangovers!

- This was made with wild honey!
- I see.

We have plenty of it,
so let me know if you want more.

Seok Ran, take care of the Young Master.

Please consider this your home
and make yourself comfortable.

- Thank you.
- Good night.

I heard the patient's death was caused
by excessive loss of blood.

It seems like if you lose too much blood,
it's pretty much hopeless.

Yes, that's all I thought about today.

I heard that in the West,
they give blood transfusions to save lives.

I must do some research.

I read about that in a book once.

- It said there are many side effects.
- That's why I have to do research.

If we don't find a solution,

...many more patients will die
from loss of blood like today.

How will we fly kites in this weather?

- I think it'll stop snowing soon.
- It doesn't look like it.

You really don't listen
to anything I say.

Are you not sick anymore?

- I'm almost fully recovered!
- Why are we making dolls?

- Are we going to stick it with needles?
- No, we're going to tie it to the kites.

If we tie a coin to it,
and fly it up with the kite,

...all the crimes and sins I committed
this year will fly away!

Oh, Uncle Yi Gwak, you must have
committed a lot of sins this year!

- You little rascal...
- That's why you're running away to Qing China!

- Who said that?
- Miss Miryung!

She said you're going to Qing China?

Why would I go there?
Isn't that odd, Master?

I'm not a fortune-teller,
so I don't know.

Damn it,
what's wrong with that Mr. Baek?

He's getting blood from everyone he sees!


He said he wants to know
what kind of blood we have?

They say you can't lie with blood.

Noblemen have noble blood,
and peasants have peasant blood.

Maybe that's what he wants to know.
Am I right, Master?

What are you doing?


It's good you're here.
Go in.

- I said go in! DoYang!
- But I'm busy...

- Oh, Mr. Hwang!
- What is it?

I'm doing some research on blood.
Can I have some of your blood?

- I... I really can't...
- Why? Is your blood special?

- No, it's just that I'm unwell.
- Why does that matter?

No, it doesn't matter but...

Is your blood dirty or something?

- Come with me!
- But I...


- Is that enough?
- Yes, I'll tell you the results right away.

Your blood doesn't mix with mine,
but mixes with Jae Wook's.

What does that mean?

Your blood is incompatible with his,
but compatible with mine.

Why is my blood so bloody welcoming?

- Can I take a look?
- Sure.


Is my blood... normal?

What do you mean normal?

Is my blood different...?

Did you think your blood was special?

Your blood is the same as
Mr. Byun and Mr. Han.

See? Don't think you're special!

Move aside!

Let's go!

Why are you so happy?

- I did the blood test and...
- Why did you do that?

- What if they find out you're a butcher?
- But they didn't.

There is no such thing
as a butcher's blood!

My blood was the same as other people!

What about me?
What about the shaman's blood in me?

Your blood?
Your shaman's blood?

There is no such thing!
Your blood is the same as everyone else's!


- That's amazing!
- Isn't it? Aren't you glad?

Your blood, my blood, the kids' blood...
They're all the same!

Let's go, children!

- Hey!
- Let's go!

Hey, Samdol, bring the kite over here!

Master, aren't you going to fly the kite!
Come over here!

Yes, let's fly the kite.

Let's fly it so that our sins can go away!

When the kite falls to the ground,
I'm going to take the coin on the doll!

You can't do that!

The bad karma will go to
the person who takes the doll!

- Really?
- Of course!

- Samdol, let's fly the kite.
- Wait a moment.

- More, a little more!
- Master, we should let it go now.

All right, cut the string.

- Take away all the bad karma!
- Goodbye!

- Kids, shall we go sledding?
- Yes!

- Shall we?
- Let's go!

Catch me if you can!

- Are you all right?
- Are you all right?

For...forgive me.

-Oh My God!
- I'm sorry... I'm sorry!

Sleds are so much safer.

- Did you have fun?
- Yes!

Are you hurt anywhere?

No, but the skates were a little small.

Father didn't know my size,
and got skates that were too small.

- Small shoes cause blisters!
- Yes, I have them already.

I'll take care of the blisters for you.

I'll take care of the shoes then.

Yi Gwak, help me do something.

Yes, Sir.

Let's go.

- You're expanding the shoe!
- Yes, using these sticks (Jakdae)...!

... using these rods...

You do this, and then you can pull them
out tomorrow morning and try them on.

If they still don't fit,
let me know.

Yes, thank you.


- Oh, Mr. Baek.
- I heard you had just left your office.

- Is there an emergency patient?
- No, I came to tell you something important.

What is it?

I think I can prevent death
caused by loss of blood!

I mixed the blood of
the people of Jejoongwon.

Some blood mixed together,
while others coagulated.

...the patient can die
because the blood coagulates.

If incompatible blood is transfused,
the patient can die because the blood coagulates.

But if compatible blood is transfused,

...the two types of blood
will mix well together,

...and the patient will live.

That is merely an unverified theory!

We can verify that.

Please allow me to perform
blood transfusions...

...on the patients that
have lost a lot of blood.

We can use the students' blood
to test for compatibility.

- No.
- What? Why not?

Many years ago,

...a doctor named James Blundell did
the same experiment you just mentioned.

There was one patient who survived.

Many others suffered
bad side effects or died.

That's because he didn't test
for compatibility!

That won't happen
if we test the blood first.

Human blood is not that simple.

You cannot judge compatibility
based on coagulation alone.

We'll do blood transfusions only on those
patients that are doomed to die.

If the patient lives,
wouldn't that be good?

Mr. Baek, I cannot allow you
to experiment with human lives!

Even though they may be about to die,
we have no right to experiment on them!

Then will you just sit
and watch them die?

Mr. Baek, I understand how you feel.

You lost a patient a few days ago
because he lost too much blood.

And more than that, you lost your father
to the same reason.

But, I still cannot allow you
to do blood transfusions.

As long as I am Director here,

...I will not allow such
a dangerous experiment.

- You're back.
- Yes.

I'm going to bed.

- Mr. Go!
- Yes, what is it?

Can you really revive a dead person
with artificial respiration?

Of course.
I saw Dr. Horton do it with my own eyes!

Why would they teach it to us
if it didn't work?

- Mr. Go?
- Yes.

- Shall we try it?
- What?

Artificial respiration.
The two of us.

What did you just say...?

We have to practice so that we won't forget
when the time comes for us to use it.

- You're right, but...
- Come down here. Let's practice!

- Let's practice what we learnt!
- I don't need to practice!

If we're going to become doctors,
we need to really know our stuff!

I'll try it first,
so you can go next.

Damn it!

I'm going in!

First, you stabilize the body...

- Then you turn the head and...
- That hurts!

Just stay still!
The air can't leak when I blow it in!

Now, I'm going in!

How was it?
Did you receive the will to live?

I don't know about that,
but the air comes in strong!

I can feel it!

Our practice was successful, Hwang!

Blow it in deeply!

- Nothing bad should happen, right?
- Our blood mixed well together.

Next I'm going to transfuse
my blood into you.

You know, it feels strange that my blood
is coursing through your veins.

Now we'll put your blood in me.

You and I are blood brothers now,
since we shared our blood.

- Jae Wook!
- Do Yang...

- What's wrong?
- I think... I'm going to die.


What happened?
Mr. Yu! Mr. Yu!

Your blood must be too noble for me...

What did you mean by that?

It's black urine!

Did you do blood transfusions?

We transfused blood with each other.

I'm fine, but it looks like
he's having side effects.

Mr. Baek, I told you not to do this!

You've almost killed your own friend!

You will not do such a reckless thing again!

Do you understand?

Why aren't you answering me!
Answer me!

Mr. Yu just fell asleep.

His fever dropped and
his respiration has returned to normal.

Why did you transfuse blood?

Are you going to rebuke me too?

You went too far by experimenting
on a human being.

Went too far?

What do you know?

I don't know much, but I do know
that your method was wrong.

This could have put Mr. Yu
in serious danger.

This happened because the Director
refused to let me transfuse blood on the patients!

You cannot sacrifice any life
for an experiment!

But with one sacrifice,
you can save many!

Innocent life must be protected,
even if many will die!

All life is precious,
and all life happens only once.

What small minds you all have!

Why do you want to become a doctor?

It's because you want to help the sick.

Then shouldn't you prefer
to save more than less?


I think it is far more important to protect
the life of the person standing in front of me.

Is that so?
I see.

You may leave.


Are you awake?

I was trying to leave quietly.
I'm sorry.


I'm not going to die, right?
I'm fine, right?

Yes, you're getting better and better.

With a few days rest,
you'll be back.

Does that mean I can miss class?



Don't be so mean to Do Yang.

I'm the victim but I forgive him.

You're his teacher.

You have to be patient
and merciful with him.

I don't dislike Mr. Baek.

Do Yang was born the only son of
a very noble and illustrious family.

But he grew up very lonely.

That's why he's stubborn as an ox
and obstinate, but that's not his real side.

I know that too.
Mr. Baek is passionate about his work.

Do you?
I thought you didn't know that.

I wish you could peel people like onions.

But I need to watch him some more.

- Get some rest.
- All right.

I feel like I have a colossal hangover...

Closed Today

What...? You rascals!

Chief, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you too!

You're all dead!

Come here!
You're all dead!


If your fortunes are good,
wealth and fame will soon find you.

Money will overflow.

A fee?

- I'll pay later.
- There is no such thing with fortunes.


This year my fortunes will be good, right?

Let's see...

As the bird has hurt its wing,
it cannot fly even though it wants to.

What an unfortunate thing this is...

It must stop struggling
and calm down and wait.

In patience comes good fortune.

What does that mean?

The bird hurting its wing
signifies you being abandoned.

Calming down and waiting
means you should stay at Jejoongwon.

- Then I'll have good fortune?
- Yes, that what I said.

He says I need to stay here!

That's ridiculous!

What kind of nonsense is this
on New Year's day!

I knew that Yi Gwak was
going to spout nonsense!

That cow is going to stay here forever!

I should have asked him
to give her a false fortune!

- What should we do?
- What else can we do?

It's a bad start to the new year,
but we're going to have to fight!

We won't be chased out
by the likes of her!

I agree!

We'll let it go now since it's New Year's Day.

But soon, we'll let her have it.

That Yi Gwak,
is he really clairvoyant?

Clairvoyant, my ass!

All the students have gone home to their families,
except myself and Mr. Baek.

Mr. Hwang, you don't have
to go back home?

My hometown is a bit too far...

Where is Mr. Baek?

He had some business to attend to,

...but he said he'll return
before you left for the Palace.

How many patients do we have?

Most have been discharged,
but we have two patients still here.

Japanese Embassy

I'm having good luck
from the first day of the year!

How are you?

- Baek-san!
- Happy New Year.

It has been one already.


You are truly a creative man!

To think of exchanging blood!
How did you think of it!

A medical book from Song China describes
a method in which a true son is revealed.

Is that so?
Is that really possible?

I don't know if it's possible,
but the method used is this.

The descendant's blood is dropped
into the ancestor's blood.

If it combines well, they are related.
If it does not, then they are not.

What a believable lie!

Yes, but when I read that,
I thought about how blood can be combined.

I first tried mixing different people's blood,

...and then moved on
to transfusing it directly.

What an interesting development!

But a doctor must never use
himself as an experiment.

The English doctor John Hunter injected
the syphilis virus into his own body.

But I don't think that is right.

You must value your own body, Mr. Baek.

You can always do
experiments on others.

Which others?

Who else?
There are so many people in Korea!

If you go to Sigu Gate, there are many
sick people abandoned by their families.

It's like they're helping the advancement of science
even though they walk towards death.

I see.

That's why I was able to experiment
with blood transfusion too.

Were you able to find out
the secret of the blood?

Not exactly.

But I have conducted
more experiments than you.

I probably know more than you.

Father..., Mother...,
Happy New Year!

Yes, be healthy and fortunate
in this new year.

You must get married this year.

- Yes, Mother.
- I'm not kidding!

Me neither.

I had your fortune told, and it said
a welcome guest will approach from the North!

So you must keep an eye for him, alright?

Yes, Mother!

Seok Ran, let's go.
The Queen will be waiting for us!

Aren't you the girl who works
at Jejoongwon's kitchen?

Yes, Official Yu.
Happy New Year!

We're bringing her as
she wanted to see the Palace.

She's going as my servant!

All right then, let's go.

Dr. Horton, weren't you bringing friends?

We're going to meet them outside.

By the way,
be careful when you go skating.

Don't break any bones!

I can skate well now.
Please don't worry.

I've shaved taffy before,
but I've never had to shave ice!

Why do we have to do this for sledding?

We can't even pay respects to our ancestors
because we have to do this!

You're going to break the ice!

Let's go over there!

There are four ponds
in the Changduk Palace.

We will go skating on one of them,
the Aeryunji.

The Aeryunji means the pond
where the lotus flowers bloom.

One of the former kings loved
lotus flowers so much...

... that he named the pond Aeryunji.

Lotus flowers in foul water
look like a man of virtue.

It's winter now,
so there are no flowers.

But in summer,
when the flowers are in full blossom,

...the scenery is very beautiful.

But if you crash into the rocks
while you are skating...'ll get hurt.

Since Dr. Horton will be skating,

I will call for a medical student
to stand by.

- I'll be back.
- Yes, Father.

Her Majesty, the Queen!

- I'll go.
- No, Director. I'll go.

But Mr. Hwang,
you've never met the King before.

He can always see him next time!
What if someone breaks a leg?

Mr. Hwang, why don't you hurry along?

I'll tell His Majesty,
so don't worry about that.

You can go after you greet His Majesty.

It's all right.
I'll go right now.


- Your Majesty, I'm going to skate now.
- Go ahead.

How amazing that they can move so fast
with blades on leather shoes!

I agree, Your Majesty!

Let's make a train.

What are they doing?

They look like they're
forming a centipede.

But I'm not sure if that's
the sound a centipede makes.

What a disagreeable sound that is!

Mr. Hwang!
Miss Seok Ran has fallen into the water!

I heard that you dedicated yourselves
to eradicating smallpox.

Your Majesty!

We only did what
we were supposed to do.

We cannot accept this
gracious praise from you!

The first day of the new year...

...should be spent celebrating and
worshipping ancestors with family.

But I was troubled that you could not do so
because of the patients at Jejoongwon.

Therefore I have prepared
a special feast for you.

You must be sure to enjoy it.

- Thank you, Your Majesty!
- Your Majesty!

Someone has fallen into Aeryunji!

Who has fallen in?

It was the girl who came to translate
for the foreign women!

Please help us!

She's not breathing!
She's not breathing!

- Dr. Horton, she's not breathing!
- She needs a CPR!

We'll call it artificial respiration.

Seok Ran!

I can't find a pulse!

Not our Seok Ran!
Please save her!

What did you do?

I'm Dr. Heron.

Who are you and
why are you treating patients?

Because of you, the butcher Little Dog
was reborn as a medical student!

Please wake up!

She will live if we find
compatible blood for her!

That can endanger Seok Ran even more!

We're running out of time!

Mr. Hwang, what is your opinion?

Is there hope?


Mr. Hwang!
Mr. Hwang!