Invasion (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -


We should get in the basement.




We should get in the basement.

Come on, Luke.

Come here, buddy. All right.

Come here, buddy. Come over here.

Watch out, Lukey. Watch out.

Shit. All right.

Well, we'll wait it out down here.
All right?

I'm gonna need some light.
Could be in the box. Okay.

Was that a fucking tornado?

Miss Finnegan says
tornadoes only happen in other places.

Miss Finnegan says
tornadoes only happen in other places.

Probably she's right. Right?

All right.

Hey. We're...

We're safe here together.

With me.

You promise that we'll be fine?

Yeah, I promise.

Promise, my love.
Would I ever lie to you, sweetheart?

You smell good, Daddy.

Thank you.

I-I-I'm going outside.

No, it's not safe outside.


Aneesha. Aneesha, please?

I'll go. You stay with them. All right?

Listen, do you wanna hate me right now?


But I'm not letting you go out there.

It's not safe.

Is it safe in here?

Why are you fighting? Are you scared?

N-No. No, no, no.

No, baby. Everything's gonna be fine.

Daddy's going outside
to talk to our neighbors,

and Mommy will keep you safe in here.




- What's going on?
- I don't know.

I can't find him.

He's gotta be here.

Dylan? Dylan?

- Where are you?
- Dylan?

- Barbara!
- Yeah?

What happened?

Everything. C-Cell service.
The... The... The power's flickering.

O-Only the phone lines are working,
but I can't get through to 911.

J-Judy thinks it's a tornado.

Carl said it was some kind of explosion.

The Rothkrugs are leaving.
Do we need to leave?

I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.

I got, I, got, I got loyalty
Got royalty inside my DNA

Cocaine quarter piece
Got war and peace inside my DNA

I got power, poison, pain and joy...

- Hey, hey!
- ...inside my DNA

- I got...
- Not bad, not bad.

Holy balls, mate.

- Alfie saw some tit.
- What?

Yeah. In person. Nip and all.

- You serious?
- Yeah.

- One or two, man?
- Two, man.

So basically, yeah,
I was out on the Lancaster bus,

- minding my business, whatever.
- Yeah.

And the sexiest girl jumped on.

And the sexiest girl jumped on.

And while I was walking over
towards her, yeah?

I swear, the bus, it hits a bump.

- Shut up. Shut up.
- No way.

Yes. And then,
her tits flap out for dear life.

It was crazy.

- You're so lucky.
- I know, man.

And I was there, thinking to myself,

the only other tits I saw in person
were Fat Tommy's.


It's true.

I was praising the Lord.

Hey, watch where you're going, neek.

Did I make you
piss your trousers again, Casp?

Do you want me to call Mummy?

I... I wouldn't want another freak.

Stay where you are.

Hey! Hey! Mr. Cuttermill!

Is there a reason
you're standing over Mr. Morrow?

Is there a reason
you're standing over Mr. Morrow?

What have I told you
about leaving him alone?

No, sir. Caspar just dropped
his belongings.

I was literally just helping him up.

Is that true, Caspar?

Yes, sir.


Right, well, Mr. Cuttermill,
I think you've helped enough.

I want to see you on that bus. Now.

Bus. Now. Move!

Are you okay, Caspar?

Move! Come on!

- Yo, man, Casp, you all right?
- All right, Casp?

They're just tools, all right?

Yo, you all right?

Hey, man, they can't hurt you anymore...

- You okay, bruv?
- ...and that's true.

Yo, Casp!

Yo, Casp!

All right. Just checking.

You got everything you need?
Okay. You got a little snack?

- Think he's all right?
- Yeah. He's here.

- There you are.
- He's here.

- You all right, man?
- Yeah.

- Want a crisp?
- I'm okay, thanks.

- You all right?
- I'm good, man.

Come on, cheer up.
My favorite guy in the world.

What the fuck?

- Hey, look. It's the neeks!
- Wanker, wanker.

- Hey, look. It's the neeks!
- Wanker, wanker.

What are you gonna do, pussy?

Jamila, wanna sit here, girl?

You can show me
where you got them other piercings.

Listen up, bruv, and listen good.

Unless you want me to kick
your undescended balls up your throat...

...I'd keep your lips shut.

Got it?

Hey, all right. Settle down.
Jamila, sit down.

Okay, one last time.

- Has everyone gone to the toilet?
- Yes.

We don't want any mistakes like last time.
Do we, Monty?

- Hey? Hey?
- Hey!

All right, it's a joke. It's a joke.

Seat belts, seat belts. Everyone ready?

- Yes!
- Let's go!

Day one.

You really piss me off, Hinata.

You take my ring.

You drink all the beer.

You leave me here.

I reinstalled Tinder.

It's just to keep the bed warm

until you're back.

It feels like the air is
different somehow today.

The sunrise and the sky too.

It's like gravity is stronger.

It's like it's trying to keep me
from floating up to you.

When you come back...
I'm making you watch all of these.

All 335 days' worth.

I realized the strangest thing.

It was that even though
I'm still here on Earth...

my entire world has disappeared.

See you tomorrow.

Hi, this is Yamato.

Hi. Can you come in right away?

It looks like something happened
with the Hoshi.

When did this happen?

Three hours ago.

We tried resetting the system.

On what channels?

135, 473, 997, 545. We tried all of them.

- Any transmissions to NASA?
- Nothing.

- What about Roscosmos?
- It seems like nothing there either.

- The space station?
- No signal anywhere.

Why didn't you tell me this sooner?

Sorry. She just woke up.

The system didn't malfunction.

No emergency call.

That means some debris or a meteorite
could have crashed into the GS5 satellite.

That means some debris or a meteorite
could have crashed into the GS5 satellite.

If something crashed into this
at a speed of 75 km per hour

and at an angle of 34 degrees,

it would damage the satellite and could
disrupt communications with Hoshi.

Call NASA.

Have them piggyback a message
on the A75 Mars probe.

The thing is, NASA lost A75's signal too.

It looks like the Roscosmos's
moon satellite signal went out too.

What are you saying?

It could be a massive cosmic storm.

Connecting to the tracking
and data relay satellite.

Triangulating a message to the ISS.

What is this?

An automated distress call.

Unbelievable. A master system error?

From when?

Three hours ago.

What do you mean, three hours ago?

We just got them.

Why now?

Why now?

Why are they just coming in now,

- Did the system have some kind of...
- No.

- Then why weren't they running?
- I don't know.

- They should have been running.
- Should have been?

So we didn't receive
the shuttle's distress signal?

- Establish the connection!
- Okay.

Captain Murai?

Captain Murai?



She's gone...

This just in. Some tragic news.

Space shuttle Hoshi-12 has exploded.

At 14 hours, 17 minutes
after the shuttle's launch

from the Tokyo suburbs
to the International Space Station,

there was a serious accident.

According to JASA officials,
contact was lost with the shuttle

that was carrying three crew members
when it ruptured suddenly and violently.

Astronauts Hinata Murai,
Satoshi Matsuoka, and Ryusei Ito

are believed to be dead.

What should have been a proud day
for Japan, science, and space exploration,

has ended in pain and sorrow.

How's it going, man?


- Yo!
- What's that you got?

A love letter to me from your mom?

Yeah, I think my mother
would give a lot more than a love letter

to my guardian fuckin' angel.

You are sick, bro.


- What's good, baby?
- Temple! Hey!

See the Temp? That's the man.

Now, do me a favor, gimme a double-double,
medium rare, but burn one for this guy.

- The Hurricane's hungry?
- You already know.

Oh, shit. Action Jackson.


Yes, sir.

How you doing, chief?

How you doing, chief?

- Jesus fucking Christ, Temple.
- Yeah.

Not around the food, man.

Can that shit up, drop it on Daesh,
win the war. I'm serious.

We can't win the war yet.

Paulson would miss the translator too much
to go home.

Paulson, you're banging the translator?

I don't know. He's kinda hot, bro.

Hey, what I miss?

Yo, Zem, you know that new translator
joined the army fuckers?

- Yeah, he sucks.
- Yeah, that's what I heard.

Smells like shit in here.

Yo, suck it up.
Stop fucking up my food, man.


- Hut!
- All right.

Learn how to throw, bro. Go long. Go long.

My people play baseball, dawg.

Trev, can you believe this motherfucker
thinks that pro wrestling is real?

Didn't you go to some rich people shit?
Harvard or something?

Yeah. I studied macro and biology.

And I know any dude
with that much muscle mass

can legitimately kick
any man's ass in the ring.

Madden, what the fuck do you know
about ass-kicking, son?

Okay. What, you're an expert
at fighting now?

- Yeah, I got my MBA in that.
- Oh, really?

Come on. Come on, white boy.

Let's go. Let's go.

Don't make me embarrass you
in front of these white people.

- Oh, no.
- Come on! Come on!

Come on, man. That's my nice hat!

Yo, Chavez!

Hey! You guys all trying to bust ACLs
out here? Come on.

Sorry, sir.

Hey, boss.

Your chat's blowin' up
like a motherfucker.

- Hey. Satphone's up.
- Thanks, sir.

Oh, shit. That reminds me.
I gotta call Coates's sister.

Madden, go back to your PlayStation.

All right, all right.


It's been a minute.

Yeah, I know. I just...

How are you?


Got a draft deadline at noon.

I just was calling...

I mean, I should have called first,

I didn't think
we'd be talking today, so...


- What?
- I mean...

Nothing. I gotta go to work.
So do you. So...

Okay. Bye, Trev.

Bye... Oh, hey...

Yeah, okay.

All right, baby, I miss you too.
Counting down the days, okay?


All right. I gotta go.
All right, baby. Love you, babe!


You lookin' after mommy?

- You the boss of her?
- Stop it.

Rosa. Hola.

Oh, my god. My hero.

Oh, my god. My hero.

Alvie, you tell Trevante
I'll cook him my stew

next time he's home.

Is that right, Rosa? Maybe I'll go AWOL...

...just to get a taste sooner.

Honey, you'll be happy you did.

You continue to keep all them safe,

I'll cook the world, honey.

Keep 'em safe.

Yeah. Sí.

Good... night?

- Good night.
- Good night.

We miss you so much, Alvie.

We can't wait for you to be home,

I miss you too, Grandma.
Take care of yourself.

- Ciao.
- Ciao.

That was pretty good, dawg.
You learning. You pickin' that shit up.

- "Good night."
- "Good night."

Give it to me.

- Oh, my God.
- This only gets better.

What the hell, man?

Yeah, that's what I've got as well.

What's going on?

Sorry! Jesus. Sorry, sorry.

- Learn how to drive.
- It's just a pothole.

Everyone all right?

Okay, settle down.

That's... that's mine.

You draw that?


- Is she supposed to be...
- She's the Xylon queen.

She's the savior of seven planets and
the ruler of the far side of the galaxy.

And him?

He's nobody.
Just... Just an alien.

Well, I like how he's drawn.

- What you got?
- It's just old stuff.

- What you got?
- It's just old stuff.

I like old stuff. What is it?

I got nothing.

Can I listen?


...third base!

"Emergency alert. This is not a test."

What does this mean?

I don't know.

- What... What the hell is going on?
- I'm not getting a signal.

This is like 9/11.

I'll bet you it's a dirty bomb.
It must be.

A dirty bomb?

A dirty bomb?

You have a better explanation?

You have any explanation?



Why didn't it hit your house?

I don't know. I guess we got lucky.

- Mom!
- Mommy!

- Mom!
- Mommy!

- Luke? Luke! Stop!
- Stop, stop, stop!

What happened?

- What happened? Luke, what happened?
- My ears! My ears!

- What is it?
- Stop! Stop!

- Come here.
- Take him to the kitchen.

Tell me where it hurts.

Need to see...

- Make it stop!
- You need to let me see.

- You're hurting him!
- I need to see to help him.

Please stop!

Open your eyes. Open your eyes.

Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!

There's nothing. There's nothing.

There's nothing in there, sweetie.
Calm down, breathe.

- It's all right. Breathe. Good.
- Okay. I'll...

It's your ears?
Inside, there's nothing in there.

- There's nothing in there.
- I'll call 911. All right?

- Yeah.
- I'll try them again. Okay.

- I wanna go too.
- Stay here, Sarah. Stay here.

Can't you hear it?

Hear what? Hear what?

What it said.

What what said?

It's a voice.

A voice?

It's talking.

- It's talking.
- S-Saying what?

What is it saying?


Sweetheart, I don't understand. What?

Wajo. Wajo. Wajo. Wajo.

- It's all right. It's all right.
- Wajo. Wajo.

- It's all right. It's all right.
- Wajo. Wajo. Wajo.

- Hello? My darling...
- It's gonna be okay.

Yeah. I've been trying to reach you.
I've been thinking about you.

It's been so crazy, what's happening here.

You doing okay?
You still have power over there?

What's happening?

I wish you were here.

I've been thinking about you.

I have to go. I love you.

I love you too.


Casp? You okay?


What's going on?

- Casp?
- Hey, hey, hey!

Where's his pills?


Caspar? Caspar?

Hold on!

The line was busy. I couldn't reach 'em.

He's okay?

Don't touch him. Don't touch him.

Stay here, sweetie.

You saw the way that
they were looking at me.

And you didn't say anything.

What did you want me to say, Manny?

I'm your husband. Something. I don't know.

That you're one of them?
That's how they always look at us.

You're just seeing it for the first time.

I'm here. I'm here now. Mommy's got you.

I promise.

Keep your head up.

Come on. Come on, Sarah.

- Feeling better?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Feeling better?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Stay here.
- Okay.

Hey, it's going to be okay. Right?
All right. All right.

Okay. All right.

Listen to me.

Go to your room. Grab the one thing
you wanna take with you.

Okay? Go now!

The hell is wrong with you? Come on!

Luke! Sarah!

What happened? What happened?

Do you...

Calm down!

It's very clean.

I'm sorry.

It was her.

It was her.

She was...

the one.

Hinata Murai...

was my...

I'm sorry, Mi.


perhaps it's for the best.

Now you can have a clean start, Mitsuki.

You can meet a nice man. Fall in love.

You have a fresh start.

How can you say that?

It's just that I...

Maybe this was fate.

Like a present from heaven.

A present?

I only want what's best for you.

For me?

How is this good for me?

This is just what's best for you!

Now you can live without
the shame your daughter brings to you?

Now you can live without
the shame your daughter brings to you?

This matter involves your soul.

If you damage your soul, that's it.

It's ruined.

Don't you understand what I'm saying?

Get out.

I never should have asked you here.

- Mitsuki...
- Get out!

This is your fault, Mitsuki.



What? What's wrong?

I'm sorry. Get out.


- What's wrong?
- Get out.

What's wrong with you?

Hey, Chavez, get me something.

It's still dark.
Zero contact with the TOC, sir.


It's not like they were in a helo.
Nothing coulda wiped 'em all out, man.

A whole squad doesn't just go dark
for that long.

I don't know about y'all, but I've always
had a lot of fun in the dark.

Yeah, except we're going out
in broad daylight.

Any of y'all watch Moana?

What? Like the Disney movie?

- Yeah.
- I know Paulson's seen it.

Yeah. Only ten times.

I know everybody on this island's

Got a role on this island
Maybe I can roll with mine

How about we don't sing on the intersquad?

I know everybody on this island

Has got a role on this island

Maybe I can roll with mine


You know, she's single, my abuela.


- My abuela. She's single.
- Shut up.

Like 'em young too.

The hell's Maretti's squad?

The channel's jammed. All I got's noise.

The channel's jammed. All I got's noise.

Hey, where are our guys?

The fuck?

Twelve o'clock, sir.

Madden, you clock these guys?

No, no, no. Don't come close. Stay back.

- Stay back.
- Calm 'em down, Zem.

Hey, Zemar, ask him. Careful.

Back up.

Back. Back.

Back. Hey, hey, hey.

Back up.

Another one to the right.

Back up.

Hey! Back him up. Take it easy.

Hey! Back him up. Take it easy.

Zemar, what is she saying?

She says others like us were here.
Sounds like Maretti's squad.

- She says an attack.
- Taliban? Daesh?

An attack. Something.

- She's not making any sense.
- Daesh?

She's not making any sense.

They all say an attack.
They came... They went to a school.

Find a channel we can use.
Get comms back up.

Find a fucking landline. Anything.

Copy you, sir.

It sounds like Maretti's squad.
They went to a school.

A school. A school, sir.

That's it, boys! Head to target.
We're moving to the school. Let's go.

- Get back!
- Back up!

Move back! All of you, move back!
Move back! Move, move, move!

Got movement upstairs. Third floor.


It's okay, guys. Stay calm. Stay calm.

Candy? Yeah?

Hey, Zem? Zem, get over here.

Ask this kid what happened.

ISIS? Daesh?





See anybody that look like us?


Tell him.

It's okay. It's okay.

You know?

Come on.


- We have to cross the bridge.
- Where are we going?

I told you we should've never lived
where we had to cross a bridge.

I told you we should've never lived
where we had to cross a bridge.

- I'm scared.
- Are you doing it right?


You had to get a Tesla.

Wanted to impress her.

Where are we going?


Hey, Mark. Mark. Mark.

Come on, Mark!

- Please, Mark?
- We can't...

- Come on, please?
- We... We can't fit you all!

Not them. Just me.

- Come on, Mark. Please?
- We can't.

Please. Come on. Take just me.
Take me with you. Come on, Mark!

Oh, come on. Take me with you!

- Oh, come on, man! Fuck!
- Ahmed.


You coward.

Get in the car.

What is wrong with you?

What are you?

I was gonna leave you.

I was gonna tell you this week.


sorry you chose the wrong week
to abandon your family, Ahmed.

Now get in the fucking car, you child.

Give me your phone.

I'm driving.

I'm driving.

What's happening?

Everybody stop crying.
Everything's going to be fine.

Everyone got their belts on?

Check up.


Make entry.


Shit. My comms. Do you hear that?

What is that?

Chief, where are you?

- Chavez?
- Chief!

- Chavez!
- Where are you?

Chavez? Anyone? Chavez?

Chavez? Anyone? Chavez?

Chief, where are you?



Hold up.


Chief? Anyone?

- Chief!
- Chavez.

Chief, where are you?

Trev! What the fuck is going on, man?

Chavez! Just follow my voice.



Contact, front!