Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Episode #1.13 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Why did you do this? - Why do you want to know?
I have to know.
Are you all right?
Episode 13
It's 38 degrees celsius.
Nang Nang, what happened to you?
She may be contagious. Put on a mask.
- I missed you. - Yes, me too.
Don't worry anymore. We'll make sure you're cured.
I have smallpox... I'll die for sure.
No you won't! Not all smallpox patients die.
Nang Nang, I'm sure you'll overcome this.
- So you have to fight. - Yes, you must have hope.
I'm sorry, Nang Nang. I wasn't able to protect you.
Please don't say that...
- May I go in? - Yes.
- Nang Nang, are you all right? - Mr. Hwang...
Thank you for rescuing me.
No, it is you who rescued me.
How did you know that hammer belonged to Mr. Kim?
I went to your room to clean.
I saw him there with the hammer.
When was that?
It was... the day before I was kicked out of Jejoongwon.
It looks like he was trying to set me up but when you saw him,
...he framed you for stealing medicine.
- What? - Bastard.
Oh, it was him!
How can you ask to see me and act this way?
I know he looked familiar.
That man used to frequent the gisaeng house with that Japanese doctor, Watanabe.
I should have recognized him earlier!
This notebook was found in Kim Don's room.
It is the same calligraphy as the letters.
He was trying to get rid of me, but when Nang Nang saw him...
...he got rid of her first. Then he focused on me again.
Why did he target you?
I suspect it was ordered by Watanabe.
Dr. Watanabe?
Why would he...?
I'm not certain about this...
I prevented Watanabe from killing Lord Min with anesthesia.
I should have told you about this earlier.
I suspect that is the reason.
So that's what happened! Now everything makes sense!
So Watanabe made Kim Don create trouble for Jejoongwon.
He made him find out what medicine we used and stole it!
That Kim Don was the medicine thief! Am I right, Administrator Oh!
Y... yes, that seems right!
This is my fault.
I should have been more prudent with Nang Nang.
I made a wrong decision and caused Nang Nang to catch smallpox.
Don't feel too bad for that Nang Nang.
It wasn't done on purpose.
And besides, all of this began because of Hwang Jung.
Even Do Yang has suffered burns because of him!
Why is it snowing so much this winter?
What did those two administrators say?
They're trying to blame you for everything again, right?
They're not even going to apologize to Nang Nang, right?
I didn't eavesdrop. It's obvious!
It's always the low-class people like us that suffer.
If Nang Nang was a nobleman's daughter, would they have treated her that way?
You really need to watch your back.
Those two administrators really have it in for you!
The day they find out you're a butcher, they'll rip you apart.
All right, that's enough.
I saw my father today.
Where? Did he come here to deliver meat?
There's no way he would be delivering meat here.
Oh yes... you're right.
Where did you see him?
Outside Shigu Gate.
He was transporting corpses with Old Man Baektae.
Someone must have made him do it.
He looked like he lost weight.
Hey, don't lose your courage.
You're no longer Little Dog. You're Hwang Jung!
It's too early for you to see your father.
Your priority is to become a doctor.
You can meet your father after you become a doctor.
You just focus on studying. I'll take care of everything else, all right?
All right.
Oh Hwang, what happened to Kim Don?
We lost him.
That's too bad...
In any case, I'm glad that no one's accusing you now.
Why have you taken off your clothes?
We were exposed to smallpox. I was going to wash my clothes.
Yes, you're right. I should change too.
I wouldn't want to spread it.
I came across an interesting method of smallpox inoculation.
You can wear the clothes of a smallpox patient.
I tried it, but there was no effect.
Hwang, you have a good physique!
You're not like the rest of us fragile scholars.
If you keep yourself busy, your body will become healthy.
Didn't you hear Nang Nang say... move your body as it becomes dust when you die?
In any case, I'm still envious.
You know, I have a low fever...
But I'm not sure if it's a cold, or the result of the pus powder.
You don't think I may have contracted smallpox?
Let's see.
- You do have a fever. - Damn it!
I have five kids back in my hometown! What do I do if I die?
I can't die like this!
No, if you have smallpox, you'll have a sudden high fever,
... body tremors, headache...
You may also have backache and stomachache.
But you only have a low fever, so most likely you have a cold,
...or a mild reaction to the pus powder.
If it's the latter, that means your body is building immunity, so that's good.
But I'm trembling now!
You're cold because you don't have any clothes on.
Hot... hot...! I have a high fever!
That's because your hands are cold.
I have a stomachache and backache too! Do you think it's smallpox?
You have a headache because you're stressed.
And your back hurts because you were moving your desk.
But Hwang, listen to me! I have a stomachache too!
- Mr. Hwang, help...! - Oh, you startled me!
How could you barge in like this?
What is it, Miss?
The students have gathered and are challenging Dr. Allen!
Why are you here? You should be resting!
How could I be anywhere else when the medical school is in trouble?
Please be quiet. I will speak since everyone is here.
Let's listen to the Director!
Thank you. I have bad news for everyone.
I'm afraid the pus powder we used had little effect.
I knew it! My nostril still hurts from inhaling that powder!
The powder must have been too old.
You mean you vaccinated us using inferior products,
...and then exposed us to smallpox?
Are you determined to kill us all?
If we die, who will bear responsibility for our country's medical field?
- You need to show us more concern! - That's right!
Jejoongwon is now full of smallpox patients!
Other patients are afraid to come here because they fear they'll catch smallpox!
When did you start becoming so concerned about Jejoongwon?
All the patients at Jejoongwon are treated the same.
Yes, we do not select our patients. We accept any who are sick...
Who are you? How dare a woman speak up?
Men are talking!
Miss Seok Ran is Dr. Horton's assistant. She is staff here and has a right to speak!
- Who are you to speak for her? - That's right.
She was tending to Baek when he was injured.
She must be Baek's girlfriend.
Perhaps not.
That's enough. You are all family here.
Everyone has a right to speak here. And I did not expose you recklessly.
Smallpox is spread through mucus.
If you wear a mask and wash your hands properly, the chances are minimal.
You can say that because you are immune.
- We feel like we're walking on ice! - That's right!
Has anyone here contracted smallpox because the pus powder was ineffective?
Has anyone here contracted smallpox because they dealt with smallpox patients?
That's fine.
Director, may I go to my hometown for a visit?
I heard there was an outbreak there and I'm so worried about my wife and children!
I have a wife, a concubine, and six children.
I'm so worried about them. I could care less about Jejoongwon!
Director, why don't you allow the students who are worried to return home for a visit?
They can teach their families to wear masks and wash their hands properly.
They could teach their fellow villagers as well.
That's good idea. Let's do that.
I will fight this smallpox with all of you.
Official Yu is obtaining pus powder that was recently made.
We can start over.
- What are you looking at? - Not...nothing!
Careful, careful! It's hot.
Nice and warm!
You have a good voice! You should be a sori singer!
Uncle Mongchong made me sing everyday!
Really? Sing another song!
Not enough time to eat rice! Not enough porridge to eat breakfast!
But always enough wine for me!
No wonder Mongchong made you sing!
That Mongchong didn't wash you children at all!
No wonder all of them have matted hair...
...and lice all over their bodies!
How can Mongchong wash a girl?
Ggotnim, I'll wash you regularly from now on!
All right!
Mongchong needs to wash the boys.
I think he went to town.
They're distributing masks and soap today.
Smallpox is dreadful!
I don't ever want to catch smallpox.
Of course you won't, Ggotnim.
Look at how nice and clean you're being washed!
Does that mean I can go see Nang Nang? I miss her.
You can visit her later. She's not feeling well right now.
But you die when you get smallpox.
No, that's not true.
She won't die because she has to play with you.
All right.
Need a talisman? Get one here! One for twenty cents, two for thirty!
The Mama ghost will turn right around when she sees this talisman!
It's so cheap it's practically free!
- Let's take a look. - Come on down!
We've got all types of talismans!
Protect yourself from demons and diseases!
Write me a smallpox talisman.
Of course! Your Eminence!
This benevolent god is moderate and glorious and aids people in longevity.
His imperturbance protects that which is true.
He is the god of the five organs.
If you have this on your person,
...the Mama ghost will scatter in 36 different directions!
- Here's your twenty cents. - Take care!
You're doing a great job!
We'll have enough money to buy a drink tonight.
Please write us a talisman too.
- Be quiet! Silence! - My ears are going to fall off!
You fools! You work at Jejoongwon! How dare you sell fake talismans?
- We're sorry! - Please forgive us!
I'm confiscating this!
Both of you are impudent fools!
Go and help the students! Hurry!
Insolent fools!
I feel thirsty!
Let us go.
Please take the masks! This way!
We have soap for you! You can wash your hands here!
We have free soap for everyone!
Cover your mouth and nose.
- Do you have family? - A wife and two children.
One for each person.
Thank you!
- Cover your mouth and nose. - Use this to wash properly!
Using soap will minimize the risk of getting smallpox.
- Wash your hands here. - One more please?
Bring your children to Jejoongwon.
We will have pus powder ready for vaccination.
Yes sir.
- Why can't they vaccinate us today? - The powder is coming tomorrow!
- Please come this way! - Please use the masks.
Japanese Embassy
- Watanabe! - Sir!
Jejoongwon is distributing masks and soap...
...and telling people to return tomorrow for vaccination!
Pus powder is ineffective.
Cowpox vaccine is best for prevention of smallpox!
Who cares if it's the best? No one is coming here for it!
That's because Koreans are ignorant.
The natives here think that cowpox vaccine will cause you to become beastial!
They believe that women will give birth to cow and they will grow horns!
Is that so?
Is the ignorance of Koreans a new thing?
Jejoongwon has captured the people with pus powder!
What have you accomplished?
This hospital will close while we sit waiting for patients!
- Kim Don...! - Sir!
This is your last chance.
The pus powder is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.
Make sure it does not reach its destination!
If you fail...
- You will pay with your life! - Sir!
Move aside!
Put down the Mama ghost!
How dare you try to restrain her through the foreign devils?
We will not step aside! The Mama ghost will consume you first!
Exalted Mama ghost!
These are impudent fools who dare to malign your power!
Let's leave here!
Malign your power?
How dare you swindle the people!
Do these people look like sacks of money to you?
What do you mean?
You're afraid your customers will decrease because of us.
I will not waste my breath. Move aside!
And if we don't? What will you do?
We will have a confrontation.
I have an exorcism to attend to.
But the Mama Ghost will not let you get away with this!
Let's go!
Let's go.
Do Yang!
The shamans are creating chaos!
Yes, it's so frustrating.
- Let's go! - Don't give me that look!
My burns still hurt. Are you all right?
I really thought we got rid of Hwang!
You don't care that Hwang was found to be innocent?
It's not a big deal. I don't really care.
Really? Then what about Kim Don?
Kim Don...
I have even less interest in him.
There's a smallpox outbreak in our country.
I don't have the time to think about him.
But what a waste of opportunity!
Do Yang, wait! Your back...!
It smells!
Don't you know moving around will make it worse?
I couldn't just lie here knowing the hospital was busy.
You should think of yourself first! Then you can save others.
Mr. Baek, I know how you feel.
But until you're well, you must not go out.
I will clean out the pus first.
I know we decay beans to make bean paste,
...but I've never purposely decayed meat before!
Take a look.
We need the maggots.
- Do you think Dr. Allen plans to eat it? - What?
Maybe it's a special delicacy for western food.
That is really something!
I read in a book that soldiers at war...
...recovered more quickly from their injuries,
...when maggots grew in their wounds.
It's true. Napoleon's battlefield doctors used maggots to treat wounds.
But maggots have been used for hundreds of years before that.
Maggots eat only decayed flesh and pus.
Everyone, take a look. Isn't that amazing?
Even insects can be doctors!
It looks like his wounds may heal quickly.
The explosion has caused harm to many people.
Mr. Hwang, you've suffered so much from being misunderstood as the culprit.
No, I cannot even compare to Mr. Baek who was burnt...
...and Nang Nang who got smallpox.
I'm all right.
I really dislike going to Jejoongwon these days.
It's full of smallpox patients! It's like a smallpox refugee camp!
That's not all of it!
Our finances are in shambles because of smallpox!
We should speak to Dr. Allen about this.
If we can't cure them, let's not admit them!
Wait! Administrator Baek.
Over there...! Is that a deserted woman?
I heard that some families are deserting wives who have contracted smallpox.
What a predicament.
We are obligated to rescue her by tradition.
- Rescue her? - Yes.
The first male to see a deserted woman must rescue her?
- Let's go around her. - Why?
If we have to rescue her, everything becomes complicated!
- Why? - Think about it!
If she has smallpox, we have to pay for her funeral when she dies.
And if she lives, we'll have to live with a pock-marked woman!
- Let's go around her. - Yes, let's go!
Administrator Baek, but what if we meet bandits on that road?
That way is scary even during broad daylight!
Let's just continue on this road. We won't look at her.
We can just deny that we saw her later.
We can just pass her by.
Yes, well, the first male who sees her is responsible.
That's right.
Both of us will pass her by even though she may call out to us!
We'll pretend we didn't see her.
- Who is that? - I don't know.
Let's pretend we didn't see her.
I was right! I was wondering who would rescue me!
This is great! Wait a moment.
Let's go. You were on your way to Jejoongwon, right?
- Let's go. - I don't think it was because of smallpox.
That is fortunate.
What's wrong? I'm not here to fight with you.
- I'm not here on my own volition. - What do you mean?
From today onwards...
Are you proud of being deserted? Be quiet and come inside!
Why did you have to say that?
So does that mean that either Administrator Baek or Administrator Oh...
...will have to love that scary woman who pulled our hair?
They said they tried to walk past her, but they turned around when she called.
There are many strange traditions in Korea.
I will write a book and record these things!
- Then include this in your book too. - What?
That Korean women pull hair when they fight!
Like this!
- How was your day? - Uncle Hwang Jung!
Oh, my sweet Ggotnim!
Did you have a good time with Miss?
- Come here. - No, I don't like dirty people.
She says you're dirty. Wash up more often!
- But I washed my hands today! - That's because you had to!
Go and wash up and wash the boys too.
All right. Where's that Sanboon? Sanboon!
Where's that rascal?
Miss... How were things here?
Twenty more smallpox patients came today.
How did you handle all those patients by yourself?
The same number of patients died today.
Has the Director seen them all?
He told me to give antipyrin to those with high fever.
- And... - Please move aside!
He told the kitchen to feed the patients well.
Please have some porridge.
It tastes good because it was made with beef.
I know it's added work, but please help feed the patients.
- What? - Please.
Why can't someone else do this?
- It's so bitter! - Here.
Her fever has dropped.
That's good. Your rash has lessened too.
Does that mean I won't scar?
Of course.
How good would it be if all the patients responded well like you?
Take care of yourself.
- Keep up the good work. - Yes, Miss.
It's fortunate that Nang Nang seems to be recovering.
Yes, the other patients aren't responding to the fever medication.
But Nang Nang's fever has dropped and her rash has disappeared.
I wish the other patients would recover too.
We will inoculate the patients and their families...
...once the pus powder arrives with Official Yu.
I see.
Sir, please vaccinate me with the pus powder too.
I'm worried I might become pock-marked even before I get married!
- All right, let's do that. - Thank you!
Who goes there?
Leave your goods and your lives will be spared!
There are no goods for you here. Move aside!
The kimchi is delicious!
Here you go!
- I washed my hands! - But you're licking your fingers!
That's gross! Ggotnim said you were dirty.
Right, Ggotnim?
- Ggotnim? - What's wrong with her? Ggotnim!
Ggotnim! Oh no!
- Her body is on fire! - Chief, our Ggotnim...!
- She's possessed by the Mama Ghost! - No! Chief, it's not true, right?
Of course not! This can't happen to Ggotnim...!
Ggotnim! Miss, please take a look at Ggotnim!
- What's wrong with her? - Is she sick?
- We must go to Dr. Horton. Hurry! - All right. Ggotnim!
It's nothing big, right? She has a cold, right?
Poor girl...
Now Ggotnim, here's your medicine!
Your fever will drop and you'll feel better.
She'll get better if she eats that, right?
Of course, she'll be up and better by tomorrow.
Right, Mr. Hwang?
Of course!
Let's take your medicine, Ggotnim.
It's bitter...!
- You have to take it to feel better. - It's too bitter.
If you take the medicine, I'll give you candy.
No. I won't take it.
Take the medicine. I'll give you a piggy back ride!
- No... - I will force her mouth open.
No, we can't force her.
Then what do we do? She won't take it!
A moment, please.
I'm heartbroken about Ggotnim.
I hope that this honey will make her well.
Me too...
That should do it. This should be about ten spoonfuls.
It's ten doses.
Why didn't I think of this?
I knew that even in the west,
...they make medicine into syrup for the children.
It's because I myself hate bitter medicine.
I always think of honey when I take medicine.
Have a good sleep and everything will be better.
I'm not going to die, right?
Of course not. Why would you?
Everything will be fine. Nang Nang is with you.
That's right. I'm almost completely well now.
I'll help you.
I'm not going to be pock-marked either?
Of course not!
Why would my pretty Ggotnim become pock-marked?
I'll make sure you get better. I promise.
Our Ggotnim has smallpox, right?
Then why is she with smallpox patients?
I knew it!
She got it because we mocked the Mama ghost!
Ggotnim, I'm sorry!
No, it's not because of you!
This has nothing to do with you!
That's what I told you! And Ggotnim will get better.
So stop crying.
Miss, where have you been? Oh sir!
I'm so sorry. All the medicine was taken.
More importantly, your life was in danger.
- Are you sure you're all right? - Yes, I'm fine.
But it's unfortunate that they took all the pus powder.
We have to begin vaccinations today!
- Who were these men? - They wore masks so I couldn't tell.
Oh, they used small black explosives.
I lost consciousness when they exploded.
- They threw black explosives? - Yes.
They appeared to contain firepowder.
When Kim Don escaped, he threw such an explosive at me.
So this may be the work of Watanabe.
He wants to prevent Jejoongwon from vaccinating the people.
Then shouldn't we alert the authorities and have them bring back the pus powder?
That won't be easy. Watanabe has consular jurisdiction.
This can escalate into diplomatic issues.
We don't even have evidence.
The people are waiting outside to be vaccinated.
We must send them back.
- Let's see - W..w..wait!
You're a man! Don't be so shy!
It's not that!
How can I undress in front of Young Miss?
Young Miss, hurry!
It's all right, Chilbok!
- Thank you. - W... what did I do?
Father told me. You protected him.
That's my duty as his slave!
He feeds, clothes and shelters me. I should give my life to save him!
You rascal, you have a silver tongue!
All done. I'll apply more tomorrow.
I'm fine now.
What's going on? I washed them and brought them here!
I'm very sorry.
We cannot do vaccinations as the medicine did not arrive.
What is the matter with you folks? How can you waste our time like this?
We have no choice but to go to the Japanese Hospital. Let's go!
- We've wasted the whole day! - I can't believe this!
I think we have to make the vaccine ourselves.
Mr. Baek, do you know how?
I once read Ji Suk Young's book on cowpox vaccine and it didn't seem too difficult.
It would be good to obtain a copy of that book.
But if we can't, then we must use books such as Jung Yak Yong's book on measles,
...and consolidate the information in order to create the vaccine.
- We need to make it now. - Yes.
Pus powder's effects vary greatly based on its age.
Old powder is ineffective, while recently made powder is dangerous.
But if we can make cowpox, we won't have to worry about that.
Fine. Let's work together and make this vaccine.
There should be some information on cowpox...
...on the copies of The Lancet in my possession.
{\a6}(The Lancet = medical journal)
I'll look for it.
Edward Jenner found that a patient who have had cowpox once...
...was immune from smallpox.
Oh, you're here.
Do you have the book "Treatise on Measles"?
Use a sharp blade or needle to puncture the cow's organs,
...and then use it to vaccinate the arm.
How to vaccinate humans using the cowpox virus...?
First, we will take a blister from a child vaccinated with the cowpox virus.
Yes, then we take the blister's liquid and inject it into a calf,
...and we will have cowpox.
It sounds easy, but it will not be so.
Where will we find a child vaccinated with the cowpox virus?
We don't have the cowpox vaccine.
We don't even have the instrument that will inoculate the patients.
The only person who possesses the cowpox vaccine is the Japanese doctor.
- I'll get it from him. - Wouldn't that be difficult?
He won't give it to you so easily if he knows we want to create cowpox.
Leave that to me.
In that case, I will work on making the knife described in the Treatise on Measles.
Good. Where do we obtain the calf?
- It will have to be a young calf. - I have already informed my father.
- He will procure it for us. - Good.
Then let's begin.
Please vaccinate Ggotnim. Not me!
But this is only for people who don't have smallpox.
Then why didn't you give it to her before she got smallpox?
I'm sorry.
Our Ggotnim might die!
I'm sorry about Ggotnim.
But what if you or your friends get smallpox too?
- No! I won't take it! - Then you'll get smallpox too!
All your friends will get smallpox too!
Older brother...
Go and get vaccinated.
- You can do it, right? - Of course!
Watanabe eats out of my hand.
- Don't worry. - Do well.
- Be careful. - Yes, I'll be back soon. Let's go.
We'll be going now.
Everything will be fine, right?
He won't give the vaccine if he knows we're trying to make the virus.
Exalted Mama Ghost, please leave as you have come.
Exalted Mama Ghost, we beg you to leave.
Exalted Mama Ghost, we beg you to leave.
Exalted Mama Ghost, we beg you to leave.
- You're going to make the vaccine? - Yes, Your Majesty.
Is that the only way?
Because there is no cure, prevention is the best solution.
Your Majesty, perhaps we need to have another ritual.
We can summon a holy shaman and have her perform an exorcism.
We cannot prevent smallpox using shamanism.
- I'm saying... - Dr. Horton!
Your Majesty, rituals and exorcisms are both fine.
But a vaccine will be better.
- You mean cowpox? - That's right.
We've decided to make it at Jejoongwon.
- Is there anything I can do? - We will do it ourselves.
Why don't you ask him to get the book of the smallpox vaccine?
You said that a Korean man made it.
The writer of that book was exiled by the King.
If we say the wrong thing, we may not be able to make the vaccine at all.
Somebody here?
I have something to show you.
Can you make this for me?
- Isn't this a smallpox needle? - You know it?
- You've made it before? - No.
But I saw my late father make this many years ago.
So you can make it? I will pay you handsomely!
No one uses this now. Please wait a moment.
Please have a look at this.
This is an inoculation instrument. This is what is used these days.
How...? How do you have something like this?
If you like it, I'll sell it for a good price.
- Did someone order this made? - Yes.
But that person was exiled to Jeolla province.
You can buy it if you want.
That person must have been knowledgeable about cowpox.
Of course.
He was the nation's smallpox expert.
He vaccinated me and my children and we are all healthy to this day.
I think he wrote a book about smallpox too.
Writings on Cowpox..? Writings on Cowpox?!
That sounds like the title.
He even lived in a butcher village in order to make cowpox.
A butcher village...
Yes, he used a calf to make cowpox.
Ji Suk Young: Doctor, Minister, Literary Scholar and Korea's expert on smallpox vaccination
You want to vaccinate me?
I don't want my Miryung to become pock-marked.
Let's vaccinate you first.
No. Vaccinate him first.
I'll vaccinate you first and then give it to him later.
If you don't want it, then you can leave.
You have to remove your top.
Do it quickly!
All right.
That's the instrument he used.
Samdol, did it hurt?
It stung in the beginning, but now it hurts.
Well done. Now let's wait until the blister forms.
- Good job, Samdol. - What about me?
To be honest, I did the most work.
Miryung, you did well too.
Forced praise...!
Mr. Hwang, let go for a meeting. Miss Yu and Mr Baek are waiting for us.
Yes, Doctor.
Over ten years ago, I worked with Lord Ji Suk Young.
Really? I obtained his vaccination instruments today.
That is good news.
Lord Ji was on the verge of building a vaccine center when I met him.
It had to be somewhere difficult to access and a place where calves were easily found.
I introduced a butcher to him,
...and help him establish his vaccine center in that village.
We can conduct experiments on the calves in that vaccine center!
Unfortunately, the shamans came and tore the building apart.
I think I know why.
When I went to obtain the calf,
I was able to meet the butcher Yard Dog who helped Lord Ji with his vaccine center.
Yard Dog told me that the vaccine center was still there.
I asked him if it could be repaired,
...and he told me he would have it ready for us.
He also said he would provide the calf.
That is excellent news.
Mr. Yu, thank you!
When I went to obtain the calf,
I was able to meet the butcher Yard Dog who helped Lord Ji with his vaccine center.
Aren't you going to sleep?
Y.. yes.
Why are you so startled?
Were you thinking dark secret thoughts?
I caught you..!
Let's go to sleep.
Exalted Mama Ghost, it's my fault that Ggotnim...!
Please have mercy on her!
Exalted Mama Ghost, please leave as you have come...!
- Exalted Mama Ghost! - Hey, let's sleep!
Damn it!
- So the kids sleep here too. - Did something happen?
What? They're going to our village?
You've lost your mind! You'll die if you go back!
Have you forgotten your illegal slaughter?
They won't recognize me with my mask.
Make that Baek Do Yang make the vaccine instead!
But I need to go.
I'll be of some help since I've been there before.
We're not certain of the method yet.
How can you help when you were just a kid then?
I won't stop you from doing anything else, but don't do this.
If the vaccine turns out wrong, someone will die.
Don't jump into the fire like this. This is not the answer!
Look, I'm begging you on my knees. Please listen to me this once!
It's not that...
I'm glad you're listening to me for once.
Did you know this?
Jenner's cowpox vaccination is a modification of the Nasal Insufflation Method from Asia.
I was so surprised when I read that in The Lancet.
I always thought that western medicine was developed solely in the West.
But when I found out that it used Eastern medicine too,
I was strangely moved.
Were you? Why?
It would be great if East and West influenced each other for the sake of medicine.
That was just coincidence. It's too excessive.
Eastern and western medicine cannot be integrated.
Their foundations are different, so how can it be possible?
I know they're different, but they share the same goal of saving lives.
Sharing a goal does not change foundations.
I'm saying that once differences are acknowledged...
We don't have time. Let's hurry.
Nang Nang! It's me, Mr. Hwang.
- How is Ggotnim doing? - She is in a lot of pain.
I can barely look at her.
I'll bring some morphine.
You should be in less pain now.
Rest well.
I miss my older brother...
Have a good sleep and Samdol will be here.
- You're a good girl, Ggotnim. - I want to see him now...
Where is my older brother...?
Shall I go get Samdol?
- He wasn't in the room. - Where could he be at this hour?
Where could he be?
- You should get some rest too. - Yes, I was just about to.
Please have mercy on our Ggotnim!
Please don't take her! Please have mercy!
Please have mercy on her!
Gods of the Earth, please have mercy!
Gods of the Heavens, please have mercy!
Ggotnim! Don't die, Ggotnim!
Chief, bury her in the ground!
No, the Mama Ghost will become angry.
Ggotnim must be cold up there...
Why can't we bury her in the ground?
It is believed that the other children will die too.
I want to make the vaccine so that these children will be saved.
Good job, Samdol.
So the other kids won't get smallpox if we have the vaccine?
That's right.
Then I'm going to bring Ggotnim down and bury her in the ground.
Yes, let's do that. I'll make sure of it.
Can we go to the butcher village now?
Official Yu has sent word that everything is ready.
I heard that you must be careful in the butcher village.
These men kill animals for a living.
They are crude and rough. If you are careful, you may be hurt.
- Yes. - Please don't worry. We'll be fine.
How can you say that! You must never let your guard down!
Don't you know how important it is for us to make this cowpox vaccine?
That's right. Last time, we almost lost your hand.
Yes, Doctor.
Remember that butchers are dangerous people!
Are you all ready?
- Shall we go? - Seok Ran!
Father asked me to accompany you to the butcher shop.
You wouldn't know who to meet.
Fine. You will bring us there, but no futher.
Please be careful.
- All right. - You never listen to me!
- We'll be on our way. - Yes, Miss! You too, Young Master!
Aren't you uncomfortable? Why don't you put on your mask later?
It's because I have a cold. I don't want to breathe in cold air.
Wouldn't that be a hindrance to making the vaccine?
A cold is spread through respiration too.
It's not that bad.
You don't have to come. Why don't you go back and rest?
Yes, you should turn back if you feel unwell.
I know my own body well. I feel fine.
He'll be here soon. But what brings you here?
- That is not your business. - I see...
Oh, here he comes! Hurry up!
They've been waiting for you!
- Please forgive me! - Yard Dog, have you been well?
The father is Yard Dog, and the son is Little Dog.
Yard Dog's dead son's name is Little Dog too.
I didn't know what it meant at first. But I heard it means son of a dog.
It said to create 60 wounds on the belly.
It has to be done one at a time.
Shamans are coming!
I don't think you're aware of something.
This is where dead carcasses go in and out everyday!
How good would it be to have someone like Hwang Jung at your side?
His skill was better than a butcher.
Little Dog...?