Invasion (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Going Home - full transcript

The President of the United States gives an urgent global address in an attempt to prepare the world for what lies ahead.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -


F-Fuck is going on out here, man?

Oh, yes!

This is SOC Trevante Cole, Task Unit...


I'm located at FOB Clemons.

Anyone out there?

If anybody can hear me...

If anyone is out there,
I am located at FOB Clemons.


My eight-digit grid is, um,

2-niner-three-five, break,


SOC Trevante Cole, Task Force Saxo.

I am the sole survivor
of Operation Vantage.

Do any US or friendly forces read me?

Three-five, break,


And I need a helo extract ASAP.


At this rate, maybe a week.

With rations,
we could stretch another week, maybe.

And I gotta get the genny going again too.

- Yeah.
- Gotta be careful. There's a curfew.

There's a lot of whack jobs
acting like militia.


We want you to be safe
till you find somewhere.

All I was saying is that one of us
needs to go to the store, that's all.

You and I can go. Bring the gun.

Okay. My kids though...

I don't know about a gun.
And I just wanna be with them.

And if we...

We could try
going to the Sanders' house.

They may have extra food, batteries.
They spend the winters out here.

They have kids of their own, honey.

They're good people, but you know Bill.

I'll go.

Oh, no...

Are you sure?

I'll go to the store.

We have money. You gave us shelter, food.

Are you sure you don't want me to?

I'll go.

They'll be less afraid
if you're with them.

And can you get us some gummies
if they have them?

If they have them, yes.

Hey, come here. Come here.

Any requests?


Be safe.

There's nothing to be worried about.

Now your turn.

You're the man of the house now.

I'll get you.
I'll get you, Sarah. Come here.


- What is that?
- Let's look ahead.

- Let's hurry up.
- Hey, guys, look at the window.

- Do you think someone's in there?
- I don't know.


- Hello?
- Hello?

Is there anyone in there?

Whoa! Guys, guys.


- Oh, my God.
- Let's go!

Oh, my God.

So hungry.

Oh, they got crisps too!
Come on. Come on.

This tastes better than sex.

That's what your mum told me.

Let's go!

Oh, Biggie!

Yes, bro!

Where's the driver?

Maybe someone came along, scooped him up.

He could be laid up in a hospital by now.

I'm sure he's all right if he isn't here.

Hey, Jamila! Chocolate!



- Yeah?
- Yo.

Can you try and get a signal from this?
See if you can call in for help.


- Oi! You're making it worse.
- Hold on. I could be getting a signal.

What you are hearing

- is an emergency broadcast.
- Or signals.

Emergency broadcast. This is not a test.

You're a genius, man.

Emergency broadcast.

This is not a test.

Please remain indoors
and wait for further information.

What you are hearing
is an emergency broadcast.

Ch-Change the channel, okay?
Get another signal or something.

- Shit.
- Hello?

Can anyone hear?

Is there anyone there?
We've been attacked.

What's happening?



What's happening with this? Look again.


We need to talk.

We have nothing to talk about.

- I'm calling security.
- Listen to me.

This isn't what I have to say,

but somebody else.

Please carry on. Excuse me for a moment.

What is she doing?

Do you see something?

I can't see anything.

- Wajo.
- Say something.


I fired you, didn't I?

You broke in and made it this far.

Surely you knew
the next step would be jail.

Yes, that is right.


The sound: "Wajo." If that was audible,
that means the Hoshi didn't depressurize.

In short, there's still air. Which means...

Which means...

they are all alive?

how many years have you been married?

I'm not sure how this is relevant.

Twenty-seven years.

Twenty-seven years.

Even if it was speculation, what if...

you were able to save your wife?

What would you do?

You were having an affair.

With who?



But then that guy... that man...

The Emperor Hit Man was...

An awful actor.


No disagreement with you there.

You aren't the only one
that heard something in that transmission.

That sound.

Those people aren't JASA.

They're linguists.

What are you hiding?

- Ma'am, what are you doing here?
- You shouldn't be out.

Excuse me.
You are aware there's a curfew, right?

- Are you here alone?
- Yes.

- Are you hurt? Injured?
- No.

- Are you sure? We can get you a doctor.
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Ma'am, listen...
- I'm a doctor. I'm... I'm fine.

I'm just here getting food.

You're a doctor? Ma'am,
we could definitely use another doctor.

There's not much left here.

- Nothing left?
- The looters have taken everything.

Look, we're headed to the next town.

There's a lot of provisions there
for people who help.

We need volunteers.

And we could definitely
use another doctor.

All right,
so we're gonna leave your car here.

We need to limit traffic to our vehicles
as much as we can.

There'll be supplies there.

One of ours heading this way
will bring you back.

You can ride in the ambulance
with the other medical staff.

All right, Doctor?

Thank you.

Not exactly the usual rounds.

Thought I saw everything
I was gonna see in my residency.

Uh, David Barton, orthopedics,
St. Mary's in Trenton.


Angela. Angela Lockhart,
pediatrics, NYU Medical.

Good to meet you, Dr. Lockhart.

All right, let's move. Lock it up.

Somebody kill that.

Why'd you do that?

- That was our only way to communicate...
- With who?

Some Chinese halfway round the globe,

Now we don't know what's going on.

Yes, we do. Okay?

Some terrorist blew bombs somewhere.

Or some Russian geezer
finally dropped a bomb on the Yanks.

Or somebody shot up a church.
Or square. Maybe even our school.

Okay? This is what they do.

Grown-ups always fucking up the world.
Now they've done it again.

It's always the same old shit, isn't it?

Guys, we need to get home.

What, scared of some chocolate, yeah?

You do wanna go home, don't you?

What do you think it was?

Yo, Casp. You all right?

Yeah. I'm good.

Aw, man.

Yeah, you'd think a brother would
get used to death the more he sees it.

Fuck. Shit.

I'm not good at this stuff, man.

But dying's easy.
You know, you said that to me once, bro.

Fuck. Fuck.

You said a lot of stupid shit,
but, you know, I remember that one.

I remembered it.

And I remember the last thing
that you said to me.

You said, "Go home."

There's some very real shit going on here.

And I know you saw it.

And that's why you said,
"There's a fucking war coming."

So I'm gonna listen to you this one time.

And I promise you...

I'm going home.

I'm going home, okay?

I'm not sure.

What you want?

You was telling the truth.

About your dad.

You don't wanna go home, do you?

Look, you can tell me, okay?
You know my story.

Well, you don't know mine.

He didn't leave.

My old man. I wish he did.

Still shagging his secretary.

Different ones, different years.

Mum's still with us.

She's up most nights...

popping pills or whatever.

I... I don't care.

What, you sad about it?

That's why you don't wanna go home.

You two having a snog?

You... You're scaring the others.

They should be scared.

All the more reason
they don't need you making it worse.

Get on. Let's go.

Yeah, grown-ups suck.

And, yeah,
our parents are trying to off us.

But we can't just sit here
and have a wank about it.

So let's go home,

nom some Quavers,

and then we can swap
all the sob stories we want.


All right.

Grab whatever you can carry.
We're moving out.

Jamila, go where?

So, where you going?

Well, come on.

They said stay indoors.

Someone's going to come. They have to.

- And, Casp, man. Yo, there's chocolate.
- What?

This isn't indoors.

Home is that way.

He's right.

There's chocolate.

And water.

I don't wanna go. We've got a roof.

Yeah, I'm staying too.


Night's coming, innit?

What about you?

Casp, forget it, man.
This guy's all spit and no game.

This guy's scared of the dark.

- What you say, knobless?
- I said, "Prove it."

Prove you're not scared.

Prove you're not pissing your pants
right now, knobless.

Alfie, listen, we've all the right
to be pissing our pants right now.

He's the one pissing his pants.

How am I supposed to piss my pants
if I ain't got a knob?

- You squat.
- You squat!

Leave him, okay? Let him stay if he wants.

I'm not staying.

The last thing I need is to sit around
and waste another minute with you lot.

Let's go.


Yo, bruv.

To be real, I'm not scared of shit,
but my leg's fucked.

Catch a cabbie or something.

I can meet you halfway.
We can ditch these lot.

Cool. Yeah, see you in a minute.

See you in a minute.

You gonna be okay?

Come on, bro. Run to her.
I see youse talking.

There's only five of us.

At least we brought the worst one.

Well, we don't have TV, so entertainment.

You're entertaining enough.

- What do they need us to do?
- What procedures?

Beats me. Whatever they give us, I guess.

Hey, Nurse. What have we got here?

You can scrub, and they'll take you in.


We got a bleeder.

Pass the defibrillator.

Can someone get me the towels?

Angela, you wanna help me over here?

I got a laceration that needs closing.
I could, uh, use your help here.

Don't know what caused it.

Nurse said he had
some kind of collision, something.

I don't know.

Looks clean though.


Angela, we need to close him up.


What do you see?

Whoa, whoa. Easy. Easy.

Give me a hundred mics of fentanyl now.

- Now!
- Got it.


Heart rate climbing, 110.



- 132.
- Angela.

Is that some kind of foreign body?

Patient stabilizing.

If I had closed him up
with that in there, he would have died.

You saved him.

This was sent
from Kibo about six hours ago.

At first, we thought it was a malfunction.

When we looked into it, we realized
that it wasn't coming from inside Kibo.

That means...

Sound cannot travel through space.

We didn't know how to interpret it.

But listen.

It repeats.


Then here...

That's why you called linguists in.

A language without sound.

What in the world...

What is it?


Both its source and form
are extraterrestrial in nature.

There is also interferometry data
getting collected

by at least six event horizon telescopes.



Yes, I see.

The Americans are on their way.

All allied space programs
are cooperating with America on this.


What does America care about the Hoshi?

Or her crew?

I know that capsule.

I need equipment,

a portable system to establish
communication with the antenna...

I can't give you JASA equipment.


if you broke in and stole it from me

after I fired you...

You can get into any room with this.

You asked me what I would do
if it were possible to save my wife.

It's obvious.



don't let anybody get in your way.

Bring her back.

Come on.

Come on.


- Learah?
- Trev?

It's not, uh... Right.
It's not our regular time.

- We're not in regular times now...
- Are you watching?


So far, there's no official word
from the White House.

- Watching what?
- The TV, all this stuff that's going on.

It's on the TV?

What are they saying?

Why? You know something about it?

...and air traffic
control outages continue to...

- Are you somewhere safe?
- What?

I'm home. Trev, you're scaring me.

Don't be scared. Just listen, okay?
Look, I know where a NATO base is.

Camp Travis is 80 miles away,
just outside Karz.

The last liftoff, okay?
And maybe with the Germans...

I don't think you coming here
is a good idea.

- Trev, please. Don't...
- And I know I haven't been...

Don't... No, don't... don't do this.

You ran away. You did.

Just listen.
I just need you to stay there.

Stay safe and listen to me.

- I'm listening, Trev. I'm safe.
- 'Cause I'm coming home.

Okay? It won't be the same.

It won't ever be the same.
I know that. But you need to just...

Trev, please.

Breaking from Washington,
rather a secure location,

the president
is about to address the nation.

- Trev? It's the president.
- We go live now to the president.

- What?
- On the TV.

I think she's about to tell us
what the hell's going on. Hold up.

My fellow Americans

and fellow citizens of the world,

this address is being broadcast
in over 100 languages

across every continent.

What I have to say to you is not
something I was ever prepared to say.

And I do not expect you
to be prepared to hear it.

As many of you know by now,

we are suffering from inexplicable

and seemingly unrelated incidents
around the world,

ranging from power outages,

the destruction of communications,
infrastructure and homes.

We now believe
these incidents are not unrelated,

but, in fact, connected.

Connected to signals received by
event horizon telescopes around the world,

all aimed at the sky,

monitoring the stars
and what may lay beyond.


I am here to tell you
that we are not alone in the universe.

What is being visited upon our Earth
is not of our Earth.

Dear God.

- Protect us from evil.
- We do not yet know

- the purpose or the predisposition...
- Watch over us, God, please.

...of this alien arrival.

So I am hoping we can maintain
our equanimity.

And, more importantly...

The crew perished.

- ...our unity.
- The system was attacked.

Now, more than ever...

The US command system is in
an incredibly dangerous situation.

...we must come together regardless of flag,
faction, religion, or race.

For we all belong to one race today.

The human race. We are all...

What Yamato-san is talking about
is Murai-san...

We are all family.


hold your loved ones close.

And do the same
for strangers who need shelter.


We need help up here.

Doctor. Doctor.

Listen, we're moving
as many doctors around as we can.

They need emergency help
right up the highway.

A lot more people, a lot less doctors.

Are you ready to move now? Please.

- We need you. Please.
- Are you... Are you all right?

I mean... My God. I don't know what I mean.

We made a vow,

an oath on the Bible, or whatever, right?

It wasn't the Bible.

Whatever it was, we're doctors.
We've already made this choice, right?


Ma'am, we need to go now. Please.

Go. Let's go.
Let's go. Let's move.

Until further notice,
I am declaring martial law

for the protection of all.

As we leaders around the world
are working to make contact...

I'm coming home.