Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 21 - Chapter Forty-Three - full transcript

All right, let's go!
As you know, Jane and Michael

were about to get
married. And the wedding

was going to be in Jane's house.
Only, it flooded!

So Rogelio rebuilt their
house on the soundstage

of his telenovela. What a dad, right?

Unfortunately, things
weren't as hunky-dory

for Jane and Petra.

See, Petra's twin Anezka
showed up and started

causing trouble for Jane.
And Petra lied to protect her...

My sister said she didn't place
that ad and I believe her.

Leaving Jane reeling.

You don't have to lie
for me anymore, Petra.

I have nothing to say to you.

Oh, and speaking of shady relatives,
Rafael's mom

was the crime lord known as Mutter.

Oh, and his long-lost
brother Derek showed up

and tricked Rafael into making
money off an insider trade.

And now he was blackmailing him

for control of the hotel next door.

You sell me the Fairwick for a dollar

or I turn you in to the
feds for insider trading.

I know! Cray-cray, right?

Anyway, Jane told Michael,
and Michael wanted to help,

only he'd lost his detective job.

So he reached out to his old partner,

Derek Ruvelle is totally dirty,
and I've got proof.

And Michael was right!
Because this happened.

We'll have the Fairwick
by the end of the week.

Which, friends,

is where we left off.

Jane Gloriana Villanueva

would never forget the
moment she first saw him.

The man who was destined to become

her son's favorite
children's party entertainer.

- _
- This guy is amazing.

I know. Bobby's the best.

What's his last name?
We were thinking about

booking him for Mateo's birthday.

No last name. He's like Beyoncé.

Well, how do you get in touch with him?
Bella's obsessed, too.

Talk to him here.
Bobby books out months in advance.

When are Mateo and Bella's birthdays?

May 14. May 14.

so, were you thinking about booking him?

Nah. I... I'm actually

thinking a magician or
a clown might be better.

It should be noted that Jane
believed in fighting fair.

- Oh! Oh, hell, no.
- Jane, go!

But she also believed in fighting back.

Hey, Vanessa, is that
Brandi going towards

- the parking lot?
- Oopsies!

Bobby, big fan of your work.

I'd like to reserve your services

for Saturday, May 14, and I can

pay you the deposit today. Thank you.

Can you blame her? A kid's

first birthday is a pretty big deal.

Which brings us here, now.


Okay, Abuela, you're
on balloons. Mom, food.

I got his outfit, Michael,

you're assembling party favors, and

- remember to...
- Put it in Mateo's

birthday pile and not the wedding pile.

Oh, right. Jane has two

big parties coming up.

- _
- Right, Mom, wedding...

I need you to update the RSVPs.

did you make sure that your groomsmen

- have suits?
- I did.

- They do.
- Okay. Good.

- I feel good.
- Oh, dear.

Waiting for that ball to drop.

Oh, shoot.

E-mail from Professor Donaldson.

Feedback for my novella.

Here we go.

She likes it.


She says, and I quote, "Really good.

"This is approved to
develop into your thesis

next year. Will discuss a few
last-minute tweaks in person."



Oh, really?


If Jane seems less than enthusiastic,
it's because

this is not the first time Alba
has offered to introduce her

to someone who "works in publishing."

So, y-you work in publishing?

Kind of. I work at Barnes & Noble.

Your grandmother says
that you're very talented.

If you ever get something published,

I will put it right up front.

Your grandmother says
you're very talented.

If you ever make it out to Belfast,
I do hope

you'll stop by the
library to pay me a visit.

- Your granny said...
- I'm really talented,

yeah, I know.
And you're an award-winning author?

Yuppers. My Full House fan
fiction was voted top ten

in the '90s Sitcom category.

And now everything I wrote

has come true.


Beverly Flores, Vice President.

Simon & Schuster?

Abuela, are you kidding me?
She works in publishing?


And she said that
she'd read my material?


Oh, my God. I can't believe this.

Do you have any idea what this means?



I hate to break up the celebration,
but I got to go.

- I got the thing.
- Right.

- Okay. Thank you, thank you.
- Good luck.

What thing?

Good luck with what? Oh, come on.

Jane? Did you see this?

From Petra?


You're not coming to my wedding?

Of course not.

Are you serious?

We're in a fight.


When two people are in a fight

and one person is so clearly wrong,
like you are,

the person who is so
clearly wrong apologizes.

- I'm sorry.
- Profusely.

Really, really sorry.

I am.


Why did you lie to me about your sister?

With the whole Mother's Day thing,
I was feeling...

a little inadequate compared to you.

And, uh...

I just didn't want you
to be right all the time.

It's not a competition.

Sometimes it can feel like one.

I get that.


Now is the moment that you
ask if there's anything

that you can do to make things better.

Yes, yes.

What can I do to make it better?

You can keep your sister away from me.

Maybe I could transfer her

out of the restaurant to housekeeping?

Good idea.

Now, I'd like you to reconsider
coming to my wedding.

Because you're my son's
half-sisters' mother,

which makes us family.

And family shows up.

It's a family operation, it has to be.

Derek is working for his mother.

He was never on that boat when
he said he was, I know it.

Hmm. Haven't seen her in a while.



I'm not on the force.

I can't get a warrant, but you can.

Oh. Maybe this is what Jane
was wishing him luck with.

We need his cell phone records, e-mails.

- Michael.
- I...

I took a leave of absence
to get away from this case.

What happened the night
Sin Rostro died...

it was traumatic.

Yeah. No kidding.

I know. But believe me, I wouldn't

be asking if there was another way.

I'll think about it.

You've thought about it long enough.

Time's up. I want my hotel.

Unless you prefer jail?


Good choice.

But I can't just hand over

a multimillion dollar property.

Okay? There's paperwork,

and I need a story to
tell my accountants.

You have 48 hours.

Come in.


How's my almost-birthday boy?

He's good, he's fighting a little cold.

Hey, anything left on
your list for the party?

Nope. All set. And you... how are you?

Did you, uh,
decide what you're gonna do about the...

Derek thing?

Um, not yet.

Look... I talked to Michael about it.

He wants to help, and he said that

Derek is the one the police want.

It's much more complicated than that.

You don't think that he
should turn himself in?

He got the money illegally,
he used that money.

Yeah, and he'll get a great lawyer.

And he could still wind up in jail.
Look, I have a plan.

A plan? Are you serious?
This is Rafael's future.

I'll point out now that
this isn't a competition.

I'm gonna talk to my lawyer

and see what my options are.

I think that's a great idea.

And I'll also point out

- _
- Jane won.

Yet again.

So you're on the right track.

- _
- Oh.

I've got just a few small notes,

- then you're good to go.
- Great.

Because a pretty big
opportunity just fell in my lap.

- Yeah?
- A VP at Simon & Schuster

agreed to read my work.


You can't submit this to a publisher.

But you just said it was in great shape.

For a graduate thesis,
not for a publisher.

You only get one shot
with someone like that.

I just really don't
think you should use it

when the work isn't ready.

Ready to go to work?

Welcome, production personnel, to this

very special production meeting.

With Dina away, I am thrilled

to be your leader today.

Hmm. Guess they don't applaud
at production meetings.

All right, now,
to the first order of business...

the Telemasivo Sexiest
Telenovela Star Alive

Twitter poll. You should all have

voting guides.

Vote early and as often as you'd like.

- _
- With your unwavering support

I will vanquish Esteban

for the second year in a row.

- Okay, moving on.
- Um, the, uh,

crew and I have a matter
that we'd like to address.

Of course, anything you need.

I am here to lead.

Our days are too long
and our pay is too low.

Oh, you're gonna have to ask
someone else about that. I don't...

We want to unionize,
but the network refused, so...

- we plan to strike.
- Strike?

But Tiago is a big happy family.

Where does these radical
notions come from?










Sí, se puede,

sí, se puede.

Sí, se puede, sí, se puede!

Picket lines go up next Friday.

What? No. Not next Friday.

What's next Friday?


I know Professor Donaldson hates me,
but this didn't

feel personal.

Oh, let me call you
back, I'm at the studio.

Dad wants to walk me
through the wedding layout.

Dad, what's going on?

This is madness. The
crew's going to strike.

- They want to join a union.
- They're not in a union?

That's terrible,
with the crazy hours they work?

I know, but...

Dad, tell me that you
are supporting them.

This is important. I mean, fair is fair.


Thank you, Jane.

Did everyone hear that?

Jane is on our side. Uh, fair is fair.

Fair is fair!

You don't understand!

The picket lines go up
Friday. Next Friday.

- As in the day before my wedding?
- Yes!


Oh, we can't cross a
picket line for my wedding!

Strike! Strike! Strike!
Your wedding is ruined.

Ruined! Ruined! Ruined!

Hmm, I'm not sure who's
freaking out more...

Jane or Rogelio.

I'm having chest pains!

Just kidding. It's Rogelio.

I know, Dad. I know!

Okay, I'll have to come up
with a contingency plan.


I will plant drugs on Jerry
and have him arrested!

Stop. They have a valid cause.

So you need to approach
them with compassion.

Oh, I see. So you want
me to go full Ro-Cho.


Well... full Ro-Cho.

And maybe also find a way
to address their concerns

so that they don't have to strike.

And in case that doesn't work, I'll try

to figure something out for the wedding.

Maybe a new venue?

No, but you really wanted to
get married in your house,

and I worked so hard building that set.

The crew worked so
hard building that set.

Hence the need for a strike.

So maybe we move the wedding?

Until after the strike?
That could take months.

No, no, I'm not pushing.

Thank God.

I'd rather move it sooner.

Maybe next week before they vote,
so, Thursday.

As a last resort?

And speaking of huge bummers...

So, my lawyer said they
could go easy on me,

or they could want to make an
example out of someone like me.

Rich, entitled, son of a crime lord.

That's exactly what I'm worried about.

Look, I want to believe that
everything will work out okay

if you're a good person and
you click your heels and wish

on a star, but unfortunately,
I just don't think that's true.

And neither does Jane.

Please, just hear my idea.

Raf, you know I have no ulterior
motive except that I love you.

As the father of my children.

As my family.

Krishna, hold my calls, please.


any luck with the dress?
I'm still on hold.



Tuesday. They can do
a fitting on Tuesday.

Okay, hold it, and, Abuela,
keep Thursday at 5:00 for Mass.

Okay, Lina's good to go,

and she's telling our
friends to be prepared.

I left messages for both my parents,

just got off the phone with the tailor.

If I'm there in 20 minutes,
they can fit me today.

So what are you still doing
standing there?! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Wait! Is my phone done charging?

Yes, and you got a
bunch of missed calls.


- Mwah.
- Mwah.


The Bobby? Beyoncé Bobby?

Jane! It's Bobby.

Listen, bit of a snafu here.

I double-booked for Saturday.

Call me ASAP to confirm Mateo's party.

Oh, no. Oh, no.

Bobby again. Still
waiting to hear from you.


Listen, the other person called back,

and I haven't heard from you, so...
I have to cancel.

No! Ugh!

I am confident we can find a solution.

And I hope you love the gift basket.


You really thought

a gift basket would make
me abandon my principles?

Of course... not?

He definitely did.

It's a gesture of solidarity.

Oh, yeah? So there's a raise

and humane hours under the beef jerky?

Oh, come on, Jerry.

I called the head honchos and left word.

Please don't strike. It'll be disastrous

for everyone involved with the show.

That's what you're worried about?

Of course?

Has nothing to do with the
fact that we just built

a set for Jane's wedding,
and it's next week?

Okay, fine! Yes, but
it's not only for Jane.

Anyone's daughter can
use it, even yours!

My oldest daughter is
15 years old, Rogelio.

Look, it's not about that.

You have no clue what this
crew goes through every day.

Then clue me in.

Let me walk in your shoes!


I will join your crew for the week.

You wouldn't last a day.

Would you care to wager on that?

What do you have in mind?

If I last the week as a crew member,

you will postpone the strike
until after Jane's wedding.

Okay. If you don't,

you become the public
face of our strike. Deal?


ear God, the calluses!

Can I recommend a paraffin treatment,
which... ?

Sorry. I mean... deal.

Oh. Sweetie.

I know. I know. He's creepy.

Oh. This is a disaster.

I ruined Mateo's birthday because

I was consumed by my wedding, and now

the only entertainers available are...

terrifying clowns or porny clowns!

What am I gonna do?!




No. It's his first birthday.



Abuela, stop. He deserves
a birthday party.


He's having one, end of story.

Okay, good news.

The Din-o-mites are available Saturday.

Yes! And they're apparently
performing at Flamingo Park

tomorrow if you and Mateo
want to go check them out.

Oh, no need. Mateo's already seen them

at his friend Ava's birthday.

Book 'em. We're in.
Let me update Rafael.

Sorry, he's been in a
closed-door meeting with Petra


With Petra? An-Any idea what it's about?

Nope. Closed door, so...

Right. Okay.

Thanks, Krishna.

Can you watch Mateo?
I'll be right back. Mm.


Wait. What's going on?
Where are you going?

To make sure Petra doesn't

corrupt Rafael's soul.

Huh. Jane. What a surprise.

Well, I suppose you have a good
reason for barging in here.

After a run, apparently.

Birthday party crisis.

Bobby canceled.

Beyoncé Bobby?

Oh, no. Do we have a backup?

Oh, yes. Yeah, yeah.

My mom found this other group,
the Din-o-mites.

Doesn't sound like

much of a crisis, then, right?

Certainly not a valid reason to disrupt

a closed-door meeting.

No, but I did want to ask Rafael

if he wanted to join Mateo and me

to see the Din-o-mites tomorrow.

You know, just so that he
got comfortable with them

and, uh...
and didn't freak out at the party.


Yeah, sure, I'll-I'll be there.

That's it, then?

No more urgent birthday party business?

No, that's it.


It's fine, I'll talk to him tomorrow.

Petra won't be there to
lure him to the dark side.

Use the force, Jane.

Exactly, I will!

And I'm going to convince him

to turn himself in and
work with the police.

- Good. That's what he should do.
- Agreed.

He won't have to go to jail, right?

Positioning himself as someone
who can help find a connection

between Derek and
Mutter is his best bet.

Even though the blackmail's not
necessarily connected to her?

But it is, it has to be.

It just doesn't make sense.

Why would Derek blackmail
Rafael for a hotel?

Instead of for cash.
Yeah, that is weird.


Hey, does this make me,
like, your new partner?

Yeah, something like that.



Oh, take it.
Tell her I've been covering for her,

- so it's all good.
- Okay.


You're gonna help me?

I want Mutter caught, too.

So I got the case files.

Tech decoded that flash drive

with the criminals
whose faces were changed

by Mutter and Sin Rostro,

- all 200 of 'em.
- Great.

That's... that's great.

Yeah, and at a million bucks a pop.

That's $200 million unaccounted for.

I'll send you the names.

Look for any connection to Derek.

Jane? Oh, that face.

You are even more adorable in person.

- Wait. Do we... ?
- Oh, sorry, sorry.

Your grandmother showed me so
many pictures. Beverly Flores.

Simon & Schuster Beverly Flores?

Yes! Yes. Hi.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Such a pleasure to meet you.

- And you.
- Oh.

Honestly, I don't read new writers,

but your Abuela is such a hoot.

She promised to pray for me
every night if I read your work.

The work which

Professor Donaldson said was just good?

And your Abuela says it's just great.


Oh, wow,
you're so much taller than I thought.


Okay, I will leave you
two lovebirds alone.

I'll be looking for
you in my inbox, Jane.

Waiting to be wowed.

Terrific. Thank... thank you.
Thank you so much.

Alba's publishing friend?

Oh. What do I do?

Professor Donaldson says
I shouldn't send it yet,

but she does hate romance.

- Do you think it's ready?
- I don't know.

Will you read it?

Of course. I'm dying to.

But I need you to give
me an honest opinion.


These shorts are amazing!

It's like a purse, but in pants form.
So many pockets.

Looks like Rogelio is
enjoying his new job.

And I can display my calves,

which are the best
part of my lower legs.

Okay. Well, you're an
electric today, so...

finish wrapping up that cable,
put it over there.

Wrap it in... like newspaper?

Pick it up, wind it
up, put it over there.

Consider it wrapped. Wow.

I got to get all the lingo down. Hmm.

Oh, boy, it's heavier than I thought.

♪ When you face a
scary challenge... ♪

As soon as they take a break,
I am tackling that stegosaurus

and triple-confirming
they're free tomorrow.

Yes! Go, Team Mateo!


Yes! Yes.

Hey, so, listen, I wanted to talk to you

about the Derek, um, situation.

Oh, there you are!


Why are you here?

I know how competitive the baby
birthday party market can be,


I wanted to check out these, um,

dragon whatevers for Anna and Elsa.

Translation: she didn't want Jane

to be alone with Rafael.

- They're dinosaurs, not dragons.
- Same thing.

Only not really. One existed.

The other is a fictitious
monster that breathes fire.

Well, they certainly look similar.

Something tells me this argument

is about more than
dragons versus dinosaurs.

And they weren't the only
ones having a tough day.

Rogelio, over here.

Finished, boss.

- Really?
- Uh-huh.

Ran all the cable?



Hit the lights.

I work out with a trainer
three times a week,

but I never knew true
physical exertion until today.


Have you guys considered

releasing a grip-electric workout DVD?

- You'd make a fortune!
- De la Vega,

go to the truck, get some sandbags.

Got it, boss! Great for the glutes.

- It's time we kick things up a notch.
- Agreed.

Let's make a little schedule change.

What is going on here?

This is lit for my good side,
not my great side!

What does that mean,

Jerry? It means we relight

the whole damn thing.

All that work you did this morning,

you have to do it again.

Hey! No, no, no!

Too late. I already got a great shot.

Don't you dare tweet that.


All's fair in the battle
for Sexiest Telenovela Star.

How you holding up?

Well, I am filled with rage, Jerry.

Which I will channel
into my cable duties.

Really? Crashing a kids' festival?

I'm here for the same
reason you're here.

To find a musical act
for my son's birthday.

Oh, please.

You're trying to convince
Rafael that you know best.

I'm trying to stop him from
doing something dangerous

and stupid.

Good. 'Cause my plan is smart.

You haven't even heard it.

Fine, Petra, tell me the plan.

♪ No, you don't go on a
picnic with a T. Rex ♪

♪ If you do,
I guarantee you're gonna be vexed ♪

♪ You can fill up your basket ♪

♪ With fruits and
treats and sweets ♪

♪ But once that T. Rex sees ya ♪

♪ You'll be just his kind of meat ♪

♪ Yum, yum, yum, delicious... ♪

That's insane!

- It won't work.
- Really?

You guys aren't done arguing yet?



Look, I thought about it,


I'm gonna go with Petra's idea.

Okay. All right. All right, Mateo.

You know, it might not be a competition.

But I must say,
it feels good to finally win.

♪ Yum, yum, yum, delicious. ♪


So much hair and not a single nit.

Yes, well, shampoo.

Can I just say

I liking that Rafael listened to you.

Me, too. This way,
he has a chance to get out of this mess.

No. Because I think he is
starting to love you again.




This is something I have been seeing.

The way he is looking at you...


It would seem Petra is
warming to this idea.

Aw. Mateo's a little warm, poor thing.

I gave him some Tylenol
and put on a humidifier.



Ooh. That is cold, Michael.



Oh, my God, I'm...

I fell asleep. I'm so sorry.

No worries. Totally get it.

It's, uh, late. Ish.

For Mateo. Jane,

it's not the writing.

That's great.

But, you know, romance, it's just...

it's not my thing.

Sure. Although you did stay up all night

reading Angelique Harper. And I think

your exact words were
"I couldn't put it down."

I promised you that
I'd be brutally honest.

It's not as good as Angelique Harper.

But how could it be?
It's your first one.

I'm sure it took Angelique
a few tries to become...

Angelique, right?



Everybody up!


- Federal Bureau of Investigation.
- Hands off

- your computer, sir.
- Put your hands up.

- What the hell?
- We have a warrant.

Start with the computers.

Why'd you do this?

- I didn't.
- Let's go,

Mr. Solano.

Petra, call my lawyer now!

He feeling any better?

Poor guy.

I know.

- What'd your mom say?
- Well,

if we move the wedding to Thursday,

she'll miss the actual ceremony.

You're kidding.

Her boss has this huge
deposition that day.

It was supposed to be Friday, but they
already moved it so she could make

the rehearsal dinner.

We can't get married without your mom.

My dad has to come through.

And, fortunately, he was.

Okay. What's next, boss?

I just need you to change
out one last lightbulb.

Changing out a lightbulb, a job so easy

there's a series of jokes
about how easy it is.

Up there.

At this point, I'll
remind you that Rogelio

has a debilitating fear of heights.

And leprechauns. But
that's less pertinent.


Are you all right?

Raf, you were gone for hours.

It went great.

Derek definitely bought it. I saw him

pacing the halls,
looking completely freaked out.

He'll confront you, you'll get
him to confess to bribing you,

end of story.

That's right.
The whole FBI raid was a setup!

Those are some great poker faces.

Rogelio's, not so much.

It's time to say uncle, Rogelio!

There's no shame in it, man.

Come on. Let's get you down.

I can't.

Rogelio, come on!

I mean...

I really can't.

Okay, Mr. Sweetface.

I know.
Maybe we should call the pediatrician.

What do you think? Oh, baby.

Hello? Hi, Jerry. What's going on?

You heard me.

What's going on?

It wasn't me. Why would I call the feds?

I don't get the hotel if
they freeze your assets.

What's in it for me?

You tell me. We had a deal.

I know. You give me the...

Shoot! I can't

make that out! What's he saying?

Uh-oh. I'm guessing the recorder

didn't pick it up either.

So you're telling me
it's not your fault.

That's what I said.

Because of our deal.

I give you the hotel,
you don't turn me in.


Well, is that what you're saying?

Where's the recorder?

Or I call

the police.

Nine... one...


Oh, dear.

He won't budge.



It's been... two hours.

Can you keep an eye on
Mateo? He's sleeping.

Okay. I'm going up.

They asked me to change a lightbulb,

but I just can't do it. And I know

what you're gonna say,
that it doesn't matter,

- that you love me...
- Wrong.

- You're doing it.
- What?!

Michael's mom can't come to the wedding.

So stop being a baby, walk this catwalk,

and change that freaking lightbulb!

Sí... se... puede.



No way he makes it.

Sí... se... puede.

Okay, I just...





He's been coughing a
lot, kind of wheezing.

Oh, baby,

you're really warm.

You know what, I'm
gonna call the doctor.

Uh, what you did up there,
for your daughter,

um, I'm impressed.

I know that was hard for you.

So I'll make due on my promise,

and, uh, we'll hold off on the strike.

- Thank you, Jerry.
- Sure.

Oh. Huh.

Dad, I just got off the
phone with the doctor.

He said that I should
bring Mateo into the E.R.

You did the right thing bringing him in.

With the high fever and wheezing,
we need to do

a chest X-ray to rule out pneumonia.

And we're gonna need
to do some blood work

to rule out bacterial infection.

Who wants to hold him down?

What? While I draw blood.

Uh, me. Me. I'll do it.

- Shh...
- Hold tight. No jerking.


He's okay.

They ruled out serious

infection, it's not pneumonia.

Oh, thank God.


But they do want to keep him

overnight, watch his breathing,

make sure he's hydrated.

- We'll all stay.
- No, no, no, no.

You guys go.

Seriously, it's a tiny room.

Rafael and I have it.

Are you sure?

- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.

All right, let's go, guys.

- I love you.
- I love you, too.

He still asleep?

Out like a light.

Hey, you okay?

I'm just angry at myself.

I should have called the doctor earlier.

Hey, come on.

He got worse quickly.

Yeah, he was sick, I took him out.

It was so stupid.

Yeah, well...

we all do stupid things.

Petra's plan didn't work.

Derek caught on.

Oh, no.

I signed over The Fairwick.

Then... so...

what now? You just hope that Derek

never brings it up again?

Well, he got what he wanted.

But when does it end?

I mean, what if he wants something else?

The guy is bad news,
and I care about you, I...

I just... I just hope
this is the end of it.

Oh, my God.

He's officially one.

I can't believe it.


His party.

Oh, my God,

we have to cancel Mateo's party.


Oh, hello,

dear network executives.

What are you doing
here at this late hour?

Those two are in charge
of replacing our crew

when we fire everyone on Friday.

Wait, what?

Before they strike.

Why not just listen to their concerns?

Because we don't have
to. We can do the show

without them.

By the way, congrats, you won

Sexiest Telenovela Star.

Two years running.

Okay, tracked down curly fries.

I love you.

Thank you.

I officially canceled Mateo's birthday,

which I probably should
have done a few days ago.

What do you mean?

I was overwhelmed,
there was so much going on,

and my grandma pointed out

it wasn't so much for
him as it was for us.

Yeah, so what if it was for us?

I mean, we got him through a whole year.

Don't we deserve to celebrate that?

Yeah, we do.

I can't believe it's been

a year.

It feels like just yesterday.

When he was just a peach.

The fetus is around three
inches long right now,

about the size of a peach.

And then seeing him for the first time.

He's beautiful.

He's crawling!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, Mateo, you're cruising!

And when you first saw Bobby,

and you nearly clobbered that other mom.

Oh, right, this was just

before Michael returned.

Do you see that?

We need him.

Ugh, it's so extravagant.

When she and Rafael were

just about to get back together.

Come on, Mateo only turns one once.

find out how to get in touch with Bobby.


It's true.

A lot changes in a year.

We did it.

Yeah, we did.

And a lot doesn't.

Knock, knock.

Since you decided to cancel the party,

we decided to bring the party here.



You guys are so sweet,

I just wish that you had texted

'cause we're getting
discharged any minute.


I had the art department

make this.

I paid them this time, don't worry.

Mateo will think he had

a party to rival North West's.


Oh, and he's wearing

his special birthday outfit.

Oh, that is so...

cute and weird.

Thank you.

♪ Cumpleaños ♪

♪ Feliz ♪

♪ Cumpleaños feliz ♪

♪ Cumpleaños, Mateo ♪

♪ Cumpleaños feliz. ♪

Hey, look.

Hey. We take a picture for his book.

But, find his light first.


So, listen.


I have some bad news.

I know you wanted your wedding

on Saturday, but I have to join

the picket line on Friday.

But you changed the lightbulb.

They were gonna walk out on Sunday.

Telemasivo executives plan
to replace them before that,

and I can't let that happen.

I get that.

I'll just find another venue
so that Michael's mom can come.

Oh, no, I figured that part out.


our second AC,

has a sister who flies helicopters,

so for just $3,500,

she will pick up Michael's mother

after her deposition and
deliver her to church

with time to spare.

It should be noted,

that this was just this
type of crazy spending

that Jane had been trying to curb.

What the heck?
This is my wedding, fly her in.

Oh, stop, you don't have to read it.

Just go back to Derek's case.

No, I'm reading your book.


okay, but I decided, I could do better.

You know, I mean,

I've changed so much this past year,
and that?

That's like a...

first pancake, you know?

A little off. I want to give
Beverly the second pancake,

which I told her in non-pancake terms.

- What'd she say?
- Oh, that

she'll look for it in
the future. We'll see.

I just...

I want to dig deeper.


Dig deeper, in my writing.

Dig deeper.

I... will.

No, what if there

is something underneath the Fairwick.

What if they dug tunnels...

tunnels that are
connected to the Marbella,

tunnels that were filled in,

when we found the
plastic surgery suites.

Maybe that's why this
hotel is so important.

Maybe this is where
the missing money is.

Think about it,
why else would Mutter need the Fairwick?

That's got to be where
she stashed the money.

Cordero, we don't have a warrant.

You don't think Derek could
take 200 million bucks and flee?

Exigent circumstances.

No warrant needed.

Meet me there.



Is anyone here?

What the... ?

Is it the money?

Wait, no, it's...


Don't worry.

I left her in the Fairwick,
and I'm in the air...

with the money.

It's open!

Oh, uh...

I thought you were Rafael.

I'm here to apologize... profusely.

For, um...

for snapping at you at the park.

That was not...


Kind of me.

I know...

it's not a competition.

Yeah, well...

I'm starting to think it is, actually.

Excuse me?

And I do hope Rafael comes

to me for advice more.

- What?!
- Because

I won't tell him to do

crazy things like
staging a fake FBI raid.

Well, I was trying something at least.

The wrong thing.

Oh, will you stop already?

There is no right or wrong,

- Jane.
- That is not true.

So, you think it's right
for him to go to jail?

Look, you're an optimist, that's all,

and I'm a realist,
and I'm getting tired of you

assuming that you're the better person.

Which brings us here, now.

How's it going, Petra?

Perfectly, really.

I think Rafael has
feelings for me again.

He can see I'm the
person for him, not Jane.

Very funny.

Well, I wanting to be sounding
like beautiful sister.

Did it work?


Well done, Anezka.

Wig is not perfect,
but I do better next time.

I can see what

Petra seeing in him, actually.

He-he is

being very charming.

You stay away from that man.

Don't worry.

I won't mess up plan

we have spent whole year working on.


Has it been year already?

Time flies.