Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Episode #1.12 - full transcript

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Episode 12

What happened?

We don't know!
We heard the explosion and just came here!

- Do Yang... inside...
- What? Young Master's inside?

What should we do?

- Mr. Hwang!
- Where is he going?


Mr. Baek! Wake up!

- Young Master!
- He's unconscious!

- What do we do?
- Take him inside! Hurry!

Hurry! Hurry!

- Do Yang, are you all right?
- He's been severely burned.

Be careful!
His blisters must not be burst!

His wounds must be cooled.
Do you have any ideas?

He's awake.

- Young Master!
- Do Yang! It's me, Jae Wook.

Mr. Baek, do you recognize me?

Yes, Director.
What happened?

You had collapsed on the floor
when I found you.

- Something exploded.
- Do you remember anything?

We have to apply some medicine.
Mr. Hwang, bring the sulfur ointment.

Yes, Doctor.

It's almost gone.
Go and get more from the pharmacy.

That's the last of it.

What do you mean?
We have several just a few days ago.

I went to get some this morning,
but there was none left.

What is this?

This is valuable medicine, what else?
This is sulfur ointment.

Apply it on any wound, insect bite or burn
and it will heal miraculously!

You're paying with medicine?

You can't buy this with money!
Go and bring me another table of wine!

Fine, but how can you bring gisaengs
to be entertained at a gisaeng house?

They're not gisaengs!
They're nurses.

We're here to celebrate a hard day of work.
Come on, bring the wine!

- Now, now!
- Where have you been?

- Let's have another round.
- Shall we?

You said you'd take us to a good restaurant!

What's wrong with this place?
It's home to you, isn't it?

- Aren't I right, Administrator Oh?
- Of course! I really like the food here.

Pour me another cup.

Administrator! Where are you?
It's me, Mongchong!

We're here.

Bad news! The classroom at Jejoongwon
has burnt down!

- What?
- Burnt down?

Oh, Do Yang!
What has happened to you?

- I'm sure he'll be fine.
- Yes, Dr. Allen is treating him now.

Yes, burns can be easily treated with sulfur ointment!

Sulfur ointment?
It's chaos over there because there's none left!

Administrator Baek, where are you going?

I left something behind.


- You say Baek Do Yang was injured?
- I apologize for the inadequate result.

You should have caused the explosion during class!

No, if that happened the authorities would
be involved and things would get out of control.

It would help our quest to acquire Jejoongwon
if we emphasize the management errors.

Your ideas always sound good.

But the results are always bad!

No, you really won't have to worry this time.

We'll have to wait and see.

I hope you didn't leave any evidence behind.

You have to be careful with things like that.

I'm sure he was!

What is it?
Did you make a mistake?

I had to force a cupboard open to
obtain the nitric acid.

If that cupboard didn't burn down,
there may be evidence left.


- Go and remove all traces!
- Yes, sir!

How could you not see the ointment?

He must be blind!

I'm sorry.

- I'm glad we found the ointment after all.
- What exactly happened?

I don't know yet.

The chemical was combustible at that stage,
but the amount wasn't enough to cause an explosion.

But since the classroom was full of chemicals,
who knows what happened.

What do you mean who knows?
Is this how you manage your classes?

Administrator Oh,
the Director is in the middle of treatment.

What would you have done if the explosion
had occurred when the students were inside?

I'm sorry.
This is all my fault.

I will report this to the authorities
and have them investigate everything.

Do you really want everyone to find out about this?

What will you do if His Majesty finds out too?

- That is not a good idea.
- We may even be blamed for this!

Let us investigate it ourselves first.

Mr. Baek, the experiment was being conducted in rotation.

Who was the team before you?

It was Hwang's team.

If Hwang was ahead of you,
then isn't he the culprit?

Think about it carefully.
There must be some evidence.

I don't remember anything and I don't want to.

How can you say that?

You have to think up something!

I was almost dead when Hwang Jung carried me out.

I can't bear to think of that.

I would feel better if this was not an accident,
and that he caused the explosion.

That detestable fellow saved me
knowing full well that he was the culprit.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

All right, we understand.

In any case, if this wasn't an accident,
I will find the culprit no matter what.

Why are you doing this?

You killed his father,
and now you want to kill Do Yang?

No, it wasn't us!
Everything was fine when we were there!

- If it was fine, then why did it explode?
- We don't know that either!


Oh, Director, what brings you here?

What loud noise?
I don't hear anything!

Come and take a look if you don't believe me!

Are you all right?

I'm all right.
Dr. Allen is coming.

It was a lie.

They're really too much!

Why do these things keep happening to you?

I know.

I want to be on good terms with my classmates.

But it's difficult.

You went into the fire to rescue him,
and they're still accusing you.

Next time this happens, just let him die!


The explosion may have been my fault.

Maybe my measurements were wrong
and it caused the other chemicals to explode.

Your measurements were wrong?
That's nonsense!

You used to cut meat to the exact weight
without using scales!

Even if it was your mistake,
don't just take the blows!

Fight back or they'll keep bullying you!

I'm going to die of frustration because of you!

You're the only one who cares about me, Jak Dae.

Where are you going?
Let's talk like old times!

I have to go somewhere.

- That's enough. Your arm must hurt.
- The wounds must still burn.

It's tolerable.

You can stop now.

It's late.
You should go home.

I've already informed my parents.

I told them I'm tending to you.

I should be sick more often
so that you can take care of me.

What are you talking about?

I'm saying I like being together with you.

Still, you shouldn't say such things.

What if your words become reality?

When I woke up, you looked to me
like you had cried a lot.

I thought you were going to die.
How could I not cry?

My mind went blank when I heard you were inside.

It was fortunate that Mr. Hwang was there.

If he hadn't risked his life to run into the fire...

I don't even want to think about it.

Who goes there?

He left his lamp here.

He took it from the school library.

This means one of us did it.

It's too early to make assumptions.

- I wonder why he came in here?
- And the explosion started here.

But the experiment was over there.

Look at this.
I think the explosion start here and spread from here.

- I see.
- How do you know that?

You would know that only if you did it before.

Look at this! He broke the lock
and then tried to put it back together.

He used a hammer to break the lock,
so all we have to do is find the hammer.

- What was in the cupboard, Director?
- Right, the cupboard!

The nitric acid was in here.

They must have used it to make nitroglycerin!

But don't we need glycerol to make nitroglycerin?

- We don't have that here.
- It's stored at the pharmacy.

The pharmacy...?

This place has limited access!

- That's right.
- You must often come here since you're an assistant.

Administrator Baek, I am not the culprit.

Nobody knows for sure, do we?

A bottle of nitric acid is missing.

Is that so?

That means the culprit stole chemicals from the
pharmacy and the classroom to make the explosive.

That means it's an inside job.

This is shocking and saddening news.

We must quickly find the culprit
and settle this matter once and for all!

Director, medicine has been missing often
from the pharmacy. Perhaps it is the same person?

That... that is nonsense!

I heard that western medicine is being sold in the marketplace.

If we find out who's taking the medicine,
we will have our culprit.

I agree with you.

What should we do?

Why did you have to take the medicine?

Don't be like that! You were happy
to share the wine bought with that money.

What are you talking about?
I didn't know that was from stolen medicine!

Don't make me an accomplice!

Calm down!
I'm not a water ghost to drag you down!

But we need to figure out what to do.

So what are you going to do?

What if we call in a favor from Lord Chun?

You want Lord Chun to waste his time
on exonerating you from petty theft?

How will that look on us?

Petty theft?
That doesn't sound nice.

I'm sorry.
I must have fallen asleep.

It's already morning!

You fell asleep while reading the book to me.
You were getting to the good part.

I see.

I was so curious what happened next
that I couldn't sleep at all.

Why didn't you wake me up?

You were deep in sleep and looked so lovely
I didn't want to disturb you.

- How do you feel?
- How could I feel bad when you're caring for me?

That's good.

We have some time before breakfast.
Shall I read some more?


Tom Sawyer and Becky were meeting secretly
in the classroom. Tell me what happens next.

All right.

Tell me, Becky, have you ever been engaged?

What's that?

It's a promise to get married.

What happens if you get engaged?

What else?
You promise to be with the same man forever.

And then...

... you kiss...

... and it's done.

Anyone can do it.

It sounds strange when translated.

It's just a story.
Go on.

Western children seem more mature.
How can they talk like this?

Your commentary is too long.
Go on. What happens next?

And thus Tom Sawyer and Becky said
"I love you" to each other.

Afterwards, Tom...


Go on.

What is that?
You have to translate it.

You understood that.

The story is more interesting in Korean.
Go on and translate it.

Tom kissed Becky.

What a beautiful story.

Who is it?

Oh, it's me.

Mr. Hwang!

- Come on in.
- Yes.

What brings you here so early?

Dr. Allen wanted me to apply the ointment.

I'm fine.
Just leave it here and go.

Yesterday's explosion was a deliberate act.

- A deliberate act?
- There is evidence.


Are you saying that you're not the culprit?

- Young Master!
- I think you suspect it's me.

I suspect nothing.

By the way, thank you for saving me from the fire.

That isn't why I told you this.

Please take care of yourself.

- Mr. Hwang!
- Yes?

Don't feel too bad.
He's just angry because he's hurt.

I know.

You performed a heroic act yesterday.
I'm sorry I'm telling you this so late.

- Not at all.
- And...

Don't pay any heed to what I said yesterday.

All right.

We'll be seeing each other everyday.

I want us to be comfortable around each other.

Of course.

Where have you been?

Here and there.

Mr. Hwang!

You were cleaning?
You should just leave it for us to do.

How can you compare our oafish work
to Nang Nang's detailed cleaning?

Can't you see our room sparkling with cleanliness?

Yes, I see it.
It's sparkling like diamonds!

- It's because I feel bad.
- Please don't feel bad!

My mother once told me to make good use of
the body, as it becomes dust when we die.

That's right!

I prefer to save my strength.
You understand, right?

Of course!

Do you want to try one?
I made it myself.

Is it good?

Ah... yes.

I made it myself.
There was some leftover rice.

You're not going to eat it?

I'm saving it for later.

Let me know if you feel peckish later.
I'll make some scorched rice soup for you...

Nang Nang, it sounds like you have a cold.


Let's see.

You have a fever.

You should tell Dr. Horton to give you an checkup.
No, I'll tell her myself. Let's go.

- No! I already had my checkup.
- What about medicine? Did she give you any?

She told me to get medicine from Miss Seok Ran,
but I couldn't find her.

I see.
Miss Seok Ran is in the Special Room.

I think I can get the medicine for you.
Let's go together.

- Really?
- Yes, let's go.

I'll do your laundry for you.
You can leave your clothes in your room.

All right.

Leave your underwear too, all right?

But... why...?

Dr. Allen says that all hospital staff must be
clean and dressed in clean clothes.

So give me your underwear too.

I know, but...

- I'll just keep it on.
- Why?

Because I've always done so.

Then we can change starting now.
Leave your underwear too, all right?

Why aren't you answering me?

Fine, let's do that.

You know...
I have something to ask you.

What is it?

You were about to say something?

Can someone like me...
Can I become a nurse?

- A nurse?
- Yes.

You want me to be honest?


I think you'd be an excellent nurse.


You're kind, hard-working and soft-hearted to boot.

I think that such a person would make an excellent nurse.

~ No money, then Bin seal!
Got money, then Won seal! ~

~ Free medicine!
Free hospital stay! ~

The hospital stay isn't free!
Go away and stop pestering me!

We don't want to go!
Uncle Mongchong told us to earn our keep!

Saying such things to children!

We'll still feed you even if you don't do this.
So leave me alone and go away.

Go and ask Nang Nang to play with you!

- But it's more fun here!
- Go inside and play!

Please wait to be called.

Is this Korea's first western hospital,

Yes, it is.
How may I help you?

Is Dr. Allen in?

He's busy with patients!

He is...

Now look who we have here!

Are you a student here?


In that case...

Are you Hwang Jung?

I see.

I heard you and Baek Do Yang
are the most exceptional students.

- Dr. Watanabe!
- Oh, Dr. Allen!

You really look like a hospital director!

I heard you had a big accident here yesterday.

How did you know that?

News travels like the wind.

I heard Baek Do Yang was injured
and came to visit him.


I came to see if I could obtain some Duchang vaccine.

- Duchang?
- He means smallpox, Doctor.

It is called many things in Korea,
including the Mama ghost.

Ah, so Mama is smallpox.

Unfortunately, Jejoongwon does not
have the smallpox vaccine.

You don't have it?

It's highly surprisingly that Korea's first
Western hospital does not have the smallpox vaccine.

We had some sent from America,
but they were unusable when they reached Korea.

We've sent someone to ask the hospital in Jaemulpo.

I don't know if they'll give it to you so easily.

How unfortunate this is!
Smallpox is spreading and you don't have the vaccine.

Where is Mr. Baek?

My condolences to your father.

That coup had nothing to do with us.
It was solely the work of the Gaehwapa.

Is that what you came here to say?

Not at all.
I'm here because I heard you were injured.

You and I once dreamed of being
Korea's foundation on western medicine!

Have you changed your dream?
I am always ready to accept you.

If you wish to study in Japan again,
I will do my utmost to assist you.

As you well know, Japan is foremost in its
skill and knowledge in medicine!

I like Jejoongwon.
I will become a doctor here.

Come to me if you change your mind.

I hope we can see each other often anyway.

Thank you for your visit.

- What? You failed?
- I was discovered by Hwang Jung.

Hwang Jung...?

Don't worry, he didn't see my face.

It's too late to make it look like an accident.
What should I do?

Frame him for it.

Hwang Jung!

Frame him for it.

You can do it, right?


That stings!

Damn it!

What happened?


- Make sure you succeed this time.
- Yes, I understand.

Today, the baby was kicking and playing inside.

I think it's a boy.
Am I right?

Is it a boy or a girl?
It has a penis, right?



It's not a real pregnancy...

What are you talking about?

I mean...
Your desire for a baby was so big that...

... you are showing symptoms of pregnancy.

- I'm not pregnant?
- Yes.

It's an imaginary pregnancy.

How dare you tease me like this!

What did you say?
How dare you say that about our Dr. Horton?

What did you say, you wench!

Let go!

You too!

Please let go of the doctor!

- Go away if you don't want to die!
- Please don't do this!

- Seok Ran, what are you doing home?
- Mother!

- I came to change my clothes.
- We were about to go to you!

- You were?
- What if those gisaeng wenches tried to upstage you?

If the Young Master all right?

I heard he was burnt.
What if that handsome face was scarred?

We'll have to wait and see,
but I'm sure he'll be fine.

What's all this food?

We made a few things for Young Master.
Even abalone porridge.

- Go and change and let's go together.
- There's food at Jejoongwon too!

Hospital food isn't good enough for him!

Madam, I cook the hospital food.
I cook the food here too!

And besides, I want to visit him.

You are certainly very devoted.

Nothing is accomplished without devotion.

There is even a saying that
"Devotion can create a spring".

Are you writing a proverb?

If I want a son-in-law from a great family,
that's the least I can do.

Did Father go somewhere?

He went to Jaemulpo for medical supplies
and should be back today.

Those shamans are making a killing these days!

The people are relying on the shamans
because smallpox cannot be cured.

But now that we've obtained the cure,
everyone will be going to Jejoongwon!

We'll see.

The medicine we got at Jaemulpo isn't the vaccine,
so we don't know how effective it will be.

And the vaccine is used to prevent smallpox,
not to treat it.

What... what do you mean?

There is no effective cure for smallpox.

So there really is no cure?

Once you contact smallpox, it is up to Heaven.

The best way is prevention.
And the best prevention is vaccination.

One important fact is that survivors of smallpox
cannot contract smallpox again.

That is called immunity.

A vaccine uses minute amounts of the virus
to create immunity in the body.

Are you saying that it is a deliberate contracting of smallpox?

No, you're not contracting smallpox.

Fake smallpox?
Weak smallpox?

In any case, it's tricking the body into
immunity before the real smallpox virus enters.

When the vaccine arrives from Jaemulpo,
we will vaccinate all of you to start.

Except those who have had smallpox before.

I couldn't obtain the smallpox vaccine.

The Japanese hospital in Jaemulpo flatly rejected our request.

- Then what is this?
- This is pus powder from a Qing merchant.

Pus powder?

- He is referring to a pustule.
- That's right.

Smallpox victims have pus blisters all over their body.

This powder was made from the blisters
when they dried up and fell off.

- It looks foul.
- This powder contains the smallpox virus.

In other words, if this powder is inhaled,
it will have the same effect as the vaccine.

It is a good alternative.

So how is this inhaled?

This is called Human Variolation,
because the virus was obtained from humans.

What we are doing here is Nasal Insufflations.

You're not asking us to eat this, are you?

It looks like mucus!

No, all you have to do is insert this into your nose.

The smallpox virus will spread weakly through your bodies.

Just take it out before you go to sleep.

Because all of you will be doctors,
everyone must be vaccinated.

- Please begin.
- Please come out one by one.

Why aren't you doing it, Hwang?

I had smallpox when I was young.
I am immune.

- So you lived, did you?
- You didn't make it more potent to spite us?

I obtained the medicine myself.
Please have faith.

If you do this, you will all have
a weak case of smallpox in a few days.

Go ahead.

What the hell is this?
I'm a nobleman! I shouldn't have to do this!

It is an order from me, the Director.

Mr. Yu, go ahead.

I'll do it later!
I have to go out. I can't look like this.

In that case, you can take this and inhale.

It's fast and easy.

This method is called Variola Inhalation.
(Pus powder inhaled directly through silver or wood pipes)

This is much more aggressive method!

This is really aggressive...

Now everyone will choose between
nasal insufflations or variola inhalation.

I choose nasal insufflations.

What are you doing in here, Sir?

I came to borrow a book from Hwang,
but he's not here.

Why are you holding a hammer?

No reason.

I think Mr. Hwang is handling the smallpox vaccinations.

Haven't you been there yet?

No, not yet.
Go on and do your work.



It's nothing.

What is it?

You should take a look at a mirror.

What brings you here?

How could I not be here?
Young Master has been hurt.

She made abalone porridge,
which I was enjoying.

What are you doing?
Young Master is still eating.

Yes, Mother.

Seok Ran, that's enough.

- Please go ahead.
- Please don't heed us. You must finish it!

All right then.

You're happy that Seok Ran is taking care of you, right?

- Hush now...!
- Why can't I ask him that?

- You're happy, right?
- Yes, I am.


You don't know anything.
A man and woman must always confirm their relationship.

Let's go outside.
I think your Father needs to talk to him.

Seok Ran, you should go outside to the courtyard.

Mr. Hwang is vaccinating the medical students.
You should ask him to vaccinate you as well.

All right.
Then I'll leave you two to chat.

- Watanabe was here.
- Why was he here?

His official reason was to visit me,

but I think he wanted to check
if we had the smallpox vaccine.

He has a monopoly on the smallpox vaccine.

I think that he wants to take all of Jejoongwon's patients.

That must be why the Japanese hospital
in Jaemulpo wouldn't share their vaccines with us.

This is not good.
Smallpox outbreaks are more frequent.

All we could obtain was pus powder.

It is not as effective as a vaccine.
And we don't know when this powder was made.

The older it is, the less effective it will be.

Do you still have Ji Suk Young's book on cowpox that
I obtained for you earlier?

If you have it, we may be able to make a vaccine.

It was burnt in the fire
when my father confiscated my books.

Can we obtain it again?

Ji Suk Young was close with some
members of the Gaehwapa like Kim Ok Gyun.

Because of that,
he was exiled to Shinji Island in Jeolla province.

I doubt any of his books still exist.


- Are you finished?
- Yes.

- What is it?
- I have to vaccinate you, but there's no more powder left!

- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.

You can vaccinate me later when my father obtains more.

Yes, you'll be the first person I vaccinate.

Mr. Hwang, have you seen Mr. Kim Don?

Yes, I saw him earlier.

I saw him in your room when I went to clean.
He said he wanted to borrow a book.

I saw him during the vaccination.

You didn't catch it!
Now it's my turn.

Ggotnim, you'll win with two!
Go ahead!

I won!

Let's do one more round!

Don't you think Dr. Allen is being unfair?
He's protecting the culprit!

They're saying that someone deliberately
caused the explosion.

- That must be Hwang!
- Probably.

But someone has been stealing from the pharmacy.

They think the thief may be the culprit,
so they're looking for him first.

What if it's the same person?
Hwang Jung?

I don't know, but I have this feeling that
the thief and the culprit isn't the same person.


One is a cowardly thief,
while the other is an arrogant ass!

I managed to keep everyone quiet!

What do you mean?

The merchants who sold the medicine for me!

Yes, well done.

I almost got framed for causing that explosion!

This is really saving my hide!

- Who did that?
- What just happened?

Who's outside?

I can't believe this...!

What is so unbelievable?

We'll just have to make it believable!


Will you still continue your lies?

I have never seen these things before?

How dare you lie!
This is a list of all your crimes!

You took the medicine and sold them!

This is a misunderstanding!
I don't know anything about that!

How dare you deny it when we have evidence!

Doctor Allen, Nang Nang isn't the sort of girl
who would do this.

Steal medicine?
There is no way.

How dare you interfere?
Go away if you're finished!

If you break the rules, you must be punished.

Nang Nang stole medicine intended for patients.

This is a terrible act.

Miss, take care of yourself.

This is unbelievable!

This is absolutely unbelievable!

How can they accuse her of stealing that medicine?

Nang Nang!

Mr. Hwang!
I really didn't steal anything.

Yes, I know.

The administrators are framing her.
Like the missing sulfur ointment...

- Why are you still here?
- Administrator Baek.

Nang Nang would never do such a thing!

How can you use that anonymous note
as evidence to kick her out?

The evidence was in her room!
And Dr. Allen agreed.

You saw it too!

Nang Nang would never do that!

You little shit, how dare you speak?

I begged Dr. Allen not to alert the authorities.
You should be thankful for that! Go!

I have to see Dr. Allen.

Do you really want to see drag her to the police?

Do you want to draw attention this way?

Mr. Hwang, I won't go to the police.

Farewell, everyone.

Nang Nang!

Goodbye, Miss.

Take care, Ggotnim.

Nang Nang!

Nang Nang!

~ National ritual when there is an outbreak of contagious disease ~

During the Chosun dynasty, it was thought that smallpox
was the result of the possession by the Mama ghost.
Cures were sought through exorcism.

Idols were set up at village entrances,
and houses put up talismans to ward off the Mama ghost.

Many people died from the outbreak, and the bodies
of children were tied to trees instead of burial.

My child!

Your Majesty,
too many people have died from smallpox.

The numbers aren't decreasing even with the ritual?

Rituals and shamanistic exorcisms
have no effect whatsoever.

Without the rituals and exorcisms,
more people would have suffered from smallpox.

A few years ago, our son was possessed
by the Mama ghost but was cured when he was exorcised.

To celebrate his recovery,
we had this Ten Longevity Screen painted.

We had a doctor who specialized in smallpox.

It is unfortunate that he has passed on.

Even in the West, smallpox is a disease
that takes one out of every ten patients.

There is no cure for smallpox.

Prevention is the best option we have.

And how will we prevent it?

We have to make the vaccine.

What characters does it use?

Vaccine is not a Korean word.

The vaccine uses pus from an infected cow.
It is called cowpox vaccine.

Inoculating people with that virus is the best prevention.

This was mentioned in a royal petition
by Ji Suk Young many years ago.

But the thought of using cow pus
on ourselves is abominable.

I have heard of this too.

They say that people will grow horns
and women will give birth to cows.


Let's go.

They were putting living patients
alongside the dead. It was shocking.

How could they do that to someone who's alive?

They do that out of fear of contagion...

... and to save on funeral costs...

What do you mean?

If you abandon the patient,
you don't have to have a funeral.

Poor people...

I have to rescue the living patients
and treat them here.

Although we don't have the medicine,

some may survive with good care.

I will inform the students to bring the patients in.

How are the students who inhaled the powder?

Half of them suffered a weak case of smallpox,
but the rest had no effect.

The powder must have been old.

The cowpox vaccine is our only solution.

Mr. Hwang, take the students who are immune.

Still, they can't just go out.
Smallpox is spread through breath. They need masks.

I'll make them.

Now our breath won't smell even if we drink!

You're thinking of Nang Nang again, right?

She was a bright and cheerful girl.

Hey, just forget about her.
I'm sure she's living well somewhere.

Mr. Hwang!

I made some masks.
Please use them when you're out.

Thank you.

- Are you going to give me one too?
- Of course!

Thank you!

Then have a good day!


- Please take a mask.
- Oh, thank you.


Did you know Miss Seok Ran from before?

Yes... a little...

Let's go.

Who did that?

That hateful fellow!

Do you know how expensive that is?

I think that vase was worth breaking,
as long as we keep getting information like this.

What does the note say this time?

- "We will reveal Hwang Jung's detestable crime."
- Reveal?

- The title certainly is scintillating.
- Who cares about the title? What about the details?

The details are excellent too!
He deserves first place in a writing competition!

Is that so?

I can finally hold my head up in front of Do Yang!

Now, Administrator Oh, let us get up!
We must grab this bull by its horns!

Wait, we will have to move fast
if we are to celebrate later tonight.

It's done.

It's perfect.

I added another layer of cloth.

It may be uncomfortable to breathe,
but you won't catch smallpox.

Of course I won't.
Look whose handiwork it is!

I know!

Let's go test the effectiveness of the mask.

- You're going out?
- Yes, I feel walled-in here.

Everyone is running about because of this smallpox,
and I feel bad about lying here.

You're a patient!

But before that, I'm a Jejoongwon medical student.

I can't believe we're doing this work.

That's because we're not affected by smallpox.

It is good that nobody in our village
is suffering from smallpox.

That is all because of that scholar
who wrote the book on smallpox.

He pricked us with the needle
so that none of us would ever get smallpox!

I heard he was exiled to somewhere in Jeolla province.

That's what I heard too.
He was such a good man.

Let's go.

What's wrong?

Did you step on something?

You stepped on a nail!
We must remove the poison!

The poison must be removed!
It'll be infected!

- I'm all right.
- Are you sure?

You should have been more careful!


What are you doing there?
Never seen butchers before?


Hwang, come over here!

She's alive! Hurry!

Move aside!

What are you all doing here?

Hwang, these items came from your room!

What are these things?

This bottle is the missing glycerol from the pharmacy.

And this hammer was the one used to
break the lock in the cupboard.

Why were these things in my room?

That is for you to explain.
Why are you asking us?

Shall I tell you?
The hammer came from your drawers.

And the bottle came from your closet!

- That cannot be.
- That isn't the truth!

You're collaborating with him too?

- This is ridiculous!
- But the evidence is all here!

It is shameful that one of us is responsible for this.

It looks like you used this bottle to relieve yourself.

I thought I smelled something foul.

So this hammer belongs to you, does it?

The shape matches the marks on the cupboard.

- Yes, it matches perfectly.
- Then it's clear Hwang is the culprit.

That hammer belongs to Kim Don.

I saw him.

What are you muttering about?

You had it in your hand when you
came into Mr. Hwang's room.

Are you... trying to frame me?
I can't believe this!

What is this now?

Don't come close!

Don't come close!

- Why did you do this?
- Why do you want to know?

I have to know.