Invasion (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

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Come on.

What the fuck?

Any station. Any station.
This is SOC Trevante Cole.

Stand by. I'm passing
my ten-digit grid in the blind.

11151... 4...

Fuck. 8770.

We were attacked by an unknown aircraft,
something I've never seen before. My men...

My men are MIA...

Fuck. Fuck. Hello?

Fuck! Shit!

All right. Come on.

- This isn't a road. Aneesha!
- Mommy, where are we going?

Slow down. Slow...


- Where are we going?
- Out of the city.

Mom, what's going on?



What's going on?

No, no, no. Hey, hey. Hey, hey, sir?

Sir? It's me.

Help him.

- Mr. E?
- He's fucked up.

Now what do we do? There's no signal.

Take a pulse or something.

Where are we?

No one has no service, mate.
We have nothing.

- We have to try and pull him out.
- He's dying.

- He's dying.
- Help!









Fell from the sky.

- Do they know what they're doing?
- Look.

What's he saying?

Oi, careful. His arm's all...

We have to stop the bleeding.

- Is he gonna be okay?
- It's all right. My mum's a nurse.

- Is he gonna be okay?
- It's all right. My mum's a nurse.

Do you have a tissue?

It's a good tourniquet.
It should slow the bleeding.

Yo, Casp. I-Is he all right?

Can he talk, at least?

You made us crash.

You made him turn around
on account of your spaz head,

foaming at your fucking mouth again.


It's your fault.

Oi, get up!


- Stop it!
- Did you fucking hear him?

- Hey!
- Hey, what?

You know what? He shouldn't be in school,
let alone this school trip.

He should be in one of those special
schools where they pad up the buses.

- No, I... I didn't...
- Didn't what? Didn't spaz?

I should knife you, neek.


He only needs a doctor, but fast.

Don't defend him, okay? It's his fault.

Don't defend him, okay? It's his fault.

He'll pay for it.

Monty, I've got crisps.

- Until help comes.
- The fuck is this?

- Got snacks for days, man.
- And fizzy drinks.

- Mum wasn't looking when we packed.
- Let's see that.

You think help's coming? Here?

- I'm not fucking drinking that.
- It might.

- My mum doesn't know where I am.
- Can't even text.

Listen, we have to go up.

Are you a spaz too?

Up what? That?
What he just brought us down?

Well, someone has to get help.

Send him then.

Let him fall on his fucking head.

No, we can't leave him.

You'll leave if I tell you to.

I'll go, if someone...

Did you not hear me? No one's going, okay?

Guys, I'm sure it's fine.

- We just need to call some... Call home.
- There's no fucking signal.

- I'll go too...
- Yeah, safe to die.

Break all your fucking bones.

Mommy, I really need to go pee.

- I know, sweetie. I know.
- Watch out. Watch out.

Traffic is at a standstill.

Daddy's charging the car.

...backed up for hours as thousands attempt
to leave the metropolitan area.

Can I get a Slurpee?

Can I get a Slurpee?

- I want one too.
- Come on, guys. Hurry.

Watch your sister.

Very strange things are happening.

- There does seem to be...
- My God. ongoing, devastating, and coordinated
international attack underway.

We don't know yet who is behind
all these awful events.

No group has claimed credit yet...

...but the effects are being felt worldwide.

Once again,
we're showing you smartphone footage

sent to us by viewers
all around the tristate area.

We are also getting footage from
our sister stations around the country.

The best thing we can do is to stay calm...

Hey! My buddy's about to pull in here.

Are you kidding?

Does it look like I'm kidding?

This fucking guy's...

Guys, guys, guys. We're cool, yeah?
We're cool. All in this together.

This is our local gas station, Osama.

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey!

- Wanna do this right now?
- I was here before you.

I was here before you.

Sweetie, I'm sorry.
They didn't have the kind that you like.

Get in your car. Get out of here.

I'm here with my family!

- ...toilet paper. I had to use paper towels.
- Ahmed.

She clogged the toilet.

- Ahmed, we're leaving.
- Did not.

We're leaving.

- I haven't even charged the battery.
- We're leaving now.

- Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
- Now.


Hey, hey, hey.

- But this isn't our car.
- It is now.

Hey! Hey! That's my car!
Hey! That's my car!

Mom, whose car is this?

I don't know, sweetie.

They'll be fine. They'll be fine, buddy.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.


Stay the fuck back!

Back up!

Let me see your hands.

Put your hands where I can see 'em,
or I'll fucking shoot you.

Don't fucking move, man.

Stay back.

Have you seen my men?


There was an explosion.

Did you see it?

Hear it?



Have you seen my men?

Boom, boom.

Boom, boom. Yes. Did you see them?

I need to protect them. Me. Protect them.


What's "yak"? Yak. Wait.






Seven, plus the translator. American.
You saw them. Take me to them.

Seven, plus the translator. American.
You saw them. Take me to them.

Can you take me...

Can you take... Hey.



Where have you been?

The syncs were running
and emergency switches were active.

No abnormalities in the pressurizer
or lander, and then...

You reek of alcohol.

You need a shower.

Mitsuki, wait!

What are you doing?

An independent commission is taking over.

Under whose orders?

The Japanese government.

We can't do anything
during their investigation.

Is this a joke?

This is mine.

- I'll be taking it back.
- Yamato-san!

What are you doing?

This won't work. These people don't know
what they're doing.

Let me into the comms room.

I need to figure out
the cause of the accident.

I'm the only one who can figure out
what the hell happened.

Then why didn't we get
their distress call?

Why did we lose comms
for three hours?

That's your job.

Not mine.

Go home.

Get back here! Security!

Out of the way!
Move! Get out of the way!



What are you doing?

You know... you'll get fired for this.

No, you're going to get arrested.

Help me.

I reset the door lock code.

No one can go in or out until I'm done.

If you want to get out sooner than later

you should stop screwing around
and help me.

Hashimoto-san's encrypted
all of the video files.

We have to go through every single one.

We have to go through every single one.

For what?

To find the video of her last moments.

He's safe inside for now. Mr. E.

But we need help.
And we need to get to a hospital.

If someone sees the fire,
maybe they'll help.

Big bruvs teach you all this?

Boiler goes a little funny sometimes.

Ours too, when they don't pay the bills.

Caspar the pyromaniac.

Am I interrupting something?




I'm sorry about before.


God, she's a talker.

You're sorry?

I'm just saying,
you're pretty handy for a cripple.

- I'm not a cripple.
- I'm sorry. Is that not the right word?

Spaz with a mum in a wheelchair?

Is that how you describe her?

Four-wheeler, chair-bear,

- Stephen Hawking...
- Wheelchair-bound.

Is that why your dad buggered off?

Something like that.

My dad, he...

He didn't need a reason.

Just a secretary.

- I didn't know.
- Course you didn't.

I came back from school once...

and Pop was all packed up,
saying he needed to...

saying he needed to start over.

"Start over." That's how he said it.

Like life's just a game of Fortnite.

Do you know what? Fuck 'em, right?
They wanna go, let 'em go.

Better off without 'em.

My dad put my mum in that chair.

They was having a row.


he pushed her down the stairs.

Messed up.

That's why...

I should've done something.

I could've.

- I could've maybe...
- You were scared.

- I could've maybe...
- You were scared.


Yeah, I know.

By the time the ambulance got there...

he was gone.

Didn't even take his things.

She kept 'em there for a couple of years...

thinking he'd come back for them.


I really wanted to hurt him
for what he did.

That's really sad... I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I was just taking the piss, mate.

My old man's still with us. Never left.

Not even a fucking day.
He's the best dad in London, mate.

Do you know what?

Thank you, bruv. Thank you for the story.

Thank you, bruv. Thank you for the story.

Son of a wife-beater.

I'll be sure to keep that one
for a rainy day.

Oh, look.

It might start raining today...

Hey, M. Check this out.

What did you do?

I got petrol, man.

Go get some more.

Tell me you have a room with two beds.

Sorry, hon. It's a circus.

I got two kings left.


But there's a rollaway for the kiddos.

It's not for them.

Can we watch TV?


- I wanna pick.
- You always get to pick.

- In Brazil, Flight 170...
- It's your brother's turn.

...has plummeted out of the sky
this evening,

...has plummeted out of the sky
this evening,

crashing into the city of São Paulo,

where ten million people
are without power still.

The flight carried 220 passengers,
including a flight crew of 12 people...

...adding to the global death toll

of what we can now confirm
is the largest-scale terrorist attack

since 9/11.

Numbers are difficult to accurately report
while cellular...



Come on, this is for babies.

It's this or nothing.

I'm hungry.

There's a vending machine
outside the office.

Yeah, sure.

Hi, Baba. I guess I just missed you.

I don't know what's going on everywhere.

The kids and I are safe.

We are staying somewhere
in Upstate New York.

We found a place to stay.

Our cell phones are not working,
so I'll try you later.

I love you. Bye.


Go on.
You've been eating all our snacks, piggy.

- Got to eat something.
- We all do. Okay?

That's why we ration the crisps and water.

Will anyone see it? The fire?

Why do you think
they call it a signal fire?

Why do you think
they call it a signal fire?

We sleep here. Someone will come looking.

We were meant to get there six hours ago.

Bus full of kids,
it'll be all over the news by now.

The lights are out.

- How do you know that?
- 'Cause I said so.

Pile up the crisps and drinks, Biggie.

We's rationing.

- Who died and made you prime minister?
- What you say, knob?

This ain't Westminster.

You wanna vote? Fine. Let's vote.

Someone has to take charge.

All in favor of me running
this little island, raise 'em up.

Sorry, Mr. Big Shot.

Looks like you're a vote short
of Downing Street.

Hey, ghost.

Looks like it might start raining.

Settles it then.

Let's go.

Am I so evil?

You don't get to pretend
like I'm overreacting.

You actually tried to get into
our neighbor's car

and leave them behind.

Look at you.

You fight a man at the gas station
over nothing.

He hit me.

Yeah, and I should believe what you say.

Everyone hates me.

All those people out there.


Is it so evil to want someone to actually...

love me?

I loved you, Manny.

And I loved you too.

I did everything right, Manny.
Everything I was supposed to do.

But I guess it wasn't good enough for you.

Manny and Mandy. Sounds cute.

Fuck you.

No. No.


Mom, what's happening?


They were asleep.

...US 9 North.

My cell doesn't work,
so I'll try you later.

Hope you're safe.

I love you so much.

Thank you.

Easy, man. Shit.

Fuck, man! The fuck was that?

Is that goat piss?
Is that what you said? Goat piss?


"Meow"? The fuck does "meow" mean?

I saw that thing, man.

What the fuck was that, man?

I could see it,
but then I couldn't see it.

And I could see it, and it was there.

My men. Fuck.

There was a town that they overturned.

Dishu, or...


Yes, Dishu.

Yeah, can you take me there?

Dishu, yes. Can we go?

Now. No, no, no. Now. Can we go now?

Okay. All right. Great. We'll go.

At dawn.



I named my daughter after her. "Oranoos."

She was strong. She glowed.


We actually used to watch the stars too.

We actually used to watch the stars too.

Rah's dad had this telescope.

I mean, the lights drowned out
the whole sky and everything, but... yeah.

They actually had this house
that was, like, way, way, way out,

middle of nowhere.

And when we first met,
you know, date number five,

her parents weren't home,
and so she brought me there.

I thought we were gonna get it on.

But no.

She just wanted to stare
at the lights up there.


She was like you.

Stubborn. Bothersome. Scared.

But she was mine.

Now, when I look up there, I just...

I don't care what's up there.

I don't care what's up there.

I just care about what's not here.

She became sick in the winter.

She died in the spring.

I miss her.

I miss her.

I want her here. Not in the stars.


All the bad stuff.

You know, stuff...

You know, the way they are.
The way they are 'cause of me.

Yeah, whatever. Doesn't matter, man.

It's nice to have someone to talk to.

It's nice to have someone to talk to.

You don't even know
what I'm saying, do you?

Someone to listen,

but who can't understand.

I don't even know what you're saying.

It's nice.

It's all good.

I got some stuff. I got some stuff.

Hey, hey, hey, no. I'm still Black. Okay?


Hey. Hey, save your strength, Mr. E.

It's all right.

It was... raining. Raining.

It was raining.

Look, you've hit your head really hard,

No. Not water.

It was raining metal.

You've got a fever.

You're just saying things, all right?

It's gonna be okay.

I'm fine.

Just rest.


You too.


I meant what you did
for Mr. Edwards before. That... That was...

It was...

I know what you mean.

Must be cold in just that.

My coat's too big. Big bruv's and all.

No. I'm good, thanks.
Seriously. Seriously.

Thank you though.

Thanks and all.

Right. You're all right.

Night, neek.


Caspar the friendly ghost.

That's me.


Oh, shit.

Open the door!

Open the door!

Open the door!

A polar bear walks into a bar
and orders a gin...

and tonic.

The bartender asks,
"What's with the pause?"

"These? I've had these all my life."

Damn it, we don't have enough time.

Why don't you want to let those guys
investigate the cause of the accident?

Because I want to know

what happened to Hinata.

Whether it was my fault.

Can you see that?

What is that?

I can't see anything.

They collided with something.

Did you hear that?

Hear what?

That explosion would have
killed them all instantly.

Hurry up!


That's impossible.




Wajo. Wajo. Wajo.


Wajo. Wajo...