Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - Chapter Nineteen - full transcript

Jane and Rafeal go to couples therapy in attempt to fix their broken relationship meanwhile, Xo feels guilty about kissing Marco the other night, Petra is kidnapped by Roman, and Michael learns a secret about Nadine. Petra's mother returns.

As a young girl, jane was taught
To protect her flower.
And so jane did,
But then she was accidentally inseminated
With rafael's sperm,
And things got really crazy from there.
First, jane broke up with her detective fiancé, michael,
Because she fell for rafael,
But rafael was going through a lot.
His father died, and his long-lost mother showed up
And dropped a bomb.
So rafael cracked...
Maybe we should take a break.
...Leaving jane devastated.
And petra realized her mom was a psycho
Who was pretending to be in a wheelchair to control her.
Just get out now!
On the bright side, jane was pursuing her dream.
See, jane wanted to become a romance writer,
So she joined a writers' group led by amanda elaine,
And there she met a new friend, andie.
Hi. But then jane found out
Andie was only there to check her out,
Because she used to date michael. Hi.
Pretty dramatic stuff.
Also dramatic,
Jane's mother had fallen in love with her father,
But unfortunately, his mother did not approve.
Oh, and remember our criminal, roman zazo?
Well, his twin brother, aaron, showed up,
Only it wasn't aaron; it was roman.
I know you know who I am.
So let's dive in.
Ah, yes.
Sex education.
A rite of passage, if you will.
Alas, since jane went to a catholic school,
The lesson was rather brief.
Don't do it.
Leaving the kids with questions.
Questions that jane knew she could help answer.
Young jane: Okay, good.
Now take your flower
And crumple it up.
Now try to make it look new again.
That's what happens when you have sex.
Actually, that's not what happens.
Trust me, I have four sisters.
I know where everything goes and when and for how long.
Latin lover narrator: But jane held on to her version,
To what she knew was right,
And she was determined to hold on now.
So you know, it had been exactly
16 hours and 22 minutes
Since rafael had broken up with jane,
And in that time, (elevator bell dings)
Jane had cycled rather quickly
Through the seven stages of grief.
Jane: He broke up with me, mom!
Can you believe it?!
What a piece of...
Please, god, help him realize he made a mistake,
And in exchange, I'll send our daughter to catholic school.
It's my fault.
Why couldn't I just leave it alone?
His father died.
The hotel was his legacy.
And I started to doubt him.
I'm tired.
Latin lover narrator: All leading up to...
This is a mistake.
Or in jane's case...
We've been having some problems, yes,
But we can fix this.
First of all, what happened last night?
Nothing. If you call seeing your mother
For the first time in 27 years nothing.
I don't believe you.
Did I do something?
No. Then what?
Because you don't just go from
Asking someone to marry you to breaking up.
That doesn't just happen.
I realized that we were too different.
We jumped in, and so much was good,
But long-term... It just wouldn't work.
How do you know?
Because I was constantly disappointing you.
And you were having major doubts, too.
And isn't it better for us to know now, for our baby?
No, better for the baby is us together. Not if we're always fighting.
Then we work on it; we don't just give up.
Who's getting excited for a baby shower?!
It's tomorrow; so much to set up!
Which way to the kitchen?
I'm gonna throw onesies outside. Over here, you guys.
Lina: Okay, come on, I need a picture.
I don't have any pictures with you together.
Luca: Smile!
Ah! You guys are the cutest couple ever.
(camera clicks)
Latin lover narrator: Ah, yes, here we are,
With our other cute couple. Ow! You're hurting me, roman!
What is this place? Everglades.
So don't bother screaming, 'cause no one can hear you.
You should know I killed my brother.
I won't hesitate
To kill you.
(phones ringing)
Still no answer from petra.
I told her to act normal around roman
Till the fingerprint results came in.
Look, we have an apb out on his car.
We're gonna find them.
Rogelio: I'm surprised it hasn't been all over the news yet.
I don't like to use the term "triple threat,"
Because it suggests that I'm limited to only three skills,
But the fact is, in addition to acting and dancing,
I'm a rather phenomenal singer.
And now, at last,
I have been offered a las vegas residency.
Like britney spears.
Though mine is only for one night.
Well, congratulations.
And to you, too, xiomara.
Because I told them I will only do it
If you open for me,
And they agreed.
And they have arranged a photo shoot for us.
Latin lover narrator: You may wonder why xiomara
Isn't jumping for joy.
Well, remember this?
So she was pretty much wracked with guilt.
Xiomara, why are you not jumping for joy?
I just...
I can't believe you did this for me.
Latin lover narrator: Also in disbelief...
Jane: Am I being practical or brave?
Rafael: Be brave.
(screams) oh!
Oh, god!
Lina: Jane?
Huh? You know how I'm a little psychic?
I can't agree with that.
Anyway, I'm pretty sure I sensed something wrong
Between you and rafael upstairs.
Dude, you guys okay?
I don't know.
I mean, we've been having problems,
But last night, he just kind of freaked out.
Okay, I don't know if this has anything to do with it,
But I did see him having
A super intense conversation last night.
With who?
A woman, older.
Jane: What time was it at?
7:00, 7:30?
Oh, my god.
Elena di nola?
Who's that?
His mother.
This is what must have happened.
It had to do with his mother.
Something bad must have happened to her,
And now he's pushing you away!
Don't throw in the towel.
He's pulling away because he's hurt,
But now that you know what's going on, you can fix this.
Fight for our love, jane.
Fight for our love.
I will.
I have to talk to rafael.
Can I come in?
Yeah, yeah, of course.
Why didn't you tell me you saw your mom last night?
Lina saw you with someone,
And I checked the receipts.
I would've been there for you.
I know.
Sh-she got my e-mail and came.
Said she wanted to talk about what happened,
Why she left, so that I could decide
Whether or not I wanted to have a relationship with her.
And what'd she say?
That she took ten million dollars
From my father to leave and never see me again.
I'm so sorry. Jane, wait.
I know that you think that that's why I'm doing this,
That they're somehow related.
They are. But they're not.
And that's why I didn't tell you.
Look, this is about the fact that we want different things,
And that I am constantly disappointing you.
Rafael, stop.
I love you.
Do you still
Love me?
But that doesn't mean that I can make you happy.
Or that we should be together.
No, but it means that we can work on it.
Don't just walk away.
Work on it how?
Maybe couple's therapy.
I know people that swear by it.
I'll find someone great.
I'll drop the solano name if I have to.
Sure, I'll hold.
She has a cancellation?
That's amazing.
Yes, perfect.
We'll be there. Where you going?
Couple's therapist
With rafael. Seriously?
Yeah, I mean, I don't know what else to do.
I hope it helps.
(sighs) so, hey,
If you have, like, five minutes at the end of your session
To ask, like, a little question for me.
What's going on?
I-I kissed marco last night.
You did what? I know, I know, I know.
What is the matter with you?
Wh-why would you do that?
Ugh, rogelio's mom was being so mean to me,
And I thought that he was gonna listen to her
And break up with me, so I... Self-sabotaged?
Why do that?
I don't know.
It was stupid.
I know what you're gonna say.
I have to tell him, right?
I don't know.
I mean, normally, I would say yes,
But this is rogelio we're talking about.
He's a very proud man
With a very healthy ego.
So you're saying don't tell him?
I'm saying I don't know.
And I'm gonna make a therapy appointment for you.
Apparently, she's very good.
She's got, like, seven letters after her name.
It's nice to meet you.
Thanks for squeezing us in.
Of course.
So why don't you give me a little backstory.
Your relationship in a nutshell.
Should I?
Yeah, why don't you.
Okay. Um...
Well, for starters,
I was accidentally artificially inseminated
With rafael's sperm.
(chuckles): Oh.
But we had met five years before that.
My sister
Was the inseminator.
I'm a virgin, actually.
Boop. (chuckles)
And then my ex-wife punched herself in the face
So she could have me arrested.
And then my ex-fiancé found
Secret plastic surgery tunnels in his hotel.
And then my father was murdered.
My father turned out to be
The guy from the passions of santos.
And my father's killer ended up being
My stepmother,
Sin rostro.
So that's us.
In a nutshell. (chuckles)
But we actually were coming here
Because we have, like, normal couple bumps,
Which we wanted to talk to you about.
So what's been going on?
We're very different.
And we grew up very differently.
And I think that we're just having trouble
Navigating through that.
But we love each other.
And we want to fix this.
Do you? Do I love her?
Want to fix this.
I just don't know if these are things that can be fixed.
Barbara: Well, let's dive in.
So what's the plan?
Sin rostro's gone underground,
So I'm gonna run things from cuba.
They're flailing down there.
They need someone to step in.
She'll come after you.
(chuckles) let her try.
I've got all her contacts now
And a lot of angry guys who were cut out
When she started this plastic surgery crap.
Well, it sounds like you got it all planned out, roman.
Latin lover narrator: Down to killing his twin brother
In order to fake his own death.
Take me with you.
Come on, I know you want to.
You got the flash drive back weeks ago;
Why else did you stay?
I was evaluating my options.
Come on, we want the same things out of life.
You know that.
Lots and lots of money.
The kind of money you're talking about.
So you're not gonna even try and pretend to be in love with me.
You'd know I was lying.
'cause you know me.
Just like I know you.
And I knew it was you from the moment you kissed me
As aaron.
Well, it sounds like there's definitely a lot of love.
You support each other's dreams.
You're both committed to being good parents,
Although your ideas of that might be different.
Good job!
This was a great idea!
I'm so proud of us for coming here.
Barbara: At the same time, you do have some differences,
And they are not small ones,
Which means you're both going to have to be willing to make
Some big compromises.
So think about that.
Unfortunately, we're out of time.
But I'm going to give you some exercises
That help with intimacy, communication,
Great, fantastic! I'm great at tests.
Barbara: Although I am sensing some reluctance
From you, rafael.
When she said "exercises," I thought she meant this.
(both giggle)
Barbara: And your reluctance would make sense, hmm?
After everything you've been through-- a divorce,
The death of your father,
The traumatic meeting with your mother--
You might not be emotionally available
To give jane what she needs.
Yes, exactly.
That's what I've been trying to say.
Who is this quack?! We need a new therapist.
Barbara: So the question becomes:
Are you willing to do the work?
Tell him he has to.
And only you can answer that.
(ringtone plays)
Andie, hey.
Andie: Hey.
Been trying to reach you.
Latin lover narrator: You remember andie, right?
Used to date michael, used to stalk jane.
Yeah, it's been crazy today.
I-I'm sorry that I had to cancel tonight.
Oh, no, I understand.
Everything okay?
Yes, I think.
I like you, that's all.
So I just wanted to check in before this goes any further.
Are we having an official talk?
So soon?
I know. I know it's too soon.
It just doesn't feel like it's too soon
Because of our history.
Officially, I like you, too.
In fact, I...
I even told my parents, a few friends, jane...
Latin lover narrator: Uh-oh.
My ex, I ran into her.
Um, recently?
Hey, we got a tip on roman's car.
Hey, listen, uh, I got to go, okay?
I'll call you later. Uh...
He was spotted northbound on the tamiami trail.
It's one of only two roads that cuts through the everglades.
So that's where he's headed, then.
Let's go.
Latin lover narrator: You know where you don't want to go
After you've spent an emotionally
And financially draining hour dissecting your relationship?
Hi! Hey!
Latin lover narrator: Yep, this is pretty much it.
Yay, you're here!
This is great.
(chatter continues)
Come. Wow.
Lena, why is my romance writer's group here?
I asked if I should invite them, and you said, "yeah."
I said, "yeah."
Oh, sorry, my bad.
Hello, jane.
We're so touched you invited us.
Oh, of course, how could I not?
Oh, look, even phil's here.
Hey, phil.
What are you doing here?
Latin lover narrator: Oh, baby.
Hey, can we talk real quick?
So... You know.
That you stalked me.
And are apparently still stalking me.
I didn't mean to.
I saw on facebook that you and michael broke up,
And I had a mutual friend sort of feel him out.
And she said he was still hung up on you.
I was curious.
Lina: Jane?
Get in here.
I have to ask.
Would you maybe consider not telling michael?
Okay, so we are going to officially kick off the shower
With a very special performance.
Please accept my gift to you,
The gift of music.
This is a preview of a song you will be hearing very soon
At my one-night-only las vegas residency.
A song that my grandchild will hear at bedtime.
That's for tampa.
Latin lover narrator: Well, that certainly livened things up.
Jane, I am so sorry, truly. I-I'm just...
No, it's okay.
But how do you know my father?
How do you know jane's writing teacher?
Amanda: A few years ago,
We were developing a...
Screen adaptation of love under the bridge,
And he was interested in the lead.
We were on a couch, talking about casting,
So I assumed it was a casting couch situation.
We fell for each other.
We slept with each other.
Uh, but he didn't get the role.
And I didn't get the role. I didn't realize
That sleeping with a writer was pointless.
So he never showed up for our romantic getaway in tampa.
I didn't go to tampa, but it seems she still holds a grudge.
Of course, I still hold a grudge.
You need to apologize right now.
Okay, I sent her a rogelio gift basket,
And I included two varieties of smoked meats.
Please, dad.
It's my writing teacher.
So I wanted to make a little toast to jane.
Most of you know, but for those that don't,
Jane and I met in the fifth grade
When I hijacked her sex ed lesson.
(quiet laughter)
I don't like all that sappy stuff,
But I was just thinking about it,
And that's just a really lucky baby
To get you as a mom.
(partygoers aahing)
Uh, anyway, that's it.
Don't forget to put your guesses for the birth date in the jar.
All right.
Thank you.
For all of this. Of course.
And I'm so winning the birth date lottery.
Guessed may 25, a week before your due date.
Am I right?
Well, I mean, I'm not sure yet.
When my sisters get c-sections,
They schedule it a week before.
I wasn't gonna have one.
You're gonna lose your virginity to your baby?
Well, I wasn't thinking about it like that.
Well, you should!
(crickets chirping)
(sighs softly)
(floor creaks)
My name's petra solano. I've been kidnapped.
I'm being held in the everglades near mile marker 42.
Please tell detective michael cordero from the miami...
Woman (over radio): By mile 42 she said.
We're on it. Call for backup.
(tires screech)
Roman... Please...
You bitch.
Latin lover narrator: Run, petra! Run!
(petra gasps)
It's over, petra.
Where'd you go?
Back here? (branches rustle)
(roman laughs)
(branches rustle)
(screams) it's okay, it's okay.
You're safe.
We're gonna take you back. It's okay.
It's all right. It's okay.
Yeah. I'm pretty showered out.
Want to gently suggest to lina that we call it?
Oh, she's waiting for rafael to show up
With the flowers and stuff.
Mom, we're not in a great place.
I-I just... I don't think...
Lina: Look who's here!
(excited chatter)
Okay, one more activity.
I didn't know if you were... No.
Of course I'd be here. Lina: Okay.
So, jane and rafael
Filled these out a few weeks ago.
Let's see how they did.
What song is rafael excited
To play for the baby?
(singing in spanish) jane: Dad!
No, no.
Bon jovi's "living on a prayer."
What does jane want the baby's first word to be?
Uh, "abuela"? Latin lover narrator: Kiss-ass.
Yeah, but I'll be abuela now.
Lina: Jane?
It's "daddy" actually.
(partygoers aahing)
Jane, what traits do you think rafael wants
The baby to get from you?
My taste in music clearly.
My professional level capacity for organization?
Uh... Everything.
The more jane the better.
There's nothing I don't love about her.
Latin lover narrator: And hearing his own words
Reminded him how much he did.
Let's try at least.
Break out those exercises, huh?
We're gonna get you checked out,
And then we're gonna take you home, okay?
Michael: Nadine.
Look at this.
Flash drive.
Maybe the other one was a decoy.
I just wanted to say that I'm truly sorry
For not making love to you in tampa.
Thank you for saying that.
You're so very welcome.
So, uh, we'll just move on
And, uh, chalk it up to youthful indiscretions.
Yes. Although we-we shouldn't use the word
"youthful" when retelling the story.
Then people might think we are not youthful now.
Oh, rogelio.
May I say that you are still as charming as I remember you?
You may.
Oh, time has been very kind to you.
Well, I moisturize seven times a day, so..
Amanda, I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression,
But I am officially a taken man.
And I will not be led astray.
I see.
Nadine: All right, well,
Let me know if they make any progress with the flash drive.
Yeah, I'm hearing tomorrow, the earliest.
Is this a bad time?
I was just heading out actually.
I'll see you later.
What a nice surprise.
So, um...
I have to tell you something.
It's about jane.
So it's kind of just a staring contest?
It's not a contest. It's an exercise.
Three minutes, no talking.
You ready?
'cause I'm gonna crush this.
Even though it's not a contest?
I'm just saying, I'm bringing my "a" game-- you ready?
I'm ready.
Should we stop and just try another exercise?
That's a great idea. Okay.
Let's see. Um...
Here's a list of spontaneous activities
To help foster intimacy.
But doesn't a list of spontaneous activities
Kind of defeat the purpose?
Screw the list.
Let's go rogue.
What are you thinking?
Skinny dipping.
Come on, you wouldn't.
I have. Twice.
In public?
But I'm about to.
(quietly): Are you...?
Are you serious?
(both laugh)
You like that, huh?
Whoa! What?
There is no splashing in the pool.
That is hotel rules. There's a sign right there.
Is that so?
Yeah. Yeah?
God, I missed you.
Me, too.
So much.
I love you.
I love you.
So maybe now it's the time.
"the time"?
Let's have sex.
Wait, what?
We're having a baby.
And I love you.
Let's do it.
I want to.
Are you sure?
I am.
Okay. Okay.
Man: Hey, the pool area is closed!
Oh, uh, sorry, mr. Solano.
I didn't know it was you. Hey, nick.
I'm gonna... We were just, uh...
I'm... Sorry.
And you almost had sex?
Yes. I would've.
Another minute... Oh.
Well, what happened after the guard left?
I don't know. The moment was over.
Just kind of said I should go
And I would talk to him tomorrow.
Honey, what were you thinking?
I don't know.
It was a combination of things.
I mean, definitely the moment.
But... It would be nice to have sex
Before the baby comes, right?
And the therapist did talk about compromise.
Well, honey, you can't compromise who you are.
A virgin is not who I am.
But it's important to you.
So is rafael.
I love him.
I want it to work.
And you think having sex with him will make it work?
What's your problem?
You have been bugging me to lose it for years.
You waited this long.
Having sex with rafael wouldn't change anything.
Or solve any of our problems.
So, maybe think of the kind of compromise that would.
Michael: How much longer?
Stop asking me.
Right. Okay.
I am sorry.
Roman must've given us the other flash drive to set us up.
This is the real deal.
I can feel it.
Here you go.
Michael: This must be it.
Sin rostro's whole network.
Look at this.
These are known drug distributors.
Sounds like you hit the mother lode.
Thank you.
Yep. No problem.
Michael: Nadine!
Hey. I heard they're getting closer down there.
Any progress?
You were working for her?
Your name was on the list.
Were you working for sin rostro?
But you have to understand,
She-she was threatening to kill
My family; she knew where they lived.
You were working against me.
All this time, huh?
We haven't heard from sin rostro in four years because he's dead.
It was clearly a crime of passion,
Which is why we need to bring petra solano in for questioning.
I don't want to tell the captain about the drug shipment
Until after we make the bust.
Did you know who she was?! No!
I just tipped off her people
As to where we were in the investigation.
Who? Who did you tip off?
The bellboy.
And then she killed him, michael.
(crying): And there were so many times
That I wanted to tell you, but...
I couldn't.
Oh, my god.
I have to tell armstrong.
Lot of names on that list though.
Probably take me an hour to find yours.
Two, tops.
Xiomara, you look spectacular.
Very de la vegas, baby.
Latin lover narrator: Oh, they must be getting ready
For the big photo shoot.
Really? You don't think it's too big?
Are you okay?
Not really.
My pores are closely connected to my emotions--
When one is clogged, the other is clogged.
What are you talking about?
I need to tell you something.
It's been eating me up inside,
And I won't be camera ready until I get it out.
What's going on?
Amanda kissed me.
I didn't kiss her back, but I should have
Known better than to put myself in a situation
With a woman who cannot resist me.
Oh. No problem.
Really? It happens.
I forgive you. A kiss is nothing anyway.
Of course! It was nothing.
I mean, if the shoe were on the other foot
And-and I were the one confessing to you,
You would understand, right?
But of course. I'm not a monster, xiomara.
Okay, well...
Assistant: It's time!
We need you on set right now.
Great! Let's do this!
(clears throat)
(line ringing)
Petra: Rafael.
Look, I-I, uh...
I don't know if-if you heard about what happened.
Uh, no, I didn't. But listen,
Uh, jane just got here,
So can I call you back?
Yeah, sure.
It's me.
So, can we talk?
Yeah, let's talk.
Last night...
What happened, or almost happened,
I don't think it's the right move, for me.
I agree.
Because it's not about sex.
I mean, that wouldn't change anything.
But I was thinking about what the therapist said
About compromise and meeting each other halfway, and...
I think we should move in together.
I mean, it's initially what you wanted
And it took me a second to get there,
But it makes sense.
This way, I'm not anxious
Because the time you spend at home, we'll be together.
Jane... But that's not even the reason why.
I genuinely want to live with you.
To go to bed and wake up...
I can't.
We can't.
Why not?
This is what you wanted.
Look, last night, um...
Got me thinking, too.
And I realized that something has changed.
I just don't love you the way that you love me.
That's the problem.
That's why this won't work.
I don't believe you.
Look, I know that
This hurts to hear...
Why are you saying this? Because I thought that I did.
But I guess I just got
Caught up in the idea of us being a family.
Of you being the mother of my child.
I was just projecting so much onto that.
But I am seeing things clearly now.
I think that we should end it.
Focus on how we can both be
Good parents.
I guess I'm seeing things clearly, too.
Latin lover narrator: I know what you're thinking.
Holy hell.
That is not the rafael we have come to know and love.
Why on earth would he do that?
Let me explain.
You see, he went back to dr. Stanbrook,
Phd, mfcc, this morning.
Yes, I love her, okay? Of course I love her,
But that doesn't change the fact that we are different.
Different people enter into relationships all the time.
But I can't give her what she wants, not right now.
Why not?
Because my life is falling apart.
My dad died,
And because of my screwup, his hotel might go under.
And, oh.... I just found out that my mother
Took ten million dollars
To walk away from me when I was four.
So there's...
There's just a lot.
Yeah. It is a lot.
And you might not be emotionally available right now.
Is that what you're saying?
I'm saying I'm in a dark place.
And I don't want to drag her down with me.
I can't.
What makes you think you would?
Because I almost did.
Last night...
I would have had sex with her.
If that security guard hadn't walked in,
I would have done it, even though I... I knew...
I knew how much that means to her.
And she would have just regretted it, and...
If we keep going, somehow, someway,
Things are just gonna get bad.
This will be cleaner.
This will be better for the kid.
We just need to focus on our kid.
Well, if you're so sure, what's the problem?
She's gonna hold on. How do you know?
Because she believes in this almost magical power of love.
Latin lover narrator: It should be noted that rafael
Really thought he was doing the right thing--
For jane, for their child.
And it should also be noted
That that didn't make it any easier.
Perfect, mr. De la vega.
Xiomara, can I get a bigger smile?
Latin lover narrator: But xiomara was
Having trouble smiling.
Her emotional pores were clogged, too.
I have something to tell you, rogelio.
It's important.
Yeah, what is it?
I kissed marco the other night.
I was upset about what happened with your mom,
And I was feeling vulnerable.
It-it was stupid and it didn't mean anything to me.
Photographer: Xiomara, get down.
Ooh, back-to-back. I love it.
Rogelio, come on.
I forgave you.
Amanda kissed me! You kissed marco!
It meant nothing to me.
I shouldn't have even told you.
Then you'd be a cheater and a liar!
Rogelio, please... I'm sorry, xiomara.
This is something I can simply not forgive!
Do you have everything you need, philipe?
I'm good, yeah.
Okay. Then this photo shoot,
Like our relationship, is over!
Latin lover narrator: Oh, dear.
That makes two villanueva hearts broken today.
Michael: Jane. Michael, hi.
You knew. I can't believe you knew.
What? About andie.
When I told you about her the other day, you stood there,
Acting like you had no idea who she was.
I just... I didn't know what to say.
Well, how about "michael, she's in my writer's group."
I couldn't. Why?
Because you seemed happy.
And I didn't want to ruin that.
I should have.
I'm sorry, okay?
Jane, what's wrong?
Rafael and I broke up.
Are you okay?
Latin lover narrator: Which brings us back to the last stage of grief.
I am, actually.
I have to be.
Better to know now, you know?
Before the baby comes.
In the long run, it's better to know now.
Anyway, I'm, um... I'm heading home, so...
Do you need a ride or anything?
No, thank you.
My grandma's coming to get me.
I'll see you later?
Thanks for the ride.
Petra: Thank you for coming.
You know I'm always here for you.
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