Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Episode #1.11 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The butcher Little Dog goes to a western hospital
in order to save his mother's life.

In order to pay for her treatment,
he resorts to illegal butchery.

To further his knowledge of western medicine,
Do Yang hires an illegal butcher to study anatomy.

Little Dog escapes death, but his mother
passes away and he is chased by Do Yang.

He changes his name to Hwang Jung
and pretends to be a nobleman.

When he is shot by Officer Jung,
Little Dog is rescued by Seok Ran.

Dr. Allen, an American missionary,
operates on him and saves his life.

Hwang Jung saves Lord Min Young Ik,
the Queen's nephew,

during the Gapsin Coup,
organized by the Gaehwapa (Reform Party).

Do Yang realizes that as the Justice Minister,
his father's life is at risk by the Gaehwapa.

With the help of Allen, Min Young Ik survives.

While Do Yang goes for Allen, Hwang Jung operates
on Lord Baek but he dies from blood loss.

Do Yang imprisons Hwang Jung and alerts
the authorities, but he escapes with the help of Seok Ran.

Realizing that he didn't cause Lord Baek's death,
Hwang Jung becomes Allen's medical assistant.

Officer Jung tries to kill Hwang Jung,
but Yi Gwak causes him to have a serious head injury.

Hwang Jung saves Officer Jung's life using electricity,
and avoids Do Yang finding out about his identity.

King Go Jong acknowledges western medicine
and establishes Korea's first hospital, Jejoongwon.

In the beginning, Jejoongwon is stricken with
rumors concerning foreigners eating children.

Hwang Jung, with a broken hand, and Seok Ran,
disguised as a man, both take the entrance exam

Administrator Baek switches Hwang Jung's
answers and causes him to fail.

Seok Ran, who was the top scorer in the exam,
is revealed to be a woman.

Hwang Jung, who placed 13th, and Do Yang,
who placed 2nd, both enter Jejoongwon as students.

Episode 11

- But you didn't have to...
- No! Not at all.

It doesn't really suit me,
but I kept it too long.

You look pale.
Is something wrong?

Nothing's wrong.

- Seok Ran!
- Yes, Father!

Won't you go for a stroll with me?

No, I'll just stay home.

You've been cloistered up in your room
for the past few days.

I just have a lot on my mind.

You can think while you stroll.
Go on and accompany your father.

- You really won't go with me?
- Yes.

Then why don't you go to the storeroom?

I said I'd come here later!

It's because I'm so curious!

What do you think this is?

It's a bicycle!
It's better than the one that broke!

What's wrong with you?
You've been begging your father for ages!

Did I?

The treatment is twenty cents!

I came because it was free!

You'll get treatment even if you don't pay.

If you don't pay, you'll get the "Bin" seal.

If you pay, you'll get the "Won" seal.

The "Won" patients will be treated first,

and when they are done,
then the "Bin" patients be treated.

Who cares about those seals?
Open the gate!

Just be patient and wait half an hour!

We'll make sure everyone is treated!

(1st Jejoongwon Medical Director)

- Inform them we will begin rotations.
- Yes, Doctor!

Yes, Doctor!

- The Director will be starting his rotations!
- All right.

Oh, Do Yang!

What's going on?

Let's go!

Who locked the door?

Somebody open the door!

- Nobody is outside!
- This is my fault.

This is nothing.
I got ostracized like this at the Art Bureau too.


Anybody out there?

Let's use this!

That won't work.
We're going to be late to the rotations!

I don't think Hwang can join us today,
so perhaps Baek can assist Dr. Allen.

Go ahead.
His assistant isn't even here.

Are you going to help Dr. Allen today?

What a thick-skinned fellow Hwang is!
I wouldn't dare enter Jejoongwon like he did.

- Is it because he was a replacement?
- Replacement?

That's nothing.

Hwang is the man responsible for Do Yang's father's death!

- What... what do you mean?
- Jae Wook!

The Justice Minister who passed away
during the Gapsin Coup was Do Yang's father!

- That's enough!
- Why? They have a right to know.

Lord Baek was wounded by the insurgents,

but that fool Hwang Jung performed
surgery on him and caused his death!

- What? What does he know?
- That's what I'm saying.

- What an awful fellow!
- Exactly!

Is everyone here?

Yes, we're all here.
Let's begin the rotations!

- Where is Hwang Jung?
- He must still be sleeping.

I wonder if he got drunk last night?

Let's go.

That hurts!

- I'm sorry.
- Rotations are important to patients.

- Don't ever be late again.
- Yes, Doctor.

Let's go.

The Director is here for his rotations!

We have seven patients admitted here.

One fall victim, two malaria patients,

two patients with parasites, one with syphilis,

and one victim of a tiger attack.

This patient fell onto clay pots and
had severe cuts all over his body.

He is recuperating after surgery.

We will remove his sutures tomorrow
and he can go home.

Next, this patient has malaria.

His fever exceeded 40 degrees
and was prescribed quinine by Dr. Allen.

His fever has broken.
Somebody tell me the stages of malaria.

The stages of malaria are incubation,
cold stage, fever stage and wet stage.

Now Mr. Hwang, tell me about the symptoms.

The urine turns dark-colored,
accompanied by sweaty fever, nausea and diarrhea.

Anything else?

The symptoms can also be splenomegaly,
anemia and renal failure.

Why would malaria strike when it is not summer?

Usually the incubation period is 1-2 weeks,
but it can also be a few months.


This patient's arm was amputated
due to a tiger attack.

Does it still hurt?

It's really strange.
My right hand hurts so much I can't sleep.

He doesn't have a right hand!
How can it hurt?

Did you drink last night?

His hand is gone,
but his brain still thinks he has one.

I'll prescribe some painkillers.
They will make the pain go away.

We will prescribe Dummy.


- May I ask you something?
- Yes, what is it?

Why did you prescribe the amputee a placebo?

Doesn't Dummy mean fake medicine?

That's right.

You shouldn't be swindling patients, Director!

Pain in a missing limb is not real pain.

There is no painkiller for this type of pain.

In this situation, it is better to give them
a placebo and assure them they will feel better.

This is more of a psychological treatment, isn't it?


By the way, starting tomorrow,
Mr. Baek will do the rotation reports.

Isn't that Hwang's responsibility?
I'm not ready yet.

Not at all.
Your knowledge is helpful to the other students.

Then I will do my best.

That's great news.
Do Yang, do your best!

Great news!


Something has happened!

- Let go, you wench!
- You first! How dare you do this at the hospital?

Don't do this!

What is the meaning of this?

This is a hospital.
Let go first and let's do this with words!

- Why are you doing this?
- Did you think I couldn't find you?

Let go!

I'm all wet!

She's all right.

Both of them must be concubines...

What's a concubine?

Not a wife, but another kind of wife.

This woman's a concubine
and the other woman's a concubine too?

Korean men have too many wives.

- When did this patient come here?
- I'm not sure.

- Why don't you know?
- Administrator Baek brought her here last night.

- Administrator Baek?
- Yes.

He gave her this room because it was empty
so she could have her child in peace.

Is she... Administrator Baek's concubine?

- I don't think so.
- In any case, we must deliver the baby.

We must make preparations.

I think she wanted a midwife to deliver the baby.

She wants a midwife in the hospital?

I'm not sure,
but I think he just rented out the room only.


You wench!

Lord Chun, why are you so angry?

- I told you to not get so jealous!
- But she looks down on me!

You little...!

Fine, just kill me!
Just kill me and the baby in my belly!


I'm pregnant too!

I'm dizzy...!

Take her to the examination room!

Did you have any emesis?


Did you have any morning sickness?

I've been craving sour things
and can't stand the smell of rice!

When was the last menstruation?

What does that mean?

How do we explain this?

He means your period.

Oh my goodness!

How dare you ask me something like that!

That's enough!
No more questions!

Let's go!

If Miss Yu was here, we would have been
able to complete the examination.

But I made a request to the missionary board
and soon a female doctor will arrive.

Are you sure you're not sick?

- I'm not.
- Then why won't you eat?

You're sick, right?

Do you know how to read pulses?

Yes, I suppose you need to be trained for that.

- I'm not sick!
- Then why won't you eat?

You're not even interested in the expensive
bicycle your father bought for you!

No, I really like it.

Is that your version of liking it?
You should out there on it, laughing away!

Madam's right.
You won't even go for a walk with your father!

You won't even go see the female doctor
from America!

I really don't understand it!

- A female doctor is coming here?
- Yes, I told your father to take you with him!

I noticed that American women like to embrace men!

Why can't you go with your father
so that he wouldn't do such things?

Father went in the direction of Mapo, right?

Miss! Miss!

- Wait for me!
- Take your time! I'll be waiting for you!

You're driving me crazy!

Young Miss!

- Father!
- Why are you here?

Why didn't you say you were meeting the female doctor?

To tease you!

You came on the bicycle!


I'm going to die from exertion!

What good timing.
Can you escort Dr. Horton to Jejoongwon?

- To Jejoongwon?
- I have an urgent matter to take care of.

Yes, Father.

- Have you been well, Dr. Allen?
- Miss Yu, it's been a while.

Give me a glass of water.
Miss, I'll be in the kitchen.

Did you have a nice chat?

Everyone, it's nice to meet you.
I'm Lillias Horton.

My Korean name is Ho...

Ho Don.

I'll be in charge of obstetrics and gynecology.

I'm so looking forward to working with all of you.

I'll be in charge of obstetrics and gynecology.

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Must we learn obstetrics and gynecology too?

Yes, she will teach everything relating to pregnancy.

A baby is given by Old Lady Samshin.
What else is there to know?

You're not implying that we deliver babies?

We must deliver them in emergencies.

Isn't this going too far?
How can you ask us men to deliver babies?

As it is, our testicles might fall off
from the sewing we have to do!

Dr. Allen, are you inside?
I need to talk to you.

Administrator Baek!

- Oh, Do Yang!
- What is it?

Lord Jung's concubine is having a breech birth!
She might die!

Why did you rent out Jejoongwon's room?

Well... Jejoongwon was running out of budget...

Why are you causing trouble?
You are here from my recommendation!


- Where do you think you're going?
- The mother is in danger!

Dr. Allen, this is a woman's room!

Dr. Horton says she will go in.

I told we made it clear that you are
not to come to Jejoongwon!

This is not a place to discuss that!
Dr. Horton doesn't speak Korean!

Miss Yu, go inside.

- What is she saying?
- She's saying meconium isn't a good sign.

I know that!
But the baby is coming out leg first!

- What is she saying?
- If we don't do something, both of them will be in danger!

- Is it a boy or a girl?
- Is that important right this very moment?

I need to prepare for surgery.

- I'll do it. What's the status?
- The baby is coming out leg first.

What's going on?
He left in the middle of the lecture!

Is class over?

Hey Mr. Medical Assistant!

I think class is over.
Tell Dr. Allen.

Wait... wait!
I'll go outside and find out what's happening.

Why don't you finish erasing the blackboard,
Mr. Murderer?

- Let's have a look.
- Look? You're a man!

Grandmother, I am a doctor.

I don't care if you're an old doctor.
No man can look there!

Grandmother, please don't worry.
This woman will take good care of her.

Let's all go out.

Seok Ran...

Do a good job.

For a young girl,
you're very good in keeping house!

Her dishes all have to be eaten with wine!

That's why we're having a drink.

That's right!

- How could they choose them as nurses?
- What?

- Miss Chiran!
- Hey sister, don't blame us. We should be pitied!

We're doing this hard work because
they told us they would elevate us to middle-class!

Yes, good on you.


- You need to go the operating room now!
- Why?

Why do you need to ask?

- Sister!
- Have you been well?

I haven't slept a decent night's sleep!

- I'm drunk. I won't go.
- Me too.

- What are you talking about?
- I can't go either.

The Director hates it when he can smell
liquor on our breaths.

Well done, all of you.
Well done.

What am I going to do if none of you go!

Maybe I'll go instead.

What surgery is this?

Why are you here?

Because no one came back.

- They have to operate to deliver the baby.
- Is that possible?

In the West,
babies are often delivered by caesarean section.

But I've never done it before.

Cae...Caesarean section...?


I came as a replacement for the nurses.

Not too long ago, 80-90% of all women
who delivered by caesarean section died.

So that woman too...?

Now, with skillful anesthesia, cut and suturing,
the survival rate is high.

I am certain Dr. Horton will pull through.

If the mother and baby are in danger,
we will have to step in.

In Korea, breech births most often result in death.

All right.

- I'll do it.
- Thanks.

- Can you hold it from your side?
- Yes.

I thought I told you to erase the blackboard!

Oh my God!

- The baby is out!
- I can't watch!

- Can you use the scissors and cut it?
- Yes.

- What is it?
- May I have a look too?

Look at that!

Why doesn't the baby cry?

It's cyanosis!

{\a6}(Blue discoloration of skin due to lack of oxygen)

The baby's alive!

The baby's alive!
That's great!

How amazing!
Dr. Horton kissed the baby and it survived!

So Miss Seok Ran spread open the stomach,

and Dr. Horton took out the baby!

- But the baby wasn't breathing, right?
- That's right.

It was blue in color!

Then Dr. Horton put her mouth
on the baby's and blew!

And then it cried!


Isn't that amazing?

Are you awake?

My baby...

- Where is my baby?
- He's right here.

It's a boy!

You must be careful because
you just had an operation.

All right.

- Where are you going?
- What?

I was going to give seaweed soup for the new mother.

She can't eat yet because she had surgery.
Bring it later when we ask for it.

All right then.
Then would you like to...?


The mother and the baby are both alive, right?


That's really good news!

Dr. Horton must have come down from Heaven.

It would have been nice
if she had come a few years earlier...

Never mind.

- Wait!
- What?

- She wants you to follow her.
- What?

Do you feel more calm now?


You seem unsettled.
What's wrong?

Five years ago, my mother died while giving birth.

It was a breech birth just like today.

If only Dr. Horton had been here then... mother and the baby would have lived.

What can we call this in Korean?

Artificial... respiration...
To breathe...

- We can call it Artificial Breath.
- Let's call is Artificial Breath.

This can be used when a patient is unable to breathe.

Air is artificially given to the patient
in order to help them breathe.

- Is it effective for adults too?
- Yes, it works on everyone.

This method is often used when someone
is rescued from drowning.

Someone can drown and still live?

My little cousin drowned when I was young.

Is that so?
Mr. Yu, come out here.

Why... why me?

Lie down here.

- Like this?
- Yes.

After the victim is taken out of the water,
turn his face like this.

Take out whatever is in his mouth.

- What are you doing?
- Just lie still.

After that, straighten his body and tilt his head back.

Straighten his neck and hold his nose.

What are you doing to me?
Everyone's watching!

No, she's right.
Without you, Dr. Horton wouldn't have succeeded.

It came to mind that it would have been
good for you to remain working here.

Miss, let's go back.
Dr. Horton must be tired.

Look, I was right!

Yes, go home.
Well done today.

All right.

- What did you just say?
- I was saying that a female doctor was here.

No, not that.
You said she did some kind of surgery?

She performed a caesarean section,
and both mother and child lived.

Both lived?

Watanabe-san, didn't you perform a
caesarean section recently, but the mother died?

- So, are there any exceptional students?
- Yes, Hwang Jung and Baek Do Yang are very good.

I know Baek Do Yang because he wanted to
study in Japan, but Hwang Jung...?

Who is this Hwang Jung?

I'm not sure. He was a replacement.
His skills with the knife are exceptional.

It is my opinion
that those 2 are the only doctors to graduate,

Western medicine will be established in Korea in no time.

That cannot happen!
That historical moment belongs to Imperial Japan!

That's right!

- Then I will carry out my mission as planned.
- Good.

That's enough talk of work.
Let's call in the girls and have some wine.

We will have my Miryung here tonight.

Oh, I forget to mention something.
That gisaeng is now a nurse at Jejoongwon.

What the hell...?

Now your turn.

That's not right!


I don't want to be a gisaeng anymore.

What do you mean?

I want to be a nurse.


~ Foreign chatter ~

Dr. Horton, here is your scalpel.

Thank you.
Oh, her stomach is like a mountain!

Doctor, she's bleeding!

Clean the blood.

All right.
I can clean very well.

Chitter chatter.
What? You want me to press her stomach?

Like this?

The baby... the baby is coming!
But oh no! He's not crying!

Breathe air into the baby.
Yes, Doctor!

I'm sorry.
Are you finished with your surgery?

- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Yes, Mr. Hwang.

- Where are all the nurses?
- What?

- Well... they...
- Drinking again?


This is the first time
I've seen someone being cut open.

It was amazing, wasn't it?
It was my first time too.

Nang Nang, I can clean over here.
You should help out the nurses more.

If you're in here and touch something
you're not supposed to, Dr. Allen will get very angry.

I just wanted to help...

I came here because I thought it needed
to be cleaned for the next patient.

- I won't come in here anymore.
- No, that's not what I meant.

I'm just saying be careful.

There are needles and knives here.
You can get hurt if you handle them wrong.

All right.

I'll see you later.

What are you doing?


- Hwang...?
- Yes.

- Are you lacking money these days?
- What?

I thought I saw the accessory here,
but it's missing.

I see.

I just happened to notice
while I was looking for a pencil.

I see.

Don't say that "I see" and talk to me!
We're roommates!

If you're going through something,
we should help each other out.

- I just threw it away.
- Threw it away...?

You're really not a gentleman!
You can't throw away a lady's heart like that!

If she found out that you threw it away....

She will be heartbroken.

- What are they doing?
- I don't know!

Seok Ran, what are you doing?

Mother, come and join us!
It's so much fun!



- I'm dizzy!
- One two and two!

Seok Ran!

- One and two! One and Two!
- Two and Two!

Do you turn or shall I?
I'll turn!

- Mother!
- Madam!

Mother, are you all right?

- Madam!
- It hurts!

That stings!

That's why a middle-aged woman
shouldn't be dancing away in the moonlight!

We're done?

Doesn't she have to bandage my leg?
And that thing you put in the mouth?

- You mean a thermometer?
- That's right!

And that other thing you put in your ears
to listen to the body!

You don't need those things.

How do you know?
It should be a comprehensive check up!

Seok Ran, tell her I want a complete examination.

- Mother...!
- Goodness.

What is it?

So... she wants you to examine her
with a stethoscope and a termometer too.

I see.
Of course.

You really are something...!

Do you know how much I wanted to do this?

Thank you, Miss Ho Don.

It's my pleasure.

By the way, there's something I wanted to ask you.

Please go ahead.

It's to do with Seok Ran.

What do you think about her being
my assistant at Jejoongwon?

I would like one of your Korean girls,

to come and work for me as my assistant.

She would like to use a Korean girl as her assistant.

Tell her I have chosen three gisaengs to be nurses.

No, they're lazy.
And they like their liquor.

They're not suitable for medical work.

She says that they are not suitable for her.

I want to work with a girl called Yu Seok Ran.

What did she say?

She...she said that she would like to use
a girl named Yu Seok Ran as her assistant.

Yu Seok Ran?
Who is this girl?

Your Majesty, she is my daughter.

Is that the girl I met
when I was at Allen's residence?

That is so, Your Majesty.

Do you know this girl, Your Majesty?

I remember her to be very bright.
In addition, you say she is fluent in English.

Tell her to use her immediately.

Thank you, Your Majesty!

Thank you very much.

~ Korean poem about a farmer boy and fairy girl
who are separated by the milky way.
They can only meet once a year on a bridge of blackbirds.~

That's enough for today.

Is it because I'm crying?


The poem says the star-crossed lovers
get to meet in July.

But one of them cannot be contacted!
That's why I'm crying.

I used to cry over this when I was young.

- But not now.
- Why? Are all your emotions dried up?


I just wouldn't do what the poem says.

I would go and find the person I loved.

I don't think I can wait for him
with an aching heart like that.

Maybe so...

Master Do Yang is here!

Young Master.

- How have you been?
- You must be busy. What brings you here?

I came to congratulate your return to Jejoongwon.

My return?

- I didn't think it would be approved...
- I knew you would return.

Anyone with a talent will find a use for it
some way or another.

- That's excessive praise...
- In any case, let's work hard together.

All right.

By the way, will you go to the bookstore with me?

The bookstore?

Yes, I heard a missionary sold his books
and returned to America.

All right.

There are no books on surgery at all!

I know.

- I've been looking for this book!
- What book is that?

It's the Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.

- Tom Sawyer is from the Mississippi River...
- Mississippi...?

Doesn't Mississippi River remind you of something?

Go on in.


I have good news.

Miss Seok Ran will be returning.


- That is good news.
- That means Mak Saeng will be back too!

We're going to be eating good food again!
Nang Nang's rice is too dry, isn't it?

That bastard never listens to me!

I have good news.
Miss Seok Ran will be returning.

- Seok Ran.
- What?

Nobody is chasing you.
You're going to end up at Jejoongwon as a patient!

Dr. Horton has left already.
I can't be there much later than her!

No matter how much you rush,
you can't go until Mak Saeng does the dishes.

So please eat slowly, all right?

Dr. Horton is opening her women's clinic today.
I have to go.

You can get someone else to do the dishes!

- I'm sorry, I have to go.
- You...!

Darling, is this really our daughter, Seok Ran?

You gave birth to her, so you should know.
I'm happy she's acting more like me!

- Father, Mother, I'll be on my way!
- Whatever.

Yes, see you later.

Now we will be learning something very important.

If you don't do well, everyone here may die.

Will you be teaching us how to make poison?

If you combine Nitric and Sulferic acids with glycerol,
it becomes nitroglycerin.

Nitroglycerin has a sweet taste.
Does anyone know what it's used for?

Mr. Hwang, do you know?

- Mr. Hwang!
- Hwang!

What is Nitroglycerine used to treat?

I'm sorry.

Mr. Baek.

Nitroglycerine is used to lower blood pressure.

That's right.

If taken by patients with high blood pressure,

it opens up the blood vessels and
lowers blood pressure.

It is specially effective with angina patients.

But you must be very careful with nitroglycerine.

If handled incorrectly, it will explode.

This amount can blow up this entire classroom.

But if you listen to me, that won't happen.

The chemical experiment will take a long time.

Everyone will take turns checking the time.

Now, shall we conduct the experiment?

The hospital is closed for today!
Please come back tomorrow at 1pm!

How dare a butcher stand in the middle of the street!


You're Jak Dae!

What are you doing dressed like that?

I...I'm a gatekeeper.

- What brings you here, Uncle?
- What else? I'm delivering meat.


- Are you finished here?
- We have to pay him, but the Administrator isn't here.

I'll get it to him!

Come with me!

Be careful on your way out.

Why are you in such a rush?
What the matter with you?

I'm sorry about that.
But there's something going on inside.

Is there?
Well, all right then.

What happened to you?

It's a long story.
But Uncle... are you coming here again?

Of course, I'll have to come
if they order more meat.

Well, I'm always at the gate,
so come and see me before you go in!

All right.

- Go on back in.
- Have a safe trip, Uncle.

- Be careful!
- All right.

It's time.

- Then our job is done?
- Yes.

We have to pass on the watch,
but the next team...

It's Baek Do Yang and Yu Jae Wook.
Shall I pass it on to them?

I'll pass it to them.

Will you?

Let's go.

- Oh, Mr. Go.
- Yes?

- I have to check on the newborn.
- I see. I'll see you later in the room.


The baby is healthy.
She says you'll be fine too.

Thank you.

This might be embarrassing for you...

But when you pass gas, please let me know.

Only then can you start eating again.

All right, I'll do that.

How is the mother and baby?

Both are healthy.

That's good.

When she cut the stomach,
did she cut lengthwise or crosswise?

She said it is faster to cut lengthwise
when the baby is in danger.

I see.

Then I'll be on my way.

How annoying!
Does it really have to be exactly on time?

That's the result will be achieved.

What's that?

I don't have a good feeling about this.

Good feeling...?

Do Yang!
Let's just leave!

Mr. Hwang!

Why are you avoiding me?

I am not.

Yes, you are.

You've been avoiding me since you returned the accessory.

It's not that...

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Oh no!

Mr. Hwang!

First you tried to kill his father.
Now you want to kill Do Yang too?

I keep thinking that I should be more sick
if you're going to be at my side.

What are you saying?

I like being together with you.

We couldn't obtain any smallpox vaccine.

The Japanese hospital in Jaemulpo
wouldn't even give us any.

I won't go to the Police.

Farewell, everyone.

Nang Nang!

Are you saying that you're not the culprit?