How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 12 - We Know Everything - full transcript

Previously on
How To Get Away With Murder...

Why are you all lying?

You're listed as Jane Doe
in all the paperwork,

so no one will know.

Claire, hi. It's Tegan Price.

I wanted to meet up if you have time.

I screwed up. They found out who I am.

Mr. Maddox, when was the last
time you saw D.A. Miller?

Do you know what happens
to infants when they see trauma?

He could have PTSD for the rest
of his life, Bonnie.

- I did it.
- For me.

So don't even think about leaving us.

- Nate has a plan.
- What is it?

The Governor killed Miller.

We just got the DNA results back.

Someone manufactured
those positive results.

- Miller.
- We have someone in custody

who we hope will shed light
on Miller's involvement.

Professor Keating?
I think I need a lawyer.

I'm hoping that's you.


- What did they arrest him for?
- I'm gonna go find out...

But you're not actually
gonna represent him.

Well, he's already told the FBI
agents that I'm his attorney.

Yeah, because it's a setup.

How do I know you're not
working with the FBI?

- What?
- You could be trying to get me

- to say something on a wire.
- No.

No wire.

Please, I don't have anyone else.

Meeting with him would only prove
how close you are with him.

- I'm his professor...
- It's the FBI...

they clearly know that he's Sam's son.

Exactly, and this is them
just starting to gather evidence

to take us all down.

They ask you anything about Sam?

No, they never mentioned him.

So they didn't ask you
anything about me?

No, they just wanted to know

if I saw Nate with Miller
at the wedding.

Did you?

No. And that's what I told them.

So I have no idea why I'm here.

All he's ever done
is lie to us, Annalise.

So more reason for me to go
there to see if you're right.

- And if we are?
- Then you all get gold stars.

- In prison.
- Okay, uh,

I know what we do, right?
Gabriel was at the wedding,

- so we say he killed Miller.
- For what reason?

We'll figure it out later.

Do nothing until you hear from me.

You're not making any sense.

- None of this is making sense.
- They arrested you for a reason.

I think you know why.
You're just not telling me.

I'm telling you everything I know.

- I'm out.
- Why?

Because I don't believe you.

Maybe I never should've. Lesson learned.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

I was talking to Miller
before he went missing.

He reached out to me shortly
after I got into your class.

He said that his old boss
was investigating you

and that he needed me
to help find out more.

He said he would help me
find out what happened to Sam.

It's the only reason I agreed.

- What'd the two of you find out?
- Nothing.

That's why we barely
even talked, honestly.

So I was right. You were lying to me.

Because I knew you wouldn't
help me if I told you.

Look, I obviously can't
call my mom, all right? So...


Don't leave me in here alone.

How did you not know that
Miller was investigating me?

Because it's not true.

- Why would Gabriel lie about that?
- For a million reasons.

We don't know him, Annalise.

Well, you didn't know your boyfriend,
either. That's very clear now.

When did Gabriel say
they started talking?

- It doesn't matter...
- It could've been recent...

Or it could've been
before you started dating the man!

No. He was there for me during Julie...

- He was working you that whole time.
- According to Gabriel!

- Well, I believe him.
- You believed the Governor, too.

How'd that turn out?

I got played, damn straight.

But so did you. So let him go, Bonnie.

It's time. You hear me?

Hey, hey. This is good.

We can use Gabriel.

- How?
- Get him to feed something

to the FBI that links
Miller to the Governor.

We have no proof
that they worked together.

That was just an assumption that
you both made this whole time.

You want us to trust
your gut on Gabriel?

Well, then you have
to trust mine on this.

Find something that points them
to the Governor...

otherwise, the FBI hangs us all.

Thanks for meeting.

I know you're probably slammed
with the Miller investigation.

Isn't that why you called?

- What?
- The D.A.'s missing,

probably dead, and you work with
Annalise Keating now, so...

What's Annalise have to do with Miller?

That's what I was hoping you'd tell me.

I assumed Jorge Castillo
was behind this, like Denver.

That's why I called you.

We haven't found anything
to support that theory.

So now you suspect Annalise?

- I didn't say she was a suspect.
- Then what are you saying?

That I'm open to all possibilities.

And since you work with the woman,

perhaps you could
offer the FBI some help.

I helped you take down Jorge Castillo.

And we protected you,
just like we can here.

Protect me from what?

Just call me if you notice anything
out of the ordinary. Okay?

Of course.

- Sign.
- You sure?

Like you gave me a choice.

We have court in an hour.

We'll find out what they're
charging you with there.

I'm thinking the charge could be

- obstruction of justice.
- For what?

Lying about the extent of his
relationship with Miller.

Be honest. Did you contact Miller,

or did he contact you?

- He contacted me.
- You swear you had nothing to do

- with his disappearance?
- Of course not.

You were the last person to call him

on the night of the wedding.

The wedding we were all at,
so by that logic,

you'd all be suspects
in his disappearance, too.

Maybe they're making up the charges.

It's their way to force him
to be an informant...

- Who's he informing on?
- Us.

Are we really talking about this here?

Did you deny knowing
Sam was your father?

- No.
- Are you sure?

Because concealing information
is a felony under Title 18...

I swear they never directly
asked me about you or Sam.

He had a go bag with a fake I.D.

Forgery is a federal offense.

It was a driver's license.
That's only a state crime.

- Why do you have a fake license?
- I carry it on me at protests...

so that way, if I got arrested,

they'd book me under a fake name.

So if the Feds run Mark Jackson's name,

they're not gonna find anything bad?

Not bad enough for me
to be sitting here.

Good morning.
This is the U.S. District Court,

Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

First up on the docket is

the United States v. Gabriel Maddox.

Mr. Maddox, will you please stand

and face the charges against you?

Due to your actions on
the 13th of August in 2014

in the county of St. Louis, Missouri,

the Federal Government is charging you

with one count of violating
Section 802 of the Patriot Act.

- What the hell?
- Quiet.

Your Honor, on what grounds

is the government throwing
this trumped-up charge at my client?

- What?
- Domestic terrorism.

We will prove the extent

of the defendant's
criminal actions at trial.

You don't accuse
a law student of terrorism

and then bury the evidence until trial.

Fine. The government's
happy to show the court

just how legitimate this charge is.

This photo was taken by a reporter

during the Ferguson protests in 2014.

FBI investigators were
only recently able

to identify the depicted
individual as Gabriel Maddox.

What's illegal about protesting
a police shooting, Your Honor?

Protesting is legal.

Attacking law enforcement
with a chemical agent is not.

This man is wearing a mask.

This could be anyone, Judge.

Further inculpatory evidence
will be presented

once a trial date has been set.

Very well.

Due to the severe nature
of these allegations,

I'm setting bail at $1 million.

Next case.

The United States v. Karl Jones.

Will counsel from both sides...

...please approach and announce
your presence for the record...

Here we go.

You should've called me
for help a long time ago.

What's this?

The call log to Miller's burner phone.

Oh, you found Miller's burner number?

Annalise got it from Gabriel.

Let's hope one of those calls
is to the Governor herself.

Everyone's worried
about Bonnie losing it, but...

maybe that's you.

Take a page, see who Miller was calling.


They're charging Gabriel with terrorism.

- We heard.
- "We"?

- I'm with Nate.
- Did he find anything?

Not yet. Give me some time.

We don't have much time
before Gabriel cracks.

Tell me this is not you.

You want me to lie to you again?

- I was in the right.
- Doesn't look that way.

They started throwing tear gas at us.

People were screaming.
I-It was complete chaos.

I reacted. That doesn't
make me a terrorist.

They're trying to turn you.

Turn me? Turn me against who?

Know what? Write down
all your passwords.

Phone, computer, e-mails,

and for your fake identities, too.

- Why?
- Because that prosecutor said

that they have more proof
of your terrorist activity,

so I'm guessing it's in some of
your old correspondence, too.

Unless you're afraid of what I'll find.

- Was it him in the photo?
- Of course.

So we let him rot in jail?

Unless you want to rot with him.

- Here are his passwords.
- He just gave you these?

Well, not all of us have to hack.

Go through his e-mails,
texts, posts that he wrote

leading up to the protest.

Find anything that the prosecution

could construe as terrorism.

- Call me at the office.
- Wait.

- You'll see Tegan if you go to work.
- Eventually, yes.

She's gonna ask you why we were
shady about the Nate civil suit.

Is now the best time to lie
to an FBI informant?

You know what? This was my mistake.

- I'll take care of it.
- How?

Don't worry. I got this.

- Ms. Price?
- Michaela!

How absolutely lovely to see you.

- You hate me again.
- Are you surprised?

- Look...
- You look.

Because if you've
come tip-toeing in here

to "make things right" yet again...

There's a reason we lied
about not filing

the wrongful death suit.

The FBI is looking into Nate.

- Why?
- I don't know. But it... might be Miller's disappearance.

Why would Nate hurt Miller?

Well, obviously, he didn't.

So you know something?

They probably think
Miller losing the Inquest

pissed off Nate.

But that's why we didn't
want you filing the suit.

So that Nate wouldn't draw
any more attention to himself.

- What else is going on?
- Nothing.

You swear on your unborn children?

On one adorable future president child.

Oh, good. I was just
coming to see Ms. Price,

but maybe, uh, you can fill me in.

- A-About?
- Gabriel Maddox.

Apparently, Annalise is defending him

on a terrorism charge.

You wanna explain?

- Tell me something good.
- It's all bad, if you ask me.

- Shouldn't you be at work?
- When your boss is "missing,"

they let you come and go as you please.

Here. Gabriel used his alias

to post the home addresses
of every cop in Ferguson.

Could be construed
as a threat of violence.

Oliver, can you bury it?

Sorry, I'm looking
at our wedding photos.

- Focus.
- I'm checking to make sure

there's no photos of Miller with Nate.

Oh, God. Like I need any more problems.

I got another one. I went
through Gabriel's text messages

- from the past few months.
- We need something from 2014.

Just look.

Told you. All he does is lie.

What's wrong?

You've been talking to
your mother about me.

No, I haven't.

"How is she treating you?

Has she ever asked you about me?"

You said you were only looking
at messages around Ferguson...

You have me to blame for that.

Well, those messages aren't about you.

They're about Michaela.

- I swear.
- What?

Who tells their mom about a girl
they've kissed four times?

Me, okay?

Look, if I'm happy, she's happy.

She just likes to hear
those kind of things.

All right.


- You have her number?
- Just in case I need to call her

to tell her what her son is up to.

Prove you're not lying.

Hey, Ma, it's me.

Yeah, this is a friend's phone.
My phone's dead.

I just... I wanted to talk to you.

I screwed up again.

Yeah, with Michaela.

Her birthday just passed, and, um,

I forgot.

So she's pissed at me.

Now, look, lady,

I did not call you
for you to yell at me.

I called for a little love.

Now, if you're not gonna give me that,

I can just hang up.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How you holding up?

I'm just trying
to keep myself distracted

until we know more.

Do you know the name of Ron's
friend in the Governor's office?

- Why?
- He mentioned he knew someone there.

I just never heard the name.

You think the Governor had
something to do with this?

I don't know what to think.


No one from the Governor's
office ever called here.

I would remember.

God. It's his mother again.

Mrs. Miller, hi.

Yes, I know.

I promise I'll call
as soon as I hear anything.

Are you getting any sleep yet?

Me neither.

We're sorry. You have reached
a number that has been disconnected

or is no longer in service.

You hungry?

I could run out and get hoagies.

Go home. I'll finish up.


You hate what you did.

I've been there.

But there's a world where...

you don't hate yourself so much.

No one takes up boxing if they
don't have some anger to get out.

- That's not why I box.
- Or that's what you tell yourself,

that we're not animals.

We got self-control.

But people have been killing
people with their bare hands

since the beginning of time.

It's in our nature.

There's a world where you're okay

with what you did, is all.

Go home.

That's Ron at 15 months.

Our dog Frisco
would never leave his side.

Come and sit.

Thank you.

They haven't told me much.

I thought maybe
you might know something.

So when you called, I...

They're not telling me much, either.

What is it? You can tell me anything.

Do you know if Ron was
in contact with the Governor?

I know he had a friend who worked there,

but do you know who that is?

No, I don't remember him
talking much about the Governor.

No, wait.

When they found out she had taken money

from that opioid company...

...I didn't like her after that,

and neither did Ron.


I'm just trying
to make sense of all this.

Of course you are.

You miss him.


The day of the wedding,
after you and Ron had the fight,

he came here.

Uh, he... he didn't tell me much.

He just said he messed up,

and he needed my engagement
ring to make it right.

And I knew he cared very much about you,

so I gave it to him.

And he left...

Did he propose?

- No.
- Oh, God.

I shouldn't have said anything.

It's okay.

Hey. Bonnie...

I know that God would not
take away my son,

not so soon after my husband's passing.

I know that,

and I know they will find him.

So you hold on to that hope,

because we're all going
to be together here soon.

I know it.

I'm not doing this without my lawyer.

So you don't want us
to drop the charges?

No, I want a full immunity deal

so the FBI can never throw these
baseless charges at me again.

Valid charges.

You're just lucky we only
hit you with one count.

Really? I'm just curious.

What is it that I did?

D.A. Miller,

a man you were working as a mole for,

- is missing...
- Stop.

...and your only alibi is your lawyer.

You know, honestly, I thought

you all would be
a little smarter than this.

The same lawyer who used to be
married to your father,

Sam Keating.

There it is.

I've been waiting for you
to bring that up.

So this... all of this is...
it's about Annalise, right?

That's the truth?

Do you think there's something
we should know about her?

I didn't say that.

We can give you immunity.

You just have to work for us
instead of her.

I don't work for her.

Are you sure about that?

We know everything, Gabriel.

Cooperate... or end up in jail.

Can I think?

At the tone, please record your message.

It's me.

Just checking in to see
if you have any info for us.

Give me a call when you can.

Sooner the better.

Sorry. This is the first
free second I've had all day.

Yeah. I get it. Representing
terrorists is pretty demanding.

I can't handle the scolding right now.

That's not why I called you in.

I have a great idea.

We do a press conference
on the Maddox case.

- No.
- No, just think about it.

C&G intern being unjustly
charged with terrorism.

White-shoe law firm shining a spotlight

- on institutional racism.
- If the spotlight is too big,

then the Feds will force us
into a trial.

Since when have you been
afraid of a trial?

He's a law student who
doesn't want that attention.

The two of us could use that
kind of attention right now.

I mean, Jensen's probably
rallying the...

the Board to fire us as we speak.

- We'll sue.
- All I'm saying is,

let's go on the offense here.

You love a good fight...

...and you made me love them, too.

I said no.

Annalise. What...
What aren't you telling me?


Hey, look, okay.

After what you did for me
with Nora, I owe you.

So let me help.

You can help by doing
exactly what I just said.

No press conference.

I know how to keep Tegan quiet.

- Let me talk to her.
- I'm taking stress off your plate.

Be happy.

Tegan was already an FBI source
for Antares, right?

Which means she might
rat us out to them, too.

So, Oliver?

- She made me do this.
- Just show them.

- Have you already sent this?
- No. But we should.

- It's a horrible idea.
- If Tegan thinks the FBI

couldn't protect her Jane Doe identity,

she'll be less likely
to talk to them again.

Why not just deport her, too,
since you're so good at that?

She's suspicious of us,

but this e-mail
will scare her into silence.

We should send it, right?

If my father sees this e-mail,
he will kill her.

He can't in prison.

- I thought you liked Tegan.
- I love her.

That is why I know what will scare her.

The only people you're scaring
right now is us

with your sociopathic little brain.

- Okay, my sociopathic big brain.
- Oliver.

You promise that they won't be able

- to trace this back to us, right?
- Are you serious?

- No, Annalise.
- No, Annalise.

I only want to hear from Oliver.

They'll ping it
to a Mongolian sheep farmer

before they look here.

Nate find anything?


Dude's a task master...
I'll give him that.

Pour me one.

What the hell?

You're talking to his ma?

I saw her.

You want to get better or no?

You hadn't found anything
tying him to the Governor...

So his mom's gonna help with that?

It was worth a try.


Do what you want.

Just tell me about these things.

At least so I can help.


- Find Miller yet?
- Nope.

Anything on our terrorist?

Nada, but damn if this young
man's email game was not strong.

I mean... these women he was
at college with just ate it up.

- Show me.
- Unh-unh. Do not show her.

- Why?
- You still like him.

I just wanna know
if they're not as hot as I am.

No one's as hot as you.

Oh, except for you standing
next to Gabriel.

Mm, ah, we do look good together.

He told his mom about you.

- What?
- He did?

Yeah. Those texts
weren't about Annalise.

- They were about you.
- I told you not to tell her.

- Why not?
- So you don't think

of giving him a second chance.

Hand me this computer.

Okay, you guys have to stop
making me out to be

some pathetic, boy-crazy...

Disaster who has
terrible instincts about men?

- Rude.
- Seriously, I am one of those men.

Why are you looking
at Gabriel's Manny cam?

We never watched the footage
of the feds arresting him.

So if they went outside
the scope of the warrant,

we can get the charges dropped.

That would also require
us telling the FBI

that Frank put a camera in Gabriel's...

We're desperate.

Get on board.

Your Honor, I'm requesting a motion

- to dismiss the charges.
- On what grounds?

My client has been openly
critical of the police force

and their treatment of people of color.

And as a result, the FBI has labeled him

as a "Black Identity Extremist."

As if it's so "extreme" to think
that black lives matter.

Oh, no playing the race card,
Ms. Keating.

Well, it's not a card
if it's a fact, Judge,

and the FBI has used that label
to transform my client

from an activist to a terrorist.

And if they can't find the
evidence to prove it,

then they'll fabricate it.

- Objection. There's no proof of that.
- You want proof?

My client was so concerned
with being illegally monitored

by law enforcement that he decided

to monitor himself in his own apartment.

- And thank God he did.
- What the hell is this?

- You'll thank us later.
- As you can see,

the agent plants the evidence

that the FBI can't find
in the first place.

Now, this mask is the only evidence

that's connecting Mr. Maddox
to the man in the photo.

So, as such, I am asking permission

to play that race card
and get this case dismissed.

Mr. Bordal, would
you like to drop these charges,

or are you going
to humiliate your office

by having me dismiss them?

My apologies, Your Honor. And, yes,

the government officially withdraws

all charges against Mr. Maddox.

Case dismissed.

- You've been recording me?
- Not us... Frank.

- That's sick.
- You mean smart.

You were Miller's mole this whole time.

Let me get this straight.
You've been watching me

sleep, get dressed, shower?

I always turned away for those parts.

Are you mad at us for watching you,

or at yourself for not knowing
that there was a camera there?

Does it matter?

Look, I can report all of you
to the police right now.

And I'm guessing
this whole camera situation

isn't the worst thing you've all done.

Quiet. That footage is the only thing

that kept your ass from jail.
So say thank you.

- I'm leaving.
- You are not.

Take him to your place.
Don't let him leave your sight.


Any word from Tegan?

No news is good news.

Since when is that true?

You rang?

This is weird, right?

- What is?
- Uh, her... her student being charged

for terrorism in the first place,

but then not telling me about it.

You're taking this personally?

I'm just saying, the last time
you called me in here to talk

was to ask me about Annalise.

- That's not true.
- And Eve Rothlo.

Okay, maybe that's true.

What do you do for fun?

Do you play golf, poker?

Have any friends at all?

Because this "thirsty for Annalise"

is not a good look.

For either of us, you mean.


No, I don't have any friends.

Why don't, uh, us two,
uh, go get a drink?

I've got so much work.

Rain check.

Sir, I.T.'s on the phone.

She says it's urgent.

This is Crawford.

Talk before I shoot myself.

Miller called this number.

It's registered
to Maria Sloane in Cleveland.

Who's this?


The adoption, Annalise.

Hi, Miss Keating. This is Maria Sloane

from the Department of Children
and Family Services in Cleveland.

Miller dug up the adoption papers

and gave them to Birkhead.

Well, we can't give this to the FBI.

It's the only thing we have
linking Miller to the Governor.

The adoption links me to Sam's killer.

- How's that gonna help us?
- No one says it does.

It's just... just all we got.

Why don't you get a knife?

Cut me open, bleed me dry.

That's what you all want, right?

'Cause I'm not the one
killing people around here.

I just clean up the mess.

Like that's why I worked
my ass off my entire life...

just to be your damn maid.

So, go on.

Take what's left of me!

So what's more fun?

Watching me here
or watching me on camera?

You were quieter at home.

Did you know they were
watching us when you kissed me?

- You kissed me.
- So that's a yes?

We didn't know there was a camera then.

I did. We were spying on you

like you were spying on us.

And what'd you find out, Laurel? Hmm?

Nothing, right?

Because Miller was too smart
to go to your apartment.

I talked to the guy like three times.

And, honestly, all of you would've done

the same exact thing
if you were in my shoes.

We'd never be in your shoes

because we're not morons.

You want to make me the enemy?

The only reason I did any
of this was about my father.

Wanting to know him.

There's nothing wrong with that.

It's Annalise.

You've been honest with me,
so now it's my turn.

- 'Cause you've been lying?
- Listen.

Governor Birkhead has
had a target on my back

ever since the Supreme Court case.

- I'm aware.
- But did you know that

she had Nate Senior killed?

Yeah, see what interesting
things you find out

when you shut your mouth?

And she had help doing it.

- Who?
- Miller.

Still no sign of Miller. Or Nate.

Or Nate killing Miller.

Ooh, look at that cute one.

Okay, we could just, uh,
delete that bad boy.

Like you two won't be
seared into my memory

until the day I die.

Can you delete that one, too?

Oliver: Okay, we're done.

Miller's not in any of the photos.

We are home free.

Until Gabriel sells us out.

Why not just tell the FBI?

I can't.


'Cause the Governor has something on me.

I tried to adopt Wes when he was 11.

Don't answer.

Nothing you say is gonna make
her, or you, feel better.

Hi, Mrs. Miller.

Wes had no one.

His mother was dead, his father
wasn't in the picture.

I wanted to give him a family...

Sam was against it.
He said he'd end our marriage.

Wes found out.

Maybe that's why he killed Sam.

- You said Wes was just your student.
- He was.

But you lied about everything
that came before that.

I got your charges dropped.

You owe me.

Or would you rather
the Governor get away

with killing an innocent man?

Help us take her down.

You're okay meeting alone?



I'm more than happy to call your lawyer.

It's about her.

I want protection.

This is the FBI... we can do that.

I mean it.

I'm all my mom has.


D.A. Miller told me something

that might help your investigation.

But you're just telling me this now?

I was scared. And, apparently,
I had a right to be.

The guy is now missing.

What did Miller tell you?

That Annalise tried to adopt Wes Gibbins

when he was a kid.

Miller thought this was proof
that she was somehow involved

in my dad's murder.

So this person you're scared of,
who you think

might have something to do
with Miller's disappearance?

It's Annalise Keating?


I heard Miller on the phone once.

It was about the adoption.

He was talking to someone about it.


Someone named Lynne.

Think he's playing us?

I think they're all playing us.

But not for long.

You wanted to see me?

Always, yeah.

You, uh... You trust Tegan?

Why are you asking me that?

She recently got an e-mail
that caught I.T.'s attention.

What was in the e-mail?

Not important.

But I know the two of you
are close, so...

- Says who?
- Close for you, I mean.

Uh, just, you know... just tell me

if you ever catch wind of anything...

out of the ordinary.

Of course.

You know why you should trust her?

Because she knew about your
misconduct long before I did.

And she never used it against you.

That was all me.

It's Crawford.

I need access
to another employee's e-mails.

Annalise Keating.


Did you do it?

Of course.

You can go home,

tell all your pervy friends.

After you let me in.


What... now you want me?

I wanna show you
where the stupid camera is.

You're welcome.

And just for the record,

I never watched this.


You told your mom about me?

Um... yeah.

You're hard not to talk about.

She's talking about a vigil.

Something so people
don't forget he's missing.

She asked me to help plan it.

The longer we wait,

the harder it makes it for the FBI.

But the worse it makes it for her.

We know what that feels like.

It's time, Nate.

Case just got more interesting.


Emmett's watching you.

I don't know why, and I don't care.

But I vouched for you.
So watch your back,

because clearly something weird
is going on right now.

With you?

Excuse me?

You haven't seen this yet?

FBI agents descended

on the town of Brickerville tonight

after an anonymous tip
led to the discovery

of an abandoned car.

Inside the trunk,

police found a man's body
they've confirmed belongs

to Philadelphia District
Attorney Ronald Miller.

Law enforcement hasn't
revealed any information

- about a cause of death yet.
- This was Nate?

It's a tragic end to a story that
has captivated Philadelphia...

...and supporters of law
enforcement across the nation.

Ronald Miller had been with

the Philadelphia District
Attorney's office for 11 years.


After serving with
distinction in Lancaster

- and Bucks counties before that.
- Mrs. Miller?

- Did you see?
- He made his mark early...

- Just now.
- a number of high-profile cases.

Bonnie, why would someone
do something like this?


Why, Bonnie?

We're just receiving
a breaking news update here

regarding D.A. Miller's death.

Reports out of Harrisburg are saying

that the FBI agents in charge
of D.A. Miller's case

were just seen arriving

at the Governor's mansion in Harrisburg.

At this time, the nature of
Governor Birkhead's involvement

in this case is unclear.

- Gabriel for the win.
- Annalise for the win.

All of us for the win 'cause
we're not going to jail tonight.

Or tomorrow, either, hopefully.

So let's break out the booze
and have a toast

for the old wicked witch
Governor getting her due.

- Don't jinx it.
- There's no such thing.

For more now on this breaking
story out of Harrisburg...

Is that your text alert?

No, it's my Instagram.

...and what these latest
developments could mean...

- You need to change that.
- ...we turn to

our State Government
Affairs correspondent,

Elijah Harrison Stamps...

Connor needs to call his mom right now.

...who is live outside
the Governor's mansion.

She just posted a photo of us.

No, she didn't.

She did.

With Nate and Miller, too.