Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 20 - Chapter Twenty - full transcript

When Alba sees Petra's mother, Magda she remembers that Magda pushed her down the stairs and she tells Jane who wants to report her. But Alba doesn't want to because of her immigration status. And Alba doesn't want to Xo to know because she might overreact. And Xo has her own problem; trying to get Rogelio to talk to her after he dumped her. And Jane is reeling from her break up with Rafael. Rafael and Petra are trying to keep the hotel afloat and that's when Luisa returns and decides to be involved with the hotel's operations. She has an idea which Rafael and Petra don't like but decides to let her do it because they want to be on her good side. And when Jane sees Magda is working at the hotel, she freaks out and demands she be fired but Magda threatens Alba. And Alba sees Edward telling him she hopes they can be friends but he says he doesn't want that.

Latin lover narrator: Okay, let's do this.
Oh, and the doctor, that happened to be
Rafael's sister luisa, and luisa also happened to be
Embroiled in an affair with rose, her stepmother.
But rose turned out to be crime lord sin rostro,
And luisa disappeared, perhaps with her.
And you know who was on the case?
Jane's ex-fiancé, detective michael cordero.
Meanwhile, jane and rafael fell in love, but unfortunately,
Rafael's life was falling apart,
So he spiraled and broke up with jane.
Not good. And speaking of breakups,
Jane's mom was dating jane's dad,
Telenovela star rogelio de la vega--
Till this happened.
I... Kissed marco.
Oh, and we can't forget raf's ex-wife petra.
She's had some ups... I'm assigning my shares to petra.
...And some downs. See?
She briefly had a hostage in her room.
Oh, and then she realized her mother could walk,
Which made it easier for magda to push
Jane's grandmother down the stairs.
But alba couldn't remember
What had happened... Until now.
So let's see what happens, shall we?
In October of 2000,
The most amazing thing happened...
To young jane gloriana villanueva.
She watched her very first telenovela
With her mother and grandmother.
And from that very first moment,
She was hooked.
So by the time she was a young woman,
She was well versed in the language of amnesia.
And, of course,
The concept of... Recovered memory.
But that didn't make it any less incredible...
When it happened to her grandmother.
You... Remember the accident?
Abuela, you have to tell me everything.
Yeah, I remember.
Get out!
Ivan: Help! Please help!
And you saw petra's mother?
Then we have to go to the police.
I know you're scared about your immigration status,
But this is different-- this is a crime!
(vehicle approaches)
Come on, give her some credit.
(door bangs)
Mom? (sighs)
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
If he wants to be a big baby, well, two can play at that game.
What are you
Talking about?
Rogelio broke up with me.
I told him that
I kissed marco, and... (alba groans)
Ma, don't say anything.
I know.
Anyway... He dumped me.
Oh, mom, I'm so sorry.
If it makes you feel any better, rafael dumped me, too.
Oh, my baby.
Mmm... Mmm...
Magda: A little comfort food.
Kvasené uhorky.
Thank you.
Of course.
I was so glad when you called.
I knew you'd come back to me.
A girl needs her matka.
Mother, I just didn't want
To be alone after the whole ordeal...
With roman, but I... Haven't forgiven you.
All those years of you pretending
You couldn't walk just to manipulate me?
It was to protect you. I was afraid you
Would go back to milos.
And that man, he is a monster!
Let me prove myself to you.
Rogelio: How?
How can I forgive you, xiomara?
I stayed in miami for you.
In this ridiculous job!
Rogelio: And what do you do?
You betray me, xiomara.
I must go.
I am being summoned to set...
To play a head!
(romantic guitar music plays)
Can I come in?
(music distorts, winds down)
I'm afraid you cannot.
I'll get to it, then.
Since you've left, our ratings have plummeted.
Have they?
Rogelio, you've tweeted about it.
What is your point?
We want you back.
I happen to be very happy here at galactica.
It's quite a challenge to act only with your face...
And hair. Just consider it?
How would you even bring me back?
According to buzzfeed, el presidente's stabbing
Was one of the 17 most unforgettable death scenes
Of the past five years.
We have a pitch.
Not that old "evil twin" cliché.
Dina: No.
It involves a kevlar vest, a burial at sea, amnesia
And a super sexy scene where el presidente emerges
From the water in a soaking-wet shirt.
Button-down or pullover? Button-down.
Mm. We'd also offer you
An executive producer credit, of course.
I will think about it.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get ready for work.
Santos is back,
Latin lover narrator: And speaking of babies...
(rhythmic whooshing)
Woman: All righty, that's it.
The doctor will be right in.
Thank you. Thank you.
I am so sorry, jane.
That you don't love me?
Oh, but he did...
Despite what he told her.
That I hurt you.
Rafael knew things between them would settle,
Get better with time.
Look, I just want what's best for our baby.
I'm sorry, can you just stop talking?
You just broke up with me yesterday.
It's kind of hard... I under... I get it.
I just need some time.
All right. (clears throat)
Everything's looking good.
Baby's weight: 62nd percentile.
Baby's height: 78th percentile.
Mm. But currently,
The baby is breech.
Uh, breech?
What is that again? He didn't read the book.
I mean, in his defense,
I only asked him to do it three times.
Head is up here,
Tush is down here,
And the baby needs to be head-down
For a natural delivery.
Let's get you measured. So...
Should I be concerned?
Oh, no. Not yet. Breech babies
Often turn themselves.
Let's check again in two weeks.
All right, so the bigger
The baby gets, the less space it has to flip.
What can I do? I'd definitely like
To avoid a c-section, if possible.
And I'd like to avoid a version.
That's a med...
A medical procedure to turn the baby.
I read up when she said it was breech.
Okay. Cool.
These are a bunch of at-home techniques you can try.
I can't promise they'll work, but give them a shot.
And I'll see you in two weeks.
Thank you. Thank you, doctor.
So, is there anything
That I can... Help with?
Oh, no. Looks like I have to do this stuff myself.
Don't worry,
When the baby comes, there will be plenty for you to do.
But for now, well...
You can't exactly help me with... Elephant walk.
What are you doing? To help turn the baby.
Using gravity, right? You pull her down...
And then around, and then down.
Well, I can't have a serious conversation with you like this.
I needed a break, anyway.
Your father won't answer my calls.
He had his assistant move my stuff from our...
His house.
He even blocked me on twitter.
I don't know what to do.
Mom, he's angry.
But it was one mistake.
One... Stupid, meant-nothing mistake
That I wish I could take back.
I know, mom.
So can you tell him that?
What? Maybe if he hears it
From you, you know? How sorry I am.
I wouldn't ask,
But... I'm out of options.
Petra: It's a good option.
Okay, look, time-shares would mean a cash influx now,
Which is what we need. No, what we need is time.
We'll take out another loan to cover the balloon payment
Until we ride this out. Another risky move is not the answer.
Neither is rebranding the hotel.
Luisa: Hey there.
Maybe I can help.
Latin lover narrator: Ah, yes, you remember
Rafael's sister luisa, right?
Where have you been? The police have been looking for you.
I know. I left them a voice mail the second I got back stateside.
Uh, were you... Were you with rose?
Of course not.
She's a murderer that killed her father.
I went back
To my ashram in peru to get over her,
And I did.
As a matter of fact...
Hey, juice!
Don't be shy.
This... Is my new girlfriend,
The one and only...
Juicy jordan.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, you probably just don't
Recognize her outside of the ring.
Out of the ring?
I'm a pro wrestler.
Yeah, you are.
Wow, that's terrific.
And, um... How did you two meet?
Oh, our first day in the sweat lodge,
Juicy just... She just got way too hot.
And I mean that in the medical sense.
Although... (scoffs) look at her.
Look at you. I can't.
I'm too busy looking at you.
(both growling)
(clears throat)
So... What brought you back?
Well, the hotel is in trouble,
So juicy encouraged me to reach out to our accountant,
And he told me that our profits
Are down and we lost our liquor license.
So we discussed it
And decided that it's about time
That I help right this ship.
Right it? How, exactly? I don't know yet.
But I have an iq of 152, and I basically
Got through med school drunk, so I'll figure it out.
Oh, and... Obviously, I'm gonna
Take back control of my shares.
What, now? Definitely.
I mean, from what I heard,
It looks like I'm the tiebreaking vote
In this time-share versus new loan decision.
Latin lover narrator: Huh. That's a surprise.
Also in for a surprise-- our jane.
What are you doing here?
I work in the kitchen.
Clean glasses for the bar.
I know what you did.
Excuse me? You pushed my grandmother
Down the stairs.
Well, if that were true,
I would be in jail, no?
And I am not.
Take the glasses to the bar.
I want your mother out of this hotel.
Excuse me? She pushed
My grandmother down the stairs and almost killed her.
What are you talking about? Attempted murder.
And I'm going to make sure that she pays for it.
I saw magda today.
She's working at the marbella.
Xiomara: Hey, guys.
Oh, hey, ma. Hi.
What's going on?
Nothing, just, like, a rafael thing.
Okay, you're scaring me-- what happened?
Petra's mom pushed her down the stairs.
What? Yeah, and now abuela
Doesn't want to go to the police
Because she's undocumented.
That bitch needs to go to jail! See?
I am calm! She's calm.
Come on, there's got to be something
We can do. There is.
Michael can help us.
He's done it before.
What? Mom, when you were
In the hospital, some immigration
Stuff came up, and...
Michael made it go away.
Why didn't you tell me?
He asked me not to.
He didn't want you to think that he did it
To get you back or anything.
Jane. What are you doing here?
Latin lover narrator: Sometimes there just aren't words
To express the kind of gratitude one is feeling.
You saved my grandmother.
Thank you, thank you, thank you
So, so much. Your mother
Wasn't supposed to tell you that.
I know.
But she did because...
We need your help again.
I just got off the phone with the police.
They want to bring us both in for questioning
In relation to an attempted homicide.
Uh, mother? Mother.
Did you have anything to do with this...
Stair incident?
Mother, did you push her?
I would never do that.
Unless, for example,
That woman found out that
There was a hostage in your room.
Then I would have to
Try to keep her quiet to keep you
Out of prison, no?
To protect you.
Man: Tell me your sins, my daughter.
Is your back feeling any better?
I'm sure this priest, uh,
Understood your invitation as a form of friendship.
A friendship he would very much like.
So go in peace and serve the lord our god.
And would you like to have lunch after physical therapy?
Spirituality & colonics.
Trying to bribe my sister into voting your way?
Sloopy sweets!
My favorite. Oh, my god, juicy, we used to
Eat these as kids.
I've finished reading your proposals,
I still need more time weighing out the pros
And the cons. But in the meantime,
We have an idea for a short-term cash windfall.
Well, actually, it was juicy's idea.
She has this incredible brain for business.
Did you know she has her own line of velour sweatpants?
Oh, okay. Well, they're not aren't actually hers,
But still-- she looks amazing in them.
So, luisa,
Tell us about your idea.
Melee at the marbella.
Professional wrestling match.
Here? Right in the lounge.
I'll face off in the ring
Against my nemesis, candy crunch.
People go nuts for a juicy versus candy matchup.
And we can attract a whole new crowd, definitely
Make some extra cash-- what do you think?
I love the idea.
So much fun.
Petra: Tell her this can't happen.
No, you tell her.
Oh, no, I'm not telling her anything.
Well, neither am I.
Looks like we'll be having a wrestling match
At the marbella, then.
Perfect. Can't wait.
(short laugh)
Director: Action.
What a wonderful surprise.
Wow, that was quite the entrance.
Isn't it? Yeah.
Would you like to go to my remodeled
Actor's dressing room
Or my new producer's corner office
With a fantastic ocean view?
Um, oh, you know, the quiet little corner
Right there by the dungeon's fine.
Dungeon's fine. Okay.
It's about mom.
What? I've never seen her like this.
And I know she messed up, got...
S-stop, jane, please. I thought you came here
To support my triumphant return as santos.
Not to support your cheating mother's agenda to get me back.
I'm sorry. She's just so upset.
As am I. Dad.
It was just a kiss. Just a kiss?
It starts with just a kiss.
And it ends with a tabloid photo
Of her sneaking out of a rap superstar's hotel room.
Is that some kind of metaphor?
No, it's not.
My first wife did just that.
So this is the baggage you're dealing with.
Okay, well, this was a very different situation.
He was humiliated. You obviously touched a nerve.
But don't you think he should at least talk to me?
Yes, but I also think you shouldn't have kissed marco.
(phone vibrates)
Hang on. It's rafael.
How did you do it?
Move on from rafael. Because I can't with rogelio.
I mean, once he told me he didn't love me, I had no choice.
The problem is, is you did not get closure.
Exactly. Okay...
Where is that music coming from?
Oh, that's my pants.
It's supposed to encourage the baby to turn
Towards the music.
I just can't be in the middle, okay?
Carrying messages between you and dad. I... I know.
I just need to get in the same room with him
So we can talk, face to face.
Let's start with an easy question.
Where were you after the palomas?
In my room. Were you alone?
Latin lover narrator: Just her and her hostage.
No. I was with my daughter.
I was resting with my mother.
And then that woman, alba,
Banged on the door.
What'd she want?
She was obviously quite drunk.
Very drunk.
My mother told her to go away.
And that was that.
Care to explain the man's voice
Crying out for help in your room?
Must have been the tv.
Petra: We were watching a telenovela.
They can get very dramatic.
Jane: They lied.
They both lied, michael.
I know. Now we got them
On record telling their version,
So we just prove it's not true.
Okay. How do we do that?
Oh, I see you.
We either prove petra wasn't actually in the room,
Or we find the guy abuela heard. I'll get room service records,
Key card records... What?
Uh, is there a... Wrestling match going on?
I have no idea why that's happening.
Rafael and I aren't exactly on chatty terms these days.
Oh, I'm-I'm sorry to hear that.
Are you?
Yes. 'cause he's the father of your child,
And I'd imagine that'd be hard for you.
Go to your shift. I'll let you know if I hear anything.
Oh, if you see magda, walk away.
Okay. I'll see you later. Thank you.
(bell dinging)
Latin lover narrator: And speaking of mortal enemies...
Walk away, jane. Just walk away.
I talked to your policeman friend yesterday.
I'm so sorry that your grandmother got so confused.
She was not confused.
We both know what you did.
And we're gonna prove it and put you in jail.
I looked your grandmother up on the internet. No sign of her.
That and the fact that she really does not speak english,
It just got me thinking.
Is your grandmother here legally?
See, I don't mind either way.
But those immigration authorities sure do.
So both of you should maybe...
Back off.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome to the melee at the marbella!
Please welcome our first fighter,
Coming down from the aisle to my right,
The pride of pensacola,
Please welcome candy crunch!
(hip-hop music playing)
And in the opposite corner, everyone's favorite diva,
Hailing from the heavenly hamlet of santa rosa, california,
The one, the only
Juicy jordan!
(hip-hop music playing)
Jane. Hi.
I need your help. Of course. Anything.
It's about my grandmother.
(bell dings)
Remember the accident?
Well, she didn't fall down the stairs-- she was pushed.
Wait, what?
By petra's mother.
Magda? Yes.
And now she's working at the hotel,
And she's making threats. Petra: Right.
I heard about your little altercation.
Your mother is threatening to get my grandmother deported.
Your grandmother is trying to have my mother imprisoned.
Because your mother belongs in prison!
My mother had nothing to do with
What happened to your grandmother.
You're a liar!
No, I'm not!
(bell dinging)
It's the smackdown we've all been waiting for, as these two
Have had it out for one another all year.
Oh, and the pregnant punisher comes out swinging!
But the cold warrior denies her with the classic eastern block!
She follows it up with the brainwasher!
Ooh, that one hurt.
But the cold warrior's not giving her a maternity leave.
She's looking to deliver this match
Right here, right now!
Ladies and gentlemen, she pulls out the belly bump!
The punisher has just turned this cold war hot!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Crowd: Jane! Jane! Jane! Jane! Jane!
I want your mother out of this hotel!
Okay, okay. Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, jane. Hey, I'll handle this, okay?
What the hell is going on?
I have no idea. Those two suddenly started
With these wild accusations.
Her grandmother wouldn't make that up. No, of course not.
But she's elderly. And she was drunk.
And she sustained a head injury.
Whatever it is, jane can't work here with her.
Rafael, I am not
Firing my mother to make your girlfriend happy.
Latin lover narrator: The truth was, rafael hadn't
Told people he and jane had broken up.
She's not my girlfriend anymore.
So you're trying to get her back?
No. I broke up with her.
But she's still the mother of my child.
And even if her grandmother is confused,
Having magda here is stressing her out,
So please just find her a job somewhere else.
(crowd cheering)
Jane? Jane?
I assume this parent trap was your doing.
I love that movie, but it's not going to work.
(bell dinging)
It's not a trap.
I just want you guys to talk to each other,
And I want you to leave me out of it. Fine.
Ma. Now's your chance.
I'm-I'm sorry I kissed marco.
It was stupid and immature,
And-and I've replayed it, like, a million times in my head,
And I wish... You have no idea how hard
I wish I could take it back.
Because I love you.
I really do.
So please
Give me another chance.
This is why I didn't want to see you,
Because I knew you'd argue with me...
What was that?
My fans.
I'm constantly being photographed.
Apparently it's quite a get for the paparazzi.
Latin lover narrator: You know that feeling
When a great idea comes to you?
(bell dinging) okay, that's just a happy coincidence.
But jane was definitely having that feeling.
I have to go.
I should explain.
See, jane's looking for a picture
Of petra at the after-party.
If she can prove she was there,
They can catch her in her lie.
I should explain.
Jane could not find a picture of petra
At the paloma after-party
And prove she wasn't in a room with magda
When alba was pushed.
But she did find something even better.
We've got them, michael.
So you're absolutely sure
No one was in the room with you and your mother
On the night of the palomas?
Yes, michael, I'm sure, okay?
Look, now, if you'll excuse me, I...
So who's this?
Oh, I... (chuckles) I forgot.
Latin lover narrator: About the man you held hostage for over a month?
I called a plumber that night. Really?
That's the best you could do? A plumber?
So he must be an employee of the hotel,
Which means there's a record.
Uh, no. He's-he's not an employee, actually.
Rafael and I were in a bad place at the time,
And he cut off the hotel's resources to our room,
So I had to call someone else.
Can you give me his contact information? I must have called
A dozen plumbers that night. I mean...
I really don't think I can remember which one.
Try hard.
Look for the work order.
I'll be looking, too.
30 inches.
So we should definitely build out here.
Got it. That's what I thought.
No. He's not coming.
You know--
Things are strained between mom and him.
I'm sorry, honey. Jane: It's fine.
I'm sure you guys will sort things out.
Anyway, let's start.
Okay, we need socket screws for the feet,
Three-inch head bolt with nut for the legs.
Okay, we'll get started
With the leg panels.
(phone vibrating) (sighs)
Jane (recorded): You've reached jane.
Leave a message. (beep)
Hey, jane. It's me. Um...
I'm just calling 'cause I wanted to let you know
That I asked petra to fire magda.
So I'm doing everything I can.
I just don't want you to worry. And I...
Latin lover narrator: And briefly, she thought he'd say, "I love you."
I'll talk to you later.
But alas, he didn't.
Even though he wanted to.
Luisa: Oh, rafael! (chuckles) there you are.
So? It went great, right?
We should make this a monthly tradition.
What? Wrestling.
Monthly. Even weekly. I mean, if we play our cards right,
We could make this miami's premiere destination
For wrestling... Stop. Stop it!
We are not turning
The marbella into a wrestling destination.
Well, petra thinks it's a great idea. That is because
Petra is trying to get you to vote her way.
We both are.
A moment of honesty.
I have an iq of 152, remember?
It's just you two were so eager to please, I figured
Why not just have some fun and let...
And let juicy get some press?
Okay. An honest conversation.
Dad and I had a plan for this hotel.
We were gonna give ian schrager a run for his money.
What, by floating more loans?
We can ride this out if we stay the course,
But you have to trust me.
I need this hotel to succeed.
We all do.
No, you don't understand, okay?
What do you mean that you gave up everything?
I gave up every... I gave up jane.
What do you... What do you mean?
Look, you've been gone for a while, okay?
A lot has happened.
So, tell me.
I mean, before all this... Stuff happened...
...We used to talk.
That's all I want.
Don't coddle me, don't handle me.
Just talk to me, please, and not about business.
Latin lover narrator: And so, rafael told his sister everything.
How he asked jane to marry him.
Dad died, but I had jane.
I'd never felt so sure about anything.
Or anyone.
How she said "no."
I'm so sorry.
How he'd reached out to his mother,
How she took ten million dollars to walk away from him.
If it helps, I always hated your mother.
It does, actually.
He even let her read the letter his father wrote to his mother.
Emilio: And, of course, I'm hard on rafael.
But what he doesn't understand is I am hard on him
Because I believe that he can be a success.
Rafael so I can't let this hotel fail.
I just can't.
And it was failing,
And I was disappointing jane.
So, something had to give.
I get it.
I just think you gave up the wrong thing.
Latin lover narrator: Which brings us back to jane, who had a baby to turn.
And she was about to burn moxa
At her feet in order to turn it.
Google it. It's a real thing.
No partner, no problem.
Because jane, you'll remember, was handy.
(sighs, grunts)
Luisa: I get that the hotel's important,
But this is also about you rejecting jane
Before she rejects you, like your mom.
No, no, no, that's not...
It's part of the reason... Since we're being honest.
Look, the point is that I did it, okay?
And this hotel-- this is my kid's legacy,
So I need it to work.
Yeah, but then what? What if it's successful?
You're gonna be happy?
Without jane?
Maybe, you know, after I get this stuff settled...
She's gonna wait?
Raf, people don't wait.
They move on.
(jane yelps)
Burning moxa to turn the baby. I must have fallen asleep.
I-I know.
I don't know!
I... I just needed to prove I can do it myself,
Because I'm going to have to do things myself now!
And I know you're here, but still,
There are some things I need to do on my own.
Okay? As a single mother.
(crying): Because that's what I am.
And I didn't see it coming, abuela.
And I'm just trying to get my bearings,
And I just want to be able to do something.
I just wanted to know I can do something on my own.
Latin lover narrator: And so, jane went
To bed that night alone, when suddenly--
And it should be noted, quite dramatically-- she woke up.
Because the baby turned. She felt it turn.
We did it.
Can I get a fist bump?
Latin lover narrator: Also feeling victorious.
So tell me, were you in magda and petra's room
On the night in question?
Yes, I was.
What? I can't believe they found him already.
What were you doing there?
I was called in to help with a... Plumbing problem.
What's the name of your employer?
Oh, I am what you call, uh, self-employed.
You give me call you have problem.
I give you ten percent off, friends and family discount.
Petra: Thank you.
Do not thank me.
I would like nothing more
Than you and your miserable mother be rotting in prison.
I did this so milos wouldn't kill me.
Latin lover narrator: Say what you will about psychopath ex-boyfriends,
But sometimes they buy you hotels
And force former hostages to lie on your behalf.
Can I go now?
Passions of santos is coming on.
Santos is coming back from the dead.
Apparently, I need tighter security.
Please leave. Wait.
I'm just here to say
That I accept your decision.
So you can come over, hang around jane and not worry.
I get it. It's over, okay?
Yes. Okay.
Michael: Jane, I'm so sorry.
I wanted ivan to be the answer.
He is. He's lying.
My grandmother said he was yelling for help. I know.
So, then, what's going on? I'm sorry.
I'm... I'm just frustrated.
I know. Jane?
Listen, I want you to be careful.
Just 'cause we haven't proven anything
Doesn't mean something shady isn't going on over there.
Rafael's sister luisa is back.
She could still be in contact with sin rostro.
And with magda around,
And petra lying to cover for her, I just...
I want you to be careful.
I will. Thank you.
Yeah, of course.
I should call my grandmother, let her know.
Edward: Everything all right?
(clears throat)
If this did not happen,
I would not have...
My new friend.
I'm fooling myself to think we can just be friends.
So I've been doing some thinking,
And I've decided
You're right.
Let's take out another loan, ride out this period.
So you're letting go of the whole time-share pitch?
It's a betrayal to the marbella brand
That you and your father worked so hard to create.
And I know what that means to you.
So, why the sudden change of heart?
I've just been thinking about our partnership
And how I should probably compromise more to make it work.
Which is why I've decided
To find my mother a different job.
Thank you, petra.
Oh, and for the record,
Alba was confused about the accident.
These are the medical records from my mother's surgery
Last month in the czech republic.
My mother didn't push alba downstairs.
My mother couldn't walk back then.
Magda: You want me to apologize?
And you're firing me?
You said you want what's best for me, mother, right?
Uh-huh. Well, I'm still in love with rafael.
And now, finally, there's an opening.
And I'm gonna get him back.
Hey. Oh, hi.
Uh, how's it going?
Any movement with the baby?
Oh, yeah, she turned last night, actually.
(laughs) that's... That's great.
Why didn't you tell me?
It happened in the middle of the night, and I knew I'd see you.
Oh, um, so, petra talked to her mother,
And magda is leaving the hotel.
Good. What about petra?
Oh, yeah, she's... She's apologetic.
No, I mean,
When is she leaving the hotel?
She owns a third of the marbella, jane.
And she's an accomplice to attempted murder.
She lied to cover up the fact
That her mother pushed my grandmother down the stairs.
Okay, look... What?
It's just that there are two sides to every story.
Excuse me?
Your grandmother had a head injury.
She might not remember.
And petra's mother couldn't walk back then.
Of course she could!
She obviously was faking her injury!
For three years? Yes!
I lived with her, jane.
She has medical records. Well, she's evil,
And so is her daughter, and I don't want my kid around them.
End of story. Okay, it's not end of story,
Because it's also my kid,
And I can't just get rid of petra.
Well, I can't be around her.
And I don't have to be.
I quit.
Wait. What?
I'm removing myself from the situation.
Hold on. Stop. Jane, stop!
Look, this is ridiculous, okay?
I live here, I work here. The baby is gonna be here.
Quitting is not the answer.
Latin lover narrator: And he was right, she realized.
Jane: I have enough saved for now.
I'll get a new job after the baby comes.
If I have to go back to work a few weeks earlier, I will.
As long as you'll help me.
Because I thought co-parenting with rafael
Was best for the baby, but I was wrong.
His sister is connected to sin rostro,
And his crazy ex-wife has a murderous mother.
What are you saying, jane?
That what's best for the baby is to be as far from the marbella
And all those people as possible.
So I'm calling a lawyer.
I want full custody.
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