It Takes a Thief (1968–1970): Season 1, Episode 8 - A Spot of Trouble - full transcript

Sensitive plans for a new weapon are stolen, and after the best agents in the government fail to locate them back Mundy is called. What seems like an easy job becomes complicated when it is realized the plans have been micro dotted

[It Takes a Thieve theme playing]

Oh, look, Al, I'm not asking you to spy.
I'm just asking you to steal.



Oh, I don't think you'd like
this, son, if you ever heard it.

Aim it, throw the switch, adjust the
dial, and at three miles you could put

a hole through three feet of armor plate.

But that was the general idea.


Yes, it's been under development for years.
We'd almost had it finished.

Last week the plans were stolen.

That's dishonest.

It occurred to us. Of course, we
have copies of the plans. However, we

wouldn't want the stolen copy
to fall into the wrong hands.

Who copped them?

We don't know, but we
know where they are now.

So go get them.

We tried. We can't find them. Now you try.


What's the matter?

Oh, my back.
I was up all night practicing my karate.

You have no idea
what that does to the

small of your back
staying up all night.

Yeah, I'll bet.

Oh, gee, I'm terribly
sorry about your back.

Thanks, Bill.

But you leave for El Rondo
Key Hotel in three hours.

El Rondo Key?

That's right.

Hey, that's a nice place.

There's a man there named Pierre Gropius.
He's a fashion photographer. This

is what he looks like.

He has the plans?

He does, somewhere.

All right, tell me where and I'll get them.

We don't know where,
but this much we do

know. Gropius isn't a
spy. He's a top courier.

We've been on to him for months.
We've checked his baggage, intercepted his

mail, burglarized his rooms
and we can't find a thing.

Maybe he just has a good memory.

He has a photographic memory
and the equipment to go with it.

You're trying to tell me something, right?

I've had a man on him all week. He
got word back to me that he has reason to

believe that Pierre took the
schematics and reduced it to a micro dot.

You want me to find and steal a micro dot?

That's right.

Noah, a micro dot is one
tenth the size of a head of a pen.


Thanks a lot.

You have a cover already prepared.
Your name is Miles Blaston, cattle baron,

oil millionaire. You're fond of girls,
booze, good food and high living.

I like me already.

You have a suite already there for
you at the hotel and you'll be there this


Yeah, that's all. Any questions?

Where's the money?

What money?

The money.


The money that millionaires
throw around like confetti. Now I'll be

conservative, fifty thousand dollars worth.

Are you crazy?

No, just greedy.

You don't think we have that kind of money?

Oh, come on, Noah. You guys buy countries.
Anyway, fifty thousand dollars is

nothing to you. I'm not going
to spend all of it, just most of it.

Absolutely not.
What do you think this organization is?

Oh, oh, oh, my back.
I've got to see a doctor.

Don't give me that back business.

You'll probably prescribe rest.
Oh, I need a lot of rest. Oh, Noah.

Oh, twenty five.

What kind of a cheap skinflint
millionaire do you take me for?

You know something? You're a robber.

You're not just finding that out.

Alright, but I'll want a strict accounting.

You'll get it.
You'll get it in round thousands.

Now, you want me to steal a microdot,
which any idiot knows is impossible,

and one man has already
been killed trying to do it.

Now, give me the bad news.
How much time have I got?

You check in this
afternoon, Thursday.

Saturday, Pierre and
his girls leave for Paris.

You have that much time?

Noah, why don't you leave me in prison?

(music playing)

(music playing).

And you certainly
should see our Rose

gardens. They're
the finest in the world.

I adore roses.
Wonderful. I don't suppose

you'd be interested
in scuba diving?

No, but I wanted to ask
about the water skiing.

Put the bags down over there
by the desk, will you, fellas?

But be careful, will you? Anything I
hate is a bag full of broken bottles.

Well, a little out the
elbows, but it's clean.

Miles Blaston.

Oh, yes, Mr. Blaston. I believe
my staff made a reservation already.

A separate floor, perhaps?


Who is that dreadful, loud, uncouth man?

Why, that's Miles Blaston,
the billionaire from Texas.


So I'm told.

My, he certainly does
carry it well, doesn't he?

You have the presidential's week.

Well, that's a little
Democratic, isn't it?

I thought this was
a first-class hotel.

Oh, I'm sure you find it quite
comfortable, Mr. Blaston.

Well, I suppose I could always remodel.

Hey, excuse me.
Now, those flowers aren't for anybody here.

Take it or I'll let you.

Here you are, son.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

These are for you, the most
beautiful woman in the world.

We are having dinner tonight, of course.

Well, for goodness sake.

Well, now, that's not the
reason I gave you the roses.

My name is Miles Blaston.

You'll enjoy me tremendously.
You'll find me marvellous company.

See you later. Good.

And just who does he think he is?

Why, that's Miles Blaston, my dear.

They say he's one of the
richest men in the world.

Oh, really?

Goodness, just everybody knows about him.

Well, aren't these the
loveliest roses in the world?


Hilda, darling, would you
move in a little closer, please?

Kurt, would you bring that
reflector in about six inches, please?

Oh, no.

Don't you ever knock?

Only out of respect.

Nice to see you again, Nancy.

I'm glad someone is pleased.

Oh, do I detect a note of coolness?

Deep freeze would be more accurate.

Let's get it straight, Mr. Mundy.

Miles Blaston, Miles Blaston, honey?

Whatever. This time it's business.

I thought it was disgusting.

What was?

Your entrance down there.

I thought it had a certain kind of flavor.

You're really going to
enjoy yourself, aren't you?

I've been giving it some thought.

That innocent, charming photographer
out there has already killed Joe Fonda,

and he was a very good man.

I never said I was a good
man, only a good thief.

Working with you again
is going to be a pleasure.

-Mr. Mundy, I'm here for two purposes.

One, to see that you don't completely
waste $50,000 of the taxpayers' money.

Two, to call Noah Bain to get you
help when you get in over your head,

which you undoubtedly will do.

Our relationship goes no further.
You are not here to enjoy yourself.

I'm hurt to even think you
would suggest such a thing.

And I'm already hard at work. Look.


The compliments of
Mr. Miles Blair is in, sir.

Take it away. We're too busy.

Oh, no, Kurt. No.

Kurt, you must learn to relax.

The sun's hot and the work's hard.

There's no reason why we
shouldn't take a break, girls.

Enjoy yourselves.

All right. Right this way, gentlemen.

That's wonderful.

Oh, Mr. Blaston, what
a thoughtful thing to do.

Well, it just tears at my heart to see
you lovely young ladies slaving away

in the hot sun.

Wouldn't want to interrupt your schedule.

Miles Blaston, that's your service.

I'm Pierre Gropius.

How do.

It was very nice of you, really.

My pleasure.

You certainly do have some
talented people working for you.

I'm fascinated by your work.

Maybe one of the young ladies would
be kind enough to tell me all about it.

Well, I'd be delighted to, Mr. Blaston.

Miles. Everybody calls me Miles.

Miles. What a nice name.

I like it.

And you, you're?







Well, you put them all
together, they spell paradise.

Why don't you come over and
have some of your champagne?

Join us? I shall. Good.

Thank you.

I'm inviting you all to be
my guests at dinner tonight.

Oh, that's awfully nice
of you, Mr. Blaston,

but I'm afraid
tomorrow we have a...

Oh, no, Pierre.
Please, it'll be so much fun.

Thank you.

You know what they say, Mr. Gropius.

All work and all play makes Jack a dull.

Somehow in this group
it doesn't seem to fit.

Please, Pierre, we'd all just
love to get to know Mr. Blaston.

Miles, honey.

Miles, to know me is to love me,
if I have anything to say about it.

Please, Pierre.

What can I say?

We accept your invitation
with pleasure, Mr. Blaston.


Thank you.

[bell rings]


Yeah, this is Miles Blaston
up in the Presidential Suite.

I'd like to have dinner for five, a
little champagne, and a case of it.

I'd like to have your
house specialties,

some flowers, roses,
and orchids on the table

around eight o'clock.

I want you to know I'm a very particular
man, so I want everything perfect.


Thank you. Bye-bye.




You couldn't stay away, could you?

I passed Kurt Credo in the hall,

just looking at him since
shivers up and down my spine.

Lucky shivers.

He paid me a visit. He doesn't know I knew.

He didn't find anything.

There's nothing to find.

I wanted to remind you that
you don't have much time

if you want to find that microdot.

Especially you don't have
time for fun and games.

I'm strictly business.

I'll check out Pierre's lab tonight.

You also have $50,000 in cash.

I'm to see that you don't blow
it on wine, women, and song.

That's exactly what I intend to do.

Care to join me?

Mr. Blaston... Call me
Miles, honey. All the girls do.

The agency has certain rules.

But they don't apply to me, you see.

I'm the exception that proves the rule.

How would you like to meet
me in the garden tonight?

We could talk about
horticulture or something.

I am not one of your giddy,
money-hungry little models.

I am here to help you if you need help.

Otherwise, it's strictly
business between us.


I'm in a very peculiar business.

I found nothing. Nothing.

Will you relax, Kurt? Relax.

I don't trust him.

I still think he's an agent.

You think everybody's an agent.

I felt exactly this way about the last one.

What are you worried about?

The last one turned
out all right, didn't it?

It worked out rather pleasantly.

We'll keep our eyes on him, and...
turns out he isn't who he claims to be.

You can have him, Kurt.

Thank you.

I can always use the practice.


Oh, it must be that Latin beat.

Arthur was never like this.

Oh, it's good for you, Mr. Blair.

Oh, honey.

-Sit down. -Thank you.

It's our turn, Mr. Blair, son.

Oh, you wanted me to call you Miles.

No, no, honey. You can call me B.

Sit down. I don't know how you do it.

Do what?

How you work outside in
the hot sun like dogs all day,

and then you go out here at night
and do whatever it was I just did.

That's Pierre.

What is?

He does it.

What do you got, Pierre, a whip?

Oh, just a little amateur psychology.

Oh, no it isn't. He hypnotizes us.


Oh, just a little thing of child.

He puts us to sleep for an hour
and tells us it's really eight hours.

Then I can work them for 23 hours
a day and they don't mind at all.

Trouble is, I need somebody to
hypnotize me to keep up with them.

Well, you must be very
popular with organized labor.

That's a marvelous song
they're playing, Miles.

Compared to what, honey?

I thought you loved to dance.

Oh, I do, I do, except
I forgot my sacrilegual.

How's the champagne holding them?

Oh, marvelously well, Mr. Blaston.

You're just too generous.

Well, there's no expense too great
for the people that I like, Mr. Gropius.

Besides, what good is money
unless you can enjoy it, huh?

Telephone, Mr. Blaston, in the lobby.

Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Will you forgive me?

Thank you.

Now, this is Miles Blaston.

Do you have any idea how many bottles
of champagne you've opened tonight at

$27.50 a bottle?


Taxpayers' money.

Oh, they're nice people. They won't mind.

And at dinner, President Roosevelt
once served the king and queen of England

hot dogs on the White House lawn.

Yes, but he wasn't trying
to make love to the queen.

You're here to work, Mr. Blaston.

Yes, well, I'll do my
work and you do yours.

Say, how would
you like to go for a

stroll with me tonight
in the Rose Garden?

Take it with Pierre.
He's the one you're after.

You know, for a secret
agent, you're not much fun.

Well, for an expense
account item, you're a disaster.


Well, how about meeting me for
hot dogs on the White House lawn?

Good night, Mr. Blaston.

Good night, Mr. Blaston.

How beautiful.

Well, here you are.

Do you hurt yourself?

You know, it is remarkable that
something as beautiful and as gentle as a

Rose has so many thorns.

That's very deep.

I think you just said something
very important philosophically.


But I didn't come out here to talk.

Well, what did you...

I think you promised me a Rose.

Did I?

I got that impression.

Well, honey, I never go back on my word.

Which one would you like? This one?

That's right.

Hey, Mon.
Hey, Mon, what do you do to me roses?

Mon, you don't allow to cut me roses.

Well, I'm sorry.
I'm a guest here in the hotel and...

Come on, Mon, I work me fingers to
the bone for these roses and nobody don't

pick no roses.

Oh, you're the gardener.

What are you doing out here at night?

Can't work in the day. Too many guests.

And nobody don't pick no roses.

Well, as long
as I picked it, is it

all right if I give
it to the little lady?


Well, now, I'll tell
you what I'll do. I'll

make a donation to
your favorite charity.

Hmm? She can have...

You exude great generosity.

But no more. No, no.

They like little children, Mon.
You don't go around cutting children.

Thank you. Night.

There you are. Thank you.

Honey, I'm gonna send you
a thousand of these tomorrow.

Let's go for a swim. In the water?

Well, I could change in a minute. Oh, no.

Oh, come on. It'll be fun.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, honey.

You see, I don't have
anybody to hypnotize me.

You're not tired.

Today, I flew all the way from
Dallas with a lot of heavy money.

And tonight, you've had me
out there on that dance floor

doing something that was invented
during the Spanish Inquisition.

So now I'll tell you
what I'm gonna do.

I don't exactly know
how to say this.

But tonight, I'm
going upstairs and

climb into a big, warm
bed and go to sleep.

You poor boy.

Exactly. Come on.

Can I see you tomorrow?

I don't see how you can avoid it.

You are a lovely, wonderful man.

So I'm told.

Good night.

Good night.


-Somebody got in.

They got away.

I laid his arm open.

Who was it?

I didn't see his face, but
I think it was Blaston.

It's one way to find out, isn't it?

-I should send for a doctor.

It's our little secret.

But you can't hide this.

Tomorrow, when Gropius sees it,

you're a dead man, Al.

-Just like Joe Fonda.
-Come on.

Pierre knows how to add two and two.

You ought to get out of here tonight.

Have you ever been to prison?

-Then stop making stupid suggestions.

Besides, it intrigues me.

That's as good as I can do.

You've got a tender touch.

Have you ever considered
becoming a veterinarian?

Get out of here.

You could catch a plane.

I can't. I've still got forty
thousand dollars to spend.

If you really want to help me.

Tell me what you think is in there.

That's, uh, spirit gum.

Some kind of plastic.


A little bit of nothing.

Photographic equipment.

I'm inclined to agree with you.

But why would it be locked up?

You really think it means something?

Everything means something.

But that's no great help.

Well, don't try to carry it off.

You won't get away with it.

You underestimate your craftsmanship.

Besides, you probably
need a couple of stitches in it.

You should see a doctor.

You're much more fun than a doctor.

I'm serious. These men are killers.

Yeah, it's occurred to me.

I'm a simple thief.

Killing has no place in my book of
rules, especially when it applies to me.

I believe you're frightened.

Does it show?

-I'm glad. It makes you a little more human.
-I'm human enough.

I want to live.

I want to love.

But you have a job to do.

Yeah, a job.

Now, how do I go about finding
something the size of a fly speck?

You're running out of time.

Oh, you're a great help
in a lot of other ways, too.

Well, good morning, ladies.

My, don't we look athletic this morning?

Ooh, champagne already?

Well, after you brush your
teeth with it, why change?

A gentleman will be poor.

Thank you. Come, ladies.

Thank you.

Be my guests.

Well, good morning, Mr. Blaston.

Good morning, Mr. Blaston.

Good morning, Mr. Blaston.

Good morning, Mr. Blaston.

How are you?

I'm fine.

Well, good morning, Mr. Blaston.

Good morning.
Aren't you going to roast in that sweater?

I'd chill easily.

Would you care to join
me in some morning liquor?

Well, it's a little early for me.

But you can see, we're
going to do a baby suit layout.

I assume you're going to watch.

I'm counting on it.

Mr. Gropius, Mr. Blaston's
a well-known socialite.

Why not include him in our layout?

Good. That's a brilliant idea. Why not?

I couldn't, really.

Oh, can't you be doing me a favor?

Give a touch of authenticity to photos.

You mean go into the pool?

Of course.

Well, I'd like to help you
out, but... I don't swim.

Oh, no, Gropius, you're blessed.

Don't tell me a sportsman like
yourself never learned to swim.

I've always floated, brilliantly.

Oh, please do, Miles.
It'll be loads of fun.

Please, Miles, I'd adore
having a picture of you.

Now, how can you refuse that?

I'm afraid I can't.

Do hurry and change. We'll be waiting.

All right.

Excuse me.

All right, girls, to the pool.

I think they're on to him, Mr. Bain.
Frankly, I'm scared.

Well, he's usually pretty resourceful.

But he can't handle a man like Kurt Kredo.
I know it.

Why? Has he latched on to something?

I don't know. He doesn't tell me much.


I mean, much pertaining to the case.

Well, that's what I thought you meant.

All right, I'll be flying
down this afternoon.

I'll be staying at the Hotel
Majestic in Saint-Honoré.

If you need me, get in touch with me there.
Keep an eye on him.

I will, Mr. Bain.

Thank you very much.

He still has his shirt on.

Relax, Kurt. I'll get it off you.

Well, now, where would you like to have me?

Well, of course, I'd like you in the pool.

Well, actually, I'm allergic to chlorine.

Well, you don't have to go all the way in.

Why don't you stand at the
shallow end with the girls?

I suppose I could do that.

Well, then there's no reason
why you shouldn't do it, is there?

No, I... I guess there isn't.


Oh, that is cold.

What's 82?

I didn't ask you how old it was.
I just asked you the temperature.

Oh, Mr. Blaston, would you
get a little bit closer, please?

How's this? Very.

Now, make a gesture as
if you're trying to grab her.

Try for some of that
documentary flavor, huh?

How's this?

Oh, that's very good. Very good.

All right, girls, move closer
to Mr. Blaston, would you?

Very good. Splash water on.



Keep slashing the water now.

Have you got about enough?

Oh, that's very nice.

Very nice.


Did you get what you wanted?

Oh, that was just fine.
You've been a big help.

You're not giving up.

Oh, I'm afraid I...
I prefer to take my liquids internally.

Mr. Gropius, may I borrow this
young lady for a few moments?

Be my guest.

Ah, thank you. You're very kind.


Do you really have to leave?

Well, the chlorine, it shrinks my toes.


How about lunch?

I'd love.

We could talk about my oil Wells.

That'll be exciting.

I thought that'd interest you.

How about one ish?


Good, I'll see you then.


All in all, you do make a lousy patch.

I thought you'd at least have sense
enough to come in out of the rain

or at least stay away from the pool.

I was coerced.

You cut your own throat.

I don't think anybody noticed.

I hope not.


No, it's just a cut.

Not the cut, your behavior.

I thought I behaved pretty well.

I saw the way you
grabbed that girl

right there and kissed
her on the terrazzo.

Where did you want me to kiss her?

You know what I mean.

Just the tiniest bit of jealousy?

Don't be silly.

She's very attractive.

If you're that fond of freckles.

I like freckles.

They're very attractive.

And she does have a lot of them.

Doesn't she?

You were right, Kurt.

I knew it was him.

I knew I got him.

That's what you didn't get him good enough.

Kill him.

I thought we were going to have lunch.

I'm having lunch.


Speak for yourself.

Are you really leaving tomorrow?

I'm afraid so.

You mean we only have
these last few hours together?


Try making some suggestions.

I was going to.

There's a swinging little
calypso place down in town.

We could spend the early
part of the evening there.

Pierre doesn't let us go out at night.

He what?

Says we need our rest.

Well, what about that
hypnotic sleep he keeps you in?

That doesn't make any difference.

Pierre's sweet, but oh, he
can be so terribly stubborn.

Well, you're a big girl now.

You don't need a chaperone.

I don't know.

We'll miss you.

Me and my oil Wells.

I'll do it.



Well, you could meet me in
the Rose garden about ten.

Will you promise to get me
back to my plane on time?

Honey, if I don't get you back on
time, I'll fly you to Paris personally in

my own private plane.

It must be wonderful to
have that much money.

I'm enjoying it.

Go ahead, Hilda.

She's going to meet him at
the Rose garden at ten tonight.

I don't know why she should go
out if you won't let the rest of us.

You're absolutely right,
and I'm surprised at Paula.

Are you sure, my darling?

I heard them.

Well, I'm shocked. I'm really shocked.

Well, thank you, my dear.
I'll speak to her.

I just think everybody
should obey the rules.

I mean, if anybody has to.

Yes, and you were
perfectly right to come to me.

Now, don't worry about a thing.

Pierre will take care of it.

We'll both take care of it.

He's figured it out.

Yes, somehow.

Now, look, I'll take care of Paula
in case anything goes wrong.

And you keep the date in the Rose garden.

Oh, and Kurt.

Make it an occasion to remember, will you?

Come in.

-That's a nice dinner jacket.
-I'm glad you like it.

I bought it here.

This place must have a license to steal.

It cost me $300.

You mean it cost the taxpayers $300?

Well, now that you put it that
way, it makes me feel better.

I think it's outrageous.

All business. Noah would like that.

Noah's here.

Here? In the hotel?

No, he's staying in town.

Fine. It couldn't be better.

You won't think so tomorrow when
the plane takes off and you still don't

have the plans.

But I will have
Charming Lady by tonight,

right in Noah's
graspy little hands.

You know where they are?

Not exactly.

Well, then?

Well, that's what makes it so interesting.

I don't understand you.

That's exactly what my
first probation officer told me.

You'll be talking to Noah?

I know how to reach him.

Fine. Tell him I'll see him tonight at 11.

What's that?

Tricks of the trade.

You're not going to tell me?

Not a single thing. Loose lips sink ships.

How about meeting me tonight at midnight?

We could take a mad,
abandoned swim in the tropical surf.

Sorry, I have a job to do.

Wait just a minute. Just a minute.

As I understand it, your
job is to keep an eye on me.

Now, if you want to watch me tonight
at midnight, it's on the beach, baby.

On the beach.

You are the most exasperating man.

Well, I've got an image to live up to.

You'd better reconsider the swim.

You deliver the plans,
and I'll consider it.

Well, don't just stand there.
Go get your bathing suit.

Oh, about the suit.


Good evening.

Good evening.

Lovely night.

My, the flowers certainly do
smell better in the night, don't they?

You're not going to pick any?

Oh, heaven for-fend.

Ma, no one's allowed to pick any me roses.

Oh, I absolutely understand.

I'll be coming back this way.

I'll be waiting.


Come on.

Oh, Paula, darling.


Where are you going?

Oh, uh, just out for a little fresh air.

Oh, well, could you spare me a moment?

There's something I
want to talk to you about.

Do you mind?


Good evening.

Paula couldn't make it.

Oh, that's shame.


I see you've got a knife.


I have a knife.

I hate killing an unarmed man.





Where's Paula?

What happened?

Will you take it easy?

Where is Paula?

I saw her with Pierre about 15 minutes ago.


On the grounds by the garages.

What happened to you?



Stay right where you are, Mr. Blaston.

Oh, she'll come around
naturally an hour or so.

That'll be too late to do
you any good, won't it?

I'm surprised to see you here.

So am I.

I sent Kurt to meet you.


He had a terrible accident.

Wait a minute. Don't move. Don't move.

I prefer to keep you off balance.

Uh, by the way, what did happen to Kurt?


He fell into a bush.


He's dead.

Pretty much.

I was very thoughtless of you.

He was very useful.

Not to me.

I figured you reasoned it out.

I wasn't positive.

Until now.

I was very intelligent of you.

But now maybe you can give me a
suggestion on what to do with your body.




Ma'am, did you do this to me, Rosalind?

I told you not to pick no roses.

Are you kidding?

Seems like to me
you got nothing better

to do than go around
ruining me gardens.

Now, Ma'am, I want to tell you.

What's that?

A gun.

Now the question is, what
am I going to do with you?

I think I called the police.

Did you ever hear one of these
go off when they're pointed at you?

It makes a terrible noise.

Ma'am, if you wanted roses that
bad you should have asked me.

Please, help me pick up Mr. Gropius.

We'll put him in here.

Come on.

Now you stay in
here, please, and don't

make any noise for
at least ten minutes.

I'll be waiting right out here.

Why aren't you going to lock me in?

I am.

And remember what I said about the noise.

Go on.

All right.

But you didn't have to butcher me roses.

Don't worry about it.

I'm very rich.

Be very careful of it.

You have no idea the
trouble I went through to find it.

This is the micro-dock.

I guarantee it.

Of course, Paula over
there thinks it's a freckle.


Glued on while she was in a hypnotic sleep.

Waterproof so it wouldn't come off.

Completely invisible.

Right out in the open.

The little kit you stole.

Yeah, I knew it would
come in handy for something.

Al, you've done your
country a great service.


How about a pardon?

But not that great a service.

You are a very chintzy man.

That's all I got to be so important.

By the way, where's the
balance of the $50,000?

I'm a big tipper.


Check with Nancy.


Listen, it cost a great deal
of money to find freckles.


Exactly where was that micro-dot hit?



The young lady is already very embarrassed.

Do you mean you actually found it on me?

It's alright, dear. It's over now.

But Mr. Blaston, why didn't you just ask?

We could have found it sooner or later.

Well, I guess I lost my head.

Now that you're awake, would
you like to go for a midnight swim?


There's only one thing worse
than no girl on a midnight swim.

Two girls.

I'll struggle through it.

But I don't have my bathing suit.

We'll think of something.

Oh, yes. You'll find Pierre and a very
annoyed gardener locked in the tool

closet in the garage at the hotel.

And Smiling Jack, the cute one with
the knife, he's face down in the Rose

garden someplace.

You better have
somebody pick him up

before one of the
hotel guests find him.

Shall we?

Miss Ross Ward.

You may go with him,
but you're still on duty.

You're there to observe,
not to participate.

Who do I have to see
to get out of this outfit?

One more thing, Al.

Next time you go after a micro-dot,
just find out where it is and tell me.

I'll pick it up myself.

I shall, Noah.

If it's hidden on a first basement.

(music playing).

(door slams)

(music playing)

[It Takes a Thief theme playing].