Janosik (1974–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Porwanie - full transcript

The Highland Robber

Part IV
The Kidnapping

Nothing like being on your own land.

If only we could quit brigandry,
hiding around in these holes...

We could sow without being disturbed...


Just run our own farms, you know.

Instead, we're running around the
mountains with the Burgrave after us.

There's no justice in the world.

That's why you're a brigand, to find it.

God must be looking the other way,
he's forgotten about us good people.


True! True!

Goddamn it.

- Keep turning that or it'll burn.
- It's fine.

Pyzdra, tell you what...

I'll tell you, what I'll tell you
and I'll tell you.

If all this farming is what
you really want...

- I'll just give you my strip of land.
- What?

You're gonna give me
land that's already mine?

Throw in the breeches on me
while you're at it!

I can give you my land, so you don't
have to be a bandit any more.

You're lucky I don't wanna pick
a fight with you, man.

Everyone up, now!

Get to work!

What are you standing around for?
Get to work!

Get to work!

My lord.

- Good crops this year.
- Yes, sir.

Beautiful oats.

- See to everything.
- Yes, sir.

- Every ear is precious.
- Right, sir.

Such beautiful... grain.

Beautiful indeed.

Beautiful indeed.

Beautiful indeed.

What's your name?


Maryna, Marcysia...
What a beautiful name.

You're a lovely girl, Marynia,
you know that?

They say so, but I'd be stupid
if I believed what men say.

But you believe me, don't you?

- You're just fooling around with me.
- No. I always say what I think.

You won't be working in the fields
any more. You shall live in the castle.

Would you like that?
You will have gowns.

- Perfumes...
- I don't care for any of that.

What do you care for, then?

I care for a kind heart.

Heart, you say...

I have a heart for you.

Let's go.

You will bring that girl to the castle.

Won't be easy. She's a tough one.

I'm sure you have your methods.

And your daughter?

She must miss her mother.

I will send her to Vienna.


- Yes, sir?
- You know Maryna from the village?

- A big girl, is she?
- That's the one.

They say Wrona is after her,
but she doesn't want him.

Wrona, you say?

Maryna, Marynka!


Oh, look who's here.
Let me go or I'll tell my mum.

I'll give her two Morgen of land
and she won't mind.

Get off me!

When will you be mine?

On the twelfth of never!

Goodbye, daughter.

Maryna, Maryna, one day you'll
get what's coming to you.

Would you like a son-in-law
like Wrona?

What, are you expecting a prince?

Wrona is a good man, he's got some land,
he would make a fine husband.

I'm not pushing you, but you should
settle down or no one will want you.

I won't marry Wrona.
Kill me, I won't do it.

If only your father were still alive,
he'd knock some sense into you.

- Daddy loved me.
- Loved you!

Sure he did, but he wanted what's
best for you.

He would be satisfied with Wrona.
He used to be friends with his father.

So? Should I marry the old man then?

There's no reasoning with you.

Did you have a good look at Wrona?
I don't want a man like him.

You talk as if you already
had someone in mind.

Maybe I do.

Then tell me, who is it?

You won't tell your own mother?

Don't try to go out of your league.

You're a highland girl, you're meant
to have a highland family.

What a spectacular morning!

Your daughter must already be in the
loving arms of her dear mother.

Don't give me that piffle, Burgrave.

- Tell me about the girl instead.
- Regarding that, my lord...

- There are some complications.
- Kidnap her, like I told you to.

I have a plan, a supremely delicate one.

- So you've said.
- I have?

Yes, but I don't like the part
about the wedding.

She's too pretty for a peasant.

But the villagers would be satisfied.
A wedding is a wedding.

- Scared, are you?
- Me? Who would I be scared of?

No need to go into details.

If you want to put on
a show with the wedding...

So be it, but do it quickly.

Yes, sir.


Go to the village and do as I told you.
Just make sure nobody sees you.

Mum! No, let me go!


Watch all the doors so
she doesn't escape.

There you are, sweetheart.
No, don't touch that!

The Count would be angry.

You will look like an angel in white.

As a bride.

An angel in white? Go to hell.

Girl, you will be living like a lady.

You'll be lady Wrona.

You'll have beautiful necklaces,

The Count will shower you with favours.

Everyone will respect you.
Even brigands will bow to you.

- They know?
- Everyone knows. The whole village.

Then we'll have a proper dance
on the wedding.

Then allow me to show you
to the chambers.

Your chambers.

I'll bring Kasper here.
You know, the bearded guy.

The Burgrave says he should disappear
from the castle for a while. Got it?

Wrona, eh?

- Which one is it?
- You know, Parylak.

Parylak? But they don't have a son.

And who punched your head in
on Zośka Parylak's christening?

- My head?
- Your head.

- Wrona?
- Wrona.

- Wrona punched my head in?
- That he did.

Listen up, boys.

Sparrow, go on.

Karbowy told the girls...

There's gonna be Maryna and Wrona's

wedding at the castle.
And Maryna's staying there.

I don't get it.

Maryna's wedding at the castle?

Something's up with that.

It doesn't sound right.

Never heard of a highland girl
getting married in the castle.

Maybe Maryna has a thing for Wrona?

Her? She'd marry the devil
sooner than Wrona.

Who can understand women?

Instead of talking so much,
let's think what we should do.

Hold on...

Just a moment.

We have to get Maryna...

out of the castle.

One way or another.

- But how do we get in there?
- Look at him, all smart.

- That's just what it's about.
- Pyzdra.

Do you know the castle?

Tell us.

Got something?


Come on.

That's my brother-in-law.

That's the castle.

We get close, quietly, quietly...

And we jump over this little wall.

Because there's a padlock on the wicket.

Then we pass through the garden...
to the pigsty.

We go through the pigsty,
and behind the pigsty...

There's a ladder.
The gardener leaves it there.

And that ladder takes us...

onto the bigger wall.

Then quietly, quietly over
to the stairs.

Down the stairs to the courtyard.

Then quickly and quietly across
the courtyard...

and that gets us to the castle wall.


on that wall...

There's a window.

With no bars!

It's about as high as twenty
men on top of one another.


Twenty men?
That's too high up to get in.

Well... Yes, it is.

You little...

You have done well.

Not the way I had planned, but still...

I am pleased with you.

Believe me, my lord,
it was the only way.

The only part I do not like
is the wedding.

Oh, it's just a formality.

When she sees you, my lord,
she will forget everything else.

I will have her as a maid.

I've had enough of that dumb face.

What do you think, Burgrave?

Will she make a good maid?

Yes, she's a clever girl.

There is talk in the village that...

Janosik is fond of her.

And you? Do you find her attractive?

She is beautiful.

She will serve as the perfect bait.

If the brigands want to rescue her,
they will have to come right here.

To the castle. And then we will
kill two birds with one stone.

What are you waiting for?

Go. Bring her here.

Yes, my lord.

We can't get inside
through the main gate.

Too many hayduks.


Eh, why not?

- I can take out five myself.
- Five lice on your coat?

Look. They're taking the sheep
back to the castle.

To the castle...

You'll be grateful to me.

I'm going to prepare a grander wedding
than you could have dreamt of.

You'll see.
You will have a good husband.

A rich one.

I will give him a fair dowry.

Are you... happy?

And if you're nice...

I will make you my maid.

You will have beautiful gowns.

Lavish gifts.

Who knows? I might take you to Vienna,
you would see the Emperor's court.

Lovely girls like you should be the
jewels of courts and castles.

See this wine? How much
of its taste would it lose...

if I didn't drink it from
an exquisite glass.

All that is beautiful should have
a befitting frame.

- Missing your bride, are you, Wrona?
- I don't know where she is.

- The Count is tutoring her.
- Why don't you sit right here...

Good man.

- It's going to take a while.
- How long?

The Count will give her back to you
once he's taught her everything.

- They won't wake up?
- No way.

Hide their guns.

Have you ever slept in a bed
as comfortable as this?


Stay here and keep watch.

Stay away from me, my lord.

What a waste, such a wonderful crown!

Though I must admit, you look
pretty even without it!

I was merely joking. Don't you have
a sense of humour, miss?

Sit down.

- I heard you are a good singer.
- Sure I am.

That's good. Very good indeed.

I like a nice song.

If you sing me a nice song,
you'll get a reward.

I do enjoy rewarding what
I find captivating.

- What should I sing?
- Whatever you choose.

Your songs are so pleasurable.

Just for my lord, I will
sing a song about Janosik.

Janosik, Janosik! You people sing
songs about that bandit?

- When I get my hands on him...
- What then, my lord?

Well, well...


Were you scared?

What would I be scared of?
We have to run.

Guards! Guar...

Quiet, now. Stop yelling.

Sound the alarm!

Hayduks, to the courtyard!

To me!



Get the bandits!

Get the bandits!


They lowered the gate.

There's no way out.

Kyrie eleison, they got us!

Give me the rope.

Hurry up.

It's ready!

- My lord, I have an idea...
- To hell with your ideas!

- I'll go get him.
- You...

Sir, I'll explain everything.
Let's not lose our heads.

I can explain!

- I have a splendid idea!
- Take your ideas and shove them!

My lord, you mustn't exhaust yourself.
It might be bad for your health.

Worry about your own health.

Because I'm going to burn your
stupid face to a crisp.

What would you have done
if they had married me off?


What would I have done?

I'd have rescued you as a married woman.

I almost became one.

- Isn't that what they want for you?
- I have no need for any Wrona.

Of course not.

You deserve a better fate.

You'd rather have an eagle
than a crow, eh?

As it happens, I already know one.

Who can understand women?

Are you mad? What's this?

My castle.

- I'm going to have one.
- She's a beauty.

What about land?

I'll tell you, what I'll tell you
and I'll tell you.

It's warm.