How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 14 - Make Me the Enemy - full transcript

Previously on
How to Get Away With Murder...

Did Laurel tell you she got
a creepy call from a mouth-breather?

She thinks it was her mother.

- What did Christopher see?
- I don't think he saw anything.

You don't think?!

We're prepared to offer you
complete immunity, Ms. Keating.

They're now saying
they have to take my laptop.

I'd feel more comfortable

if I was reassigned to a new agent.

I'm gonna have to take you off
Bonfire until further notice.

This is FBI
Special Agent Claire Telesco.

This is Laurel Castillo. Call me back.

When Officer Gladden
uncuffed the inmate,

Mr. Lahey then reached for her gun.

I have a present for you.

From your father, really.

Thought you would like
to know how proud he was.

- It's late.
- Yeah, I'll go.

I know who killed Nate Senior.

Emmett Crawford.

Are we sure these
are Emmett's phone records?

- I'm not sure of anything anymore.
- I'm just saying.

This is the same Governor
who played you before.

Like I need you to remind me.

Okay, look at the time.

Emmett called the female guard
just minutes after I quit C&G.

Nate Senior was dead two hours later.

You don't kill a man

because you're pissed
your employee quit.

You do if you want to destroy me.

Or Birkhead's made this all up.

That's why I invited you here...

so you could tell me who to believe.

I can't tell you that.

But I can tell you
Emmett Crawford is not a man

who goes around ordering hits on people.

- We don't know him.
- We don't know the Governor either.

I didn't invite the Governor to my home,

introduce her to my mom.

Being polite to a lonely man
on Christmas

doesn't make you a fool.

I almost kissed him.

You had already left.
I wasn't even drunk.

I just...

I needed something. He was there.

Well, there's your answer.

That man's into you, Annalise.

Just the whiff of sex
will lower his defenses.

So you're telling me to play the whore?

I'm telling you to use the gifts
your mamma gave you.

Or drive yourself crazy
with not knowing.

Can we talk?

Of course.

Let me again say thank you
so much for Christmas.

Oh, that's exactly what I wanted
to talk to you about.

About that, uh, it was just a moment.

You don't have to worry.

I'm not worried.

I-I just mean we can pretend
it never happened.

What if I wanted it to happen?

Annalise, I... I've already had

one misconduct crisis at this firm.

So the board is why you're saying no?

No, please don't take this as a no.

Are you sure there's not another reason?

I'm attracted to you,
if that's what you mean.

It wasn't.

I just think it's best if
we keep this professional.

I get it.

You can't stop being
this firm's good little boy.


Hello to you, too.

Everyone in here, including you, Oliver!

We have a project.

- So do we...
- studying for our midterms.

Yeah, or did you forget that
we're still hoping to graduate

- at the end of the year?
- You won't get the chance to graduate

unless we get Oliver's laptop back.

Uh, I told you. It's encrypted.

And didn't Telesco get suspended?

She isn't the only FBI officer
investigating Miller's case.

We have to write up a motion
to get the laptop back.

I'm thinking we focus on 4th
Amendment violations to start.

And let's be quick. I can only be
out of the office a few hours.

BonBon back in charge. I like it.

Where's Laurel?

Uh, Christopher has a check-up
at the pediatrician.

Ms. Castillo.

You brought your baby.

- Christopher.
- Cute.

You were vague on the phone.

I assume this is about
the Miller investigation?


Someone keeps calling me from
a blocked number and hanging up.

You called me because you're
getting prank phone calls?

I think it's my mother.

I think she's trying to
warn me about something.

What does this have to do with the FBI?

I haven't heard from her
since my father was arrested.

I assumed you put her
in Witness Protection.

You're making a lot of assumptions here.

I'm a mother. I have to assume
the worst to protect my son.

I can find out who's calling

and offer you and your son protection,

but I need information in return.

About my father?

Your father's in prison.

I'm more interested in people you know

who also deserve to be in prison
for crimes currently unsolved.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You do.

So talk,

and perhaps I can get you
the same immunity deal

your professor wanted.

Clearly you need time to think about it.

Stay safe, little guy.

What is that?

I didn't want to tell you
until I knew it was true.

Just show me, Annalise.

Emmett called Paula Gladden

on the night your father was killed.

And they were talking weeks before,

like they were planning it.

Who gave you this?

The Governor.

I know.

She's doing exactly
what I'd do in her position.

She's framing the only other
person she can think of...

Or she's telling the truth.

Pops' letters to your mom.

"Yesterday some slick lawyer visited,

said he wanted me to fire
Annalise and hire him.

I sent his sorry ass packing,
of course."


Who else?

You sure these are all
the visitors from that week?

Everyone who signed in, at least.

Then get me the security footage.

I don't have access to that.

And honestly, I just need my money.

What if I can get you more money?

I've done all I can, Nate.

Name your price.

- How much?!
- You're the one making all

that blood money from the firm.

Fine. But he only gets paid
when he delivers.

Talk later.

There's no clinic
during break... you know that.

My mom wants to visit me this weekend.

- But she still thinks I'm in Virginia.
- What?

I never told her I transferred from UVA.

Why are you telling me this?

- Because it involves you.
- No, it involves you.

You made the decision to come here.

You made the decision to lie to her.


I-I thought I was being
considerate coming to you.

No, you came to me because you wanted me

to tell you what to do.

I already saved your ass
from federal prison,

so my work is done.

Fine. Fine, I'll just...
I'll just tell her the truth.

So just be ready when
she shows up at your door.

Tell her the truth and she goes
back to snorting pills.

You want that?

Look, I...

I'm just really confused right now.

- I feel alone.
- It's called adulthood, Gabriel.

Every single one of us
is alone all the time.

Accept it now and you'll save
yourself a lot of pain later.

Thanks for the advice.

What horrible thing are you
about to ask me to do?

Gabriel's mother wants to visit.

Obviously, that's not
what any of us want.

Can't he just lie to her, say
he's buried studying for exams?

See, you're already thinking
two steps ahead.

Go to his place, make sure
he stops her visit.

You mean go to his place
and use my boobs again.

I want you to use your mind, Michaela,

just like you did with Simon.

You hated what I did with Simon.

And we haven't heard from him since.

Clearly, I was wrong.

Don't look at me like
I've never said that before.

You only say that when you're
trying to manipulate us.

Look at me.

Right now.

I'm dealing with a mess right now

that makes me
want to cash out my savings

and take a plane somewhere
none of you know exists.

What is going on?

Consider it a gift that
I'm not telling you.

- What's up?
- Annalise's midterm is in a week,

- and my roommates don't care.
- Makes sense.

Annalise will probably
pass you all anyway.

Not true. But if you don't
want a study partner

who consistently ranks
in the top 5% of her class,

I'll let you figure it out on your own.

You're not gonna plant
another nanny cam, are you?

I wouldn't even know how to do that.

Bet you didn't know cars could fly.

Well, they can't, but they will
when you're old enough to drive.

He's really turned a corner
with his eye tracking.

Was Annalise gonna take
immunity from the FBI?

Where'd you hear that?

From her. She said she was
gonna talk to the FBI.

It's obvious.

Ah, they just wanted to
question her about Miller.

And everything else.

Look, Tegan got Telesco
suspended, so stop stressing.

It's gonna rub off on Christopher.

Yeah, you mean more than the wedding?

Look at the guy.

He's thriving, Laurel.

Yeah, well, I'm not.

Maybe that's because you
haven't forgiven Bonnie.

- Stop...
- I'm serious.

She's in a bad place.

I'm not saying that's on you.

But I know she hates herself
for what happened.

And that you talking to her

and forgiving her

could be the thing that keeps her alive.

Can you help me find out why
my mother is calling me?

- If she's calling...
- It's her.

I know you think I'm paranoid,

but my father was never
just gonna sit in prison.

I need to protect Christopher.

Why don't you get that?

I'll call Otis.

Thank you.

"Special Agent Telesco
was recently exposed

as committing misconduct,

specifically planting false evidence..."

" the case
United States v. Maddox."

"It's also come to our attention

that Agent Telesco engaged
in romantic relations

with an FBI informant."

- Don't put that in. We can't know that.
- Hey.

Why are you here?

Uh, we're getting Oli's laptop back.

How was the check-up?


Do we think it's smart to keep

taking shots at Telesco in court?

Isn't that just like poking the bear?

Well, she's on probation.

It's our best argument for the motion.

Okay, we are all proofed.

Only thing left is, who's gonna
be Oli's attorney?

Put Oliver. He'll represent himself.

- What?
- Seriously, no.

I'll prep you. You'll be fine.


I mean, I guess I've watched
Annalise enough in court,

and I did do musical theater
in high school.

Why don't I do it?

You need to be supervised
by a licensed attorney.

I'm Oliver's husband.
I can be co-plaintiff.

We'll just say that the computer
contains my personal information, too.

But it doesn't.

Look, this isn't some
fender-bender case.

We need to stack the deck
as best as we can here.

Good. Add Connor and file it
with the judge right away.

On it.

Danielle said you needed me?

Come in.


So, how are you?

Okay, you know me... straight shooter.

So if there's something
I've done wrong...

That's for you to tell me.

A few weeks ago, I.T. alerted me
to an e-mail you received

in which you were referred
to as "Jane Doe."

I never confronted you about it

because I didn't want
to believe it was true.

- Is it?
- No.

I think whoever sent that e-mail
was trying to frame me.

Who would do that?

That's what I can't figure out.

But Sandrine Castillo
informed against Antares,

just like Laurel told us.

I just didn't tell you about
that e-mail because...

Well, I was afraid of this.

Emmett, please.

I'm not that stupid.

I know.

That's why I called you in.

- You want my job, right?
- I'm sorry?

I've decided to pursue a job
opportunity outside of the firm.

- Why?
- It's just time.

You, on the other hand,
deserve a promotion...

to managing partner if it's up to me.

- You're kidding.
- Ah, you single-handedly, uh,

saved Ruthie's Burgers,
you brought in new accounts,

not to mention you're brilliant.


Unless you're not interested.

- I'm interested.
- Good.

I'll make sure that e-mail
never sees the light of day,

and I'll talk to the board.


That other job.

It's a competing firm?



Then what is it?

Between us?


Girl, he's gonna run for D.A.

Since when?

I don't know, but it's
suspicious, right?

Like maybe he knows you know
and that the Governor knows

and this is just his way
to protect himself from going to jail.

That's insane.

This whole situation
is insane, Annalise.

No wonder you drink.

Your mom making sure her little
boy isn't working too hard?

Not my mother.


You'd like her.

Okay, how do you have time to date

with everything that's going on?

I compartmentalize...

you know, find good things to
think about instead of the bad.

If you want, I can show you how.

- Stop.
- You sure?

Because it seemed like you were
looking for something else

- when you came here.
- I came to study.

- You came because Annalise sent you.
- No.

Are you supposed to talk me
out of letting my mother visit?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Of course you don't.

Do the lies ever stop with you guys?


You are calling me a liar?

You're right. We lied to each other.

But I'm done with that.

Which is why I went to Annalise,

so I could try to figure out
a way to handle my mother

without lying to her
for the rest of my life.

Tell her you got the flu...

...or that you need to lock
yourself in a library.

Anything to distract her so that
you can take your exams here

and then transfer back to
wherever you came from.

Except I want to stay at Middleton.


Do not say because of me.

I was never gonna say that.

But, you know, it's good to know
you think I like you that much.

You hungry? I'll make us something.

Perhaps I can get
you the same immunity deal

your professor wanted.


Mamma doesn't want to drag you
to the FBI again,

so your uncles are gonna watch
you until I'm back, okay?

Can we talk?

It's fine. Christopher's fine.

Please, Laurel.

You have every right to hate me.

- I don't.
- Just let me say this.

I don't talk about it... you know that.

But no one ever protected me
when I was a child.

So the fact that I'm now the
adult who hurt Christopher...

...I'll never forgive myself.

What if I forgive you instead?

You don't need to do that.

You know, it's not your job.

I'm so sorry.

BonBon, it worked!

We just got a court time
for this afternoon!

Are the two of you 100% sure

you want to proceed without counsel?

I'm a third-year law student

and fully prepared to argue
the motion, Your Honor.

Mr. Walsh, the seized
property at issue here

doesn't appear to belong to you.

That's correct, but as
Mr. Hampton's husband,

I also have personal information
on the computer,

which qualifies me as an aggrieved party

pursuant to the Supreme Court's
determination of standing

established in Wiebe v. NSA.

Meaning I have property rights

that could be negatively impacted

by the government's actions.

I know what your property rights are.

What I don't know is how
they're being violated here.

They aren't, Your Honor.

The FBI hasn't looked at
any materials on the computer

beyond what's outlined on the warrant.

A warrant requested
by the same FBI agent

who was recently called out
for misconduct

in the case of Gabriel Maddox.

Agent Telesco's been removed
from this investigation.

Well, then, doesn't that invalidate

your claim, Mr. Walsh?

No. The basis for the warrant
was unfounded.

But aren't there legitimate reasons

for the FBI's search of the computer?

- No. Any reason...
- I was asking the A.U.S.A.

The wedding is the last place
Ronald Miller was seen alive.

Their wedding photos could
contain vital information.

Say the download thing.

The FBI could have simply
downloaded the photos

in our presence without
taking the computer.

Not unless you and Mr. Hampton
already deleted some of them.

- Wedding photographer.
- Young man.

- No more of that.
- Sorry.

My point is, there is
no legitimate reason

why they needed access
to the entire computer.

Well, I disagree, Counsel.

While you are quite confident,

that doesn't make up for the fact that

the alleged bias by Agent Telesco

- has been remedied.
- Uh, but...

I rule that the FBI can keep the
computer as long as they need.

Motion denied.

Too bad this wasn't
just a fender bender.

Tell me all that money was worth it.

Check your e-mail.

I thought we were getting footage.

He couldn't access the full archives,

just some compressed files.

You think it's Emmett?

Looks like him.

I've wanted to smack the back
of that head enough times.

It's not the right contract.

Get me the right one.
Otherwise, you're fired.

If you're working on something,
I can come back.

You're the boss.

I'm here to do whatever you need.

Look, you're right.


About me being the firm's bitch.

There's no reason I should give up

on the chance of you
outside of this place.

So would you perhaps go to
dinner with me some time?

Is tonight too soon?

Frank: So, I talked to Otis.

He thinks this is the number
of the person

who's been pranking you.

It's a New York number,

but Otis said it's probably just a decoy

so no one can trace the location.

You really want to open
this can of worms?

It's fine.

Nous sommes désolés.

Le numéro que vous avez composé

a été déconnecté.

Ceci est un enregistrement.

The hell does that mean?

The number is disconnected.

Maybe I should just call my brother.

- Stop...
- I need him to tell me what's going on.

Or maybe this is one of those
times where we do nothing.


We're never gonna be together...
I know that,

but Christopher's my guy.

I'll kill a whole army of your family

before I let them take him
from you again.

I just want a normal life.

Don't we all?

- That's his poop cry.
- Yeah.

You have sexy lipstick on.

It's for my date with Emmett.

- What?!
- He changed his mind.

- You can't go.
- It was your idea!

Emmett had Nate Senior killed, Annalise.

I called in a favor and got
a copy of his phone records.

They match what the Governor gave you.

You trust your I.T. guy?

I.T. woman, and yes.

She's my ex, and she's a genius.

Then why's she your ex?

My point is, Emmett's guilty.

I want to look him in the eye.

Make his guilty ass sweat.

I'm so glad

you guys put the rib eye
back on the menu.

You've been here before?

I've been a fan of the chef

since her first restaurant in New York.

So you've had the crispy
Brussels sprouts?

I'm mean, they're my crack.

You might as well put in the order now.

Done. What about cocktails?

- Uh, no, thanks.
- We're not drinking tonight.

Oh, don't not drink because of me.

Nah, it's fine.

He'll have a double Scotch.
Keep 'em coming.


I hope that's not because
I seem nervous.

- Aren't you?
- A little.

Is it me? Am I making you nervous?

Uh, I don't know how to answer that.

Well, how 'bout the truth?

Uh, I don't know about you,

but I haven't done this
in a while... a date.

- And not with an employee.
- A colleague.

You see, I'm...
I'm already screwing this up.

Ah, that remains to be seen.

Dinner is served. Unless you're vegan.

In that case, there's
no fake cheese here.

Let me guess.

You made Janelle grilled cheese, too?

Okay, first of all,
calling this "grilled cheese"

is like saying LeBron James
is just a basketball player.

No, no, this...
this is Crucolo on brioche.


Yeah, I know my way around a kitchen.

Seriously, if you were to
make this for my whole house,

they might actually
want you to stick around.

You really want to know why
I want to stay here?

You're in love with me. I get it.

I don't buy that Wes killed Sam.

And maybe you're okay
with not knowing anything

about your birth parents, but...

I want to know about my father.

And that includes
finding out how he died.


All I know is what you know.

No, you know more. I can tell.

Then you're just making things up

because you really want to believe

that half your DNA
isn't from a horrible man.

I get that, more than you know.

What do you mean?

My birth father shot my mother.

Do I know why?


Because all I know is that
I am responsible for me...

not my birth parents,
not my adoptive parents.

And honestly, I really like that.

Because that means I don't
have to deal with their crap

or expectations, and...

And I get to be me.

And on most days, I really like me.

None of my parents have
anything to do with that.

Now I see why Annalise sent you.


You just made up that story

so we could stop talking about Sam.

Know what?

Call your mother, tell her everything...

including that Michaela Pratt

will never ever be with her lame son!

Okay, okay, okay.

- Just let me go!
- I'm sorry.

I believe you, all right?

I hate myself for even
telling you any of that.

Everything okay?

What's going on?

I'm just tired.

What the hell'd you say to her?



Walk away from meand I'll...

...beat your face.

My family's fourth-generation Concord...

uh, ice-skating on Walden Pond,
lacrosse in the spring.

I was there until Hotchkiss, then Yale,
Oxford for a semester...

This is the whitest
crap I have ever heard.

So true.

That was all set before I was born...

yeah, the poli sci major, law school,

partner track
at the white shoe law firm...

I mean, it's pathetic I'm only now

thinking about getting off the train.

What do you mean? New job?

I'm not sure.

And you? I-I mean, I know
you're not long for C&G.

Mm, I think you're confusing me
with yourself.


You're running for District Attorney.

Yeah, I was, um...

waiting until dessert to tell you.


Isn't it obvious? You don't approve.

- Who cares if I approve?
- I do.

How long have you been planning this?

Not long.

You inspired me, actually.


I'm the firm's good little boy, right?

And not all of us can, uh,

take a class action
to the Supreme Court.

Maybe this is my version.

You don't think I should do it?

I don't know if I believe you.

You don't believe my reasons
for wanting to do this

- or you just don't like it?
- Both.

See, I knew this would ruin our dinner.

No. Who says it's ruined?

Well, you should see the way
you're looking at me.

Well, I'm just trying to
get to know the real you.

Well, I'm here. Ask me anything.

Well, that's not easy
for someone like you.

What am I like, Annalise?

You perform, people-please.

Why? You covering up something?

I have no idea what the
hell you're talking about.

You don't get a big job at
the most powerful law firm

in the world without
burying a few bodies.

- Is that what you're afraid of? My past?
- I'm not afraid of anything with you.

You are. That's why
you're attacking me now.

No. This is me attacking you?

Look, I got flaws, Annalise,
God knows...

- I'm noticing.
- And you don't, right? You're perfect.

Smartest person in the room.

I'm realer than anyone else in the room.

No, if that were true, you would
appreciate being with a man

who calls you out on your crap.

But you can't handle that.

You'd rather go in attack mode,
make me the enemy,

even if it means pushing away
someone who cares about you.

I just don't get you, Annalise.


'Cause I get you completely.

Where's Annalise?

She was never coming.


We're not sure the Governor
put the hit on my pops anymore.

Then who did?

Emmett Crawford.

So Ron wasn't involved?

We don't know who was involved
at this point.

Why are you telling me this?

Annalise clearly didn't want you to.

'Cause I need your help.

We need the video from this meeting.

Warden Sykes is the only one
who can sign off.

I don't know him.

But you got something on him.

Police, medical examiner,
and inquest jury

all came to the same conclusion...

my guards followed
all protocol that night.

You can tell Lahey I said that.

I'm not here for him.

Right. Think I haven't heard
he's still sniffing around this?

There's people sniffing around you, too.

I'll get fired for telling
you this, disbarred,

but the D.A.'s office is looking
into you for corruption.

That's bull.

This is Sykes.

Jeff, hey. Ron Miller here.

Oh. I didn't recognize the number.

Yeah, my phone died.

Uh, listen, I'm calling to thank you

for handling the
Nate Lahey Senior transfer.

I'm willing to tell you about
what's coming down the line.

I just need you to agree.

To what?

Give me all the security-cam footage

from your visitor's room on this date.

That judge had it
out for me from the start.

Plus that argument she made
about the removal of Telesco

invalidating our claim was wrong.

Can you give me your password again?

"Bananas47" didn't work.

Did you add the exclamation point?

It's the court's jurisdiction
to determine fairness

in using a biased affidavit,

but she wouldn't let me say that

because she was so hell-bent
on putting me in my place.

What are you doing?

Hacking the judge's credit card.

On my computer?

Your plan didn't work,
so now we're gonna do mine.

It's a federal crime
to hack a judge, Oliver.

I was reading your ethics textbook

and came across this thing

about the appearance
of impropriety with judges.

Well, you can't reargue
the same motion twice.

Unless there's new evidence.

Which there isn't.

Then what do you call this?

Just admit you're impressed.

Your motion states you have
newly discovered evidence.

Or, like your husband, do you plan

to waste my time here
today, Mr. Hampton?

Uh, o-of course not, Your Honor.

Then proceed.


As you know, I'm not a law student,

but last night, after the hearing,

I was reading about how even
the appearance of impropriety

can be just as problematic
as actual impropriety.

As previously stated,
Agent Telesco's off this case.

I'm not talking about Agent Telesco.

I'm talking about you, Your Honor.

- Excuse me?
- Let me know when it's over.

when you signed the warrant,

it was Christmas Day,

during which you ate at
Delmonicos Wine Bar.

How do you know that?

My old neighbor's a waiter there.

I talked to him last night.

Signing a warrant outside the courtroom

is completely within
a judge's discretion.

Respectfully, how can we know

that you didn't
have wine with your meal?

- I didn't.
- But it's a wine bar.

Unless I'm misinterpreting the law,

even if you weren't drinking at the time
that you signed the warrant...

You're worried about
the public appearance?

Respectfully, yes,

because according to my research,

you should be worried about
the public appearance, too,

just in case anyone even thinks

that you had signed this
warrant under the influence.

Judge, were you or were you
not under the influence

at the time you signed the warrant?

Clearly, the answer is no.

Yes, but you only have my word.

You are a renowned judge
in this district.

Because I hold myself to
high standards, Mr. Bordal.

Mr. Hampton, I don't often say this...

but well done.

Your Honor, this is
a District Attorney's death

- we're investigating...
- The only way I can expect others

to hold themselves accountable
in my courtroom

is if I do it myself.

So thank you for being my
teacher here today, Mr. Hampton,

and for doing it so respectfully.

Due to the potential appearance
of judicial impropriety

and the fact that the FBI
has had ample time to download

the necessary files,

I hereby vacate the warrant

and order the immediate return
of Mr. Hampton's computer.

Oliver for the win!

How did you get it back?

Apparently, Oliver's charm
works on judges

just as well as it does on me.

It's the dimples. Don't get too excited.

I have to make sure they didn't
get past my firewalls.

Researching ways to kill off Gabriel?


Whatever that was last night
looked pretty intense.


He's just an idiot.

Or you had feelings for him
and you know you shouldn't?


You sure? Our secret.

He won't shut up about Sam
or my birth parents.

Wait, uh, back to Sam?

Of course he doesn't believe Wes did it.

Why would he?

And if that weren't bad enough,

he got in my head about
finding my birth parents.

Okay, but, uh...

I thought you always said
you'd never want to find them?

I didn't.

But Gabriel keeps making
me feel like, if I don't,

then I'm never gonna
feel whole or something.

And now here I am,
filling out this stupid form

and hating myself for it.


Uh, so...

You're already whole.

You're like the wholest woman
I've ever met.

Then why do
I feel like I need to do this?

For the... same reason I called my mom.

You called your mom?

Yeah. On Christmas,

after Pam was all,
"Where are your parents?"

Still no call back,
by the way, which hurts,

but, uh... that's not my point.

What is?

Our lives suck.

Like, everything's always
falling apart around us.

So, yeah...

...we want our mommy or our daddy

to tell us everything's gonna be okay.

I mean, it's actually pretty
damn understandable.

I miss us.

I know.

Michaela, Asher, get in here!

What's going on?

My laptop has a program
that takes a picture

of anyone who tries to access
my encrypted files.


Of course Telesco
was gonna try and snoop.

Look at the background.

Oh, my God.

They know about Sam, Rebecca...


They know everything.

Are you still there?

Yes. It's okay.

Of course it's not okay.

Listen, we'd be in jail right
now if they had any real proof.

Shouldn't we not be talking
about this on the phone?

Or getting out of the country?

- Toronto's under eight hours.
- Canada's not far enough.

You need money to be a fugitive.

AK has money.

And the $64,000 clinic prize,

she can give to one of you.

Who is that?

Don't do anything till I call back.

What are you doing?

You want me to be real?
Then you be real with me.

We're done. There's no need
to drag this out.

I didn't kill that man, Annalise!

You know what?
I want you out of my home.

No, not until you accuse me to my face.

Whoever told you that
is trying to get between us.

You and Tegan told me!

C&G has had a bug
in Tegan's office since Antares.

I went and listened to it
after our dinner.

Emmett had Nate Senior killed, Annalise.

I got a copy of his phone records.

Emmett's guilty.

You're too smart to believe
anything the Governor told you.

Of course she's not calling us back.

Yeah, because she's on a plane to Dubai.

Look, I got about a grand
in my checking account.

Maybe if we pool all our money
together, we can go, too.

Or we just go to the FBI,
all negotiate immunity.

What is this?

I'm here as a friend.

Since when?

I'll tell you who killed your father.

You just need to return the favor.

It's right there.

The night Nate Senior was shot,
you called Paula Gladden.

- I don't know who that is.
- The guard who lied

about Nate Senior reaching for her gun!

I never made a call.

- T-This is all fake.
- Says you.

Th... Why in the hell would
I kill Nate's father?!

I quit, humiliated you.

But that's not motive to murder a man!

Then why did you visit him in prison?

- Who?
- Nate Senior.

There's a photo of you meeting with him.

Or are you gonna lie about that, too?

We're gonna be here all night.

I'm gonna lose my job for this
footage, so go somewhere else

if you're gonna be all negative.

There he is.

You're playing yourself, Annalise.

I was genuinely happy

when I was getting ready
for our dinner last night.

I felt alive, because finally

I was doing something I wanted to do.

I was going on a date with
a brilliant, beautiful woman

that I felt lucky to be seen with.

But for you, the whole night
was just a game.

No, it was a game to you,

some last-ditch effort
to make me feel sorry for you.

No, I feel sorry for you
because you can't even

recognize a good man when
he's standing in front of you.

And you think that's you?

Your first instinct is to
believe the worst in people.

You know nothing about me.

Was it your husband?
Was it he who broke you?


Here we go.

Can I help you?

Package for Laurel Castillo.

That's me.

You want to talk about broken?

Why the hell were you so scared of me

the second that you met me?

I could smell it off of you.

It's why I never respected you.

Ah, you don't respect
anyone but yourself!

You let fear control your whole life...

fear of losing status, losing face.

Oh, and you're just so strong, right?

At least I don't hide behind
the color of my skin.

- No, you're hiding in your anger.
- No, that's you

hiding behind your whiteboy privilege.

You'd rather sit behind a desk

than to actually make a choice
that would cost you something.

Trust me, just knowing you has cost me.

So of course I'm gonna believe
that you killed Nate Senior!

Anything to hold on
to every pathetic crumb

you think is your birthright!

But you know what? Game over!

The world doesn't belong to you
and your good old boys anymore!

It belongs to me!

Turn around, jackass.



Who is that?

Never seen him before.

I have.

It's the same size box that
the baptism gown came in.

Then it must be from your mother.

A Christmas present for Christopher?

Maybe money we can all run away with?

Everyone, stop talking.


Is that...

My mother.


Emmett's not the lawyer in the photo.

Who is it?

Xavier Castillo.

Laurel's brother.