Janosik (1974–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - W obcej skórze - full transcript

The Highland Robber

Part III
In a Stranger's Skin

What a shot.

What are you staring at?
Look here!

Take this and go over there.




What the hell?

What is this shooting?

You could kill somebody to death.

I forbid it! You can shoot
in the damned forest!

I'll do better this time.


Get out with this bow before I smack
your stupid head!

Calm down.

He'll shoot us all.

Continue your story.

This is how you aim, by the way.


And then you cut it put bacon in it.

Finally you pour some vodka on it
and it's done.


- Alright!
- And what's next?

Next, next...

Next you have to sear it.

Sear it over a fire but carefully so it
doesn't burn.

The turning part is very important.

It's very important.

They will hurt each other.

Smarty pants.


Janosik will show you.

Watch it.

Fucking hell!
They're going to kill us!

I'll show you how it's done!

Step aside!


I'll show you a real fight.

This is how you stand, hold it right
there and watch me!

What a show.

It could be loaded.


Don't shoot!


My brother-in-law jumps like a squirrel.

He's a little coward but a clever one.

We should bring him into our pack.

Do you know, chief, how they used to...

blood new members of the pack?

It was like this...

first there was...


You see?


You two still haven't made up?

With that thief?


So pretty.

Fine, aren't they?

Where did you get them from?

They strayed from the flock,
so I took them with me.

Jesus Christ Mary of Joseph,
there's no way with you!

Give it back. Stop!

Damn you!

Hit him!

Thieves! What are we going to do?

Chase these women away!

Hurry up!

Faster! Get moving!

Give it back, for God's sake.

It's mine!

It's mine!

Where are you taking me?

Get out of my house!

Get out of my house!

Damn you!

What do you want?

Let go of me!


We're going back to the castle.


Get on!


"Kyrie eleison"!

Shut it!


Now, trial by water.

Jesus Christ.

- Cold enough?
- It's freezing.

Get up, now.

Done, done and done...


He's always been
a little coward but a smart one.

Get moving!


Let's go!

I'm delighted about that splendour.

The splendour that honours me...

and my family.

- Now you!
- What?

Your turn!

For your long-term service and
beheading of that ruffian, Janosik...

I dub you "Chamberlain" together with
all the privileges.

Repeat after me...

Word for word...

and if you omit a word...

you may die in the burning
flames of hell.

In the presence of all gathered here

with our sons and God
as our witnesses...

on the blood and ashes of our fathers...

we swear...

to be loyal to you, Chief...

until the end...

to never betray you even
when tortured.

We swear...

We swear...

to obey...

and never forsake you...

until we die...


...to obey and never forsake you...

until we die... amen.


I accept your oaths.

And I also pledge to you...

standing here,
on the soil of our motherland...

I'll protect the less fortunate from
all harm...

and bring righteousness to the mighty.

I'll stay true to all of you...

and fairly celebrate our rogue strength.

I pledge this to you.

I, the hetman of the bandits.



You said something about the trial
of fire.

It can't be done without fire.

A girl and some peasants came here.
They want to see you.

Take these off.

You didn't have to do that,
I'd find the way even in the dark.

Hello, Maryna.

I didn't know I'd see you so soon.

These men want to talk to the chief.

He's right here, go on.

I'm listening.

Tell me.

I just...

brought them here.

Father, you can talk.

We were attacked this morning and
chased from our houses.

They stole all our togs.

And left me with my drawers on.

Opposing got you whipped.

Fortunately, it was just old britches
and sheepskin coats.

I can't work in my Sunday attire.

They were talking about welcoming
some Venetian traders with dignity.

Move and hurry up, fools!

- Want some bacon?
- Sure.

Oh, Jesus.

Are you in pain?


It'll make him talk.

Burgrave dressed us up as bandits.

We were to attack traders, steal their
goods and blame you for it.

Cut him loose.

Did you hear that?

I did.

Catch him.

Let's fight them!

Get them!

Don't run away! Fight them back!

- Come back here and fight, fools!
- Burgrave!

It's you.

You wait there!

We'll have a talk!

Off you go!

Off you go!

Get on your knees!

Everyone, get on their knees!

Don't move!

Get out of there.

It's all done.

What a funk!


And here.

All good, all fine.

Give it back now.

Okay, okay...

What do you have there?
Show me.

Is it for me?

- Okay, not too bad.
- I see!

- Give it back to him.
- I got it from him!

- He did!
- Really?

Okay, then.

Give me the second one too.

Give it to me.

I have something for you too.

- I understand.
- I like you.

Your final hour has come!

Take off your clothes, now!


I'll get you!

I'll have you one day!

You'll hang!

I'll show you, you rouges!

I didn't shoot at you!

We're very happy for saving
us from bandits.

Very, very happy.

All very happy.

Pyzdra! Come here!

Take your alms back.

Go over there and read it out.


Yes, you.

Go on, read it.

By the order of the Earl...

owner of this ground, I command
as follows...

What's next?


all your goods will be confiscated...

and given to the burgrave.

And you...

shall leave this area...


and head over to the empress.

Signed by...

your honourable earl.

Amen. It's true.

Be quick or else I'll spur you.

We tell the empress about it!

- Did you read it?
- Of course.

You can't read.

I can.

It's blank, though.

Any goat could read it if there were
letters on it.

- Give it here.
- Catch it.

These are beautiful.

The hat is good!

And the scarf!

My woman will have it.

- Where is Sparrow?
- He was around.

I can't find him anywhere.

You know him, he's young.
He might have run off.

Load the stuff on the horses and I'll
go look around.

You look funny!

It tastes good.

It's mine, give it back!

It burns!

Not me.

Hand that over!


- Do you want some gold?
- Go!

I won't!

You will! Shut up about your gold!

Take him!

My saviour!

What happened?

Speak up!

The plan was partly a success, my lord.
I just captured a bandit.

Greetings my earl.

Who are you?

I'm a man like you.

Don't get clever but answer me.

Your men mugged the traders.

My men?

I don't see them anywhere.

And who's that?

- I don't recognise him.
- My saviour, I'm your loyal servant.

I'm the burgrave!

We disguised ourselves as bandits
to attack them...

Silence, you fool!

It was the burgrave himself...

who attacked the traders in a disguise
and I attacked him, also in a disguise.

You can't hold a grudge against us.

We only attacked the bandits
who were stealing.

Where are the goods?

It's secured.

I want you to take it to the castle,

And I want some ducats.

It belongs to the traders, they will
receive the money.

The goods are ours.

And now what? Whose is it?

What a fool.

Take him.

I will deal with you another time.

Make it quick.

We are in need of those ducats.

You'll hang one day.

Take the gunpowder to the hideout
and the carts to the village!

What have you done, you idiot?

They robbed the traders
wearing my colours.

How will I explain all this?

When they get to the court in Vienna,
they will say it was me.

This is the result of your
amazingly brilliant plans.

I'll put you in the dungeon.

- I have a new great plan.
- Say one more word of some plan...

- I'll kill you myself!
- My lord...

I'll kill you myself!

What will they think of me?

How will I explain myself?

I already lost my fortune...

and now this?

We will crush the pack before the
traders reach Vienna. That's the plan.

God, why did you send me this idiot?

I won't disappoint you this time.

I'll get changed then.

You're so clever, Jędruś.

Tell me, who said it's worth enough to
buy a village?

Some lords, but it's a lie.

Hey, Sparrow.


What do you have there?


- It's moonshine.
- Give us some.

And what will I get in return?

I'll give you all these trinkets.

This many?

Of course. Now give the bottle.

Take it to the hoard.

And take my hat too.
It's uncomfortable.

- This is my gold and silver.
- Amen.


I'll tell you, what I'll tell you
and I'll tell you.

It's warm.

That's true.