Invasion (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Did you sleep?

Are you all right?

I tried to wake him.

He's cold.

Tell... Tell Mr. Edwards no one's come.

Is it time to wake up?

Wank club's waking the whole world, is it?

Jesus Christ.

I was dreaming I was lying
in my own bed last night.

Hey, Alf, hand me my bag.

Get up!

How is Mr. E?

He's cold.

- Hey. Catch this.
- I'm so tired.

I need to brush my teeth.

Oi, is he awake?

- He's...
- He didn't look good...

- He's...
- Is he healed?

He needs an ambulance.


- Bro, is he healed?
- Look, call an ambulance.

He's dead.

Mr. Edwards is dead.


Why is Daddy sleeping on the floor?

Maybe his back hurts.

Then shouldn't he be on the bed?

Maybe he doesn't wanna be there.

Are Mommy and Daddy getting divorced?

No. They're not allowed.

What's this?

Stop. That's mine. I found it.

- Where?
- I just found it.

And it's mine, so don't ever touch it.

All right.

When are we going home?

I don't know.
I know we're gonna drive north.

Please be sure to get
all your personal belongings...

No way they're bombing here.
We're in the middle of bumblefuck.

Yeah, but what if it's not a bomb?
What if it's nuclear?

...once you've checked out.

This is too big for ISIS.

Gas lines blowin' up,
hospitals shutting down...

- Hospitals?
- Power's out, equipment's fried.

Fuckin' Putin, man.

Due to a declared federal emergency,

Centre, Blair and Clinton counties
are ordered to evacuate.

Guardsmen will be stationed along
major highways to ensure your safety.

Mommy, what was he saying?

Nothing, sweetie.
He's just giving directions.

Now, sit back so I can buckle you in.

It's too tight.

- Luke, help your sister.
- I repeat...

It's supposed to be tight.
That's the point.

But it's hurting my neck.

It's keeping you safe.

...counties are ordered to evacuate.

Safe from what?

will be stationed along major highways

to ensure your safety.

I repeat.
Due to a declared federal emergency...

I'll be back.

...Centre, Blair, and Clinton counties
are ordered to evacuate.

I don't...

Stop it!

You stop.

It's my backpack. It's not yours.


Please let go of this and give me.

No, it's mine.

- Yes, you are.
- It belongs to me. Stop it.

- Stop acting silly.
- You stop.

- You're the one acting silly.
- You are.

That is yours.

- This is mine.
- This is mine.

This is mine.

Hands off it. Stop!

- Why don't you stop?
- I'm not doing anything.

Stop it.

Mommy, why are you locking the door?

Mom? Mom?

- Mom?
- Why are you locking the door?

They say the highway's open.
We can head north.

You lock yourself in for protection?

That's you.


How much farther, man?

How far is Dishu?


Hey! Where are we?

Where the fuck is this?




Help. Find.

What the fuck is this?

What? You led me around
for two fucking days

looking for fucking goats? Goats?

You were supposed to help me find my men!


I need to find my me...






The video file might have been damaged.


All the astronauts saw something.

Something actually collided
with the shuttle.

There was no evidence
of any object detected near the shuttle.

Japanese satellites
did not detect anything either.

You know they would detect
even the fastest comets or meteors.

What about international satellites?

The Americans and British have been
preoccupied with the terrorist attacks.

However, if they did detect something,

they surely would have reported that
ahead of time.

Perhaps it was space debris.

Even a small object
could cause an explosion.

Space debris?

It was something bigger.
Just look at the footage.

We did.

Kaito agrees with me.

Is that right, Kaito?

Well, I thought it might have been
a glitch in the video feed.

Or maybe it could have been space debris.

you're lucky you haven't been arrested.

Leave, now.

If you ever set foot in here again,
you'll be going to prison.

Do you understand?





Space debris?

I would've been fired too.

Something crashed into
and put a hole through the shuttle!

Nice work today.

What, you think somebody attacked it then?

Well, New York and London were attacked,
weren't they? Why not the Hoshi?

An attack above the atmosphere? By who?


- Something attacked the Hoshi.
- Something?

Hinata said "something."

She did.

It might have been a clue. She might have
been trying to tell me something.

They died instantaneously.
It had to have been some kind of glitch.

It was Hinata.

There's no question.

Mr. Edwards. Mr. Edwards. It's me.

Mr. Edwards.

Mr. Edwards.

Mr. Edwards?

Mr. Edwards? It's me, Poppy.

Mr. Edwards?

No one's coming. We're fucked!

Shit. The fire's out.

We're completely alone.

Still no phones working.

Help! Help! Help!


Sort him out, bruv.

One bag a day.

- That's rations.
- What the hell, man?

A day? How many days will it be
until we die?

It's been a day.
Nobody's dying unless I say so.

Everybody's dying!

And, look, if we can't eat, we have to go.

Even if it is, like,
a hundred miles to the nearest Tesco,

- we have to get help and tell someone.
- Look!

We said we'd stay!

- Tell him, M.
- Until when?

How do we know they're gonna find us?
They'd have come by now.

Like you'd know. We stay here.

He's died 'cause we've stayed.

- We tried to...
- I say we stay, we stay.

You're not in charge of us.

What you say?

I said...

you're not in charge of us.


- Leave him.
- Stop.

I take it back.

I take my vote back for you.

So you're not in charge anymore.

It's your fault we're down here, remember?

Just like it's your fault
your mum's in her chair.

Sorry, was that a secret?



This little wanker just watched

his old man toss his mum
down a flight of steps.

He watched while she broke her back.

He didn't even try and help.

Did you?

- Yo, where you going?
- You all right?

- Yo, Caspar.
- What's he doing?

What the hell?

- Yo. Where you going?
- What's he doing?

Yo, Caspar!


Yo, Caspar!


- What's he doing?
- What's he doing?

He's... He's going for the road.

Come on, guys.

Look, he's doing it.

He's gotta be careful.

The National Guard is scared.

I heard someone say Boston's gone.

They said no one's heard anything.

There's a curfew now.

You stop.

I have to pee.

We were just at a motel with a bathroom.
Why didn't you pee there?

- I didn't have to pee then.
- We aren't stopping now, buddy.

You have to hold it.

He said heading to Canada's
the right move. Yeah.

Daddy. Look, people over there.

Don't stop.

Hey! Over here.

- Over here!
- They need help.

Hey! Hey!

- I really have to go.
- Don't stop.

- Why didn't we stop?
- We can't stop, baby. Okay?

I have to.

How about Jayden?

I have to pee! Stop!

No. Olivia.

- You're the one being stupid.
- Aneesha?


- Beckett.
- I really have to go.

- Aneesha, what are you doing?
- Madison?

- Theo.
- What are you doing?

- Mom.
- Baby names.

Just thinking of baby names.



- Helping you think of baby names.
- I have to pee!

Go pee.



You're not part of this family anymore.

- Listen to me...
- A child?

It was an accident.

Are you kidding me?

- We didn't mean to...
- To what?

You didn't mean to fuck her
without protection?

- Aneesha. What's the matter with you?
- Go.

Leave. You can hitchhike
with that family back there.

You know, the wife looked cute.

You can maybe knock her up too.
Start a new civilization.

- You don't make that decision.
- Mommy!

- No, you did.
- Mommy!

- It wasn't an accident. It was a choice.
- Mommy!

- And now you've gotta live with it.
- Okay.

- Just like the rest of us.
- Okay. All right, Aneesha.

- All right. I got you. All right.
- Luke's gone!


- Luke!
- Luke!









Come on, Casp.

He's going for the road.

If that little git can make it up,
we all can.

Is this Murai-san?

My name is Mitsuki Yamato,

an administrator who worked
with Hinata-san at JASA.

May I come in?

I'm coming in.

Please, make yourself at home.

Next is news from India.

A number of reports are coming in
that Mumbai has been attacked.


And a large-scale explosion
was reported in the heart of the city.

According to our sources,

suspicions of Pakistan's government
being involved in the explosions,

as well as the possibility
of terrorist group involvement, are...

Furthermore, governments worldwide,
the UK, France, America, and Brazil,

are experiencing
large-scale power outages...


You're crying too much.


No, I'm sorry.

I saw the people
leaving flowers and wailing,

collapsing at Shibuya Crossing.

I think she would laugh if she saw them.
They look ridiculous.

Hinata would be laughing it up.

She would.

Did she ever talk about me? Her old man?

No, we weren't all that close.

We hadn't spoken in three years.

Before that,
we talked about our varying opinions.

I disagreed with her choices.

I asked her
who on Earth she thought she was.

She grew to despise my ideas,
said I was too rigid.

But I was right.

May I use your bathroom?

Oh, fuck.

Fuck. Oh, shit.

Where are you, Chavez?

Where are you?

Shit. Shit.




Where the fuck is he?

Back against the wall. Against the wall.


Where is he?


Hey, buddy.

Hey. Come on, man.

Come on.
I can't have you die in this place.

Hey, come on. Come on.
You're not gonna go out like this.

You're a frogman.

Come on, Chavez.
There you go. There you are.

Hey, hey, you good?

Where were you, man?
I couldn't find any of you.

- I woke up and I couldn't find any of you.
- Trev, I don't know what happened.

I can't feel my leg.

What happened? What?


You look great. Okay?

Hey, back the fuck up.

Back up. Why the fuck is he down here?

- For protection.
- I don't know her.

Here. Hey, drink this.

Have some water, okay?

Here you go. Here you go.

Easy, easy, easy.

You saw that, right?

Yeah. Yeah, I saw that shit.

- What the fuck was that, man?
- I don't fucking know.

I have no fucking idea,
but I'm gonna get you home.

You ready?

- Yo, Trev?
- Yo?

I ain't the only one who needs to go home.

Stay the fuck back.

You attack a school. Why do this?

You took everything from us. Everything.

- You kill children.
- Don't fuckin' say that shit.

You called fighters?

You brought them here.

Fuck! Turn around. Let's go!

Luke! Luke!

Luke! I'm sorry!

We're both sorry!

Luke, are you out there?


Guys, this isn't from the bus.

Obviously not.

- Wait, Poppy, look at this.
- What is this?

Metal raining from the sky.

This must have hit the bus.


It wasn't your fault, the crash.



No shit.

Oi, Monty.
I think you owes my boy an apology.

You think I care?

- His spaz-out...
- Looks like something

- blew out of the sky.
- Sorry, is there another word?

- Ouch. It's still hot.
- Seizure.

Darwin, what is it?

Russians. They've been bombing us.

No, it's not a bomb. It's a satellite.

Look. Solar panels and everything.

This must have teared
through the atmosphere.

You okay?

You forgot this.

Wait, you know Russian?

It's nothing.

Sorry, I just...

And at this frequency,

can you make out what I am saying?

I'll miss...

"I'll miss the sunrise."

Are you comfortable?

I'm sorry.

At first, she wanted to be
a radio engineer like me.

Until I started working for JASA.

You worked for JASA?

"Administrator Yamato"?

I get it.

A young woman as an administrator.

But that isn't very common, is it?
Especially not blonde.

It was you, wasn't it?

- What?
- A father knows.

Hinata never mentioned her father.


Why would she?

A parent like you,
with your rigid thinking...

you want to keep your memories of her
locked up in this room forever,

believing she made the wrong "choice,"
hiding her from the world.

You're disgusting.

Every day when I wake up,
this is what I think about.

I wish it could have been me
on that shuttle.

Every day. Every day.

So if you...

The reason Hinata and I stopped speaking...

isn't because of...

what she told me...

she was hiding.

It's because she continued to hide it
from the rest of the world.


I just couldn't bear that.

She started dating that man
to hide who she was.

These were all choices she made.


it was too painful for me
to keep watching Hinata hiding her heart.

So I'm glad...

she didn't hide it from you.

I'm glad it was you.

So, why are you here?





Hello? Please.

- Stop right there.
- Please.

I'm looking for my son. Please.

He's inside. Come on.

- All right. Come on in now.
- Thank you.

Sorry about all of this.
It's not even loaded.

But when society goes to pot
it's always best to look dangerous. Kel?

You know, we don't have any...

Oh, my God! Luke! Oh, my God!

Oh, my God.

You must have been
frightened out of your mind.

We don't have a lot to eat,
but there's cocoa if y'all are cold.

Who's this guy?

- Gabby.
- Who's this guy?

Thank you so much, sir. We'll...

We'll get out of your hair.

No, no, no, no, no.
There's a curfew out there.

There's guardsmen on patrol.
Their guns are loaded.

You don't want to be wandering around
in the dark.

- Yes.
- Thank you. Thank you.

My family thanks you, sir.

- No problem.
- Yeah.

Hey, Kel?

Let's get the spare bedroom set up.

- I'll get pillows and blankets.
- Don't worry about a thing.

Thank you.

Sit down. Sit down.

They're here for you.

Go, go, go, go, go.

Go, go, go, go!

Oh, shit.

I got you.

I got you, boy.

Hey, buddy, you good?

Hey, buddy, you good?





Fuck! Fuck!


Monty's a softy inside, ain't he?

- Fuckin' hell.
- Hey!

Wanna go home to mummy and daddy?

- Wanna get your teeth knocked out?
- Hey!

We're going home.

Nobody's going nowhere.

- There's nothing here.
- I said we stay here.

You're not in charge. You were voted out.

And you steal snacks.

You've already done your worst.

Bloody hell, Monty.

We'll see about that.

Are you okay?

I have three older brothers.

Bigger than you.

A lot bigger.

There's nothing you can do
that ain't been done before.

And worse.

I do like a challenge.

How about we go home, and you stay here?

Problem solved, innit?

Go. See if I fucking care.

Oi! Where you lot going?

I thought, if I ran away,
I could, I don't know...

just stop everything.

Freeze time.

Like everything would stay the way it was
and wouldn't get any worse.

Know what I mean?

Do you ever wanna run away?


But I know what you mean.

We're going to get through this.

Look at me.

All of us?

Hinata said something
in her final moments.


There's a recording of her final moments?

Yes, the communications record.

I'd like to hear it.

You know how,
when I get really mad at Sarah,

you always say, "She's your sister,"
like that makes it all okay?

It doesn't make it all okay.

I know.

The king is dead. Long live the king.

Forget them. It's fine.


We are going to get through this.





What do you think?

Does JASA have a bigger sound system?