Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 18 - Chapter Eighteen - full transcript

Jane (Gina Rodriguez) unintentionally ruins Rafael's (Justin Baldoni) chances of getting the hotel's liquor license back, but her attempt to help fix it means missing the Villanueva's ...

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: All righty... as you
know, Jane was accidentally inseminated

by Rafael's sperm, and, man, so
much has happened since then.

First she broke up with her
detective fiancé Michael

because she fell for
Rafael. Unfortunately

things were a little rocky
between them at the moment.

See, Rafael proposed but
Jane said no, because

it was just too damn soon.

For me, it was all about family

and how badly I've wanted a family.

encouraged him to search for his mother,

who left when he was four.
Adding to Rafael's stress,

the Marbella Hotel had just
lost its liquor license.

And as Rafael focused more on work,

Jane started to get nervous.

I'm scared it's gonna all
be on me. All the child care.

Petra had been growing closer

to Aaron, the twin brother
of her ex-lover

Roman. You remember Roman, right?

He was impaled. The only problem:

I don't why, I don't know how,

but I do know that is
not Aaron. It's Roman.

mother of a twist. And speaking

of mothers, Xo just learned
what was holding Rogelio back

- from saying "I love you."
- The animosity that exists between

- you and my mother.
- And so he invited her to visit.

Which means Jane's
grandma is coming to town.

Ah, Easter.

The Villanuevas'
favorite time of year.

Young Jane looked forward
to the chocolate eggs.

Don't fill up. We have a huge meal to eat.

Xiomara looked forward

- to busting out her spring war wobe.
- Ah...




And Alba?

Well, she looked forward

to celebrating the resurrection

of her Lord and
Savior, Jesus Christ.

Whom God hath raised up,

having loosed the pains of death,

because it was not possible
that he should be Holden of it.

It should be noted

that it wasn't just about
chocolate eggs for Jane.

She had been raised a
devout Catholic as well.


But one year, her natural
curiosity combined with

a penchant for
overthinking resulted in:


- _
- He rose from the dead?

And rolled a giant, heavy stone

- all by himself?
- PRIEST: Please kneel.

Behold the Lamb of God,

which take that away the sin of the world.

Happy are those

who are called to his supper.


That stale cracker from the deli

is supposed to be the body of Christ?


Don't get mad, but...

what if Jesus' disciples
just thought he died,

but he really didn't...

so he actually wasn't resurrected?

He just kind of woke up.




But what if he...




made sense to Jane.

So she vowed to banish her doubts.


But some doubts are
more difficult to shake.

- (phone buzzing)
- Breathe, breathe.

Oh, baby... I am so
sorry, I have to take this.

- (grunts, clears throat)
- Okay.

I am so sorry. Hey, hold
on, stepping outside now.

told herself that it was okay.

That call was important.

More important than your baby?

herself the hotel was in trouble.

- It was a one-time thing.
- Yeah, right.

Rafael had to get the
liquor license back.

- It's always gonna be something.
- Now let's move on

to the standing

supported squat.

Gonna take the squat position

and let's really lean

against our partners, ladies.

Get ready, Jane.

This is gonna be our life.


Okay, you seem mad.

I'm really not.

Okay, disappointed, then.

I just asked you to
turn it off for an hour.

I know, but hotels are 24-hour
things, and, look, I couldn't

miss that call. That was Graham Falco.

He's a family friend, his
wife's the city commissioner, and

she could get our liquor
license hearing moved up.

Graham suggested we talk
about it over dinner.

- So I guess that's a good thing.
- Good.

So I'm going to go and meet

- my other grandmother.
- Hey.


- Come over later?
- Can't.

We are 48 hours out and there is some

hard-core Easter prep going down tonight.

Well, I am excited for my first Villanueva

- family Easter.
- Me, too.

He'll definitely have his phone on.

XIOMARA: I don't know
if this is working.


- What is it?
- An aromatherapy diffuser.

Rogelio wants the whole place to
smell like lavender for his mom.

- Seems slightly excessive.
- Oh, no,

excessive is his list.




Are they displayed lovingly enough?

Mom. It's gonna be okay.

What happened... well,
it was a long time ago.

should probably explain.

In 1991, Rogelio's
mom walked in on them

in flagrante, so to speak.

And she was so shocked,
she tripped on a lamp cord.

The lamp fell, electrocuting
her cat, Gordito.

(buzzing, cat yowls)

She's always gonna hate me.

ROGELIO: We're home.

Mom. You can do this. Win her back.


Jane, Xiomara,

here is my glorious mother.


Oh, my beautiful


(gasps) Oh, let me look
at you, no, I can't,

I have to hug you first. Oh!

If only there were a way
to capture this moment

and freeze it in time.

Take a picture.

Of course. You've got so much

DE la Vega in your face.

Thank God.

(laughs) Oh, Xiomara. Hello.

Did that offend you?

That I thanked the Lord
for my beautiful grandchild?

Wh-What? No.

No? Oh, well, you rolled your eyes.

I was just looking to Heaven,

to thank God for bringing you here.

My mom and my other grandma would love

to have you over for Easter, right, Mom?

Yes. We'd love to have you.

Perfect. That would be so wonderful.

So, Rogelio,

show me your enormous home.

- Of course.
- Stand up straight.

You must really love

living here, huh?

Quite the upgrade, I'm sure.

(mouthing) Stay calm,
she's only here for a week.


You're right.

- I can handle it.
- Mm-hmm.

I can't handle it.

- _
- Look, I agree, she took some cheap shots.

No, she had Rogelio
make a dinner reservation

just for the two of them. And

she called my singing
career a little hobby.

Screw her. If she doesn't
like me, well, guess what.

I don't like her.

Okay, stop. Stop.

You see, this is what you do.

You get insulted and then

- you self-sabotage.
- No, I don't.




- Jesus never met Liliana DE la Vega.
- Ma,

if you feel yourself getting
worked up, just take nice,

slow, deep breaths.

Learned that in childbirth class.

Oh, yeah, that's right,
I forgot about that.

Did you and Rafael have fun?

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: It should be noted
that at this moment, Jane desperately

wanted to talk to her mother,
tell her about her doubts.

But she also didn't want
to hear "I told you so."

Yeah. We did have fun.

Jane knew she had to talk to someone.


Yeah. Not the greatest choice.

You'll recall, when
we last saw Andie,

she was reconnecting
with her ex-boyfriend...

I heard you and Jane broke up.

Who was also Jane's

ex-boyfriend, though Jane
didn't know that yet.

You look nice.

- I just saw my ex.
- Ooh!

Tomorrow night he's taking me to Tresoro,

that place by the beach.

- Third night in a row?
- Mm-hmm.

- Ugh.
- (laughs) Sorry.

Can we talk, actually?

I kind of need to vent.

And it's hard to talk to
people in my day-to-day life,

because then it'll become a thing,

and I just don't know if it's a thing yet.

Okay, what's going on?

I'm having all these... doubts

about Rafael.

What kind of doubts?

Like, high-level ones.

Like, do we want the same things in life?

Do we see our lives the same way?

And with Michael...

my ex...

Anyway, this is not about him,

except to say that we
wanted the same things.

And with Rafael, I don't...
I-I'm not sure that we do.

It's probably hormones.

Oh. My sister totally freaked out

on my brother-in-law
when she was pregnant.

And once she had the baby,
things went back to normal.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

Just don't do anything rash.

so Jane did her best

to ignore her doubts about Rafael.

- She blamed it on hormones.
- (whoosh)


Even when this happened.


Yup. Called that one.



WOMAN: Excuse me.

Excuse me, miss?

Finally. I've been trying
to get your attention

forever, but you were too
busy checking your phone.

I'm sorry. It's just
been one of those days.

Oh, please. Pregnant
and apparently unmarried

is not an excuse for poor service.

Excuse me?

In any case, now that I have you here,

my Arnold Palmer is too tart

and my knife is dirty.

Do you think you could take care of that

or do you need to consult your phone first?

Can you maybe just not be rude?

Excuse me?

I get it. I was on the phone,

and I am really sorry.

But I'm also a person,

and it would be nice if
you talked to me like one.

I could get you fired.

I'd like to see you try.


You okay?

Yeah. I just had

the rudest customer ever. I mean,

seriously, this woman was

the worst human being in the world.

That sounds really bad.

Oh. Hey. Uh, Jane, this is Graham Falco.

He's the family friend that
I'm having dinner with tonight.

- _
- And, Graham, this is my girlfriend, Jane.

Nice to meet you.

- You, too. And I'm sorry you overheard...
- Oh, not at all.

I'm sorry you had such a rude customer.

There's Alexis.



We might have a problem.

GRAHAM: This is Rafael and Jane.

We've already met.

I don't think I'm up for
dinner tonight after all.

Jane can explain.

I'm so sorry. I had no idea.

- No, I know.
- How do I fix it?

An apology letter. I
write good apology letters.

(sighs) Let-let me think about it, okay?

I'll figure something out.

(computer chimes)

NARRATOR: Not the answer
he was looking for.

But it was an answer, all the same.

From a private
investigator he hired.


(door opens)

Why are you ignoring my calls?

- (door shuts)
- I've just...

(sighs) I've just been busy
working an angle to try to get

this liquor license hearing moved up.

Great. And in the meantime,

Aaron tells me he's leaving to go back

to India in three days.

- We have to call the police. Now.
- Petra, stop.

- Aaron is not Roman.
- Look, he obviously

lured his brother out here somehow,

killed him, and now he's taking his place.

Are you even hearing yourself?

- I know it sounds crazy...
- Look,

you asked me to have a
drink with him, and I did.

Trust me, that is not the same guy

that I shared a room with in college.

It's not him.

So finally I just had to
get the operation, you know,

because I couldn't take
long walks anymore. Mmm.

I mean, why live in Miami if you can't

take long walks?

yes. Remember Edward?



I'll see you next Saturday, I hope?


- Bye-bye.
- Bye.

(honking horn)

So, did you drop the hint

about the new Peruvian place on Ocean?




- Okay. Got it.
- XIOMARA: Maybe you could star in your own telenovela, Ma.

- Rehabilitated Love.
- (Jane laughs)


Hey, wait, save some
flour for my pan dulce.


Lo haré, lo haré.

The more food the better.

Let's put Liliana in a food coma.

Or, better yet, a real one.



We got to tag-team, okay?
Make sure that she stays calm.

- (phone rings)
- Mm.

Hey, baby.

So... I hate to ask this...

Ask what?

So, I talked to Graham,

and there's this Easter thing

where they all go to church
and then they have brunch

at the Golden Harbor Yacht Club.

Where we met...

Yeah. I remember.

Anyway, he invited me. Well, us. (laughing)

I know how important your
Easter is and I would never ask,

except that the Falcos are
traveling overseas next week,

and if you could just smooth
things over with Mrs. Falco,

then maybe they can move up
the liquor license hearing.

The hotel is struggling, Jane,

- without our liquor license.
- No, I get it.

- I'll come, of course.
- LILIANA: Oh, what a disappointment.


I know. And I'm so sorry.

It's just I really
screwed up with this woman,

and it's my only chance
to smooth things over.

No, I-I understand.

And I think it's wonderful

you're standing by your man.



(chuckles) And speaking of...

Rogelio's looking thirsty.

ROGELIO: I'm slightly parched.



Room temperature water.

Two lemons.

Alba, you are just as I remembered.

Estás igualita...

Behave yourself.

I won't be here, but I'll know.

knew that she needed proof

that Aaron was really Roman.

(clears throat)

Aaron. Hi.

Where are you? Do you
want to grab some lunch?

Uh, I'm just on my way out.

I won't be back for a few hours.

Oh. Oh. That's too bad.

- Dinner later?
- Uh, in the lounge?




(door opening)

I thought he was leaving.

Hi. Sorry.

Yeah, I'll-I'll be down in a second.

I, um...

I, uh, forgot my wallet. (chuckles)


(door shuts)

He missed her by a hair.

PETRA: Michael.

Hi. It's Petra.

I need you to comecoeet me at the Marbella.

It's important.

- Hey, Jane.
- Hey.

Why aren't you at church with your family?

Oh, I'm just going to a
different church this year.

With Rafael. What are you doing here?

Oh, I have a meeting.

Must be some meeting.

You're wearing your date sweater.

Oh. Okay. Well,

first of all, this isn't
just a date sweater.

And second of all,

I do have a date.

With my ex.

Andrea. Or Andie,

I guess she goes by now.

- Andie?
- Yeah.

NARRATOR: Jane told herself
that it was just a coincidence,

that it couldn't be the same woman.

Where-where are you going?

Anywhere special?

Uh, Tresoro. This new place by the beach.

Tomorrow night he's taking me to Tresoro,

that place by the beach.

Um, she reached out to me

after she saw you and
I broke up on Facebook.

I guess she's been lightly stalkin' me.

Well, that's what she said, anyway, but...

Yeah, not so lightly.

- Look, Michael, I...
- RAFAEL: Hey.

Are you ready to go?


- Happy Easter, Michael.
- Yeah, you, too.

Look, if you're upset that
Michael was at the hotel,

I'm sorry. That...

No, no, no, no, no. That's not it.

My private investigator found
an e-mail address for my mother.

- What? When?
- Yesterday.

(sighs) It's kind of thrown
me for a-a loop since then.

Because I just keep going
back, remembering the last time

that I saw her.


Anyway, uh...

I don't even know if she'd even respond.

That would be awful.

But I guess

the question is...

is that worse than not knowing?

I mean, for me, growing up without a dad,

I never stopped wondering who he was.

Yeah. I know.

And I heard your voice

in my head saying that

when I was trying to decide what to do.

So I e-mailed her.



No response yet but...

I think it's good.

I really do.

(sighs) There are the Falcos.

(speaking indistinctly)

GRAHAM: Well, you look
fantastic. It's good to see you.

(bells clanging) MAN:
Welcome to Holy Trinity.

Welcome to Holy Trinity.

really does work in mysterious ways.



I'll apologize if you call
rehab guy and ask him out.

(sighs) Okay.


Geez, I didn't think

you'd say yes.


LILIANA: ¿Te gusta?
ROGELIO: Muchísimo.


Mrs. DE la Vega,

look, I-I just want to
clear the air before we go.

I'm really sorry about everything.

Especially your cat.

And I hope that we can
start over and move on.

That is a beautiful sentiment, Xiomara.

Forgiveness is one of my mother's

- many wonderful qualities.
- It is.

Look, I can forgive the cat.

Even though the stench
of Gordito's scorched fur

- will forever haunt me.
- (buzzing, cat yowls)

But I cannot forgive the fact

that you never told my son

that you were pregnant.

Wait. But she did.

- Excuse me?
- And

as a result, you deprived me

of my granddaughter.

And Rogelio didn't get to raise his child.

I am sorry, but I cannot get past that.

Let's go! We shouldn't...
We'll be late for church,

- especially on Easter.
- Well, okay...

Why does she think I never
told you I was pregnant?

My mother sees me a certain way,

and I don't want to disappoint her.

You know how much her approval means.

Well, what about her approval of me?

You said that was the
only thing holding you back

from saying "I love you."
You're sabotaging us.

I meant to tell her.
I mean, I will. I will.


On her deathbed.

Bad joke. I'm sorry.

I'm very nervous. I'm sorry.

I will. I promise I'll tell her.

Tomorrow. Today is a holy day.

I cannot say the word "abortion" on Easter.

that Rogelio can be very religious

when it suits him.

- _
- And also praying for a miracle... Rafael,

who needed Jane to make
things right with Mrs. Falco.

JANE: There she is.

Uh... now go smoke a cigar or
whatever you do at a yacht club.

- You got this?
- Mm-hmm.

Thank you.

Mrs. Falco?

- Hi.
- Jane.

I heard you were coming.

I'm about to have lunch with my friends.

Care to join?

That looks like torture.

I would love that.

And-and I just wanted to
say, about the other day...

I was having a moment,
and... I took it out on you,

and I am really so sorry.

Are you really so sorry?

Or do you want me to help with
your boyfriend's liquor license?

Maybe a little of both?

Please, just run the fingerprints.

You've been investigating
Roman's murder for months.

I mean, maybe the reason you can't solve it

- is because he isn't really dead.
- Roman had a record.

We have his prints on file. I'll run them.

We're supposed to be having
dinner tonight... in the lounge.

You'll be fine.

I'll have eyes down there.

But the second we get a
positive match... we'll move.

is going to be one awkward meal.

Much like this one.

Ladies, this is Jane...

- What is your last name?
- Villanueva.

Mm. Are you related to the
very famous Bolivian architect?

Oh, no, not that I know of.

ALEXIS: Ladies, what have we missed?

Just discussing the travesty

that was Art Basel.

I mean, it's become too much

around the parties. No
one's interested in the art.

Well, unless Jay Jopling wants something.

- Then everyone pounces.
- Oh.

ALEXIS: Interesting. Jane,

what do you think?

Well, I've heard

that the Art Berlin
Contemporary is the place to be

if you really want to talk art.

Apparently, Berlin gets all the big ones...

Martin Eder, Christian Jankowski...

You're so right, Jane!

But it was controversial
to include James Moses

as a judge at the Westminster Dog Show.

New botanical garden is just breathtaking.

I think an elegant piaffe

is the most underrated
movement in dressage.

Did you doubt Jane?


(computer dinging)

Remember, she was an "A" student.

She always did her homework.

What a wonderful lunch
companion you've brought us,

Alexis. Only one problem.

It seems the more Jane charms

these ladies, the more
irritated Alexis is becoming.

Which does make sense
considering she's...


Xiomara may have had
a different opinion

on who deserved that title.

So, Rogelio tells me that
you do not like to cook.

course at that moment,

she wasn't sure which
DE la Vega it was.

- _
- Though now, I guess you have my son's chef.

Why would you need to?

Okay, it's the mother.

- Mom, that's enough.
- ¿Qué?

Xiomara is not the person
you should be angry at.

You should be angry at me.

Rogelio, what is it?

Niño... inhala.



Sí. Xiomara did
tell me she was pregnant.

And I...

told her she should get an abortion.

And also a perm.

But the abortion was a way worse part.

So you cannot blame her for not wanting

to get back in touch with me.

How could you not tell me this?

I was ashamed.

And you know I don't
want to disappoint you.

Well... you have.

It's your daughter's birthday, Graham.

It only happens once a year.

I know, but we're closing
on a tech deal in Palo Alto.

Will your mistress be there?

Yes. She will.

Do you want a divorce?

I didn't think so.

(clears throat)

How much of that did you hear?

Well, um... most... all of it.

I heard all of it.

We have a reputation

here at the club.

Perhaps, in exchange for your silence,

I will help your boyfriend
with his liquor license.

Regardless of the liquor
license, I'd never say anything.

I suppose I seem pathetic to you.

No, you don't.

And you should know, I
grew up without a father.

And the one thing I remember
about my birthdays is,

my mom was there.

And that's what your
daughter will remember, too.

Thank you.

And I, um...

I owe you an apology

for lashing out at you the other day.

I was having...

well... a moment.

the first time, Jane realized

that Mrs. Falco wasn't
the worst person in the world.

She was just a person.

But that knife was very filthy.

Though clearly not a perfect one.

- Xiomara, I want to apologize.
- No, you don't.

Oh, yes, I do. I was very rude to you.

I blamed you for something
that you did not even do.

I wish you had told me
sooner, but I understand...

I understand that you were scared, so...

- Thank you, Mother. I'm sorry, Mother.
- Yes, thank you.

You see? I'm very reasonable.

Which is why I hope

you'll both listen

when I tell you to end this relationship.

- What?!
- Mother!

You two are not suited to each other.

You are both too headstrong and too proud.

That is not true.

I pride myself on not being too proud.

Impetuous, then.

You moved in together.

What was the long-term plan?

Did you talk about it?

Well, not specifically.

Xiomara, you had a little girl.

You got to raise her.

Don't you want that for Rogelio?

I mean, if he wants it...

- More children? Of course I do.
- You do?

But not for a number of years.

(sighs) A number of years.

Oh. I hate to bring this up...

but I-I really do... but I have to.


how old are you?

Excuse me?

Don't you think, darling,

that hearing what Rogelio wants, and when,

maybe you're a little bit too old?

You know what? I'm out of here.

Xiomara, wait.

Wait? You know what? I can't.

Because otherwise, I'm gonna
say something to your mother

that neither of us wants me to say.

- How could you talk to her like that?!
- Listen.

I was right about wife number one.

I was right about wife number two.

I know it's hard to hear, darling,

but I want to spare you
that pain of a third time.

(sighing): Oh.

(phone dings)

Did he just turn his phone back on?


So he can turn it off.

He just gets to choose the time.



It's just that you made
such a big deal before

about how you can't turn off your phone

because the hotel's 24 hours.

It was important.

Important to you.

But what about the stuff
that's important to us?


What's going on?

It's just... (sighs)

The life where the husband's always gone

and work always comes
first... I don't want that.

Me neither.

You know how important family is to me.

Okay, now you look disappointed again.

Because I want to be successful.

I'm being realistic.

It comes with a cost.

And I would be providing for our child.

Like your father provided for you,

except he was always gone, and...

I'd rather have you.

I'm not like my father. I know. That's why

I don't want you getting
sucked into living his life.

It's not that simple. I
never said it was simple.

Anyway, I should just go help
my grandma clean up Easter.

I'll see you later.

(door opens, door closes)

Ah, yes, Xiomara.

She was trying to get
Rogelio out of her mind,

which was easier said than done.

Can you turn that off?


Another white wine, please.



- Hi.
- Hi.

It's been...

A few months. Yeah.

I've never seen you in here before.

I-I just moved to the neighborhood.

In with Rogelio.


Well, congratulations.

That's a big step.

Yeah. Thanks.

Things are going well, then?

With Rogelio?

Oh, yeah. (laughs)

So, why are you here? Alone?

JANE: And Mom behaved?




Everything okay?


(trilling) Who?


(church bell chimes)

- Abuela?
- Mm-hmm.

Here's the thing.


Edward's a priest.


I saw him at Holy Trinity. He's a priest.



Oh! I'm sorry, Abuela.




Ooh. Rehabilitated Love,

Thorn Birds edition.

And it seems forbidden
love is in the air.

Rogelio should have made her leave.

I'm serious.

If someone had spoken to
you like that in front of me,

made you feel any less than the
incredible woman that you are...

be noted that if Jane were here,

she would tell Xo to stop,
not to self-sabotage.

Well, I'd never let that happen.

But alas, Jane was not here.

♪ ♪

I shouldn't have done that.


I'm sorry.

I should go.


Not good.

I just think we're so different, Abuela.

And today... I mean, it's,
like, a extreme example...

but I just saw my life unfolding like that.

You know, he's never around, I resent it,

make compromises.


(sighs): Ah... that he'll be there,

that everything will work out.

(crickets chirping softly)

But I don't think I believe that.

Because practically...









What are you doing here?

I wanted to see your face.



- About Rafael?
- Yes.

Like you predicted.

to her surprise, Xiomara said:

Don't let doubts get in the way.


You know how I...

self-sabotage and start getting

all self-righteous and acting out?

Well, this is how you do it.

You start to doubt things.

Because I see very clearly
what's in front of me.

And if you look at something
through that doubting lens,

well... it will fall apart.

Think about how quickly you
ended things with Michael

when you started to doubt him.

That's true.

But that's not the reason
that I broke up with Michael.

I broke up with Michael

because I was falling in love with Rafael.

That was before you really knew him.


think about those qualities...

the reason you fell for him.

But are they enough?




Well, that would be foolish, because...


♪ ♪

You're right.

Thank you.

Thanks. And good news...

we got our hearing pushed
up, so we should have

our liquor license back
by the end of next week.

♪ ♪



I heard about your father's passing.

I'm so sorry.

(takes deep breath)

Our relationship was, um...


He was very proud of you.

He wrote me this letter.

I thought you might want it.

You were 18,

graduating high school.

It's full of all these...

hopes for you, really.

Things he wanted you

to accomplish.

Sanibel Island?

Is that where you live?

(softly): Yes.

(choked up): That's less
than three hours away.

- I know. And I know you must have so many questions.
- Yeah, I do.

Like, why'd you leave?

Why didn't you... get in touch?

Look, y-your father and I...

we were a mistake from the beginning.

So different.

It was a...

it was a whirlwind, falling in love.

But after that, I-I wasn't happy.

I'm not proud of it, but I cheated on him.

And after he found out,

he-he wanted me gone.

Did you fight for me?

He offered me $10 million to go away...

and I took it.

♪ ♪

What? What? He wanted...

I promised

not to get in touch.

And to survive...

I had to... put you out
of my head completely.

Uh, I remarried.

You actually have a half brother.

You know, it's funny.

When I would think about reaching out,

I always thought that the worst-case scenario

was that you just wouldn't respond.


I was wrong.

of worst-case scenarios...


we need to talk.

Yes, we do.

I brought my mother to the airport.

She's on her way home.


No one disrespects the woman I love.

You love me?

I do.

But what about all that
stuff that she said?

Who cares if your eggs are too old?

We'll buy fresh ones.
Combine my DNA with anyone,

and the child will be extraordinary.

I love you, Xiomara.

I do.

how could she tell him then

about that one small kiss?

I love you, too.

When are the fingerprint results coming in?

I'm supposed to be having dinner

with Aaron downstairs in five minutes!

I should get a call
from the lab any minute,

and I'll call you as soon as I hear.

I'm already at the hotel.

Got two guys in the
lounge. Just try to relax.



More business here? Oh,
just waiting on a call.


Don't forget to tell
him about Andie.

Hey, uh...

remember when we were
talking about your date?

Yeah. Yeah.

- Um...
- It was really good, actually.

It was probably the most
fun I've had since...

you know, us.

I know you've been worried

about me moving on and all, and...

with Andie, I don't know,
I just feel... like I am.


So, really, how could she tell him?

I'm glad you're happy.

Oh, no, the restaurant's
on two. Oh, change of plans.

I made a reservation at a new place.

- (phone rings)
- Detective Cordero.

Petra? Where are you? Call me back.

MICHAEL: You were
right... it's Roman.

- We're going a little fast, Aaron, don't you think?
- Come on, baby.


he didn't miss her by a hair.

I know you know who I am.

(crickets chirping)


Why didn't you pick up your phone?

I called, like, ten times.

Because his mom just dropped

a $10 million bomb on him.

I just wasn't in a talking mood.

And I'm definitely not
in the mood for a lecture.

No one's lecturing.

I've-I've just been...

thinking about things.


Letting my doubts get in the way

instead of believing you.

I know you're not your father.

Well, maybe I am.

And why is that a bad thing?

He was there.

He provided for me.

- I know that.
- No, you don't.

We're different people.

Jane, we come from different people.

♪ ♪

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about who I am.

Where I come from.

I want to be successful.

I want to leave something for my child

like my father left something for me,

and right now I can't seem to do
that without disappointing you.

- That's not true.
- It is.

I am, all the time.

We just have to find a balance.

(sighs) Maybe you were
right this whole time.

Maybe we are just too different.

Maybe we should

stop trying to force this relationship.

♪ ♪

What are you saying?

♪ ♪

(sets glass down)

We have a baby coming.

We both have to figure
out how to be good parents.

Maybe that's enough to focus on.

♪ ♪

So... you want to break up.

I think we should take a break.

You want to break up.

If that's what you want to call it.

♪ ♪

leap of faith works with religion,

but in real life, with real people,

who have real sadness, and sin...

♪ ♪

Maybe those doubts are
there for a reason.

♪ ♪