Invasion (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

An alien invasion through different perspectives around the world.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My God.

Oh, come on, now.
Ain't all bad, hon.

Think about all the time
you'll get to spend with me.

It ain't the end, darling.

Be careful out there today.
If you die, I'll kill your ass.

I get more money from your retirement
than survival benefits.

And what are we
talking about here, really?

God is good.

His righteous plan is to provide you hope
to light your way forward.

I share with you today from Romans.

This is a good one, 'cause we're talking
here about your future.

Look at that.

- I ain't even cold yet.
- You gotta sign these.

Sheriff Tyson's last day.

Sheriff Tyson's last day.


They trying to make you disappear already.


Well, Ben Shelton called.
His phone was cutting in and out,

but he said something about
his mama's truck being stolen.

Well, all right.

They some goddamn meth heads, I tell ya.
They stole Mama's car.


My inbred nephews, that's who.

Cal and Chet?

How you so sure it was them?

I deduced it after they done it
three times before.

All right. Grady, tell Tammy
to put a BOLO alert out on the truck,

and tell Suthers to pick up them boys,
bring 'em in.

You ain't gonna just find 'em.
They ain't at their trailer.

I ring the A&P,
Trevor said they ain't show up for work.

I call Chet's PO, Chet missed
his weekly piss test this morning.

Boys ain't nowhere to next Tuesday.

I bet my life it's got something to do

with Fulton's dipshit son
they're mixed up with.


...I'm sure they'll turn up sooner or later.

Ten years ago you'd have had
every deputy on a thing like this.

A stolen truck.

Now, all of a sudden,
it's just a drop in the bucket.

Ain't right, Jim Bell.

Desperation's done something to this town.

What is it, Sheriff?


That thing ain't sturdy, Jim Bell.

How did you get so big?

I think it's a combination
of food and sleep.

So can I go back to sleep?

Yes. Yes. Sure.

After you get dressed,
have breakfast, go to school...

...come back home, do your chores,
do your homework

and give your mother a kiss good night.

- No, no!
- You can't hide from the tickle monster.

- No!
- You can't hide.

You can't...

Good morning, my love.

You know who else is still sleeping?

You know who else is still sleeping?

Come on.

Wake up, monster.

You know what the monster does
when he's disturbed from his slumber?

- What?
- Uh-oh.

- He breathes...
- Uh-oh. with his morning breath!

I got you.

- No! No.
- What do you think? Shall I eat them?

- Definitely.
- No!

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- Come here, then. Come here.
- Oh, no!

- You will also be kissed and eaten by me!
- No!

- I'll eat you! I'll eat you!
- No! No! No!

I'm going to miss the sunrise.

I know you hate doing this.

So, I love you.

Are you nervous?


What do you think
you'll miss the most?

The weight of things.

We couldn't be more honored
and humbled to be venturing

to the International Space Station
for the next year.

This will be one of
the longest recorded stays on the ISS.

And, as such, one of the tenets
of our mission

is to study the effects
of long-term space travel

on the human body,

essential intelligence we need in order

to plan longer missions to Mars
and deep space.

Why would Murai-san
date Meguru Seki?

She could have any guy in the world.

She could have any guy in the world.

Even you.

I mean, he's not even a good actor.

Did you see Emperor Hit Man 3?

It was awful.

Maybe the sex is good.

Well... it can't be that good.

She's going 400 kilometers
away from Earth.

Hey, what are you doing?

You put the black stone here, the computer
will go over here, so you go there.

Then the computer will try here.

Black stone goes here.

And a win!

You're an asshole.

Yamato-san, we need you.

I'm almost done.

We need you now.

I'll stay here then.

I'll stay here then.

It seems that one of the backup comms
is nonresponsive.

Captain Murai.

This is Mitsuki Yamato, Communications.

Have we met somewhere?


Are you sure?

You look familiar.

Yamato-san will run a quick diagnostic.

In the unlikely event
that comms are ever down,

I will set up a viral downshift.

It will transmit a message to the ISS.

That will get you back up and running
in no time.

It always takes a woman
to get the job done.

It always takes a woman
to get the job done.

Okay, running the test.

Look at the monitor, please.

Can you see me?

I see you.

How's the picture?


Can you hear me?


And now?


And at this frequency,

can you make out what I'm saying?

I'll miss...

"I'll miss... the sunrise."

All good?

Yes, fine.

The hell happened here?
Little meth lab explosion?

What, you think they had a meth lab
in the center of a corn field?

I once saw a meth lab
in the middle of a Chuck E. Cheese's.

Nothing surprises me no more.

I don't think so.

This looks...

This looks by design.

Well, look at that.

Tire treads seem fresh enough.

Still got a little cool left.
Half-day old, I reckon.

Still got a little cool left.
Half-day old, I reckon.

They got high, wrecked Mama's truck.
Tried to, what?

Bury the evidence, ran off?
Knew their mama would beat their ass?

And just left this here?





Come on, now.



Sweetheart. Sweetie. It's okay. It's okay.
It's all right. Mommy's here.

- Mom!
- Luke! Luke!

Look at me.

- What happened?
- We don't know yet.

There was kids who just...
They got some bloody noses.

And he was the only one
it didn't happen to.

It could be asbestos or lead.
The CDC's on their way.

In the meantime, everyone is being advised
to evacuate the school immediately.

Okay, just follow me.
Just follow me. Mommy's here.

Just follow me.
It's all right, sweetie. It's all right.


The fuck is this?

Where's Daniel?

Sheriff Alzheimer's. Deputy Coon.

The fuck you retards doing here?

You miss us, boy?

I don't see a warrant.
So you can't bust us for jack shit, man.

We're after Cal and Chet Griffin.


We paid a visit to their camper.

We know you were at their trailer,
banging and screaming for 'em.

You trying to collect?

I was here all night, man.

You got... seven witnesses to corroborate.

You got... seven witnesses to corroborate.

How much money did Cal owe ya?

Who the fuck is that?

You know, it's funny, man.

My daddy always used to have a good laugh
when he'd see you coming,

your little siren going.

"What is the fucking point of him?"
he'd say.

Oh, and now look at ya. You're old too.


Don't you idiots move!

- Where are they?
- I don't fucking know, man.

We didn't touch them hillbillies,
all right?

You're looking in all the wrong places.

Them boys is hated
both sides of the Mississippi.

They were always scheming.
Him and his whore girl.

Look, the world's better off without 'em.

Look, the world's better off without 'em.

That lying motherfucker
was supposed to take me with him.

Take you with him?

To Mexico.

Cal and his dipshit brother
run up a tab all over the state,

and they was all collecting.
Not just Daniel.


He was taken.
They both were. And I'm gonna find 'em.

They wasn't taken.
Just another scam.

It's always something
with that piece of shit.

Big ol' crooked ideas.

- Look, I...
- Mmm.

I don't know what you think this is,
but this is what they do.

They fuck with people.

- You don't know what you're talking about.
- This was the plan all along.

He ran the fuck off.

Just doesn't square.

Ain't you been listening?
This ain't some big mystery.

These boys can't do but one thing,
and they already gone and done it.

They're just gone.

You all right, Sheriff?


I'm fine.

Hi, you've reached Manny.
Please leave a message.

I know you're in a pitch, hon.

Just call me whenever you can.

Hospitals scare me.
People get sick in hospitals.

My love, that's not right.
Hospitals are where people get healthy.

Just try to breathe slowly for me.
It'll help you.

Breathe in. Out.

Breathe in. Out.

In. Out. Good.

I can't.

I'm too scared.


Tell me this. Mmm, how old are you?

You know how old I am.

Yes, I do. Six.

One, two, three, four, five, six.
One candle for every year.

Now, I want you to take a deep breath
and blow out each candle one by one. Okay?

One. Good.

Two. Good.

That's my girl.


Make a wish on this last one.

How you guys doing in here?
Hi, I'm Dr. Lockhart.

You must be Luke.

No bloody nose for you, huh?

And Sarah?

Like the princess in A Little Princess,
only spelled with an H.

Heard about this on the news.

I also heard from my nurse that you
performed a radial bifurcation in the car?

Posterior and anterior.

Saw some inflammation,
but it's just probably from swimming.

Saw some inflammation,
but it's just probably from swimming.

That was a dangerous thing to do in a car.
You a doctor?

No. Yes, I went to medical school.

Which med school?

Harvard. You?

Hofstra. Anyway.

I can tell you the tests came back normal.
Vitals, mucus, saliva. All healthy.

Just a little nosebleed.
I know they can be scary sometimes.

How come nothing bad happened to me?

I guess that would make you the lucky one.

Get plenty of rest and fluids
for the next day or so.

Thank you, Doctor.

So we're okay?

You're fine.

- Mommy?
- Yes, my love?

My wish came true.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Here you go, Mommy.
I made special tea for you.

Come here.
Cuddle. Cuddle, cuddle, cuddle.

What's going on?

It's all right. The power just went out.

But it's not raining.

Is Dad still in the city?

That's not the city.

Where's Daddy?

Hi, you've reached Manny.
Please leave a message.

Taking off
in T-minus 17 seconds and counting.

Fifteen, fourteen, thirteen, twelve,

eleven, ten, nine, eight,

eleven, ten, nine, eight,

seven, six, five,

four, three, two, one.

Booster ignition
and liftoff of the Hoshi-12.

Ten, nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four, three, two, one.

You always said to never ask after you.

After all these years, I never have,
and I ain't gonna start.

But if there was a day that called for it,
today'd be it.


just as men of the robe are chosen by God,
so are men of the badge.

Over the course of a lawman's life,
he comes to understand why.

Why he was chosen.

Sometimes it's many things.
Most times it's just one.

One case.

One case.

One reason we're put on this Earth.

But me?

After all these years,
after all this time,

what I really done?

You done lots of things.

I worked this case once,
way before your time.

My daddy was still alive
and barely hanging on though he was.

Anyways, this little girl, Gracie Clarke,
goes missing from the church fair.

Not six years old.

Now, I thought that
this Gracie Clarke business

was gonna be my... my case, my reason.

I pieced together a few things,

but I found myself at a shack
down by the tributary

owned by a trucker named Devlin.

There we are at the shack, and I burst in.
Devlin's away on a trucking run.

But there she is, little Gracie...

tied to a La-Z-Boy,
eating some animal crackers for dinner,

coloring in some TV Guide or some shit.

But she's untouched. Unharmed.

Why ain't I never heard this story?

Two days later,

there was a parade planned for her
and everything, down Main Street.

Governor was gonna come.
Pin me on a badge like my daddy.

The morning before the parade,

Gracie's daddy takes her to the store,
buy her an ice cream,

special treat after
what she's been through.

And on the way back to the parade

an 18-wheeler loses control,

smashes into Gracie's daddy's truck,

smashes into Gracie's daddy's truck,

and the girl goes flying
through the windshield.

Dead on impact. Just like that.

Ain't no parade.

Ain't no medal.

Ain't no girl.

Ain't no story.

Well, you keep people safe, Sheriff.
Always have.

I thought at the end
I would finally have my stand.

But here I am at the end, darling,
and there is nothing.


Until today.

Until today. And now I'm thinking...

all these signs,

that maybe God is...
is giving me something.

Something bigger.

He waited till the last minute. And...

And maybe this is the point
to all of this. To me.

It's gotta be.


Mom, are you okay?

Where are we?

Just had to do an errand, sweetie.

I wanna watch Moana.

Do whatever you want.

I want Devil Dogs.

I want Gushers.

How was work, sweetheart?

God, baby.

You scared me.

How was the dinner?

It was good. It was good.

Those guys drink way too much,
but it was fine.

That's great.

I knew you'd be hungry,
so I put a little dinner together for you.

Oh, I already ate.

You always like a midnight snack.

Well, I'll eat in the morning.

I made it special, and I kept it warm.
Come on, hon.

Looks good.

- Doesn't it?
- Mm-hmm.

You join me?

We locked in a new account.

You should have seen Jim and me.

They had the whole board there.

And I'm telling you,
I had them in the palm of my hand.


What is this, hon?

It's good, isn't it?

Better than the stuff you usually make.

More, um...



It's, um...

It's this new recipe I found.

Online, of all places.

I think this one's called...

"Mandy's Organic Flank Steak,"
or something.

This woman in Great Neck, she...

she posts all these delicious recipes.

She's a great cook.

Oh, shoot, I...

I, uh... I forgot the best part.

That's okay.

No, no. We need it.

Go on, have some more.

I'm full.

Eat it, hon.

Eat it.

Is this what you like?


Come on, why?

'Cause she's blonde?

'Cause she's fit?

'Cause she has perfect tits?

'Cause she's white?


I did everything.

I gave everything.

I gave you everything.

I gave up everything.


'Cause she's not you.


who am I?


- Mommy!
- I'll take Luke.


- What's happening?
- I don't know.

I don't know. Are you okay?

It's all right. It's all right.

Okay, you're fine.
You're fine. Okay.


Do you see that?

What is that?

There's nothing there.

If y'all could just quiet down.

Quiet, please.

Thank you.

Well, good Lord, Sheriff Tyson.

Jim Bell, would you please?

Jim Bell, would you please?

The reason we are all standing here today

is to honor your 45 years of service
to this great town.

So we would like to give you
this key to the city

and this certificate
of Town Proclamation 851-B.

Sheriff, why don't you go ahead
and read what it says?

Well, first, uh... Let...

Let me thank y'all for coming out,
and, uh,

thank you, Mayor Heller,
for setting all this up, and, um...

This is...

This is a hard day. But it's a good one.

My Mary-Star likes to say,

"This ain't the end.
It's just the end of the beginning."


Believe you me, being retired with her
is gonna feel like a lifetime.

No. It's not.

Anyways, um...

Let's see if I can still read good.

"The mayor of Idabel, Oklahoma,
hereby declares today

Sheriff Jim Bell Tyson Day."

"We honor Sheriff Jim Bell Tyson
for his 45 years of service

and a life...

a life well lived with duty and purpose...

a life well lived with duty and purpose...

a life and a career of meaning."

You okay?

Come on, now, you sumbitch.
Show me. Come on, now!

Chet? Cal?